Wednesday 21 October 2015

On wearing tudung

Another very hazy day.

It's suffocating out there.

Well, the political scene is equally suffocating with the Umno civil war showing no sign of ending any time soon.

So, today, I decided to take a break from all those.

Just now I found this interesting post by prominent pro-establishment rebel blogger Syed Akbar Ali,

Jangan tokok-tambah ayat Quran (dedikasi buat saudari Nur)

I'm reproducing the entire post here because Syed Akbar normally takes down his postings after one or two days.

I hope he doesn't mind me doing so.

Here it is :

Please see the following translation :

“Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka melainkan kepada suami mereka, atau bapa mereka atau bapa mertua mereka atau anak-anak mereka, atau anak-anak tiri mereka, atau saudara-saudara mereka, atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang lelaki, atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang perempuan, atau perempuan-perempuan Islam, atau hamba-hamba mereka, atau orang gaji dari orang-orang lelaki yang telah tua dan tidak berkeinginan kepada perempuan, atau kanak-kanak yang belum mengerti lagi tentang aurat perempuan; dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kaki untuk diketahui orang akan apa yang tersembunyi dari perhiasan mereka; dan bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah, wahai orang-orang yang beriman, supaya kamu berjaya.”- surah An-Nur ayat 31.

Pleasr note the following which are not found in the original arabic :

1.   (daripada memandang yang haram) - this has been added 

2.    menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka  - this is not found in the original arabic

3.   atau perempuan-perempuan Islam  -  'perempuan Islam' is not mentioned in the verse either. This is an addition. 

Going back to no. 2.    menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka

the arabic sounds like this :

walyadribna - and strike 
bikhumuurihinna - with their covers  
alaa juyuubihinna - over their bosoms

There is absolutely no mention of kepala or tudung kepala here. A khumur is just a cover, an outside garment, an overcoat, a dress etc. 

There is absolutely no mention of kepala. This is a favorite of the people who like to extrapolate, extend, stretch and tokok tambah the meaning of the Quran by adding words like 'kepala' where it does not exist.

Anyway here is my favorite question about the hijab, because that is what they are actually referring here.

There are seven verses in the Quran which mention the word HIJAAB.

Here are all the seven verses  where the word HIJAAB are mentioned :

1. Surah 7:46
2. Surah 17:45
3. Surah 19:17
4. Surah 33:53
5. Surah 38:32
6. Surah 41:5
7. Surah 42:51

The soalan cepumas is how come they do not refer even one of these verses from the Quran when they talk about HIJAB ?

Kenapa  para agamawan tidak merujuk satu pun daripada TUJUH ayat Quran yang menyebut HIJAB, seperti disenaraikan di atas? 
It's interesting to me because Syed Akbar was arguing that Muslim women are not actually required by Allah to cover their head.

Someone actually recited that particular Quranic verse to me just the other day to justify the argument that Allah wants Muslim women to cover their head.

Those who refused will be thrown into hell, I was told.

Most Islamic religious scholars supported that assertion.

Even though I don't cover my head myself, I never argue with them as I have been told since young that I must respect those with more knowledge of Islam.

In a way, I just accepted it that I'm not a really good muslim because I don't follow such an instruction.

I'm not covering my head simply because I don't feel like doing so.

I'm not comfortable with it.

The only time I'm covering my head is with a full-face helmet.

I don't think I'm doing harm to anybody by choosing not to cover my head with a tudung or hijab or whatever.

I'm hoping that Allah will forgive me for it in the afterlife if I manage to do a lot of good things in this world.

Then there are people like Syed Akbar who thinks that it's not wrong at all for Muslim women not to cover their head.

If he is right, it's much better for me.

But a lot of Muslims out there may most likely disagree with Syed Akbar.

People like him could even be considered as heretics by the mainstream Muslims.

I have to admit that my religious knowledge is very limited.

So, I rather not argue on it.

I will instead just pray that Allah will be merciful and forgiving to a sinner like myself.

Anyway, another person who was trying to convince me that it's better as a Muslim to cover one's head showed me the latest catalogue of the AIDIJUMA tudung collection.

They are nice....but I don't think I will be wearing them anytime soon.


  1. Syed Akbar is not a religious scholar. Many like him these days. I read his blog just for politics sake.. When he talks religion he goes into holier more knowledgeable than thou mode. Wonder who his guru is and where he learned his islam from.

    1. Wonder who yr guru is and where did you learned yr islam from..

      Otg muo


    2. “Hijab is Not an Islamic Duty”- Scholar

      Last month at Al Azhar University, Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed defended a thesis that sparked a heated debate among religious scholars. The candidate concluded that Hijab, or the veil, is not an Islamic duty.

    3. My apology Sis Annie, to know a paintings is wise to know the painter.

      This Outsyed the Box fella is Anti-Establishment turns an Anarchist. More than that, he his Anti-Hadiths and Anti-Rasulullah.

    4. Pls don't be shallow and talk crap! Syed Akbar was never an anti-rasullullah. He's against the what you call it 'worshipping prophet Muhammad'. Which is true! He's not an anti Hadith either. He's against those crappy hadiths. But in any case, Hadith came only 300 years after Prophet Muhammad's death. Muslims have gone into the drain right after and look at the Muslim countries around the world? They are all doomed! Ask yourself why. Please learn history before you talk!

    5. The translation is words to words. You don't really need to be a bloody muslim scholar to understand this. Off your brain you go down to the drain. No wonder there are plenty of ulamak but we are lacking of muslim thinker.

    6. 18:57,

      Looks like you are talking crap. How can one love God if one doesn't love the Messenger? And what "worshipping prophet Muhammad" are you talking about?

      Are you a Shi'ah? If so, watch out - it's deemed illegal, deviationist teaching and against the laws of this country.

    7. 18:57,

      Looks like you are talking crap. How can one love God if one doesn't love the Messenger? And what "worshipping prophet Muhammad" are you talking about?

      Are you a Shi'ah? If so, watch out - it is deemed illegal, deviationist teaching and against the laws of this country.

      And would you clarify your statement "Hadith came only 300 years after Prophet Muhammad's death". Give the authority for that statement so that readers would feel comfortable what you said is a fact. 300 years, eh? So definite?

      And instead of saying "They are all doomed! Ask yourself why. Please learn history before you talk!", why didn't you just give out the facts of history that you know? Talking that way doesn't make you "uncrappy".

    8. 20.45
      you love your wife means you love her mother and her sister??

    9. It makes sense. That is all that matters. Tak payah outsyed highlight. Kita belajar sejarah kita tahu bila ulamak hijack and monopolise interpretation of Islam. Ustaz sekarang just parroting what these guys wrote long long long time.

      I am free nowadays. Used to be anak murid Haji Hadi

    10. 10:56,

      Kalau you kata pakai tudung makes sense, ok. Asalkan jangan paksa atau "konarkan" pompuan hingga kena pakai tudung.

      Bagus le you are free nowadays. Kita boleh debat isu isu politik bila keluor di pos Annie ni.

  2. Not for me either...dont mind wearing a scarf though ...gipsy-style. Also, health wise, wearing hijab isnt a good thing as it blocks sunshine to enter yr body...sunshine helps to manufacture Vitamin D which helps with calcium's absorbation in the body. ...unless you take supplements...

    1. The manufacturer of your car give you a manual stating how to take care of it. But since that you are an automobile engineer by profession, you decided to go your own way taking care of your car.
      Anything goes wrong, can you make warranty claim?

      Allah is our Creator. He gives manual (Al Quran) on how to run our life. But we human, thinks we are better than the one than create us.. go figure.

    2. Yeah, gypsy style. I imagine even the scarf like in the photo above is warm, even hot. I notice poor PKR Makcik Jijah having to fan herself every time when attending functions in the open.

      Yet she wore a glove when shaking hands with Chinese in the wet market when campaigning at PRK Kajang, didn't she? She got lesser votes than the PKR bloke before her.

    3. Bila cakap pasal ugama semua cakap berdegar degar.

      Tak payah banyak ayat la.

    4. Dah keluor lagi jenis yang short attention span di 10:59 tuh. Bodoh plak tak mau scroll aje mana yang pankang kpd dia. Atau berambus ke Fecebook dan Twitter.

      Satu commenter di TV kata bukan main banyak penipu, peng-defame, penghasut dan pengecut di situ. Keluor satu ayyat aje bila buat gitu.

    5. Allah is not a car manufacturer stupid turd. And he hates you. 16:49 Only good reader can read the manual he gives out.

  3. The additions could be translations based on what are said in Hadith.

    To me, the best translation of the Qur'an is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, a Pakistani, lecturer in Greek History who knew Latin, studied the translations of the Qur'an in many languages for many years based in London.

    He also studied translations of the Qur'an in east European languages, and one written in Latin by a priest in a monastery, meant for the Pope who was anxious to know why Islam spread very fast, reaching Spain and east Europe not long after Prophet Muhammad received God's revelations in the 7th century.

    Abdullah Yusuf Ali said the Arabic language used in the Qur'an is an ancient one, often had more than one meaning and should not be simply "translated" but also interpreted. And given explanations and commentaries.

    His work (completed in 1934) was titled "The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an" had over a thousand pages of explanations and commentaries. In small print, too, meaning they are really voluminous - to me, it ensures a proper and complete "interpretation" of the Qur'an. And I trust them fully.

    Not sure what kind of material Syed Akbar used for the translation that led him to question the use of the hijab.

    1. Nik Aziz also studied from indians muslims..good if you want to live like arabs 2000 years ago.

  4. bikhumuurihinna - with their covers

    Please check arabic dictionary such as ( and find what is the meaning of "Khumur".

    In short, Syed is generalizing a word that have specific meaning.

    As for the word Hijab itself;

    "Some say hijab is not fard based on the use of the word “hijab” itself. Some argue that verses containing the word “hijab” in the Qur’an (which means to conceal, veil, screen, etc.) do not refer to covering the hair, so why do we use hijab to mean headscarf? Let’s not get caught up in the semantics of the word hijab. Suffice it to say that this word has become commonplace in the Muslim vocabulary to mean a head cover despite the fact that Allah (swt) uses the word khimar in the Qur’an. Yet the two terms are related in meaning. What matters is that we cover our hair, not the way in which we name the covering."

    1. Make it simple lah.

      Pakai kalau nak tak payah pakai kalau tak nak. It can be argued both ways. Women in my family wear them but I personally against this. Tak panas ke.

    2. 11:01,

      Ko orang yang sama di 10:59. Pelik ko ni orang nya. Kata bodoh, marah. Tapi pahal cakap "Women in my family wear them but I personally against this." Pastu tanya "Tak panas ke."

      Ko tak berani tanya emak kau ye? Takut kena belasah?

    3. Ko orang bodoh yang sama 16:49? Sape nak gf bertudung maksud dia lah..

  5. may we not be one among them...Ameen

    Dia lah yang menurunkan kepadamu (wahai Muhammad) Kitab Suci Al-Quran. Sebahagian besar dari Al-Quran itu ialah ayat-ayat "Muhkamaat" (yang tetap, tegas dan nyata maknanya serta jelas maksudnya); ayat-ayat Muhkamaat itu ialah ibu (atau pokok) isi Al-Quran. Dan yang lain lagi ialah ayat-ayat "Mutasyaabihaat" (yang samar-samar, tidak terang maksudnya). Oleh sebab itu (timbulah faham yang berlainan menurut kandungan hati masing-masing) - adapun orang-orang yang ada dalam hatinya kecenderungan ke arah kesesatan, maka mereka selalu menurut apa yang samar-samar dari Al-Quran untuk mencari fitnah dan mencari-cari Takwilnya (memutarkan maksudnya menurut yang disukainya). Padahal tidak ada yang mengetahui Takwilnya (tafsir maksudnya yang sebenar) melainkan Allah. Dan orang-orang yang tetap teguh serta mendalam pengetahuannya dalam ilmu-ilmu ugama, berkata:" Kami beriman kepadanya, semuanya itu datangnya dari sisi Tuhan kami" Dan tiadalah yang mengambil pelajaran dan peringatan melainkan orang-orang yang berfikiran.

    (Quran 3:7)

    1. Eh apa you orang alim buat kat blogger pompuan ni ah? Ko dari parti pan ke? Go away and zikir with Najib.

  6. 21/10/15 ; 15:48,
    Agree with you. Wonder who his gurus are.
    Anyway, continue pray to God to guide us live the true Islam, and be Merciful to us here and hereafter.

    1. Ni mentality zaman dulu ni. Nak belajar kena ada guru. Kalau kita belajar subjek lain yang lagi complex ok je takde guru.

      Ulamak nak corner market ugama tu yang doktrin nak belajar ugama kena ada guru tu. Setakat parroting ulamak zaman dulu yang dah tak relevant, tak payah pun tak apa.

    2. 1:04,

      Pelik lagi ajaib kamu nih. Orang tuh ha nya kata "Wonder who his gurus are." Awat hang kata, "Ni mentality zaman dulu ni."

      Pastu awat dok tibai kaum ulama? Dok ketepikan depa yang parroting "ulamak zaman dulu yang dah tak relevant." Sapa dia? Hang tarak kasi tau sapa hang maksudkan, apa jenis ulama dsb nya.

      Ini definasi ulama dalam Kamus Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Edisi Keempat:

      Orang yg ahli (pakar) dlm pengetahuan agama Islam: Imam Abu Hanafiah ialah seorang ~ Islam yg terkenal;

      Jadi, ko maksudkan ulama Islam dalam sejarah ke, ulama sekarang yang antarabangsa ke, ulama PAS ke, apekebende?

      Cakap le guru yang camna, kawan.

    3. Dulu jadi guru ugama boleh buat duit. Skg pun boleh. Mcm kazam dan idrus.... ustaz idrus main gitar boleh? Ko guru nanak ke kawan?

  7. If the "additions" are from Hadith, then Syed Akbar could be a Shi'ah, those who don't believe the Hadith, except those up to the 12th Imam who they recognize. They don't recognize the others as they broke away from the mainstream after the 12th Imam.

    Shi'ah teachings and practice are haram in this Sunni-practising country.
    Those interested to know more about Shi'ah in general (hopefully in order to avoid the teachings and practice), let me know.

    I have a few books on Islam written by Professors, the Shi'ah one I keep merely for the purpose of knowing which aspects of Islamic teachings are Sh'ah and should be avoided.

    1. Obsess betul dengan shiah. Dua dua tak betullah. Arab tu berpecah seribu. Semua kata dia betul.

      Chirstian reformation in 16th century. Islam reformation bila lagi?

    2. Waaaaaah nak tunjuk kau tahu Chirstian reformation ke? Apasal tak cadang Islam reformation tuh? Kasi tau mcm mana.

      Oooooooo, tak mau cakap banyak, tulis panjang ye? Boleh tak aku cakap kepala hotak kau?

      Tengok tuh, aku tanya dulu sebelom cakap, wuwu

    3. Ko peduli apo 11:55? Apo ko buat dekat blog pompuan cantik ni hah?
      Ko dah solat hah?
      Ko tak mahu wirid hah?
      Kalau aku tanya ko bahlol tak de gf boleh?
      Ko bahlol ke?

  8. That is the interpretation/translation common use by the Quranist such as Syed. Please look at alternative translation of Surah Annur Ayat 31 such as this:

    "And say to the faithful women to lower their gazes, and to guard their private parts, and not to display their adornment except what is apparent of it, and to extend their headcoverings (khimars) to cover their bosoms (jaybs), and not to display their adornment except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband's fathers, or their sons, or their husband's sons, or their brothers, or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their womenfolk, or what their right hands rule (slaves), or the followers from the men who do not feel sexual desire, or the small children to whom the nakedness of women is not apparent, and not to strike their feet (on the ground) so as to make known what they hide of their adornments. And turn in repentance to Allah together, O you the faithful, in order that you are successful"

    This "alternative" translation is agreed to by most of Islamic scholars than the one recited by Syed.

  9. Annie,
    Al Quran is written in Arabic. Any translation to other language is a mere attempt to make it understandable by the people of that particular language.

    Translation in English is available in 5 version!
    Example: -
    Ar-Rahim is commonly translated into The Most Merciful.
    But according to Nouman Ali Khan, merciful is not rightfully use in Ar-Rahim context.
    Being Merciful is something like you are being spare from a punishment but Ar-Rahim is best describe as Rahim (The Womb) that taking care of the fetus without the fetus knowing about it.
    Ar-Rahim is how Allah taking care of us without we need to think about it, like how many liter of Oxygen we need to consume for today, do we need to worry if it is sufficient for all of us tomorrow.

    1. Oh ya sekarang ni nak kena kata dengan nama Allah yang maha womb lah?

  10. If the "additions" are from Hadith, it's tricky to know their reliability. Nobody knows all the Hadith that have been collected by several well known people like Bukhari, Sayuti, Tarmizi and others.

    Bukhari alone collected some 600,000 Hadith (sayings, practices, behaviour of the Prophet) by his companions (the Sahabah, some 40 of them), the inner circle and the outer circle, and others.

    Bukhari memorized only about 200,000 Hadiths yet his Kitab has less than 6,000 Hadiths. And it's said that it does not mean that the 594,000 others he collected are not sahih. One Professor said some Hadiths were really just what came out from story tellers, no bearing with the Prophet.

    Some say there are about a million Hadiths. Then the process of determining the sahih Hadiths went on in Islamic history. There still are so many. I don't think any one knows which ones are reliable or not. My auntie insisted that one Hadith says if a fly drops into your tea cup, squeeze the fly, throw the remains, and drink the tea. I don't remember if she has had typhoid but I'd advise not to do that as typhoid gems is now active in KL

    The safest of course is to rely on what the religious authorities say. It means, the Government religious authorities, the Fatwa Council and all.

    1. What is Fatwa Council is not that smart? After all appointments is based political connections.

      As soon as monopoly of interpretations is broken the better off we are. Fikir sendiri lah. Takkan air mutlak etc pun nak kena belajar berminngu daripada ustaz. Orang putih/jepun tak ada belajar pun, tempat diorang sepuluh kali ganda lagi bersih.

    2. Wahai Mamat 11:13,

      Hang dok kata our Fatwa Council is not that smart ka? Just because "appointments is based political connections" ka? Ada bukti ka? Kalo tarak, hang ngarut saja.

      Hang tak hormat undang undang dan peraturan ka? Kalo dah depa di lanktik ke jawatan berkenaan mengikut undang undang dan perautran yang ada, awat hang nak kata "monopoly of interpretations" pulak?

      Pastu, sapa pulak habaq kat hang ada yang "air mutlak etc pun nak kena belajar berminngu daripada ustaz"? Tarak kasi keterangan pulak sapa, di mana, bila. Nanti orang kata hang bodoh, jangan marah nooooo.

  11. But Annie, I think you'd look very pretty in a kain tudung. Please, no need to try the hijab, but the tudung like in the photo above is ok.

    And I agree no need to wear tudung except when you enter religious premises - out of respect for Islam - don't be like the DAP SOB standing near the mimbar of a mesjid in photos circulated before PRU13.

    1. My you are really stupid. She no need to look pretty, fanatics ask women to wear tudung to cover pretty not to look pretty. So stupid one..

  12. If I remember correctly, Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation, interpretation of the Qur'an was used by the Saudi Arabian Governt in the publication of the Qur'an which the Saudi Embassy (Cultural Section) in KL used to give out FOC to those interested in learning Islam.

    Hoping they still do that, just bring a signed letter addressed to then, saying that, and you'll get a copy free. Save you RM100 if you buy such a copy outside. And you get to see what they have there e.g volumes and volumes of Hadith etc.

    1. Not quite sir, the Saudi kingdom publishes the Mohsin Khan translation with very minimal footnotes and almost no appendices - a rather literalist approach if you ask me.

    2. Thanks for that, bro.

  13. If you want to learn about Quran and Islam, get a teacher. Not a political blogger like Syed Akbar


    1. And most importantly learn Arabic

    2. And learn ancient Arabic, too - Abdullah Yusuf Ali the renown Greek History Lecturer and translator, interpreter and commentator of the Qur'an, in his "The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an", said that the Arabic language used in the Qur'an as revelations of ajaran Tuhan is an ancient one.

      Different meanings, applicable under sets of different contexts, etc. Not just any one can translate it meaningfully.

    3. I'll learn from whomever I want.

    4. 11:14 yang tulis 3 komen di atas nih,

      Ko ada belajar dari enak bapak kau? Dia orang ada ajor kau cara bercakap di majlis ke? Klau ada, tentu kau tak cakap cara kau cakap nih.

      Kesian kau. Takda bimbingan emak bapak.

    5. ...if you want to know Islam....just study Islam... not study the Muslims...if you want to know Islam........


  14. Annie this is translation on the particular ayat
    Ayat Al-Quran yang berbunyi 
    dan katakan kepada perempuan-perempuan mukmin, supaya mereka tundukkan pandangan mereka, dan jaga kemaluan mereka, dan tidak nampakkan perhiasan mereka kecuali apa yang nampak daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka letak penudung mereka pada dada mereka, dan tidak nampakkan perhiasan mereka kecuali kepada suami mereka, atau bapa mereka, atau bapa suami mereka, atau anak lelaki mereka, atau anak lelaki suami mereka, atau saudara lelaki mereka, atau anak lelaki saudara lelaki mereka, atau anak lelaki saudara perempuan mereka, atau perempuan mereka, atau apa yang tangan kanan mereka miliki, atau lelaki yang melayan mereka yang tanpa mempunyai keinginan seks, atau kanak-kanak kecil yang belum mengerti  (bahagian-bahagian sulit) perempuan; dan janganlah juga mereka hentakkan kaki mereka supaya perhiasan mereka yang tersembunyi diketahui. Dan bertaubatlah semua bersama kepada Allah, wahai orang-orang mukmin, agar kamu beruntung (24:31).” 

    And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards Allah, that ye may attain Bliss. 

  15. "hoping that Allah will forgive me for it in the afterlife if I manage to do a lot of good things in this world." -

    We just do the best we can under the circumstances we are in. The many hundred thousand Syria and other refugees in Europe now (millions since months ago?), suffering hunger, cold and bare skies over their heads, some walking tens of miles endlessly, have no time to pray or clean themselves (ablution) for prayers.

    I think God will forgive them. And us not so religious but do other good deeds. Only God knows who will go to Heaven, and who to Hell.

    I don't mind God not forgiving the rogue politicians and sending them to hell. Oooops, no politics now ..........

    1. Why Syrians don't go to turkey or bosia a fellow Muslim country but instead to non Muslim country. Heavan and not hell? I do not understand why? Explain please

    2. Please don't be impatient with the good sisters ...

    3. I think one or more of the following:

      1. Having seen everybody almost fighting everybody in Syria (Assad, rebels, ISIS, Sunnis, Shi'ahs, Kurds, Iranians, Iragis, US, Russia - one refugee saying on TV so many Syrians got confused), they would rather try a country with less Muslims so as to escape the prospect of the Syrian situation they are running from

      2. Belief in the better prospects of jobs in Christian-dominated countries which are generally better developed/ stronger economies than the Muslim-dominated ones - sad for the Muslims of the world as Islam was a leading civilization in the whole world for 500 "Golden Years" from the 8th century until the bloody Mongols invaded and ransacked Baghdad (the centre of Islamic civilization then) in the 13th century.

      3. European countries have begun to show tolerance to Muslims and immigrants in recent times. Even UK now has many thousands of immigrants most of whom are Muslims and has agreed to accept tens of thousand more in the negotiations among EU countries.

      4. When the bastard Jews and Zionist Israelis tried to bully the Palestinians again by occupying the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (from where Prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven in the wink of an eye), the German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to talk with Setanyahu some days ago, hopefully telling the bastard to get theri Police etc to get out of the mosque.

      5. Many of those interviewed on TV said they wanted to go to Germany for job prospects. But maybe also because it's where Hitler had walloped 6 million Jews dead during World War II and that such anti-Jew sentiment must still remain in Germany to whatever extent.

    4. Yes, the Mongol descendants of Genghis Khan who attacked, conquered and ruled China for 80 years in the 13th century later invaded Baghdad and torched the city to nonentity, the books and records of Islamic knowledge on mathematics, medicine etc were burnt, together with the stories of the Arabian Nights that they say were depictions of a life of grandeur during the "Golden Age".

      Bloody Mongols were so cruel that History Professor CP Fitzgerald said that the records show that if the local did as much as just raise a hand to their invading armies, they'd burn the place to the ground, men and women included.

      They were so fierce as well as dirty - they never bathe from birth till death. That's a historical fact, folks. So don't go without bathing even for a lazy Sunday, otherwise liable to be called Mongoloid, spelling intended, haha. Still, have pity on Altantuya and her family.

      But you know what? Some of the Mongol conquerors and rulers became Muslims over time. They later invaded India and Akbar the Great of India was a Mongol invader descendant. Maybe (can't remember it) also the builder of beautiful Taj Mahal in India that I've always wanted to see but have not done so till now.

      So, folks, I've been fair this morning talking about death and destruction by lifetime-not-bathing Mongols but also the beauty of only-dreamed-of Taj Mahal. I now bid you farewell by saying have a nice day.

    5. Kita kat Malaysia perasan je lebih. Like to somehow associate ourselves with these so called Islamic civilisations - Persian civilsations, central Asian civilisations etc are more like it. Nothing to do with Islam but rather the players of those civilisations were muslims. Central Asian civilizations died along with the end of the silk road etc. We did not say death of Islamic civilsations, do we?

      Anything starts with Islamic is wrong.

    6. Nampak nya ko sama juga degan yang dah tulis all religions are a nuisance dulu tuh.

      You are entitled to your opinions, but when you offend others who have religion, especially the Muslims, you'll get whacked, wanked and wonked.

      In Taliban country, you'll get shot dead. Remember that.

  16. Dear Annie,

    The question in the end depends your relationship with God. If you have time I suggest you to read Khaled Abou El Fadl's book "Speaking in God's name" and "In search of beauty in Islam" in both, books he has written issues regarding hijab. All I can say that wearing the hijab or not, both have precedent in Islamic history. The case for wearing hijab is not air tight as people want to believe, and neither the camps who said that not wearing hjiab is the right is also strong. Truth is somewhere between. For example, despite that hijab was prescribed, the first few legal books written on aurat was regarding solat rather than question beyond solat. Even at that point early muslim scholars were divided whether the question you should cover your aurat outside solat or not. Some took one position one took the other. The early ulama were also cognizant that the head covering i.e hijab have to do with social status between a free women and also a slave. That is why, you can find opinion the aurat of a slave is equivalent to a man, and neither need hair covering. It was only later in islamic history we equate wearing hijab to prevent fitnah (perbuatan menaikkan nafsu) even so, we see islamic scholar were really good scholar, for example, Ibn Taymiyyah opinion on covering is that, if women that can induce ghairah in men have to cover, so does men who can induce ghairah in opposite sex. So if the operational cause for the law to function is inducing the opposite sex, hence, logically it should operate to both sides. That is why some ulama have the opinion, a women who reach menopause who is neither attractive and since have come of age is does not need to cover her hair. It's logical implication deriving straight from the principal.

    Thus what I am trying to say, rather then based yourself on Syed outside the box opinion. I'm sure if you take sometime studying islam and its traditional opinion, you will see both sides have its reason, and once you take your position, based it on its tradition. If you don't wanna wear it, based it on tradition that doesn't prescribe it, and stand by it. At the end of the day, it is not for us men to decide what women should wear, it is the women, and their relationship with God that determines it.

    P/S: Syed Outside the box, he's reading is a bit skewed, be careful when reading from him bout religion. I have tried to correct some of his skewed views, but it seems, views that is contrary to his views, he won't publish it or answer it. Or sometimes he would just delete the whole post. Khaled Abou El Fadl's book "In search of beauty in Islam" is a wonderful book. I seriously recommend it to you. I hope you would read it and would review it in your blog.

    1. Yes, Syed is an unusual bloke. Did someone say he has thuggish and gangsterish attitude? He writes well, though. Pity.

    2. "Ibn Taymiyyah opinion on covering is that, if women that can induce ghairah in men have to cover, so does men who can induce ghairah in opposite sex."

      I didn't know that women hair can induce ghariah! I feel so sorry for Muslim men who got excited with seeing women hair! If bosom tu normal lah. That's why Quran teaching is right, it specifically stated that bosom should be covered but was silent on hair.

      I share Syed's thinking. I believe that ALL religions are a menace to society. They corrupt the deen of Allah. Islam according to Quran means peace but Islamic religion is anything but. Quran stated no compulsion. Islamic (& Christian) religion demand death for apostates. The current Islamic religion is so far from the teaching of Quran that if our last prophet were to be alive now he will not recognise this religion as the one he was ordered by Allah to preach to mankind! If you don't believe me, read (not merely sing) the Quran. Quran is the book of knowledge, not buku jampi or buku nyayian.

    3. Ini sudah l e b e h, lu 10:28. "ALL religions are a menace to society"? Kepala bapak lu.

      Lu sudah murtad ke, become anarchistic ke, or just the offspring of the DAP bloke who mixed and played with Malay boys in the kampong when young and now meacing with completly unacceptable views in this very sober discussion on the tudung.

      I bet you that if you speak like that in front of a Muslim audience, they'd use the tudung to suffocate or wring your neck to death.

    4. I second anon 10.28. Good points!

    5. As soon as we decide to no longer listen to these obscure early writers on topics of Islam the better. Pandai sangat ke diorang ni?

      I bet our standard 6 students knowledge are greater than them. In maths,science, governance for example.

      I don't listen to them especially if it does not make common sense. Ada orang belajar medicine pakai buku ubat ubatan zaman dulu?

    6. Your writing is the same argument used by SIS (Sisters In Islam) on the wearing of hijab.The argument goes on something like this. The hijab was first introduced to differentiate between slave and independent woman. Since slavery is no longer in practice in the modern world, the use of hijab is no longer compulsary.


      Prof Kangkung

    7. 11:14 is the same bloke as 10:28. Seconding his own earlier comment. Also wrote a series of short comments earlier on. Amd the same as !!:39 - in the same time frame.

      Especially when he is offensive to others agai. Saying "I bet our standard 6 students knowledge are greater than them. In maths,science, governance for example." This bloke could really be DAP with good BM and some knowledge of Islam, masquerading as a Muslim, trying to sow discord among Muslims.

      Those who simply dissent don't write as offensively as he does. He'll be a terribly rude Muslim taik palat otherwise.

  17. Religion is between us and God. And the religious authorities in the country.

    So long as no Hudud and no arresting for the things we do or don't do in public, it's ok. I shudder at the thought of Hudud being implemented in this country. And PAS Hudud at that.

    Hudud is only vaguely mentioned in the Qur'an. Surah 5:38 only mentions -

    "As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands."

    Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the translator, interpreter and commentator of the Qur'an, says the Canon Law jurists are not unanimous on the subject. The majority hold that petty thefts are exempt from this punishment. No details are given. The word Hudud is not mentioned.

    Civil law is fine for Muslims in many countries. Abdullah Yusuf Ali pointed out that in Jesus' time, thieves were crucified. He didn't say so but no one does crucification any more for a long time already.

    1. Peiod. Umno going to vote for???

    2. Jesus crucification is under roman laws and not Jewish laws dunggu. Roman soldiers were on site

    3. 21:06,

      You are so damn stupid. You can't even see the point Abdullah Yusuf Ali was making that it was so long ago that it, like cutting of hands, is not practised any more. Sekolah mana dulu?

    4. 21.37

      Stupid. You show the verses. Why it is not followed? Who stop it?

    5. The intention at 21:37 was to say "it was so long ago that crucification is no longer practised and cutting of hands is also generally so."

      Sometimes intention does not translate into reality for speed of writing comments, etc.

      But calling others dunggu did translate into counter-calling you stupid.

    6. 7.26
      crucifucation was not writing in the holybook but is a roman law. it was carried by roman soldiers. but chopping of hands were written in the holy books. did the people did not follow what were written down or if they folloe what were written who have the stop work order? am i stupid to this question? please snswer.

    7. No need to answer as your intent is bad. You don't quote the authority of what you state, anyway.

      You'll twist and spin what others say, like the ultra kiasu DAP who must always win, never want to lose. Yet argue in a shit way, just make all sorts of claims, "no substantiation nor justification, often without even any explanation." Others accept what is said, you don't, because of bad intention.

      Be done with you.

    8. If you are the bloke who said you left PAS and Hadi, no wonder. The way you talk, even Mat Sabu would bamboo you.

  18. If Canon Law jurists are not unanimous on Hudud, so would they on hijab. Therefore no fear for not wearing it. Just make sure don't vote in the politicians who'd start wanting to make it compulsory in this country.

    Sorry can't avoid touching on that political part. Wish could touch on Teresa Kok's part. Like that one that makes her anti azan, the Muslim calls to prayer.

    1. What if amno vote with PAS on hudud?

    2. The beauty of dreaming is that it's so entertaining and doesn't cost a sen. Carry on, Sergeant.

    3. Teresa Kok is anti azan??? Even the mosque committee of the affected mosque has stated that she had nothing to do with the request to lower the volume of the loudspeakers. Since this was reported in the main stream media, I'm surprised you are ignorant of this.

    4. Which case you talkin', 20:34?

  19. OutsyedtheBox largely influenced by Prof Hashim Kamali n Kassim Ahmad.

    1. Kassim Ahmad not believing in Hadith - Shi'ah.

    2. Are u saying kassim ahmad is shiah ke..klu shiah tu kira cmne..kafir ke..msk neraka careful la bila ckp...kta nye nasib pn x tau cmne lgi di hari pembalasan..

    3. Only God knows/ determines who masuk Syurga or Neraka. Nothing wrong in saying A,B or C is Syi'ah based on the fact that they don't recognize or believe in Hadith.

      You meant Najib or nasib? If Najib, I know he masuk Neraka. Even di dunia. It's called hopeful thinking, huhu.

      Aku tak boleh nak cakap banyak, kasi justifikasi dsb nya di post ini. Sebab dah janji dgn Annie yang dah pening kepala mcm mcm tak betul sekarang nih.

    4. Outsyedthe box talks sense. You? Tak payah lah nak argue doktrin doktrin zaman dulu. IF you can make sense. I will listen to you too.

    5. 11:41 thinks only he and Syed talk sense. If so, he would not have been shitted here like he has no sense.

      Sense to him is only what he believes and says. How can a bastard saying all religions are a nuisance be deemed to have sense. What he says is not worth a sen.

    6. Jgn la label org syiah la apa la bla org tu lain skit drpd kta..dia x pnh pn ckp x pecaya hadis ke apa..yg dia ckp kaji balik..jgn ada rsa takbur yg awak tu je yg betul..bkn awak yg tentukan nnti..

    7. Awat tak bole label depa Syi'ah kalau kita tau depa tak percaya, tak mau ikut Hadith, Mamat wei?

      Bukan beza sikit, Mamat aaa, di negara ini, beza nya antara gunung dan daratan. Hang tak tau ke negara ini Sunnah dan mengharamkan Syi'ah?

      Alamak, Mamat, takkan le depa nak cakap depa ngaku tak caya Hadith. Depa tau Syi'ah tu haram di sini, kalau nagku kena tarik ke kandang besi le, Mamat.

      Kamu nih bodoh (aku dah naik setahap lagi aku punya toleransi kpd kamu, Mamat). Bukan so'al "rasa takbur yang kami ni betul le wei." Dah nyata mcm siang dan malam, nak wat camna.

      Macam Kassim Ahmad tuh dah heboh keluaq di media massa banyak tahun dulu, Mamat. Si Syed tuh dah tulis banyak kali wei. Cuma hang tak dapat tau sebab dia padam tulisan dia 1-2 hari salepas nya, mcm kata Annie di pos nya.

    8. Xpe la..semuga awak betul n masuk syurga..insyaallah

  20. if hair is a woman's aurat and ought to be covered,then all muslim women should be allowed to practice it.

    however a certain incident involving saidina umar al khattab who reprimanded a slave woman for wearing a khimar,showed a different story.

    the slave woman was forced to take her hair covering off,for wearing a hair covering was meant to differentiate a free woman from a slave woman.

    do some thinking and you'll come to a conclusion that hair covering is cultural and not religious obligation...

    1. What about covering bulu roma or goose hairs?

      It's not making fun of the Islamic aurat but note that there are so many controversies and changes in all religions.

      The Christian teaching was that if someone slaps you on one cheek, show the other cheek. But don't try that on a Christian these days.

    2. Kenapalah kita suka dengar cerita cerita zaman dulu. Lepas tu cuba paksa orang adopt the same practices.

    3. Siapa nak dengor si bangsat 11:43 nih cakap. Ngata orang paksa tapi takda huraian atau justifikasi pun. Memang kena tempat nya kalau di kata kepala hotak dia.

    4. Izad 21 Care to share where the omar story can be read?

  21. Annie dear, you may not wear a tudung ordinarily right? But surely you must, during prayer time and in social situations where there is a clear religious bearing right? Anyhow, all of us should remember to cover up our inner modesty - abandon egotism, exhibitionism, false pride, and bad manners etc.

  22. stok kayu api la sok hg ni..

  23. Yes Islamic religious scholars fatwas, adinda Ms Annie
    overwhelmingly assert the covering of bodily aurat.
    ( al-Quran, 24: 31 )

    So many fatwa councils study the relevent verses of al-Quran and Sunnah in the original Arabic and not translations. Who is YM Sdr Syed Akbar(?) and why pick just one of certainly '000s of translations in so many languages to prove his point?

    You are alhamduli'Llah appearently clear on your own position, where Islam allows one to follow minority scholars views
    except in Tawhid relationship with Allah SWT

    ( al-Quran, 39: 53 and 4: 48 wa 'Llahu 'Alam )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. The fact that "fatwa councils study the relevent verses of al-Quran and Sunnah in the original Arabic and not translations" suggests that the councils might have differing conclusions among themselves.

      But the the decision of the National Fatwa Council must be obeyed by all Muslims in this country.

    2. Islamic scholars since AlGhazali till today have not been able to catch up with times. Nobody listens to them. All their left to do is paksa orang through enforcement agencies.

      The sooner we can get rid of them the better.

    3. Cakap menghasut dan subversive to Islam practised in this country pulak, si jongos 11:47 nih. Orang yang sama keluar komen pendek pendek. PAS pun tak boleh terima dia. Harapantat pun tak mau dia, aku rasa.

      Mana boleh sesiapa tahan dia cakap Islamic scholars "paksa orang through enforcement agencies. The sooner we can get rid of them the better."

      Kot dia maksudkan puak Ulama dalam PAS. Haji Hadi dll. Ngapa tak cakap terang terang. Kata le begitu kalo nak tahu kena serang dek Pemuda UMNO dan barisan penjaga keselamatan depa, dah lupa apekenama nye.

    4. Sori tesilap di 13:23 tuh - Pemuda PAS, bukan Pemuda UMNO.

  24. Hi Annie,
    I am not religious myself. And I used to think and find ways to justify for not wearing tudung just like what you are doing now. Then one day I performed umrah and over there in Mekah and Madinah all women need to be fully covered right. Ok so why do we cover ourselves fully when we pray or perform umrah n haj? There must be a reason right? So find that reason and then you will understand why we need to cover ourselves. I came back from umrah and imediately start wearing tudung everytime i go out n I dont regret ever since. And you know will feel more blessed and calm in life like how I feel now..:) No one can force us or justify whether to wear or not except ourselves ...helped by Allah of course ..:) ...I too used to think that i'm not a bad person so maybe Allah will forgive me for not covering up. But I feel we should always try to be the best of Muslims rather then a mediocre one so if this act makes me a better muslim then i am all for it. in the end its not politics or motorbikes that matter but its how you take care of your relationship with our Creator that matters...

    1. No one can force us or justify whether to wear or not except ourselves ...helped by Allah of course ..:) ... So, make sure don't vote those politicians who'd force us. They can, via those having authority over Islamic religious laws in this country.

      Good for you having got the inspiration to wear the tudung. No harm to do so, to say the least. I've heard comments that wearing tudung avoids time spent on making one''s hair. Let them that choice. But ensure no Islamic religious bigots get to control this country.

    2. Thanks but I'm not actually trying to justify anything. I just feel that I'm okay as myself now. It's good that you feel better after wearing tudung. However, I don't feel that way. I feel better if I can do something good...among other things. Guess different people have different ways of how to feel good.

    3. Adi bin Hatim was asking Rasulullah SAW (during his conversion from Chritsianity to Islam) about his generous late father Hatim (pagan).

      Rasulullah answered "he gets was he asked for".
      Means: - Hatim spent money to treat people and he is famous for it. He gets the fame he was looking for (not the Jannah)"

  25. Sure, feel free to try to be the best of Muslims so long one doesn't hinder the right of others to do so in their own way. Avoid judging the Muslims like saying mediocre ones or trying to be holier than thou like that Syed Shi'ah bloke often does.

    Me making a value judgement on that Syed? But I have appointed myself a kind of religious Policeman in Annie's blog, hehe.

  26. One way to feel good is to sayang us, Annie. The males among us. Choose between Haj Zin of Alor Gajah PDH (Peaceful, Prosperous, Democratic, Harmonious, whatever) and me, hehe.

    Jangan marah folks, must lighten up the too many serious commenters in here, correct Hj?

    Alamak, the spelling prompter always shows up each and every time I type the word commenter. Woii you people in Oxford Dictionary PLC and Webster Inc, can you please add that word into your listing. And avoid making my life miserable in the morning!


    1. Whatever/ whoever turns her on kan(?) Sdr Anon 18: 01
      although there are restrictions in KB.
      Nothing has however been enacted as law in any state.

      Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu Bandar Raya Islam (MPKB-BRI) has introduced regulations for covering of aurat in business premises
      since 2002
      ( under Undang2 Kecil Trade Perniagaan MPKB-BRI 1986 )
      although enforcement is apparently not frequent.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  27. Memang tidak ada suruhan yang jelas menutup rambut dalam AlQuran. Pada saya mudah sahaja . Ketika solat mengadap Allah swt, kita menutup seluruh tubuh kecuali muka dan kedua tapak tangan. Kenapa tidak kita gunakan garis panduan ini dalam adab berpakaian ketika bercampur gaul dengan sesama manusia?
    Wanita dari Mazhab Mazhab lain tidak mengikut kod etika berpakaian seperti kita Mahzab Syafie, ketika bersolat,. Kalau kita bersolat di Masjidil Haram dan Masjid Nabawai kita akan lihat wanita wanita dari Asia tengah bila bersolat mereka hanya bersolat dengan pakaian yang mereka pakai.
    Bila kita bersolat bercampur dengan mereka, banyak gangguan yang kita akan deritai! Di dalam solat banyak pergerakan mereka yang menggangu konsentrasi Jemaah lain. Antaranya, sekejap sekejap mereka membetulkan saree yang menutup kepala. Pergerakan dalam solat menyebabkan pakaian mereka mengembang. Pernah satu masa, ketika sujud kepala saya termasuk di dalam kain saree mereka!
    Apa yang ingin saya tegaskan di sini, berpakaian mengikut kod etika kita bersolat, gangguan kepada Jemaah lain amat kurang. Sudah tentu konsentrasi kita dan Jemaah lain ketika mengadap Allah swt lebih tinggi. Warna telekung adalah putih, walaupun Jemaah wanita Indonesia ada yang suka bertelekung berwarna warni. Ketika solat terutamanya, adalah sunat memakai pakaian warna putih.
    Warna putih merupakan identity pakaian bersolat kaum Muslimah. Etika pakaian yang khusus tidak dipraktikan oleh agama lain kecuali golongan ‘monk’. Ini membezakan wanita Muslimah dengan yang bukan!.
    Banyak lagi hujah yang boleh dikemukakan. Mungkin ramai yang menganggap apa yang saya kemukakan sebagai remeh temeh, tetapi kalau ianya tidak menyusahkan kenapa tidak kita teruskan?
    Memakai tudung tidak merimaskan Annie! Bertudung jika dipakai dengan teratur dan kemas menambahkan keayuan wanita yang memakainya! Paling penting ianya membezakan wanita Islam dengan yang bukan. Kita juga memilih makanan yang bertutup dari makanan yang terdedah!

    1. Aiyyo, sampai masuk kes typhoid ke dalam kain tudung ke, hehe

    2. "Ketika solat mengadap Allah swt, kita menutup seluruh tubuh kecuali muka dan kedua tapak tangan. Kenapa tidak kita gunakan garis panduan ini dalam adab berpakaian ketika bercampur gaul dengan sesama manusia?"

      Kalau kita guna logik saudara ni... saya ada pertanyaan lain "sejak bila Allah sama standard dengan manusia?". Quran dah terang dan nyata takde sebut pasal tutup rambut.. kenapa kita manusia suka sangat membantah ajaran Quran?

    3. Kalau dah "Memang tidak ada suruhan yang jelas menutup rambut dalam AlQuran", kasi Muslimin bebas milih le, Beb. Atau Minah.

      Nak lobi pihak berkuasa keluar fatwa baru ke? Jangan le, sebab nanti heboh sekampung lagi. Ada pulak yang nak pindah ke kampung lain. Kalo bedebah DAP nak pindah berhijrah ke, lain le. Hah takat sini aje boleh sentuh politik kali nih.

    4. Nyata komen 10:34 tuh tarak logik.

      Menanya "sejak bila Allah sama standard dengan manusia? Quran dah terang dan nyata takde sebut pasal tutup rambut.. kenapa kita manusia suka sangat membantah ajaran Quran?"

      Bukan saja tak lojik, malahan sangat bodoh dia ngata begitu. Kalau tak ada di terang di dlm Qur'an, pakai tudung bukan nya "membantah ajaran Qur"an". Mana dia firman Tuhan atau fatwa pihak berkuasa mengatakan pakai tudung tuh "membantah ajaran Qur"an"?

      Kena kantoi dia. Dah tinggal kontol saja.

  28. Annie,

    U sudah salah faham when you quoted Mr Syed article as...."It's interesting to me because Syed Akbar was arguing that Muslim women are not actually required by Allah to cover their head"....please read it back slowly the article! Because of your comment, now most of your reader have negative perception towards Mr Syed.

    Mr Syed menegur seorang hamba Allah yg memberi terjemahan ayat al-Quran dengan menokok-tambah kepada ayat yg asal. He did not said anywhere in that article that women are not actually required to cover their head. Infact, he even provided few other reference in al-Quran that related to Hijab at the end of his article.

    Annie, walaupun dalam Islam tiada paksaan tetapi tertulis dalam al-Quran yg menyebut dgn jelas akan kewajipan lelaki dan wanita untuk menutup aurat. So, my question is....dimanakah aurat perempuan? Dan bagaimanakah bentuk dan caranya utk kita menutup kesemua aurat tersebut?? No matter whether it is hijab or topi or whatever.....I believe u can find the answer urself.....allahualam....

    1. Clearly you haven't been reading Syed Akbar's writing on islamic issues before this. Or you're both from inside the box

    2. You may be outside the box, but that is not a respectable place to be, Mister. The fact that he does not publish dissenting comments and erases entire posts and comments after 1-2 days shows he has no balls.

      Takut kena sue ke ape. Baling batu sorok tangan. Something like "hidden hands" of you know who.

      Or are you Syed himself trying to defend yourself against a barrage of condemnation in hideous ways here. Give up lah. Tarak beef, man.

    3. Tu kan blog dia..suka hati la dia nk tulis apa or x nk jwb komen ke..klu x puas ati sgt bt la blog baru anti outsyed hentam dia ari2 kan least dia letak nma penuh bt anonymous yg xde telo agaknya..

  29. I think most so-called Muslims are screwed-up. They always talked about women having to wear ‘tudung’ to over their nakedness. They always talked about women attracting the opposite gender. They never read about Prophet Yusof, a man, who attracted the sexual desire of many women until they cut their fingers looking at him.

    Try reading the Quraan in the Arabic with the help of a dictionary and you will find that most of the translations are flawed. The Quraan is a book on logical thinking. There is no discrepancy in it. If you find any discrepancy then re-look your understanding. It teaches you about a peaceful way of life through justice system which says that punishment should commensurate with the crime. You should always be righteous to God and others and you serve God by doing all the good things. You must not partner God with anything or anyone.

    1. 11:38,

      For those seriously wanting to know God's revelations, I strongly suggest they read the Qur'an that has proper, complete and thorough explanations and contexts of the words.

      Remember that the language of God's revelations as enshrined in the Qur'an are in the ancient Arabaic lnaguage, said Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the Greek History Lecturer who knew several languages and studied so many translations of the Qur'an in different languages, including Latin.

      It's very important to know what the ancient Arabic language/ words used in the Qur'an should mean. Not what the dictionary says the words mean. Or the dictionary may give more than one meaning. Who to say which one fits the context of the relevant revelations of God should be well versed in history etc. One may get misled or led astray or even confused otherwise.

      I sincerely recommend the translation, interpretation and commentary done by the said Abdullah Yusuf Ali in 1934 entitled:

      The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an
      Abdullah Yusuf Ali
      New Edition with Revised Translation and Commentary

      Amana Corporation
      Brentwood, Maryland, USA.

      Published in 1989.

    2. With translations on half of the pages of the Qur'anic verses, and and over 1,600 pages of commentaries at the bottom of those pages, containing explanations and historical references, you learn a lot of the history of Islam etc from that Greek History lecturer, too.

    3. It was not "done in 1934". He took years doing it. It was "completed" in 1934. It was published by others not long after that - in fact he said in the preface that he was "hurried" by people anxious to read what he wrote.

      In USA, Amana Corporation published it in 1989.

    4. Reading the translation, interpretation and commentary done by Abdullah Yusuf Ali will not clear the controversy over the kain tudong, and the many other controversies that exist in Islam.

      But it will surely help you understand God's revelations better, overall.

    5. It has often been said, and for a long, long time already that we pray etc in Arabic language without knowing what it means. Now many among us know Arabic and really understand what they say when praying etc.

      Those of us who don't know Arabic should try to understand what are said in the verses used in saying the five daily prayers. I confess to not knowing until to day. Cakap aje tau tapi tak buat.

      Forget about knowing dosa tidak tak pakai tudung - I don't even know what is meant when I utter the words during prayers. Read the translations but have not memorized the meaning like we have memorized the Arabic words since small. How jahil (ignorant?) I am.

      But I believe so many are like that. Btw, anybody knows the rule if we say our prayers in our own language, not Arabic?

    6. Seek and you shall find. Taken me many years to find the answer to this one. A tip, don't look for rule cos knowing God is not about people following rules and those rules are manipulated by men. Good luck.

  30. Laku comment section Annie bila bincang what a woman should or should not do. Funny isn't it?

    Something is wrong somewhere with the muslim communities nowadays.

    1. Wrong because of people like you. Talking about people forcing their views on others but you yourself are doing it. In offensive ways, too. Making fun of Muslims etc Driving a wedge among Muslims. Cakap tak serupa bikin bugger. DAP kind. Maybe even real DAP.

      All sorts of accusations but hardly any justification. I'm sure many among the readers who don't leave comments would just pooh pooh you.

  31. The non-believers were busy building innovation useful to mankind, inventing more powerful long-range missile to stay ahead in the arm-race, exploring the universe, searching inhabitable planets to escape doomsday or kiamat. (The Jew and Christian belief in Kiamat too) and yet the so-called believers are still busy quarreling, accusing one another infidel, to some extent, killing each other over what they thought pleases Allah or what transpired 1400 years ago.

    1. Wat u suggest we do, O wise man?

      Don't ever say nasty things, you'll get hauld in under POTA or SOSMA. 28 days in lock up, man, kincing berak same place as you eat sleep.

    2. The Iranians have now got long-range missile capability - up to Israel, the bastard illegally conceived state they have sworn to annihilate from the face of the earth.

      The Pakistanis have got nuclear bombs. But the Khan or whatever bloke nuclear scientist responsible for it went to help the bloody communist North Koreans for money or what.

      The bastard Israeli Zionists shouted until they went hoarse when Obama got a deal with Iran in the recent talks, that Setanyahu said will allow Iran to get the materials they need for military strength, after promising no development of nuclear weapons that bloody Israelis already got, helped by the heavily Jewish-influenced Yanks to build several decades ago.

      But Iran nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes remain intact. Setanyahu jumping up and down like a monkey saying not to trust the Iranians promise of not developing nuclear weapons on the quiet. This is one very rare occasion I agree with the bastard Setanyahu but I don't jump up and down in protest, In fact, I clap, clap, clap.

      Won't you, 12:25?

    3. Anon 16:09

      If you'd string your words properly, it would be more easy to understand what you're trying to say. And please stop swearing. Your hatred of the Jews is unfounded, if you're not an Arab, that is.

      A nuclear powered spaceship? Yeah. That's the the way to go for the Iranians. Only a fool would venture into the universe on a fossil-fueled spacecraft. At least we could rely on the Iranians to represent the Muslims in outer-space when the earth, the Milky-way included, is gone.
      The rest of the so-called Muslims could clap, clap, clap, clap.....relentlessly.

    4. Now wat the bluudy hell are you looking for a fight for, Mr RD? Wat "string your words properly" are you talk?

      "it would be more easy to understand what you're trying to say"? How your Englaaaand language talk "more easy"? No heard the word "easier"?

      And what swearing the bluudy Jews are you worried about? You in love with them? And what Your hatred of the Jews is unfounded? You dunno not many Muslims love the Jews when you see on TV and read everyday about them bullying the Palestinians. You know it's been so since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War? Nearly 50 years? What the fcuk you........

      You not Muslim? Have ear plug? Use it lorr when you enter a Muslim-owned blog talking about Muslim subject. Understand? Ada ngarti? Wakaru? Maronong? Watusi gubladuk? Chiisshh.

    5. The RD bloke is a nasty bugger, eh? Calling us "the so-called Muslims". And what are you, dude? A monkey like Setanyahu?

      You have not contributed an iota of good in this post. Not one word about pakai tudung or any of the subjects related to pakai tudung or constructive views on Islamic laws and jurispudence. Come in just to irritate us Muslims? You belong to the ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukit?

      We'll get the Iranian Khomeini put you on their spacecraft shot into space heading nowhere, ok. What a blardy nincompoof.

    6. Woi so-called RD,

      You katak bawah tempurung never been to Englaaannd and heard the Brits often use the word bloody, bloke etc in pubs, clubs and elsewhere arr?

      Even the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London (membership exclusive to graduates of those 2 august and gentlemen-breeding universities) have the walls of their bar, lounge, lunch, dinner and banquet halls thickened with those words over the many years of its founding, d'ya know that?

      You Stupid bloke. Sure the High Court would say this word is not defamatory when applied to you, like in the case it ruled not long ago.

    7. I hope the gomen don't send you to England to learn how to scorn people who are not on the same wavelength with you.

      Birds of the same feathers, flock together in pubs and clubs? And that's where you picked-up those foul language?

      PM Najib was UK educated too. Because of him, bangang, barua, bangsat, haramjadah, are no longer defamatory.

      The next time when you're in the UK, I suggest you come-out of your tempurung, hang-out on your own in pubs (without your Malaysian friends) and mix around with the Brits, to learn more of their hospitality. Don't be afraid to walk alone in the dark and deserted alleys, too.
      I did that in Japan, with the Japanese, of-course. Thanks to Dr.M's look East policy.

    8. Its true so called muslim like 20:52 only talk about kemaluan pompuan. cisshh.. tudung is not in the Quran..TUDUNG TAK DE DALAM KORAN...ada faham..? now go and play with yourself muahaha.
      Another so call muslim who is the same so called muslim above should fark off... this blog for free hair loving men only ma... sosma you...!!!!

  32. Ada yang mengata keadaan dah jauh berbeza dari zaman Nabi Muhammad. Dan keadaan di padang pasir tak sama dgn di Tropika. Isu kain tudung boleh di kata begitu?

    Memang, yang ikhlas dan tak nak menipu tak sebut itu semua. Annie pulak sampai sanggup mengaku dia sinning tak pakai tudung. Walau pun nyata di debat ini bahawa peserta peserta berbelah bagi. Rasa nya hampir tiada yang kata berdosa kalau tak pakai tudung.

    Tapi, seriously, boleh ke kata pakai tudung itu tak perlu di sisi agama di negara ini? Ha nya isu budaya saja, bukan agama? Yang kata kena tutup rambut supaya tak naikkan nafsu lelaki dan hal terhiris jari sebab tertaik kpd Nabi Yusuf tu Hadith ke? Kalau betul Hadith pun, itu bukan isu perempuan tak tutup rambut menaikkan nafsu lelaki. Itu kes pompuan naik nafsu bila lihat Nabi Yusuf - kalau le betul cerita itu.

    Jadi, apa kesimpulan nya? Nampak nya tak boleh jadi moderator aku nih. Nak cari kesimpulan sampai aku dah tersimpul. Ok le, korang simpulkan aje. Aku pun dah penat, ada program lain pulak.

    See you another time, kekawan.

  33. Most of you seems to be anti-Shiah but you still believe that translation of the Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, a Shiah, is still the best translation.



      Abdullah Yusuf Ali was a renowned Sunni translator and commentator of the Qur'an. His translation and commentary has been very popular in the Islamic and ...

      Dec 2, 2009 - Abdullah Yusuf Ali is a renowned SUNNI English translator and commentator of the Qur'an scholar. A couple of 'revised' editions have ...

  34. In issues like this I always like to relate this story about an argument between an atheist and a believer. They were both arguing about the existence of God, the afterlife, of heaven and hell. To conclude the never ending argument the believer said to the atheist.....
    " If you are right and I am wrong , then all I miss is a good time in this life. But if I am right and you are wrong , omg, you are going to have a hard time for long time to come."

  35. Tok guru zaman Malaya & Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pun tak pernah dengar hukum pakai hijabsta ni! Bini-bini depa pun tak pakai! Habis kuat pun selendang ( which is equivalent to khimar.)
    Yang start kecoh ni masa late 70's onwards.
    Lepaih revolusi Iran. Masa ni lah melayu mula jumpak hukum ni. Kalau tak pakai akhirat nanti kepala menggelegak kena rebus dek malaikat.

    Sungguh cetek ilmuan Islam kita dulu ya...
    Kesian kat bini Prof Hamka , Dato' Asri etc.

    Basically, semua pompuan yang hidup dan mati sebelum late 70's , kita boleh conclude, mereka akan kena azab sebab tak pakai tudung.

    1. Betul sebab TUDUNG BUKAN hal besar... Tak de tuhan nak kenakan azab pasal tudung. Tuhan maha pengasih. Lagipun banyak lagi dosa besar diantara manusia yang lelaki lakukan..rasuah..makan duit zakat..makan duit anak yatim...
      Konsep dosa ni untuk manusia berkelakuan baik dan bertamadun. Bukan maknnya kita buat benda baik sebab takut dongeng arab.

  36. Kepada semua Malaysian yang berhujah di sini,

    Kepada semua yang percaya dan ambil Alquran itu,
    - mengikut faham dia sendiri,
    - Atau ikot ulama Sunni atau Shiah,
    - atau terjemahan Abdullah Yusuf Ali

    Kita mesti laa ada house rule di bumi Malaysia?

    Let's live and let live....tak payah nak cekik, bunuh sesama sendiri - sebab your interpretation is better than mine etc etc

    After all we ARE following the SAME book kan?

    Buku yang need gaduh.
    Do your fardu wajib sunat harus actions.
    Do your good niats.

    After all if we believe in kiamat, hari pembalasan, day of judgement, the hereafter....

    We will meet Allah Sorang2, our Amal do the points....tak ada syaafaat kecuali dgn izinNya,

    And He will tell us dimana kita berseliseh faham,

    So let's have some thinking into how we should live peacefully here in Malaysia, and take His bounty, faadilat, peace to BETTER atau Solleh our lives.

    ....and sorry to refer again, that He will put rijsa atau najis onto those yang tak mahu guna akal.