Saturday, 26 May 2018

Guan Eng got dad and new mentor

Looks like his daddy has to issue a statement to rescue Guan Eng,

Kit Siang defends Guan Eng over

 handling of 1MDB issue

“I can agree that there should be ‘tactful handling of the 1MDB mess’ but not if by being tactful one continues with the sea of lies, fake news and false information about 1MBD.
“Tactful by all means, but it can be no excuse not to adhere strictly to the principles of truth, transparency and accountability in dealing with the 1MDB mess,” Lim said.

Lucky Guan Eng, got a dad like that.

My dad never tried to defend me if I screwed up at work.

Yup, that's despite me being shallow and stupid like what some of you all said I am.

Meanwhile, Guan Eng also seems to have found himself a new mentor who is teaching him how to do his new work at MoF.

His new mentor was telling him;

Wrong to call it a bail out of 1MDB 

I think I put the whole thing here for this one;

1. The new Minister of Finance has made allegations that under the previous government, MOF, Khazanah and Bank Negara Malaysia had to “bail-out” 1MDB debts, to the tune of RM 7 billion. Not only is this misleading, it is a politically-motivated attempt to obscure the facts.
2. In accordance with the recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report on 1MDB, all of 1MDB’s valuable and strategic real estate assets have been transferred to other companies owned by MOF Inc. Over time, these prime real estate assets can be worth up more than RM 30 billion.
3. However, although MOF Inc took over the assets, the debt or liabilities of 1MDB remained in the company. Accordingly, the arrangement, as I can confirm, is for MOF Inc to service 1MDB debts, but in return for taking over the assets.
4. Put another way, had those assets remained in 1MDB, it could have developed and sold the assets on its own, and used the proceeds to pay its debt.
5. To fulfil its obligations, MOF can use various methods, including sale of land (eg to Bank Negara Malaysia) or by collecting debt repayments (eg from Khazanah).
There is nothing wrong with such transactions, as each was approved per the relevant governance frameworks, were conducted on an ‘arms length’ basis and followed the correct laws and procedures.
6. Therefore, the question of MOF or BNM or Khazanah bailing out 1MDB does not arise at all. It is in fact downright misleading to make such allegations. MOF Inc took over assets and it must be responsible for the liabilities- that is the only correct way, legally and accounting-wise.
7. It is therefore wrong of the Minister of Finance to only highlight the debts of 1MDB. By right, the Minister of Finance must also inform the public about the assets of 1MDB that have been taken over.
8. The Minister of Finance must ‘walk the talk’ on CAT.  He has to be transparent to tell the full story and not just half a story in order to deceive.

Maybe that's why Guan Eng is sounding more and more like the former minister of finance, such as by issuing these sort of statements;

Economy remains strong,

 fundamentals solid, says Guan Eng

So , "economy remains strong, fundamentals solid",  since when haarrrr.....???

Since Guan Eng took over the MoF, is it?

Or is it since before that?

Well, they said Malaysia is going bankrupt and becoming like Zimbabwe and such....

Hmmm....not bad for a country with RM1 trillion debt.

Well never mind.

It's 5am already.

I'm having kueh pau for sahur.

Have a good day guys.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Guan Eng is probably Dr Mahathir's ploy

This one

So sue us: Guan Eng to 1MDB's Arul Kanda

reminds me of my post back on Aug 8 2014

and the picture which goes with it,

Guess the guy is still at it.

So childish.

"Want to fight me haaa???!!! Come come I fight you!!!!"

Something like that.

Got new toy, very excited ka?

Seriously, I read his statement calling Arul Kanda names that day and wondered, is this the new style of statements coming from Malaysia's ministry of finance?

MoF handling all those money is supposed to be least that's what I thought.

Okay, okay, you all going to say Guan Eng will not cheat and steal money like Najib, bla bla, bla.

Got it, okay.

Guan Eng cute some more? Fine...urgh.

But really, the guy seems very childish to me.

For a moment, it occurred to me that maybe Dr Mahathir was being cheeky again by giving the MoF to Guan Eng.

He knew the silly boy may most likely going to screw it up.

He then probably goes,

"Eh, Kit Siang, how come your son never grow up harr? Which school you sent him to leh....see, my sons all very good and handsome. Marina also very smart and pretty. How come your son like that? You didn't give him enough vitamins when he was a small kid ka?"

I think maybe that's why Kit Siang never want any ministerial position.

He knew Dr Mahathir may tease him like that every time they have Cabinet meeting.

Could be very embarrassing for him.

Or maybe Dr Mahathir was preparing for two years from now when he's supposed to step down as PM.

At that time he would probably ask everyone,

"You all seriously want me to step down? Seriously? With Guan Eng at MoF like that? You all sure or not? And you all want me to hand over power to Anwar the back stabber? Okay, if that's what you all want, I can go back to Umno and try to revive it....Najib no longer around what....."

And then he smiles like this,

Probably, right?

On another front, I think the Umno's revival effort really doesn't need these kind of monkeys and their antics,

Umno, JMM leaders want MACC to probe Mahathir's past 

Enough of that la, stupid.

You all used that before and Umno/BN ended up in the longkang now.

What? You all want to stay relevant, is it?

What a bunch of shit heads.

A revived Umno needs to get rid of these kind of clowns.

I remember back then when their kind were being given the "must cover must use" news treatment by the Media Prima newspapers and television stations, and I cringed.

I really wish I can punch that Habibur Rahman and his big time editor puppets for turning all those media outlets into media crap.

Why la Najib trust those kind of pricks?


Okay, it's past 3am already.

Enough of my nonsense.

I better get myself something to eat for sahur.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Najib fights back (updated)


Please read this too;

Arul Kanda responds to potentially defamatory

 statement by Guan Eng


Someone alerted me to this one just now.

It's interesting that Najib is still in a fighting mood.

The guy seems very sure that he had not done anything wrong.

*Political narrative or facts?*
_23rd Mei 2018_
_By DS Najib Razak_

1. Words said and allegations made while in the opposition carries a very different weight now that you are in power and holding the positions of the Finance Minister or the Prime Minister.

2. Coming out to say that our country's government debt to GDP is now 65%, which is a big jump from the official 50.9% figure and saying that our debt is now RM1 trillion without giving any details of what you mean will just unsettle the financial markets, alarm the credit rating agencies and investors confidence in our institutions such as our Bank Negara Malaysia.

3. There must be a clear distinction between political narrative and facts. Mixing them will create doubts on the credibility of our numbers and the professionalism of the institutions that were involved in preparing them, governed by Malaysians laws and international standards.

4. As a result of these alarming and confusing statements, our Bursa Malaysia index fell the most among all worldwide stock markets resulting in tens of billions of ringgit in market value wiped out in one day. Our Bursa index fell 40.78 points today or 2.21% while the Indonesian stock index added 0.71%.

5. The business news-portal The EdgeMarkets said this sharp fall in our share market was contributed by concern on our public debt.

Surely this fall would affect our funds such as EPF and PNB and could lower the dividend rates for its members for the year.

6. Similarly, issuing statements that we should not worry about our country's sovereign credit ratings being downgraded will result in further rocking the confidence in our institutions.

7. A downgrade will result in higher debt financing costs of RM10 billion per year to our country and may result in our banks who had borrowed from the international markets to sustain losses. It may also result in large capital outflows from foreign investors and cause our Ringgit to weaken.

8. While you may want to slander and put all the blame on me to give a perception of a dire financial position to justify why you cannot deliver on your manifesto promises and to massively cut the civil service, you must remember that the country and our people comes first.

9. You can also issue misleading statements on 1MDB or tell half the story about it to blame me but the time to play politics is over.

10. Words spoken while in such positions of power result in actual losses to the country and the people, as was proven today in the stock market. It is no longer just about votes anymore.

Malays consumed candu?

Candu is the Malay word for opium.

The following is my conversation with commentators of my last post;

It's actually on what Umno had done for the Malays which I think should be highlighted to help revive the party.

Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 10:43,

//"We now know UMNO never protected the rights of Malays." Wrong//

Eeerr... was it really protecting the rights of Malays or was it merely feeding the Malays candu?

If done prperly, the candu trick works really well, you know.

The British used it very effectively against the Chinese back during Manchu rule, to the extent that the Chinese actually believed they were the ones benefiting from taking the candu :)


Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now, get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu. Did he fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president? Ask him that. Don't take my words for it.

Anonymous @ 23 May 2018 at 11:01,

//UMNO protected the rights of Malay okay//

See my comments above re candu to Annie.

//Just take a look at the GLCs and government service to see how well they are protected. Problem is when you have members using UMNO to enrich themselves, that is where the big problem starts.//

Some protection, eh?

More candu, old chap?

Let me help you light the pipe :)

//They should have dump Najib Razak when he started having that young fuck Jho Low advising him.//

Hahahaha... they were busy smoking candu.... eeerrr... sorry... protecting Malay rights :)


Annie you asked:- Did Tun M fed the Malays with candu during his 22 years as PM and Umno president?

For 22 years during his premiership and several years more after that, he poisoned the UMNO Malays mind into hating the DAP chinese so that he can cling on to power. Now he lick the DAP Chinese to get back into power.

I thought only the UMNO Malays are stupid... the DAP Chinese are no different.

TUN M displays leadership skills
While leading both BN/Opposition he wins
Give him any party by name,he can make it a winner
No needs for candu/dedak
Malaysians are not stupid


Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 12:40,

//Since everyone loves Dr Mahathir now,//


Heheheh, not me :)

And what is this thing you call "love"?

I am not familiar with that word :)

//get someone to ask him whether what Umno did all those years was protecting the Malays or feeding them candu//

I don't reach that far in the new Pakatan government yet, just one or two contactsat state level and one or two contacts at federal level at the moment.

But, the answer to your question is easy.

In his time, Mahatir fed Malays candu.

The real question is not what was in the past but what is now in the present and what will be in the future?

Now that Mahatir has a second bite of the cherry, will he continue that candu-feeding strategy?

For Pakatan, that would be great, don't you think?

Just think, continue the UMNO policy of feeding candu to Malays and Pakatan can also rule for 60 years :)

Manyak cantik - yeah, Malays are the best, Malays are the tuans, Malays own the land, Malays must have priority over everybody, etc etc etc.

Come on lah, why not aim for Pakatan rule for 100 years?? Don't make the same mistakes as UMNO. Get better quality candu.

But I dunno.

Maybe Mahatir is feeling his age and old people go a bit strange.

Did I mention that I used to look after old people in an old folks home?

Does Mahatir want to atone for his past sins and try to fix his fuckups from the past?

I dunno.

Only time will tell.


Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. Thank you.

Annie @ 23 May 2018 at 13:50,

//Please note that I didn't use a single "Malay" or "Melayu" word in the post. //


But we are discussing UMNO - a Malay-based poliyical organisation, and hence my remarks refering to the Malays.

My apologies if you thought I was sniping at you.


Interesting, right?
Well, if you all want to comment on this issue, please be civilised and try not to be like this one;
I'm just enjoying seeing the PKHKC Melayu tossing and turning inside the burning wok.

Thank you

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Hishammuddin should be the one

I had a long chat with several people last night.

After listening to their argument, I decided to change my opinion on who should lead the Umno's revival.

It has to be Hishammuddin and not KJ.

Number eight? Work first Hisham

KJ should be the number two instead.

Zahid has to make way as do others who made too many mistakes prior to the GE14 defeat.

The Mahathir kutty thing was among Zahid's worst blunders.

And his team is even worse than Najib's.

After listening to the others last night, I have to admit that Hishammuddin made the least mistakes among those at the top of Umno.

Even less than KJ.

KJ needs to recalibrate himself a bit more....think and work more for the interest of Umno.

Well, if I have my way, everyone should be thrown out, but then who should do the work to rebuild Umno, right?

Okay, as pointed out by my beloved that day, I was emotional when I wrote this post,

Well, I'm just human like everyone else.

But all the really bad ones have to go.

They must go for Umno to be revived.

Umno needs a new face.

Hishammuddin and KJ at the top should not look too bad.

Not perfect, but the best there is to it.

Could Umno be revived?

My answer is YES.

I'll write more about that later.

Need to get ready for work now.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The good things about prosecuting Najib

I'm writing this because my DAP supporting beloved sent me a WhatsApp message just now;

"Wonder what will happen to najib this morning"

As we all should know by now, Najib is meeting MACC people at their office this morning over all those allegations against him.

Well, I think they will ask him questions and maybe they will detain him for more time to question him further.

They have the power to do that.

But still,  I think the MACC people will be fair to Najib.

I think that way because I do want to believe that MACC is now really free to do its job instead of being controlled by powerful people with vested interests as alleged during previous BN administrations.

I do want to believe that the PH government is true to what it claimed to do before its GE14 victory.

That is, Malaysia will have true freedom and good institutions.

And later on, if they decided to charge Najib, I want to believe that he will have a fair trial in a court which is totally independent and free from interferences from the executive.....instead of as alleged during previous BN administrations.

I do want to believe that the judge will not go and say....irrelevant, irrelevant, all the arguments of the defendant.

If you all don't get it, please read this;

Augustine Paul's role will not be forgotten 

Yes, a free judiciary. That's what many of us demanded all these years. Free this and free that. I'm all for them.

And in the event that the court later rules in favour of Najib, I want to believe that all of us Malaysians will accept the verdict.

I want to believe that we Malaysians are not a lynch mob....especially in this era of benevolent PH administration.

I know, I know....most of you all had passed the guilty verdict already on Najib.

You all are very sure, right?

Relax, remember what Dr Mahathir said.

We will follow the rule of law.

You are innocent until proven guilty, remember that.

Well, that will all be in the years to come as such a complicated trial will take a very long time to settle....just like Anwar's second sodomy trial which I believe is the record holder of being the longest in Malaysian history.....five years if I'm not mistaken.

It would be interesting to see whether Anwar's sodomy case or Najib's alleged kleptocracy practices case being the one more complicated and harder to judge.

And I wonder whether Najib's lawyers will keep asking for postponements like Anwar's lawyers did.

If Najib's probable trial is to start now and last that long, then the final verdict should be just before we once again go to the polls of GE15.

Amazing, isn't it?

Again, if Najib by some chance is to be judged innocent, then we would go to the next polls knowing that BN's defeat to PH in the just concluded GE14 was built on lies.

Okay, okay....I know that cannot be. PH good, BN it.

But still, in a fair trial, anything could happen.

Let's just wait and see.

So far, I think Najib handles his predicament rather well.

He didn't declare emergency as many feared, run away or try to drag others into his troubles.

Things seem to be still quite peaceful.

Well, last time Dr Mahathir did something similar like this, all hell broke loose.


Fine, I know you all would say, last time Dr Mahathir was wrong, this time he is right.

Whatever makes you all happy, okay.

Well, Dr Mahathir said he would let go of the PM post in two years time.

Anwar will likely replace him.

I hope that one will go smoothly.

Otherwise, we may have another round of trouble.

Monday, 21 May 2018

It's more than just smear campaign

I have to disagree when,

Najib says BN lost because of smear campaign against him

Close, but not entirely true.

My opinion is that BN actually lost because Najib failed to handle the smear campaign against him.

He failed to do so primarily because he surrounded himself with either self-serving crooks or simply stupid ass-kissers.

Last Umno general assembly 2017 - All so useless, actually.

That's why he never saw it coming till it's too late.

Yes, in that sense, it's Najib's own fault.

Smear campaign? All PMs before him had to endure a smear campaign one way or another. The difference was that they managed to handle it while Najib failed.

As far as I'm concerned, the first sign that Najib is not very good at selecting his people was when he decided that Umno didn't have to change after the general election in 2013 (GE13).

He had wanted to keep all the useless people even after a less than convincing election victory that year.

He agreed with those around him that the party election later that year should retain all the top leadership, including the bad ones.

That's how bad characters such as Shahrizat, Ku Nan, Rauf, and so many others who only care about their own interests are still there until today.

Then when Dr Mahathir started his direct attacks, Najib listened to a set of bad advisers on how to handle the handsome old man.

They advised him to whack Dr Mahathir.

That really killed it for him.

You whacked the handsome old man, you die, okay.

It's a proven thing, yet they still continued with their suicidal vanity that if Dr Mahathir can attack Najib, it's only right for them to hit him back.

Actually, it's their ego talking, not their common sense.

These advisers insulated Najib from the reality that direct confrontation with Dr Mahathir was taking its toll on the party till the end.

They include those who controlled the media, and they worked to enrich themselves from their position by building "mini empires" for themselves.

Some controlled news organisations and paid social media practitioners albeit quite useless ones with almost zero credibility.

Classic example is when a junior press secretary could get datukship and afford to build a swimming pool at his house.

When I was told about that particular case, I was like...what the fuck....and the boy used to be such a good kid.

All the supposed power got to his head, I guess.

Hatred towards the then establishment was made worse by these people.

For instance, when media operatives started purges to further secure their position such as what happened at Media Prima, so many were displaced and they turned against the establishment.

Those include the famous cases of former NST group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor and Utusan senior editor Ku Seman Ku Hussein.

This is another case similar to those two media guys which I highlighted on April 16 2015

Yes, the husband of the lady in that posting is actually a media guy too.

There were many others.

As we all know now, the collective hatred from such cases build up to the tidal wave which swept away BN on May 9.

Najib also failed to realise that his failure to monitor people he appointed to important position and do the necessary corrections where they slacked off, also contributed a lot to BN's defeat.

This is an analysis on my home state which appeared just a day after GE14

How BN lost its impregnable Johor fortress

So, it's not just about smear campaign.

It's about how the smear campaign was being handled and ultimately having a good administration for the people.

BN/Umno needs to realise of its own shortcomings which contributed to its defeat.

It's not really just about the attack against Najib.

They need to realise that.

Yup, no doubt about it. Too much garbage already.

Najib leaving the leadership is not enough.

It's time for Umno/BN to do a thorough clean up.