Monday 31 March 2014

Counting the blessings

I'm sitting quietly where I am now.

It's very peaceful here.

The sky above is blue.

There are beautiful clumps of cloud here and there.

I'm sitting in this shade of a tree with a bit of a gentle breeze keeping me cool.

The pair of little birds which set up their nest in the tree were chirping away. I wonder why.

I'm just writing this down to record a good moment in my life.

It's a luxury to be able to pause for a while to appreciate the simple yet beautiful things around us.

Most of the time, we take things for granted.

And we complained and bitched a lot.

Really, we are not the worst of the lot.

We live in a beautiful country which is not doing too badly. It's not perfect, but we are better off than so many others.

Some said others will overtake us, but as it is now, nationals of those countries which were supposed to overtake ours are still here, legally or illegally, because this country of ours is a paradise to them.

Offer them citizenship of our country and they would grabbed it without hesitation.

Most of the time, it's only us who tend to think so badly of our own country.

We got people living in luxury condos in Seri Hartamas who incessantly bitch about being second class citizens.

They then elected a moronic member of parliament who said this,

"It's very simple. Make one of DAP's leaders the commander of the air force or navy, then we will find MH370."

Then we got those who join foreigners to thrash their own country in a time of crisis.

You can read about that one here,

Stand united, Malaysians

They even whacked our own badminton player despite the guy being the Number One in the world ranking.

courtesy Helen Ang's blog

Not as if the guy went around shouting "Undi BN!" or "Hidup Najib!" or such.

He just played well for Malaysia and once in a while got his photographs taken with the PM and his wife. They hate him just for that, okay.

It doesn't matter to them that the guy represented the country when they jeered him.

It's as good as jeering at your own country.

Well, I hope these people who thrashed their own country will consider adjusting their attitude.

I think they should pause for a while, and think carefully of what will happen to this country if everyone chooses to adopt the same attitude as theirs.

Really, Malaysia is beautiful even with its imperfections. If only they could see that and appreciate it.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Don't bully my patriotic Cina bukit friend

My mother sent me this text message yesterday,

"May, I think ur latest posting is a little bit extreme."

(Note: May is my Chinese name used by my mother. Annie is actually just my nickname among friends. My father is the only one who calls me by my Malay name)

My mother was referring to my question,

Malaysian Chinese, were you all loyal to this country?

I told my mother that I asked that question primarily because I was angry that a friend of mine was bullied in the Chinese social media for defending Malaysia over the MH370 tragedy.

My friend was the one I highlighted here,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

and the one who wrote this,

Dear Chinese, regarding MH370 tragedy

As I had put it in those postings, my Malaysian patriot friend is a Chinese who was educated in the Chinese school system all the way to a university in Taiwan.

To top it all, my friend is a DAP supporter.

But that did not stop my friend from defending this country and its government when they came under attack by those foreigners from China.

It was a painful experience, my friend told me.

The most hurtful were when fellow Malaysians turned against my friend in support of the Malaysia-hating foreigners.

I understand how my friend must had felt, and that's why I believe that all those "Semua Cina balk Tongsan" calls by the Malay extremists were stupid.

You cannot chase away my friend as I will stand in your way.

As I had put it in those past postings, my friend is more a patriot than a lot of Malays who claim themselves to be patriots. Myself included.

Having said that in defense of my friend, I think the excuses given by those who sided with the Chinese bastards from China who thrashed our country in their social media were lame.

Malaysian Chinese had the right to thrash Malaysia and its government because they were discriminated and oppressed, you said?

What a load of crap that one was.

I took this picture of Malaysian Chinese from a pro-Pakatan blog which as usual claimed itself to be neutral.

Well, they don't look very oppressed to me. In fact they look very well off and happy.

How not to be happy when your community was the most advanced and prosperous in this multi-racial country despite being a minority.

Guess the evil Melayu Umno people didn't oppress them properly enough.

Anyway, that question of mine about loyalty to the country has at the point of me writing this received over 200 comments and generated almost 7,000 page views. About three times more than the daily average.

Hopefully, those who read them learned something about how it should be when it comes to loyalty to this country.

I know, the comments were not very healthy, but I believe we may learn something from reading them too.

It's like looking into a mirror and discovering for ourselves, how ugly we actually were.

Maybe we need a massive plastic surgery.

Remove all the ugly parts altogether.

I will write about that later.

For now, I am going to the beach again. Hopefully it will not rain today.

You all have a good Sunday, ya.

Friday 28 March 2014

Malaysian Chinese, were you all loyal to this country?

Honestly, I don't really feel like writing this posting.

I have been spending the past four days mostly asleep as I am tired and mentally drained.

The MH370 tragedy has also taken its toll on me.

What makes me write the following was due to the realization that what I believe all these while about my fellow Malaysians were probably not true.

The attacks against Malaysia by the Chinese mainstream media and its social media practitioners over the MH370 tragedy have made me realize that there is a high degree of probability that the majority of Malaysian Chinese do not care much about this country.

Previously, I always believe that they do love this country despite all their complaints such as for not being as rich as Singaporeans, etc.

Now I am beginning to think I was wrong.

Well, if you have been monitoring the Chinese media the past weeks, you would realized that Malaysians, mostly of Chinese ethnicity who took part in forums on MH370 had in the majority joined their counterparts from China in bashing Malaysia and its government.

I tried to highlight some who put up a brave fight defending Malaysia, such as in these postings,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

Dear Chinese, regarding MH370 tragedy

But they were perhaps outnumbered by at least 20 to one.

These few brave Malaysian Chinese were mostly flamed out by their Malaysia-hating friends. They were totally bullied out by the Malaysia-haters who also include their fellow Malaysians.

For the Malaysian Malaysia-haters, it's just not fashionable to defend this country. Instead, running down their own country was deemed cool, it seems.

They seemed to forget that if you love your country, you would not join forces with those attacking it, especially in a time of crisis.

I know, some of them will come here and claim that they do love the country but just don't like the BN government and its handling of the MH370 crisis.

Well, to them I would say, whatever their excuses, if you are indeed loyal, you would not join forces with outsiders to thrash your own country.


Even if they were not happy because it's a BN government, the least they could do was not to support the foreigners who were spewing hatred against our country.

Now, let's say China decides to attack and invade Malaysia. I would like to know whether these Malaysian Chinese were willing to lay down their life defending this country.

Or would they give excuses such as,

"This government is corrupt and can't find the missing plane, so I am going to join the Chinese forces invading this country as it will mean toppling this useless Melayu-led government who have been oppressing us Chinese in this country and turned us into second class citizens as pointed out by our beloved Lim Guan Eng, the most handsome Chinese ever born."

I don't know.... Maybe I am exaggerating, but that seems to be the attitude among the majority of those Malaysians discussing the MH370 tragedy in the Chinese social media.

If I am wrong on this, do point out why I shouldn't ask this question about the loyalty of the Malaysian Chinese community as a whole.

Do think carefully first before you answer these questions,

Are you really loyal to this country?

If you do, then why did you all join those foreigners from China in running down your own country and bullied those among your Malaysian Chinese friends who tried to defend it?

Thursday 27 March 2014

Dear Chinese, regarding MH370 tragedy (updated with better translation)

UPDATES (with better translation)

I finally have the time to do a proper translation for this posting. It's not very good but probably better than the horrid one by Google

The posting here was written by the author in response to an op ed ( that appeared on the website of Phoenix TV (, one of the leading current affairs channels in the greater china area.

給凤凰台 刘雪松 章子仪 陈坤 中国朋友(还有一些大马朋友)的一封信

我是一介大马草民无权无势中文不好,飞机道理也没有懂很多。飞机失踪后我同很多中国网民一样,看了很多BBC, CNN的追踪报道,慢慢长了不少知识,可也就那么一点点通识,道现实同影集差距很大很大,很多事情原来不是像神探夏洛克一样,每一集都能给出一个交待;原来在这个美国可以随意监听各国首脑的时代,还真的有雷达卫星探测不到的时候。(请先别对探测到blip的大马空军开骂,看下去好吗?)

I am just an ordinary Malaysian man, poor and powerless with bad mandarin. After the plane disappeared , I started watching a lot of BBC and CNN coverage, just like many of the Chinese Internet users, and  I slowly gain some knowledge about aviation. I came to realise that there is a big gap between TV drama and reality – there is no Sherlock Holmes in real life.


I have a facebook and weibo account but hardly express my view on the social media. On the MH370 incident, I don’t see the point of sharing my emotions on social media even though I am sad. Who am I to showcase my sorrow? What we feel can never come close to the families and friends on board of the plane. It always puzzle me how netizens fanatically discuss about this incident but if you examine closely they seem to be interested in only three topics – incompetent Malaysia, conspiracy theories and of course the incessant calling for truth.

可是 拿大马孕妇当狗骂,拿马航义工当猪骂,这能行吗当大马拿着国际调查队伍給的结论说飞机到了8时还在飞的时候 你们狂骂 说为什么*延宕了一周才告知? (专家得花时间查证当大马再度拿着国际调查队伍给的资料 说飞机终结于南印度洋时 你们再度狂骂 说凭什麼短短一周就仓促下结论? ( 答案还是一样 专家花了时间验证 有了 update 告知 *延宕这样竟然也错??)

But I really think things went a bit overboard when some of the Chinese netizens started cursing the pregnant Fish Leong who is a Malaysian singer married to a Chinese. Would all these name calling help to find the plane?  When Malaysia presented the finding of an international investigation team and said that the plane was still up in the air as of 8am, it was scolded for “holding” information even though the authorities repeatedly explained that the experts from various countries need time to cross examine the data. When Malaysia once again presented the find of an international investigation team and said that the flight ended in the Indian Ocean, it was again scolded for “seemingly hasty conclusion” even though the authorities explained the science behind the complicated works to come to such conclusion. Either way Malaysia is lambasted.

从头到尾 没人延宕 没人隐瞒 找飞机 查证 确认的 公布 没法确认的 消息再满天飞 发言人也真的没法说些什么 - 这就是真相

子仪啊 与其花时间号召杯革 不如请你那些聪明有能的粉丝 花个三分钟了解所谓的*真相抱歉 影集以外的真相往往只能由碎片串联而成 以下只是其中一个碎片

陈坤啊,你说大马政府不尊重你同胞的生命。我只有一个问题 - 请问大马如何不尊重航班上的人命飞机是我们炸下来的吗出于人道义务 安排义工 給家属吃住 是因为不尊重生命号召26国到处搜救 皆因小国无聊 游戏一场忍着被谩骂 每天开记者会 澄清谣言 告知最新确认消息 全是因为大马不尊重受害家属???? 现在谁是受害人还不知呢!!!!

Nobody tried to delay and without any information, it is just that this incident is so unprecedented hence the investigation team would need to verify every piece of lead. If things can’t be verify, the authorities would have no choice but to say we don’t know. The truth is, nobody knows.

Ms Zhang Zi yi – please get your fans to spend some time to gain some knowledge in aviation rather than wasting time boycotting Malaysia. This is one of the helpful video they can watch to learn

Mr Chen Kun – you said the Malaysian government does not respect lives of your fellow Chinese. For your information, Malaysia did not bomb down the aircraft. So arranging volunteers and lodging for the families is a gesture of not respecting the missing passengers? If Malaysia doesn’t’ care or bother, would they go through the trouble to call on 26 countries to help? Would Malaysia bother to have the daily press conferences so that you fan will have new materials to scold them, day in day out while they busy looking for the aircraft? Please be fair. You may read this

如果这样算不尊重生命 - 那么。。。中国大大小小的案件 - 天安门事件 在全球众目睽睽之下用军用坦克碾过示威学生 - 算什么jian人命吗??????

用这种逻辑 中国政府欠中国人民 甚至全球 的真相应该也不少吧?

中国人不是有句话 说什么谣言止于智者吗看着中国媒体网民 煽风点火 火上加油的能力 大概能想象那智者的人数。

(高贵的凤凰 想同外媒一争高下 拜托花点时间做infographics just like how wsj did above 这种狗屁民调 你们还真好意思拿得出街?

If by doing all these, Malaysia is being classified as not caring for the people on board, then how would you describe China govt when over their handling of the Tianmen incident?

Chinese people have a saying what the rumors stop at the wise ones. It doesn’t seem to be the case in the China internet sphere. Mainstream media like Phoenix is not helping either by coming up with sensational polling questions (Http:// 7849.html) asking what do you think of the performance of the Malaysia govt over this matter – they are only four choices: bad, lousy, incompetent and terrible.

 我绝对承认 大马政府绝对无能 如果我们真的那么厉害 就不会让一架飞机凭空消失 过了十几天还找不到理由 如果是大有能的中国 绝对肯定已经把一切铺陈好 把所谓的肇事者依法处置 and everybody shut up, just like how the yunnan train station incident was handled - swift and stern action

对不起 大马无能 造假鸡蛋的技术没有 捏造真相的能力更是大大不足

对不起 大马无能 我们的军人在睡觉 飞机过境了也不知道 如果是中国军方 东南亚渔船一入南海 驱逐舰马上出动 管你是飞在边界的商用航班 天下之大皆为我 打下了再说!

对不起 大马无能 管不住自己人的嘴 军警首脑到处乱放话 这在中国 早就枪毙了

对不起 大马无能 出动了巫师 竟然还找不到飞机如果是中国 问米 道士 风水 样样出动 就不信找不到!

大马政府绝对无能 在中国网民的想象中 如果这个不幸事件落在中国政府或者美国英国这些先进大国手里 大概一眼就能看出卫星图像的真假 商用飞机一转头 空军一号马上出动 拦截 把坏人干掉 把大家的亲人朋友都救回来

在网民的想象中 真相 一定得有坏人

大马政府无能 让千千万万在海外工作的大马子民 尤其是华人 丢脸了 一直一直对身边的中国同事朋友道歉 或者加入他们唾弃大马的议论中 仿佛我们 无能的政府谋杀了一群珍贵的中国子民

  冷静一下 想一想 大马政军警 真的如你所称 是世纪大骗子 是儈子手我没有答案给你 (in case the answer does not meet ur expectation n you accuse me of hiding the truth or being a liar) 请自己用脑想想 (that is if u have a sensible civilised brain, if you dont then sorry I cant help much)

在海外工作的大马子民们 知道你们平日对无能大马多有不满 可是在这个事件上 在你感到丢脸羞愧不断道歉以前 请扪心自问 你对这个关乎全球的事件了解多少 在很多错误的 混乱的讯息之中 我们是不是应该尽量协助厘清一些误会 而不是不分黑白一昧低头认错?

最常听到的言论之一 是大马欠家属 欠中国人 甚至全世界 一个交代 一个真相
抱歉 我看到的是 除了中国网民以外 全世界都在一起找真相 哪怕是一丁点碎片 在这个事件中没有谁欠谁 如果你硬要扯说大马隐瞒真相 我还真不明白 我们如果要造假 干嘛不干脆说是中国分离主义份子劫机 (反正机上中国人特多然后回过头苦天抢地地说中国欠我一个交代???

Chinese been saying that Malaysia is a liar and is trying to hide the truth. To be honest, if Malaysia is trying to hide the truth, we might as well say that the plane was hijacked by Chinese separatists since they were so many Chinese on board – then we can turn around to demand this demand that from the Chinese.


Someone requested for me to publish this,

給凤凰台 刘雪松 章子仪 陈坤 中国朋友(还有一些大马朋友)的一封信
我是一介大马草民, 无权无势中文不好,飞机道理也没有懂很多。飞机失踪后, 我同很多中国网民一样,看了很多BBC, CNN的追踪报道,慢慢长了不少知识,可也就那么一点点通识,知道现实同影集差距很大很大,很多事情原来不是像神探夏洛克一样,每一集都能给出一个交待;原来在这个美国可以随意监听各国首脑的时代,还真的有雷达卫星探测不到的时候。(请先别对探测到blip的大马空军开骂,看下去好吗?)
我有面书,也常上微博逛逛,可能是我年纪大了, 总是不明白为什么大家就那么爱在社交媒体上发表意见, 渲泄情绪。我总想,我的情绪如何低落,总比不上亲属朋友,我凭什么在这撒狗血闹情绪啊;这飞机也不是我的专业,总不能看了两集国家地理,就侃侃而谈-如果大家这样这样谈论着,还真能找出点蛛丝马迹,帮忙找到飞机, 我还真不介意加入。可看着看着,又不似, 社交网络上情绪奔腾的群众们,反反复复就在三个焦点上搅弄-无能大马,阴谋论,要真相。
可是 拿大马孕妇当狗骂,拿马航义工当猪骂,这能行吗? 当大马拿着国际调查队伍給的结论, 说飞机到了8时还在飞的时候 你们狂骂 说为什么*延宕* 了一周才告知? (专家得花时间查证) 当大马再度拿着国际调查队伍给的资料 说飞机终结于南印度洋时 你们再度狂骂 说凭什麼短短一周就仓促下结论? ( 答案还是一样 专家花了时间验证 有了 update 告知 不*延宕* 这样竟然也错??)
从头到尾 没人延宕 没人隐瞒 找飞机 查证 确认的 公布 没法确认的 消息再满天飞 发言人也真的没法说些什么 - 这就是真相
子仪啊 与其花时间号召杯革 不如请你那些聪明有能的粉丝 花个三分钟了解所谓的*真相* 抱歉 影集以外的真相往往只能由碎片串联而成 以下只是其中一个碎片
陈坤啊,你说大马政府不尊重你同胞的生命。我只有一个问题 - 请问大马如何不尊重航班上的人命? 飞机是我们炸下来的吗? 出于人道义务 安排义工 給家属吃住 是因为不尊重生命? 号召26国到处搜救 皆因小国无聊 游戏一场? 忍着被谩骂 每天开记者会 澄清谣言 告知最新确认消息 全是因为大马不尊重受害家属???? 现在谁是受害人还不知呢!!!!
如果这样算不尊重生命 - 那么。。。中国大大小小的案件 - 天安门事件 在全球众目睽睽之下 用军用坦克碾过示威学生 - 算什么? 草jian人命吗??????
用这种逻辑 中国政府欠中国人民 甚至全球 的真相应该也不少吧?
中国人不是有句话 说什么谣言止于智者吗? 看着中国媒体网民 煽风点火 火上加油的能力 大概能想象那智者的人数。
(高贵的凤凰 想同外媒一争高下 拜托花点时间做infographics just like how wsj did above 这种狗屁民调 你们还真好意思拿得出街?
是 我绝对承认 大马政府绝对无能 如果我们真的那么厉害 就不会让一架飞机凭空消失 过了十几天还找不到理由 如果是大有能的中国 绝对肯定已经把一切铺陈好 把所谓的肇事者依法处置 and everybody shut up, just like how the yunnan train station incident was handled - swift and stern action
对不起 大马无能 造假鸡蛋的技术没有 捏造真相的能力更是大大不足
对不起 大马无能 我们的军人在睡觉 飞机过境了也不知道 如果是中国军方 东南亚渔船一入南海 驱逐舰马上出动 管你是飞在边界的商用航班 天下之大皆为我 打下了再说!
对不起 大马无能 管不住自己人的嘴 军警首脑到处乱放话 这在中国 早就枪毙了
对不起 大马无能 出动了巫师 竟然还找不到飞机? 如果是中国 问米 道士 风水 样样出动 就不信找不到!
大马政府绝对无能 在中国网民的想象中 如果这个不幸事件落在中国政府或者美国英国这些先进大国手里 大概一眼就能看出卫星图像的真假 商用飞机一转头 空军一号马上出动 拦截 把坏人干掉 把大家的亲人朋友都救回来
在网民的想象中 真相 一定得有坏人
大马政府无能 让千千万万在海外工作的大马子民 尤其是华人 丢脸了 一直一直对身边的中国同事朋友道歉 或者加入他们唾弃大马的议论中 仿佛我们 无能的政府谋杀了一群珍贵的中国子民
真 的 吗? 冷静一下 想一想 大马政军警 真的如你所称 是世纪大骗子 是儈子手? 我没有答案给你 (in case the answer does not meet ur expectation n you accuse me of hiding the truth or being a liar) 请自己用脑想想 (that is if u have a sensible civilised brain, if you dont then sorry I cant help much)
在海外工作的大马子民们 知道你们平日对无能大马多有不满 可是在这个事件上 在你感到丢脸羞愧不断道歉以前 请扪心自问 你对这个关乎全球的事件了解多少 在很多错误的 混乱的讯息之中 我们是不是应该尽量协助厘清一些误会 而不是不分黑白一昧低头认错?
最常听到的言论之一 是大马欠家属 欠中国人 甚至全世界 一个交代 一个真相
大哥 抱歉 我看到的是 除了中国网民以外 全世界都在一起找真相 哪怕是一丁点碎片 在这个事件中 没有谁欠谁 如果你硬要扯说大马隐瞒真相 我还真不明白 我们如果要造假 干嘛不干脆说是中国分离主义份子劫机 (反正机上中国人特多) 然后回过头苦天抢地地说中国欠我一个交代???
(The announcement was made by malaysia because MAS is a malaysia aircraft. It is not solely decided by malaysia ok? There is an international investigation team behind the incident. Investigation on aviation incident does not go by malaysia laws, it goes by international standards ok? Watch this before u write please
(这是人类航空历史上至今最诡异的事件 调查人员 主事国大马 帮忙的26国都很忙 没人有空操弄情绪 看来比较有空的是你

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Stand united, Malaysians

As the nation and the rest of the world started grieving for the loss of MH370, there were those who went to cyberspace trying to pin the blame on Malaysia.

They have to blame someone for everything.

Some section of the Chinese media had immediately accused the Malaysian government of being too hasty in declaring the plane and everyone on board as being lost. They hinted at a cover up.

This is the front page of a Hong Kong newspaper the morning after the announcement by PM DS Najib Razak that we had lost MH370,

Reports such as these were picked up and went viral in the social media, especially the Chinese section.

Sadly, many Malaysians joined the chorus condemning their own government and country.

Some even expressed shame for their own country and apologize to the Chinese who condemned Malaysia.

It has always been argued by the extreme right Malay groups that Malaysian Chinese have no loyalty for this country and that they are the "bangsa pendatang".

I disagree with them and had consistently maintained that this country belong to the Chinese as much as it does for the Malays, even when the Chinese badly let me down such as on May 5, last year where they collectively rejected overtures by the moderate Malays during the 13th General Election.

But the behavior of some Malaysian Chinese in the social media yesterday totally disappoint me. They lend credence to the accusations by the Malay right groups that the Chinese community will abandon this country when it is under attack, or even may join the attackers for their own selfish interest.

I believe that the political conditioning in this country over the past 10 years or so had contributed to such sentiment among many in the Malaysian Chinese community. I wouldn't fully blame them as they had been fed with the notion of hate based on claims that they had been victimized by the BN government.

How can I blame them for having no loyalty for this country when people they worshipped as leaders of their community kept on telling them that they were being treated as second class citizens and being discriminated in every way. All that, despite them being the most successful ethnic group in this country under that very same system which they were told of being unfair to them.

Nonetheless, I am sure not all our Chinese brothers and sisters are the same. I highlighted this one in a past posting,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

It is my sincere hope that all Malaysians could stand united for the sake of our country during this trying time.

This country belongs to all of us, so, please defend it together.

In all honesty, no one wanted the MH370 tragedy to happen.

The Malaysian government certainly does not want it to happen, and has been trying its best to facilitate the search and rescue operation despite the mind boggling nature of what happened to the plane.

This was even acknowledged by experts such as you can read here,

CNN's Richard Quest defends handling of MH370 

Yesterday, I also send a message to a close aide of the Prime Minister on the need to refute the Chinese media's assertion that Najib and the Malaysian government have been too quick or even lied in declaring the loss of MH370.

I hope in the few days to come, there will be a concerted effort to make it very clear, especially to the Chinese, that our Prime Minister had made the announcement after "we did everything after international team conducted their investigation and corroborated all data findings".

It was certainly not something done by Najib for the fun of it.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Farewell MH370

It was a heartbreaking moment as PM DS Najib Razak announced at 10pm last night that MH370 was indeed lost over the Indian Ocean.

My most heartfelt condolences to the family members and loved ones of those on board the ill fated plane.

May God give them strength and patience at this most trying time.

My prayers for those who were gone.

May God grant them all a restful peace.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Smaller majority is a defeat for PKR

It's polling day in Kajang today.

A PKR's engineered by-election that no one really wanted except DS Anwar Ibrahim and his followers.

It's a farce of sort, as fate had it that it coincide with the  heart wrenching mystery of the missing MH370, a yet to be solved tragedy which reminded us that there are bigger and more urgent things than politics.

It should had also reminded Anwar and his followers that the world doesn't revolves around them.

Of course, they didn't get it.

They were too wrapped up in their own sense of self importance.

Information from the ground in Kajang had however indicated that PKR's DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is still the favorite to win but BN's candidate DP Chew Mei Fun is likely to significantly slash the majority won by Pakatan in GE13 last year

Even a survey conducted by a private university which is known to be a hotbed of Pakatan activism agreed with that assessment as reported here,

PKR set to win in Kajang but support grows for Barisan

The possibility of BN springing a surprise in the constituency which is now known to be a Pakatan's stronghold should not yet be discounted, albeit the reality of Chew's chances being rather slim.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that Pakatan needs to win this by-election convincingly.

Anything short of an overwhelming victory will spell disaster for them.

It will be a clear indication that the rakyat were likely getting tired of the endless political wrangling perpetrated by the Pakatan gang over the past decade.

It's even worse for Anwar. If his wife fails to increase the almost 7,000 majority won by PKR there in GE13, he has to accept the end of his political relevancy.

After all, his Kajang Move was supposed to propel him to Putrajaya. It was also supposed to kick start Reformasi 2.0.

If his wife, who is acting as his proxy after the Court of Appeals' decision to reverse his acquittal for sodomy, fails to clinch a crushing victory, how was he to claim that the whole of Malaysia were with him and disbelieve the courts' judgement that he did indeed committed sodomy?

Already, Wan Azizah had rubbished such notions here

Wan Azizah unperturbed by majority, says a win is a win

Nonetheless, with Wan Azizah saying that, any reasonable man would be able to sense that she and the rest of the Pakatan leadership were fearful of a less than a convincing victory in Kajang.

That's the reason why they tried to play down the significance of them winning with lesser majority at the poll today.

After all, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and other top Pakatan leaders had confidently proclaimed that Chew will even lose her deposit for standing as a candidate in the by-election.