Sunday 24 June 2018

Goddess of Death versus PH supporters

Okay, I simply have to do this one.

Just for fun :)

This comment,

What you write simply, you no know nothing, trying to get popular with your junk, trying to get followers. Be gone with your blog.

which I find very funny, reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago.

She asked me how do I deal with the many not so very intelligent PH supporters who attacked me at this blog of late.

Well, actually I hardly fight them back.

I don't really like to waste my limited energy for entertaining silly people.

But of course if I have much energy and power to spare I would have oblige them like this,, right?

Okay, that's all.

Good night everyone...including you all silly bastards :)


  1. Dear Annie.

    I hope that 'silly bastard :)' does not include me, a loooong loyal reader of your blog... as pro-UMNO/BN and pro-PH after 1MDB-Jho Low's shit hits the fan.

    As a matter of fact, I've even posted you article in my FB, a couple of times.

    1. Dear RD, if you don't feel that you are a silly bastard, then you are not a silly bastard. Thank you.

  2. We have seen the damages done to this country by BN. That was ok. Governments tend to corrupt anyway. Many do.
    Tapi bila dah jelas menyeleweng dan mengkhianati kepentingan bangsa Melayu, iaitu bangsa kelahiran sendiri, apa perlu orang Melayu menyokong BN lagi ?

    Ramai orang Melayu memang bersedia mengubah kerajaan. Jumlah nya makin bertambah sejak 2016. Orang bangsa lain memang dah lama tak sokong BN.

    PH performance today....
    We expected a little bit this and that along the way. Even experienced government bungles! Like Zahid Hamidi have met with the $681 mollion American dollars Arab donor. But Zahid's was major bungle. Outright bullshit. Ini cakap budak Melayu sekolah atap. DPM Malaysia takkan cakap macam ni ?
    Ramai orang Melayu geli....

    But the PH government are serious about enough matters that reinforce Malaysian's sovereignty again. It is a beginning of a new administration era in Malaysia.

    Kasi la 100 hari dulu..
    Tengok apa jadi..
    Kalau jadi monyet repair labu, kita boleh buat macam Thailand..

    1. Tak apa. Kasi lima tahun, bukan 100 hari. Umno pun nak kena repair dulu. Aku pun selalu kritik Umno juga. Bukan sokong membuta tuli. Kena betulkan mana yg tak kena. Tak nak lah huru hara macam Thailand. At least buruk2 Umno ni tak da lah nak sampai macam tu. Terimakasih.

    2. Anon 00:08,

      "Kasi la 100 hari dulu..
      Tengok apa jadi.."

      Did we make a big fuss that tolls have not been abolished yet?

      Did we make a big fuss that petrol & diesel prices have not been reduced yet?

      Did we make a big fuss that the full cabinet has not been named yet?

      We the rakyat are not bodoh, we understand that things take time to implement. Issues & budget need to be studied & money does not grow on trees.

      (BTW, I think the election promise to abolish all tolls is really stupid. I object to my taxpayer money being used to subsidise all the busses, lorries & cars on N-S or LPT hiways)

      But when a minister too eager to show off blab about IMPLEMENTING a policy that has widespread implication, u can't expect we the rakyat to smile and say it is a good policy when there is no outline/ policy/plan on foreign workers in general from the minister.

      Kasi la 100 hari dulu. Ya right (sarcasm). U think this kind of policies can be easily reversed once implemented? Why don't the minister use the 100 days to do his study and then roll out a well thought out plan that takes into consideration input from all parties?

      We the rakyat commented coz we don't want this govn to become syok sendiri with all the adulation from their core supporters just like the previous govn!

    3. "Bukan sokong membuta tuli."

      Heh heh heh.


  3. Amazing that u still got strenght to layan this PH dumb dumb..

    Hahahaha.. keep up raising your blog rating ;)

  4. Hey Annie,

    I think it suits you, that queen of hell you know.

    Most of her friends are devils and her true enemy are the good guys.

    Even small matter like the cook and chef also become big issue, the elephant in the room so big also cannot see.

    But, the Queen of hell is not very bright you know. Eventually, Thor and the Pakatan good guys outsmarted her.

    Annie, you being the queen of hell and all, you must have a sidekick.

    I think the best sidekick for you is the Jamal Tongkol aka Jamal Jamban. He also have super power you know, do not forget.

    He is kebal (bullet proof) and master of flying hatchet .

    Except maybe if Zuraida hit him, he will cry like a baby and with nose bleed.

    He is also very fond of the toilet and would like to bring the journalists to the toilet.

    Dont know where the hell is he now, maybe gone to hell for training.

    A perfect side kick for you to do your evil deeds.

    1. Whatever. Heroes are annoying la :)

    2. Anon 00:31. Well written and me thinks Annie is on a self destruct mode

  5. Annie,

    //how do I deal with the many not so very intelligent PH supporters who attacked me at this blog of late.//

    I guess you are just giving them rope to hang themselves and the new Pakatan government.

    They probably do not realise that their behaviour reflects on the Pakatan administration in Putrajaya.

    Like I said elsewhere, I am embarrassed that I am a Pakatan supporter having to watch such behaviour from other Pakatan supporters.

    I am told that we are now in a new Malaysia, but from what I can see here, some of us still seem to be stuck in the old Malaysia.


    1. Gladiator, you are a smart one. They will vote PH because of people like you.

    2. Gladiator by name but pussy by nature. Stop sucking up to Annie and grow a backbone will ya.

  6. "She asked me how do I deal with the many not so very intelligent PH supporters who attacked me at this blog of late. Well, actually I hardly fight them back."

    Tak payah fight back lah, Annie : ) Not that you have the facts to respond anyway.

    Just keep to this simple strategy (I am talking about the Umno bloggers, lah. Not you, okay? You are Very Very Neutral Unpaid, kan?)

    a) Keep attacking Tun Dr M.

    b) Keep defending the world's worst kleptocrat in history (your approach is the best: “ehhhhhh, 1MDB nie susah nak faham ler…leceh lah..takpe…keep the change, Jibros!” Ciut lah you Annie. Brainless bimbo giler : )

    c) Keep screaming loudly for Malay unity, while the Malays are recovering slowly from being brutally gang-raped by Umno over...



    Tabung Haji






    TRX & Bandar Malaysia Malay reserve land scam

    & banyak lagi.



    Using these 3 tactics, you cannot fail, Annie.

    Kipidap, dongibab!

    Maybe you can raise BN’s share of the vote to 37% next time.

    Semoga berjaya : )

    1. Sigh.You are one of the not so bright ones, aren't you? Never mind...try harder and all the best next time. A hint : use the brain when commenting.

    2. LOL...extra lame answer, Queen of Deaf : )

      That's why we love you, Annie.

      Superb for light entertainment.

      PS: Would the Queen of Death enjoy being shot in the head and then blown up with C4 explosives while still alive?

      Because now Musa Safri cannot escape from telling the truth about who ordered him to kill Altantuya.

      Will you defend the ultimate killer, too?

  7. Don't worry Annie..

    Relax2 .. kita peghati aje la drama2 mereka, seronok juga;

    Mukriz jumpa papa pasai logging compensation

    Nurul cakap papa best kalau jadi PM

    Papa Guan Eng marah siapa tegur sonny dia. Sonny kata papa Muklis yg suruh dia melalak.

    Mama Nurul pulak sibuk jaga papa Nurul yg sakit.

    Ada article dedahkan wang deposit masuk Singapore Bank of Israel pun sama;

    Duit masuk berjuta2 dalam akaun papa, akaun papa punya papa, akaun mama, akaun ana, akaun bekas suami ana issshhh macam2 drama keluarga la..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Dear Annie,

    I think your blog is the only pro-umno blog that shows almost all comments that are not pleasant to you. This is what makes it worth visiting.

    Maybe "silly bastards" isn't the way to go.

    1. Aiya, people call me worse than just silly bastard in this blog la. Anyway, just imagine Hela saying it "You all silly bastards better not fight me. I'm the Goddess of Death and too powerful for you all." See, it's not offensive at all, right?

    2. You don't sound very relax Annie.

    3. When Annie responds to all comments, it's a sign she's in "GERAM / MERAJUK" mode.

      Then please you all have to extra manja her till she calms down....

    4. Like that then how to take Annie's comments seriously? Have to pujuk a sulking Annie. Ha ha

    5. Truth is, Annie's the one silly fucking bastard neutral blogger. She's trying stupidly hard to insult the readers intelligence that against Umno klepto.

    6. See, my silly bastard got fucking some more :)

    7. Pity Annie, sincerely you need to seek help from a shrink a.s.a.p :)

    8. Anonymous25 June 2018 at 11:47

      C'mon lah bro - that's not manja!

      Tell Annie her hair looks nice, at least - she just went to hair saloon, OK!

  9. Annie,as I have mentioned before,most of us the readers in this blog are not professional politicians.I guess many of us here are not in the running for MT UMNO, Majlis Syura Pas or CEC DAP (whatever that means).
    I have been following Malaysian politics for the past 40 years.This is a very exciting time for political observers like me.
    As you know I am a staunch supporter of UMNO.When BN lost in the last GE many people commented that is the end of UMNO (despite UMNO getting the biggest parliament seats.So does that mean the end of every political party in Malaysia?).
    My answer to those people who are very sceptical of UMNO surival is very simple.UMNO will die of natural death if PH can prove to the Malays/bumis they are capable of protecting the interest of Malays/bumis.I am not too concerned about the monarchy asTommy Thomas case is a proof that Malay Sultans cannot do much in protecting the Malays.
    However,recent developments such as Hindraf request for UiTM to be opened to Indians,LGE mandarin statement and I am sure many more issues to come give UMNO reasons to rejuvenate itself.
    Prof Kangkung

  10. Annie, your comments lately show that you are losing it. I used to admire the cool and cute Annie. Annie these days are bitchy and less self assured. I think you need to take a holiday to those east cost islands again to calm down

  11. Annie,

    May i suggest the following:

    rebrand your blog as the social media site to discuss solely Umno matters from now on.

    In order to avoid the descent on both sides as all are now starting to see, and that includes you, don't discuss or mention Pakatan at all. Let Umno bloggers do that instead.

    Highlighting only Umno matters will enable you to clarify points of view from Umno's perspective since you probably can write better than any from Umno today.

    They have this tendency to say things from their official party angle that misses the hot button essence in the minds of most listeners.

    You can be the bridge to close that gap. Then be happy and courteous if readers come in to argue against the points you make. That will make for healthy arguments and more informed conclusions.

    While it may reduce the number of your posts, it will make for more solid and quality discussions.

    You still have a long way to go. My journey ends now.

    Good luck and all the best. Start by pondering this comment seriously in the quiet of this morning. And we will meet when you least expect it.

    1. Annie can start with this:

      Is there a KJ-Zahid alliance?

      There seems to be some sneaky behaviour going on, honestly.

      "THREE teams have emerged in support of the three top contenders for Umno’s presidency, but there is talk of a pact being formed between two of the three hopefuls.

      The talk came about after former Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, 42, announced his nomination for the presidential post a day after party veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, on the second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, said he would contest the post in the June 30 election.

      Khairy ’s announcement is seen as a major upset not only among party veterans but also youth leaders, leading to the assumption that he has “formed” a pact with acting president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 65, the third contender.

      Khairy wants to be seen as Umno’s saviour. However, he will only be seen as a typical millennial — depicting the generation’s overambitious qualities, sense of entitlement and narcissism.

      He has been asked to withdraw from contesting by those in the know of his intent, especially as he was the one who asked Tengku Razaleigh to contest.

      “Yes, it is true that Khairy went to see Tengku Razaleigh at Langgak Golf,” a source said, confirming the New Straits Times’ commentary last Friday.

      “And yes, he was in near tears pleading with Tengku Razaleigh to contest the top post.”

      The meeting, which the source described as “emotional”, was also attended by six other senior party leaders — Umno liaison committee chairmen of Negri Sembilan, Johor and Selangor Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin and Tan Sri Noh Omar, respectively; Titiwangsa Umno head Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani; Kepala Batas member of parliament Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican and Larut member of parliament Datuk Hamzah Zainudin.

      “It was a critical moment for Tengku Razaleigh at that time. It was either a go or no-go from him to contest. When Khairy pledged not only his support, but also the Youth’s, that pushed Tengku Razaleigh’s confidence further,” the source said.

      “If he (Tengku Razaleigh) had known that Khairy was going to contest, he would not have put in his name.”

      If that's the case, then KJ went in purely to split votes.

      What he did makes zero sense.

      In my view the Ku Li / KJ combo is far better than the inarticulate Zahid.

      Ku Li rightly pointed out, Zahid has already lost control.

      No response even when Umno MP crossed to PPBM.


  12. I am Anon 24 June, at 10:42 and 13:13

    I have been following your blog since the time TS Abdul Ghani Othman was MB Johor. I can safely say he was (is?) your idol. I admire your intimate knowledge of his political involvement and that of UMNO Johor as a whole.

    However, his unexpected loss to Lim Kit Siang in GE13 must have greatly shocked you. Since then your displeasure towards him, his son and DAP started building up.

    It became worst when against all odds PH won GE14 and DAP is now part of the coalition govt. I notice your comments of late are more often tainted with sentiment against LKS, his son LGE and DAP.

    My unsolicited advice is not to be too possessed with such sentiment for it will cause you depression.It is not good to your general health.

    I believe you are competent and knowledgeable enough to give constructive criticism as you had done so to UMNO Johor when it was under TS Ghani.

    Accept the fact that DAP will still be part of PH govt at least until GE15 unless there is political earthquake that will decimate the coalition.

  13. Wow, updated MACC probe almost 1000 names in Razak clan....all in one way or another touch 1MDB monies...that is not including Scorpene and Altantuya case....habis liow Razak....

  14. Annie The Neutral has losing the plot..annie ngko nak membangkang pun bangang..if you can’t stand the heat stay out la from the kitchen..
    Aku tau la ini blog ngko.. tapi blog ngko mengulas hal ehwal politik negara, suka tak suka ngko terima larr!!!
    Kalo blog ngko sembang pasal kucing jiran sebelah umah ngko ker pasal kau tukar jamban baru ker takder la orang nak amik tau!!!!

    p/s: another 4 finger pointing at the real silly bastard


    1. Rileks la. Teran pelan-pelan. Jangan sampai melecet. Hehehe....

  15. When all else fails, resort to violence. This is the deep ingrained culture of UMNO and Annie has so clearly demonstrated that in her thinking and desired actions. You need to keep your emotions in checked Annie if you want to be credible in your writings.

    1. Its time for Annie to seek shrink for mental help.


  16. Hello folks , are we all silly bastard ?.

    1. No worries tebing tinggi. When a person finger point to others, another 4 fingers definitely pointing to the writer herself. Hehehe :)

  17. Dear Annie
    I am from a village. I am not an Umno member. But i was invited and followed their house to house ceramah. Their campaign was more like a ceramah ugama. The campaign was like a majlis tahlil. Their priority is the afterworld it seemed and i wonder why would we want to win the worldly election afterall.

    Simple me.

  18. Annie,

    //you are a smart one.//

    I know I am not particularly smart.

    I have read some really smart comments from one or two other commentators who make me realise that I am not smart.

    //They will vote PH because of people like you.//

    I don't see the connection but if that is true, then I hope that when the day comes in, say, GE17, people will vote against Pakatan when I decide to vote against Pakatan.


  19. Anonymous @ 25 June 2018 at 07:56,

    //Gladiator by name but pussy by nature.//

    Well, you are partially right - from a natural perspective, I do like pussy.

    // Stop sucking up to Annie and grow a backbone will ya.//

    Hmmm... why would I want to suck up to Annie?

    I gain nothing from it.

    I have never met her and I don't know her other then thru this blog.

    And what kind of backbone should I grow?

    A backbone which blindly follows the Pakatan line, just like UMNO backbones which blindly follow the UMNO line?

    I choose who I want to befriend, who I want to insult.

    Is this not the new Malaysia we want, where we can freely choose whatever politics we want?

    If I feel that Annie makes a good case for UMNO, why should I not listen to what she says?

    If YOU make a good case for Pakatan, why should I not listen to what you say?

    Conversely, if Annie makes a good case AGAINST Pakatan, why should I not listen to her?

    And, if you make a good case AGAINST UMNO, why should I not listen to you?

    Are you suggesting I must only listen to what you say?

    Are you suggesting that I should blindly attack others who say things you don't like hearing?

    If so, then fuck you.

    If so, then you should not be concerned about me growing a spine, instead you should worry about yourself needing to grow a brain.

    If you refuse to grow a brain, then you might as well go join Parti Ajaran Syaitan where a brain is not required.


    1. Gladiator is losing his cool, just like Annie. Low EQ, can't handle criticism & erratic.

  20. Asal jangan tegakkan benang yang basah.
    PKR n DAP kebanyakkan kaki kelentung.
    That is their job being a Pembangkang terlalu lama sangat. Telah sebati dgn jiwa dan raga.
    Skrg dah jadi Gomen pun masih bersikap Pembangkang.
    They seem are not here to run,manage and lead the nation, but to over run it. Take abis2 nak tukar undang2 Dan perlembagaan. Tu ari pissed off dgn Najib with the Fake News Law(totally Trump here).
    Even, TDM is still in the fighting mood and mode. Still no clear direction for the country.

  21. Annie,

    Please hentam LGE on the usage of bahasa cina. Aku paling meluat orang tak hormat bahasa kebangsaan. Kenapa tak buat statement mcm biasa guna bahasa melayu lps tu bahasa inggeris ?

    Satu lagi itu Gobind nak cina & tamil bernama apahal ?

    Ini antara sebab orang2 yg undi PH pun meluat.

    1. Anon 17:39 you should hentam Annie and many mat saleh celup wannabe type makan belacan in this blog for underestimate our bahasa kebangsaan also lar.

    2. kahkahkah ini la comment paling bangang setakat ni....mula ayat pun konon2 nak speaking london pahtu nak meluat orang tak guna bahasa kebangsaan....beranak2 dah terus bangang ka atau ada class tuk polish skill bodoh bangang hang ni anon 1739??

    3. Anon 17:39 Memang bangang. Bodoh bin bangang

    4. La aaa Malaysian Chinese and Indians still donno how to communicate in their own country's national language ke?

      Nih kena mula investigate asal usul documen pengenalan mereka... fake atau betul.

      Mustahil dah 60tahun MERDEKA masih taktau cakap Bahasa Negara sendiri??

      Mereka ni semua menjelma dari langit ke.. bahasa kebangsaan Negara sendiri pun taktau??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. Anonymous @ 25 June 2018 at 21:53,

    //Gladiator is losing his cool, just like Annie.//


    Me? Lose my cool?

    Over comments by an anonymous commentator?

    You don't seem to understand - I place very little value on unsigned comments :)


    //Low EQ, can't handle criticism & erratic. //

    What is "low EQ"?

    I am not a very smart person.

    As for an inability to handle criticism and being erratic, I find it quite amusing that some Pakatan supporters cannot seem to handle criticism when their heroes are being lambasted.

    Look, those Pakatan politicians are OUR servants, just as UMNO politicians are.

    They are not to be put on a pedestal and worshipped.

    If any Malaysian feels they want to criticise any leader, they should be allowed to.

    It is for us, the rakyat, to decide which politician is competent and fit for his/her duties.

    Believe me, in my kampung, unlike most Pakatan supporters there, I do not treat my ADUN like he is some god.

    I voted for him and I expect him to work for me.

    If he is no good, I will tell him to his face - in public if necessary.

    This is what I expect to be able to do in the new Malaysia I find myself in today :)

    Allow me to counsel you to do likewise because together we, the rakyat, can then truly assert our authority over the politicians.

    We are rakyat and we are boss.


    1. You cakap about Negara Tibuktu ke Gladiator. Yes.. those Ministers, MPs Aduns dibayar gaji..

      Tapi you tak perasan ke? Cara PM, FM dan EM cakap?

      Masing2 macam Emperor aje.. macam nak pancung kepala siapa sja yang tak setuju cakap mereka.

      Nak tunjuk garang sangat nape?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Bodoh lagi bangang ni Gladiator. Nak tunjuk pandai tapi otak udang.

  23. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //You cakap about Negara Tibuktu ke//


    Isn't this what we want?

    To make our politicians accountable to us?

    //Nak tunjuk garang sangat nape? //

    It is not about garang

    We, the rakyat, are the real bosses of this country and politicians are our servants.

    Why should we let them do what they like?


  24. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 05:01,

    //Bodoh lagi bangang ni Gladiator. Nak tunjuk pandai tapi otak udang.//

    What on earth makes you say that? :)


  25. We know you are bangang, Annie. Coz it takes another bangang folk to know one.