Saturday 16 June 2018

Better Guan Eng than Anwar

I'm still at the house in Puchong where my father's immediate family members gathered for the first day of raya.

It's actually the house of my aunts.

All three of them are singles.

All are life-long BN supporters despite none being member of any political party.

I joined their conversation in the kitchen this afternoon and among the things we discussed was a little bit of politics.

They seemed to take the recent BN's defeat in good humour.

"Memang dah teruk, patut lah kalah. Cuma yang power sekarang ni DAP lah. Padan muka kita," said one of them with a laugh.

That's more or less the tone of their little political talks.

Interestingly, they didn't seem to care much about Umno's future and its coming party polls.

"Umno macam tu lah....tak kan berubah nya. Cerita pun buat letih je," said my other aunt.

They were actually more interested about PH, especially Dr Mahathir's leadership of the ruling coalition.

One of them is still a great admirer of Dr Mahathir, another is now against him after he went against BN, and the third, should I say, appeared neutral.

The one who is now against Dr Mahathir raised the question of what will happen to PH after the handsome old man is no longer around to hold the coalition together.

"Kan dah janji nak bagi kat Anwar," said my neutral aunt.

Then the two of them got quite a bit serious on the merits of Anwar replacing Dr Mahathir at the head of PH and as PM, with Azmin's name being mentioned several times as an alternative.

My other aunt, the one still admires Dr Mahathir then suddenly came out with a surprising remark.

"Daripada bagi kat Anwar tu jadi PM, lebih baik lah bagi kat Lim Guan Eng," she said.

My other two aunts laughed at that but it turned out that she was quite serious about it.

She really doesn't like Anwar.

She was a UPM student in the early 1970s when Anwar was a popular student leader.

"Anwar tu pandai buat bising dengan buat kecoh je. Menyusahkan orang. Baik la Lim Guan Eng tu lagi. Alang-alang, bagi je DAP perintah," she said.

Well, maybe she has a point.

Why not, right?

Hahaha....whatever lah.

Still, I hope Dr Mahathir will be around for a long time more.

I think it can be quite scary if he's no longer around.


  1. Annie,

    Between Tun M and Anwar, yes majority will prefer Tun M. I mean this version of Tun M.

    But, define Anwar to be scarry? I don't get it.

    He and his family not that kind of Birkin, Hermes, Hublot kind of people. They are kind of modest.

    Can you imagine Wan Azizah using Birkin or Hublot watches or Pink Diamond? I do not think so.

    He was pardoned for sexual offences. Some say political motivated, But, he is now 71 years of age. What can he do at his age.

    How about being a dictator?

    At the moment Pakatan is not like BN, every component party, the 4 of them are treated equally.

    So, I think the worried is unjustified.

    The most important thing is that, there should be reformed, hopefully when the new parliament sesion started next month.

    The new PM must not be more then 2 term.

    MACC and AG under parliament so they are free from the executives.

    I think people worry too much, Tun M just started his duty, still a long time to transfer power.

    I am not afraid of brother Anwar.

    But there is one snake from India keep on writing bad about him. I do not know what is his motivation and obsession.

    1. U and everybody should.
      He go to the malay village and become an assyeikh al fadil al azhar scholar.

      When he meet the eact cost fella, he gonna say he stick with the original islamic teaching.

      After he came back to city hectic life, he gonna say 'well im a moderate, pragmatic, liberal secular bla bla bla..

      Do u think that brader really put nation interest above all?

      Heck.. rule of law didnt apply to him, freedom of speech and press will be allowed as long as not went against his interest.
      There is no 'de facto' post in the pkr constitution and hence hold no right yet he is powerful than the president who turn out to be his wife.

      Just after PM announce the 3 senior ministers candidate, rafizi start open fire in public.
      For what?
      To show that pkr president in the presidential council is a dumb stupid leader or there is an unconstitutional leader pull the string from behind?

      And as a husband of DPM, he has authority over PM to advise the king and get the new AG appointed
      Yeah.. that how msia constitution dictate.

      He either stupid enough dont know how to run a govt or dellusional about being a superhero saving this beloved country.

    2. In summary, you are saying that Anwar is incompetence and could not be trusted.

      Some may argue that during his time as the finance minister, there were no budget deficit.

      Furthermore, with competence back-up from DAP, Amanah, Bersatu. He might be able to lead a good government.

      Second point, you said that he cannot be trusted.

      He never did anything from the past that can be seen as corrupt, I mean monetary sense.

      So, all this might be perception and the truth.

      Politician, bloggers say this and that. Not all are truth.

      The mandate for Pakatan is Tun M as PM no 7 and Anwar for PM no 8.

      That is the agreement between the Pakatan Coalition.

      Of course on GE 15, we can choose whichever person we want to run as PM.

      I think Pakatan need to formulate a method to decide who is the best leader.

      In Indonesia, they had an election, just to select a President. That would be a better way but we are not using that kind of system.

  2. tak apa why u worries when the dog of top dog not around anymore tadi dah doa mintak tuhan paanjang kan umo dog dog 120tahun lagi... mudah mudahan makbul doa ako tu jangan takooot..

  3. Bodoh lim guan eng dan DAP tak layak memerintah.

  4. The "Unforgettable" Tun Mahathir .......

  5. This I have to agree Annie...

    Sedago Mimpi
    2nd Syawal BKK

  6. Annie,

    //Cuma yang power sekarang ni DAP lah//

    This reminds me of what one of your readers said about the UMNO meeting he attended - "Semua ni salah DAP" :)

    //Umno macam tu lah....tak kan berubah nya.//


    Sounds like they think Zahid is a shoo-in to become el Presidente.

    Poor Ku Li.

    //Why not, right?//

    Because Anwar Ibrahim will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, that's why not. :)

    No ifs, no buts.

    //Still, I hope Dr Mahathir will be around for a long time more.//

    My guess? A max of 3 years.

    //I think it can be quite scary if he's no longer around. //

    No, it will not be scary.

    If Mahatir is smart, he will behind a better Malaysia then he found it.

    If Anwar is smart, he will try to keep Malaysia on the straight and narrow.

    One false step from Anwar and the rakyat will bring back BN.

    We, the rakyat, might not be able to move mountains but we know we can change governments :)


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  8. Brader Anver..God forbid.Harap dia betul betul dah berubah dan bertaubat.Old habits die hard.Itu kadang kadang saya takut.Manusia mungkin berubah balik bila kuasa dah di tangan.

    Ambik contoh Paklah n Jibby.Do you expect dia orang macam tu bila dah berkuasa?


  9. I tends to agreed with your aunt (ex UPM student) ,what we wants is a good and well manage government .

    What could LGE do that could have negative outcome to the Malays future , Malay is the majority .

    A Malay turned around has put him in Putrajaya and a Malay could do otherwise .

  10. Trying to sow hatred and rift in PH ? Try harder Annie. Your writings are just like Joceline Tan of the Star

    1. Annie is not paid.

      Every time she writes something, PH benefits!

  11. You are quite right in saying that it will be quite scary if Tun M is not around. Anwar is a wild card and is an instigator who is just an orator with no leadership quality. But don't worry, Tun M will around, so pray for him lah.

  12. Selamat pagi semua
    Berhati hati di Jalan raya
    Buat lambat asal selamat

    Jho Low

    1. Jho Low, aku rasa kalau engko diet jadi kurus sikit rasanya boleh jadi lebih handsome dari Guan Eng. Try lah.

  13. 1/2

    Let's be candid today.

    The present national situation is stark:

    (a) we are saddled with a mountain of debts, the servicing of which alone will eat into funds meant for future operating and development budgets, thereby raising the specter of a downward vicious cycle for the next generations in the absence of credible solutions to reform education, bridge middle-income traps, bypass the resource curse and build 21st century relevance;

    (b) the cause of BN's downfall is Umno subset PAS - Malays who cheated and stole while raising mobocratic racism and religious supremacy to justify their crimes and hypocrisy against the citizens of all races including their own; for instance, no matter how they try to hide their hides, you only need to follow the likes of DemiNegara and JebatMustDie in the mould of the Hamid Mohamad's still in the woodworks to know how entrenched is hypocritical Malay racism because Pakatan winning this round was less the absence of that racism and more a Malay anger against the excesses of the Umno warlords and PAS hypocrisy. You know that as much - because no moderate and untainted Malay from the non-political arena has ever come out pre-GE14 to rile against such continued malpractices of national administration. Furthermore, PAS has managed to win enough seats to take two states because there are still Malays who disdain Pakatan on account of DAP inasmuch they reject Umno on religious grounds.

    A post-Mahathir era for Malaysia must therefore drain these two swamps of mess if only to end the dynamic of racism and religious zealotry that have been the twin causes of division which has hampered a unity necessary to build world-relevant real progress to include our Malays and other citizens.

    When asked in 2015 the one thing he would like the most to happen for Malaysia, Mahathir answered a fair share of both political and economic power for all. The reason why Umno seized all political power was to counterbalance the perceived economic power wielded by the Chinese citizens despite the fact 70% of the Chinese citizens are wage-earners no different from our Malay brothers and sisters. The end-result of that seizure sold by demonizing the Chinese on an outright falsehood was our Malay monetizing political power to scam the national funds under the guise of constitutional rights. Readers, you don't need a Daim or an LGE to tell you that. You only need Ya'Allah to tell Daim and LGE to tell you. HE has and so they did.

    1. "....outright falsehood was our Malay monetizing political power to scam the national funds under the guise of constitutional rights."

      Let's be accurate:

      "...outright falsehood was UMNO monetizing political power to scam the national funds under the guise of constitutional rights."

      PKR, PPBM and Amanah never did that.

      It was 100% UMNO.

      So "Malays" is not accurate.

    2. Chill today, baby, it's a nice day anyway:

  14. 2/2

    So, quo vadis, Malaysian political leadership? Mahathir is mentally stronger but physically weaker than Anwar. Anwar is good for talking but his conversations are starting to meander. LGE still has not discarded his opposition robes. There are others in the cabinet who are still learning the ropes while finding out the horrific mess left by a BN administration after sixty crapshoot years which have only been effective for washing the minds of satiated old women sitting in kitchens ruminating days bygone. And if you tell me that BN in particular Umno has done remarkably well in running this country, can you ask yourselves whether by saying so you have displayed a modicum of standards and knowledge as to what would constitute a better government, for that matter a more progressive country?

    Give her amnesty, bring back Rafidah. Heck, tell me now why can't we have a Ukrainian queen as well? She's an inspiring looker, don't you think too?

    So = go ahead without fear - internationalize the mindset of our Malays. That's the ONLY pivotal national target to achieve. It's the only insurance against the return of the Umno-PAS compact in GE15 which will definitively finish off this country, especially those of our Malays who still think they are more Malaysians than the others.

    After all, a KL-KY partnership is regressive. They have no backbones enough to run rule-by-law governance, economic inasmuch political. And that is why Pakatan must remain, point true north, constantly remind themselves the remits given them by the rakyat - do the fucking right thing from now on. Or, all die.

    Ok, Annie?

    1. Yup, Got it. Malays are racists and religious bigots. That's why Malaysia is the worst country in the world.

    2. Ok, now Annie is going to say how she is going to save Malaysia's reputation as the worst country in the world, DOJ notwithstanding.

      Go ahead, here's the mike:....

    3. Errr...make Guan Eng PM?

    4. Anonymous17 June 2018 at 11:49

      Ehhhh brader, don't try reason or logic with Annie lah.

      Very low IQ, but awek chun for sure.

      Just be grateful she's doing this for free as a Very Neutral Blogger, otherwise someone sure would be wasting their money!

    5. Does anyone have a photo of Annie ?

  15. No, Annie. Make Rafidah PM! I am all for those who raise the cradle and hold the sky. We don't want Bungs, do we?

    ps: you're beautiful even without makeup.

    1. Just to clarify something in case the way i write be misconceived.

      I believe we need to be Malaysians first before our respective races second. Down to practicalities, we must learn to share more. This means if we can help one another, we should. To personal progress must now be added national progress. It's not a zero-sum game. If someone is helped up, that someone can help others up while also being able to buy more, trader's parlance aside.

      I believe under the same sky we all suffer the same lot. And given that fate, it is more productive to help one another. Why create rancor?

      That said, those who are helped must not take advantage of the help to expect it continuously but use the help to help others in turn while showing goodwill to those who have helped them in much the same way a candle loses none of its light by lighting other candles.

      By and large, our Malays are a decent and friendly lot just as our Chinese, Indians and others are decent and friendly lots. (And our Kadazan women are hot).

      The cultural differences should be what can make this country great not what to be used to divide communities under the spell of mistrust and hatred.

      Now, have i earned a small birkin bag at least?

    2. I am curious how Annie looks like. Where can i view Annie's photo ?

  16. Abolish Article 153 then talk la dey.

  17. Anonymous @ 17 June 2018 at 17:11,

    //Where can i view Annie's photo ?//



  18. One thing for sure it is much better then anyone in umngok.