Monday, 24 January 2022

Truth about Azam Baki and a bit on Johor election

It was quite comical to see many people (especially pro-Pakatan crowd) jumping all over the place after Securities Commission cleared MACC boss Azam Baki from any wrong doing.

They are now accusing the SC of not being independent and doing government's biddings. 


I even have a young friend who complained that youths would find it hard to understand why SC came to such a conclusion.

I actually felt like telling him that young people should go through life more before thinking about such things but stopped myself from doing that as I know that would be pointless and politically incorrect in this age of Undi18.

Well, I believe my friend and other young people like him shouldn't worry too much about not finding the truth.

In case everyone forgets, Azam Baki has sued the self-styled journalist who started the whole accusation against him and they are going to court.

In court, everything will be put in the open and there will be nothing to hide.

So, Azam Baki will try to prove his innocence, while the journalist will reveal everything she has against him.

Everything will be factual, right?

No more trial by media or public lynching by street mob.

For those who already believe that Azam Baki is guilty, they should take comfort in the knowledge that the journalist is supposedly a lady of integrity and has been hailed as a heroic whistle blower.

Surely she would have all her facts ready to be presented in court for all to see.

Surely she didn't buta-buta accuse Azam Baki of being a corrupt person to suit the agenda of some politicians who wanted to paint the establishment as being a vampire that is drinking the blood of the rakyat....correct?

Well, just wait for the trial then, okay.

It's going to be either Azam Baki being factually proven to be a corrupt person or he'll get RM10 million from the journalist for defaming him.

As dramatic as a Korean courtroom drama, I think.

Moving on to the coming Johor election, I have to say that my sources in the state are still quite reliable.

They got it right that it will take place not long after the CNY celebration next month.

I believe they are going to be right again about the outcome of the poll.

They said BN will win with a landslide, sweeping the others into the longkang.

Okay, DAP will survive by clinging on to the edge of the longkang because they will still win in the Chinese-majority areas.

The only unfortunate thing about the coming state poll is that Khaled Nordin will almost certainly be fielded in his former state constituency of Permas and he will win there.

That's according to my sources in Johor too lah. Sigh.

They even said that Khaled will try to become MB again later on by using his CONNECTIONS.

But I don't believe them as I think they were trying to pull a prank on me.

That's just too crazy, okay.

Anyway, I hope to go to Johor once the campaigning starts.

I actually really hate writing without going on the ground.

Hopefully my boss will let me go there even though I know he can't belanja my trip because our company has not yet recover from the effects of Covid-19.

If I get the green light, I will go to Johor using my own money. Hopefully I have enough for the trip.

See how la.


Tuesday, 18 January 2022

With a strong mandate, Hasni could be as good as Ghani

My most trusted source in Johor told me that the state election is almost certain to be held immediately after the Chinese New Year holiday next month.

Well, that's good.

As I previously wrote, a new mandate for a stable state government is necessary for Johor to move forward from the current doldrums, which actually started in 2013..

Currently, the state government doesn't have much room to manoeuvre as its single majority in the legislative assembly means that it could be toppled at any time should it makes any decision that is unpopular among certain quarters.

As I believe most of you would agree, that has been the state of  the country's administration ever since  Pakatan won the general election in 2018.

Political frogs have been the ones who determined which parties should control Putrajaya as well as the state administrations.

It has been the same in Johor too after GE14.

One of the frogs in Johor is now in trouble for allegedly molesting a member of his party's Srikandi wing while they were going around, supposedly helping victims of the recent floods.

Guilty or not, the whole thing was quite sordid, if you asked me.

Really, the frogs are not very nice people after all.

Well, we can get rid of them at the planned state election.

Anyway, the way I see it, MB Hasni needs to lead a strong state government if he is to govern properly.

If he has a convincing mandate, then no one could interfere with his administration.

No one could flex his power and tell Hasi what to do or what not to do.

No one could demand things from him with a threat to get the frogs to pull out support for his administration in the state assembly.

Only then can Hasni say no to people who would try to influence his decisions as MB due to their vested interests in the state.

I think Hasni is capable of being a truly good MB if he has such a strong mandate.

I do have high hopes of him being as good as the last good Johor MB that is TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

As I remember it, Ghani had dared to say NO to even the most powerful if it's not in the best interest of Johor and its people.

Okay, maybe Hasni is a person of softer character than Ghani, but he is definitely stronger than Khaled Nordin....sigh, have to mention that name pulak.

Never mind.

So, all I'm hoping now is that for Hasni to insist on fielding a good line-up of candidates of his choice for BN in the state election.

If there is no interference from KL, I'm confident he could lead BN to a more than comfortable win in Johor .

He could then use the strong mandate to become a really good MB with an administration capable of doing things solely in the interests of RAKYAT negeri Johor. 

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Azam learning from the politicians...probably

 So, it has boiled down to this;

MACC chief files defamation suit against journalist


“In doing so, our client was merely asserting his rights as enshrined by the Federal Constitution and applicable laws, to seek the necessary and appropriate reliefs from the court and our client strongly believes that this will also provide the defendant a similar right and opportunity to justify her claims in court and not merely engage in a trial by the media,” reads the statement.

Journalists always kena sue what. Part of the job hazards.

I guess Azam learnt from Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang, Anwar, and many other politicians, who had sued journalists and won quite a lot of money.

Probably that's also the only real way to clear his name as he had been deemed guilty from the very start anyway.

No need to wait for the investigations to be completed as even if they later found him to be innocent, the damage has already been done.

Well, even if he wins the case in court, people will still say bad things about him and may even claim that the court was fixed.

But at least he will get RM10 million from the journalist, and that's a lot more than the value of the shares he was accused to have acquired corruptly.

Then again, that depends on whether he or the journalist was right.

If the journalist have all of her facts right, then she doesn't have to fear going to court.

I think Guan Eng, his father, Anwar and many others would agree with that.

I know that it's a bit of a hassle going to court, but that's part of the inconvenience that comes with the job of a journalist.

They cannot simply hantam and write whatever they want.

Honestly, I don't know why anyone wants to become a journalist considering the risks involved.

It actually offers only little in terms of salary, glamour and excitement for those who truly want to maintain journalism as a noble profession.

Most of the money, glamour and excitement in journalism ( at least in this country) are only for those who know how to play office politics and kiss ass in the newsroom.

Well, at least that's what I was told by journalist friends.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about the journalist who was sued by Azam as she had already insisted that she got all her facts right.

The way she said it, I think she's going to win the case and Azam will then be forced to resign in shame.....I guess....

Errrr....I think so....

No way that she buta-buta wrote those articles to make people jump on Azam's head like that....right?

Never mind.

Hmmm, I do wonder whether Azam will also later sue other journalists who wrote as if he had already been found guilty these past few days.....

Guan Eng, his father, Anwar and many other politicians may likely do that if they were in his shoes...I think.

Can buta-buta make money one.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

Let's sack Azam Baki and reappoint Latheefa Beebi Koya

Let's admit it, the MACC chief Azam Baki has already been judged guilty of corruption over the share ownership issue.

Just read the media headlines and the angle of the stories on it.

Really, there's no need to investigate anymore.

You can whack the guy all you want but if you even remotely suggest that he may be innocent, they will jump on your head.

The atmosphere is very much like before GE14.

Yeah, the government, should just sack and replace Azam with someone like....eerrr...Latheefa Beebi Koya....or maybe Ong Kian Meng.

That should restore MACC's credibility, I guess.

And maybe after that we can enjoy listening to secret recordings of husband and wife conversations again.

Never mind the rules and regulations or even the rules of law.


Well, actually I don't really care.

I'm quite tired of these trials by media stuff....or even worse, trials by social media.

All the self entitled idiots now believe that they should run the country because they have a Facebook or Twitter accounts.

So irritating. Especially, those who think that they are clever because their English is better than that of the orang kampung.

Sometimes I really feel like smacking their faces.

Anyway, I think I will just wait for the next general election and hopefully we can get a more stable government after that.

I think a stable government can do things properly again instead of bending to the wind like it is now.

Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and the government would follow suit. 

That's why it's so messy now.

Monday, 27 December 2021

Snap Johor election is a good idea

 There was this story the other day;

Johor MB considers snap state election

Good lah. I'm all for it.

If they can have it in Melaka and more recently in Sarawak, why not in Johor too, right?

After all, there was no surge in number of Covid-19 cases after those previous two state elections.

The situation in Johor needs to be ratified anyway.

A state government shouldn't be let to operate with just a single majority seat in the legislative assembly.

It needs better mandate than that.

Well, if you all are Pakatan supporters, by right that news should be a good one as it's an opportunity for the opposition coalition to wrest back power in Johor.

But then came this story yesterday;

Johor Pakatan is not keen on snap election


The opposition coalition, in its statement today, said it would be insensitive to call for a snap poll because the people are currently burdened by the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout.

The statement, which was jointly signed by Johor Amanah chairman Aminolhuda Hassan, Johor PKR chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh and Johor DAP chairman Liew Chin Tong stated that all efforts, energy, commitment and funds should for now be channeled to help the people.

Well, actually we all know the real reason why the Pakatan people don't want the snap state election.

Except for in the overwhelmingly non-Malay majority constituencies, Pakatan will most likely be wiped out in Johor.

It will be a repeat of the recent Melaka state election, except that BN will be winning in an even bigger landslide victory.

Oh, Perikatan will lose even bigger too.

I'm quite confident with this prediction.

The Tanjung Piai by-election may be two years ago, but the result was indicative of the ground sentiment in Johor till today.

If I'm Hasni, I will call for the snap state polls and settle the matter as soon as possible.

Once the state administration has been stabilised, more works could be done for the good of the state.

My only hope is for Hasni to pick really good candidates for BN.

Please don't put crooks or weird people as candidates.

And please don't give Khaled Nordin a state seat to contest. 

He's after all an Umno vice-president and therefore should just contest a parliamentary seat.

Yeah, I would like to see him win back the Pasir Gudang parliamentary seat....if he could la.

So, Khaled should be given the opportunity to focus on that. Who knows, maybe he could ends up being the Ismail Sabri. Nobody ever thought of that before, right?

State seats in Pasir Gudang should be given to other people. Really.

Jangan lah ada lagi yang bertanding dua kerusi tapi kalah kedua-duanya sekali.

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Away from the floods and Covid-19

 I spent the Christmas yesterday driving to the East Coast...and sleeping due to exhaustion.

Ya, I drove to where I am now as soon as the East Coast highway was opened to traffic.

The place where I was in Klang during the flood was still packed with relatives whose houses were submerged.

They still needed to stay there as the post-flood cleaning process would take quite a while.

I, on the other hand needed a break after sleeping on the sofa for several days in the crowded house.

My whole body was aching due to the discomfort caused by it.

Was a bit worried and did a Covid-19 test before making the trip yesterday and the result was negative. Alhamdulillah.

The trip itself was quite okay.

It was smooth except for a bit of traffic jam along the stretch near Sungai Dua between Bentong and Karak where they closed parts of the lanes due to damage caused by the floods.

I intend to stay here for at least a week.

My boss has yet to call me back to office, so I think it's quite okay to continue working from home or where ever I am now.

Anyway, I'm still scared of Covid-19 and trying my best to lessen the risk of being infected.

I hardly go out of the house these days.

I think Malaysians are of late mostly oblivious that scores of people died of Covid-19 everyday and thousands more were infected.

Maybe they were so used to it.

But really, the number of deaths and damages done by the floods was really not much if compared to that caused  the pandemic.

In fact, I think the floods this year was less severe than the last major one that was in late 2014.

The only difference was that the number of casualties this time was higher because Klang Valley was hit quite hard.

They were simply not prepared for it.

People and authorities in the Klang Valley don't really know what to do when the floods suddenly hit them, causing the extra number of casualties such as what happened in Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam.

Even the early warning system were mostly focused on the East Coast.

Well, there were lots of complaints now with many blaming the authorities.

I noticed that the complaints this time were more than when the floods hit just the East Coast states or areas in rural Sabah and Sarawak.

Maybe people of Klang Valley know how to complain more, I guess.

Okay, I'm fine with that. It's normal to complain after a disaster.

However, I believe that we ourselves need to reflect on our attitude towards things such as global warming which could be a major contributor towards the disaster.

Our lack of concerns all these while may have caused disasters elsewhere.

I think people living in the more developed parts of the country should be more mindful about what others were going through in the rural areas.

We can never tell when things could turn bad for ourselves too.

It did occurred to me that maybe God is reminding us urban people not to be too dismissive of others due to our sense of entitlement and superiority over others.

That was actually my thought when I first read all those complaints.

Yup, I actually told myself to complain less and instead be more focused on what I could do to improve things.

Anyway, I'm still thankful to all the God's blessings despite the disasters.

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Flood blues, poor connectivity and bullshits about 5G

I'm stuck for the past two days at a relative's house in Klang, perhaps the worst-hit by the floods.

Don't dare to try going home as I heard that the highways out of here had been cut off by flood water.

Reports indicated that the situation is quite bad, with over 11,000 already evacuated as I'm writing this.

I'm also quite frustrated because my phone line had been quite erratic, causing me not being able to make calls to inform my family of my situation.

This could be quite sticky if I'm in an emergency in the middle of this flood as I can't make a call for help.

It also kept switching from 4G to 3G, making access to internet quite hard.

Yesterday, I went to the nearbyAeon Big supermarket in Jalan Kapar to buy food supply but was not allowed in as I can't access MySejahtera. 

Really pissed off about that.

By the way, I'm using the relatively good Samsung Note 10 Plus, so that I don't think it's the phone's fault.

My aunt in Puchong told me that she was also having the same problem.

I suspect that the telcos were at it again, fooling around with their 3G and 4G platforms.

I expect these sort of problems will continue if they are to be given the 5G rollout project.

I really don't understand why some people keep harping on the DNB being given the project to improve the country's connectivity.

The other day, Anwar and his Pakatan people like that Fahmi guy of Lembah Pantai made so much noise in Parliament over the matter.

They among others talked about DNB being a vehicle for cronies to make money.

That's quite rich for someone like Anwar, who while in power with Umno back in the 90s kept a kennel of cronies himself.

Dr Mahathir, as the then Umno president had to even put the list of Anwar's cronies (along with his and others) outside the Umno general assembly hall to shut up the guy from barking about the matter.

Yup, Anwar had been talking about everyone's cronies since back then, while at the same time practiced the very same thing.

He really should follow Dr Mahathir's philosophy on this one - cronies will always be there in one form or another to make profits, just make sure their works benefit the people.

Anyway, in case you all didn't notice, the anti-DNB guys trying to get the 5G project for themselves also were said to include household cronies such as Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan and Mokhzani Mahathir.

Personally, I don't mind these cronies and their telcos getting the project as long as they can offer the same or better deal than what DNB is offering - mainly cheaper services and better connectivity, especially in the rural areas.

The problem is that they have been raking tonnes of money from us all these years while giving us crappy services.

Just look at the way they now messed up the handling of the 3G and 4G platforms.

I almost throw my phone on the wall yesterday because of that.

Ya, and I'm still sore that village kids had to climb trees to get connectivity for their online classes.

Oh, Anwar and his gang also talked about DNB being potentially another 1MDB.

That's really stretching the bullshit a little bit too far.

The whole thing had been done on open tender la, okay.

Read this,

DNB’s 5G rollout will not be another 1MDB-like scandal


Deputy Finance Minister II Yamani Hafez Musa told the Dewan Rakyat today that the tender process for the estimated RM12.5 billion project was evaluated by independent firm Ernst and Young (E&Y).

He said the tender process for DNB was structured by E&Y according to global standards, unlike the one by Goldman Sachs, which was chosen by 1MDB, without an open tender to raise bonds. 

Yamani was responding to concerns raised by Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PH-Port Dickson) that the 5G network rollout via DNB may be a repeat of the 1MDB scandal.

He said Ericsson was selected over 13 other bidders as the 5G network provider in the country through a process, which was conducted by four panels consisting 50 local and international experts from 10 countries.

Anyway, I'm glad that Ericsson got the job instead of Huawei, which was among the main bidders.

I believe that if Huawei had got it, then the communists  may be able to have access to my phone and other devices. 

Seriously, I do fear that they then may be able to shut down this blog remotely from Beijing because of my pro-Taiwan stance.

Okay, I know mine is just an insignificant blog but with the communist in Beijing, anything could happen.

Eh, enough lah.

I need to try find food supply somewhere now.

Don't know when this flood is going to end.

Stay safe guys.