Saturday 30 November 2013

Of party elections screwed ups and a bit of love

It's saturday again...another weekend.

I'm taking my weekend off days this time.

Need to rest before the big project next week.

After this I will have to work almost round the clock.

Without proper rest, I think I'm bound to make mistakes, and in my line of work I can't afford to make even the smallest mistakes.

As for politics, today is MIC election day. Honestly, I'm not very well versed in Indian community affairs. So, I rather not comment on it.

Just hope they don't throw chairs, like what the PKR people did during their last election, or screwed up their maths (innocently or intentionally) when counting the ballots like what DAP did, or totally got the wrong ballot papers which Pas did last weekends.

I'm sure the Election Commission people had a good laugh when they read about those bo bo by the people who accused them of incompetency and hanky panky.

Handle less than 2,000 ballots of own party election also cannot, but still want to accuse EC of these and that. You all Pakatan people have no shame ka?

Ambiga, go get your friends to protest the Pakatan elections la. You said you want true democracy aren't you? PKR democratic ka? DAP how? Guan Eng and daddy are democrats are they, when running the party like their own public property? Pas country bumpkin's silly incompetence, good for democracy in this country is it?

Umno and its friends may not be angels, but at least they hold true to the principles of democracy.

We have indeed been democratic for half a century. And those people being accused of dictatorship by people like Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang and Haji Hadi whose parties can't even handle comparatively simple party elections, were the ones who have been keeping this country that way all these years.

By the way, next week will be Umno's general assembly again.
Monday will be some international forum.
Tuesday start of wings' meetings.
Wednesday still wings affairs.
Thursday, start of general assembly proper.
Friday debates.
Saturday closing.

Well, I can't think of anything interesting to write about Umno at the moment, especially after their party election last month. But I think this general assembly should likely be all about Umno reasserting its agenda on Melayu and Islam.

Of course, the liberals don't have to worry too much, Umno still have KJ, and Nazri Aziz had just been appointed to the supreme council. Not bad, and still quite liberal, isn't it?

Wondered if Regina will accompany KJ at PWTC....she is after all his press secretary. I think they look nice minister and his press secretary, of course.

Okay, I better get up now. Been writing this on my bed. Maybe will go out later and do some shopping and even maybe watch a movie.

Cheers everyone. Let's have a pleasant weekend.

Friday 29 November 2013

Going to Paradise

It's past midnight and I just reached home.

Winding down but too tired to think hard for anything substantive to write.

Actually, there were a few things I would like to write such as the Selangor's big salaried politicians and Pas living up to DAP and PKR in term of screwing up their party elections and not giving a shit to democracy within their party.

But, then I'm too tired tonight.

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early again for work. Got to prepare for a big job next week.

Really, I do have a job and I do give my best at it. The pay was quite decent that I can write this blog without financial motivation from any quarter.

But honestly, if given the choice, I rather marry someone I love, who can afford to provide for me so that I can stay at home and watch Korean drama serials all day long.

No such luck.

Well, good also lah, most of them husbands turned out to be bastards in the end, anyway.

Seriously, even the pious ustaz type and guaranteed by Pas will go to paradise for being a card carrying life member could turn out to be assholes who think women are to be married just to serve them.

"Isteri mesti taat perintah suami," they said.

Why would I want to be obedient to anyone, eh. Wasting time and energy only. It should instead be mutual respect, okay.

Well, at least that's how I see it....maybe that's why my life is like this.

Anyway, what do you all think will this Pas deputy president do once he enters the paradise in the afterlife?

Really, Mat Sabu will have a place in Paradise.

He is after all officially the second most powerful person in the supposedly Islamic party. What's the point of joining an Islamic party if it's deputy president was not guaranteed with a place in paradise.

Eh, I'm too tired and really sleepy.

Really need to shut down.

I leave you all with this song, okay.

Good night

Thursday 28 November 2013

Our time in this world is limited

Had late dinner with someone cute last night.

Told that someone I know is losing her husband due to an illness.

Feel very sad for her.

People had accused her of being a gold digger as her husband is rich and much older than her, but I think she genuinely love him.

Something like Siti Nurhaliza.

I pray that she remains strong.

Told myself that I better appreciate and not take for granted those who love me, as they may be gone tomorrow.

On my part, I really need to find out what is really causing this chest pains I'm having. It has become a consistent feature, especially when I wake up in the morning like this. My heart beats were not consistent too.

Anyway, I reached home and shut down quite late. But I woke up just before 4am.

Now I can't go back to sleep.

Three hours of sleep is definitely not good enough.

I believe that I'm going to suffer today....for lack of sleep.

Thought of writing another Johor article, but decided to hold back a bit.

Let those about the Ramsar sites sink in first.

Those involved need to be made known that we are watching their moves. They need to know that they can't simply do whatever they want just because they control Kota Iskandar.

Just because I support the current establishment, doesn't mean that I'm okay if those few who are in control think it's their birthright to rob and fool the people of Johor.

The way they behave....sometimes I wonder whether these powerful crooks realize that they only have limited time in this world.

Don't they realize that when they died, they will be judged and punished in the afterlife by God for what they had done?

And bear in mind that they can't bring all those riches they rob to their grave.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Please check the UEM and Ascendas project in Nusajaya

Since I have been going around the past two days writing about the Johor's Ramsar sites being slotted to be bulldozed for "development", let me tell you all a bit about an industrial park to be built at Gerbang Nusajaya, which is not far from  those protected areas.

The industrial area is a joint venture between UEM Land Bhd and Singapore's Ascendas Group.

Total cost of the project on a land area of 207.6ha is about RM3.7 billion. It's dubbed as an "integrated technology park".

Ascendas have a controlling 60 per cent stake in the project while UEM, which provides the land have the remainder of the shares.

Now, this industrial area is just next door to the Ramsar sites I mentioned in my previous two postings,
PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor
Will Johor government protect Ramsar sites?

It is also to be located not far from all those posh places built in Nusajaya, including Legoland, EduCity, Medini, Puteri Harbour etc.

This industrial area was described by the developers as being very environmentally friendly that you can probably live next door to its factories and be fine about it.  

The thing is, being a Johorean, I never really trust the Singaporeans when they say they are coming in and be environmentally friendly about it. There are too many dirty Singaporean factories in Johor which employ totally foreign labour.

Upon checking, I was told by reliable people that the whole project had failed to gain favorable review as it was not going to be in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The main reason being it's too near the Ramsar sites.

The Ramsar site of Sungai Pulai is in dark green while the industrial area is in the circled puple colored area.

I would like suggest for the Department of Environment to stand up and do something to prevent the so-called environmentally friendly industrial area from being turned into another place in Johor where Singapore industrialists dumped their polluting assets which can't pass the strict environmental laws in their country.

Not only these polluting factories could potentially cause environmental nightmare in the Ramsar site, Nusajaya and its surrounding area, they are also labour intensive which needs thousands of foreign workers to be brought in and consequently caused Johor to incur serious social costs.

Well, I'm hoping I'm wrong, but the authorities need to check on this matter.

I think bosses of the enforcement agencies in KL should go on the ground and check on whether their people are doing their job or were they actually in cahoot with the crooks.

How I wish PM DS Najib Razak could go down to JB and thoroughly check and prevent his subordinates down there from being turned into budak-budak suruhan (servants) by the crooks as they rape and plunder Johor.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Will Johor government protect Ramsar sites?

In my last posting PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor, I had pointed out that there is a plan by powerful people in Johor to "develop" a huge chunk of area designated as protected Ramsar sites.

This plan is not a very well kept secret. Almost everyone in Kota Iskandar knows about it. Yes, even MB DS Khaled Nordin knows about it.

How I wish a Johor-based journalist could ask Khaled whether his administration is  committed to preserve the Ramsar sites and that he will never allow anyone to destroy the place in the name of development.

I would suggest for that brave journalist, whomever he/she is, to ask those questions to Khaled in front of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda) chief executive DATUK Ismail Ibrahim. 

How I wish I could be there when they try to answer those questions. Well, I actually just want to see their face turned purple. That would have been fun.

If Khaled says his administration will defend the Ramsar sites and not allow ANYONE to destroy them, I will put it on record as bahan bukti (evidence). If later on Khaled's administration allows those sites to be destroyed, I will throw back his words at him. 

Well, anyway, for those who are chronically lazy to even google, Ramsar sites in Johor consist of three areas : 

1. Pulau Kukup (647 ha)
Uninhabited mangrove island located 1 km from the southwestern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, one of the few intact sites of this type left in southeast Asia. The wetland supports such species as the Flying Fox Pteropus vampyrus, Smooth Otter Lutra perspicillata, Bearded Pig Sus barbatus, Long-tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis, all listed as threatened, vulnerable or near-threatened.

2. Sungai Pulai (9,126 ha)
The largest riverine mangrove system in Johor State, located at the estuary of the Sungai Pulai river. With its associated seagrass beds, intertidal mudflats and inland freshwater riverine forest the site represents one of the best examples of a lowland tropical river basin, supporting a rich biodiversity dependent on mangrove. It is home for the rare and endemic small tree Avicennia lanata, animals such as near-threatened and vulnerable Long-tailed Macaque, Smooth Otter and rare Flat-headed Cat and threatened birds species as Mangrove Pitta and Mangrove Blue Flycatcher.

3. Tanjong Piai (526 ha)
The site consists of coastal mangroves and intertidal mudflats located at the southernmost tip of continental Asia, especially important for protection from sea-water intrusion and coastal erosion. Tanjung Piai supports many threatened and vulnerable wetland-dependent species such as Pig-tailed Macaque and Long-tailed Macaque, birds like Mangrove Pitta, Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Mangrove Whistler. Globally vulnerable Lesser Adjutant may be observed in the vicinity of the site. The Scaly Anteater, Common Porcupine, Smooth Otter and Bearded Pig are classified as vulnerable or near threatened.

For more details on how important it is to preserve the Ramsar sites and prevent some greedy people from destroying them in the name of development, please read at Ramsar sites in Johor

To appreciate the beauty of those mangrove swamps, here are some pictures of the place I picked up from google images,

The last picture is my favorite. It's the pathway along the beautiful mangrove of Pulau Kukup. I once walked along there with someone I love. It's a long time ago but seems just as if yesterday.

It's so heart breaking....that is if the place is to be destroyed.

Monday 25 November 2013

PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor

I'm actually not well and not in the mood to write these past few days.

But I just found out something which is really not right brewing in Johor, my beloved home state.

That's why I'm forcing myself to write this in the hope that someone could forward it to PM DS Najib Razak, so that he could do something about it.

To tell you all the truth, I had actually given up on Johor when the new MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin, through his political secretary ordered just weeks after becoming menteri besar to get rid from Kota Iskandar people who used to work for his predecessor Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

Well, when Umno people started being so cruel to fellow Umno people, then that's a clear sign that they are doomed. That's what happened in places such as Selangor, and at one time in Kedah and Terengganu.

Then, I also started hearing all sorts of nonsense from Johor.

KPRJ now has a Big Boss. Guess, how much is his salary? I'm not going to tell. You check for yourself. Otherwise you would think that I'm jealous and trying to smear his name. Bear in mind that this is KPRJ, which was set-up to take care of development in rural Johor. Now it is acting as if it's some big corporation, paying humongous salaries to those who were politically connected.

A few weeks ago, senior pro-Umno Johorean blogger A Voice in his posting A stone throw could hit a Datok wrote the following

In our posting on the stripping of Datokship here, blogger Life of Annie left a note to remind that there is always two side to a story.

Although the posting was just us rambling our thought and not definitive like journalist reports, we appreciate the reminder.

It would have been great had she shared what she knew. If we had made up our mind, at least for the benefit of readers. Other sources did came to tell us more stories on the stripping of Datokship.

It is not that I do not want to reveal everything that I know, but what is the point of me doing so? Honestly, it's one fight that I definitely cannot win as I will be up against very powerful men. Even A Voice actually knows about this.

I was told that the person involved in the Johor's sekolah agama (religious schools) project as pointed in the earlier posting by A Voice doesn't want to be defended.

So, I'm letting it goes as that.

But for those who are still curious about the sekolah agama Johor project, please check with people at Kuwait Finance who were involved in managing the loan for the project or those from Jabatan Agama Islam Johor if you are really interested to know the truth about it. I don't want to be the one who reveal it here as I don't want to be accused of these and that. This involve sekolah agama after all.

As for the latest on the project, my sources in Johor told me that the brave people at the Economic Planning Unit and Jabatan Agama Islam Johor had defended it and the project will proceed under the original developer appointed by the former administration with 90 schools already under construction.

The remainder of about  30 schools will be built by contractors appointed by the new gang in control of Kota Iskandar. Let's see who will get the contract, how it's going to be financed and most importantly whether it will be di Ali Baba kan.

Now, as for the latest nonsense in Johor which really worries me, some clever people have the bright idea that they should develop the area now covered with mangrove forest designated as Ramsar site at the edge of Iskandar Malaysia.

To know about Ramsar sites, please go to the

Ramsar Sites Information Service

The whole thing is yet to be set in motion but I know that many decent people at Kota Iskandar were having a head ache on how to stop it from happening.

If even the Ramsar site could be bulldozed for profit, just imagine what will happen next. They will claim that it's for development, but the truth is, the whole thing was just for these people to enrich themselves. These are the orang-orang yang khufur nikmat.

Yes, I know they haven't even started yet, but what's the point on us making noise after the whole thing already started and the damage already done.

For me, only PM DS Najib Razak can put a stop to all these nonsense in Johor. He need to do something about it. Otherwise BN can say goodbye to Johor, the third richest state in Malaysia, after the Pakatan-ruled Selangor and Penang.

p.s To Khaled's boys, please be a bit more discreet when you all ask for direct nego contracts from the authorities. People are angry and talking.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Cut down a bit on pork, can?

Feeling very tired but can't sleep.

Don't feel like teasing anyone tonight. 

A bit bored of even KJ and Guan Eng.

Seriously, I can understand why some boys and girls were enamored with KJ, he is indeed good looking and charismatic....but Guan Eng?

I think even his father is now quite embarrassed by his gila kuasa attitude such as when he tried to sideline all the State DAP leaders.

And the Chinese actually worship this immature tantrum-prone daddy's boy. 

What have you all Chinese been eating la? 

Try la eating organic stuff and other healthy food, can or not? 

Try to cut down a bit on the pork because it was probably the reason for your blurred vision, okay. That's why you all see Guan Eng as handsome.

Well, my mother used to eat lots of pork too but nowadays she just eat salad. She is very healthy and still very Chinese. 

Not eating pork doesn't make you less Chinese, okay.

But back then, when my mother first met my father, her favorite food was pork. 

However, the weird thing about my mother was that, despite years of eating pork, she had never see a real life pig.

I think many Chinese are like my mother. They have never been to a pig farm.

My, how I wish they could go and visit one of those pigs farms and see for themselves where the pork comes from.

On top of that I wish they could go there and appreciate THE SMELL.

Well, I have been to a pig farm and know how terrible it is.

Really, this is not me trying to insult the Chinese or anything like that. It's just the reality. Pig makes terrible smell.

Eh, enough lah. I'm just writing without direction tonight. Better stop while I still can.

Well, we had heard lots of complaints by Guan Eng and the rest of the Chinese community over how they were treated as second class citizens, now, lets hear complaints by the cats for a change before I knock off,


Sunday 17 November 2013

KJ messing up Guan Eng's brain

Went to bed late again last night.

Wanted to write about the wonderful crab dinner under the moonlight that I had, but was too tired to do so before going to sleep.

When I woke up just now, my mood to write about the whole thing had gone.

That's why I always try to write immediately what I had just experienced while it's still fresh in my mind.

I had instead surfed around and found at Helen's Kembar seiras dijumpai setelah 35 tahun berpisah this little cartoon which is actually Khairi Jamaluddin's current twitter profile picture,

I think KJ's choice is part of a really brilliant psychological war strategy against DAP's alpha male Lim Guan Eng.

First he took away Guan Eng's favorite female journalist Regina Lee and made her sit very close to him after allegedly transforming her into that rare few Chinese who love Umno and BN.

That must had caused Guan Eng to pull out quite a lot of his hair in frustration.

A very pretty Chinese young lady who was once a devout DAP Christian, and a favorite among DAP leaders (especially Guan Eng himself) turning into one of those rare few Umno-loving Chinese. That must have indeed been a hard knock on Guan Eng's ego.

Then, knowing now that he has got to Guan Eng's nerves, KJ decided to remind the DAP handsomest boy of another thing which he will never able to do, which is licking a Rainbow lollipop or anything of that sorts.

Thus that cartoon of him licking the Rainbow lollipop.

It's some thing like KJ going " Hey, Guan Eng, I got the pretty girl and now watch me lick this Rainbow thingy, okay. See, I can lick this and that, but you can' ne ne ne ne...."

Well, Guan Eng can try going licking around like KJ, but I believe he knows that he will ends up like this again if he does it,

Now, if that's not going to mess up Guan Eng's brain, I don't know what will.

I think you all agree with me on this, right?

Anyway, that's why I think KJ is the smartest among the top Umno leaders. 

He is the only one who can get back at Umno's enemies in such a brilliant way.

Well, to KJ's haters, that's really not a compliment for him, okay. Because, you all should just look at the quality of the other current top Umno leaders lah. Can?

Saturday 16 November 2013

KJ must had made Guan Eng jealous

Okay, before I start writing this posting, I need to put it on record that what I'm about to tell is a real story. Really, I don't make this one up.

I know, most of you all will not want to believe me after reading this posting, but still, for this one, I feel that I need to do my best to convince you that I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Read on and you will know why.

Really lar, I don't lie one.

This particular incident happened just weeks before the GE13 in May.

I was at that time at the DAP headquarters somewhere near Pudu. Yes, I do occasionally go there. Don't ask me why I'm there as I don't want my cover blown, okay.

It happened that there was a Press conference by DAP's handsomest guy Lim Guan Eng there that day.

I'm not going to give you details except that  it was a press conference to announce one of DAP's candidates who will be contesting in the election.

I had quietly went into the room which was packed with journalists and sat at one corner. After all, the DAP guys told me the press conference was about something very important.

From the way the journalists behaved, I believe I could tell who among them were supportive of DAP and who were the ones who don't really give a damn about what Guan Eng was about to talk about.

The various news portal and Chinese newspapers reporters occupied the front row seats and looked very eager while their colleagues from the mainstream media sat at the back rows and chit chatting among themselves as they waited for Guan Eng and his gang to start the press conference.

As Guan Eng entered the room and took his seat facing the reporters, the first remark that he did was," Wah! Regina also here. Hi Regina!".

Guan Eng was actually smiling from ear to ear and started behaving a bit like a very happy nerdy Chinese schoolboy.

Regina Lee, who was then a reporter with the Star was sitting in one of the front seats.

I was at the back of the room and therefore could not see or hear if Regina had responded in any way to Guan Eng's rather enthusiastic exclamation and sudden funny behavior.

Then Guan Eng turned to the other reporters and his DAP gang and chuckled, "Regina is from Star. Very powerful. I'm now scared la...."

I didn't see how Regina reacted to that. But it was obvious, Guan Eng did like her quite a a reporter, I guess.

So, when Regina joined Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin as his Press secretary, I did wonder what had happened.

I don't think it's because KJ has the hots for her. Regina is after all married.

I rather believe that KJ hired her more to project an image of Umno being inclusive.

And according to my friends who know her, she is now no longer the same.

She was said to have fiercely defended her boss KJ and BN's policies whenever she talked with her friends who were mostly DAP supporters.

" If you cut her veins now, I'm quite sure the blood which come out will be of  blue color lah," said one of Regina's friends in reference to the blue color of BN.

Well, I think Guan Eng must be very heart broken when he found out about Regina's alleged transformation.

For better understanding of what Guan Eng must had felt, do look closely at these three pictures and see if you all can spot the features similarities.

Just for fun, okay.

Okay, the last one is a bit old, but still, do you see the similar features of the three ladies?

p.s Guys, please don't be too vulgar in your comments. Thanks

Friday 15 November 2013

KJ prefers Regina or Annie?

This is one of the comments in my last posting The only future PM material

Annie, you are obviously on KJ payroll now. What happened to Mukhriz and Ghani?

Well, I guess there's no point for me to try deny that I'm on the payroll of KJ, Mukhriz and Ghani. Some people simply would not believe it that I'm writing in this blog without any financial motivation. As it is, the DAP people who read this blog have always accuse me of getting money from Umno to whack them.

Okay lah, you all can believe whatever you want to believe about me.

Since we are at it, let's throw in Najib, Dr Mahathir and that handsome Chinese guy Lee Hsien Loong as my paymasters as well. The more the merrier.

That would be really nice, actually. I do need the money.

I wonder what would actually happened if I really approach KJ and ask him for money in return of promoting his name and handsomeness.

Honestly, I think KJ would be interested to hire me.

You see, his main media personnel is a pretty Chinese girl

His wife also has the Chinese looks due to her partly Japanese ancestry

So, I think myself, who look more Cina bukit than Regina and Nori above probably stand a good chance to attract KJ's attention.

I had concluded that KJ is the type who prefer girls with Chinese looks.

Maybe KJ may even replaces Regina with me as his Press secretary.

How KJ? You want to hire me or not? My English may not be as powerful as Regina's but I can speak quite a bit of Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teo Chew. I learnt them from my mother, who is as Cina bukit as anyone can get.

I don't think Regina being a Chinese banana can match me in that department.

But of course Regina is more authentic Chinese as she supports DAP and probably eats pork too. Myself, I'm just 50 per cent Chinese, I don't eat pork and is more on Umno's side.

Well, that's up to KJ lah.

But then again, I don't think I want to work for KJ or any politician, for that matter.

I don't think I want that kind of life.

By the way, tonight I was at a wonderful dinner beach party. The organizer arranged a firework display which they shoot right over my head as I was standing on the waterline. It was fantastic.

Yes, I'm not in KL again.

But no. KJ is not here with me. Mukhriz, Ghani, Najib, Dr Mahathir and Hsien Loong were also not at the beach with me.

Thursday 14 November 2013

The only future PM material

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who is also the Youth and Sports Minister has come under attack again.

You can read it at,

Siti to KJ: No need to be impertinent

But I don't believe that KJ will be affected too much by such an attack.

He had endured worse attacks over the years and not only did he survive, he has even prospered.

Anyway, who is Siti Nurhaliza anyway? She is just a singer whom I believe is fading away after marrying that rich elderly man with mustache.

KJ, on the other hand is the toughest Malaysian politician out there. Ever since his father-in-law was forced to resign as PM in 2008, KJ has been fending on his own and miraculously survived. He is not even a Datuk till now.

Whether we like or hate him, KJ has indeed proven himself as a capable politician. He is also arguably the handsomest politician in the country. Go and ask the girls, if you don't believe me. Most will agree with me, okay.

His methods may be questionable but the end results have been good for KJ.

On top of that, I also believe that KJ is the smartest among the current top Umno leaders. I think he is the only one capable of going into a debate with the smartest among the Pakatan leaders.

Guan Eng will end up crying and runs to his daddy if he tries to have a debate with KJ.

My honest opinion is that, after the defeat of Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir in the recent Umno vice-presidential race, KJ has emerged as the only viable candidate to be the next prime minister of Malaysia at the moment.

Let us consider the other potential PM candidates :

too old,

too soft,

too drama,

too Sabah quota,

too tainted.

Yup, those were the current top Umno leaders. They are all products of the party's status quo policy in the recent Umno elections.

So guys, you all better think hard before whacking KJ again. He actually represents the future and probably could be the real saviour of Umno.

Unless of course, you all do something for Mukhriz the next time he decides to try again to save Umno  and this country.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The blind hatred of DAP people

I have been accused many times of being a hate monger by the DAP people who came to this blog.

What these people however don't seem to realise is the hate they themselves posses in their heart.

A few postings back, I highlighted the unprovoked attack by DAP's Lim Kit Siang against former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the campaign of the Sungai Limau by-election at When an old man can't let go of his hatred

Prior to that attack by Kit Siang, Dr Mahathir had been rather quiet.

What I find most revolting in the following exchanges of barbs was that most DAP people think that Kit Siang is of the same level as Dr Mahathir.

They can't seem to comprehend two simple facts -

1. Dr Mahathir's 22 years as PM was endorsed by the electoral process and Malaysia is the success it is now because of his leadership throughout those years. What had Kit Siang contributed to the building of this country during that period till now? Has he even achieved anything after more than half a year as the MP of Gelang Patah? Gelang Patah people, your life is better now with Kit Siang as your MP?

2. Dr Mahathir is an 88 years old retiree, while Kit Siang is an active 72 years old politician and MP. The DAP people don't seem to realise that Kit Siang is 16 years younger than Dr Mahathir. They are not even exactly of the same era.

Well, DAP people, what had Dr Mahathir done to make your life more miserable? You don't have enough to eat those 22 years under his leadership? Were you denied access to the internet and the freedom to bitch and moan all day long about your not big enough house, not fancy enough car, not prosperous enough business? Is that it?

To most of you who was not old enough to remember those times, ask your mom and dad how was their life all those years when this country was led by Dr Mahathir and how did they manage to afford giving you all that you have now despite claims by the likes of Kit Siang and son Guan Eng that your community were being discriminated and suppressed by Dr Mahathir's administration.

If Kit Siang was instead the PM, do you really think that your life will be in paradise, is it?

As it is, hatred blinds, and blind hatred blinds completely.

As a reminder of how full of hatred these people were, here are comments (most of which I find shallow) by DAP people praising Kit Siang and vilifying Dr Mahathir, which was selected for publication by the self-claimed independent editors of Malaysiakini :

Slumdog: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, you are a true statesman and you always conduct yourself with dignity and decency, qualities that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not possess.

Your eloquence in rebutting whatever Mahathir dishes out to you is said with decorum and intelligence. This is in contrast to Mahathir's usual vile and sarcastic manner in which he attacks his political foes.

The legacy that Mahathir leaves behind with not be cherished by the majority of the rakyat but he will be remembered with much disdain.

Swipenter: This is a classic case of David vs Goliath. Mahathir had everything at his disposal to get rid of Lim. He tried but did not succeed just like he tried to kill off his then deputy Anwar Ibrahim.

Slowly but surely Lim is getting the respect and admiration of Malaysians for standing up to Mahathir and Mahathirism whereas the latter is receiving the opposite from Malaysians.

Lim is not the only one who hopes Mahathir will live up to 100 years, so do millions of Malaysians. We all want him to witness the end of Mahathirism for himself for what it is worth.

ACR: Someone commented here about Mahathir being a 'world leader acclaimed by his admirers and feared by his detractors'.

I was once told by a reliable source who worked in Wisma Putra in the 1990s that all Mahathir's diatribes against the West and being seen as the leader of the 3rd World (mostly by despotic African tyrants) never made news in the West.

Perhaps in some countries, a small corner of a newspaper tucked inside one of the pages on the deeper end of the paper would carry his news. Why would the West bother about some noisy third world leader of a nation of 20-25 million?

What Mahathir did do in this regard was to create a civil service with ego of 'ketuanan' inflated proportions that some officials in Wisma Putra had the audacity to remark that the international beggar was in town when Nelson Mandela visited Malaysia in 1993

Yeoh Chee Weng: When the common Malay realises and speaks up against all the ills that were begotten from the decades of the ex-PM's twisted mentality to institutionalise racialism and mediocrity, then finally would Malaysia mature and achieve developed status. May this malevolent PM live to see this day.

Onyourtoes: Saudara Lim, you should just let the people, the commentators here and everywhere to defend you. The whole world knows you won hands-down.

You represent integrity, principle, and competency. He represents duplicity, dishonesty and mediocrity. You are a democrat; he is a third world tribal chief. You are in politics for Malaysia and its people. He is in politics for himself, his family, cronies and friends.

You sacrificed, suffered and agonised, he exploited, enjoyed and lived lavishly. You are respected home and abroad, he is despised everywhere. You can walk with your head high; he will only sigh.

Funny, the Abrahamic monotheist people should understand their destiny better. But not this one.

Crazy Analysis: I agree with Lim. I like to see Mahathir live very long although I am many years younger than him. In fact, he should outlive me. I love his 'contradicting jokes'. I want to die listening to his jokes and I wish he will continue with his jokes on the other sides we arrive.

Each time he will say different things and make you so confused that you can't make it out what is said. Anyway the real joke is that he himself claims he has "retired" from politics.

Atilla: A well and meaningful reply to Mathathir's sarcasm. A mark of a well-respected and responsible leader unlike those in Umno who say things without using their brains.

It is very obvious that Mahathir still craves the influence and power that he once hold and that explains why he is so bitter that he no longer calls the shots after he stepped down. To try to get into the spotlight, sadly he turned back to his radical ways and has lost whatever respect he had over fellow Malaysians.

JTC: We want Lim to live for a long time more. We also want Mahathir to live for a long time too. The only difference is that we would prefer if the latter was kept in jail and that the key thrown away.

Clever Voter: The reality is that the feeding chain that Dr M has not created many loyalists but also many dependencies. They are also proxies who have chose to remain silent.

Dr M may seem to have lost political support his influence is not to be underestimated, and the potential trouble he can create cannot be ruled out. Lim is not a threat to him but more as an irritant.

FairGame: Nobody is afraid of Mahathir's shadow. But Mahathir is definitely afraid of all the skeletons in his own closet. He is truly a forlorn and pathetic old man.

Even in his twilight years, he is still full of bitterness and hate. He is even not at peace with himself, which truly shows that in the event of his demise, he will not go peacefully.

Trublumalaysian: An ode to Mahathir: "Surely if living creatures saw the results of all their evil deeds, they would turn away from them in disgust. But self-hood blinds them, and they cling to their obnoxious desires. They crave pleasure for themselves and they cause pain to others; when death destroys their individuality, they find no peace; their thirst for existence abides and their self-hood reappears in new births.

"Thus they continue to move in the coil and can find no escape from the hell of their own making."

Monday 11 November 2013

Of being young and on a bike again

There were so many bad news of late.

I read through them but didn't wish to elaborate as I don't want to claim that I know how it feels to be part of a tragedy which I only read in the newspapers or internet.

My sympathies were for those who suffered and if I can, I will try to help with whatever little that I can afford to do.

I used to think that I can do more or that I can actually single-handedly change the world for the better. I was younger and extremely idealistic. Now that I know better, I trimmed  down my ideals quite a bit.

Planted my feet on the ground, so to speak.

I'm always amused when I look at my younger colleagues, particularly those with the anti-establishment attitude, as they reminded me of myself not that many years ago.

I was chain-smoking and had more piercing adornments other than the solitary nose stud that I occasionally wear these days.

The world seems conquerable back then.

Well, the reality is quite different, actually.

There were so much at stake to be lost if we choose to be reckless in our pursuit for selfish satisfaction.

That's why these days I'm more careful with what I wish and strive for.

For instance, if you really want to get rid of what you deemed as a rotten government, please do be careful and make sure that the replacement is a sane bunch of people instead of a jumbled up gang of extremists whose only common interest is just to gain power over us all. Something like a mixture of Islamic fanatics, self-worshipping opportunists and hypocritical Chinese chauvinists combined together.

Something like that. Quite scary, aren't they?

Nonetheless, it's not my intention to be preachy tonight. So, I leave it at that.

Actually, when I started this posting I had only wanted to write about some fluff, because when I read back through my previous postings, I found that I'm getting too serious about everything.

Well, things are quite tense for me of late and being alone most of the time doesn't help that much.

I really need to do something exciting again, other than spending my free time just reading books in my room.

I think I want to ride a motorcycle again, just for the heck of it.

I used to ride one many years ago when I was a bit younger. It was dangerous but fun.

No, I don't want some super bike or anything glamourous. They are too big for my size, anyway.

I'm going to just get myself a small kapcai, to ride around the neighborhood in the late afternoon during the weekends.

Ya, that would be nice and fun.

Once I'm used to riding the kapcai again, maybe I can then get myself a more powerful small motorcycle such as this one.

I think I can ride one of that for long distance trips to my favorite places.
Riding alone on the highway, without much cares in the world.

That would be cool, right?

Okay, I better take my medication and sleep now Lots of things to do tomorrow.

Good night.

p.s To the person who had been sending me notes of advise on alternative medication, thank you very much. I appreciate that very much.

Cousin KH and a bit on English proficiency

Reached KL about 7pm as planned.

It appeared that the rain over KL had just stopped. The weather was however still gloomy. KL skyline looked like Gotham City as I drove on the DUKE highway. The setting looked almost perfect for a vampire movie.

The dark and sombre atmosphere brought my thoughts back to an earlier news today of the estimated 10,000 people who died when super typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. My prayers for their families and loved ones. I also thanked Allah that our country being mostly spared from such calamity.

Was winding down at home just now when my Singaporean cousin KH called asking me whether I'm okay. She had been trying to contact me the past few days but can't get through. I explained that I had mostly switched off my phone because I forgot to bring my charger when I went outstation the other day.

She scolded me for being so forgetful but as usual can't stay angry with me for too long. We are best friends since we were kids. She is also like my elder sister. My father once told me that before I was born, my mother always regarded KH as her own daughter. In fact, till now, I believe my mother still regards KH as her own daughter. Admittedly, I'm a bit jealous of her, but not because my mother loves her very much. It's because she is the most beautiful one in the family. And she is very smart and successful. KH runs her own business. She looks very much like this Korean actress,

Really, I'm not kidding you, she looks like that.

Actually, KH looks exactly like my mother when she was young. My mother is indeed very pretty.

I'm on the other hand look very Cina Bukit compared to KH and my mother. My eyes were conspicuously very sepet and my skin not so fair.

Well, still, I love my mother and KH very very much.

KH told me that she is coming to visit me and my mother next month. Her parents are coming along. My mother will be delighted. She would get very excited whenever her sister and KH visit us.

And also as usual, KH got something she was not very happy about to tell me.

This time, it's about this story which is actually a few days old,

Malaysia has highest level of English proficiency in Asia

and the offending part of the story was this paragraph,

The nation also climbed two notches higher to 11th place from 13th position last year in the EF English Proficiency Index which saw over 60 countries being surveyed.
The results revealed that Malaysia, which was placed in the ‘High Proficiency’ category, had overtaken Singapore who fell behind to 12th position in the world ranking. Malaysia scored 58.99 points in the survey while neighbouring Singapore received a 58.92 score.

"It's not fair, there is no way your English is better than mine," KH said with much irritation in her voice.

I just laughed and said. "Eh, of course your English better than mine one, you study in Cambridge ma, but the rest of the Singaporeans how?

KH made some angry noises over the phone before she warned me, "We'll talk about this again when I get to KL."

Well, KH, who cares about such stupid survey lah. If you are good, then you are good lar. If not, still can talk using your mother tongue what.

Or maybe can try the not so classy Bahasa what all those pejuang Bangsa Malaysia of DAP are doing nowadays. Right Guan Eng?

Er, YB Hannah Yeoh, you and your hubby teach your Bangsa Malaysia kids Bahasa Malaysia as first language or not?

Sunday 10 November 2013

Sunday morning thoughts (Updated)


It's raining heavily here. Had to cancel my plan to go to the Pasar Tani and the beach.

Have to wait for the rain to ease off before driving back to KL.

These days, my eyes can't see very well if I'm driving in the rain. I also have to be extra cautious when driving at night. I need new glasses. Need to find time to do that.

Whatever it is, I hope to reach KL about 7pm later in the evening. Lots of things to do.

Just hate the lonely long drive though. Been driving alone for more than half a decade now, but still not used to it.

I just hope that it's all worth it...and appreciated.

Well, even if it's not worth it, I still have to do it. It's my life. Fated I guess.


Woke up quite early. Wish I could sleep a few hours more but instead forced myself to get up and do the necessary.

Switched on my phone and was immediately bombarded by work-related messages. Switched it off again as I don't want to spoil my day thinking about work back in KL.Nothing much I can do about them from here anyway. They simply have to wait until I got back to work.

Later, I'm going to the local Pasar Tani to buy some stuff and maybe spend some more time at the beach.

Chest pain still there but the most painful part in the dead center had eased off.

Actually, I wish I can stay here at this peaceful place forever. I really hate KL.I'm in KL simply because I need to be successful as that was what was required of me. That's life for me. Strive or die. No joke, okay.

I'm not really complaining though. I accept everything that happened beyond my control as fated.

I know that I can't have the cake and eat it. Everything comes in a package, complete with the goods and the bads.

The same with this country. You can't expect everything to be perfect. Yes, we can strive to make it better, but not to the point of destroying what we already have.  We need to count our blessings more, rather than harping on things that we thought should be ours.

True, I do hate the DAP, but I can't hate all those who support the party. My mother is one of them, and so do many of my family members of her side. They belong here and I have to accept them the way they were. So, I'm not with those who want them to migrate or balik Tongsan.

It should be the same on the other side. When they said they hate Umno and called the Umno people racists, they are actually accusing  all of its over 3.5 million members of being racists. Bear in mind that the Umno members are all Malays.What do you think would happened when these 3.5 million Malays were pushed up the wall and forced to collectively lash back to point their fingers at those who hate them and call their accusers racists in return?

What will happen then?

Well, I think we all know what will happen, and in fact it had happened in the past. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Still, if it happened, I think we know who are the ones who started the fire.

Do spend some time to watch these videos at Helen's

What the evangelistas really think of Malays and Muslims

Saturday 9 November 2013

I don't love Umno, I just hate DAP

Had mee kari and hot barley drinks for breakfast just now.

The Chinese restaurant where I had that very nice breakfast is popular and many of its customers were Malays.

Now I'm just lazing around on a beach. Just for a while, Need to run errands after this.

Well, just want to let you know that sometimes it amuses me that people who read this blog thought that I'm some sort of a hardcore Umno supporter.

The truth is, I'm not.

In fact, I don't even like so many of the Umno leaders.

This is an excerpt from An interview with Mukhriz

"Coincidentally, a lot of young people I talked to share the same feelings. Many of them told me that they voted for BN and Umno mainly because they didn't like the other guys. That is not good enough. I don't want them to vote for us just because they don't like the opposition. I want them to vote for us because they trust us and they believe in us and they want to be with us in the true sense. Well, how do you feel if someone (you love) says I love you because I don't like the other guy?"

Well Mukhriz, I'm one of those who support Umno because the opposition is worse.

Otherwise, I would not be supporting the party.

If the likes of Shahrizat, Noh Omar, Shahidan Kassim, Bung Mokhtar, etc are being fielded in my area, I don't think I will want to waste my time to go vote for the clowns.

Similarly, I will not vote for Guan Eng and the gang or their lackeys in PKR and Pas as I know that they despise people like myself.

At least Umno is quite forthright about what it is.

DAP on the other hand is simply a despotic hypocritical Chinese chauvinist party own by the Lim anak beranak sendirian berhad. 

Anyway, why would I want to vote for that irritating bitch Teresa Kok who wants to sue anyone for the smallest of offense.. And she is DAP's biggest female star, which tells a lot what kind of party DAP really is.
If you think I'm being harsh on her, you should talk to that famous political writer Jocelyn Tan and ask her what she thinks of Miss Kok.

I'm  going back to KL tomorrow. Lots of things to be done before the year ends. I will probably be slowing down a bit on these political commentaries. I really want to write about other things. See lah how.

Friday 8 November 2013

Old not always be gold

I'm at a place where when I wake up in the morning, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window.

Yes, I'm not in KL again.

Need to settle a few things here.

Been out of contact with people in KL.

I forgot to bring my phone charger, so, my phone is mostly off.

Didn't  bring my laptop charger too.

I'm getting very forgetful these days.

I'm writing this using a little boy's  netbook which I borrowed for a while from him.

Actually this posting is just to tell those who had tried to contact me, but failed to do so, that I'm alright. The chest pain is getting a bit worse but other than that, I'm okay.

By the way, does anyone know what's happening to Karpal Singh? I'm off the loop the past few days and has not been keeping up with the news.

Heard something about him going crazy. I checked and the top three news about Karpal in google as I'm writing this are kinda crazy....

Law professor says Karpal confused when calling to deregister religion-based parties

Karpal Singh urges King not to agree to PCA

Karpal wants full-bench, non-Muslim judges to hear 'Allah' appeal

Reading through his words, I guess not all that are old are gold. I think Karpal really just shoot off his mouth without thinking these days.

My conclusions from those three stories on Karpal:
1. Karpal is once again itchy to pick up a fight with DAP's crucial ally Pas.
2. Karpal doesn't seems to understand that the King is a King while the Singh is just a Singh.
3. Karpal is suggesting that the Bench is racially and religiously bias.

I think you better take your father home and make him rest, okay. He is after all 73 and wheel-chair bound. 
I know, you also believe that Singh is king and all that, but it's really not nice la of you letting your father going around ranting about like that. People may think that he had gone senile and you are just letting him be without bothering to care for him, okay.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

DAP cybertroopers still angry with Annie

Apparently DAP cybertroopers are still unhappy with me.

Okay, let's make it straight to the point, they are angry with me.

That despite me highlighting Lim Guan Eng's assertions, especially when speaking to Chinese audience, that they were being treated as second class citizens by the evil Umno/BN regime.

You can read about it here :

Annie whacking BN/Umno for mistreating Chinese

These are sample comments from DAP cybertroopers in my last posting ,

Annie roles as an UMNO blogger is to disparaging about the Chinese Community and to pit the Malays against the Chinese. Very soon, she will ended up as a silly angry old women. 

why ? because the chinese are small in number and Annie as a Malay and Muslim got her advantage of bullying other community. Just imagaine Annie (as chinese) disparaging or mocking the Malay comunity and see what will happen ? Most likely she will be taken to penjara like Alvivi.

Well, the first one was the usual DAP cybertroopers' tactic of branding anyone who disagree with their dear father and son leaders as attacking the Chinese community.To them, Lim Kit Siang is the Mursyhidul Am DAP or the Tokong revered by ALL Chinese in this country. Guan Eng on the other hand is the Son and Holy Spirit rolled into one for evangelical worship purposes.

The second DAP cybertrooper's comment was just plain stupid. It exposes the cybertrooper as being anti Malays and Muslims. Well, that's the case with most of them anyway. The only difference being who among them can hide the sentiment better.
The DAP cybertrooper wrote : 
"Annie as a Malay and Muslim got her advantage of bullying other community".
That tells a lot what the DAP people think about the Malay Muslims.

The fact nonetheless remains, the DAP game plan will likely be the same over the next four years leading to GE14.

Vilify Umno among the Chinese to instil hatred against the Malays and those who oppose or expose such tactics to be branded as racist, such as in my case.
As  regular readers of this blog may notice, these DAP cybertroopers will argue loudly if they can't argue intelligently, in order to drown out everything else.

I'm however skeptical that this DAP's tactic will work as well as it did in 2013 General Election. 

A lot of people, including DAP's Malay allies have seen through this trick. Pas for instance are losing a lot of ground because of its partnership with DAP. Pas grassroots are beginning to realize that they were just being used to split the Malay votes to DAP's advantage. What will happen at the Pas ' Muktamar later this month will be interesting. If the ulama faction defeated the Anwarinas, Pas may likely will refuse to continue being a DAP lackey as it is now.

Okay, let's not even start with PKR. It survives solely courtesy of the DAP's Chinese vote bank. Once DAP's tactics were exposed. PKR will be screwed. Seriously, in Johor for instance, PKR got zero strength and whatever crumbs they got were just how much they can beg from DAP. Anyone knows what Chua Jui Meng is doing these days?