Friday, 14 December 2018

About Yeo Bee Yin's condescending letter (updated)

Okay, apparently the Pakatan anti-Lynas people got quite excited over an open letter yesterday from minister in charge of environment Yeo Bee Yin to Lynas workers whose workplace she is trying to shut down.

Some went to my last posting about Dr Mahathir and Proton X70, which has nothing to do with Lynas, and started to bitch about that letter.

Ya, they did that despite claiming that they were tired of me writing about the Lynas issue which they said is outdated and boring.

The letter was quite long but basically, Yeo Bee Yin was telling the Lynas workers that she is sweet, nice and cares for them and that if they lose their job, it's because the Lynas management refused to take care of the residue of their plant in Gebeng Kuantan due to greed.

The Pakatan people were really lapping it up.

Especially, the part where Yeo Bee Yin said the amount of residue was so dangerously huge and that Lynas had promised to ship it to Australia.

Well, I don't actually want to write too much about it because I know the Pakatan trolls will just turn around and say I'm spinning (maybe even racial spinning too :).

So, since it's about the residue, lets look at what the Lynas review committee, which was set up by the Pakatan government and expert members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin herself, has to say about it.

This is from page 57 of the committee's report;

So how? Okay or not.

For the residue, got words such as "dikendalikan dengan sempurna" and "menunjukan hasil yang positif dan berpotensi untuk dikomersialkan".

The committee - (again I repeat) set-up by Pakatan government and members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin - said Lynas was doing exactly what they were told to do by the authorities and there was no danger from the residue of the plant. In fact the residue could even be turned into useful stuff.

The committee - (again I repeat) set-up by Pakatan government and members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin - went to the plant to check things out (properly I believe) and came out with the report, but of course Yeo Bee Yin, who has never been to (and refused to visit) the plant  doesn't like it and made her own conclusions to suit her political agenda.

Yup instead of considering the committee's report, she straight goes to "you ship out the residue or we'll shut you down" and "you refuse to ship out the residue because you are greedy money grabbing bastards".


For the answer, read this previous post of mine again, okay;

Why Yeo Bee Yin and gang want to close down Lynas

Anyway, for the part where she said she cares for the Lynas workers.....this one I have to laugh, okay.

She never even wants to see them.

Yes, Lynas invited her multiple times to visit the plant in Gebeng, Kuantan to check the place herself and also meet the workers there.

You know, any caring minister would have accepted the invitation. After all, the livelihood of hundreds of workers is at stake here and the welfare of their families will be affected.

But no....she didn't want to go. For her, Lynas and everyone associated with it are enemies. That's the DAP mentality as I understand it.

That's how she sees them from the start.

And when she sent in the committee, which members she herself appointed to check on the plant, she refused to follow its findings and recommendations, which didn't point towards the closure of those people's workplace.

Seriously, you all think she cares about those workers losing their job and finding it difficult to support their families. Think again. They are not even her type of people.

She tried to sound nice in the letter merely because that's the expected public relation exercise.

To me, she just sounds condescending.

If she is really sincere about those Lynas people, she should at least visit their work place, meet them and get to know them.

Then she would know that there are among those people whose livelihood she was tyring to take away for her political agenda, individuals such as a single mother who is rising seven children on her own, a man who lost his leg in an accident and given a job by Lynas at its office and a girl from one of the villages near the plant whose education was financed by the company since she was in school and later given a job there so that she could support  her poor family.

There are many more such individuals working for Lynas and the orang kampung near the plant who support the existence of the Lynas plant there because it benefits their community. Yeo Bee Yin should meet and talk to them.

Those are real people, I'm talking about, okay.

Then again, I believe Yeo Bee Yin sees them as mere statistics that not worth her time to meet.

All that she cares for is the political mileage to be gain by shutting down those people's workplace.

And when she said in the letter that she is in Poland, I really laughed aloud.

Biodiversity conference or something....err, Yeo Bee Yin, you didn't tell people ka your own state of Johor got three Ramsar sites in danger?

Yeo Bee Yin, you stay there so long ka?

All those past months you can't see them? Why? So busy is it?

Hey Yeo Bee Yin, you are taking away their livelihood and causing them and their family to suffer and you didn't even bother to check on them.

That's not nice okay.

UPDATES at 08:23 Dec 15 2018

Lynas refutes minister further

KUALA LUMPUR – December 14, 2018: Lynas Corporation Ltd. has clarified that the letters of undertaking concerning the removal of its residue that it signed in 2012 requires the company to first find out if the residue can be recycled.
If that fails, Lynas must then store the residue in a permanent depository facility (PDF), failing which the residue must be taken out of Malaysia, explained the company in a statement today following a claim that the letters were proof of Lynas’ non-compliance.
“The letter signed by the then Lynas executive chairman on February 23, 2012, explicitly states that Lynas Corporation Australia hereby gives a full undertaking to, if necessary, remove from Malaysia all wastes generated by the Lynas Advance Material Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, during the temporary operating licence’s (TOL) period,” says the statement.
The Atomic Energy Licensing Board had issued three consecutive operating licences to Lynas — the September 2012 to September 2014 TOL, and the September 2014 to September 2016 and September 2016 to September 2019 full operating licences.
The issue of residue-removal non-compliance was highlighted by Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin yesterday when she questioned the commitment of Lynas to remove its residue from Malaysia.
While Yeo claimed that it would only cost Lynas about 10 per cent of its earnings to export the residue, the company retorted that her figures were inaccurate and that she misquoted the analysts who Yeo based her arguments from.
“The analyst also referenced Lynas’ security deposit paid to the Malaysian government’s AELB (not insurance) which had, as one of its purposes, the establishment of a permanent deposit facility.
“In reaching his view, the analyst had assumed that this deposit would be used to pay for some of the cost of exporting the WLP (Lynas’ residue), on the basis that a permanent deposit facility would no longer be required,” states Lynas.
The company’s latest tangle with the ministry happened after the latter ordered it to export its WLP residue which contradicts an independent review committee’s recommendation that the residue be permanently stored in a PDF, which it is currently working on.
In the review from the committee formed by the ministry, Lynas earned a favourable verdict and was vindicated from any malpractice but yet the ministry made decisions contradicting the committee’s findings and recommendations, something which Lynas finds most inappropriate.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Handsome old man and Proton X70

Well, this is nice,

Hopefully the handsome old man will not be angry about the Proton-Geely partnership anymore.

This is what he said at the launch of the X70 last night,

PM hopes Proton-Geely collaboration will 

produce truly Malaysian car

Honestly, I don't mind a car not so truly Malaysian if it works well, unlike previous Proton cars which people complained so much about.

But, I do understand how Dr Mahathir feels about the whole thing as Proton is his baby.

Ya, hopefully there will be a truly Malaysian car one day. A truly good one, that is.

Anyway, watching this video made me quite tempted;

But, I think I'll wait for the full review first.

Okay, that's all for today.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Why Yeo Bee Yin and gang want to close down Lynas

This is from yesterday,

Lynas employees fear losing jobs, 

hand memo to govt


Their representative, Jumaat Mansor, told reporters at the entrance to Parliament that Lynas may be facing problems with compliance, which may lead to the company not having its licence renewed by the government in September next year.
If the problem is not dealt with immediately, more than 1,000 employees – 97 per cent of whom are locals – will be out of job and this could affect more than 4,000 members of their households.
“We are gathering here today hoping the government will reconsider its decision and think of the fate of the workers should the plant’s licence not be renewed,” he said.
I'm glad that the Lynas employees are still fighting for their rights and asking for fair treatment by the government.

I understand that they are doing it in face of adversity as the current government for now looks hell bent on closing down their workplace.

The minister in charge, Yeo Bee Yin even twisted the finding of the executive committee that she herself was tasked to set up to review Lynas' operations.

She insisted that Lynas must ship the residue of its plant to Australia while the actual fact was that the committee gave Lynas three options which were listed at number 28 on page 17 of its report.

I'm putting it here verbatim;

28. LPTA menguruskan residu radioaktif Water leached Purification (WLP) LAMP sepertimana yang ditetapkan oleh Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Parliamen 2012 yang memutuskan bahawa pengurusan buangan yang dihasilkan di LAMP perlu dilaksanakan seperti berikut:
a. pengkitaran semula buangan tersebut; atau
b. pelupusan buangan di fasiliti pelupusan kekal (permanent disposal facilities); atau
c. mengeksport keluar buangan ke negara asal. 

You may wonder why the minister did such a thing and the answer is simple - she, along with other Pakatan politicians, the likes of Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tack are to gain politically with the shutting down of Lynas.

Whether it's done rightfully or wrongfully doesn't really matter to them.

Yeo Bee Yin, has been an anti-Lynas advocate since the start when DAP used the issue to galvanise especially the Chinese community support for the party.

The anti-Lynas Himpunan Hijau rally in Kuantan in February, 2012 was the first ever with overwhelmingly Chinese-majority participants since 1969. It was later emulated at several other Bersih rallies.

Of course now the minister, who is from DAP couldn't allow Lynas to continue its operation even after the review committee found nothing wrong with it.

To allow Lynas to continue means admitting that DAP and its allies have all the while lied from the start of their smear campaign against BN way back before the 2013 general election.

This is what Yeo Bee Yin wrote about Lynas back then;

Well, it's actually nothing much - just her trying to convince people about how environmentally aware and knowledgeable that she was while whacking the then minister in charge of environment Maximus Ongkili over Lynas.

Now, she is the one in charge and you all can see that she is still trying to profit politically from the whole thing to the point of twisting facts laid down by the Lynas review committee which members she herself appointed.

Does she really care about the environment?

Well, she was silent on the potential destruction of three Ramsar sites in Johor, which is her own state.

You can read that in this previous post of mine;

Re-gazetting Pulau Kukup and others, 

Yeo Bee Yin and gang should support

Some Pakatan supporters had argued that Yeo Bee Yin should be excused as she was inexperienced and that's why she was clueless about Ramsar sites and such.

I don't think that's a good excuse for a minister in charge of environment who once tried to convince people about how knowledgeable and caring she was for the envoironment.

Well, she seems to know a lot about Lynas though. She apparently knows so much that she even ignored facts laid out by experts appointed by herself to review Lynas' operations.

And those other Pakatan self-proclaimed environmentalists Fuziah and Wong Tack....what a bunch of fakes.

Ya, that's what I think of them.

It's all just for their political interests.

It doesn't matter to them if people lose their jobs because they make decisions and campaigned on an issue based on lies and twisted facts.

They also don't care if investors shy away from this country because our government chase away or penalise fellow investors just because a minister and some politicians on its side wanted to benefit politically from it doing so.

That's what this Lynas issue is all about now.

Oh, ya, they will tell the Lynas employees who are about to lose their jobs to look for other employment....easy peasy.....just like what they said to others such as those 20,000 Gamuda people who were at risk of becoming unemployed when they stopped the MRT project back than.

Ya, so easy for them.

So much for Malaysia Baru.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Congrats to Mayumi and Yuki

Very happy for my dear friend who got married last week.

May God bless Mayumi and Yuki with happiness, prosperity and good health.

A song for them;

Monday, 10 December 2018

Re-gazetting Pulau Kukup and others, Yeo Bee Yin and gang should support

This is the latest that I found on Pulau Kukup just now,

Dr M rebuts Johor crown prince, 

says federal govt not 'outsider' 

Well, I have a feeling that this is going to be another round of Dr Mahathir versus the Johor palace.

Anyway, yesterday,

Johor MB assures that Pulau Kukup 

remains a national park

But I guess that's not reassuring enough for a lot of people because the island will remain a Sultanate Land, which means it belongs to the Sultan.

Some people think that today, after all the pressure, the Sultan may want the island to remain a national park, but tomorrow he might decide otherwise.

The island now is his after all.

And how about the other national park areas in Johor?

If I'm not mistaken, the Tunku Mahkota Johor had said that those are also now Sultanate Land.

Other than those, I was also wondering how come the land was de-gazetted without going through the state assembly.

Why was it done quietly?

The Pakatan state government had tried to blame it on its BN predecessor but for that, I had discussed at this previous post,

Farewell Johor's Ramsar sites 

Well, if Dr Mahathir really must insist on this issue, he should go all the way and force Osman Sapian as Johor MB to take back Pulau Kukup and the other national park areas in Johor from the Sultan.

Johor Pakatan government must re-gazette back the land to what it used to be.

That's the only way to make Pulau Kukup and the other national park areas safe.

They must belong to the rakyat and no one else.

All the famous and influential Pakatan bloggers must champion the take back of the land from the Sultan and give it back to the rakyat.

Castigating Osman and removing him from the MB post over the issue would not be enough as that could be seen as mere internal politicking.

Meanwhile, I was wondering how come the minister in charge of environment Yeo Bee Yin has yet to say anything over issue which involves the potential destruction of three Ramsar sites.

I googled "Yeo Bee Yin Ramsar" and at the top of the search is this,

Yeo Bee Yin: Govt prepared for any legal action from Lynas

I'm not sure how the hell that happened.

Anyway, it so happened that the minister is the MP of Bakri in Muar, Johor.

Surely she must have known something of what's going on in her own state.

Don't tell me, she's the same level as Osman and have the same excuse- "Oh, I was surprised. I don't know about it. It's BN's fault."

She should be pushing for Pulau Kukup and the other national park areas in her state to be re-gazetted back to what it used to be.

That would be better than doing nonsense such as twisting the findings of the committee that her own government set-up for the Lynas issue to suit her political agenda. (More of that later.)

And how about the other Pakatan environmentalist politicians?

Fuziah and Wong Tack should be making noises about this too.

So far, I have not heard anything from them.

Don't they want to save the environment like they do over the Lynas issue?

Ya, Fuziah should do another drama like swimming while crying around Pulau Kukup or something.

Or were all those nonsense over Lynas just for politics?

Sigh....and their supporters called me a hypocrite.


Saturday, 8 December 2018

Anti-ICERD rally

Everyone seems to be talking about the anti-ICERD rally today.

I can't write much though, because I just got back from an outstation assignment.

See, I have to work like everyone else.

I don't like to write too much about an event which I didn't attend myself.

Really, I only saw the rally on YouTube Live while in the car on the way back to KL.

Well, this is one of the videos of the rally,

I think it's about as huge as all those Bersih rallies of the past.

I know that some people don't like this anti-ICERD rally.

They said it's stupid and labelled the participants as racists.

Don't know lah. I'm not very sure with the definition of stupid and racists now that it's Malaysia Baru.

But at least let us be glad that nothing bad happened like these,

Sometimes it turned out that people who called others stupid racists are the actual racists and behave worse than those people they called stupid racists..

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Fuziah's latest Lynas drama

Some of the Pakatan trolls who commented at my last post,

Farewell Johor's Ramsar sites

tried to divert the issue of their Johor government de-gazetting the state's Ramsar sites and National Park areas by challenging me to write about Lynas.

Okay, fine.

Let me pick this one;


No, that's not all.

"This was proven when the executive committee report on the operations of LAMP published on Tuesday noted that there was an increase in heavy metal concentration such as nickel, chromium, lead and mercury in the ground water, she said.

Nickel and chromium, she added, were carcinogenic substances.

Fuziah said this proved that the storage of radioactive waste at the LAMP site had contaminated the ground water.

“I am angry, sad and disappointed. Imagine, for so long we have allowed them to store their waste on site and now it is proven that their waste has migrated into the water.

“We don’t want (to see) 20 years down the road that there’s a sudden increase in cancer cases. Who will pay for it?” she asked during a press conference yesterday.

She stressed that Lynas must keep its promise, made in 2012, to send the residue from its rare earth plant in Gebeng back to Australia."

So an independent panel of scientists concluded that there's been severe contamination of water.

If you want to selectively pick on stuff, why not ask yourself which BN lawmaker tried to protect Kuantan from Lynas?

The de-gazetting was criticised by PH lawmakers, Boo and Surendran.

That proves they really are "neutral" (your favourite word.)

Wrong is wrong.

Which BN lawmaker ever whacked their own side for doing wrong?


I think you're missing the point here.

Very well. I'm going to concentrate on the drama by Fuziah Salleh, the deputy minister in charge of religion and ignore the rest of the nonsense in the comment.

The commentator was actually referring to this The Star article;

I told you so, says an emotional Fuziah

Go ahead click on the link and read it, if you like drama.

Well, it's actually a bad drama and I'm not interested to spend too much time and effort on it.

So, here is the response from this story

Now ministry tells Lynas committee

 to clam up…..

Do click on the link to read it, or if you are too lazy, just read this


Common sense however dictates that the committee’s continued silence would only allow politicians to further concoct lies to score brownie points. A case in point was today’s claim at parliament that the stated Lynas’ residue had contaminated the ground water in Gebeng.
This was a blatant spin because nowhere in the report has the committee stated that the ground water was contaminated by Lynas’ residue. Which is why, it recommended the company to conduct a study to discern the cause of such contamination.
An officer with the Department of Environment has a theory on how such a contamination might have happened and according to him it could be due to the rampant mining of bauxite in 2015 to 2016.
“The report did not include the movement pattern of the ground water below Lynas’ site but mind you that the spike of heavy metals tainting the ground water happened throughout the bauxite mining controversy.
“For all we know, the heavy metals could seep into the ground water during heavy rain and the latter could meander its way below Lynas’ refinery because why Lynas had been operating since 2012 and that spike was only recorded in 2015 to 2016,” said the officer.
For more reading, click on this link;

A path littered with potholes for Lynas 

despite thumbs up from independent reviews

But if you all still need more drama, watch this video by Fuziah again,

Okay, I think that should do for now.

I'll write again about this later.