Sunday 17 June 2018

Good luck with your elections, Umno

The nomination period for the coming Umno elections closed today and the biggest story was

KJ to contest Umno president’s post

However, I was not excited at all with the latest development.

I felt detached reading the story.

Maybe it's because I have made up my mind not to get involved.

I'm not going to say this candidate is good, or that candidate is bad anymore.

This is now an  Umno matter, and as a non-member, I think I shouldn't try to be too clever about it.

All I would do is to ask Umno members to vote wisely for the future and survival of their party.

That's all.

I'm actually following an advice given by a friend who is an actual Umno member.

He said I have been writing with too much emotion about Umno of late without knowing the true situation within the party.

I think he was right.

I did get emotional quite a bit of late.

So, that's it. I'm just going to wait for the outcome of the Umno elections.

Personally, I think Umno needs to survive to provide a check and balance in our country's political system.

We are indeed back to the one party system of the past after the BN's comprehensive defeat in GE14.

The once mighty coalition is in very bad shape now that it can't even be considered as a viable opposition.

The same goes to Pas.

PH could do almost anything it wants now.

Combined with the parties which had left BN, they may even have a two third majority in parliament to initiate constitutional changes.

I believe that the only hope for us to have back the two party system of post-2008 general election is for Umno to revive itself and rebuild BN or initiate a new similar coalition.

It's the only chance for Malaysia to have a healthy democracy in the near future.

Hopefully, this coming Umno elections will produce a good line-up of leaders who are capable of saving the party and later on offer us with an alternative to PH in the next general election.


  1. "Personally, I think Umno needs to survive to provide a check and balance in our country's political system. We are indeed back to the one party system of the past after the BN's comprehensive defeat in GE14."


    Today Nazri was defending Zahid's lack of vigour by saying "wait till Parliament starts".

    Don't think so.

    You see even in the Perlis crisis and others that Zahid's heart is not in this any more. No fire and zeal. He may be looking to get out.

    To achieve proper opposition, the leader of UMNO needs to be very articulate and very knowledgeable to fight against the “young nerds” of PH who are very fact & data driven.

    Also, there will be constant “defensive mindset” due to exposure of scandals over the next 5 years.

    In all seriousness, only one guy has the depth to do this.

    Watch this clip carefully and decide whether Zahid can do this?


    Ku Li’s resume covers Minister of Finance (1976–1984), Minister of International Trade and Industry (1984–1987), former chairman of Asian Development Bank, former chairman of Islamic Development Bank, founding Chairman and Chief Executive of Malaysian oil company, PETRONAS, and chairman of the 33rd Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.

    He can talk with great credibility.

    He can fight against the razor-sharp sarcasm of Tun Dr M in Parliament.

    Zahid can’t.

    Ku Li No 1, KJ No 2 in UMNO.

    That is the ONLY way to recover the party back to credibility.

  2. KJ seem tak ada strategi.KJ should aim for no 2 but the problem dia akan lawan Tok Mat...tak berape kena tu..

    Kalau lawan Kuli n Zahid, KJ akan dapat no 2; Kalah juga.KJ kalau lawan VP, good chance for him to win one of the VP post.

    1. Kalau kalah pun tak apa. Tak mati pun karier politik dia. Dia kan muda lagi. Baru 42 tahun. Jauh lagi perjalanan beliau. Lagi 3 tahun boleh cuba lagi. Mana tahu dua tiga kali cuba boleh menang.

  3. //Maybe it's because I have made up my mind not to get involved.//

    Yeah! ...and none of Tun M, Lim Kit Siang or Kadir Jasin bloody business, whoever UMNO pick to be their president.

    1. I thought UMNO is parti orang Melayu. So if I'm a Malay but not a party member, then I cannot say anything either? It's not my business either?

      Why can't I as a Malay concern myself with the affairs of a party which claims to be the defendant of my race? Just because I'm not a member?

      For 61 years, did you actually believe that ONLY umno members voted for BN????

      If that is your belief... then... goodbye UMNO!

    2. Anon 1027
      For your information none of my family members are UMNO member but we are the staunchest UMNO supporters.It does not matter whether you are an UMNO member or not.As long as you show interest in UMNO it is ok unless you want to make politics as your full time career.Then,you have to be a member of UMNO.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Anon 10.27

      The difference between you and those three busy bodies is that they are leaders of opposing party leaders against UNNO while you are just a NOBODY.

      That means whatever your comments about UMNO elections are irrelevant.

    4. Pros Kangkang,

      You are a staunch supporter of dedak.

      And ineffective cybertoyol activity.

      With your help, Umno will be out of power for the next 60 years.

      Prof Sawi

  4. Why so much passion for UMNO Annie ? You should devote your passion elsewhere to a more deserving cause rather than waste time with this opportunistic party

    1. Anon 2313
      Why do you read this blog?Go read harakahdaily,or the Rocket or whateever that suits your political taste.
      Prof Kangkung

  5. ku 1 2
    tok 2
    top 2

    and kick out everybody else...

    1. Best line up

      No 1 zahid

      No 2 annuar musang

      VP: tajuddin, mahdzir

      Youth chief: jamal jamban

      HIDUP AMENO!!!!!

    2. Also please remember at VP level there's also Mat Said and Ismail Sabri.

      It's the worst V-P lineup I have ever seen.

  6. Kualiti dan taraf presiden yang ditunjukan oleh najib sangat rendah dan low class.

    Siapa² pun boleh jadi presiden sekadar nak tunjuk jari satuuuuuuu malaysiaaaaaa..

    No wonder calon presiden sampai 7 orang, carca merbau.

  7. Annie,

    Pakatan must be praying like hell for Zahid Hamidi to win :)

    //PH could do almost anything it wants now//

    And if that "anything" is good for the nation, why not?

    If it is bad for the nation, do you think we, the rakyat, would keep silent?

    //the only hope for us to have back the two party system of post-2008 general election is for Umno to revive itself and rebuild BN or initiate a new similar coalition//

    So what if UMNO continues to sink deeper into the political quicksand?

    There is still people power.

    As I said elsewhere, we, the rakyat, may not be able to move mountains but we sure as hell know that we can change governments.


    1. Gladiator's analysis is very shallow and lack of substance

    2. Mr Gladiator sir,

      We need a good strong Opposition team so that any Acts that are brought before the Dewan Rakyat can be debated well, no more rubber stamping Assembly like before... nak lulus Acts on GST, MKN, Anti Fake News main redah ajer.

      We the Rakyat can only do our 'check and balance' duty every five years when a lot of damages have already been done (doesn't that ring a bell in your head?).

    3. Gladiator,
      Can you comment on the guy who got the ramadan bazaar lot for a dirt cheap price?do you think PH will want to wash its dirty linens in public.That is why we need a good opposition.After all we need a good thief to catch a thief.UMNO has vast experience of being a good thief until Najib's blunder.
      Prof Kangkung

    4. We do need strong opposition. But if it has to be umno id rather thered be no opposition at all. We can do check and balance during next pru.

  8. Anonymous @ 17 June 2018 at 23:13,

    //Why so much passion for UMNO Annie ?//

    Definitely another newbie here.

    Aiyah, go read Annie's archives lah.

    The answer you seek is there :)

    //You should devote your passion elsewhere to a more deserving cause//

    Well, if you go read Annie's archives, you will know that Annie does have a couple of issues close to heart.


    1. I asked Annie not you. Are u Annie's spokesperson ?

    2. Relax Anon. To answer your question, I'm quite passionate about autism awareness, anime, Korean movies and drama, gardening, cooking and a few other things. Thank you.

    3. Annie tengoklah Anime Ace Attorney, Detective Conan, Danganronpa, Legend of Galactic Heroes dan Aldnoah.Zero, best tau

  9. Actually looking further down at the candidates for deputy president and 3 vice-presidents post. Other than 1 or 2 just the usual clowns, which means at least 2 out of the 3 VP's will be very the same old, same old people.



  10. Is there any political party with the name UMNO ?. just curious .

    1. After deregistered following court case nanti...

      Umno Baru Baru!

  11. Ku Li is an old warrior and a bit too hesitant in most matters. The young ones are not too receptive to him due to his age and his bangsawan roots. While his experience and capabilities are not to be sneezed at his appeal to the the youth is at zero level. Compare this to KJ and you can see why energizing UMNO will be out of the grasp of Ku Li.
    But Ku Li has an enormous war chest as compared to KJ. So do Zahid Hamidi. I wonder whether UMNO still practise money politics. If it does then the fight will be between Ku Li and Zahid with KJ being left in the cold.

    1. Very sure there will be heavy money politics.

    2. Agree, Ku Li not much youth connection.

      Must be balanced with KJ as Timbalan.

      Our Chinese friends call it "yin-yang".

  12. One person wrote an article yesterday that one of the reasons why Umno lost is because Najib was out of touch with the reality. He saw what he wanted to see and his PR Team made sure of that.

    I read that statement to mean that Najib didn't see the hardships faced by Rakyat.

    So can Ku Li do better?
    Can Ku Li see Rakyat at face value... the real life, real struggle of the Rakyat?

    Let me tell you about how a Prince (or a normal Tengku for that matter) was brought up. These people... they don't go to the rakyat. Rakyat must go to them.

    We cannot expect them to come to us and ask how are we getting on with life... if there's anything they could do to help... etc..etc...

    They expect us to go and tell them our problem but you cannot approach them like you approach ordinary politicians.. no way! You have to be beradab and beradat.

    How to do it, that you will have to learn. They won't entertain if you ask for their help without adab and adat (I stressed 'adat').

    So... Umno... if you think Najib is unapproachable because he was born into an aristocrat family, wait till you get Ku Li, a real Prince.

    1. Despite all the exposure on 1MDB, this useless Ku Li still firmly support anjib, so the ku li also has a responsibility on the collapse of UMNO/BN.
      For me,KJ is the one who can save umno. ku li should retire like najib

  13. From Bridget Welsh:

    There are 3 camps:

    a) Najib loyalists (most corrupt group)

    b) Ku Li

    c) KJ

    There are four important issues that differentiate the political camps:

    1) role of racial/religious chauvinism,

    2) corruption and use of money politics,

    3) the calibre of intellect,

    and 4) the defence of Najib’s tenure

    Camp (a) will tick all the boxes but they have by far the lowest calibre.

    So the gang of Zahid / Annuar / Ku Nan etc will ensure Umno remains irrelevant after PRU15.

    If Camp (b) or Camp (c) wins, then there may be a split in Umno.

    But still better than irrelevance.

    Ask any gardener, if you cut a plant down to the roots every few years, it will grow back stronger.

  14. Anonymous@ 18 June 2018 at 08:28,

    //Gladiator's analysis is very shallow and lack of substance//

    That's because I am not as clever as you are. :)


    1. And you are certainly not as good looking as Annie :)

  15. Anonymous @ 18 June 2018 at 12:38,

    //And you are certainly not as good looking as Annie//

    Well, I am never gonna put on a skirt or makeup :)


    1. I actually prefer to wear jeans and not putting on makeup.

    2. "I actually prefer to wear jeans and not putting on makeup"

      ...don't i know.. She's soOO hot in them even gladiator's titanium shield melts inside thirty saat.

      I just wonder when i wake up every morning from a lonely pillow what's her MDI.

      Anyone has the number?

  16. Annie really! for you not to putting on makeup. You Tomboy kot?

  17. Annie,

    //I actually prefer to wear jeans and not putting on makeup//

    Jeans are practical for males and females.

    I dont mind makeup on females but some overdo it.

    Of cos, then there are females who look better with makeup - lots of makeup, bucketloads preferably.

    What I find really weird is makeup for males!!!

    Yes, there are companies promoting such products. Apparently, it makes a man more of a man!!

    Go figure :)


    1. Gladiator, you don't sound like a masculine gladiator. In fact, you sound effiminate :)

  18. My take on this is easy. If money is still the way with umno than kj or zahid would win.

    If theres tsunami within the akar umbi than kuli and tok pa and mat hassan may stand a chance for their respectives post

    But then theres this thing about kuli than i dont personally like.

    Kj... haha im tired trying to remind people of his role during pak lahs tenure. Hes no better

    So well to hell with umno

    We do need strong oppo but do we really have to settle with umno ? In next pru i think umno wont have even 30

    1. Doesn't Zahid have to answer for his rm230 million account and for the matter of bashing someone over his daughter?

      Doesn't Md Hassan have to answer for the money laundering from London?

      Doesn't the MACC have to investigate Khairy for the rm100 million scam when he was helming the Sukan ministry?

      As for Ku Li, where's that infernal file?

      Oh, our stupid blinkered juvenile immature Umno general members. Open your brains, sayangs.

  19. Don't know why they bother with the election coz most of them are going to jail in the next couple of years ....

  20. since Dr M vs ku li long time ago dumbo no erection, finally 2018 dumbos got erection wow wakakaka

  21. Anonymous @ 18 June 2018 at 22:31,

    //you don't sound like a masculine gladiator. In fact, you sound effiminate//

    Sounds like you are hoping that I am effiminate :)

    Well, darling, if I ever get desperate, you'll be the first guy I ring, ok?



  22. "As for the three vice-president candidates, the confirmed contenders are Ismail Sabri Yaakob (Bera), Mohamed Khaled Nordin (Pasir Gudang), Sheikh Razali Sheikh Hamad (Gua Musang), Mahdzir Khalid (Padang Terap), Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Pasir Salak), Johari Abdul Ghani (Titiwangsa) and Ahmad Said (Kemaman)"

    Yup, good luck