Thursday 28 June 2018

Thor, Loki and Odin of Umno

There's a lull in the office right now.

So, I think I write this short one to fill up the time.

At breakfast this morning, I had a conversation with one of my Umno supporting aunts (I'm staying with my aunts for now), which went something like this.

Aunt : I read your blog. It's good that you are still supporting Umno.

Annie : No, I'm not. I'm neutral.

Aunt : No. You are obviously supporting Umno.

Annie : Sigh. Whatever.

Aunt : Eh, I noticed that most readers at your blog are Pakatan supporters.

Annie : Probably.

Aunt : How come arrr? I read the other pro-Umno blogs too but their readers are mostly Umno people. How come yours is mostly filled with Pakatan people?

Annie : You mean based on the comments. right?

Aunt : Yes. Most of the comments are pro-Pakatan. Why?

Annie : I really don't know. They seemed to hate me but they still want to read my blog and even commented about my ramblings.

Aunt : That's why I was wondering why they did that. Why they don't go to the other pro-Umno blogs or just stick to Pakatan ones?

Annie ; Aiya, just let them be lah. Just don't read their comments if they irritate you.

Aunt : Okay lah.

My aunt is just like that. She always asks me weird questions.

She even pressed me for my opinion this morning on who I'm supporting for the Umno presidential race.

I told her that I'm not getting involved in that one because I previously pledged not to do so as I wanted to be fair to the contestants with my neutrality.

But my aunt simply have none of that.

"Come on la. Stop bullshitting around and just tell me what you think," she insisted.

In the end I relented and said this to her;

"They are like in a family.

"Zahid is like Thor, the God of Thunder because he's so thunderous.
"KJ is like Loki, the God of Mischief because he's so full of mischiefs.
"Ku Li is like Odin, the Old God, because he's simply old."

"But I prefer Hela, the Goddess of Death."

Then I laughed.


Then my aunt smacked me on the back of my head.

'Engko ni banyak main-main lah," she said, pretending to be angry.

After that I laughed some more and then went to work.

That's all :)


  1. FUCKNO PKHKC are not Gods.
    They are dogs

    1. A dog walks into a job center. ‘Wow, a talking dog,’ says the clerk. ‘With your talent I’m sure we can find you a gig in the circus.’ ‘The circus?’ asks the dog. ‘What does a circus want with me a plumber?’

  2. ...'benci tapi rindu la Aunty! Annie ,can our Japan win tonite?

    1. 2018 very kejam to so called 'giants' germany + dumbo ditumbangkan wakakaka

  3. Mesti mak sedara Annie tak baca komen prof kangkung yg obviously penyokong tegar UMNO.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Hey Annie, the only time my uncle smacked me on my forehead it shocked me out of my vegetable state ...

    2. Mak saudara Annie tau pro jankung tu klu umngok syruh mskan ta habis di telan dan jilat sampai licin. Dia pun malas nak sebut pasal komen pro kengkang penuh dengan auta membabi buta ni. Irrellevant beb. Annie kami baca semua blog yang ada komen tentang politik. We are trying to put some sense into pro umngok mindset thats all rather then they spread nonsense into peoples believe. Trying to correct them so that they open their eyes. Most of them supporter tegar they became lost to whats really happening. Look at PAS talk big talk cock. Nik Abduh video he denied now the truth prevail. What kind iof ustaz or ulama of defender of islam is this, simply a liar but the ahli PAS still accept it blindly. Its a case of supporter tegar. OMG pity those have eyes but see not, have ear but hear not and worst part is have brain but brain dead.

  4. Ha ha!

    Funny post : ) I like.


    You can tell your auntie, you are actually the most democratic of all the SoPo bloggers - you will publish comments even if they completely disagree with you. So kudos to you for that.

    The same is definitely NOT true of the others.


    a) Indian Snake InSyed The Box - because he’s an arrogant prick, he censors any comments that don’t fawningly agree with whatever he has posted. Even if his facts & figures are wrong, he cannot be corrected, because the sun shines out of his black rear end. (In his own mind, lah.)

    b) RPK - ditto. And ditto on the arrogance, of course. Actually sometimes he lets it through, and then his Yoda-eared wife will insult the person posting, using all “F” words. Husband xde adab, bini ikut perangai dia plak. Ishhh.

    c) Ponytail - about 90% of his commenters whack him, so Pony hides the comments for about 1 month then lets them through. Bijak weiiii si Pony : )

    d) Kadir Jasin - lets everything through (even if people whack him), unless too much swearing or may be libellous. This is an old-school gentleman journalist. Tabik, sir!

    That’s why I say Annie, you are actually the most democratic of all the SoPo bloggers.

    Allow freedom of speech, yes, even from that kangkung fella : )

    1. I dont think so. the last time time i posted three comments but only one got through. I guess the other two comments Annie just couldnt digest and share it with her followers in this blog of hers of neutrality.

    2. Just don't mention "blogging captain" by name.

      Sure kena censor.

      Unless you puji him lah...

      ...which nobody does.

  5. Annie,

    Odin, Loki and Thir might encounter Goddess of Death soon…

    “The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has frozen Umno’s bank accounts for its national headquarters as well as Selangor chapter.

    Umno acting president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he received a call today regarding the move by the national anti-graft agency.

    “It is almost certain that following this latest action, Johor Umno’s account will also be frozen.”

    “The is no guarantee that any of the Umno leaders from the ranks of the party’s supreme council, vice-presidents, deputy presidents and even the former Johor mentri besar will not be investigated by the MACC,” he said at a Johor Umno Hari Raya Aidilfitri gathering today.

    Deregistration may follow.

    Seriously, this is not all that bad.

    If a completely fresh slate appears, then Umno v.2.0 can do a very thorough house cleaning.

    Get rid of the old baggage warlords completely.

    However, this new party would start on equal footing with PPBM as the only “pure Malay party” other than PAS.

    Hence the new leader would need to be a very sound one.

    I still am not convinced Zahid is right.

    If it’s KJ or Ku Li, there’s hope.

    Either way, they need to put their Youth leaders under the national spotlight.

    Let them get maximum media exposure.

    1. Yeah. Freeze all the accounts they want. Hell man, deregister umno if che det really want it. We'll register a new party lah. Macam tak biasa.
      We'll rise again bruh, no matter what. Kitorang kat bawah ni tgh semangat. We'd made up our mind. We'll fight. Pakai duit kocek sendiri pun xpe. So be it.

    2. "Pakai duit kocek sendiri pun xpe."

      That's how Tunku did it in the old days of UMNO.

      Sold his Penang shophouses to raise money for the party.

      (In the 50s and 60s they didn't have 1MDB, hehehe)

    3. "I see through the lies of the JEDI. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire."
      - Darth Vader (Ultimate Moron Nepotistic Order)

  6. Hi Annie, kawan kawan dumno and ph sekalian,
    While Annie hoo hah hoo hah, who to support in the Umno election, MACC is tightening the noose on Najib. 1MDB pass thru into Nazir Razak, CIMB and Umno accounts. So the money pass thru like water here and there. Kena freezed d. Even Sharir Samad 1 Million payment from Bijan also suspected to be 1MDB money. So watch out. Follow the money now.
    Tun Mahathir just sit quietly and let MACC and police do the work and who knows last last Umno will be deregistered during the debate and slap with Anti Money laundering act....who knows what will happen. Debate or no debate....suddenly will shutdown. Now all debate is syiok sendiri at the moment, the hammer will fall down at any time.
    Meanwhile RPK is going nuts spinning Singh here, Singh there, dunno what has happen to him, nobody is buying his spin anymore, a bit crazy with Singh now. Singh is King now. On other end, red notice issued to Interpol for Musa Aman, using gun to threaten the Sabah governor is not a wise action, now waiting him to comeback to cekup him into lokap now. Jamal whereabout is now being GPS monitored by Indonesia Special Branch, anytime now to be cekup. Altantuya case heating up also, Scorpene investigation hots up....and now suddenly everything like the chicken coming home to roost...Najib dunno need to firefight at where. Rosmah and Najib now run separate set of lawyers. Najib blame Rosmah, Rosmah blame Najib...berserabut now their hair...

    Meanwhile Tun Mahathir is getting more handsome by the day. You can see him, getting enough sleep, and look very bersemangat going to work each day at Seri Perdana...very energetic...

    1. "Meanwhile Tun Mahathir is getting more handsome by the day. You can see him, getting enough sleep, and look very bersemangat going to work each day at Seri Perdana...very energetic.."

      Good. Kita yang muda sikit (banyak 😊 ) dari Tun pun rasa malu nak mengeluh penat.

    2. "Meanwhile RPK is going nuts spinning Singh here, Singh there, dunno what has happen to him, nobody is buying his spin anymore"

      RPK is a joke.

      You would need the IQ of Kangkung to believe a single word he says.

      Anyone with IQ over 30 just laughs at his desperation.

    3. Rpk too much of spinning,feeling dizzy now
      This song is dedicated to him
      Justs google - Dizzy by singer Tommy Roe


  7. annie tell you aunty....they are lowlife RBA paid dogs

  8. Annie is good at playing stupid. Especially at this posting. She can be posting ala Enid Blyton The secret Seven, as childrens mentality to potray as being naive and innocent. At other times she potrays as someone learned politically. Like I said grow up , you are already very old dont pretend to be young and naive.

    1. Enid Blyton? Hehe. That triggers fond memory of reading adventure in Sekolah Menengah.

    2. Anon 20:14. You are spot on. Annie likes to pura pura and fake a lot. In fact her purported "conversation" with her aunty UMNO sounds very much concocted

  9. Annie,

    //How come yours is mostly filled with Pakatan people?//

    That's easy.

    Your articles regularly make it to Malaysia Chronicle and we all know what that website is like. :)

    //They seemed to hate me but they still want to read my blog and even commented about my ramblings.//

    Well, your articles typically come with quite sensational headlines suggesting you are an UMNO blogger, so readers of that site naturally tend to look you up to hentam you.

    //They are like in a family.//

    Well, it is more like they are all various manifestations of Loki, actually.

    Odin and Thor were the good guys and it is hardly appropriate to compare Zahid Hamidi to Thor.

    Still, if one must use a Norse comparison, it would be entirely correct to say that Ragnarok is coming for UMNO :)


  10. Hi Annie,
    Art Harun explaining MONEY LAUNDERING....this is more fearful then the ISA and SOSMA.....any Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, whoever kena cekup under this act will feel very pain, hell of pain then being cekup in ISA....

    Whoever wants to CLAIM, gift giver, hadiah, or umno money in the 1MDB case....has to becareful not falling FOUL to the MONEY LAUNDERING act


    So, who wants to claim, or said he/she is donor...welcome to record statements to Singh....

  11. I think why most of your readers are PH supporters because most of them were originally BN supporters who like you wanted them to improve and change for the better. But they didn't and they became worse so most of us have switched to the other side.

    1. Correct.

      Why wold anyone support BN now?

      Because we enjoy getting robbed?

  12. Annie, are you for real ? You are a great story teller as no one believes your fairy tale story between so called "neutral" Annie and her fictitious Aunty.

  13. Annie, who are you trying to fool???

  14. Why the many raids and press conferences? The answer is simple and I will not need to write a long article about this. It is a diversionary tactic.

    More than RM200 billion has disappeared from the stock market while an estimated RM40 billion of that has left the country. The majority of the market players, the Chinese, are keeping very quiet and do not dare grumble because they malu besar since 95-98% of them voted Pakatan Harapan. To grumble would mean they will be admitting they made a mistake voting for Pakatan.

    So, the government needs a weapon of mass distraction and that is the reason for the daily raids, press conferences and media statements. They need to distract people from the fact that in less than 50 days Malaysia is going down the drain. The problem with spiral dives, as any pilot would tell you, is it is very difficult to recover from it and eventually you crash and burn.

    The stock market was doing fine until Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan took over
    Other than the Chinese, the big losers are EPF, PNB, LTAT, Tabung Haji, and many more government trust agencies. If this continues they will be hard-pressed to service their dividends. Malaysia’s stock market is about 130% of GDP and Malaysia’s GDP is about RM1.2 trillion. So we do not have far to go to go bankrupt.

    If Tun Daim Zainuddin cannot come out with a workable plan within the next 50 days, the market is going to be RM500 billion poorer and the equivalent of 40% of Malaysia’s GDP is going to get wiped out. And it will take Mahathir only 100 days to destroy what took Najib nine years to build up.

    1. As I am reading this so pandai comment, the star online is saying this: