Thursday 29 July 2021

I would resign if I'm Muhyiddin, but I'm not Muhyiddin (updated)

UPDATES at July, 29 20:18

Saw this just now;

PMO says needn’t debate emergency ordinances


It stated that Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had presented the Cabinet’s advice and clarification on the matter to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong during an audience on Tuesday.

“During this session, the prime minister has once again presented the advice from the Cabinet regarding the revocation of the emergency ordinances and made clarifications on the confusion that the opposition tried to trigger in the Dewan Rakyat session.

“The prime minister had informed the government’s view that all ordinances do not need to be revoked by Parliament, seeing that the Cabinet has decided to advise His Majesty to revoke it.

“Not only that, this parliamentary session is a special sitting under Standing Order 11(3) of the Dewan Rakyat and its agenda is ministerial briefings, and there are no motions to revoke the emergency ordinances.

“So, the cabinet had decided to advise His Majesty to revoke the ordinances before the special sitting began,” read the statement.

The PMO cited Article 40 (1) of the federal constitution that the Agong must act according to the advice of the Cabinet.

Looks like the fight isn't over yet.

The last paragraph sounds like Muhyiddin is ready to go all out.


Everyone seems excited today after the Agong issued his statement that he's unhappy over the way the Emergency ordinances (EO) were revoked without his consent.

I was actually in the middle of writing my last post when my boss informed me about it.

Well, everyone now thinks Anwar and the Pakatan gang will take over Putrajaya again. Especially Anwar, of course.

Yup, Muhyiddin is a dead duck in the water, it seems.

What's puzzling me though was that why did he and his gang initially tried to delay the discussion on the EO till Monday.

Surely, the whole thing would be blown out anyway on that day.

There must be something to it. Muhyiddin must surely had a plan on that day.

Now, when the whole thing went haywire with the Agong's statement, Muhyiddin must have been scrambling to do damage control and adjust his plan.

I believe he got a lucky break when two new Covid cases were detected in parliament this afternoon and it was put under lockdown.

The Deputy Speaker later announced that the parliament has been adjourned and will only be reconvene on Monday - the day Muhyiddin has initially planned to pull the white rabbit out of his hat.

Now he has three days to prepare for that.

Still, I don't know what that is he is going to do.

Honestly, if I'm Muhyiddin, I would have just resigned.

Really. I don't want the headache.

I would resign and get Ismail Sabri to take over the PM post.

That way, Perikatan may secure the Umno MPs votes and retain power.

Let Perikatan be led by Umno.

That's better than letting Anwar and his Pakatan gang regaining power as they would surely go after the all the Perikatan people like they did to Umno leaders after GE14.

The Umno leadership will also then have no reason to submit to Pakatan rule and go back to how it was after GE14.

Surely they would be happy.

Well, if Muhyiddin do as what I would do in his position, he would then be able to retire peacefully instead of being thrown in jail over some corruption charges being thrown at him by Anwar and the gang in power.

But that's just stupid me thinking.

After all, Muhyiddin may have his own brilliant plan for Monday.

Who knows, maybe he would let the EO thingy be debated and voted upon and by magic he still wins by having enough MPs supporting him.

After all, there's three more days to it, and anything could happen.

What to do when angry with the police and government

 I do understand the people's anger and frustration with the authorities during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I sympathise with them.

Received a call from a very upset friend just now.

He had went to the Bukit Puchong police station to get permission to cross state border because he needs to send his daughter home after she completed her practical training in Cheras.

The daughter needed to vacate her rented room tomorrow.

His wife, who is at home with their other child who is with autism also needed him to be there as she has to go for her first vaccine jab tomorrow.

The boy could throw a fit if left alone and she doesn't have anyone to help look after him.

My friend lives alone in a rented room in Puchong because of his work.

The corporal who manned the desk didn't even let him have the permission form, telling my friend that his daughter should go home alone on a bus.

My friend told the policeman that taking a bus would put her daughter at more risk of Covid infection but was told if that's the case he should send his daughter home in a plane.

Picture by my friend

When my friend pleaded for consideration because of his autistic child, the policeman said that's his own problem.

I don't know what exactly the corporal said, but it really upset my friend.

I told my friend not to argue with the policeman anymore as he may get in trouble because of it.

"Polis tu ada pistol, engko tak ada," I said to him.

I tried to calm him down as much as I could.

Told him to pray to Allah for that policeman and his colleagues to be blessed with autistic children so that they will understand his predicament.

In Islam, if you can't do anything in a predicament, then you pray.

Also, told him not to be too sympathetic the next time when policemen get into trouble at work as they were just doing their job and getting paid for it.

"Engko anggap je lepas ni dia orang tu buat kerja untuk dapat gaji, bukannya sebab nak berkorban untuk rakyat ke apa ke," I said to my friend.

Well, I know that's not politically correct, but I have to comfort my upset friend, okay.

"Kalau engko masih tak puas hati juga, engko doa je banyak-banyak biar Muhyiddin dan menteri-menteri dapat anak autism juga," I added.

Well, KJ should understand why I said that to my friend. He has a child with autism.

Anyway, I think Muhyiddin and gang lost the votes of my friend and his family over the incident.

People who are upset with the authorities, over whatever matters, tend not to support the government.

Yup, I really understand when people put up that kerajaan gagal hashtag.

I'm not going to argue with them.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

About the never ending baboon ass thumping

 I thought of doing another a day in Parliament report like yesterday for this post but one of the commentators apparently already beat me to it.

I found the comment quite amusing and decided to put it here for readers who don't go to the comments section of this blog to read it.

2 days of sitting and up to now and you got absolutely nothing substantive coming out from the Dewan.

I mean, honestly how would that have been possible…constant barking , shouting , stopping people from speaking, refusing to listen, needing to put their words in although the thing they wanted to say has already been mentioned by their same PH member, easily calling a person a dog, stupid, absolutely uncouth behaviour and not an iota of gentlemanly conduct etc…goodness me!

This behaviour is usually seen from those people you see during the 70s, cangkung tepi longkang makan mee hokien! Langsung no gaya punya orang.

For a start, lets look at the bigger picture, opposition was all against emergency and now emergency has been revoked. OKlah maybe the way it was done is debatable, let’s wait for next Monday then grill that Minister. Why waste time like tin kosong going on and on ab nauseum asking the same bloody question. I mean didn’t the government give you what you wanted, no extension of Emergency?

Next , they have been given a chance to listen to the leader of the pack , Majlis Pemulihan Rakyat, Zafrul. But did they even want to listen? NO they insist on PM. But why? Zafrul will know the technical detail which is why PM asked him to conclude? Then you get all sorts of estate origin mentality fella insisting PM to answer. Even in Corporate Company Analyst report, when it comes to detail, the CEO will ask the CFO to detail out the report!

But you can’t expect makan tepi longkang type of people on how to understand such protocal.

Lastly as has been expected, they shout all sort of slogan “kerajaan gagal” past 5 months and shout for Parliament to convene and when Parliament opened for 5 days, instead of using these days to completely debate and provide solution , they go on monkey tantrum and shouting ..waste of 2 days.

Let’s see what the third day where KJ will bentang his report. I believe KJ is THE MOST successful minister of PN so far, second is Zafrul.

Im sure he has his fantastic report writing but don’t be surprise where you will see makan tepi longkang type will shout and say- vaccine too slow, why didn’t buy earlier, people die because vaccine slow etc etc…again a never ending baboon ass thumping shout and another day will be wasted. Just wait and see!

Bloody politicans- most of them are bunch of tossers!

Yup, it's almost the same of what I think of today's Dewan Rakyat proceeding.

Another pasar borong atmosphere and display of disgraceful behaviour.

It's not like I'm a Perikatan supporter, but the way the Opposition MPs conducted themselves in the Dewan really put me off from any idea of supporting them.

No way I can support people who behaved so disgracefully to once again run this country. Especially not amidst this pandemic as they would likely make things get worse.

I'll just stick with my original stand of letting the current government stay and solve the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and after that we can have a proper general election. 

I believe that with the increasing pace of the vaccination effort we should be able to come out of the crisis as early as before the year ends.

Ya, I know, the situation is bad, but I don't want it to get worse if those clowns were allowed to take over the government now.

They had their chance during those 22 months after GE14, and they didn't show themselves to be any better than the previous BN government.

Spend months just on blaming their predecessors and not much else on top of their own blunders.

They would likely do the same if allowed this time. That, with the pandemic going on would really be a disaster. 

Can't stand their arrogance anyway.

Well, I may as well just bear with this not so great current government and try to survive until things get better.

Hopefully we can elect a proper government after that.

Monday 26 July 2021

Muhyiddin knows Pakatan will just turn Parliament into a circus

 I watched the entire of today's Dewan Rakyat session on the internet.


Wished I didn't have to but it's because of my work. Cari makan, okay.

Honestly, it's quite painful to watch.

So many of the MPs were behaving like monkeys by making too much stupid noise.

 Yup, many of those supposedly our representatives  in the legislature are actually idiots.

You all have to watch them in action yourselves to believe it.

Even the usually calm speaker Art Harun lost his temper at one point.

I really don't blame the poor fellow for that as they called him "government lapdog", "penderhaka " and such.

The guy was just running the show as according to the parliamentary rules yet they jumped on him as if he was the one who made all those criticised government decisions.

Well, it would still be okay if they had argued intelligently against him but this time they were just making noises and called him names.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that most of the Umno and other BN MPs didn't join too much in the nonsense.

Of course, all the noises were actually centred on the matter of the MPs wanting to debate and vote on the Emergency ordinances.

Well, they want to vote on it so that it can be seen the government didn't have the majority or very little of it.

That's the whole point.

I was also taken by surprise when Takiyuddin  said the Emergency ordinances have actually been revoked on July 21.

That effectively denied any chance for the voting on it.

I guess Muhyiddin and gang have came to the parliament all prepared for the attempt to knock them off.

As all those frustrated MPs were braying like donkeys over it, Najib quietly sat in his chair in the Dewan and posted in Facebook about how the government is avoiding the voting by quietly revoking the Emergency ordinances.

He probably knew there's no point in screaming and shouting in the Dewan over it as Muhyiddin and gang will simply stonewall everyone.

True enough the government side mostly just stay silent and let the Opposition made a fool of themselves for everyone who watched the proceedings to see.

Yup, and the Opposition MPs did look ridiculous as they made it clear from their behaviour that all they care about was voting out the government.

Even when they talked about wanting to take care of the suffering rakyat, they made it sounds as if what they really want is just to get back in power.

This will go on for the next few days as Muhyiddin had cleverly scheduled for the Emergency ordinances to only be discussed on Monday next week.

He wants the rakyat to see the behaviour of the Opposition MPs and get pissed off with them more than himself.

Umno MPs who actually wanted to side with the Opposition in ousting Muhyiddin would also be at a disadvantage as their party members and supporters watch how the Pakatan MPs have not changed their arrogant attitude and irritating ways in the Dewan.

Most Umno people don't want to side with such a bunch. They would think that it's better Muhyiddin than Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu.

Oh ya, Pakatan also has that super irritating Jelutong MP too.

As for now, Muhyiddin gang will just mostly play dumb and behave the best that they could.

Zafrul was the best actor today.

He looked like a nerdy boy being bullied by the school gangsters as he stood  to answer questions on the National Economic Recovery Plan and being screamed at by the Pakatan MPs.

Any makcik in the kampung who saw what happened would likely says "Kesiannya budak handsome Melayu ni kena buli. Jahat betul lah dia orang tu."


Zafrul almost deliberately let everyone who wanted to verbally abuse him have the floor to do their nonsense until his time ran out.

He even said thank you to each of them.

Art Harun then just told him to give written answers to which he said "Okay, okay, I'll do that," and happily sat down, much to the frustration of others who wanted to shout at him some more.

I'll have to continue watching this comedy show in the coming days until it's over....sigh.

Well, at least I still have a job even though gaji still kena potong.


Sunday 25 July 2021

About Hungarian ventilators and why God creates rich fools

A friend yesterday asked me whether I know what Azmin's news outfit Malaysianow was up to with this story;

Multiple agencies probing businessman for tax fraud, 1MDB-style money laundering

Well, actually I do know what it was all about.

That article which was published two days ago actually looks quite grand, complete with a suggestion that the nonsense it was trying to highlight was as big as the 1MDB scandal.

It was actually a follow up of this story which Malaysianow posted on June 16, (which was more than a month ago);

Malaysian businessman gets lion’s share of multibillion-dollar Hungary deal

It was for all intents and purposes, a character assassination attempt on that businessman Vinod, because he is a friend of Anwar.

Simple actually. It's Azmin fighting Anwar and he's trying to knock off everyone he sees as supporting his enemy.

It was actually a concerted effort.

Here's another "news outlet" of Azmin's with its own piece four days ago;

Anwar Ibrahim Crony Vinod Sekhar In Questionable Multi-Billion Deal

Yup, RPK's Malaysia Today is now serving Azmin's interests. Just check out the trend of its stories of late and you all should know that it's true.

RPK really has a nice gig over there in UK. 

Politicians, from all sides in Malaysia were bankrolling him with good money at one point or another.

I wish I'm over there too so that I can write whatever shit I want, out of reach of people who want to sue me.

That's of course unless this Vinod guy goes out of his way and spend considerable amount of money to sue him in the UK courts.

Anyway, that's RPK's business lah and it's not for me to be jealous of him. Good for him, really.

The only problem is that the story being peddled by these Azmin's hired hands was not only a spin but also an overkill.

I can say that because I happen to know the real story.

It actually started when the pandemic first hit the European shores in early last year with Italy being among the first to get hit real hard.

People were dying left, right and centre and the Italian healthcare system was pushed to the brink as doctors were forced to choose who to be put on ventilator and who were to die without it because there were not enough of the machines at that time to go around at the hospitals.

Neighbouring Hungary saw what was happening in Italy and went on a scramble to get more ventilators as it knew the pandemic will cross the border very soon.

Other countries in the European continent were also doing the same thing.

This was when Vinod was asked by his friends in the Hungarian government to help find the needed ventilators.

The guy actually knows nothing about ventilators but have good contacts in China, which was the only country producing enough of the machines to meet the demand.

It was a mad global scramble for ventilators at that time and the Chinese manufacturers jacked up the price to  extortion level.

The Hungarians were so desperate to get the machines that they ignored Vinod's advice about the exorbitant price and bought the ventilators before other countries snap them up.

Can't blame them though as their citizens' lives were at stake.

They paid the Chinese directly and promised to give Vinod a relatively small sum for acting as the middleman.

From what I was told, the Hungarians have not been able to give Vinod anything yet but the guy was okay about it and intended to give whatever he would receive to charity.

That was basically the story that Malaysianow and Malaysia Today have been spinning into a 1MDB-like scandal.

Well, I don't care much about Azmin wanting to knock off Anwar as I don't really like Anwar myself, but for me it's not okay for him to get his hired writers to do such a spin job on an innocent bystander just because the guy is an Anwar's friend.

They have been trying to get this Vinod guy for quite a while, actually.

I wrote about some of those in these posts;

Stop whacking the guy who created jobs for journalists

No to personal attacks against people who want to help in Covid war

Honestly, I don't really know the guy and the fact that he's an Anwar's friend makes me feel that despite being a successful businessman, he's a bit naive when it comes to politics.

However, based on what he had done so far, the guy actually seems to be a good guy.

So, it's not very nice of them to try paint him as an evil rich man, who was greedy enough to profit from the sufferings during the pandemic.

Even if the authorities do check on the Hungarian ventilators story, they would only find that the guy was actually just trying to help.

He really doesn't have any business related to the pandemic like making or selling rubber gloves, masks or medical equipment.

Furthermore, from what I know the guy's finances had been an open book the last time the authorities thoroughly checked on him sometimes late last year. 

Well, I have to admit though that this Vinod guy was being rather foolish for trying too hard to help others and got whacked for doing so.

But then again, God sometimes does make one or two rich fools like him so that humanity as a whole doesn't seem to be such a bunch of greedy bastards too much.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

KJ, please check on the vaccines for Sabah (updated)

 UPDATES (July 21 at 22:58)

Received this just now;

#Vaccines Update (21/7): There have been good improvement in the delivery of vaccines from KL (MOSTI) to Sabah. As of today the total number of vaccines delivered for the month of July are 747,980 doses, the latest delivery being 152,100 doses received just this afternoon. The second bulk delivery of 308,880 doses is scheduled to arrive on 28/7, & a smaller amount of 30,000 doses this Friday (23/7). The overall total for July would be 1,086,760 doses.

I don't know whether KJ got any hand in this but thank you all the same to those responsible for this quick action which restores my confidence in our vaccination programme. Hopefully the rate of vaccination in Sabah will catch up with those of the other states as soon as possible.


I have been cheering in support of the country's vaccination programme as I see it as the main weapon for Malaysia to win the Covid war.

So, it caused me great discomfort when a friend from Sabah forwarded to me this article,

Sabah ‘Second Class’, KJ ‘capati’ agihan vaksin Sabah!

It basically says that Sabah is being neglected as it received less vaccine supplies than even states, with lower infection rates.

It also accuses those working to vaccinate the population in interior Sabah of not doing a proper job.

The article is actually quite convincing.

My friend also told me that the allegations were all true and that he knew of cases where people in the interior of the state spending hours to get to vaccination centres only to be told to go back home because there was not enough vaccine supplies. 

I can't check on the allegations myself though because I'm not in Sabah.

Therefore, I hope KJ could do it and if the allegations were really true, he should immediately do something about it.

We simply can't leave anyone behind in the vaccination process.

I really felt that KJ and his team have been doing a good job until I read that article.

Nonetheless, I still want to believe that they are doing their very best to get all Malaysians vaccinated as soon as possible and that's why I want them not to miss acting on the alleged problems faced by Sabah.

I don't want the allegations of the state being neglected being a blemish in the vaccination team's record.

So KJ, please quickly check on this yourself and if the problem is real, correct it immediately.

Don't let me and other Malaysians down, okay.

Saturday 17 July 2021

There's still hope for Malaysia....and Umno too

 I'm now recovering from an illness (but not Covid).

Still a bit weak.

So, this is not going to be too long.

Just want to say that there's still hope over the horizon.

First the Covid situation.

I know it's bad at the moment, but our vaccination rate is getting better every day.

This kind of reports give me hope;

High vaccination rate may reduce cases to below 1,000 daily by October

Anyway, other countries, including the advanced ones such as Australia and Japan are struggling to contain the pandemic too.

We are really not the only ones in bad shape now.

Therefore let us not be too angry with the situation.

I mean, try to control the emotion a bit better.

No need to go around cursing people too much, okay. 

Ya, I have seen such TikTok videos by some privileged kids trying too hard to be woke. Quite painful to watch, actually.

Use the energy instead to do some work such as signing up to be a volunteer frontliner or something.

If can't, please not bitch too much so not to disturb others.

I know, things are hard but we are at war now. Everyone is suffering, okay. Everyone has complaints.

On politics, I think Umno also has some hope based on this report;

Umno No. 2 replaces Tajuddin as elections director

Finally, Zahid is starting to do the right things.

I first wrote about Tajuddin being Umno's election director in this post on Nov 5, last year;

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

and then later in this one on May 25;

Tajuddin's shit will stick on Umno

Now, I think Umno and its BN allies do have a chance at GE15.

I always want them to be okay again and redeem themselves at a general election instead of making deals to get back to power.

If they want to be the government again, they should do so by winning over the rakyat at the polls.

Removing faces like Tajuddin's from its front desk was a good start.

Ya, I'm not in a hurry to change the government.

For me, we need to win this war against Covid first.

Help the frontliners, instead of just bitching.

Once we manage to do that, we can have GE15 properly.

If you are against the current government, don't worry too much about people being swayed into supporting Perikatan later because Covid has ended by then.

Winston Churchill led the Brits to be part of the side that won World War Two, but he lost in the election right after that.

Eh, I'm tired already.

Will write again later, when I'm feeling better.


Monday 12 July 2021

The need to get rid of durian trees in forest reserve

By Red Fox


The recent enforcement by the Pahang Forestry Department in Batu Talam made headlines not only in major publications but also has turned into a heated debate in the internet sphere. 

Let’s look at the issue with logical sense and not caught up in emotional sympathy.

What many have overlooked is the fact that the 250 acres of illegal durian farms were planted in a permanent forest reserve that was illegally cleared of valuable forest trees to balance mother nature ecosystem. 

Our forest has been raped by these illegal farmers in question, who are in reality the runners to the taikor 'owner' who is an active member of a political party instigating the illegal farmers to protest.

The earnings for this plantation at current prices are more than RM20 million per harvest season (250 acres x 40 trees/acre x 40 fruits/tree x 2kg/fruit x RM30/kg).  

Shouldn’t one wonder if the term ‘poor farmers’ is fitting when they have gained so much? 

The pictures we see in recent days at the enforcement site shows big mature durian trees. 

While it is a fact that a durian tree takes a minimum of 6 years to be harvested and the need to toil the land over the years, as they have themselves admitted they have been planting these trees on the claimed ‘promised land’ for the past 20 years. 

From 6 years onwards the trees keep fruiting every year! 

RM20 million for 14 years, how much tax and land assessment these "poor " farmers have paid in the last 14 years?   

The illegal durian farms in Batu Talam Forest Reserve in question (currently enforced) had nothing to do with the court order and the dispute in Raub which the Menteri Besar and the Forestry Department has clarified and affirmed. But it seems to fall on deaf ears. 

So, why now, you may ask? 

Should we not start asking why not now? 

The durian craze and the huge market in China has resulted in illegal plantations doubling in the last 5 years than over the preceding 20 years. 

This has resulted in huge environmental and sustainability issues. Do we want another Cameron Highlands incident to recur? 

The State government has learned a hard lesson from the Cameron Highlands incident. Certainly, no sane government would want to see that happening again which will destroy the people’s lives and livelihoods which will also have a domino effect to the country’s economy.

There is also the not so talked about issue of Good Agricultural practices. 

If these farmers don't care two hoots about forest reserves and the law, what makes you think they will adopt proper agriculture practices to ensure that the industry is sustainable? 

The fruits originating from these illegal farms do not have MyGAP certifications. How does it get to the export market one wonders? What if the authorities overseas find out? 

Kindly not be blinded by all their emotional sympathetic claims. 

Rampant use of pesticides and inorganic fertilisers will become the norm for fast financial gains. 

Already, they are planting the durian trees haphazardly for big yields with no consideration for the soil and land to heal. From 30 trees/acres with a distance of minimum 6 metres apart, they are planting nearly 45 trees per acre with just 3 metres apart! 

While there is no denying the state's enforcement authorities have been lax over the years, should the authorities continue to turn a blind eye to illegal felling of forest land and indirectly encourage further encroachment, waiting for the soil to erode? 

When is the right time then? Wait till pandemic is over? How many of us has a certainty today when the pandemic is over? Wait till the next harvest and next protest? 

Enough is enough! We have to tell them to stop just as how we need to tell rapist to stop and if they don’t heed, we put them in jail and cut them off their habits!

The State needs to come up with a holistic humane solution. Whether it is through the proposals by well-connected personalities as in Raub is another matter. 

Importantly the State must study each proposal carefully to salvage the industry. 

It’s not as simple as renting the land to the farmers and that’s it. 

There must be agricultural practice, environmental and produce controls put in place. 

Hence a holistic approach is required. Likewise, the entire durian supply chain must also be transformed. Ensure that transactions are recorded from farm to factory to market. 

When there are mechanisms of traceability, there is accountability. Where there is accountability, there is adherence to rules and regulations in every aspect as opposed to quietly planting illegally in forest reserves. 

Alas, hope this is not too much to ask and expect from this Government to do anything for the people who are really in need, not political cronies from both political divides.

Let’s keep our sanity!

Sunday 11 July 2021

Thanks UCSI vaccination team

I'm quite tired of the whacking of our Covid-19 war effort in social media.

That's because I don't feel that it's that bad.

Yes, things are quite grim at the moment, but I believe we are not really fighting the pandemic that badly.

War is grim, after all, and we are bound to suffer losses.

However, I think we could turn the tide soon if we hang on, at least until our vaccination effort, which is now picking up speed has reached its objectives.

That should be within just the next few months.

You may not like the government or leaders, who are leading the war effort for whatever reasons, but I hope you all can still support our frontliners who are putting their heart and soul into the fight and their lives on the line.

Give them moral support, at least, by not being too negative about the Covid war.

I have to admit that my only real experience observing our frontliners since confining myself mostly at home since the lockdown was when I went to the vaccination centre at UCSI University in Cheras for my jabs.

I like what I saw as the frontliners there are really doing a good job.

They are quite a bit like DAP election workers. Mostly Chinese youth volunteers (probably students of the university) who are very dedicated and efficient.

The medical staff were also very professional. 

The Indian nurse who administered my second dose was courteous as she went through the routine of showing me the right amount of vaccine before the jab and then showing me the empty syringe after that. She even asked me to say Bismillah (In the name of Allah) before the procedure.

They all gave me a good impression of our Covid-19 war effort.

Thank you vaccination team at UCSI.

A good friend of mine also reported a similar experience at another vaccination centre in this Instagram post of her,

My friend Miss Chuah is a former JB-based NST journalist and she blogs at Roam with Bee

Really guys, we do need to be more positive, count our blessings and thank those who are doing their best for us, even during this difficult time.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Talk is cheap

 Umno VP Khaled Nordin said this about his party withdrawing support from Perikatan government,


In a statement today, Khaled said the prime minister and his administration must see that its previous strategies and actions to handle the pandemic have “failed miserably”. 

“So, it is ill-informed to continue to stick with the same plan or approach. 

“Secondly, the withdrawal will put to stop rumours and guesswork linked to the prime minister’s majority support. This withdrawal will make way for an open re-evaluation of the Dewan Rakyat’s trust and confidence in the prime minister.”

He added that this shows that Umno is serious in its demands to improve the welfare of the people.

You all can read the rest of the bullshit at this link;

Well, Khaled, when are you going to resign from your chairman post at Boustead?

That miserable failure Muhyiddin gave you that job as a reward for something, what.


Talk so much only.

Simply talk to be Umno's hero. That's all he's good at.

Want the cake and eat it some more.

That's what these people are.

Why do we bother to listen to them?

Eh, I'm feeling fed up today.

That's all I'm going to write.


Wednesday 7 July 2021

Muhyiddin's better offer (updated)

Updates at 04:15, July 8

So, the Umno Supreme Council met last night and as reported there was a heated discussion on whether the party should pull out its support for the Perikatan government.

It actually dragged until past midnight.

After the meeting ended, Zahid issued a statement saying that Umno is pulling out its support for the government because of bla bla bla and demanded for Muhyiddin to step down and an interim prime minister be appointed.

He  said Umno will  also not support Anwar and Pakatan, which was rather funny because we all know if Umno does not support Perikatan, it practically opens the door for Anwar and Pakatan to take over the government.

Just wait for Parliament to sit and a no confidence motion be tabled against Muhyiddin. Of course Anwar and Pakatan will win as Umno sits in the middle pretending to be neutral.

But never mind that because the immediate problem with Zahid's statement would be; will the Umno MPs move to the opposition side of the parliament and the Umno ministers actually resign.

How many of them will do that? 

The way I see it. I think many of them will just ignore Zahid's statement.

Then what? Sack them from the party?

How many Umno MPs left then?

I suspect Zahid will end up looking a bit silly at the end of this. 

Oh, and I suspect the MPs and ministers of MCA and MIC will also stick with the government.

The Sarawakians too.


It turns out that Muhyiddin is offering an even better deal to Umno.

Ismail Sabri as future PM and Hishammuddin as his deputy.

That's even better than the rumour of Hishammuddin as PM and Azmin as his deputy that I discussed in my last post.

Ya, you all must have seen the announcement of their new appointments today.

As I expected, Muhyiddin is now offering Umno to take over the lead in Perikatan.

Without Zahid and the gang, of course.

For that, even the rumoured part about Azmin had been dropped.

Muhyiddin and his Pribumi people now just want to survive. They are cutting their losses.

They can't afford to have Umno pulling out of the government and let Pakatan, which they betrayed last year to take over Putrajaya again.

As I previously said, they would be dead meat if that happens.

Now they just want Umno people who are not hostile to them to be in charge.

It was reported that the Umno leaders will meet tonight to decide on their next move.

With the new appointments of Ismail Sabri and Hishammuddin, it would be harder for them to pull out support from the Perikatan government.

They are almost there now, why would they consider working under Anwar and put up with DAP.

The currently.hospitalised Muhyiddin may hand over power to Ismail Sabri anytime now.

Yet again, this could just be a Muhyiddin's ploy to stay in power.

Once the Umno's pulling out threat is over, he may just kick out Ismail Sabri and Hishammuddin and carry on as usual.

Muhyiddin is after all a very smart politician, despite many of you saying that he is stupid.

Whatever it is, I bet Ismail Sabri or Hishammuddin will tonight tell the other Umno leaders;

"Look guys, if you all pull out support from the government now, you will let Pakatan takes over and you have to be the balaci of Anwar and his DAP friends. 

"But if you all just hang on for now, we can take over the whole government and Perikatan coalition soon."

And if it's actually Hishammuddin, who said that, I think he would add;

"Come on, you all know this is a good deal. After all, you have to admit, if later on, I become prime minister, I'll be a more handsome prime minister than Zahid."

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Between Anwar-Zahid and Hishammuddin-Azmin

 Saw this report just now

Muhyiddin may strike a deal to let Hishammuddin takes over

and told myself that's a really interesting possibility.

But of course the report only quoted unnamed sources and therefore could not be fully trusted.

However, if true, that could be quite an attractive offer to Umno.

Basically, Muhyiddin may offer Umno to take over the lead in Perikatan as long as it is being led by someone who is friendly to his people in Pribumi Bersatu.

Umno people will really be tempted to accept that rather than what was said to be Zahid Hamidi's plan to align the party with Pakatan led by Anwar.

Ya, if Muhyiddin does that, it effectively him saying,

"Okay Umno, we surrender if you let Hishammuddin takes over your party. You all can once again be the boss as long as you spare us in Pribumi Bersatu."

Well, Muhyiddin should know now that the heads of his Pribumi people will be on the chopping block if Umno pulls out its support from the government and let Pakatan, which they betrayed last year comes back to power.

Not actually such a bad offer for Umno. Hishammuddin  could not be any worse than Zahid, after all.

And then they could wrap up PAS too in the deal and lead a Malay/Bumiputera dominant coalition. Even the Sarawakians may warm up to support that.

The only catch probably would be that the Pribumi Bersatu gang may still want a hand in the new Perikatan government.

The report already said Muhyiddin may want Azmin as deputy PM as part of the deal.

Whatever it is, Anwar now needs to counter offer that possible move by Muhyiddin.

Offer Zahid to be his deputy PM, perhaps?

Anwar as PM and Zahid as his deputy or Hishammuddin as PM and Azmin as his deputy?

Interesting choices for Umno it seems.

Well, personally I don't like those combinations. They are both rather icky, actually. It's like a girl having to choose either to marry Guan Eng or Mat Sabu...or in the case of a guy, between Teresa Kok and Nur Sajat.

But then again, I'm not an Umno member, so it's not really my business to care about it.

Being an ordinary rakyat, I still prefer for us to focus on beating Covid-19 first and when it's safe to have an election, we vote in the good people, irrespective of their party to form a new government. 

Sunday 4 July 2021

Getting ready for Pakatan government 2.0

Now everyone is talking about the possible change of government once parliament reconvenes before August 1.

Everyone...except those who have better things to do such as surviving the Covid-19 pandemic...and that includes me, I guess.

Anyway, I'm quite sure both sides, Pakatan and Perikatan are now scrambling to get enough number of MPs.

BN appears to be sitting in the middle with some wanting to go with Pakatan while others wishing to stay with Perikatan.

According to reports, Zahid and his gang wanted to support Anwar while those like Hishammuddin, Annuar and Shahidan wanted Umno to continue to support Muhyiddin.

Quite a dilemma to choose between them, actually. That's because I don't like any of them.

The choices of who to side with are not very attractive too. 

Actually, going either way, means Umno/BN will remain a junior partner in either Perikatan or Pakatan.

Yup, in fact, if Zahid and gang really support Pakatan in toppling the Perikatan government, they will be an even junior partner in the coalition than it is now in Perikatan.

That's because their party will be even further divided.

Would Pakatan, in particular DAP which is currently the one with the biggest bloc of MPs in the coalition let Umno have its way once they are back in power?

I don't think so.

I don't think Pakatan will give Umno and its BN allies more than what Perikatan has already gave them.

Even if they do, I can just imagine the shouting and screaming during their Cabinet meetings.

I heard it was quite bad during the 22 months of Pakatan rule with Dr Mahathir, who was PM then having a migraine every time after the meetings.

Uh, I think I'll have a migraine too if I have to listen to the screaming of Guan Eng every week.

Seriously, I don't think a tie-up between them will last very long, anyway.

And I don't think their government will be able to do any better than the present one, especially in handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

As it was previously, they will spend the first few months after taking over Putrajaya just to badmouth their predecessors and blame everything on others while not doing much real work themselves.

And if they screwed up, they will say they are new with the job and need more time to get used to it....well, this will take more than 22 months based on past experience of them being in power.

Honestly, I don't see how things can get any better with a change of government via the counting of chairs in parliament in the midst of this pandemic.

Well, do change the government by all means, but not now when people are dying and struggling to feed their families.

Wait until we have most people vaccinated (which probably be before year end) and then let's have a real election to settle once and for all this stupid power struggle nonsense.

And Umno, please don't be such a moron. You all were doing well before Pakatan collapsed that day but now you are tearing your party apart again. Wake up, okay.

Sigh. So stupid.

Thursday 1 July 2021

Japan send vaccine to Malaysia as Beijing communists threaten Taiwan

 I was so happy when I saw this story just now,

Japan’s vaccine contribution arrives in Malaysia, symbolises close friendship


The Japanese ambassador to Malaysia Hiroshi Oka in a statement said it was a symbol of close friendship between the two countries.

He said Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had earlier sent a message to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to say that the vaccine was a token of Japan’s deep friendship with Malaysia.

“Hand in hand with Malaysia, a strategic partner of Japan, let us work together for overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

“I sincerely hope this vaccine donation will contribute to the Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme in Malaysia, protecting people’s lives as well as helping the economic recovery,” his message reads.

Thank you again Japan.

Really, that story made my day, which was almost ruined in the morning by this story,

Xi pledges to take over Taiwan on Chinese Communist Party’s 100th birthday


Speaking during the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th birthday celebration in Beijing today, Xi promised to take over Taiwan, which he considers as a great mission of the party.  

“Solving the Taiwan question and realising the complete reunification of the motherland are the unswerving historical tasks of the Chinese Communist Party and the common aspiration of all Chinese people,” he said.

Typical of the communists in Beijing. They want to enslave Taiwan like the rest of China and they said it's the aspiration of the Chinese people.

I hope the democratic Taiwan will remain strong and not be rattled by the rhetorics of the authoritarian rulers in Beijing today.

I also hope that most Chinese do realise that communism is not Chinese.

Ya, I marked today as the day Japan sent one million Covid-19 vaccine doses to help Malaysia while China's communist rulers again threatened Chinese living in Taiwan.

Some may say our country had once suffered under Japanese rule during  World War Two but I think our country suffered even more during the communist insurgency which lasted for decades because the Chinese Communist Party gave weapons and assistance to the Communist Party of Malaya.

So, for today, thank you to Japan again for helping Malaysia and middle finger again to the communist rulers of Middle Kingdom for threatening Taiwan.