Thursday 31 October 2013

A Chinese story

A long time ago, the Kluang bus station is located on the other side of the Mengkibol river before it was moved to the current site.

It's just an open space unlike the huge building it is now.

The old bus station was located not far from where the Kluang wet market used to be in the heart of the old part of the town.

There was a kopitiam on the right, a cinema in front across the road and some old buildings on the right which had been replaced by new buildings among which is the Mara building. At its back was the Mengkibol river.

The old bus station was then the nerve centre of the town. The bus services connected the town with three main destinations, Ayer Hitam and Batu Pahat, Renggam and Simpang Renggam and Mersing. Those who wanted to go any further had to take connecting buses at the other towns. This was before the existence of the express busses. Long distance traveling such as going to KL was mostly via the town's more famous railway station.

There were huge rain trees along the fringes of the bus station.

Under one of these trees used to be a hawker stall selling fried kuey teow.

It was operated by a very sweet lady.

She smiles a lot and has a very friendly disposition.

The lady worked very hard, getting up early in the morning and only came home late at night.

Most of the times she brought along her little children who at that time were yet to go to  school as there was no one to look after them at home.

The children slept on a large wooden bench under the tree next to their mother's stall as they waited for her to finish work.

The lady's husband worked at construction sites in Singapore most of the time and only came home once a month.

He usually bought toys for their children whenever he came home.

Both, the lady and her husband love their children very much.

The lady's fried kuey teow was very popular and was said to be the best in town.

However, I never tasted its original version as one of her main ingredients was pork lard. Whenever I asked her to cook her fried kuey teow for me she would used a special wok and replaced the pork lard with extra dosage of sesame oil. It tastes very good despite not of her original recipe. She even kept a special plate and chopsticks for me.

The lady is also a very charitable person, giving what she could to charities, including those collected by Muslim organizations.

Every year she would set up her stall at the local Chinese school's fare where proceeds from her sale of fried kuey teow went to the school's fund meant for its upkeeps.

She paid all the necessary taxes arising from her small kuey teow business.

All her children went to school and completed their education without any government scholarship. She and her husband were very careful with their spendings so that they could finance most of their education. Their children grow up to become good people and relatively successful.

The lady's life used to be very tough but it's a decent and honest life.

She doesn't sells fried kuey teow anymore as she is now too old to do so.

She is now happily spending most of her time caring for her grandchildren. She is still the same sweet friendly lady of those years hawking under that rain tree.

Whenever I feel very angry with the Chinese, I try to recall the image of the lady frying kuey teow under the rain tree to earn a living, and her children sleeping on the nearby wooden bench, waiting for their mother to finish work. And I'm not angry anymore.


Guan Eng pulls a knife, you pull a gun, okay.

Another quiet morning at this quiet place....

I don't feel like doing much today. Just want to lie down a lot and read my books.

Yesterday I went for a long walk and was tired.

Vowed to myself when I woke up just now not to read the news or pick-up calls from my politician friends.

They can survive without me and continue to make fools of themselves. I don't really care.

PM Najib Razak, for instance, doesn't need an obscure anonymous blogger to tell him how to fight that Chinese bully Lim Guan Eng and his friends.

He has many highly paid consultants and advisers to tell him what to do.

And they all got Phds, and other credentials from all those fancy UK and US universities.

However, let me put on record here that I disagree with many of their advises to the PM, such as for Najib to remain passive when attacked by the opposition.

It makes the PM looks so weak that he can't seem to deal with a geeky Chinese bully like Guan Eng and his gang.

Such advises even sound gay to me.

To me, Najib need to project a stronger and more decisive image.

He needs to send a message to the likes of Guan Eng that they can't mess with him.

Time for being nice is over, Mr PM.

You can't appear to be weak or gay, as advised by your advisers, because if you appear like that, Guan Eng and gang will run all over you in no time at all. It's the nature of bullies. They prey on the weak.

With bullies, you need to whack them in the face until their nose bleed.

For this advise, let me quote the character Jim Malone from the gangster movie The Untouchables,

"Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!"

Well, that doesn't sounds weak or gay at all, isn't it?

But then again, I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger. 

Why the hell would the PM wants to listen to me. 

So, I better just relax and simply watch the world goes by from this place on top of a hill.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Free press my ass

Someone called me last night, all riled up over his statement being twisted by pro-Pakatan news portal Malaysian Insider.

I really should have switched off my phone, being at this place. I just want to rest.

Well, what do you expect from a news portal supposedly to be expert on politics but manned by mostly ex-crime reporters from NST.

But since my friend was so upset, I had to offer him some advice to calm him down.

"You just need to be cool about all this. Do not ask for any apology. You just initiate legal action immediately. That is the only language that they understand."

If the Pakatan leaders such as Guan Eng threaten to sue at every opportunity, you must go one more up, do not threaten but just straight away sue them.

Now, let's play fire with fire.

They want to sue, you sue them back.

They play the racial card, you play the racial card too.

Let's see who are willing to risk more.

Let's see who got more to lose.

Honestly, after GE13, I don't care to be nice anymore.

Even if you are nice, they are still going to accuse you of being this and that.

No point, okay.

Just the other day, I met this one particularly irritating nerdy Chinese Malaysiakini reporter.

He got that yellow ribbon badge on his collar, and on his bag.

Yellow ribbon, among others, is the symbol of free press.

The reporter talked as if he is a hero of free press in a country runs by an evil regime ala North Korea.

Eh, Ah Beng, such place in this country is still confined to Penang, okay. Only the chief minister of Penang banned certain media that he doesn't like from state government functions and threaten them with this and that every other day. Jangan perasan, okay.

Malaysiakini, a symbol of free press. Ya, it makes me want to puke.

Go and read Malaysiakini and be honest with yourself, is that how a free press is supposed to be?

Journalists who works for pro-Pakatan portals are not members of the free press. They are as partisan as the next one.

If they maliciously misquote you, spin your statement - don't say anything, just sue them, period.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

A quiet place

I'm at this quiet place.

Very quiet that I can hear the sounds of insects outside.

I'm writing this just to while away the time in between reading my books.

Reached this place late in the afternoon yesterday.

Tired and tried to sleep, but was unable to do so.

Just laze around instead.

This place reminds me a lot of my favorite holiday destination, Bali. Of course its without the Hindu mysticism and the favorite food of Bali, which is babi golek.

I mostly go overseas for work though, not holidaying. I'm not actually rich.

Most of the time, I spend my holiday in the country.

Actually there are a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia which we Malaysians could enjoy and appreciate.

Here are my top 10 local holiday destinations, one of which is where I am now -

10. Malacca.
    - I like walking around Jonker Walk and the authentic Chinese "nyonya-baba peranakan" cuisine, which is among the best in my food list is only available in Malacca.

9. Air Papan Beach. Mersing, Johor.
    - The first beach I had been to when I was a kid. Some sweet memories at this beach.

8. Genting Highland, Pahang.
    - Well, actually it's the surrounding areas which I really like, such as Bukit Tinggi and Janda Baik.

7. Cameron Highlands, Pahang
   - Sometimes the weather is still cool. My favorite is the Lake House at Ringlet.

6. Sepat Beach, Kuantan, Pahang.
    - Long stretch of sandy beach with not too many people knowing about it. Perhaps the most peaceful beach in the country. Of course late in the afternoon, you need to watch out for buffaloes coming from the nearby villages. They can be quite scary.

5. Sekinchan, Selangor.
    - Made it into my list because a Chinese gangster threaten to kill me if I fail to promote his favorite town. Well, actually it's because of the seafood and that it was here that I found my favorite drink - air kedondong dengan asam boi.

4. Kluang, Johor.
   - My hometown, so I have to promote it la. No matter what it is. I choose the picture of that Kluang aunty because she reminds me of my grandma.

3. Padi fields of Kedah and Perlis
   - I'm always amazed at how beautiful the scenery at the padi fields no matter how many times I've been there.

2. Teluk Cempedak Beach, Kuantan.
   - Some of my happiest memories were at this beach.

1.  Rawa Island, off Mersing Johor
    - The most beautiful island in the least in my eyes...

Penang and Langkawi are not in my list.

I don't really like Penang even before the DAP took over the island. It has always been too cramped and everything there was too Chinese driven. Now it is even worse. I was in Penang last year and every one seemed so tense. Not that many smiling faces. A bit like Hong Kong.

Langkawi is beautiful but I feel that it is over commercialized.

Also not in my list are beautiful places in Sabah and Sarawak. It's simply because I have not been there enough to know the places better. Maybe in the years to come I will try to go there more often and they may move up the ranking into my top 10 list.

Okay I'm continuing with my books. It's really a beautiful morning here.

Monday 28 October 2013

On the road again

Decided to take off earlier than my planned holiday next month because if I have to be admitted in hospital later after my check-up, I probably won't be able to get to anywhere before end of the year.

It's too late to book flight tickets and things for an overseas trip. So, I'm just driving somewhere remote so that I can get out of KL and have some peace.

Maybe a week of peace and quiet will do me some good.

The coughing in the morning is still quite bad though.

At least after the medication, there was no more traces of blood in my saliva.

I just finished packing my stuff. It fitted into just a suitcase. Me, the light traveller :-)

It's going to be a very long lonely drive, but I think I can do with the solitude.

Okay, I'm ready to go now.

One song for the road ya....cheers

Sunday 27 October 2013

Kutuk Melayu dan bumiputera

So, this Chinese man said bumiputera people got no quality one,

He is the one on the left.

It's actually quite an old story, but you can read the latest on it here,

Bumi-no-quality analyst says "I was out of the country ..."

The one on the right thinks the same but being a politician, he is a bit more careful because he don't want to lose the bumiputera votes. He instead spells B.U.M.I.P.U.T.E.R.A and M.E.L.A.Y.U as U.M.N.O

Anyway, a lot of Malays are not very smart and support that Chinese guy on the right despite him running down their own race.

This thing about looking down at the bumiputera is not really a secret. I know a lot of Chinese who think that they are superior than their bumiputera colleagues. And they actually take pleasure in telling off these "inferior" people whenever they have the opportunity.

"Eh, Ani, you are quite pandai la, for a Malay." or "Wah, Amat, you Melayu, tapi rajin juga la."

But, somehow, I don't really blame them. I think they have good reasons for being like that.

I'm of the opinion that the Chinese really have the right to look down at the Malays and other bumiputera. Really.

This is after all a free country. Freedom of expression, what.

Furthermore, the Chinese can say whatever they want about the other races because they have the might of controlling the country's economy.

They control the private sector. And as a community, they are rich.

As for you all Melayu and the rest of the bumiputera....

You all bumiputera apa ada? Melayu apa ada? You all sibuk ketuanan Melayu tapi apa pun kat atas tanah tumpah darah korang ni tak ada yang korang punya. Sedar tak?

Business tak pandai. Baru naik sikit sudah mau kawin lagi satu. Lepas tu serabut kepala otak terus bankrupt.

Kalau tak pun, bagi bisnes contract gomen biar Cina buat, korang ambik komisyen five per cent.

Betul tak?

Yang budak-budak Melayu pulak baru pandai sikit, sudah mau jadi liberal, tak mengaku Melayu. Tak pun nak jadi Arab, tak nak jadi Melayu. Ana, ante, ana, ante...konon-konon macam Arab, boleh senang dapat masuk syurga.

Tak macam Cina. Jati diri dia orang kuat. Mak aku dah masuk Islam, dah tak makan babi, tapi mash mengaku diri dia Cina. Mati hidup balik pun dia tetap anggap diri dia Cina.

That's why the Chinese are rightly looking down at the Malays, don't you think so?

Aku pun kalau tak kerana bapak aku Melayu rasanya nak kutuk Melayu juga tiap-tiap hari.

Ada ke orang macam Shahrizat tu dijadikan ketua. Dah takde orang lain ke, Wanita Umno oi?

Kalau Cina tipu, senang je percaya pulak. Suka macam berok bila tengok Cina pakai songkok ke pakai tudung ke.  Eh Melayu, you really think these type of Chinese really care about you ka?

Korang tau tak dia orang tu ketawakan korang kat belakang? Cuba lah jangan bodoh sangat.

It's so easy to bluff the Malays. Pakai tudung, pakai songkok, lepas tu pergi la kat masjid ke, surau ke, and there you have them in the pocket.

That's why there are a lot of Chinese who look at the Malays as being of the inferior race.

Lu ada maruah ke tak? Kalau tak ada maruah, pegi balik kampung, tanam jagung, okay?

Okay, enough la for tonight. I'm taking my medication now and will try to sleep early. Korang Melayu nak marah aku, marah la. Aku cakap yang betul je. Nak terima, terima, tak nak terima, suka hati korang lah.

Good night.

Saturday 26 October 2013

The Gerakan ingrates

I have been resting the whole day.

Surfed the net, watched the TV....lepaking. Did a posting earlier in the day out of boredom.

Now watching Aladdin at Disney channel while writing this.

Saw this one by Helen just now,

Gerakan bashing Perkasa but says nothing about DAP

and checked with a journalist friend who covered the Gerakan elections today.

My friend said it's true. The Gerakan delegates in their speeches whacked not just Perkasa but also Umno.

This happened after Umno president Najib Razak left the PGRM towers after officiating the launching of the party's annual general meeting.

The Gerakan people blamed their party's current shitty state of affairs on Umno.

Not DAP but Umno, which president just officiated their meeting.

Not on their traitorous members who voted for Pakatan for racial reasons, but they blame it on all those Melayu Umno.

Yes Gerakan, say it with a straight face if most of you all didn't betray your BN allies during the GE13.

What kind of friends they are? Welcoming Najib to their meeting and than spat on him as soon as the man turned around to leave.

Very much a repeat of what the Chinese community did to Najib and other moderate Umno leaders in GE13.

In GE13, Gerakan was left with one parliamentary seat in Simpang Renggam and three state seats. How did they win these seats? Through their own efforts?

My friend said several of the Gerakan speakers even called for the party to get out of BN so that they could have that anti-Umno aura which works so well with DAP.

They feel that being associated with Umno has damaged their party and it's now time for them to get out.

All those years when they ruled Penang while in BN doesn't count, I guess.

These Gerakan people want their party to go on their own and contest the mixed seats in GE14 where they hope to win more seats and thus better bargaining power to negotiate either with Pakatan or BN for a place in the next government.

Well, I hope they do get out of BN. I would love to see how they will fare after that.

Okay la, let's say BN lose GE14, and Gerakan win some seats, I would love to see them negotiate their place in Pakatan with DAP.

Let's see how generous DAP could be.

Really, I pray that the new Gerakan president....eerrr, can't remember his name and don't find it worthwhile to blessed with the wisdom to take Gerakan out of BN.

You don't need enemies with a friend like that.

A story which will make Guan Eng happy

The blog Unspinners today has this story from Sungai Limau which would make Lim Guan Eng and the gang very happy,

Cakap saja poliik harmoni, Masih sembahyang dua imam

As long as the Malay Muslims are divided, things will be good for DAP.

I hope Pas people will soon realize that such extremism will only benefit others whose sole interest in them is to use them to take over this country.

I can understand that Pas people may think that Umno people are not as pious as them, but still they should bear in mind that no matter how bad those Umno people are, they are still their fellow muslims. What is wrong with praying together with them?

I may not be a very good muslim, but I understand that it is wrong not to acknowledge the Islamic faith of your fellow muslims.

Ingat lah orang Pas bahawa orang Umno pun ada kalimah syahadah di hati mereka.

Unlike your political allies Lim Guan Eng and the other DAP evangelists, okay.

Coughing blood

I was coughing badly again this morning.

Noticed some traces of blood in my saliva.

Went to see a doctor and got an appointment to do a CT scan. If things are still not concluded, then they would carry out a biopsy on me.

For now the doctor gave me some drugs to stop the coughing and ease the chest pain which comes with it.

It's such a nuisance. Now my holiday plans could be compromised.

But I think I better abide by the doctor's orders.

After all, my grandmother (father's side) passed away due to lung cancer.

Well, just in case.

Anyway, ever since my health has not been so good of late, I do from time to time think about being dead.

It's not very pleasant, but the reality is that everyone will die one day.

I have to confess that I'm not really a good muslim. It is more or less - Dosa banyak, amal ibadat tak cukup.

The usual, sembayang tak cukup, tak pakai tudung etc.

So, by the usual traditional Islamists' standard, if I die now, the chances were most likely that I'm going to hell.

Quite depressing, eh.

Saying that, if you all suddenly notice that I had stopped writing all of the sudden, then you all should know where I will be.

Do try not to join me there, okay.

The only good thing I can think of coming out of this is that someone who had forgotten to love and appreciate me will regret it and will miss me.

Good night.

Friday 25 October 2013

My frivolous budget wish list

The 2014 Budget will be tabled later in the day.

I'm putting here my simple 10 point wish list for the budget to make it easier for me to get them :

1. I want to buy a second house.... somewhere in Bangsar.

2. I want to travel overseas more often... things in the country are getting stifling.

3. I want cheaper fuel for my car.... okay, no way I can get this, just asking for fun only.

4. I want to afford fine dining more often.... can't remember the last time I have proper French candlelit dinner.

5. I want better benefits for my savings.... well, actually I don't have much savings but I'm hoping the budget will multiply it threefold or fourfold, can?

6. I want to afford a better wardrobe....every morning before I go off to work, I look in the mirror and see a hobo. I really need an entire change of wardrobe.

7. I want to afford quality entertainment....can the government do something about the lousy local entertainment industry? Maybe shut down RTM and use the money to overhaul the whole sector?

8. I want all children in the country to afford better education..... so that they become intelligent and not end up as annoying as DAP cyber troopers

9. I want to get a better job....because my current job sucks. Err...I don't know how but the government must do something in the budget to make me feel like being a productive rakyat again.

10. I want a new boyfriend....this one simply simply only la.

Let's see, if I can get any of them later in the day when PM Najib Razak present the budget in Parliament.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Stormy weather again at Iskandar (updated)


Johor port deputy CEO charged with corruption 


Just told that MACC this morning charged the deputy CEO of Johor Port Mohamad Hanafiah Abu Mansor, 47 with corruption at the Session Court in Johor Baru..

Mohamad Hanafiah had allegedly demanded a kick-back of almost RM300,000 in an incident in 2009 and 2010.

He had pleaded not guilty.

I'm still waiting for the full report of this story.

Since the incident had allegedly happened in 2009 or 2010, that means the case is not related with Johor Port.

Mohamad Hanafiah was at that time with Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB).

He was a senior vice-president and head of the IIB's operations at the Medini project.

At that time he was known as Ben Hanafiah.

This case therefore should have some relation with the rumblings in Johor at end of 2011.

To recap on what had happened, here are some old postings by my friend Ai when she was the operator of the blog BigCat,

No scapegoat please in Iskandar Investment case

The big fishes are not just in the south la

The good people of IIB and some questions

A little chirpy bird and the IIB-gate

A daring flying squirrel

It's been almost two years now.

Ai's argument was that this case should be investigated all the way up to the Khazanah's board of directors at that time.

Let's see if it's really a crackdown all the way to the top or just ending everything with a whimper.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Tropical island is better than Umno or DAP

Eh, I think enough lah me writing about Umno.

It's no fun at all writing about that status quo party.

In fact, it's no fun writing about any other political parties too for now.

The Pakatan opposition, led by DAP was even worse.
DAP : Chinese party with communist dictatorship-style election.
PKR : Shameless Melayu party riding piggy back on DAP's Chinese support.
Pas : Confused Melayu party, willing to sell its soul for a bit of power under the DAP's armpits.

At least Umno, which led BN got proper democratic election.

Okay, the outcome sucks, but at least it's quite democratic and people like me can bitch about its results.

If I'm with DAP, surely they would had sacked me if I complain about the party's election the way I did with Umno.

Well, if I'm not a DAP member, as it was that I am not an Umno member, they would definitely have branded me an Umno's lap dog or running dog or whatever other dog if I complain about DAP's election.

In DAP, everyone must kiss the butt of Kit Siang and Guan Eng, plain and simple....and they must also say that it smells so very fragrant.

With Najib and the gang, we can kick their butt from time to time if we feel that they had screwed up. And we can get away with it too.

Freedom of speech, okay. A lot of Umno members may be as stupid as donkeys but the party at least still believes in democracy, instead of being a despotic party pretending to be democratic like DAP.

Having said that, I really need to relax a bit and stop acting so melodramatic over everything just because now I know that most Umno members are quite thick up there in the skull.

They can't even differentiate between good and bad leaders, those who are really pejuang and those who are only interested in furthering their self interests.

Well, I'm not so smart either, spending my time and wasting my energy writing in support of their party.

As if they were appreciative of what I'm bet is they don't.

Can't blame them though, as mine is just an obscure anonymous blog, and nothing compared to all those famous pro-Umno blogs that they like to read so much such as Papagomo and Parpukari which have a gazillion page views each and legions of they said.

"Yours got no impact lah, so few people read your blog. So, don't get big headed, okay," said a Ghani Othman's aide to me just before the GE13.


I campaigned heavily for Ghani in Gelang Patah during GE13 and he lost. Then I campaigned heavily for Mukhriz in the VP race and he still lost.

Really no impact, okay.

So, DAP cybertroopers, stop harassing me because even the Umno people are saying that my blog is useless. So, no need to send all those trolls in here. Send them to the likes of Papagomo or Parpukari blogs instead.

Well, for now I just want to write only light stuff, books, etc.

Oh, btw, yesterday I got my plane tickets for my holiday next month. I'm flying off to a beautiful tropical island.

I'm so looking forward to it. Just want to relax by the beach and read a poetry book...that would be heavenly.

No more Umno or DAP or any other bullshit for now. Tiring la.

Monday 21 October 2013

Mukhriz will be Kedah MB for a very long time

In my posting The less than inspiring Umno leaders  earlier today, I had said tomorrow I wanted to write about why Mukhriz Mahathir will not ever make it to the Umno's national level leadership after losing the Umno vice-president race on Saturday.

Apparently, I just found out that I will be very busy tomorrow and not likely have time to write. So, as not to disappoint anyone who may be waiting for that posting, I'm writing it tonight instead.

In that posting earlier today, someone commented,

It's the same as confining Dato Ghani Othman to Johor.

This mfma was indeed right. 

I was planning to write about that very thing. 

In the aftermath of the 1999 general election, which was the worst for BN in 30 years due to the reformasi upheavals, Umno held its party election the next year.

Ghani Othman was the outsider vice-president candidate but was riding high at that time as he was seen as managing to hold things together in the key state of Johor during the general election where only 36 per cent of the Malay votes went to Umno.

He was a known good administrator of the state, very principled and a classic traditional no nonsense Johorean leader. 

Ghani got the second highest number of nominations from the divisions, losing out only to Najib Razak.

But when the final result was announced, Ghani was at number five out of six VP candidates.

The winners were Najib Razak, Muhammad Muhd Taib and Muhyiddin Yassin.

It was the only time Ghani had contested for VP. 

For the remainder of his career, Ghani concentrated all his energy at administering Johor, keeping the infamous Johor Umno warlords in line and making sure the Malays in the kampung of the State enjoy the same benefits of development as those in the urban area, thus his holistic development approach.

He went on to become the longest serving Johor MB of 18 years.

I once asked him why he never tried the Umno VP thing again.

He just smiled but didn't answer my question.

But there was another time when he called me one morning several years ago and we talked about what happened which caused him to lose that VP race in 2000. I'm not at liberty to write here what it was, but suffice to say that I do understand and accept Ghani's reasons as to why he never tried again to be at the top of the Umno's hierarchy.

I believe things would had been different for Umno had Ghani won that vice-president race in 2000. The party could have a highly efficient and incorruptible leader, who could be a good role model and continue the effort to improve Umno.

It was a very unfortunate missed opportunity.

The same thing is happening again.

Mukhriz could had served Umno the same way Ghani could had been in 2000; if he had won the VP race.

But of course he didn't win.

I believe he will from now on be like Ghani used to be, concentrating his energy for his home state.

He should know now that the odds are against him to try again.

Like Ghani was, he doesn't have the national platform to promote himself as he will be confined in his state over the coming years.

Those in the current Umno leadership line-up will from now on do everything they can to suppress him so that he will never be a threat to them again at the national level.

Therefore, I think Mukhriz will be a Menteri Besar of Kedah for a very long time.

He will still be the Menteri Besar of Kedah beyond 2018 when BN is likely to be disbanded after losing the GE14.

Yes, that's just my prediction, but the way things are with Umno now, the likelihood of such things happening were very real.

Seriously, for instance, Khaled Nordin has been the Menteri Besar of Johor for more than half a year.

What has he achieved so far or what Johoreans expect him to achieve at the end of his first year in office?

Anything big brewing up for the good of Johor so far, Khaled? Apart from selling the Malay agenda card, what were your plans?

How are your boys doing? Are they rich already?

Seriously, I have not been keeping tab of what is happening in my home state Johor as I don't have the heart to do so.

The last time I did was a few months ago when I cringed from what I heard. After that, I didn't bother to check anymore.

If you want to know why, go and ask the people from JCS who know what's happening in Kota Iskandar.

But you know what, if Mukhriz are to contest against Khaled in Umno, he will lose. Why? Because Khaled is in the leadership line-up, not Mukhriz.

But doesn't matter, let's see whether Johor will turn into another Selangor in GE14.

The less than inspiring Umno leaders

Someone commented this in my last posting, Thank you to the brave 55,290

Annie speaks like Mukhriz Campaign Manager, bravo !!!!!
and this

Annie, you make Mukhriz looks like he is the ONLY ONE that can save and rejuvenate UMNO, and the rest of UMNO member all half past six ?

First, let me make it known here that Mukhriz doesn't know who I am even though we met a couple of times. This is to let you know that I  got no vested interest in supporting him.

I support Mukhriz simply because he is a good and sincere man, that's all. He inspires me that way.

Not even his people know who I am. If you ask any of them, they may claim to know who I am so that they look knowledgeable, but the truth is they don't know shit about me.

As for the question whether Mukhriz was the only one who can save Umno, let us consider the others.  Who among them could inspire me? Inspired here means because of that person's admirable character, you are moved to do something such as setting up a blog to support Umno without anyone paying you any sum of money. You were just inspired to do it.

Well, do you expect me to be inspired by this lady? Or do you, yourself inspired by her?

I actually would if she had sacrificed herself for the party after getting herself mired in the NFC scandal, which caused an estimated half a million fence sitters' votes to cross over from BN to Pakatan.

Or do you expect me to be inspired by this guy?

Ok, I know the guy is relatively harmless, but you tell me la on what ground should I be inspired by him. Just tell me, what are his achievements as a minister all these years? Can you remember anything remarkable?

Fine, those were the not so popular ones. What about the most popular among them at the moment, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?

Well, he has been making all the right sound bites ever since appointed as Home Minister, making him the garang Melayu type, supposedly. But then again, after Hishammuddin as Home Minister, anyone with a bit of brain can look great holding that post. I'm not saying Hishammuddin got no brain at all, it's just that he was bound by a lot of things and his character was simply not suitable for a Home Minister.

But then again, what were exactly Zahid's real achievements which could inspire someone like me? You tell me la.

Honestly, the most memorable thing about Zahid that I could remember was his speech at the Umno Youth assembly in 1998 where he spoke on the behest of then deputy president Anwar Ibrahim, who was attacking his boss Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

You may say that it was a long time ago and that Zahid was young at that time. But the truth is, Zahid was then in his mid-40s, and not some young punk who knows no better. A man of that age should know what he is doing.

Being influenced and used by Anwar like that shows a serious sign of a flawed character. And a person's character never change. In that sense, personally I think Hishammuddin is better than Zahid.

And in addition to that, Zahid is surrounded by several not so appealing characters. At least they are unsavory in my eyes, the same as those several other characters surrounding PM Najib Razak.

So, you tell me la, what are there for me to be inspired by Umno leaders?

The most I can say when someone ask me why I supported Umno despite not being its member is that - Hey, they got Mukhriz and he is a good guy. On top of that, he led the recapture of Kedah in GE13.

But unfortunately, they had confined him in Kedah.

I will write about that part tomorrow - why Mukhriz's defeat in the VP race means the end of his career at the national level.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Thank you to the brave 55,290

Yesterday, I made this appeal

Please vote for Mukhriz

and  55,290 Umno delegates did vote for the Kedah Menteri Besar.

They made up more than a third of the 146,000 delegates who voted at the 191 Umno division meets nationwide. 

A total of 92 divisions gave Mukhriz a collegiate vote each (the newspapers said it's 91 but I got my figures direct from the ground at PWTC).

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the 55,290 brave delegates who defied the orders not to vote Mukhriz in order to maintain the status quo.

If Umno is to survive GE14, those such as these 55,290 are the ones who are going to save it. They are the living proof that there is still a will to change within Umno. 

As for Mukhriz, I would like to thank him for trying his best to prove that there is still hope for Umno to improve itself.

The fact that he didn't lose badly was a great consolation for me.

I'm actually in a pessimistic mood at the moment and therefore I feel that I shouldn't try to analyze the results for now as I may come out too strongly against the Umno establishment.

I always try to avoid writing in anger or when I'm in such a mood.

And with that, I'm switching on my music head, push on my relax button and try to enjoy this actually rather gloomy Sunday

Saturday 19 October 2013

Please vote for Mukhriz (with updates on the latest)


Final official results from PWTC as of 2am
(Note: It is interesting to compare the popular votes of Hishammuddin and Mukhriz)

Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi       185- popular votes 91,641
Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein    99- popular votes 54,829
Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal                    174- popular votes 79,405
Tan Sri Isa Samad                           7- popular votes 12,496
Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir                   92- popular votes 55,290
Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam               7- popular votes 14,958

NST 19/10 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin denies he is behind a Facebook posting that says Umno disciplinary committee will act against VP candidate Datuk Mukhriz

NST 19/10: Malaysian Insider has retracted report alleging Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir of practicing money politics, offers apology

NST 19/10: Umno VP contender Dtk Mukhriz gives ultimatum to a portal to retract report alleging he practices  money politics by 10am or face legal suit


Okay, I know, I said I would not write anymore about the Umno elections, but I just can't help myself with this one because I still care....


....otherwise, what else there is to inspire people who want Umno to change and those such as myself, who are non-Umno members but supported the cause?

Honestly, the status quo as demanded by your bosses is not going to help you all.

That order was selfish and meant just to preserve their interests.

If you all really care for your agama, bangsa dan tanahair, you must be brave enough to change.

p.s Read this posting by Big Dog to know how the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider is trying to stop Umno people from supporting Mukhriz
 Here comes the dirty trick

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Last posting on Umno elections

I'm getting tired of this Umno elections thing.

Latest feedbacks I got was that everyone is settled on maintaining the status quo.

Apparently, even those who were formerly supportive of change had thrown in the towel.

So, I guess I too have to accept the fact that Umno will continue the way it is now.

Seriously, what difference does it makes whether Hishammuddin or Khairy one day becomes our Prime Minister?

As long as they are not corrupt and can run this country properly, I think it should be okay to accept them as our leaders.

What's wrong with having a liberal person leading this country anyway?

Well, if a staunch Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad supporter can accept that, as I was told a few minutes before writing this, why can't I do the same, isn't it?

So, from now on, I will no longer make fun of Hishammuddin or Khairy.

Sorry to Hishammuddin and Khairy for all the pranks I pulled on them.

And I will stop supporting Mukhriz too.

The way I see it, there is no way now that he can win the VP race.

I'm just going to be like everyone else - just accept the status quo.

Yes, and stop fighting over the whole thing. That one for all the hardcore supporters of leaders like Mukhriz.

Guys, its fated, okay.

Well, this is going to be my last posting on Umno elections. I'm closing shop on this one.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what to write for the time being.

Maybe I should just write about my travels instead.

Some got father, others got mother

The Star's star political writer Jocelyn Tan among others wrote this in her column today,

The word is that Khairy has thrown his weight behind Hishammuddin.
He has reportedly sent out word to his boys on the ground to support the Defence Minister.
Khairy made a spirited speech at the event, lauding Hishammuddin as a friend of the youth generation.
Jocelyn also added that,

Khairy is playing a rather strategic game. It is no secret that he and Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir are bitter rivals. Their rivalry is complicated by the role that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad played in the premature exit of Khairy’s father-in-law Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
It is not just about who moves up faster but it is also about settling old scores.
Helping Hishammuddin will, in some ways, check Mukhriz’s advance in the VP contest.

For the full article, please go to this link, The KJ factor in vice-presidents' race

Meanwhile at NST today, there was an article which appeared to be rather harmless but if you read it in full will reveal a very interesting conclusion. Here are  excerpts from that article,

Veteran Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid, 81, has found "experience" an important factor to consider when choosing the right candidate.
"Anybody looking to be elected into office should have served the party, starting out at the lower ranks," she said, while voicing her disappointment at the entrance of Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir into the vice-presidency race.
"While I have nothing against him, I feel that Mukhriz has been pushed far too quickly up the ranks. He has not even served as division leader yet.
"Umno works religiously from ground to the top and if you have not spent time building the party or being a coolie, then you will not understand the sentiments of party members."
She said Mukhriz should instead spend his time focusing on Kedah and get accepted by the people there first.
She pointed out that, in contrast, incumbent vice-president (Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussein had his foot on the ground and knew the party's ins and outs.

To read the full article, please go to this link, 

'Choose competent leaders

Now, who is actually this veteran Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid ?

I give you a clue - she got a son with  sexy eyes and I never remember him ever being an Umno coolie.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

A Turkish help for Hishammuddin

I was in London during the spring of 2009.

It was a business trip.

As usual I stayed at the Corus Hotel near the Lancaster Gate tube station. Hyde Park is just across the street. I like to walk around the park whenever I got the time, especially after breakfast.

This is my favorite spot at the park,

Whenever I could, I tried to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing in London.

Just like any other Malaysian who only got to go there once in a while, I did shop at that Jalan Bukit Bintang of London - Oxford Street.

On that particular trip I happened to drop by for dinner at a Turkish restaurant located somewhere along a smaller street in the area.

It's the Ozer Restaurant.

I never really like Turkish food until I ate at that place. It's simply the best...well, to be fair, since I have never been to Turkey, it should be the best Turkish food I had ever tasted.

Another thing I will always remember about the restaurant was the waiters. They were all very smartly dressed and they were all Turks and they were all very handsome.

Yes, I'm not kidding you. All of them were handsome.

They all look something like this,

And they all went about their work in such gentlemanly ways.

They smiled and talked to you in a very charming manner. They never did anything that went overboard which may cause discomfort among the diners.

Probably they had been trained to do that. What ever it is, the training must be really good.

Well, none of them smile like this,

or laugh like this

I know, DS Hishammuddin Hussein is always proud that he has some Turkish blood, but his smile and the way he laughs are definitely not Turkish.

Well, at least not so if I want to compare his with that of all those handsome Turkish waiters at Ozer Restaurant. They were more elegant and seemed more refined than Hishammuddin.

Maybe Hishammuddin should try to undergo a stint at that restaurant to improve his demeanor. The training there may do him a lot of good, I think.

I really think that he needs it. We can't have him as PM the way he is now, can't we?

After all, he is destined (or being groomed) to be our PM in future.

Of course, that is, if Barisan Nasional can win GE14, or he is not beaten to the PM post by Khairy Jamaluddin.

As it is now, there is no way Hishammuddin's weird smile and laughter can beat  Khairy's sexy eyes

A prediction of Umno's future leadership

This posting is about my prediction of the Umno leadership line-up after the party polls in 2018.

It is based on the outcome of the just concluded Umno's wings polls and what will likely to happen on Saturday.

I believe the current Umno leadership has drawn out their succession plans and will stick to it till the end, even to the point of risking Barisan Nasional losing the next general election.

So, this is how I see the likely outcome of the 2018 Umno elections for the top posts:

President: Datuk Seri Najib Razak (to win uncontested)

Deputy president: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (will defeat Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in the contest for the post)

1. Khairy Jamaluddin (will get the highest number of votes in the VP race)

2. Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin (rewarded for being loyal to the current leadership by being roped in to run alongside Khairy in the VP race)

3. Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal (the usual suspect to fill up the Sabah VP quota)

Wanita chief : Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (still going strong within Wanita despite having problems to be fielded as an electoral candidate. She will continue to lead Wanita well into her 70s)

Youth chief : Khairul Azwan Harun (To win uncontested as a reward for being loyal to Khairy)

Puteri chief : Yet to be decided (not really important)

Yes, it's going to be a policy of maintaining the status quo, just like what had been designed for the ongoing current party elections. Those who go against the wishes of the leadership will lose.

Should be noted though, that the accuracy of this prediction depends on Barisan Nasional winning the GE14 which likely to be held earlier in the year 2018.

If the coalition loses, then all bets are off.

Well, probably no one will want to contest for any of the Umno posts if BN lose and most likely to be dissolved.

Everyone from the sinking Umno boat would then be clamoring to join the new rulers, Pas, PKR or even DAP.

Mau hidup beb.

Monday 14 October 2013

Khairy's sexy eyes

These are excerpts from a NST commentary piece published today,

With his intellectuality and good looks, Khairy has not only won the admiration of party members but also from those outside the party.
When he visited an Orang Asli school in Raub early this year, the community could not hide their admiration towards him. The girls dolled up to shake hands with him.
"If I'm a man, I will join Umno Youth because of him," said an Orang Asli girl who could not believe it when Khairy shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with people.

To read the entire article, you may go to the following link,

Family spirit pulls Umno through worst of times

Well, no matter how much you don't like him, you have to admit that Khairy Jamaluddin is indeed a good looking man.

Take a closer look at his eyes.
Yes, he even got the same kind of sexy eyes as Mesut Ozil, the spectacular Turkish German player currently making waves for Arsenal.

Now, if you still doubt me about this, go and ask any girl who is not overly pro-Dr Mahathir, and I dare bet that she will say that Khairy is handsome.

Just two days ago, I was hanging out with a group of girls whom I suspect to be supporters of DAP. They all agreed that Khairy is the most handsome politician in the country.

Yes, they even agreed that Khairy is definitely more handsome than the most handsome of all Malaysian Chinese men, Lim Guan Eng. who also got the same sexy eyes as Khairy and Ozil,

Well, on that point alone, I think Umno and BN will prevail in GE14. 

Khairy will simply handsome-out the Pakatan gang.

After this, Umno/BN doesn't need the support of not "true Umno members" like me to win elections.

Khairy's handsomeness will be good enough to do the trick.