Tuesday, 16 October 2018

All important first round goes to Lynas people (updated)

This is indeed good news

Neutral experts for Lynas review committee

I'm taking this in good faith. That the neutral experts are really neutral and expert in the field. And that no one will influence them on how to do their work and conclude their findings.

I think Dr Mahathir must have put pressure on environment minister Bee Yin to do this one properly.

I imagined the handsome old man saying this to Bee Yin,

"This is number one bullshit. You are making us look bad by wanting to put that crazy Fuziah and nut case Wong Tuck in the committee. Put real experts in there if you really need to do this nonsense."

Something like that.

I have the suspicion that Dr Mahathir thinks all these Lynas radiation thingy was just nonsense. Otherwise he would have said something about it back then when the likes of Fuziah and Wong Tuck started to ride on the issue to win the general election in 2013.

I'm quite sure he didn't say anything to support those two and will never do so.

You can read my concerns earlier over the issue at these links;

Then of course came this good news,

MP Fuziah withdraws from Lynas review committee

Don't know how Kuantan people can vote her to be their 3rd term MP. Real crazy.

Well, as I wrote earlier, all Lynas wants is for the review committee to be neutral.

That's because they were sure they will win the case if the review is to be done professionally and its findings are based on evidence and facts.

Now that they won that part of the battle, things must look better for Lynas workers and others who support them.

I wish these people all the best.

InsyaAllah, they will still have their job, business and other good things after the committee had done with its review.

UPDATES at 13:03


Dr Mahathir actually did say something previously about Lynas.

I just found this one by Bernama dated Dec 18, 2012

Mahathir agrees with government on Lynas

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 18: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has agreed with the government's decision to continue with the Lynas rare earth processing plant in Gebeng, Kuantan and disagreed with protesters that the plant was dangerous.
Condemning the action of protesters over the heavily politicised rare earth plant in Kuantan, he said the nation needed to accept that it was not harmful, and important for the country to reap the benefits from the existence of rare earth in the country.
“I think we need to stick to the fact that it is true that there are nuclear materials that are very dangerous and need to be handled carefully and with responsibility.
“Rare earth is not dangerous like nuclear…rare earth is not yet known to cause diseases among users of its end product,” he said in his speech at the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) Responsible Care Awards 2011/2012 dinner, last night.
He said rare earth, used as a component for batteries and magnets, was a very important material for the electronic industry.
He said that the process undertaken at the Lynas plant was not a dangerous process and its safety had been assured by the world’s best expert and certified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Meanwhile, Responsible Care Awards 2011/2012 saw Petronas subsidiary, Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd, winning six gold, four silver and 13 merit awards under the Corporate Awards category for the Six Codes of Management Practice.
“As a chemicals industry leader, Petronas Chemicals is constantly vigilant in observing health, safety and environment standards and continuously strives for the best practices,” CICM president/chief executive officer Dr Abd Hapiz Abdullah said.
The awards are the chemical industry’s unique global initiative to drive continuous improvement in all aspects of safety, health and environmental performance. - Bernama

You can also read this from Dr Mahathir's blog (please click on the link),

LYNAS ← Chedet

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Khabib, what do you think of Anwar's victory in Port Dickson?

For me, the biggest story the past week is not Anwar and his antics in PD.

The biggest story for me the past week is this guy

In case you don't know him, he's

Khabib Nurmagomedov

the light weight world champion of mix martial art (MMA).

What I like most about him other than his fighting prowess is that he is a good person, devout Muslim, and always humble attitude. He can also be quite funny sometimes.

He successfully defended his title in a fight the other Saturday, beating MMA superstar

Conor McGregor

I really enjoyed watching the fight....and the brawl after the fight.

That includes the built up to the fight too,

and what happened after Khabib's victory

Well, I hope to see more of Khabib's victories in future.

On the light side, since I watched his victory over McGregor, I did imagine asking Khabib this,

"Khabib, what do you think of Anwar's victory in Port Dickson?"

And I imagined this is his reply,


Things they hope you'll not notice about PD results

Some of you all got so excited about Anwar winning the PD by-election yesterday and started commenting on it at my last post which has nothing to do with the nonsense at all.

So, I think I better do one a bit about it so that you all can comment properly instead of trolling at a totally unrelated post which is rather irritating.

I have half in mind not to publish them but considering that you all had took the trouble to write, I just let them through.

Anyway, please try to refrain from doing it again as I will probably treat them as spam next time.

Okay, first, this is the headline of Bernama's report;

Anwar wins with a bigger majority in PD

Read carefully the first paragraph,

PORT DICKSON,  Oct 13 (Bernama) –  Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim won today’s Port Dickson by-election with an even bigger majority than in the 14th general election  (GE14).

The use of the word "even" emphasis the significance of the bigger majority.

Actually, it's a kiss ass report.

If you go to the Bernama website and read their PD by-election reports, you would understand what I'm trying to tell you.

Well, never mind. I understand that the people there need to keep their job.

Okay, other than the highlighted bigger majority to show how popular Anwar is, let's look at the statistics a little bit closer and compare them with those of GE14.

Please click on this link;

Port Dickson by-election

Three things to note:

1. Turn out 
PD by-election : 44,136 or 58.25 per cent
GE14 : 62,548 or 83.16 per cent

What I think : Almost half of the voters in PD don't really care about the by-election even though it was supposed to usher in Anwar as the new prime minister of Malaysia. Well, they should be more excited because their MP is going to be the PM. Over 18,000 voters during GE14 didn't turn up for the by-election. They were definitely more enthusiastic during GE14 to put Dr Mahathir as PM.

2. The votes that Anwar received
Anwar's votes at the by-election : 31,016
PH candidate's votes during GE14 : 36,225

What I think : About 5,000 PH supporters during GE14 couldn't care less about Anwar. Hey, PH supporters in PD, it was not a normal by-election, okay. It's Anwar for PM. How come you all gave that nobody PH's GE14 candidate more votes than Anwar?

3. The votes of Anwar's nearest rival
Pas candidate's votes in the by-election : 7,456
Pas candidate's votes for GE14 : 6,596

What I think : If the PH candidate was only to face a Pas candidate in GE14, his majority should be 29,631 and not 17,710. Anwar's majority in the by-election is 23,560. So, Anwar's trumpeted bigger majority is not really a big deal. If BN had contested or campaigned for the Pas candidate, Anwar will still win but he may not look very good at the end of polling day. Maybe you all should ask Zahid again why BN boycotted the by-election. I mean really really ask him.

Okay, you all Anwar's fanboys, knock yourselves out.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Najib the troll

Yesterday, there's this story by national news agency Bernama,

Police confirm Najib's aide lodged police report

excerpts ;

Yesterday, Najib in his official Facebook status, said he had asked his aide to lodge a police report to enable a police investigation to be initiated regarding the allegation that he was involved in the case of the murder of several individuals including Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu and Deputy Public Prosecutor, Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais.

I was like, what the hell this Najib is trying to do.

Honestly, I don't follow Najib's FB page. In fact I don't even have any active FB account. Last time I set up one was just to play Zynga Poker game.

So I asked my best friend, who is a homemaker living in Kuantan what was going on.

She's quite a fan of Najib's FB page these days. Said she enjoys Najib's trolling and think he's quite funny after no longer being the PM.

Instead of explaining to me, she forwarded this piece, which writer I honestly don't know;


Bagi yang tak mengikuti apa kisahnya, ini kronologi peristiwa:

1. Lim Kit Siang tuduh Najib terlibat pembunuhan Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya dan Hussain Najadi.

2. Najib kata dia tak terlibat.

3. LKS tak puas hati dan kata akan minta gomen mulakan siasatan baru.

4. Najib kata dia setuju dan dia mohon ia dipercepatkan.

5. LKS u-turn kata dia takkan buat dan kalau Najib ikhlas, Najib sendiri dah biat siasatan masa dia PM.

6. Najib kata zaman dia PM memang ada siasatan dan siasatan dapati dia tak bersalah. Pembangkang masa tu juga yang tak puas hati. Kata mahkamah kena beli. Jadi buatlah sekarang ketika pembangkang dah jadi gomen.

7. LKS taichi lagi kata Najib tak faham dan tak rasional.

8. Najib boring, dia kata nanti dia suruh pembantu dia sendiri lapor pasal diri dia dekat polis.

Kesimpulan: Najib lapor Najib.

Ok. Kenapa den up pasal benda ni ada 2 sebab.

Pertamanya den faham rasa frustration orang menuduh kita bertahun-tahun, cerita buruk apa semua bagai tapi bukti satu apa pun yillek. Cerita pasal TP makan dedak amik dana apa benda semua ni dah selalu kena.

Dijaja cerita tu diseluruh pelusuk media sosial tapi bila diminta bukti, bersembunyi, taichi, pusing sana pusing sini. Dijemput datang ke pejabat untuk tengok akaun sendiri pun depa tak nak.

It's frustrating and annoying.

Keduanya, den menulis benda ni sebab Najib ni selalu dicop sebagai kepit dan 'no balls'. Meh den share sikit pandangan den.

Den antara orang yang sangat vokal menyokong Tun M di media sosial dulu semasa Tun serang Pak Lah. Lebih-lebih lagi dengan cerita Budak Tingkat 4, den pun berapi-api setuju Pak Lah step down.

Lepas tu Najib naik.

Den punya doa masa Najib naik tu cuma satu; "Berikan Malaysia seorang pemimpin sekuat Tun Dr Mahathir."

Yes, awal tu den macam korang jugak. Mashaa Allah lembiknya Najib ni. Tak garang, tak vokal, kepit-kepit, ucapan pun tak ummphh..

Den sebagai advokator untuk sejarah Melayu diangkat dan segala yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan diperkasakan, pada awalnya amatlah tak puas hati dengan Najib ni.

Tapi apa yang mengubah persepsi den adalah fakta bahawa Najib ni bab ekonomi (ada orang panggil Najibnomics) dan bab 'foreign diplomacy' tersangatlah power.

Den tengok fakta-fakta ekonomi:

- Zaman Najib rizab negara naik malah pegangan ekuiti PNB yang mewakili Bumiputera pun naik.
- SSM mencatatkan kenaikan jumlah syarikat Bumiputera tumbuh macam cendawan.
- Banyak agensi-agensi usahawan Bumiputera dan dana disediakan.
- Bantuan kewangan kepada marhaen bawahan termasuk nelayan, petani dan peladang banyak diberikan yang rata-ratanya Bumiputera dapat.
- Skim perumahan dilaksanakan.
- Pusat pendidikan yang fokus pada TVET, Kolej Komuniti dan sebagainya diwujudkan sebagai sebahagian bantuan Bumiputera.
- Najib pun mengamalkan sikap terbuka, dari aspek berdagang sampailah aspek kebebasan bersuara.
- Hubungan antarabangsa menjadi baik.
- Dan macam-macam lagi.

Den dan keluarga memang beza kehidupannya. Dari keluarga susah, alhamdulillah den, adik, arwah abang, bapak dan mama, kehidupan bertambah baik.

Benda tu buat den fikir...

Pemimpin yang kuat ni tak semestinya dia kena pandai berucap, suara kena degor-degor, ayat kena tajam dan lantang. Pemimpin yang baik ni adalah pemimpin yabg buat kerja.

Yang tunjukkan melalui kerja-kerja yang dia buat dan persetankan apa orang nak cakap pasal diri dia.

Eh bukan calang-calang orang dapat reverse timebomb negara, beli balik semua IPP dan konsesi tol yang berat sebelah tau. Tumpu pada prasarana dan infra rakyat, dan bukan gedung-gedung elit untuk orang kaya-kaya saja nikmati. Bukan semua pemimpin yang nak kongsi kekayaan negara dengan rakyat tau.

Bertahun-tahun pemimpin negara cerita pasal GST tapi tak berani buat, dia selamba buat walaupun tau tak popular tetapi sangatlah perlu untuk memastikan ekonomi negara pacu ke depan. Rata-rata bisnes berkembang bawah dia.

Itu yang buat den akui Najib ni pemimpin yang baik.

Bukan pemimpin terbaik sepanjang zaman, bukan tak ada cacat cela, bukan tak ada kelemahan. Tapi overall, dia jaga Malaysia dan rakyatnya dengan baik.

Kalah Najib ni bab persepsi dan imej je lah. Nampak lembik.

Lebih teruk lagi orang keliling dia dan orang yang dapat segala kemudahan sebab diorang pun tak backup dia. Plus pasal 1MDB tulah yang den masih berpegang pada kepercayaan den bahawa its a corporate shit. Nothing more nothing less.

Pada den sekurang-kurangnya Najib tak senyapkan apa yang jadi macam syarikat-syarikat besar lain yang lepas di bail out pun gagal. Najib tukar Arul Kanda untuk jaga dan bisnes mula nak nampak kembali ok.

Tapi tulah.. Sayangnya baru nak tunjukkan hasil optimum lepas siap TRX. Tak sempat..

Apa pun, ni dia dah lapang, kerjanya kuat troll pulak. Tajam pulak tu.

Hari ni troll level dewa-dewa, NAJIB LAPOR NAJIB.

Good luck DS.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Shutting down Lynas may tilt the balance of global power (updated)

A friend who is a former newspaper editor the other day asked me to do more research on rare earth after he read this previous posting of mine,

Lynas' worries - the risk of not being factual and objective

He said the issue could actually have global impact as processed rare earth is a vital raw material in the arms industry.

He said the possible shutting down of the Lynas plant near Kuantan, Pahang could actually tilt the balance of global military power as currently China produces over 90 per cent of rare earth with yearly output of 105,000 metric tonne.

A distant second is Australia with 20,000 metric tonne per year. This is the amount being processed at the Lynas plant.

According to my friend, the rare earth processed here is critical for the "free world" in the event China stops the supply of its rare earth to countries such as those in Europe, US, Japan and South Korea.

Aside from being important to the production of peaceful electronic and IT products such as our smart phones and computers, rare earth is also critical in the production of hi-tech weapon systems.

In the event of hostility with the West, my friend said China is almost certain to stop its export of rare earth to hostile nations, thus cutting off the production of their weapons.

"For such a scenario, the rare earth produced at the Lynas plant in Kuantan will be more important than ever for the free democratic countries," he said.

He went on to say that China and its allies such as Russia will benefit from the possible closure of the Lynas plant as they would have almost total control of the world's rare earth production, thus rendering the West at their mercy even during peace time.

"You should try to find out whether there's more to it than what it seems with this effort to close down the Lynas plant. Who actually funded those people who claimed to be environmentalists?" he said.

"And don't you think it's odd that the environment minister delegated the responsibility of handling this case to an MP who is a deputy minister in charge of religion? Furthermore, Fuziah is the MP of Kuantan while the Lynas plant is in the constituency of Indera Mahkota," he added.

The MP of Indera Mahkota is Saifuddin Abdullah, who is also the Foreign Minister.

To be honest,  I was a bit lost when he told me all that as I'm not really a technical person.

So, as usual I googled.

I typed "rare earth missiles" and at the very top is this,
5 Military Technologies Reliant on Rare Earth Elements 

Then there's also this from just last week,
China Dominates Rare Earth Mineral Supply to Sabotage US Military

There are many others if you care to google on the subject matter yourself.

Okay, maybe many of you all don't like the US and its allies and feel that it's good to help China by shutting down the Lynas plant. However, as my friend argued, an imbalance in the geo-strategic position of nations will not be good for the whole world in the long run.

I think even Dr Mahathir would agree on this point.

And to possibly have people claiming to care for the environment  but actually working for the interest of other country is not good either.

I can't possibly dig more like what my friend asked me. I'm a nobody, okay. For this one,  I'm just hoping that someone with authority will read this and consider doing the digging for the truth in the interest of the country.

By the way, all this reminded me of a conversation I had with the well known Indian-born US journalist Fareed Zakaria a few years ago.

I remember these words of him very well - "Everyone respects China, but no one really wants to go and live there. Given the choice, those who wished to migrate will choose US over China. You can even ask that among Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity. I'm quite sure most of them will choose US."

Well, the reason is quite obvious. No matter what are our grievances with US and its allies, we have to admit that they are the "free world".

I actually asked my mother to make the choice back then, just for fun.

"Ma, you prefer to migrate to China or US?"

Despite her being proud of her Chinese heritage,  I was not surprised when she said,


UPDATES at 21:50

Just saw this,

MP Fuziah withdraws from Lynas review committee

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Dr Mahathir may save the 20,000 jobs

Thanks to Dr Mahathir,

Gamuda, MMC shares rise after decision

 to review MRT2 cancellation


In a statement yesterday, MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T) Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Gamuda and MMC Corp, said it welcomes the decision by the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to review the cancellation of the MRT 2 Underground Contract with MMC Gamuda.

Well, unlike the DAP leaders controlling the Finance Ministry, Dr Mahathir knows that 20,000 people losing their job is not a good thing.

Maybe Dr Mahathir had considered the review because he  read these sort of reports,

Petition to save MRT2 jobs attracts

 25,000 responses within a day


“Five months ago, we voted for a better Malaysia. We never polled to become jobless. Never have I ever been so frustrated and disappointed,” wrote MMC-Gamuda’s quantity surveyor Fatin Syazwani at Facebook.
“During the election, we were hoping for a government that will provide stability and opportunities. Please don’t tell us to start a business. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” wrote MMC-Gamuda engineer Farid Khosim.
Hopefully, those workers will still have their jobs after the new round of negotiations between the government and MMC-Gamuda.

As for the DAP leaders' lack of compassion, I'm actually not surprised by their attitude.

Even their fanboys have the same mentality.

These are some of the comments on the matter that I received from them at my last posting

i will never engage these former mmc gamuda people, look like even my project go bust i still owe them a living...they shud be more enterprising mcm dumbos pandai cari makan oops shud not be revealed dumbos trade secrets wakakaka

Anonymous11 October 2018 at 14:36
  1. mcm mmc gamuda macais who blamed PH for busting them, will annie + other macais also blame PH for busting umno LOL
  1. let say msian population 30 million, imagine 29,980,000 hv to suffer & pay for these 20,000 overpriced mrt2, this is really sad sobbing :(
  2. #saveMRT2 smack of #savedumbos+cronies using those sohai mmc gamuda employees as sacrificial pawns
Sometimes I'm not so sure why they have to be so arrogant.

There's really no need to be like that.

Okay, I know I can't really blame them 100 per cent for such an attitude because they were probably just trying to behave and look like their top man Guan Eng.....

.....but seriously, they really don't have to be like that, okay.

Just be yourselves DAP people. I know that some of you are really nice and good people.

I know that it may be fashionable for you all to try to emulate your Guan Eng idol like that Melaka Adun, but I think you all also know that there is no real need to be so inhumane by calling people who are on the brink of losing their jobs "sohai" and "macai".

As you may noticed by now, most of the MMC-Gamuda workers actually voted for Pakatan in GE14.

They must be feeling very rotten if they really lose their job, okay.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

DAP tight style

Apparently this video had gone viral since two days ago,

Then the DAP's YB Melaka exco issued this threat,

Well, I don't want to write much for fear of being accused of spinning.

You all judge it for yourself la.

With orang kampung also want to scream and shout like that.

Ya, I know, some of you all will comment that Umno YBs are worse.

But hey, this guy is a Malaysia Baru YB of Pakatan Harapan. Supposed to be better behaved, right?

Video went viral also want to sue. What la.

Anyway, I think his shirt was too tight. Maybe it's for being stylish but I suspect that it may had caused his blood circulation to be not so good thus contributing to the bad temper.

What ever it is, I can't help but to notice that DAP leaders tend to be like that.

Try to read today's open letter from Guan Eng's political secretary Tony Pua to MMC-Gamuda,

Setiausaha Politik Menteri Kewangan, Ahli Parlimen Damansara
10 Oktober 2018
Ke hadapan Lembaga Pengarah MMC-Gamuda,
Saya ucap tahniah untuk sebuah persembahan yang hebat sejak Menteri Kewangan, Lim Guan Eng mengumumkan keputusan Kabinet untuk
(i) menerima tawaran MMC-Gamuda untuk mengurangkan kos kerja-kerja atas tanah MRT2 sebanyak RM5.2 bilion, menjadikannya RM17.4 bilion (pengurangan sebanyak 23%) dalam bentuk kontrak ‘turnkey’, dan
(ii) menamatkan kontrak kerja bawah tanah memandangkan kedua-dua pihak tidak dapat menemui kata sepakat berkenaan pengurangan harga.
Tetuan telah mengeluarkan surat mengisytiharkan tidak bersalah, mendakwa bahawa anda menanti tawaran daripada Kementerian Kewangan. Anda mempersoalkan kelayakan konsultan kejuruteraan bebas yang kami lantik.
Anda mengandaikan bahawa keputusan penamatan dibuat secara tergesa-gesa dan tanpa pertimbangan yang sewajarnya. Anda cuba untuk meraih simpati, mendakwa tidak kurang 20,000 individu akan kehilangan kerja (wow!).
Media sosial anda dengan aktif sekali mempromosi kempen ‘selamatkan 20,000 pekerjaan’ merayu rakyat Malaysia menyokong petisyen anda.
Ada surat yang tular di Whatsapp daripada jurutera graduan kelas pertama yang menyesal mengundi Pakatan Harapan dalam pilihan raya lalu.
Prestasi dan mobilisasi kempen ini sangat mengagumkan. Persoalan kos projek ini kepada pihak kerajaan langsung tidak dipedulikan.
Kami tidak mahu bertikam lidah dengan anda di mata umum. Biasanya itu dikhaskan hanya untuk lawan-lawan politik sahaja. Apatah lagi, kami ingin meneruskan hubungan kerja yang baik bagi menyiapkan kerja-kerja atas tanah bernilai RM17.42 bilion itu.
Namun, tindakan berani tuan-tuan untuk berlagak sebagai mangsa kerajaan ‘zalim’ Pakatan Harapan menuntut supaya suatu jawapan diberikan bagi membetulkan fakta dan rekod.
1. Kontrak asal projek bawah tanah diberikan pada nilai RM15.49 bilion. MRT Corp kemudian memberi tambahan RM1.2 bilion untuk ‘variation order’ yang menyebabkan kontrak yang disemak semula bernilai RM16.71 bilion.
2. Selepas beberapa mesyuarat dan perbincangan, anda menulis surat kepada pihak menteri pada 15 Ogos bagi menawarkan harga semak semula, RM15.1 bilion. Ini berikutan keputusan untuk tidak meneruskan pembinaan dua stesen bawah tanah Bandar Malaysia Utara dan Selatan.
3. Kemudian pada 7 September, anda menawarkan untuk mengurangkan lagi harga kontrak projek bawah tanah sehingga RM14.58 bilion (semua sekali RM32 bilion untuk keseluruhan projek MRT2).
Ini bererti penjimatan kos sebanyak RM2.13 bilion atau pengurangan sebanyak 12.7%. Seperti yang disebut pengarah Gamuda dalam mesyuarat bersama menteri pada 4 September - “we offer what we can offer, but anything beyond that will be meaningless to continue.” (Kami tawarkan apa yang kami boleh tawarkan, lebih daripada itu tak ada makna untuk diteruskan)
4. Pun begitu, berdasarkan kajian konsultan kejuruteraan bebas, MRT Corp sepatutnya menjangka jumlah penjimatan antara RM4.19 hingga RM5.79 bilion bagi anggaran 60% projek yang belum siap.
Ya, anggaran penjimatan ini baru untuk baki kerja yang belum siap. Bayangkan penjimatan untuk keseluruhan kontrak.
Jadi persoalan yang perlu difikirkan oleh kerajaan baharu Pakatan Harapan ini sangat mudah sebenarnya:
A. Adakah kita akan kata, "Tak apa lah, kita terima sahaja pengurangan RM2.13 bilion yang ditawarkan MMC Gamuda"? Lagipun kita boleh ambil angka ini dan bercakap besar kepada rakyat Malaysia tentang ‘pencapaian’ kita yang hebat, kerana mereka pun bukan tahu yang kita mungkin boleh jimat sebanyak RM2 bilion lagi. Tambahan pula, kita pastinya boleh mengelak publisiti negatif dan proses tender antarabangsa baharu yang perlu dilaksanakan. Leceh dan banyak kerja.
B. Adakah kita akan menghormati mandat dan amanah yang telah diberikan rakyat dan memaksimumkan penjimatan yang boleh kita perolehi daripada projek ini? RM2 bilion boleh digunakan untuk membangun 5 hospital, atau 50 buah sekolah.
RM2 bilion adalah jumlah wang yang sangat besar di saat saya melihat rakan-rakan di Kementerian Kewangan berusaha untuk berjimat cermat mencari penjimatan RM50 juta di sini dan mengurangkan perbelanjaan RM80 juta di sana untuk Belanjawan akan datang.
Kabinet jelas sekali telah membuat keputusan untuk memilih B.
Dan anda betul-betul mahu menyuruh rakyat Malaysia menyalahkan Kabinet kerana menamatkan kontrak ini?
Atau adakah kemudiannya anda akan memilih sasaran berbeza, seperti yang tersirat dalam kenyataan media anda, bahawa konsultan kejuruteraan bebas adalah tidak cukup layak - walaupun mempunyai 500 staf dengan rekod menyelesaikan 80 projek di 24 negara di luar Malaysia?
Atau adakah kerana konsultan lantikan kerajaan ini mendedahkan tentang pembohongan berterusan kononnya kos MRT1 dan MRT2 adalah jauh di bawah kos biasa pembinaan sistem metro di rantau Asia, kerana tiada sesiapa yang boleh mengesahkan data yang diberikan?
Adakah kami patut mempersoalkan kenapa MMC Gamuda pada mulanya bersetuju berkongsi data kos dengan jurutera konsultan untuk menjustifikasi kos, tetapi kemudian enggan berbuat demikian, kononnya ia ‘trade secret’?
Kepada graduan kejuruteraan kelas-pertama berusia 26 tahun itu, saya memahami pergolakan yang sedang anda hadapi dalam kehidupan hari ini dan ia langsung bukan salah anda.
Tetapi, sekiranya Gamuda membuat keputusan untuk tidak mengekalkan khidmat anda, merekalah sebenarnya yang rugi, kerana anda akan boleh membina kerjaya yang turut cemerlang di banyak syarikat lain.
Kepada seramai 20,000 pekerja, seperti yang didakwa MMC, akan kehilangan pekerjaan mereka akibat penamatan kontrak, biar saya tekankan bahawa kerajaan Malaysia bukannya membatalkan projek tersebut.
Anda akan menemukan banyak lagi peluang apabila projek baharu dijalankan pada kos yang lebih rendah, manakala penjimatan yang diperolehi bermakna lebih banyak projek akan dijalankan pada masa akan datang.
Tetapi mungkin, daripada memulakan petisyen di Change.org bagi mendesak kerajaan menarik balik keputusan membatalkan kontrak, adalah lebih bermanfaat untuk memulakan petisyen mendesak bos-bos anda di MMC Gamuda untuk memberi tawaran yang terbaik kepada Kerajaan Malaysia.
Terima kasih.
Over 20,000 people are going to lose their job and that's how the DAP big shot reacted.

Arrogant like hell, if you asked me.