Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Shut up and work, ministers

I really think that the prime minister and his people in the Cabinet should just stop talking and instead be focused on their work preparing the country for the coming recession.

The more they talk, the bigger liars they seemed to be.

Yesterday, Rafizi denied that he had threatened the MACC chief for checking up his company Invoke before the election.

He even blamed the media for getting his words wrong.

Those journalists didn't go to school, aren't they?

Why are you only denying it now?

Stop it lah Rafizi.

Your words don't worth a dime after all the kelentong you did during the election campaign.

You should just shut up and do your work.

Anyway, what is this Economic Affairs Ministry is going to do?  We already have finance ministry, Miti, etc. 

Cooking up more stupid theories?

And what is that nonsense of Rafizi being proud of being sued many times for his simply hantam exposes. That's just plain stupidity.

Anwar should also cut down on the politicking and work properly.

Why the f@#k is he wasting time threatening Muhyiddin over the Covid funds thing?

Nothing better to do, is it?

If you have evidence, just let the enforcement agencies charge the guy in court lah.

Threatening for what.

His stupid information chief Fahmi should also stop flaunting police actions against Pakatan's political opponents.

Talked so much of not interfering with the work of enforcement agencies, yet keep saying that PM Anwar has ordered the police to do this and that even over the most silly things.

All this reminded me of how Anwar used to control the media during his stint as Dr Mahathir's deputy in the late 1990s.

So much for all those talks about freedom of opinion and expression.

Okay, your side won the election. Doesn't matter that you lied to win. Now is time for you to at least do the work that you promised the people.

Stop bullshitting and witch hunting.

Just work.

If you do a good job, people will likely forget that you lied to them.

Malaysians tend to be like that.

People don't want to hear your nonsense anymore and they also don't want more trouble if you try to put Muhyiddin and Hadi in jail like what you did to Najib.

You think those crazy Pas people will not do crazy things if you try to put Hadi in jail for allegedly calling Anwar a Zionist shill?

Think again, okay.

We can't afford the risk of such shit going into the recession.

What we need now is a functioning government and that's all that matter.

All the lies and bullshit should be dealt with in the next election and not now.

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Is it Anwar's cabinet or wardrobe?

There have been a lot of moaning, bitching and gnashing of teeth after Anwar announced his Cabinet line-up last night.

Many were unhappy with Zahid's appointment as DPM and Anwar holding the finance portfolio for himself.

Some were unhappy that only one Indian becomes minister.

My auntie, who was a TKC girl was unhappy that Anwar put several of his MCKK juniors in the Cabinet. 

Ya, why did he put Zafrul there? The guy even lost in Kuala Selangor what.

Many more complaints lah.

Hey guys, stop it, okay.

We voted for this government. 

Even if you didn't vote for Pakatan, you were part of the democratic process to elect this Anwar's government.

Now you have to accept it.

Let it works for now.

After all, we need it to handle next year's global recession.

That's the priority.

Okay, if it screws up, then we can always whack it again.

I know, Pakatan supporters are the most disappointed of the lot because they didn't expect this kind of Cabinet line-up.

They expected it to be something like the one they had in 2018, but without Dr Mahathir and his boys.

This one looks a bit like Umno Cabinet 2.0 - an all powerful PM surrounded by mostly Malay loyalist ministers.

Well, let me share this message forwarded to me by a DAP friend in her effort to console herself;

I think this is a necessary line up for the time being. 

1. Firstly Zahid need to be TPM so he can control the rest of the backstabbers in UMNO. If he loses power he'll lose his UMNO presidency and this Unity gomen will bite the dust. The traitors and backstabbers like Hishamuddin and Ismail are waiting for Zahid to go. So putting him as DPM is a necessary evil. 

2. I think the deal with Zahid is Anwar won't interfere with his court case and if he's found guilty he'll have to resign or be replaced. His case plus appeals etc may take another 2-3 years and that buys enough time for Anwar to clean up a lot of shit and put the right people in place.

3. With all the racial nonsense brewing .... PAS & PN are kicking up, this lineup will shut them up. One Indian and 3 Chinese ministers can't take over the gomen nor destroy the Malays for sure. This again is necessary to quell the Malay/Muslim population from more dissention and no reason for them to listen to those towelheads spewing nonsense.

4. This buying time is crucial for Anwar to put things in place. Eventually some ministers will be replaced/removed and by those who can do the job.

5. The key positions that are of utmost importance are held by capable and trusted ppl ie. Finance & Law......no more monkey business😁

Right now it doesn't matter how many PKR or DAP ministers appointed. What's important is Anwar is in control😉

So, Pakatan people, you all feel better after reading that?

Be calm, okay.

Umno people, you all happy or not your president becomes DPM?

You even got Khaled Nordin back in his higher education portfolio during Najib's time.

Best kan.

Hope he'll not lose it like he lost Johor in 2018.


Meanwhile, a Perikatan friend seemed jovial this morning, probably because he now has a lot of ammunition to fire at his Pakatan and Barisan enemies.

The guy sent me this edited video of a Mat Sabu's cheramah;

Ha ha ha...very funny.

Friday, 2 December 2022

How Anwar can prevent Sheraton Move 2.0

The media has been vigorously highlighting statements that suggest BN will not abandon Anwar's "unity government".

Today they have this one;

No more ‘Sheraton Moves’: BN MPs scoff at Perikatan man’s prediction that unity govt won’t last

Yeah, sure.

The story featured two Umno guys, one of whom was the party's vice-president Khaled Nordin.

Yup, that Khaled, who lost Johor and both that parliament and state seats he contested when he was an MB in 2018, before running off to the BN's safe seat in Kota Tinggi for GE15.

So much for being a vice-president.

The way I see it, Umno is really becoming like a little company dishing out vice-president titles to its Tom, Dick and Harry sales people to make them seem important to potential clients.

Pathetic, really.

Anyway, I believe that Umno leaders such as Khaled really need the party to stay in the unity government to survive the coming party election.

If they don't get to be ministers or deputy ministers, then they would have nothing to show to their supporters.

Well, I don't mind as I also want the government to survive.

As I repeatedly said, we need a government to face the coming global recession. Pakatan or Perikatan, doesn't matter.

We can't afford another ding dong political game for the coming crisis.

So, Anwar better give those Umno leaders their ministerial posts so that they could survive their party election and keep supporting his administration.

Zahid, Tok Mat, Ismail Sabri, Khaled and even that loser Mahdzir Khalid who could be made a senator or something.

Never mind the low quality.

Anything, as long as the government survives.

I know, it's hard to swallow, but that's the reality now.

If I have my way, I don't want Umno to even be part of the government as they don't deserve it after their worst defeat in history.

But that's simply not going to be, and I have accepted it.

If those Umno leaders were killed off at their party election, the rebels are almost certain to take the party out of Anwar's government along with their allies in Sabah and Sarawak.

Some argued that would be derhaka to the Agong.

On what basis?

The royalty are after all not suppose to be involved in politics.

The constitution is supreme when it comes to this matter, okay.

If the potential defection gives Perikatan the number in parliament, then Anwar's administration would probably have a shorter life than the short-lived Ismail Sabri's administration.

But that's not even the worst part.

While the wrangling goes on, the recession will set in and the rakyat are the ones to suffer.

I'm already digging my trenches. 

I have stopped buying stuff that I don't really need and even getting used to eating Maggi again.

I actually have not been out of the house since GE15 almost two weeks ago.

Less movement, less costs.

Need to stretch my savings at least until the worst of the recession is over.

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Guan Eng could be K-drama star too

 It looks like the calls for Zaid Hamidi to be included in Anwar's unity Cabinet is gaining traction.

As I put it in my last post, many Chinese who used to whack the Umno president of being an evil corrupted crook have repented.

They even see him as handsome as a K-pop idol now.

Today, Tian Chua also joined the chorus of wanting Zahid to join the Cabinet.

Several Umno leaders have already openly said they wanted Zahid to be the DPM.


I don't care even if Zahid becomes the PM.

It's not going to affect my life by much.

After all, the guy has saved Malaysia from Pas' Islamic conservatism that day.

It's only right for Anwar and like minded Malaysians to reward him with their trust.

I think those in Pakatan who are still against Zahid are those who are suffering from pre-GE15 Umno whacking hang over.

Guys, just lick back that spit of yours and accept the reality of this unity government.

Many Umno people are forcing themselves to do the same too, okay.

Do it for the sake of the country.

We are facing a global recession and for that we need this unity government to work.

If it collapses, we all are going to suffer.

Swallow your pride, at least until the recession is over.

On the plus side, if Zahid becomes DPM, you all can have Guan Eng and Syed Sadiq in the Cabinet too.

Those two also have court cases, remember?

One thing I know is that Zahid and Guan Eng actually loves one another very much since way back then.

Remember this?

See, those two can work together.

Their court cases?

Anwar already said "one is innocent until proven guilty".

Proven guilty also can be pardoned what.

All those fiery accusations before the election are just political talks lah.

Anyway, if you all make the effort to edit Guan Eng's picture like they did to Zahid's picture, that once handsomest Chinese guy in Malaysia could look like a K-drama star too.

I think he would look like Park Yoonchun of the Rooftop Prince fame.


Monday, 28 November 2022

New Malay darling of the Chinese

Remember back then when Mat Sabu was the Malay darling of Pakatan's Chinese supporters?

That despite Mat Sabu being anything but handsome.

Well, I don't think that's the case anymore.

They have a new Malay darling now.

And nope, it's not Anwar.

Okay, PKR people may insist on Anwar's handsomeness and new premiership, but he is not the new Malay darling of DAP's Chinese supporters.

It's Zahid Hamidi la.

Yup, that Umno president who led his party to its worst defeat in GE15.

They are singing praises of him in the social media after Zahid pushed BN to join Anwar's unity government instead of going over to Perikatan.

They must have been so relieved that Zahid, despite being whacked by them as the greatest corrupted crook decided not to hand over power to Pas, which dominates Perikatan.

They think Zahid is a Chinese saviour, I guess.

Okay, Malaysians saviour.....whatever.

I came to this conclusion after receiving this social media post from a friend last night,

Here, I put the whole thing in texts for your reading pleasure;

Sebenarnya atas permintaan Sdr Akram Tajuddin yang merujuk kpd post Akmal Hisyam Mokhles yang menaikkan gambar screen shoot dari FB berbahasa Cina dgn meminta saya menterjemahkannya.

Dalam tulisan mereka menggambarkan Zahid Hamidi telah menyelamatkan keadaan dan tentulah disebabkan mereka menolak PN.

Saya sudahpun membuat balasan di post Akmal Hisyam Mokhles, saya juga salinkan terjemahan tersebut utk pembaca FB saya.

Saya terjemahkan yang penting saja.

Virile Heng
Tiba-tiba saya rasa dia bukanlah seperti yang dibenci oleh orang.

Jenny Bao Bao
Zahid 哥今天最帅了
Abang Zahid hari inilah yang paling hensem.

Pada ketika ini rasanya dia sangat hensem.

William Lao
Saya sayang awak Zahid, kita semua adalah satu keluarga.

Garry Lim
Zahid adalah stabil.

Leong KL
Abang Zahid, kami sokong kamu

Nelson Tee
Cakap sejujurnya, jika tiadalah dia, tentu tiada hari ini.

Pak Michelle
希哥! 加油
Abang Zahid, teruskan @ go go go

Brando Lim
Saya sekarang nampak muka kamu.
(Disertakan muka Zahid sekarang dan muka Zahid yg diedit awit muda)

Fandi Goo
Terlalu hensem
(Disertakan gambar Zahid berpakaian baju Melayu & bersamping semacam yg selalu digunakan dalam majlis di istana)

Really. They go all out to make Zahid looks handsome.

In fact they even edited Zahid's photo to make him looks like a K-pop idol.

Not bad at all, isn't it?

Told you all already, Javanese men could be quite handsome.

So, all those grieving Umno people, you all better keep Zahid as party president as he will bring in the Chinese votes that MCA so miserably failed to bring over to BN.

Next election lah, I mean.

Malay votes? That one, I don't know lah.

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Post GE15 Anwar and Umno

 I'm still waiting for fuel prices to go down.

Anwar said fuel prices will go down within 24 hours after he became PM.

Maybe he needs more time.

Oh, and they said there will be no more tolls at the highways.

I'm waiting for that too.

Ya, ya, I know those are all just bullshit, but who knows somehow they could be done.

Maybe Anwar's patrons in US can pump in more money and we could afford all that.

Hopefully they don't later turn up saying that they can't do all that because BN is in the government too.

Last time they blamed Dr Mahathir for it.

Yup, that's why I prefer BN to be in the opposition.

Buta-buta kena blame nanti.

So far, my life remains the same.

Not so good but not so bad either.

Some Umno friends asked me what to do.

How would I know.

I just told them to fix their party.

Change the top five and division chiefs. Even Tok Mat.

They don't like it and said that can't be done.

I said, that's the only thing they could do.

At least try lah.

As long as the top leaders pay the division chiefs to arrange for them to be elected in party elections, Umno can't be fixed.

That's how the crooks became Umno leaders, okay.

They need to remember that Umno members whom the majority don't get to elect their party leaders, still get to vote in general elections.

Those unhappy with their party leaders voted rival parties in the general election.

I believe hundreds of thousands of them voted for Perikatan in GE15 just because they don't want Zahid to remain the president of their party and even worse becomes PM.

"Tak apa undi Perikatan. Dia orang pun Melayu dan memperjuangkan Islam juga," they said.

That's how BN went kaput that day, just months after their landslide victories in Melaka and Johor.

Still, Zahid has 130 Umno division leaders backing him for obvious reasons.

That, despite Umno's worst election defeat in history.

That's how screwed up Umno is now.

Well, why should I care.

I'm not an Umno member.

I supported it because it's a centrist Malay party, unlike Islamist hardliner Pas.

Now Pas commands the support of the Malay majority.

They now control all the Malay dominated states - Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

They almost got Pahang.

Don't forget, Pas' influence is seeping into the urban areas too.

That's what happened in Perak.

The much vilified Umno was the one who stopped them.

Lucky for many that Umno decided to side with Pakatan.

But how long will that lasts with Umno dying as it is.

If this Pakatan-led unity government fails to handle the Malay Muslims problems, Pas will get even more urban Malays' votes in the next election.

Pakatan people could in fact help Pas do that with their stupid behaviour such was displayed after their victory in 2018.

Ya, they need to shut up. 

Dong Zong, LGBT activists, BJP/LTTE wannabes and others need to shut up.

If they refuse to shut up, then we are going to have a full fledge Islamic government even before the end of this term.

Umno will abandon the unity government if Pakatan fails to control its people.

Personally, I don't really mind being ruled by Pas.

I spend most of my time at home. I don't go clubbing and such. I don't own shares or businesses. So, no problem.

Having to wear tudung would be a bit of a problem, but it wouldn't kill me.

But for others, it would not be very pleasant.

Trust me on that, okay.

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Unity pakatan government, okay lah

 Well, Perikatan's offer to BN came too late and now Anwar is the PM.

Yup, they were just too slow.

If they have become the government, they would also be too slow.

Exactly why I had in my previous posts said Pakatan would be a better government than Perikatan.

Lesser of two evil in that matter.

I'm disappointed though because reports so far indicated that BN will join the new government.

I was hoping for BN to be in the opposition.

Just not right for losers of a general election to be in the government.

But that how it is going to be.

The Pakatan supporters are celebrating now.

However, I don't know how they are going to react once Anwar revealed to them what concessions were made to BN.

I know though that half of BN, especially Umno are not happy with their party's decision.

Zahid, who was responsible in helming them to their worst election defeat in history was the driving force behind the cooperation with Pakatan.

Yup, that Zahid who Pakatan and Perikatan people said is a corrupted crook.

If the unity government is truly the saviour of Malaysia, then by right Zahid should be hailed as a national hero.

But of course that would not be the case.

Poor Zahid.

By the way, there's a rebellion brewing within the Umno ranks against Zahid and the party's election would be just around the corner.

If Zahid is defeated and kicked out by Umno, this unity government will be in trouble.

So, Pakatan, through its connections with rich guys around the country should do something to help Zahid.

You all said what, Umno can be bought.

Anyway, I don't believe Zahid will now be convicted of those corruption charges too.

And I think Najib will get a royal pardon, just like Anwar previously.

I know, I know. Rule of law. They all said that lah.

What? You all angry that I said that?

Hey, you all want reconciliation or not?

Najib could in fact help Zahid put down the impending Umno rebellion and saves the unity government.

Umno also needed to be revived to stop the Malay conservatism that has swept the country with the rise of Pas during GE15.

Umno is the main Malay party of Pakatan now.

Even DAP should know this.

The one they have now called Amanah would not be able to stop Pas.

Okay, we don't know for sure yet the details of this unity government, so I don't know how much Pakatan was willing to go in the effort to tie the knot with BN, particularly Umno.

Once I know that, I'll write again.

Anyway, I wish DAP could offer an apology to Umno like what it did to the Sarawakians.

You know, for calling Umno corrupted, racist, evil etc.

That would strengthen the unity government quite a lot.

But of course not, DAP has its pride too. Apologising to Umno would be too hard for them.

Still, they need to remember, if not for Umno, they would be living under a truly Malay Islamic government headed by Pas.