Thursday 7 June 2018

Anwar strikes back

These are really interesting,

Anwar hits back at

 Kadir's royalty article

Speaking at a PKR event, Anwar said respect and decorum must be maintained when anyone expressed themselves. “We have worked very hard to get the Malay rulers to appreciate this new administration,” he said.
Anwar said he had met and would continue to meet the Malay rulers on his own volition to get rid of any perception that Pakatan Harapan was against the rulers or intended to ignore constitutional provisions on Malay rights, Bahasa Melayu and the position of Islam.
Anwar’s remarks were in response to an article in Kadir’s personal blog in which Kadir had brought up the cost of the upkeep of the Yang diPertuan Agong, and made pointed references to their special position.

Anwar raps Kadir Jasin over
 post on Agong's expenses

Kadir in a blog post said that for 16 months to April this year, a total of RM256.9 million had been allocated to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for purposes of accommodation, maintenance of residence and palace, personal items, aircraft and transportation, training and escort equipment, clothing and ceremonial items, gifts and souvenirs, overseas visits and salaries of palace staff.
Kadir, however, did not state the source of his information regarding federal spending on the royals.
According to the Treasury, the government only allocates RM13.5 million annually for the Agong.
Anwar also said issuing such disparaging remarks without giving the rulers the opportunity to clarify them is unfair.
“I’ve seen some of the assertions, there are some major factual errors there. I think we should be mindful of that.”
Please click on this link to read Datuk Kadir's posting which irritates Anwar;

Constitution: The King and the Pauper

However, I think what really made Anwar angry was this picture which goes with the posting;

That really makes Anwar looks not so good amidst all that recent talks by PH supporters about turning the country into a republic.

Well, I guess I was right when I wrote

And I don't think this will ends here.

As I previously wrote, there seemed to be a groundswell building against the royals, especially among PH supporters following the AG appointment issue which made Anwar looked like a

defender of....the galaxy?

For a while, I even thought that the royals were in for another crisis similar to the one resulted with the

1993 amendments to

 the Constitution of Malaysia 

That was until Anwar's statement directed at Datuk Kadir's blog posting last night.

I guess Anwar really meant it that he would defend the royals....or at least defend himself from being portrayed as trying to be too cosy with the royals.

Reading back that statement by Anwar, I can't help but to notice that he sounds quite a bit like an Umno leader. Especially this part;

Anwar said he had met and would continue to meet the Malay rulers on his own volition to get rid of any perception that Pakatan Harapan was against the rulers or intended to ignore constitutional provisions on Malay rights, Bahasa Melayu and the position of Islam.


Anyway, on another front, my observation of the effort to revive Umno over the past few days seemed to suggest that Anwar's former protege Zahid is still the front runner to win the party's president post.

The only possible serious contender for the post at the moment seems to be the 81 years old Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Despite increasing support for him to challenge Zahid, Ku Li has yet to confirm his candidacy.

Actually, I'm begining to suspect that Zahid will eventually win the post uncontested.

I believe that would be good for Anwar in the event his PKR needs some extra fire power later.

Maybe you all would like to read this previous post of mine;

But of course, that goes with a question mark, okay.


  1. I think it is more good cop bad cop kind of stuff. Kadir applies "pressure' on the royalty. Anwar jumps up to defend them. Multiple goals met. Politics is always one big sandiwara, whether in Malaysia or in other parts of the world.

    Re: Zahid - if he wins, UMNO stays out of government longer. Maybe their only fighting chance is GE16 and then only if PH messes up big time. If you think boss Jib is unpopular, boss Hid is equally disliked by MANY folk around the country.

    All PH have to do to give him a good slap every now and then is to put up the big newspaper article where he said: "Malaysians who do not like the government can leave the country," LOL! That kind of arrogance is rarely forgiven, never forgotten.

    1. Really arrogance from Ahmad Zahid a/l PORNOroko Jogja.

  2. Heard many police reports made against DKK -no, not the darah keturunan one - but Datuk Kadir Kalut!
    Interesting to see if PDRM prepare charges will go through or be thrown into the bin of the AG’s office!

  3. Any fitnah or untruth in AKJ's article.? Kalau fitnah AKJ must apologise, kalau betul some clarifications are required.No one is above the law.

  4. Annie,

    Don't forget the Academy Awards performance from Northern Malaysia,

    Apa itu Murka?

    Apa itu Murka?

    Apa itu Murka?.......

    Perkataan yang diindahkan sekian rupa.

    Its not fair.......

    Kami telah berjuang menggadaikan jiwa raga.....

    1. hahaha.... and the Oscar goes to...

      UBN troopers!!
      for not making an issue abt Shahidan being 'derhaka'
      for not making any police reports on the issue
      for doing absolutely NOTHING to defend Sultan Perlis!

  5. Apabila AKJ membuat pendedahan kepada perbelanjaan Agung ia juga bermaksud pendedahan yang serupa ke atas PM terdahulu. PM sekarang dan PM yang akan datang sudah bukan satu mustahil yang akan mula diamalkan oleh rakyat.
    PM, Menteri dan semua pihak perlu ada prihatin dan justifikasi dalam menggunakan dana rakyat.

    Rules of laws, tidak ada "bargain" atau kompromi, tidak ada jual beli.
    Hak kamu ambil, undang² sila patuh.
    Kan mudah hidup macam tu..

    Anwar boleh teruskan apa yang dia mahu, tidak akan ada orang menghalangnya tetapi tidak juga boleh menghalang orang memberi pandangan.

    Keputusan atau hasilnya adalah dari apa yang disemai.
    Kalau tanam lalang, mustahil tumbuh padi.

    1. Tolong justifikasi duit hilang 107 juta di KSU Kluangman woi.
      Kalau tanam Prof Kangkung, mustahil tumbuh Prof Kluangkung.

  6. Thomas was PKR's recomendation.. DAP got the bad name when things blown up by the Agong's hesitation..

    It is a clear cut process.. PM submit a name for AG...Agong rubber stamp it.. No need a royal meeting.

    Failing to do so, Deputy Agong steps in.

    Simple... No need all the dramas.

    1. DAP got the bad name

      Tun was accused as being stubborn for being adamant


      Ketua UMUM PKR got to be the Defender of the Universe / Malaysia Hero ....


      I wish PKR would come clean and just admit that Tommy has always been their choice even before 9 May (quoting admission by Tian Chua).

      Just explain that PKR wanted only Tommy and the other components decided to agree that's why only Tommy's name was presented to Agong.

  7. Annie The Neutral,

    Anwar can go all the way to play ‘his kind of politics (which is garbages)’.
    All rulers are fully aware that our Constitution has cemented well/guaranteed for their special positions as well as the national languages and Islam .. so that ‘sondol belakang’ fella no need to act like a hero for them!!

    As for Zahid (and Umno) .. who give the slightest SHIT??!! ( again.. only that ‘sondol belakang’ fella cares ).
    Once the grand old man deregistered Umno..all the umno member can bend down nicely for the ‘sondol belakang’ fella to kasi taruk itu kunyit... Zahid can form the new party - Parti Jawa Bersatu Malaysia.

    p/s: so how annie, any support for hishamudin from umno members.. i ‘heard’ johor umno united behind him.. please update ya


  8. Haha Annie,fresh general election ?
    You wish la...Anwar has asked the 100 PKR MPs & ADUN's to be resolute & steadfast in their support for Tun M & the government. Enough of spinning la Annie. Your early post predicting that the Wednesday PKR meet would see the pulling out of PKR from the pakatan harapan government also nothing but wishful thinking by you.

    1. Lifeofannie usually follow other umno blogger lead

      So don't blame her la

      Umno blogger mainly bangang

      Outsyed box also bangang

      And arrogant

    2. Annie blogger poyo

  9. Keh keh keh..
    We try to believe u brader. But a bit difficult in doing so.
    We still remember when your boy start firing upon 3 senior minister posts. U think we believe that boy speak alone and just his personal view?

    U yourself admit that night, the loser call u 2 times. Just for a piece of advise?
    That ex pm had hired many bootlicker to comfort him. What does he need from a prisoner+enemy?
    An advice from enemy after loosing a war?
    "It insult my intelligent" said don corleone.

    Said NO to PM but YES to husband of DPM.
    What exactly brader discuss during 1st visit?
    If brader already convince Agong during the 1st visit. Why need a 2nd?
    Oh maybe PH didn't consult u 1st bout tommy and Agong required guaranteed from DPM husband?

    PM need to go through Mr Husband for any palace related matter.
    Need to amend our constitution then.
    Hopefully brader and the gang can understand why kadiaq feel disgusted bout noob action taken by the palace.

    We know kelantan is serambi mekah. Sek kito jange pecoh.
    But dont bring that attitude to federal n other state

    1. Sebab negeri kito serambi mekah mako kita ppakat nasihat laa sulte kito tu jange bowok that attitude to federal... lamo kae semaye rrayo minggu depe ni kul 10 jgok

  10. Umno party election is not like General Elections. Their members vote not based on conscience but komisyen. Money speaks louder than words. Money to Umno members is like a grease to squeaky machine. Without it, nothing moving.

    Whoever have better warchest, stand a good chance. That’s why KJ give up. He knew his warchest couldn’t match Zahid. When Najib out, the second biggest holder of warchest is Zahid. Ku Li has a lot but dwindled in recent years. Everyone knows Zahid is filthy rich.

    Just take a look the kind of watches he wore. Recently he donated 5 millions out of his personal fortune to one Muslim’s NGO. The position is ripe falling into his lap coming party elections.

    1. Depends on org tua.
      If org tua want umno hidup segan mati xmau, he lets zahid kept his money.

      Those money seize by the police quite tempting.
      Fight for ABATA by using dirty trick.
      Maybe mufti machiavelli can give some "fatwa" to halal the action.

  11. Hi Annie,
    From an outsider observation, not into the internal political party intricacies of what have you in PH the difference between Tun Mahathir and Anwar, perceptions la that Tun Mahathir is more of his own man. In terms of political leaning, Mahathir leans more to the center right in the scale and my take on him regarding his view on the royals, he personally did not adore any of them and view them more like a "function" at least necessary in the context of Malaysia to keep the "uneducated" society in Malaysia intact in order to govern the nation properly. You can see this throughout his actions in his political life. Statement such as the king doesn't need to like him and should just sign only or taking away their immunity and grant them special court which still protect them from prosecution. He has his supporters and plenty of people of Malaysia, I would say majority share his view and sense that as well.
    For the case of Anwar, perception he is a political chameleon, political leaning wise, he can lean center left, to the very left, center and center right, to the far right, depending on the situation. For his jailing, he shoot to the left, demanding justice, human right, prisoner of conscience, value of freedom, political persecution and I don't recall the royals are there in his time of need, in fact Najib the royal cousin jail him a second time deeming him a nuisance to their political grip of power. Anwar is not stupid, he understand there are political faction that favors the royal to ensure continuity in power and these are typical like mindset of those you see in Umno members. Like Shahidan, rascal that he is, he is also right and they would use the royal issue depending the situation and remember those days during Pak La reign, Idris jusoh time also on MB appointment. Umno is opportunist, they would favor or disfavor depending on the situation on the royals. And Anwar has that typical like umno mindset, he wants to be PM, he know he needs to "gain" the royal support, to show he is not a threat to them thus the tour to get to know, to allay their fear and raise his profile.
    Another difference between Mahathir and Anwar, you don't see Mahathir boastful of who knew him so and so. Have never seen before Mahathir talking about I'm famous this or that, and deep respect people give him knowing him in world leader. Difference case with Anwar, he would highlight every opportunity if somebody praise him, sort of like Trump la, Al Gore know me, Qardawi talk to me, Erdogan invite me, Habibie this and that, Sultan call me, Universities out there dying to invite him to talk about freedom la, human right bla bla bla...I mean, he likes to throw credential around and use big word in speech, which I doubt rural folks know anything about and more into simple bread and butter issue.
    However, with all these said, at the end of the day, we all live in borrowed time, judgement whether you believe in God or not, will be rendered at the end. Royals kah, Anwar kah and even Mahathir...

    1. Meaning? Once Anwar took over or if ever he became PM our country will be in deep shit!!!!

    2. Adat Melayu, ajaran agama dan pesan orang2 tua kita - hormatilah orang2 tua dan bersopanlah mengeluar kata terhadap kita kalaupun berbeza pendapat. Jangan sama sekali 'kurang ajar & biadab, apatah lagi membentan & menghasut seperti perilaku Rafizi'......!!

      Nuar pulak, insaf2lah diri, tak terfkirkah dia kenapa sampai kini tindak tanduknya (rebel without just cause) masih kempunan tak dapat jadi PM (masih tidak dapat restu Illahi - sebaliknya 2 kali diaibkan dgn keputusan mahkamah atas perilaku seks songsang. Kesalahan tetap terpalit dan melekat walau telah diberi pengampunan oleh YDPA. Belum ada sebarang keputusan mahkamah mendapati sampai saat ini dia bersih atau dianiaya terhadap 2 kes 'liwat' berasingan tersebut.


  12. Tidak lagi Bernama7 June 2018 at 08:29

    Kadir Jasin ingin menjadi AYAM JAGUH dengan pendedahan perbelanjaan YDP Agong... tetapi bersifat seperti PONDAN apabila enggan sentuh langsung tentang kekayaan keluarga Tun M.

    1. Bukankah Pak Lah (5 tahun) & Najib (10 tahun), ketika mereka berkuasa, boleh menyiasat punca kekayaan keluarga Dr.M.

      Jika kekayaan yang dikatakan itu diperolehi secara salah-guna kuasa atau mencuri WANG Rakyat, mengapa tidak diseret Dr.M anak-beranak ke Mahkamah?
      Bodoh ke apa?

    2. Awat?

      Keluarga Tun ditanggung oleh kementerian kewangan juga ke? Rumah Tun di Seri Kembangan tu MOF yang tanggung ke?

      Waah... Guan Eng kna bagi penjelasan tu.

      Or... you mean duit pencen dan gratuiti sebagai bekas perdana menteri?

    3. Pak lah n najib baik orangnya.Tak sanggup nak heret tua tun ke pengadilan atas jasa jasa yang dibuatnya selama 22 tahun walaupn songlap pun dibuatnya jugak siapa tak mau family kaya utk tujuh keturunan apalagi jenis yang kurang didikan agama dan mentafsir alquran ikut kepala otak sendiri.

    4. ‘Kepala bapak kau, stupid’ - Najib Razak

  13. agree with ostb.. if we listen very carefully what dsai speaks it sounds like "today as we know is thursday. so we have to accept that yesterday was wednesday. we must make sure that tomorrow will be friday.."

    tin kosong bunyi bising tapi isi tarak..

    1. Are you sure you weren't referring to Kangkung here?

  14. Hakikatnya, kemuliaan Institusi Istana tidak akan dipersoalkan atau dicurigai sesiapa jika Baginda Sekalian bipartisan atau mengambil sikap tidak memihak kepada mana-mana Party politik, secara terang-terangan.

    Anwar Ibrahim pun satu. Sepatutnya, Ahli-Politik berpengalaman seperti beliau, mengambil sikap berkecuali dan tidak ternampak terlalu 'dekat' dengan pihak Istana. Setakat 'civil' sudah lah.
    Jika terlalu 'dekat', nanti pihak Pembangkang(UMNO/BN) pula yang menuduh Pihak Istana menyebelahi PH, lebih-lebih lagi setelah Anwar mengambil-alih jawatan PM dari Dr.M, 2 tahun lagi.

    Apabila Pihak Istana terlalu 'rapat' dan menyebelahi Kerajaan PH, dan jika ditakdirkan Pembangkang (UMNO/BN) menang PRU15 nanti, sekali lagi Institusi Istana akan di'serang'. Oleh itu Kedaulatan Raja-Raja akan semakin terhakis.

    Sebab itu hubungan Party Politik dengan Pihak Istana, seharusnya setakat civil saja. Oleh itu, kurang lah sedikit kemungkinan tanah-pusaka Rakyat 'terlepas' ketangan/menjadi milik Warga/Negara Asing.

  15. "Reading back that statement by Anwar, I can't help but to notice that he sounds quite a bit like an Umno leader."

    Why, because Umno supports royalty?


    The Pinklips ignored and insulted the Rulers when they issued the statement on 1MDB two years ago.

    All the macai like RPK came crawling out to lecture the rulers about not meddling in the nation's affairs.

    Umno supports royalty?

    Been to Perlis recently Annie?

  16. Well i for one feel tht wht dato kadir jasin said reflects my own personal feeling towards the royals.

    1. Kadir reflect my personal feeling too

    2. ungrateful kadir dont reflect my personal feeling

  17. those hebat negaraku GLC idiots shud resign cause they hardcore BN wont like to work for PH govt right

  18. Annie,

    //Actually, I'm begining to suspect that Zahid will eventually win the post uncontested.//

    Yup, I think Zahid will be the next UMNO president.

    I mean, there is simply too much money involved, OK?

    We are talking billions upon billions of UMNO money just sitting there... waiting ...

    You simply cannot trust an honest fellow like Ku Li with that kind of money, OK?

    Why, that crazy old man might actually want to use all that money for the good of the party instead of allowing a small elite group to use it like their personal bank account!

    Worse still, what if Ku Li, being an honest straight-up fellow, decided to co-operate with authorities who wanted to prosecute senior executive members of UMNO? Mati lah.

    So, Zahid will go all out to win, and you know what that means *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

    It is Zahid Hamidi's divine right to be UMNO President, and he will not be denied.

    I could almost be persuaded to bet on the fact that Zahid was promised the presidency of UMNO in Mecca in 2013.

    Zahid must fulfil his destiny. It is his personal jihad :)


    1. " Ku Li, being an honest straight-up fellow,.."

      Whaaaatttt....??? You must be kidding, right?

      Please dig out history of the Bank Bumiputera scandal in the 80s. Read what was laid out in the court proceedings... how Lorraine Osman alone got implicated while the rest including your "honest" Ku Li got to wash their hands clean.

      Politicians cannot be 'honestly' honest. You won't survive long.

  19. Annie,

    Worst possible news for Umno:

    Badan Perhubungan Umno Pahang mengumumkan Ahli Parlimen Bera, Datuk Seri Ismail Yaakob sebagai calon merebut jawatan naib presiden pada pemilihan parti itu pada 30 Jun ini.

    Pengerusinya, Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, berkata mereka juga mencalonkan penyandang Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) Umno, lantikan presiden, Datuk Seri Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin untuk bertanding jawatan Ahli MT.

    Selain itu, Adnan, yang bekas menteri besar. turut mengumumkan Anggota Parlimen Kuala Krau, Datuk Seri Ismail Mohamed Said, Anggota Parlimen Lipis, Datuk Abdul Rahman Mohamed dan Anggota Parlimen Maran, Datuk Seri Ismail Abdul Muttalib akan bertanding bagi jawatan ahli MT.

    Like I say, you could end up with the weakest Umno leadership line-up in history.

    If I'm KJ, I will either leave Umno and join PPBM or PKR, or start my own party for young Malaysian generation.

    Umno will become a dead end for him.

  20. Like what one well known blogger ( who btw his blog recently achieved 45 million pageviews) likes to exclaim : Banyak cantek ! It is quite funny really...when Najib was at the top of the pecking order before that fall off the Dumpty wall, none of these UMNOnites give a damn about Anwar. In fact, they mocked him, they cursed him, they castigated him, calling him all sorts of names...rear admiral la, sondol belakang la etc etc. Now suddenly with Najib out of the picture and facing jail time sooner or latter, these UMNOnites completely forgot how they had spurned Anwar and hailed Saiful as the victim who at least found justice with the Najib administration. Truly funny kan? how they now embrace Anwar. Then what happened to Saiful ? Is he now a liar ? Should he be now charged for perjury ? Anyway, who cares for Saiful? he's just a nobody...he's only useful when he's needed to lock up Anwar. And now these UMNOnites can discard Saiful and embrace Anwar since he MIGHT lawan taukay who btw pushed for his pardon. All these UMNOnites care about now is to put UMNO back in the driver's seat via PKR+UMNO+PAS ! Banyak cantek la.

    1. "All these UMNOnites care about now is to put UMNO back in the driver's seat via PKR+UMNO+PAS"

      UMNO & PAS merger will happen.

      PKR will not be a part of it.

    2. Frankly I dont trust the rear admiral.He got the opportunity to defend himself in court under oath and yet he decided not.

  21. Annie,

    Taken from one of the Umno macai blogs:

    "Dan jika kita teliti, hanya 2 pemimpin PH sahaja yang kerap bercakap dan kenyataan mereka menimbulkan banyak persoalan iaitu Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Lim Guan Eng.

    Kepimpinan tertinggi UMNO perlu menjadi antagonis kepada 2 orang ini dan fokus untuk memantau serta menjawab kenyataan mereka itu dalam kadar segera dan berulang-ulang. Sebagai pembangkang, sudah tiada lagi konsep 'kita tunggu dahulu' atau 'biarkanlah'."

    Not really.

    In every ministry there will be an investigation.

    Salahuddin Ayub wants to reopen NFC.

    Mat Sabu will reopen Scorpene.

    Whoever is "leader of the Opposition" better be on their toes 24/7.

    You think the Jawa man is up to the task?

    I think not.

    1. Jawa man baru pi jumpa Tun, semua sudah kowtim kot ?

    2. Jawa went to see mahathir to prove he has ic with kutty on it

  22. Look like Brader will have to go 'inside' Banbu river again since his 'PARDON'ship is considered as something fishy or done in a hurry, according to ex-Chief Justice Datuk Hamid Othman.The Pardonship did not follow the usual procedure of going though the Pardon Board. Hari ini masuk, esok sudah dapat pengampunan!
    I was thoroughly surprised - WHY SO FAST...............???
    No wonder 'Brade' went around, kissing hands!
    Jadi, apa yang Tok Kadir Jasin cakap takdalah salah silapnya.

    BACA NI;

    1. Never trust the Indian Snake, Outsly The Fox.

      Ular hitam with motives.

    2. Ive been thinking about this when i first heard tht they are going for the pardon. A bit dissapointed tht tun actually reverse his stand on this. Although tun abdul hamid did his best to explain the diff btw azizan and saiful case.

      The thing is is it justice and fair for the saiful. Did the YDP even think about him like at all.

      Personally id believe anyone who is brave enough to swear using the Quran. Id think the supposedly pious King would do too...

    3. Why Jibby met Saifool and how he prevented himself from going toilet for three days...

      Heh heh.

      All these mysteries will soon unravel.

      They will soon nail that crooked mamak Shafee to the wall for that 9.5 million kickback from Najib.

      It will all come out.


  23. To me it's very simple ,we go back to the basic , berdasarkan perpatah Melayu lama ,it's says " tiada rakyat tiada raja ,adanya rakyat adanya raja " , if all the royals understand this , I am sure there will be no conflict between raja and rakyat .

    1. raja is not your dog you stupid fcuk rakyat

  24. I dont trust the Biawak aka Anwar.

    1. A chameleon is a biawak category also.

      Some people are either just too naive especially those Anwar's supporters or they're okay with geng kunyit.

    2. He's still a 40mm Rear Admirer ... Jibby's kamceng buddy not so long ago

    3. Sejarah Negara telah mencatatkan 2 "hero"....

      1. Perdana Menteri mengaku Pahlawan berketurunan Bugis tapi Pengecut lagi Dayus.

      2. Timbalan Perdana Menteri dgn gelaran 'Rear Admiral - Laksamana Main Belakang'.

  25. Annie,

    This is what PH is doing right:

    "Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad is best suited to hold the portfolio of the Youth and Sports Minister, which is expected to be announced next week, the Malaysian Youth Council (MYC) said today.

    MYC vice-president Jufitri Joha told reporters that the 36-year old Nik Nazmi, who is also PKR Youth Chief, possesses the right credentials to succeed Khairy Jamaluddin.

    “Nik Nazmi has a higher chance to hold the position, compared to Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. He fits the age group and he has had experiences dealing with youth affairs.

    “Nik Nazmi also was the Selangor executive council in charge of education so he is an experienced man,” Jufitri told reporters at Ilham Tower here.

    He had earlier met the Council of Eminent Persons to discuss youth-related matters including employment opportunities and the Technical and Vocational Education Training."

    Unless Umno can groom young leaders for the future, their prospects are very bleak.

    Nik Nazmi is only 36 but already has full term as Seri Setia assemblyman under his belt.

    The demographics of Malaysia means you cannot put people like Pasir Salak or Bera up for top posts.

    Will Umno ever learn its lesson???

  26. Annie,

    According to Nazri. UMNO lost is because of internal fighting.

    Not because of 1MDB or GST.

    So, i guess, UMNO should stop the internal fighting.

    Let Zahid lead the party and H2O become second in command.

    You can view in the Malaysian insight news.

    So, that means that Zahid lead, UMNO can get 2/3 majority without any problem.

    The talk about 1MDB, and UMNO being arrogant or GST is all incorrect.

  27. Khairy Jamaludin thanked Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad for the RM100,000 allocation given to non-Pakatan MPs.

    "We may not have received the same amount as our colleagues from Pakatan, but they have done better than us as there were no such allocations for the opposition when we were in power," he said adding that he hopes that other Barisan representatives will be given the same amount.


    Tahniah Pakatan Harapan. Certainly right for the rakyat.

  28. Quote-"Anonymous7 June 2018 at 18:16

    According to Nazri. UMNO lost is because of internal fighting. "

    I think another reason is leaders of Umno/BN were busy being firefighters dousing out the flames of allege scandals like 1 MDB, Felda, Mara etc for almost 3 years with no clear sign of good governance running up to GE14.

    Now with Pakatan Harapan, if their top leadership has to douse any flames of controversy allegedly brought on by the "bradder" then what is there to stop PH going the way of Umno/BN? That "bradder" should realise it was a hard earned victory by Malaysians to save the country and by extension also won him his pardon. So please. go to turkey, meet that good bradder, go to all the ivy leagues and to give talks, like Obama or Clinton who command a few hundred thousand greenback per speaking engagement. If Mat salleh can, Malaysia pun boleh juga. Just allow some breathing space for the good DR to govern, and Malaysians being courteous will say "PLEASE."

    1. The bradder is so impatient to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  29. Annie,

    Datuk Nazri kata UMNO sepatutnya jadi parti beberbilang bangsa dan berbilang kaum.

    Saya rasa molek juga tuu.

    Orang melayu kalau nak bersatu, boleh lagi bersatu dalam parti bersatu.

    PArti bersatu pulak bergabung dengan parti lain untuk jadi Pakatan Harapan. Cantik susunannya.

    1. Aniiiiiiii,

      Habak kat nazri that UMNO lost because of pembesar2 nya yg sombong, yg tak sedar diri, bongkak, kurang ajar, kaki pompuan, punya anak2 yg tak ada moral, punya anak pernah bunoh orang, kaki bodek, kaki dadah dan segala macam perangai yg milik setan.

      Contoh terbaik: NAZRI AZIZ.

      padan muka

  30. Annie,

    Menteri Pelajaran baru telah mengkaji macamana hendak mengurangkan berat beg sekolah.

    Zaman sekarang, beg sekolah sampai macam guni beras. Nak angkat punyalah berat.

    Menteri Pelajaran Pakatan Harapan baru sangat bijaksana dan perihatin terhadap masalah sekolah-sekolah kita.

    Saya rasa, Pakatan Harapan akan perintah lama melihat kepada cemerlangnya potensi menteri menteri yang baru ini.

    1. Menteri pelajaran baru juga telah ambil langkah meringankan kerja administratif guru2 supaya guru dapat lebih masa menumpulkan perhatian dalam mengajar murid2.

      Ini lah menteri pelajaran yang bijak.

  31. Umno multi racial? Mana bolih? President Umno Zahid Komedi sindir Mahathir Mamak Kutty...Umno cannot accept Mamak, how can he accept cainis, indian dan lain lain???

    Clip Zahid forever in internet.

    Zahid itu Gangster #1, G01. Pukul dan nak bunuh orang..

    Zahid warning Malaysiakini reporter..

  32. so no DK but got PM hidup Dr M!!!

  33. Anwar is the drama king.Remember these
    1.arsenic poisoning
    2.An attempt to kill him.had to seek protection at Turky's embassy
    3.16/9 take over of the government when enough MPS from BN to cross over to the opposition.
    4.jump out of wheelchair when he thought nobody was watching.
    5.People died od starvation in Baling due to extreme poverty.
    Do you still want to believe this guy?
    Prof Kangkung

    1. You're right Kangkung, and remember his China Doll syndrome?

    2. Prof Kangkong,

      Anwar kalah kalau nak jadi Drama King.

      Tempat pertama,

      Sinetron Jawa Indonesia,

      Wak Jahid tenung gambar Tun M,.....

      Patutlah dia kata Orang Melayu mudah lupa....


      Rupa-rupanya nama dia ..... Bin Iskandar Kutty.

      Tempat kedua Drama King.....

      Drama dari Utara.


      Apa itu Murka?

      Apa itu Murka?

      Its not fair....

    3. Nak tambah sikit prof Kangkung,

      sebelum di ampun terpaksa duduk kat hospital kerana sakit sini sana yang teruk, tapi immediately lepas diampun, dah boleh pi mali sana sini tampa kolar leher. sungguh hebat makluk ini.

      saya tak kena tipu oleh penipu tahap dunia ini, dan harap dia kalah mana mana PRK nanti. rakyat bukak mata besor2,jangan tertipu.

  34. adoi dumbo songlap big spenders (esp mr & mrs MO1) so relieved cause now all attention on YDPA spendings sigh

  35. those pandai2 macai2 BN (esp RPK) always asked me to read history after failed arguments with me so i read history wink
    interesting subject look like history can repeat itself, why not annie read why the french republic was formed...