Wednesday 20 June 2018

Dr Mahathir's new son...

This is funny.


Anwar tells Guan Eng to mind his words


Mahathir made me did it, says Guan Eng on Anwar’s comment

Aiyo...Guan Eng, why were you so scared of Anwar that you have to run and hide behind Dr Mahathir like that.

Dr Mahathir is your new father, is it?

Well, I think even the handsome old man was amused by this.

Come on la Guan Eng, that's embarrassing la.

Just say lah I'm the Finance Minister and I can say whatever hell I want.

Can add some more,

Hey Anwar, who are you to sound me like that?

You are just the husband of the Deputy Prime Minister, okay.

Like that la.

Seriously, Guan Eng needs to be more macho.

He is now an important minister and needs to stand his ground.

Who cares if the markets want to go into the longkang, if Guan Eng wants to say something.

Whatever it is, I do wonder whether Marina and her brothers are okay if Guan Eng becomes their adopted brother.

Kinda cute, don't you think?

Hmmm....I think only Kit Siang would not be so amused by all this.

He really should give Guan Eng more vitamins when the boy was in primary school.

Never mind. Too late already.

Here's a song for today,



  1. Nasib baiklah guan eng tu cina..kalau dia melayu teruklah dia dimaslankan...

    1. Bro Anver...Sapa dia? Missus of DPM. Just ignore him lah LGE..You are on the right track.

  2. It is not about being macho or handsome.
    LGE shows a litle respect to this brader and ensure his response did not rock PH boat. Ordinary citizen know no other ministers can expose what happen in MoF. Let alone law enforment agency as their role more on enforce the law and finding the evidence.

    Did u notice this brader tune his note just like the ex pm~"Oh u spook the investor". Did he know his stupid comment that spook the investor by showing inconsistency inside PH pact. There is no channel inside the presidential council? His wife is among the member.

    He still wanna believe the malay muslim pact gonna succed?

    But at least some hardcore start to realise, brader is not PM material and should not materialise.


    1. Agreed that brother is not a PM material ,every times when he opened his mouth his weakness are exposed .

    2. Everyone wants to tumpang on the issue, lah:

      Here is OSTB......

      "FINANCE Minister Lim Guan Eng today shot back at Anwar all financial scandals he revealed on instructions of PM Dr Mahathir

      Lim commenting on Anwar's interview with Astro Awani Anwar suggested Lim leave expose of scandals and abuses Anwar said Lim should focus on pacifying investors

      Lim said this has been explained to Anwar previously revelation of scandals done on instruction of prime minister

      (OSTB : Sadly the Brader is too dense or cannot remember if it is Monday or Tuesday)

      "I am not PM, nor do I have power to instruct ministers to reveal financial scandals that fall within ambit of Finance Ministry.

      "It is not my place to instruct a minister to reveal financial scandals of the previous government which happened in the Finance Ministry which I am in charge of," he said.

      (OSTB, whoa slow down Guan Eng. Thats too much for the Brader to understand. Dia tak faham lah. )

      rakyat has right to know true state of country’s economy and financial status.

      rakyat does not want government that conceals or hides anymore he said

      My ministry will continue to expose financial scandals as instructed by PM

      “We must be brave for the truth”

      My comments : Masalahnya the Brader and his Team Viagra Advisors cannot fathom all these. This is the Brotherhood of the Bungling Brigade.

      Not only within the first 100 days but also beyond the 100 days. There will be more scandals that will be uncovered. The public has a right to know.

      During the previous administration their dirty tricks were to hide things, cover up, murder people, lock people up in jail, arrest people who exposed things, ban newspapers, block websites and all sorts of devious behaviours.

      Do not think along the same lines ok."

      OSTB uses this to attack Anwar because he is under orders to do so.

      Annie uses this to attack LGE because she is Very Very Very Neutral but Not Really Lah.

      OSTB blog has well over 10 times Annie's page views.

      But bloggers are too shiok sendiri.

      People know their agendas.

      Who takes Ponytail seriously any more?

      He is a joke.

      Blogs are Light Entertainment....mostly.

      Enjoys ; )

  3. 1/2

    Annie can do better than that. She should at least try harder if there is a real niat to give this blog some quality. This round we will however excuse it as early morning (6.32 am) blues:

    1. why should LGE clarify he was under the standing instruction of MM to expose Umno's financial misdemeanors unless MM really DID give those instructions for if MM did not do so, then if MM later says he didn't it would mean LGE had lied and that's a no-no for the new FM, and thus the economy. All this LGE would have considered. After all, it was MM who had first said the country is in the trillion ringgit debt league and that was said as a major structural shift in how the national finances of this country is to be treated from now on. Long overdue, one may add. It would be lost on no one that the exposures were also made to extend the 100-day manifesto delivery timeline simply because the manifesto was made when no one knew about the red files which had hidden the real situation, now coming out one by one like visitations of death;

    2. While one can understand WHY AI had cautioned LGE to cool it on the exposures, one cannot understand why AI has to say it PUBLICLY if AI has the FULLER interest of the new government upfront. If saying it publicly is to stop LGE from rattling the market, saying it however gives the impression that AI did not check with MM FIRST whether MM had given instructions to LGE. In other words, it would SEEM there is no communication between AI and MM. IF this is true, AI should have thought of it and gone through DIRECT and personal channels with MM and LGE to check FIRST in order to avoid creating another opportunity for BN mischief-makers to split the cooperation between PH coalition members (which it seems the dearie blogger is attempting to do here to one's heartfelt dismay). And IF it is not true, then we can wonder whether AI thinks through things before he speaks publicly. Last but not least, if AI did talk to MM and LGE about the matter, then if LGE still continued to make the exposures, it would mean MM disagreed with AI so that AI without a portfolio at the moment would now appear to have deliberately decided to overstep himself; it only remains to ask, "what's the hurry if it is for the interest of the nation, FIRST?" Any answer to that question will also NAIL Umno in the background as chief mischief-maker despite walking around these days as one-legged pirates;

  4. 2/2

    3. PKR was the weakest member of the coalitions in GE12 and GE13. Its DNA has always been more configured for personal ego-trip agendas. MM knew that which was why he said 'treated equally' upon assuming the oath. And that is important to remind PKR members that it is not about power by seats won that PH became the new government but it is power loaned by the rakyat to ALL PH coalition members to do their best to save the country for the rakyat. No one voted to say, "hey, En.PKR, here's my vote for you to have power and to use it to fulfill your personal ambition and glory". Betui tak, sayangs? Unless they choose to remain blind if not blinkered, PKR leaders must note how fast the rakyat reacted about the bazaar matter. Read their lips, "NO MORE UMNO NONSENSE". Before GE15, caveat emptor on what you chose to do, PKR. Don't make it easy for Umno and PAS. Success is momentary and always invites failure. Don't be stupid anymore. Outgrow your immaturity. Quickly develop some EQ, please.

    4. Which comes to what i really want to post here. It's about the two MBs. Namely, Johor and Perak. The first thing the bloody idiots did was to recruit for their personal assistants and advisors those who had indirect links to Umno. Now federal cabinet meetings are held weekly on wednesdays and attended by one and all ministers, including the MBs. So on thursday, the MBs have a pile of national security and federal papers to be filed. Which of course they will pass to their personal assistants. Declarations of fealty aside, copies can be made and passed on by fridays to friends in Umno and PAS who then gloat and mull over the proceedings over the weekend. Come monday, PH will be puzzled how come ah the new opposition is always ahead in blunting the new government and strategizing towards a massive overthrow of the rakyats' choice come GE15.

    Got it, sheeples?

    Got to go to the market now, need to cook a nice dish for dear Annie. She'll be surprised at my culinary (besides other) skills.

    Wake up lah Malaysia. Even after winning, still tidur mendung.

  5. PH masih dalam pantang.... jgn langgar pantang
    nanti bentan

    1. Dah beranak dah? Bila beranak? Tengok banyak berak n kencing je...

  6. Apasal Annie asyik Guan Eng Guan Eng saja.....many topic on Guan Eng and then Kit Siang. Truly UMNO macai, tak habis habis dengan Guan Eng Guan Eng. Annie please hantam Anwar a bit la...write some artikels on Sodom General please....

    1. Agree 100% with Anon @ 8.24. Annie ini confirmed macai UMNO.

    2. Your are new here right? Its because DAP people love to be at Annies’s blog so she has to entertain them lol

    3. Sebab guan eng paling bangang dan paling perasan.6 billion epf confirm hilang...2.6 billion masih belum tentu hilang.Guan eng mesti kasi tutup mulut busuk maaa.

  7. DAP loyalty is suspect.Just like BN parties in Sarawak,their loyalty shifts to whomever have the power.Today is Mahathir's but tomorrow when Mahathir is no longer around they will support whoever the Prime Minister is.Don't put so much trust on LGE.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Adoi bodohnya popeso ni,kalau lah apa yang hang cakap tu betol, DAP dah lama masok BN kenapa depa asik bersama pihak yang kalah dalam pilihan raya.

      Tolong lah popeso jangan buat malu pada mereka2 yang bertaraf popeso dengan mengeluarkan pendapat yang begitu bodoh di blog si annie ini yang terdapat beribu2 pembaca.

      Buat malu sendiri tak apa,jangan malukan orang lain.

  8. Tahniah Annie! Japan wins 1st game!

  9. If we're on the same team then the game should be play as a team. DS Anwar was in line to be the next PM then he shud not be left out of the loops. Afterall they r different individuals n when it come to handling things ofcuz the ways wud be different.


  10. Who is this anwar trying to interfere with the work of the finance minister,as if he is the most qualified person. He is not even an MP, just a so called de factor leader (whatever that is).

    I noticed since his early release from jail he has been going all over the place trying to show how relevance and important he is, he didn't even realized that Tun is the one who win this election for the opposition, and save this country from further damage by another idiot MO1.

    My guess is he will never ever be the prime minister of this country, just reading the comment section of the cyber media will show you how unpopular he is.

    1. AI is pm in waiting. Thats what has been told tonus long before. Even TDM need to consult him in hospitals to appoint ministers. You want DPM to feel sad is it? She has been fighting for her husband all this while. Now you asked whomis AI?

  11. There was a modern famous chinese proverb say like tis ; not fearing gods alike opponents , just fear pigs alike team mates. :) Can't afford to hv team mates kept shootings oneself I'm the legs. I dun think u wud like to hv tht kind of team mates too.


  12. Hi Annie, very good advice and guidance to LGE .On my opinion maybe these are similiar types of advices or counsel given to Najib by his advisors during his tenure. No wonder he lost the 14th GE.

    Dear Annie,please give good admonition okay.
    Batu api now very cheap because no GST, but do not waste it.

  13. DAP is slowly evolving into MCA during BN rule. Just rebuke AI (tikus membaiki labu comes to mind at every mentioned of his name) for interfering with government matters. Part of the Malay community that voted against Najib are not AI worshippers. We too don't like AI to interfere. His presence are not welcomed by us. We also don't want MCA 2.0 as our ally. Malaysia must prevent the possibility of the emergence of Najib 2.0. Malaysia need a strong and capable government. Bowing your head to the whims and demand from AI is not what we signed for.

    Anyway, I chuckled on the thought of LKS as Tun M new adopted son and think, why not. This is the Malaysia Baru propagated by PH. Surely DAP supporters won't be offended by it. There are no racial politics in PH right?

  14. Annie,


    You are funny.

    Poor LGE, you never did like him, eh?

    Look, I was surprised that Anwar made such a comment.

    I feel that such comments are better made behind closed doors.

    Pakatan should have, in place, protocols for public statements by Ministers.


    1. Annie has hate hate relationship with LGE.

  15. Mahathir got his file la, have to kow tow now

  16. Lifeofannie

    You are one really really shit umno blogger

    X boleh pakai langsung

    Sorry to be frank w you la lifeofannie

    Pls i reco u and the other macai go for cyber troop training

    Jasa ada bajet lagi ke? 😂

  17. Annie,

    Please don't worry.

    In Pakatan , differing views is ok. They call this as "the new normal".

    During BN rule, cannot tolerate differing views. Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal left UMNO. In Pakatan, ok.

    LGE have to follow boss, this is normal practice in this country. In small and big companies also they had to follow boss.

    What I cannot understand is some men have to bow down to wife. This I cannot understand.

    Some say, some wife can put something in the Milo or tea and the husband can bewitched.

    But, I think only those weak minded can be queen remote controlled.

  18. Hehehe........Tokong sekarang sangat manja.
    Agree with U, Annie. He should say "I am the Finance Minister"
    straight to Anwar's face. "WHO ARE YOUssssssss.......???"

    1. If not mistaken, it seemed LGE had already spoken to Anwar a FEW TIMES prior to this. Tetapi the message tak masuk otak brader Anwar la. So when Anwar decided to call in the press and let fly, then baru la LGE bluntly hantam back that he can't simply instruct another ministry to tell the truth of the state of our financial affairs...tak kan Minstry of Agriculture pula atau Ministry of Defence kena take on this job for LGE ? And to rub it in to brader Anwar since he's a bit thick in the skull, he tarok lagi that he's under the under explicit instruction from the sitting PM to reveal all...that should put Anwar in his place so that he would not be running to the press again anytime will be like challenging the PM, not LGE. Pandai lah LGE doing this move...he's in effect saying, look, I am doing my job as instructed by the PM, and I have already explained to you at least twice but you still degil and want to fight..some more fight so publicly by calling in the press to announce to the whole fight la means you are fighting the PM, not me, who's just a minister doing his job, hehe.

      Anwar sounds very like Najib...MUST PLACATE The INVESTORS. Well, that's NOT what the PH supporters want if the hundreds of comments were to be believed.

  19. Me thinks LGE wants TDM to skru DPM’s spouse... just like Melxxu skru Melxxu one...remember?

    1. No need for LGE to do that. Melayu already skru Melayu when the top Melayu stole billions upon billions of rakyat's money and now the new gomen have to contend with the debts incurred. And the majority of the rakyat is Malays it ?

  20. Annie 2.0
    Closet Umno cybertrooper aka shit stirrer..
    hmm..Annies’s writing now reminds me of that fat ah soh just after PRU13

    1. Typical RBAs with nothing between the ears!

  21. An experienced politician like LGE would be stupid to do what you suggested.
    That will just be giving ammunition to PKHKC Melayu to slime him.
    Please la dey.
    That's why he is the Finance Minister and you are still a fucktard.

  22. The brader is not my PM so he can go fuck spider

  23. I think LGE gave a brilliant backhanded slap to Anwar's face.
    Now everyone is laughing at the brader.
    He is not PM material la dey.
    2 years from now Mahathir will say we need a younger more dynamic leader so Azmin should be PM.
    Gather all the MPs in Pakatan for a vote, and the brader will be history.
    And then brader can move to DC and give lectures in Georgetown University. They love him there apparently.

  24. Anonymous @ 20 June 2018 at 10:42,

    //What I cannot understand is some men have to bow down to wife. This I cannot understand.//

    When you say you "don't understand", I am wondering if it is becos you support a patriachal system or whether you lack information.

    If you support a patriachal system, pls provide some reasons.


  25. Dear PH govn: less talk & more work pls.

    We the rakyat are getting annoyed with all these inane comments from your political leaders & ministers. We didn't kick BN out so that idiots & court jesters from your camp can take over their roles.

  26. Anonymous @ 20 June 2018 at 11:08,

    //Annie 2.0
    Closet Umno cybertrooper aka shit stirrer.//

    Aiyah, LGE doesnt need you to defend him like this, OK?

    In the new Malaysia that we live in today, blindly attacking somebody who makes fun of LGE just shows how far we need to go before more Malaysians grow a brain.

    But, I blame the previous government's incompetence in education and nation building.

    Hopefully, you will change your approach to your political opponents and together, help each other build a better Malaysia for the next generation.

    As it is now, you are simply trying to keep alive the same old hateful Malaysia which we voted out in PRU14.

    If you insist on continuing to build a nation based on hate, go join Parti Ajaran Syaitan - they are masters of the art.


    1. You are so right
      I am missing the BN govt already
      Can’t wait 5 years to vote them in again

    2. //I am missing the BN govt already//

      Who exactly do you miss? Najib, perhaps Rosmah? Ali Rustam and his Sri Melaka? Ismail Sabri and his IT Mall? Jamal Yunos and his gangster provocations? Zahid Hamidi and his multimillion warchest? Md Hassan and his London money circuit? Khairy Jamaluddin and that RM100 Sports Ministry scam? Shahidan and his gang? Shahrizat and her NPC? The Umno-linked GLCs? This stupid comment box is too small to list out all.

      So, who do YOU miss in the BN govt? More importantly, WHY?

    3. i voted PH & im going to vote them in again OK!!! question is there a BN next GE15???

    4. BN in again so that they can plunder and steal again ? Yea right

    5. Why vote BN? Because people here are stupid. LGE wants to tell the truth and be transparent but got people say he is wrong. Might as well give the government back to BN and let them fucked us dry.Seems like some people here don’t want transparency, accountability and corruption free.. People like Annie and all his Umno hordes. And Anwar still don’t get it. Better he goes back to jail

  27. 1mdb songlap & who killed altantuya, mr & mrs MO1 will be incarcerated for a long time & BN will be tarnished forever sigh

  28. Kah! Kah! Kah! LGE sabotaj Wan Azizah. Pening kepala DPM tu dibuatnya. Sekali buka mulut KWSP rugi RM6 bilion +. Macam mana la nak amik potongan KWSP suami nak beri pada isteri suri rumah. Dividen KWSP dah tentu la berkurang.