Saturday 23 June 2018

Weird tongued minister

OMG, WTF is wrong with this DAP minister.

Now he says

Local cooks for local food was just a suggestion

Yesterday he said

Only local cooks allowed

 to be recruited from July 1

You all go ahead click on those links and read again and don't go around accusing me of trying to spin.

What the hell is local food anyway?

How about tomyam?

Say properly la.

You want to shut down the mamak restaurants, just say so lah.

No need the drama, okay.

Just a suggestion...what an ass.

Real troublesome to have this kind of minister.

I think this is the new trend.

Today says something, tomorrow says something else.

Today says RM1 trillion debt, tomorrow says RM1 trillion debt and liabilities, the next day says RM1 trillion debt again.

Today says Najib is guilty as hell, tomorrow says we are still gathering evidence.

What la these people.

Next, I don't know what else they are going to say and then change their statement again.

So tiresome.

Well, never mind.

You all voted in these people into power, so you all bear with their nonsense lah.

That's the way democracy works.

I'm just glad my favourite Japanese restaurant is not affected.

Go ahead, they can run all the mamak restaurants out of business by barring all those cooks from India working there for all I care .

I'm not all that crazy about mamak food anyway.

By the way, maybe the mamak restaurants can change their designation to Exquisite Southern Indian bistro.

Maybe that way they can get to hire those cooks and frustrate the DAP minister.

You can read my earlier post on this by clicking on this link;


  1. this problem exists when a new minister is appointed with limited or no experience in gorverning. its a totally diff ball game when he was just an MP. as a minister, every statement made must be accountable. like u said la annie, we votedfor it,, this is what we get la. padan muka. in the real world, there is a saying, we pay peanuts, we get monkeys. in the political world so does speak, kita undi orang baru, we get clowns trying to look smart..

  2. B4 election say Chop chop chop

    After election "going" to chop

    Now China US/Trade war see consequenses oready, say


    hmm Annie tanya orang2 Langkawi.. "cheop" apa ertinya? you need to close your five fingers together as you say tht word.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. Shutdown mamak?? Zahid said Mahathir is mamak kutty....apa Annie mau spin...

    First of all, why so many foreign "mamak" cook in Malaysia?

    We import foreign workers a lot...why la?

    Meanwhile RPK, top spinner very hot on Altantuya topic, spin here, spin there.....they know Altantuya father open case already....royals gonna hang. Razak Baginda may face the gallow....gantung sampai mati...who order Sirul to C4 Altantuya? Jeng jeng jeng....spin la RPK, spin......

    1. I thinks lifeofannie is worst spinner

      Worst even than rpk

      Why ph wants to close mamak stall?

      Lifeofannie mmg 3rd rate bullshitter

      Tunjuk bukti weiiii lifeofannie

      What a silly claim

      She think everyone bodoh kerbau or what

    2. Annie is getting worse by the day. Really off tangent with her comments. Maybe she is getting desperate.

  4. Don't worry anne.When the people got angry we fry him in the kitchen.

  5. All those years in opposition they only know how to hantam. Didn't bother at all to think about policies but at the very least we expect them to talk less and work more.

    Kalau x tahu belajar dulu baru bukak mulut. Tak payahla nak tunjuk lagak.


  6. I never realize that the UMNO's and UMNO supporters like foreign foods and everything foreign including the cook's ,yet they drummed their fight is for ugama dan bangsa .

    The way I see it ,the government of the day is just to ensure that locals could secure more jobs that they lost to the foreigners due to foreign intake manipulation by certain quarters .

    Thus having such move for the benefits of the citizens is bad ?. If UMNO's are carving for foreign foods and food cooks by foreign hand ,I believe they are well enough to take flight somewhere to satisfied their change's appetite .

  7. Nowadays hardly any Chinese hawkers cook their food. Semua sudah sub kat Burmese. And to be fair, it doesn't taste the same. They didn't grow up with our kind of taste. Kula might be referring to these hawkers as well. F&B is a tough business. I hope Kula speaks to stakeholders first before implementing something so drastic. Local workforce just doesn't have the tenacity and grit that these foreign workers have. Local workers more often than not are for the lack of word...unpredictable. Gaji masuk hari ni, esok cuti tanpa inform majikan. Or numerous EL, MC etc. Of course they are a few good ones, but majority are like that.

    Instead I think Kula should focus on companies that hire alot of foreign talents in white collar jobs.

    For example, Human Resource. I know for a fact, Citibank's subsidiary Citi Transaction Advisory Malaysia has a Korean for HR Head and a Bangla for Recruitment Head. Are you telling me no Malaysian talents to be found do such roles? It does not require niche and technical skill sets. Yet I find it baffling these people can get their working visa approved. There are alot of foreign talents in white collar jobs from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. These people are constantly trying to stay on in Malaysia or use us as a spring board to Singapore. And alot of these roles can filled by Malaysians. You hire a foreigner as a head of the department, you will find sooner or later, a village of them in the company.

    So Kula or someone who knows him who is reading this, please pass this message along to him. Thanks.

    A headhunter

  8. Kipidap, Annie!

    Fantastic job!

    With you & ponytail captain delivering this quality, my estimate is that Umno-BN will win between 87% and 89% of the popular vote in PRU15.

    Good job, Annie :)

  9. Semua menteri2 Pakatan Haprak BODOH !

    1. Macamla menteri2 bn pandai2 belaka.

      Menteri mana yg kata jgn makan ayam kalau ayam mahal padahal ayam la protein paling murah. Dan menteri mana pulak yg guarantee brg akan nadi lebih murah lepas gst.

      Tidak dilupakan menteri yg kata ada bukti gred A tuduh org pengikut syiah & dgn bongkaknya menghina keturunan org sedangkan dia pun anak pendatang.

      Sgt2 pandai & bongkak sampai x sedar diri.

  10. The focus on mamaks is unfair for those of us who love Thai food.No more tom yam,nasi paprik,kangkung belacan etc.
    Having lived in Kelantan for the past 31 years my taste bud has adjusted well to the Thai food.There is no substitute for the cooks from Thailand to cook Thai food.If you walk around in Kota Bharu I dare say more than 80 percent of restaurant cooks are from Thailand.
    Prof Kangkung

  11. Annie,

    Ya la. You are right.

    All those years under BN, where got flip-flop.

    Tun M said orang Melayu mudah lupa.

    You are very angry about flip flop about foreign cook.

    How about the Rakyat have to pay RM42 billion debt. Is there any doubt about the Rakyat have to pay RM42 billion debt?

    Ok right, not a big issue. Aiyaa, the foreign cook is more important.

    How about millions that goes into Najib account? Aiyaa Annie not making noise. Foreign cook maybe is more important than honest government.

    1. How bout then 55b ECRL project(under bn gov), now 70b(under ph gov).

      Whos taking the difference?

    2. 1st phase rm55b.. 2nd phase rm11b or more...the previous gomen paid rm20b already with no progress just based on timeline. WTF. You do nothing you get paid! Stupid moron jib and the rest of the bn clan did this one sided agreement that benefits only the china co.

      Of course when it's done now, the cost of the project will go up considering your bodoh agreement made earlier.

      However, PH gomen is negotiating to reduce the cost and also the project will be done by a consortium of local companies.

    3. Consortium of local companies(read cronies).. hehehe. NVM.. No point discussing with degenerate like you..

    4. When you can't debate, just do a personal attack.

      What do you mean by cronies? You mean the project should be given to an inexperienced your abang kakak 2-day registered company ?

      Facts never lied. Do read not talk cock only.

  12. Annie,

    There are so much hatred from UMNO supporter towards Pakatan.

    They just govern for only one month and the remnants of hatred from bloggers still lingers in particular towards DAP.

    I remember Lim Kit Siang said that he would prefer UMNO to raise, not wishing it to die. This is in cintradiction of what you stated from the previous post.

    The TV broadcasting now, in contrast are far better now compared to before where hate mongering goes on for years.

    Now is getting better.

    Pakatan is not perfect. They are human but they strive to do better. We can see they put on effort to make things better.

    You can continue with your hatred towards Pakatan while closing on one eye on the evil deeds from the other side, but eventually the truth will come out and prevail. We already see what happened on the 9th of May.

    So, continue Annie with your hatred to Pakatan. Like the American , give it your best shot!

    1. I believe Annie does this PH bashing more out of duty considering her affiliation to UMNO. That's why she takes every opportunity to find fault with PH while ignoring the elephant in the room i.e. the massive theft/corruption of the BN regime. In a way she sounding more like that unmentionable blogger she used to call 'sister'. She also call a certain pro-BN blogger 'captain'. But at least Annie is not as outlandish as that Manchester fella (read his recent rant about religion, hearsay, and the new AG.). or his sidekick masquerading as the 3rd force.

    2. Dont be stupid. Where are the evidences? Wait untuk trial kn our kangaroo court, then Annie will write.

  13. i do not blame those who whack ph for dis. how they r waiting for d chance…pulling out one factor from d equations n think it is like hell of a mistake done. likely they never met one hell of a putar belit bfore.

  14. Annie,

    When I first heard that ALL restaurants must have local chefs/cooks, I suspected something was amiss.

    As you pointed out, what about Japanese restaurants which want that authentic look and feel?

    What about Italian restaurants who want an Italian chef?

    The plan was clearly unworkable.

    As for closing mamak restaurants, I don't really see the point.


  15. Next statement all massage parlour must employed only local masseurs. How about that?

  16. U know what they say. Trust only 25% only or less.

  17. Roseanne Barr tried to blame it on Ambien drug.
    But the drug company shot back there is no known racism side effect.
    Dunno abt our PH ministers. Too happy they won. Still under Hapi Drug influence.

  18. Closing mamak restaurants with this crap ..Be carefullah Kula.Tun M is mamak n Brader Anver pun mamak jugak.

  19. I know some ministers are overly enthusiastic and rushed to make their mark at this early stage but ended up shooting themselves in the foot. I advise all the newly minted ministers to always be humble. Admit you don’t know everything.

    Admit that that you’re still learning the rope and ready to learn. Lower your ego and always consult senior officials around you. Though they don’t speak perfectly good english like you do (you guys even make them sit for proficiency exam some time in the future) but they are very experienced and knowlegeble in their respective fields.

    You know what, those officers at your ministry are old timers. A career bureaucrat. They have been around for a very long time. They are very experienced and have a vast knowlege in their respective area. They know the works at the ministry inside out. Be humble enough to ask them if you don’t quite grasp certain stuff.

    They are there to serve you. Consult them at all times on work related especially whenever you’re about to open your mouth to the media especially when it touches on gomen policies. Otherwise you will ended up look silly and amateurish.

    At this early stage, whenever your senior officers give you briefings, don’t get so proud as if you know everything. Listen intently and ask lots of questions. Don’t get easily distracted. Only then you can get a in depth knowldge on certain issues, having a better grasp and being better informed.

    New ministers need to know when to shut up and when to open their mouth. Please don’t be caught up in the euphoria and exciement of being a minister. You’re a new kid in the town. You need to set aside some time getting to know the town.

    Being new to the job, ministers should just zip your mouth and plunge themselves into the works at the ministry. Don’t go to the surface until a couple of month. By the time you emerge to the surface, you’re a new guy. No longer a new kid on the block who prone to blunder. You’re now better informed, better educated and better prepared.

    By then, you will emerge more confident and more assure of yourself. At ease in handling issues raised by the public and the media. Come what may. You’re in your element.

  20. In using the Penang policy, Kula must have been thinking only about saving the local food culture. It must however be admitted his first announcement did not do sufficient justice to the complexity of that objective which is kinda hard to implement as was commented before. So he now saying it is just a suggestion is to indirectly admit it was premature and a mistake was made. But it was a defensible mistake and not - as everyone knows by now - an attempt to 'defend the indefensible'.

    There is a bigger consideration in everything. It is called perspective.

    Not many in PH have any training in running federal ministries. But they have the vote of the rakyat who want change. Naturally in the first few months they will be energetic to make changes to earn the rakyats' trust and expectations and that is already a bonus showing a sense of responsibility to local citizens, an honest sense of earnestness we have not seen for a long time.

    Furthermore, you will remember how it was for LGE when he first started in an ex-Gerakan Penang for didn't he complain he had faced foot-dragging in the downline officials who still had personal affiliations to the previous political party? Can one theefore reasonably expect PH ministers not to face for a period of time the same resistance to accept that changes are necessary because the rakyat have suffered enough-is-enough under the BN administration?

    So cut Kula and all the others some slack. What's a year or two compared to the sixty years of slide into the nether world of political abuse, economic crime and social injustice, the very trident of issues that had prodded the rakyat into their last tsunami?

    Which comes to the another observation. Why do Umno supporters continue to support BN? One can think of three answers: one, fear of the unknown and therefore resistance to change; two, dependence on the easy street of the Umno gravy train which is basically the political monetization of the rakyats' common fund and state assets for personal aggrandizement and money politics; and three, making political representation personal.

    Do we still need to argue the first two? For instance, shan't we remember that Najib said he had briefed his cabinet and the Umno leadership on 1MDB? Yet after he had done so, Muhyiddin and Shafie made noise about it and he fired them. Surely the others including Zahid and Khairy, Musa and Hassan, Sabri and Syed Alhabshee, in fact everyone who had attended those briefings, would also have known why Muhyiddin and Shafie had still made noise about 1MDB. Yet they chose to keep quiet when a crime has been committed against the rakyat of this country. Hence, those of these fellas who are today in PWTC to stand for Umno election - remain unrepentant and are thus complicit to the crime that had caused the rakyat from north to south, east to west, city to kampung - to knock the stuffing out of Umno. What checks-and-balance can they as criminals thus do, try answering candidly.

    And that is why the third issue of a personal approach to politics and not see the Umno (and its hopeful adik, PAS) tyrannosaurus rex in the room is so important.

    "Don't hate DAP or other PH parties but cannot let go of Umno because have known them as people and friends for a long time?"

    Any of those friends yelled out loud against the abuse of power, the ripping of money meant for the rakyat, the denudation of state assets meant for future generations of Malaysians, the machinations against voters, the corruption of integrity in innocent minds?

    Any, Annie?

  21. Annie ini racis...Tun Mahathir said, sometimes in government.. u have to do unpopular things. The point here is simple.. to hire local ppl so Malaysian are employed. If you don't have the policy forever u depend on foreign workers n wages suppressed. You see Japan n Singapore... to go in..u need permit. Pay for it and enforced. That why their chef is famous n Annie like them...they don't have bangla compete their job in japan..Because their government blocked banglas n also their culture... Mahathir say look follow la. Annie don be racist la...ur title very racist

  22. To continue a bit more after "A.., A? (unless banned)"

    While it can be a passion for some, and my heart bleeds for one, cooking is a chore.

    In commercial cooking, the utensils are extra heavy so the risk of getting permanent carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrists is very great. Too, the inhalation of oil-borne ash into schedule-stressed lungs, and constant dipping of hands to wash up while wadding on damp floors - all for a meagre rm2K per month after long, back-breaking and ungodly hours. Just like security guards who never had the benefit of a good start in life but now have to face irate people while trying to act tough however in a boring, low-paid and thankless job to deter cunning mischief at risk of facing the wrath of employers.

    So we can commiserate and empathize with cooks in general, whatever their origin, however their background. But Kula does have a point which is one of the things to study - namely to address the increasing population and thus dependence on foreign workers which has side effects on the future of locals as employees, for that matter the national competitiveness of Malaysia. For one, local hawker food do taste different when cooked by foreigners in contrast with being cooked by locals. I don't think i am alone in thinking that. Right now, Singapore is pitting wits to claim heritage over some of our local hawker fare not just for local enjoyment but also for the purse-strings of tourists. There's a culture thing about local food and to lose that would be more than a faddish passing loss.

    The other matter is what was commented by headhunter. There are many locals who can fit the bill for higher posts which foreign multinationals located here seem to favor foreigners instead. This means the filter of locals first has been relaxed, presumably to keep or attract foreign investment. Which speaks volumes about our attractiveness as an investment hub in the region. Which therefore makes it critical we review the entire jingbang direction this country must take, a process that will require knowledge about the outside world, especially outside the comfort zone of an Umno-seduced ecosphere.

    Tied to Kula's HR portfolio are therefore other factors as well; education comes to mind, economic relevance of mono-racialism another, national strategies and thrusts to reinvent Malaysia in the aftermath of cringeworthy destruction of our international reputation, or lack thereof, as another.

    Meanwhile, Umno is trying to rebrand itself in the wilderness of their Jamal's thump-nose at our PDRM.

    In three alphabets, WTF?!

  23. The seemingly missteps n inconsistencies in the initial stage of their of their reign are nothing compared to the mammoth UMNO scandals during the last 5 years. There is definitely something wrong with you who couldn't see them in that light. You lose no opportunity to aim your gun at them typical of frustrated UMNO goons who are still having nightmares as regards to the lost of power in GE14. They thought it was their right to continue ruling and that it was perpetual