Tuesday 31 March 2015

Japanese diary 2

Spend the day exploring Tokyo.

I don't think I should elaborate on it. Just tourist stuff.

In the evening my traveling companion and I went to Akihabara to buy some anime stuff that my cousin asked me to get for her.

Unfortunately, we took the wrong train and got lost.

By the time we got onto the right one and reached the place, it was quite late.

Most of the shops closed between 8 or 9pm. The makan places closed quite late though.

So, we were rushing around to find what my cousin wants.

"Koko ni tokyo ghoul no t-shirts iru ka na?" I asked the shop attendants.

All the about 20 anime shops we went to don't have the stuff.

My cousin is a fan of the dark anime genre while most of the shops sell the "sailor moon" types.

Since the shops were closing anyway, we gave it a rest and settled down for dinner at a soba restaurant.

Most restaurants here specialized in one type of dish unlike those in Malaysia.

I had a set-meal of rice, tempura, fried vegetables and noodle soup. Also air kosong.

After dinner we went walking about a bit.

There were lots of young cosplay girls promoting the nightspots and I don't know what else.

Japanese men have unique taste indeed.

It reminded me of a story told by my friend, a senior special branch officer who when he was much younger used to escort former deputy prime minister DS Anwar Ibrahim.

The guy once escorted Anwar to Japan and found out that he liked going to weird places.

We went back about 10pm and reached our hotel room about an hour later.

My traveling companion is now snoring.

I tried not to read news from home as I don't want to spoil my holiday.

I don't have the time anyway.

Just restrict myself with reading two blog posts per day which title I found interesting.

Just light stuff such as this,

Surviving in the Cat World

or this,

India declared a day of national mourning on Sunday for Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Okay, I'm getting sleepy too now.

Need to get up early tomorrow to catch a train going north.


Sunday 29 March 2015

Japanese diary 1

Going out in a short while, but still got some time for a bit of updates.

Arrived at Narita about 8 plus am local time yesterday.

Flew with JAL. Nice airline. The cabin services were excellent. Almost as good as Malaysia Airlines. Choose JAL because its cheaper.

From the airport, we took the train to downtown Tokyo.

Can't afford to take a taxi like back in Malaysia. It's very expensive.

My traveling companion was grumbling because of having to drag our heavy luggage up and down escalators from the terminal to the train station. I'm used to this type of traveling, so, I'm okay.

Arrived at the hotel near the Ginza district about 10am plus but can't check in until about noon.

Left the luggage at the hotel and went for makan. The good thing about Japanese food is that most of the time its seafood. They don't eat too much pork. Japanese are mostly healthy.

Checked in about 12.30 pm.

The room is okay.

Took a nap after that. I didn't sleep throughout the flight. I'm always like that. Very hard for me to sleep while flying.

We went out after that.

The weather was still a bit chilly but just nice....early spring.

Sorry, need to cut short at that. My traveling companion is bugging me to go now for breakfast.

We are going out after that.

Okay, a bit more

Since yesterday I only read these two blog posts. So I recommend you all to read it too lah,

Muslimah : Sihat dan SEKSI.

that's for ladies only, okay.

A house in disorder does not offer hope

that's a cut and paste job by A Voice of a Malaysian Insider article.

Okay, really need to go now....


Friday 27 March 2015


This is a short one.

I'm at KLIA and about to board a plane to Japan.

This time I'm going there on a real holiday.

Took me quite a while to save money for this trip.

Really. Najib and Rosmah are not sponsoring my trip, okay.

I'm feeling happy.

It is cherry blossom time over there.

Well, I think I have done my best for agama, bangsa dan negara so far and deserve a bit of a holiday.

I will try to write if I have the time there.

To all readers of this blog, thanks so much for everything.

Just feel like saying that :-)


Barua Melayu

I read with interest this post by Datuk Nuraina Samad,

Samad Ismal: Of friends and foes.

and the follow up by Rocky,

Othman Wok, a Singapore Malay horror story

I did some reading on this guy Othman Wok and I can't help but to conclude that he is the typical Malay lackey.

The only real talent that such a Malay posses is on how to excessively kiss asses and slandering others to promote himself.

Here is among the articles written about Othman Wok,

Othman Wok Seperti Anwar Ibrahim Gadai Identiti Bangsa

Veteran blogger and journalist Zainuddin Maidin in a post three years ago described Othman Wok as


The Malay lackeys are the type of Melayu who reminds me of Malcom X's "house negroes and field negroes" theory.

If Othman Wok is an African American of Malcolm X  era, then he would be a house negro.

A house negro loves his white master more than the white master loves himself.

As a reward, a house negro gets to live in the mansion to serve his master, wear better clothes than the field negroes who work on the cotton fields and eat better food too, whatever left eaten by his master.

Othman Wok fares better than that though, he got to be a minister (though the portfolio was not so great), and became board of directors member of several companies after retiring from politics.

I actually know quite a number of Malays like Othman Wok.

They make a living by kissing the ass of their non-Malay bosses and going out of their way to run down other Malays to please their non-Malay masters.

Ini jenis manusia yang orang Melayu kata tak ada maruah dan khianat, atau dalam bahasa kasarnya barua.

Thursday 26 March 2015

New phone almost as good as BF

Okay, I'm tired of writing about the hudud thing.

The whole DAP-Pas lovers quarrel over it is beginning to look quite ridiculous.

Guan Eng really behaving like a kindergarten kid.

Unfriend Hadi, but wants to friend Pas.

Apa la....how Betty can tahan you la Guan Eng?

Also, I think I had done enough mourning for Lee Kwan Yew.

This time I want to write about something fun for a change.

Writing about all these gloomy issues is making me sound like a real crazy bitch.

Well, actually I am a happy go lucky person.


I wish I could write about my BF as he is the most fun thing in my life but he had warned me not to do so.

The last time I did that he almost don't want to be with me anymore.

Sensitive fella that one.

So, the next fun thing to write at the moment is about my new iPhone 6 Plus.

I finally got the one I wanted after much difficulties.

I bought it at a Celcom outlet at a mall not far from where I work.

Earlier, I had searched for it at another mall.

At that mall, I was frustrated again by those at the Celcom outlet there, causing me to once again almost giving up and switch telco.

I was so angry but after cooling down I decided to give it one last try at the mall near my work place.

Wallah! The Celcom outlet there actually had the phone I wanted and everything went smoothly.

For those who wondered why I'm still with Celcom despite them being so difficult, let me tell you that they have the best overall package compared to the other telcos.

I'm not going to give the details as I don't intend to give Celcom free publicity. You have to check it out yourself.

After all, they made it so difficult for me to just buy a new phone from them.

Really weird people.

They offer the best package yet make things so difficult for loyal customers like myself.

Anyway, the phone is wonderful, especially that its battery can lasts for so long.

Celcom still sells it at the original price of about RM2,600.

I'm still trying to master its applications though. No worries, as it's actually quite fun.

Err...no politics this time. Just a short break from the nonsense.

Here is a nice song to go with this post

That song is actually for my BF :-)


p.s BF stands for best friend, okay.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Najib being smart on hudud

I think PM DS Najib Razak has so far been smart in his handling of the hudud issue.

He is staying out of it and letting the Pakatan people, especially DAP and Pas to continue whacking each other over the nonsense.

DAP in particular is now very anxious to drag BN into the ring as they needed Pas to get distracted by whatever official stance BN will come out with on the matter.

The party's secretary general Lim Guan Eng had earlier this morning issued a statement on behalf of the DAP's central executive committee, declaring that they were severing ties with Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang.

It's quite comical of them, as how can they severed ties with Hadi while still wanting to be a friend of Pas.

It shows how desperate DAP now as they try to prevent Pas from leaving Pakatan and at the same time telling the Chinese community that they are against hudud.

They know that without Pas, Pakatan can't go on while at the same time letting Pas got away with its hudud plans means DAP will lose a huge chunk of the Chinese votes.

The Chinese community don't want this country to become a stupid Malaystan, okay.

It's DAP's headache now.


Guan Eng knows that the only respite DAP could ever going to get is by forcing BN into the picture so that he and his gang can attack it instead of having to continue whacking Pas which he actually still needs, to keep Pakatan going.

Thus, this is the tail end of Guan Eng's statement:

"Umno telah menghasut Pas untuk melaksanakan undang-undang hudud di Kelantan pada 27 Mac 2014 semasa sidang Parliament dengan menjanjikan sokongan Kerajaan Persekutuan. DAP menggesa agar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak melengahkan masa lagi membuat pendirian jelas dan tegas sama ada akan menyokong atau menolak enakmen hudud di Kelantan, serta menjelaskan peranan Adun-adun Umno Kelantan dalam menyokong rang undang-undang hudud. Najib juga harus menyatakan sama ada beliau menyokong Rang Undang-undang Persendirian yang dibentangkan oleh Hadi."

Well Guan Eng, siapa yang hasut siapa?

Itu Pas kan DAP punya kawan. You sudah blur sangat ke sampai tak ingat?

Oh, and what does Najib owe you that he needs to do all that?

If I'm Najib I would give the irritating little DAP boy the middle finger.

For me, what the PM is doing now is right.

Don't get involved.

This is Pakatan's doing, so, let them sweat it out among themselves.

Najib and the other BN leaders, particularly Umno should wait till the last minutes before making their official stand, that is just before Pas tabled the hudud bill in Parliament, before the end of the current session next month.

If I'm Najib I will tell the BN MPs to vote according to their conscience.

The Muslims can vote for hudud while the non-Muslims can vote otherwise.

This is after all a democracy.

Whatever the outcome, DAP will have to shit bricks explaining to the Chinese community about their dear ally's funny streak of Talibanised madness.

Monday 23 March 2015

Singaporean rhapsody

A friend asked why I put this blog in mourning with the passing of Lee Kwan Yew.

My friend doesn't like LKY and thought I share the same sentiment.

My answer to him was that, it's my condolences for Singaporeans, plain and simple.

LKY is the father of Singapore and what he did for the island state is admirable.

That, despite him being a thorn in Malaysia's side for so long.

Looking back, I believe LKY was just another guy who tried to do good for himself and others.

My favorite picture of LKY and wife Kwa Geck Choo when they were students in UK.  LKY was in love just like others. Anyone capable of falling in love can't be too bad.

LKY did what he had to do for his people.

I have no quarrel with Singaporeans and wish them well.

In fact, half of the younger members of my family are Singaporeans.

So, today, I share their sadness.

May Malaysians and Singaporeans always be good friends.

Kit Siang meroyan hudud

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang went bonkers last night over the hudud thingy.

Here are the reports by pro-Pakatan news portals:

As Pakatan fumbles over hudud, Kit Siang moots new bipartisan 'Save Malaysia' pact

To save Malaysia, Kit Siang suggests new coalition with MPs from BN, Pakatan

Kit Siang, who are going to be in this Save Malaysia Pact?

DAP, MCA, Gerakan?

Oh okay, non-Muslim PKR MPs along with those from Sabah and Sarawak to join in also.


Well, Kit Siang, go ahead lah.

Continue to be a bloody hypocrite, okay.

Guys, do remember : PAS IS DAP'S PAKATAN ALLY

They are the ones who started this.

I am not comfortable too with the hudud thing, but if Kit Siang wants to set up a coalition against it, then I am all for the Islamic criminal laws being implemented on EVERYONE, and not just Muslims.

Anything but DAP, okay.

Remember that Anything but Umno campaign? Now I am returning the favor.

I rather live in a crazy Malaystan than being ruled by DAP.

At least in the future Malaystan, I can still say no to being oppressed.

I can still have my Dragunov rifle.

It's not against hudud isn't it to have a Dragunov rifle?

In Malaystan, anyone who tries to be funny with me will get a bullet in the kneecap, okay.

Come on Muslim MPs, vote "aye" for the Pas' private members' bills in Parliament next month which will set the hudud ball rolling in motion.

It will probably be fun just to look at the faces of Kit Siang, his ultra irritating son and the other DAP evangelists when it happened.

Errr....if I was not mistaken, the DAP gang and their fan boys and girls had said Pas is an okay bunch and non-Muslims have nothing to fear about hudud before the last general election in 2013.


So, why worry now, eh?

Well, in case you want to know why they are worried, read this prediction of mine which I think is also the DAP people's prediction:

The road to Malaystan 

Sunday 22 March 2015

First hudud casualty

Saw this via NST SMS alert:

NST 22/03 Producers of BFM Kupas and presenter Aisyah Tajuddin will be probed under section 298 of the penal code for blasphemy : IGP


That serious eh...

I have seen the video.

Actually, I think she should instead be probed for being irritating and coming up with a lousy sketch.

Blasphemy is a bit too serious, I think.

Well, never mind.

Guess after that the police are going to probe the death, rape, and burning threats directed at the silly girl.

Hmmm...whatever it is, I think freedom of speech and expression is going to die with this hudud thing.

Baru mau mula dah ada yang nak bunuh, rogol dan bakar orang yang pendapat berlainan.

And there was a commenter in this blog who questioned why I need a Dragunov rifle once this country becomes a full fledge Malaystan.

Hey, I am not going to go around shooting people, okay. But if there are assholes who try to kill, rape or burn me, I am not going to let it happen without a fight.

Well, this is what we get once we lost the middle ground on May 5 2013.

Chinese, let me tell you that your tsunami had wiped out the moderate Malays who all these while had been shielding you from the crazies.

Do you all know that?

You think Guan Eng and his DAP gang are your saviours?


Guan Eng and the DAP gang were the ones who unraveled all that you have now.

Pas is their ally, remember?

Pas is the one who sell itself to the Malay Muslims as the hudud champion.

Umno, weakened by the Chinese tsunami just played along as it can't be seen as anymore less Islamic than Pas.

After all, there's only the Malay votes for them after you all Chinese abandoned them during GE13,

Bear in mind that it's those irritating tak-apa Umno Melayu buggers who actually enabled you all Chinese to prosper all these while.

Now, there's only the hardliners, trying to out-Islam Pas.

PM DS Najib Razak is probably the last moderate one, but I think it won't be long before he succumbed to the hudud tsunami.

Now, you all Chinese want to help Najib and the other Malay Muslim moderates or not?

Up to you all, okay.

Migrate is a good option too.

Saturday 21 March 2015

Change of plan because of hudud

Told my mother over a light lunch at the Curve today that I have cancelled my plan to buy a house in KL.

She had been bugging me to buy at least an apartment.

Good investment, she said.

My mother was not happy when I told her about my decision.

Our conversation went something like this:

Mother: Why?

Me: Property prices will go down.

Mother: Property prices never go down la. Buy landed and there is no way it will go down.

Me: Nope. I'm quite sure it will go down after the next general election.

Mother: Don't talk nonsense May (my Chinese name)....

Me: Really Ma. A lot of people will be selling their property after the election. You will want to sell your place too.

Mother: Why would I want to do that? Your father and me love the house. There is no way we are going to sell it.

Me: You and the others will want to migrate. So you have to sell your properties, okay.

Mother: Why would I want to migrate for?

Me: Ma, you are a Muslim, remember....the hardline Malay Muslims are combining their forces and going to take over after the next general election. They will implement the so-called Islamic laws. You will be subjected to it. Do you think you can take it?

(My mother took several minutes to digest what I told her)

Mother: I think you are exaggerating. It will not come to that.

Me: Well, it's okay if you don't want to believe me. But I think you better start to learn to be a better Muslim and get used to being one. Just in case. They are already starting with the hudud in Kelantan. Do you still remember how to wear the tudung?

Mother: Hahahaha...very funny. You are not such a good Muslim too May. You done your zohor prayers already?

Me: Not yet. Later, okay. By the way, I'm going to ask KH (my Singaporean cousin) to look around for a place for me in Singapore. She can buy it for me under her name.

Mother: May, you are so full of crazy ideas. Why don't you just buy a house in Melbourne instead like Ah Poh?

Me: Melbourne is too far away. Anyway, I am actually buying the place in Singapore for you and Pa. All our relatives are in Singapore. I know you all are too stubborn to realise that things will get hard after the Muslim hardliners take over. By that time, it will be difficult to get a good price for the Subang house.

Mother: Well, will you be joining us in Singapore then?

Me: Nope, I am staying put. I am going to open a boutique selling burqa and other clothes for Muslim women. I think I will make lots of money. Oh, I will also try to get myself a Dragunov rifle, just in case.

Mother: Can you please don't talk like that in front of your father later? He has always been sad that you have been so different from other girls.

Me: Pa will understand me better.

Mother: Eh, stop talking nonsense, okay. let's go for a foot massage after this. I belanja you, okay?

Me: Okay...err, I want full body massage, can?

Mother: Can.

Friday 20 March 2015

The road to Malaystan

Now that Kelantan had unanimously decided that it wants hudud, these are 10 things I think going to happen :

1. All Muslim MPs across the political divide will say "aye" once the private member bills were tabled at Dewan Rakyat, giving Kelantan the green light to enforce the Islamic criminal law.

2. Pakatan will break up. Pas to go its own way. PKR dies a natural death. DAP banking on the support of Chinese community as lifeline. MCA and other Chinese-based parties likely to join them in a coalition.

3. Other states with distinct Malay Muslims majority will follow in Kelantan's footsteps. First to do so is likely Terengganu, followed by Kedah, Pahang, Perlis, etc.

4. Umno will add the word "Islam" in its name to out-Islam Pas. The hardliners will take full control of the party. No more moderate Malay Muslims. PM DS Najib Razak, being a moderate will be ousted.

5. The next general election will be contested by DAP, leading the non-Muslim parties on one side against a loose cooperation of Muslim-based parties led by Umno and Pas.

6. The Muslim-based parties will combine forces to win the general election by a two third majority, not only in parliament but most state assemblies.

7. Constitutional amendments will be initiated to implement hudud nationwide. Enforcement of the law will be universal for Muslims and non-Muslims.

8. Malaysia becomes a full-fledge Islamic country.

9. Most non-Muslims who can afford it will opt to migrate to other countries.

10. Malaysia becomes Malaystan.

Yup, that's what I think will happen.

So, how? Nice prediction or not?

Whatever it is, I hope our country will not end up like Afghanistan.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Impact of the Chinese tsunami

Just saw in the news that all Barisan Nasional component party leaders had pledged their support for PM DS Najib Razak during a press conference at the parliament.

I saw in the visual some of the BN leaders - Umno secretary general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, MIC president DS G. Palanivel, PPP president DS M. Kayveas and several party leaders from Sabah.

Their spokesman was MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai.

I guess Liow was chosen to lead them as MCA is the second biggest BN component party after Umno with about one million members.

I hope all the one million of them will vote BN in the next general election, at least in support of the PM.

The majority of them voted for Pakatan in the last general election despite Najib's best effort to woo the Chinese community.

They became part of the Chinese tsunami which almost swept away Najib and BN on May 5, 2013.

Meanwhile, the Kelantan legislature had unanimously approved the hudud law in the state.

All Kelantan Pas, BN and PKR assemblymen said "aye" to it.

It now awaits the green light from parliament for the Islamic criminal laws to be implemented in the state.

The way I see it, this is the beginning of a united Malay front under an Islamic banner which resulted from the Chinese tsunami.

Soon, states under BN may follow suit as the Umno guys also would want to be popular among the Malays by being more Islamic.

DAP is definitely feeling the heat now.

It's their fault for playing the Chinese card too hard over the past years.

Umno is now willing to give way to Pas' hardline Islamic ideology in order to defeat them.

After all, being moderate in Umno nowadays is simply unfashionable after the Chinese tsunami.

Pas on its part probably see this as an opportunity to gain federal power without waiting for Pakatan to reach Putrajaya.

Somehow, I am not actually comfortable with this new development.

Malay unity is good, but not like this.

It's another big step towards a truly racially polarised Malaysian society.

It could even break up everything we cherish about this country.

Malaysia may never be the same again after this.

The last grand thing that happened in Johor

Grand things are happening in Johor.

I think everyone knows what are the grand things.

Just take a drive along the coast of Johor Baru and you can see them.

The grandest one is going to happen soon.

Anyway, the last time something genuinely grand happened in Johor which I could remember was the opening of the new state administrative centre in Nusajaya by Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Ismail.

I was there to witness it on April 17, 2009.

They called the place Kota Iskandar

I remember the day well.

It's the last time I saw the late sultan in person. Despite being frail, he seemed to be a happy man that day. He even joked around a bit.

Kota Iskandar was built to replace the former state administrative centre at Bukit Timbalan.

Those who had ever visited the Sultan Ibrahim Building on top of that hill at that time would had agreed that the place was becoming very cramped, due to the expanding strength of the state administration.

Thus the need to relocate it to Kota Iskandar.

It was an integral part of the Iskandar Malaysia development plan.

I was a proud Johorean on the day Kota Iskandar was officially opened.

The entire cost of the RM450 million project was financed by the state.

The state government had its means to raise the money for the project and was not dependent on federal funding.

Suffice to say that not only the state government didn't go bankrupt, it actually benefitted financially from the project.

I don't want to go into details, as it may bore you or make you think I am lying. You should instead check the details with any honest high ranking official of the Johor Civil Service or UEM.

It should be noted that when the idea to build the new state administrative centre was first mooted in the early 2000, then PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was skeptical as the federal government would not have the money for it.

Only after then MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman had briefed him on how the state government will fund it, that Dr Mahathir was convinced it could be done.

Kota Iskandar has since become one of the main selling points to attract investments into the state, in particular at Iskandar Malaysia.

It's a catalyst for the development corridor.

Site visits of potential investors in Iskandar Malaysia would not be completed without a walk around the complex.

You can verify that with all those people at Edu City, Legoland, JPO, Medini etc.

The money spent on Kota Iskandar was indeed worth it.

I am not sure about the other grand things.

Monday 16 March 2015

I'm fine with Muhyiddin, but does it really matter?

I don't think anything will happen to me if PM DS Najib Razak was removed from his post.

Seriously, what it's going to be?

TS Muhyiddin Yassin becomes PM?

I'm fine with that.

The guy is not so bad.

But does the guy wants that?

Will it really makes Umno and BN stronger for the next general election?

I don't really know the answer to all these questions.

But, I can choose to stand by the side and just be a spectator to all the nonsense.

Actually, it would not really harm me even if Pakatan takes over the country.

My life is that detached from the life of mainstream Malaysians.

I can just blend in and goes with the flow.

Anyway, as for Najib, I don't really owe him anything.

There is no real need for me to support him.

As for his much vilified wife Rosmah, I don't really like her style, but I don't hate her to the point that I want to run her down until people really believe that she is a witch.

I did however joked a bit here and there about her and that's it.

Not more than that.

After all, I am not from DAP.

Yeah, I got my complaints about Najib too, but again I will not criticize him to the point that I sounded like one of those rabid Pakatan people.

I don't know....maybe it will be better if Muhyiddin takes over, but do we really have to whack Najib and his wife mercilessly like that to remove him?

Is Najib that bad?

Is the country really going to the dogs under his leadership?

Everyone hungry today, tak dapat makan, because Rosmah stole your food?

Well, that's my thoughts for this morning.

Need to run now.

Got work to do.

Cheers and have a happy start for the week today :-)

Sunday 15 March 2015

Good morning Malaysia

Okay, enough of my sulking.

At the moment, I feel like writing again.

Not much on politics though.

I am a bit tired of it.

Okay, just a bit...

I have been ignoring political stories these past few days but can't help noticing the furore caused by the "blocked" blog of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the other day.

I actually just saw the headlines of other blogs on it but didn't actually read it.

I was busy running around and have no time to read.

It's about 6.15am where I am now.

Woke up early, as usual...and have some time to write this.

I just went through that post by Dr Mahathir,


It's not blocked.

I guess there was some system errors causing people not being able to access the site instead of the alleged sabotage.

Well, if there was indeed a sabotage, the saboteurs, I think are really stupid pricks.

It's because I found nothing really new in Dr Mahathir's post.

And it was not even sinister in any way.

The handsome old man was just repeating the same line that the administration of DS Najib Razak need to do better in explaining to the people about issues such as 1MDB.

What's wrong with that?

In fact, I asked the same thing too in a previous post,

Go ahead and read Dr Mahathir's post again if you don't believe me.

Dr Mahathir didn't go around shouting,


True, or not?

So, Dr Mahathir unhappy with the way Najib runs things, is it?

That's his right to be unhappy.

I used to be unhappy too with some of the things Dr Mahathir did during his premiership, but now I love the handsome old man.

So, just chill la. No need to get upset over every single small thing.

As I said, read the post by Dr Mahathir again....and read it carefully before jumping to any conclusion, okay.

Anyway, I am now sitting in this room which has a fantastic view.

It's very quiet though.

Everything out there were just starting coming to life in this early hours of the morning.

The quietness of the place makes me miss someone very much.

Wish that someone still loves me.

Wish that someone never cheated on me....

I don't know....maybe it's just me being stupid again....never mind.

Need to get ready for work now.

I need to be focused today as it was yesterday and the other previous days.

I need to be focused for tomorrow and the days after that too.

That's my life.

Okay, you all have a good day too, okay.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Good night Malaysia

Had lunch with my mother today.

Kena scolding again.

She was still angry over the stunt I pulled at my work place the other day.

As usual, when my mother was angry, I just kept quiet.

I am exhausted, though.

Every time my mother was angry with me, I felt like curling into a ball and shut down myself.

Of late, she seems always angry with me.

She didn't even like the clothing I wore today.

Sometimes I even felt that my mother doesn't love me anymore

That's why I decided that I need to take a break.

I will write again when I'm not sad anymore and clear of what I want with my writing.

See lah how it goes.

For the time being, here is a song for you all,

Take care guys.

Hope you all be fine and we'll meet again.

Shaving (at) the wrong place by the wrong people

There was a head shaving event in front of the parliament building yesterday morning.

Some Pakatan members of parliament and their supporters took part in the event which was to demand the release of DS Anwar Ibrahim who was jailed five years for committing sodomy.

Good effort, but I think they did it all wrong.

So common lah these head shaving thing being done like that.

If you look at the picture, I think you will notice that the shaven guys were just some obscure Pakatan MPs and unknown members of their cheer group.

They should have got more prominent leaders to do it.

For instance, that lady on the right of the picture should volunteer for it.

She is after all the PKR Wanita chief.

Shaving her head for her de-facto leader would not be too much of a sacrifice, I think.

The ulama probably won't be too angry with her if she did that.

The aurat is the hair, not the head, I think.

Once she is bald, I think she doesn't have to wear her tudung anymore.

Then, other than showing her love for Anwar, she can also really scare the dastardly Umno people with her looks.

I know, she is already looking scary now, but if bald, I think she will be even scarier.

I would also like to suggest for her to shave her head herself, possibly using real shaving blade instead the electric shaver that they used yesterday.

That will be real drama, okay.

All the foreign media will definitely cover the stunt and she will be world famous.

Well, if that is not drama enough, I recommend for her to instead shave other parts of her body other than her head.

That will definitely get the world's attention.

Even Obama and Putin will likely want to have a look at how she do it, out of curiosity.

Who knows, maybe they may pressure PM DS Najib Razak to persuade the Yang DiPertuan Agong to grant Anwar his pardon from prison so as to avoid such harrowing incidents from happening again.

How? You all agree with me or not?

Anyway, later on, if she is not comfortable being bald, she can always wear a wig.

Wigs nowadays look quite real, okay.

Oh, by the way...I wonder if Nurul Izzah would want to shave her head for papa. I think she would look stunning being bald.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Erdogans' move and cherry blossom thoughts

Knocked off before I finished writing last night. Too tired.

Decided to start afresh.

However, there was nothing really interestingly new developing on the political front yesterday.

Okay, maybe except for this one which came late via NST SMS Alert:

NST 09/03 Kota Baru Pas division nominates vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man for the party president's post for the upcoming term.

For more details:

Kota Baru Pas division nominates Tuan Ibrahim

It looks like there is really going to be a fight for Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang this coming party polls in June.

Pas being in Pakatan is tearing itself apart.

Some of them are getting big headed and decided that the party can do without its hardline Islamist ideology, which is actually its main draw amongst the more religious Malay folks who made up the bulk of its supporters.

They think they are better suited than the party ulama to run the party.

Well, good luck to them.

Looks like the much maligned PM DS Najib Razak as BN chairman and Umno president has a bit of lucky break again.

Whatever it is, I'm honestly not really interested.

For all I know, it could be just another wayang.

I think the Erdogans were just using Tuan Ibrahim to confuse their ulama rivals.

That Mat Sabu guy who is leading them can be quite cheeky,

Mat Sabu not looking like the third handsomest Malaysian politician here

Anyway, all that doesn't matter at all to me.

My mind is somewhere else....

Can't tell you all here though.

It's a private thought.

It is something like this music video,

Unfortunately, it's a bit too early for cherry blossom.


I'm happy, though....thanks to my lousy bosses....

Monday 9 March 2015

A good day which could been even better

Bumped into my friend from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) at a function yesterday.

The guy seemed genuinely cheerful for the first time for quite a while.

He was joking around like he used to be.

"Ah! Datin Annie, how are you?" he greeted me with an ear to ear grin upon seeing me.

"You call me that again and I'm going to fucking smack your head," I replied.

He just laughed it off, despite me making my most garang face.

The guy can be quite funny when he is in a good mood.

I also noticed that he can walk well and not limping a bit like he normally does.

The guy got some muscular ailment on one of his legs. Sometimes it's okay, sometimes not so.

We were chit chatting a bit when a fat lady and her friends interrupted us.

Well, my friend is quite influential, so naturally a lot of people want to talk to him.

I slowly eased off and moved to another part of the function.

Honestly, I am not really comfortable being seen with my friend in public like that anyway.

Whatever it is, I am glad that he seemed to be in a good mood again.

I guess he had managed to fend off those assholes who wanted to pressure him to leave PMO.

Like any other organization, the PMO also has its palace intrigues.

It is good that my friend has the upper hand, as it seems.

The guy is really a good guy.

PM DS Najib Razak needs all his good guys around him now.

If not for my friend, I would have probably now going all out whacking Najib like all those other bloggers.

I actually have a lot of complaints against Najib but whenever I talk with my friend, he would explained why certain things were done the way they were.

Even though I am not always totally convinced, it made me think that if this good guy is still with Najib, then there must be something right with what the prime minister is doing.

I still voiced my complaints though but I didn't attack Najib's personal self.

I wish there are more good people like my friend around the PM instead of all those irritating faces I have to deal with whenever I went to the PMO and Umno headquarters.

Why can't those people be like my friend? Nice, humble and sincere.

Do they all have to look and behave like bastards most of the time just because they are from the PMO or Umno HQ?

Oh, by the way, my friend was probably in good mood because of this,

Umno Division Leaders Stand In Solidarity With President

I wish they didn't use the word "solidarity" though.

It's cheesy.

Also read what says veteran political writer Zubaidah Abu Bakar who is now with Rakyat Post

Najib firmly in driver’s seat as party gives fresh strong mandate 

But I don't think Najib is out of the wood yet.

Things would have been better if his deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin and others such as Kedah Menteri Besar DS Mukhriz Mahathir were at the meeting.

It would have been more convincing.

Whatever it is, Najib needs to consolidate the party and make sure it remains united for the next general election.

He may have the strongest support in his party but that does not mean that he can easily lead Umno and BN to victory at the polls.

Votes for Umno and BN do not come just from party members.

Najib needs to convince the people out there too that things are well.

But for me, most importantly, he can't let the rakyat feel disgusted with Umno and BN because of those faces in the party and around him which irritate people like myself.

Truthfully, there were many times that I felt like giving up on Najib because of those self serving obnoxious people who went around chanting "Demi agama, bangsa and tanah air" while in actual fact they were just there to fatten themselves.

Najib will only be really safe if he can shed himself off from all those parasites.

Sunday 8 March 2015

The third handsomest Malaysian politician

I worked very hard yesterday.

Running around under the hot sun the whole day doing my stupid work.

Despite that my bosses hate and want to sack me, I still work as usual even on my off day.

I always try my best.

Simply don't know how else to do my work.

I'm not saying I'm the best worker or the most talented, but I believe I have always tried my best in what ever task I was given.

So, by the time I reached home about 9.30pm last night, I was exhausted.

Ate some rice with fried eggs and bits of spinach before lying down still fully dressed on my mattress (I don't have a bed).

I knocked off immediately.

Woken up only to realize it was just after midnight.

My body was aching all over, particularly the left side.

I actually have spinal problem.

Too weak to immediately get up to take a shower.

Took off my t-shirt and jeans while still lying down.

It's very warm in my room.

Haven't fixed the aircond and only have the ceiling fan.

Took me almost half an hour before I could find the strength to get up.

Had my shower and did the necessary before applying some of these on my back,

That made me felt better.

Then I found out some pictures send by someone via wassap that made me decided who should be the third handsomest politician in the country.

The pictures are those about the rally to free DS Anwar Ibrahim from jail yesterday.

Police said about 2,000 people took part in the rally but the organizer and pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini claimed there were over 10,000.

I got a message from a journalist friend who covered the rally at the Sogo shopping complex saying the police was actually being generous with their figures.

But the pictures were not that of the rally in Sogo but the one they had in London.

Here is the group photo of the protesters,

I guess the organizer will say there were over 100 or 1,000 protesters there in London.

Well, doesn't matter.

What really matters was that this guy in the leather jacket was with them,

Upon seeing this picture, I immediately decided that he should be nominated as the third handsomest politician in Malaysia

Don't you think so?

Very dapper, isn't he?

Normally, when he was among his alim ulama supporters, he prefers to look like this,

Total make over leh.

But don't play play, come June after the muktamar, he may become the Pas president.

Not bad, okay.

By the way, the second handsomest Malaysian politician is this guy,

And the handsomest of them all is still this guy,

Sorry Chinese, Guan Eng not in the top three, okay.

It's because he always look like this to me,

Saturday 7 March 2015

Muhyiddin's slow and steady approach

Just reached home.

Nope, I was not working hard and come home late from office as usual.

I actually finished work earlier than usual but someone asked me out to have dinner.

The guy is a rich Indian dude.

He has been trying to be sweet to me for quite a while, but I'm not interested.

After all, the guy is married and I think he has a girlfriend or two (or maybe more) on the side.

But still, he is charming and actually meant no harm.

So, I said okay...it's just dinner after all.

We had dinner at an Indian joint....very typical, but I'm fine with it.

Among others, we talked about politics.

He knows that I'm into all that shit.

His main question was on the DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin's statement on 1MDB yesterday.

You can read the whole thing at Apanama's

Kerajaan tidak wajar 'bail-out' 1MDB, tegas Muhyiddin

The guy asked me what Muhyiddin was trying to do.

I know that he is a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak, but I didn't want to bullshit him.

As you may noticed, Apanama straight away used the "no bail out" part of the statement as the title of his post.

It makes the statement by Muhyiddin looks very much like he was closing all the easy exit doors from the 1MDB issue.

So, I told the guy that I read it as an indication that Muhyiddin was testing the water ahead of tomorrow's meeting between Najib and all the Umno division leaders.

1MDB is after all Najib's biggest headache at the moment.

Worthy to note that the meeting was supposed to be an internal thing but The Star which I don't think care much for Umno had broke a story about it last week, thanks to the big mouth of people like Bung Mokhtar Radin who was the first Umno division chief quoted by the newspaper on the meeting.

I do wonder if the Umno division chiefs quoted by The Star have sinister motives towards Najib and wanted the meeting to fail.

Either that, or they were just plain stupid and gila glamour.

Whatever it is, the Muhyiddin's statement reminds me of what I wrote during the Umno general assembly in November last year,

Well, I don't want to speculate beyond that, as I could be wrong.

Actually, I'm hoping I'm wrong, because if I'm right, I will really have to choose side.

I simply hate to do that.

Anyway, back to the rich Indian guy who bought me the dinner....I think he is worried by the prospect of an internal Umno power struggle.

He stands to lose a lot if Najib is ousted.

Many more will suffer.

So, Najib's people must be prepared from now on to work hard.

They also need to be nice...especially to people like me who occasionally do crazy things such as defending Rosmah :-)

Otherwise, they will sink.

I told that to the guy.

However, out of the blue, the guy asked whether I would like to go to a nice place with him.

Shit, the guy was not paying attention...his mind was on other things.

Useless men.

Wasting my time only explaining the whole thing to him.

It's after all him who asked me to tell what I think about the whole thing.

I politely said, I can't follow him to the nice place as I have a lot more to do in the coming days.

Then we changed topics to the ones which were more personal in nature.

Those I can't write here.

Sorry ya.

Eh, I'm sleepy already.


Thursday 5 March 2015

Mental block after kena marah

My mother called today and scolded me.

No end of people getting angry with me, it seems.

She said I shouldn't bother my big boss with my nonsense at the office.

She knows and thinks highly of him.

The two of them work together from time to time.

Really, I'm not kidding you.

'If he sack you, I am not going to say anything," she said.

"Do you know what you did is insubordination. Kalau kena buang kerja memang padan muka you," she added.

When my mother scolds me, I just keep quiet.

No point talking back to an angry garang Chinese woman.

"You mau jadi heroine ka? Heroine your head lah," she continued before rattling away  in Mandarin for another 10 minutes about the need to be grateful for having a job.

Looks like I need to shut up after this and just keep quiet in the office.

Very tiring all these.

I thought I was doing the right thing defending those poor bastards in the office.

Apparently not so to my mother.

Well, never mind.

Next time if I am not happy with things, I will just bitch in this blog.

No harm to do that, I think.

Eh....I forgot already what I really wanted to write just now.

Nope, not about Rosmah again.

Tired of defending her. Bukan dapat apa pun. Kena marah ada la.

You want to whack her so much, go ahead lah.

None of my business, actually.

Just try not to overdo it and make yourself sounded like a bitch in heat, okay.

Really forgot what I wanted to write....

I think I just write properly tomorrow morning je lah.

Sorry ya. Wasting your time reading this.

Actually, I just reached home from office.

Brain tired and not functioning properly.

Need to rest.

Here you all watch this nice video clip of snippets from my favorite Japanese movie ever,

Good night.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

OMG...Helen angry with Annie

I am a bit sad at the moment.

My sister blogger Helen Ang whacked me quite hard earlier today,

Annie's bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

I don't know why she was so angry with me for basically just saying that people should not vilify DS Rosmah Mansor to the point of dehumanizing her.

I mean, is she that evil?

Had she ever called people names?

Is it really true that she stole billions of ringgit of rakyat's money? Got proof meh?

Do you all actually believe that she personally supervised the blowing up of Altantuya's body as alleged by some people? Honestly, I can't. I can't imagine Rosmah with her big hair and carrying Birkin handbag doing that.

Anyway, I strongly suspect that her Birkins are fake, but she can't say it because that will be too embarrassing.

Well, never mind....I don't want to quarrel with Helen.

She is my dear blogging sister. Always will be.

Nothing wrong with having differing opinion of things.

Maybe she will cool off later.

Whatever it is, I am also too tired of people being angry with me these past few days.

My big boss was so angry with me the other day that I thought he would had literally kicked my ass.

It was over My bad habit

I am still waiting for him to give me the sacking order or put me in a freezer.

Then there were the smaller bosses giving me the evil eyes in the office.

I don't blame them though because I used the word "fucking bastards" to describe them.

Actually, I was just using that word as an expression because I need to appear garang at that time.

Actually, I know that they were conceived after their parents got married, and therefore they are not bastards...if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, as for the smallest bosses, I think they were trying to avoid me like I am a leper or something.

Can't blame them too as who wants to be seen with the office bitch targeted for sacking anyway.

So, that's about it.

As a peace offering to Helen, here is a song for her,

Don't be too angry with me la sis. Everyone angry with me already, okay.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

My bad habit

I have this bad habit of always trying to defend someone who is being attacked by so many people and powerless to fight back.

Most of the time, it doesn't even concerned me.

Honestly, I was not trying to be noble or anything like that.

It's just that I can't stand the sight of someone suffering such bullying.

Of course in the end, more often than not, I got clobbered along with the poor bastard.

Occasionally though, I did win the fight for the victim or at least gave him/her some comfort that they were not suffering alone.

I know, it's quite stupid.

But what to do, I am just like that.

Most of the time, the person I was trying to help didn't even know who I am or what I did.

But, honestly, I am not bothered if I don't even get a thank you from the person.

DS Rosmah Mansor doesn't know me, okay.

Never mind, I was actually just pissed that she was being so terribly vilified when I wrote this,

Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah

Anyway, I am actually now in serious trouble because of this bad habit of mine.

As I said, it's a bad habit, so, most of the time I have to suffer for it.

Okay, I had previously wrote about my problem at my work place.

Something which to me is bullying but according to others was disciplining.

I may not have good management skills but I believe that to built a good working environment, we need to motivate, guide and inspire our subordinates.

I don't believe that humiliating them in front of others will do any good, even if they indeed had done something wrong.

By the way, it's no fun to be disturbed by a wassap message when I was about to sleep only to find out that it's my colleague being whacked in public again by the bosses for some silly work-related mistakes.

To cut the story short, while in a moment of madness, I did something crazy.

I sent out a message that I did something terribly wrong which I actually didn't do.

It's just to make the whole thing stop.

Of course I got in trouble because of it.

I will know my fate soon.

Worst case scenario, I will be sacked or forced to quit my job.

But never mind, I am ready for it.

My only hope is that my colleagues will learn a lesson from it : that we should  not trample on a person's dignity no matter how much we dislike the person for their lack of skill or talent or personality or whatever else.

Please don't do that even if the person is Rosmah, okay.

Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah

Sometimes I don't really understand why some people get very upset with what I wrote in this blog.

I am after all just an insignificant anonymous blogger.

It's not like I am a Tokoh Wartawan Negara or something like that.

That was why I'm a bit surprised and honestly amused when my last post,

1MDB on the right track

received quite a number of venomous comments.

I wasn't even really trying to defend 1MDB and instead just saying that they are doing the right thing by engaging their critics.

The response I got was I think quite an overkill.

It's typical of Pakatan's style of running down people that they deemed should be thrashed to achieve their political ambitions.

All these made me remember how they spun what was said by PM DS Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor regarding her inquiry about wanting to get her hair done at home.

She had said the reply that it costs RM1,200 was too expensive for her but the pro-Pakatan jurnos seized on it by going to the town that Rosmah was paying that much for her hair.

And then, the whole world believe it, and branded her with all sorts of evil things.

That whole nonsense also reminded me of an article by Terence Fernandez, the so-called investigation editor of The Edge.

It wanted to make me puke.

Terence didn't name Rosmah in the article but anyone who read it would know that he was referring to her.

You see, I may not be Rosmah's biggest fan, but the way Terence wrote about her in that article was so malicious and petty that I felt pity for the woman.

The title of the article is,

Rise of a ‘megalomaniac’ First Lady

but truthfully, it made me conclude that the writer is the one who is a megalomaniac.

I think he is so full of himself that he believes he is God the All Mighty and can thrash another human being that way.

Here, is the whole article and you can judge for yourself,

Terence Fernandez
Published: 25 February 2015

She is regarded by many as among both the most loved and the most vilified woman of her time.

Her taste for luxury came from a childhood that was far from what she became accustomed to when she married the man who would one day be the nation’s leader.
She eyed him when he was a greenhorn politician, still trying to earn his place in the eyes of his elders.
But she had the gift of foresight and knew that he would be great one day. So she warded off all other suitors – and there were a few – and set her eyes on him.
Her gamble paid off when she stood beside him years later as he was sworn in as the chief executive.
When she became the First Lady, she could afford to style herself in the latest fashions. She even set trends herself. Some worked; some did not, according to fashion experts.
But what critics and admirers did agree on was that she would come across as a woman of irony.
While preaching to womenfolk of the need for austerity, the benefits of budgeting and tightening one’s belt in a time of economic difficulties, she would be decked to the nines.
It was not uncommon to see her leaving an event for single mothers and heading straight to a boutique or home for a house call. As it is with such powerful personalities, you can summon the boutique to come to you.
After a speech on the need for equal opportunities and controlling one’s urges to overspend, she would be trying on the latest couture gown from Dior (one of her favourites), jewellery from Van Cleef & Arpels among others or even custom-made Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.
While styling herself as “The First Lady of Charity” by heading an influential welfare association, she had to ward of accusations that such outfits were a front to channel funds into Swiss accounts in hers and her husband’s name.
Even government programmes which were dressed up as people-oriented projects to uplift poverty or increase the nation’s wealth were alleged to be projects to secure the First Couple’s retirement.
There had been increasing distrust and dislike of her by the rest of the Cabinet as she positioned herself as the stand-in for her husband – the country’s leader – when he is indisposed.
She had never hidden the fact that she would be very comfortable to fill that role permanently. She was already enjoying all the wealth and power that comes with being the First Lady. The potential of unfettered wealth and power was tantalising to say the least.
Due to her inherent power and control of several key personalities in the police and military, there were half-hearted attempts to oust her as well as her husband.
It did not augur well for the detractors and political enemies that they too had skeletons in their closet from ill-gotten wealth to mistresses.
It is said that even when her husband’s own popularity among the masses and his own circle was waning she made sure they continue to support him – through impassioned pleas, threats and financial gratifications.
While she had claimed to represent the working class, she was quick to defend the government’s cut in wages and spending and introducing new taxes.
Soon the people, especially the working class built resentment against the first couple who now seemed detached from reality with their jet-setting lifestyle and her particular taste for the finer things in life.
Her critics began likening her to Marie Antoinette – the executed former Queen of France and her now infamous “let them eat cake” remark.
“Megalomaniac” was just one description of her by a political analyst.
Still, her influence had already spread far and wide – including the corridors of power, where she is first to have access and in some cases give her approval of her husband’s schedule.
Her love for song and stage is legendary and began from her time as a little girl where she would dream of the big cities where, in her own words are "marvellous places, where nothing was given but wealth”.
Many official functions would see her in attendance and grabbing the limelight from her spouse who would often be left standing behind her.
However, being upstaged by his wife was the least of the nation’s chief executive’s problems.
With a tanking economy and a more hard-line approach to quell dissent and criticism, he was also losing support among the middle class, where arbitrary arrests and imprisonments were becoming the norm.
But this and several coups attempts did not stop Juan Peron from becoming president of Argentina three times in over 20 years.
And yet, he is still remembered today by most of the world simply as the husband of Eva Peron. – February 25, 2015.