Wednesday 28 June 2017

The best way to be a liberal Muslim

I honestly don't mind being labelled a liberal Muslim.

That's because I do think that I'm one of those.

I'm not going to be a hypocrite and deny it.

I'm definitely not the so-called conservative type of Muslim.

I don't even really live the so-called proper Islamic lifestyle.

For one thing, I don't believe that voting for Pas makes it easier for me to go to paradise in the afterlife.

And I don't really like all those Arab things people said to be Islamic.

I don't even like Arab food that much. I think I'll get very fat if I eat all those lamb kebab.

I prefer Japanese food and the kawai stuff.

Still, I'm a Muslim, okay.

I don't do some things they said to be demanded by Islam, but I don't debate on them either.

I hate religious debates more than any other types of debate because I think that's when religion brought out the worst in people.

For me, my faith in Islam is something between me and Allah. Not with other people.

I hardly commented on religious stuff because of that.

And with that, let me write a bit about Datuk Zaid Ibrahim of DAP, whom everyone said is a liberal Muslim like myself.

I think he should consider doing the same, that is not to talk too much about prayers, Islam or other religions.

His comment the other day on the AirAsia pilot who asked passengers of the troubled flight D7237 to pray as he tried to land the plane safely was really stupid.

Sorry, that's the only way I can describe it.

You all can read what others said about it at this link,

Netizens defend AirAsia pilot after Zaid’s criticism on prayer request

Zaid, being a liberal Muslim may not really believe in prayers that much, but he shouldn't antagonised  others who really believe in it.

He achieved nothing by doing that, except in a way confirming what the Umno people have been saying all these while that Malays who joined DAP are not true to their race and religion.

Honestly, again, let me repeat, Zaid needs to really shut up on things he is really not good at, especially religious stuff.

Hey, I don't wear a tudung, but I don't go around saying that wearing tudung is stupid because of the country's hot and humid weather.

People want to wear tudung because they believe that's what their religion demands them to do, so let them be la.

Why the need to insult them, right?

What could be achieved by doing that, anyway?

Is it all just about the ego of being supposedly smarter and superior than other people?

That's why I said Zaid was stupid.

In Islam, as far as I know, when we are in trouble, we pray to Allah for help. Probably other religions also suggest for us to do the same to their respective gods. That's what the pilot did. That's what most of us would do in that situation.

Why did Zaid have to gatal-gatal comment on it?

I 'm certain that myself, despite being categorised as a liberal Muslim, would pray to Allah in such a situation.

Well, actually I did that once several years ago.

I was on a night flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka when the aircraft hit a turbulence over the Indian Ocean.

It was the worst flight I ever had. The plane even at one point dropped several thousands feet after hitting an air pocket.

I actually prayed to Allah until the plane safely landed in Colombo.

I do wonder whether Zaid would pray too if he's in the same situation.

Maybe he would.

Now, he talked only like that.

He is still a Muslim, after all, okay.

Just a bit too liberal, I guess.

p.s Sisters in Islam and others of the same type, please take note, ya.

Monday 26 June 2017

Mat Sabu almost wreck Annie's Hari Raya family gathering

There was a bit of political discussion when I was berHari Raya at my uncle's place earlier in the day.

Some of my father's siblings are pro-opposition while others are pro-BN.

My father had initially wanted us to go to his sister's place but everyone in the family turned out to have gathered at my uncle's place.

I have to admit that I was guilty for starting the political discussion, which at a point got a bit heated.

I had asked my uncle how it has been since he jumped ship from Pas to Amanah.

It got heated when the name of Amanah president Mat Sabu was mentioned.

It turns out that one of my aunts can't even stand the mention of Mat Sabu's name due to a personal bad experience of him several years ago.

Knowing my aunt, I knew that she didn't lie about her experience.  She's the most truthful person that I have ever known.

Furthermore, I always think that Mat Sabu is not exactly the most gentlemanly or refined man.

"It baffles me how anyone can support a party led by such an immoral person," said my visibly angry aunt.

I'm glad that my uncle didn't retaliate and just kept quiet.

Otherwise it wouldn't be much of a Hari Raya family gathering for us today.

My father scolded me later for starting the whole thing.

Well, sometimes I forgot how passionate people can get when it comes to politics.

Whatever it is, Mat Sabu is indeed a liability for Amanah.

Nobody can take the party seriously with someone like him at the helm of it.

The guy has been clowning around too much for too long.

Too bad for Amanah, as they are stuck with him.

I think the party will not get far after the next general election just because of him.

Raya updates

This is the first Raya that I didn't receive a single greeting card.

Guess it's really out of fashion now.

Received a single SMS from a former senior colleague from my previous work place.

Well, that's out of fashion too.

I also only got two phone calls wishing me Selamat Hari Raya.

One is from that rich Chinese guy who sponsored my current medical treatment and the other from my Chinese friend whom I previously wrote as being friendly with Pekida and Tiga Line gangs.

Received plenty of Hari Raya Wassap messages though.

Mostly from friends and former colleagues, which was very nice.

Yup, Wassap seems to be the most preferred choice to wish Selamat Hari Raya these days.

It's easy and free.

A bit impersonal but that's the way it is nowadays.

Well, I'm okay with that.

I didn't go anywhere to celebrate Raya yesterday.

Still not well enough to visit relatives as I had planned.

It's actually quite tedious to do that in my current condition.

I also did't eat much of the rendang, ketupat and kueh Raya.

Guess, I'm still in puasa mood.

Received a message this morning from my mother who is elsewhere which cheers me up quite a bit.

So today, I'm toughening up myself to go with my father to visit his sisters.

Just that because I still don't really have the strength to do more.

Well, that's about it.

Getting up to go now.


Saturday 24 June 2017

Raya eve thoughts

Raya eve, the last day of Ramadhan...most likely.

I think everyone should stop fighting and reflects on things.

We should try to see each other and seek forgiveness.

Well, of course that's just my wish. It will never happen.

The fighting will continue.

Even on Raya day, I think.

Too much bad blood already.

Never mind. It has been like that for quite a while now.

But still, I miss my friends whom I have not seen ever since the fighting started two years ago.

I'm also missing my beloved. much.

Another sombre Raya for me, I guess.

Honestly, I don't really enjoy Raya much these days.

I will just be doing the usual obligatory rituals of wearing the baju Raya and eating and visiting relatives of my father's side of the family.

That's about it.

I'm not even going to balik kampung.

The mosque of my kampung

None of my father's family members is in Kluang anymore. All of them are now in KL.

Good also. No need to go through the horrible Raya highway jam.

Well, Raya is indeed not much of a celebration for me these days.

But that's me. I hope you all enjoy your Raya very much instead.

For today, I still have an appointment with doctor this morning.

Going in a short while.

I think I'm getting better but most of the time I still stay in bed.

I'm writing this lying on my chest in bed, actually.

After seeing the doctor, I'll be joining my father at the family house.

My mother is not around. She's busy as usual. Miss her much.

No serious thoughts for today. Just want to take it easy.

I better get up now.

Need to put on a happy Raya face later for my father.

Otherwise, the old man would be sad and starts pestering me to be happy.

Always got on my nerves whenever he does that.

Okay, here's a song for Raya,

That's nice, isn't it?

Sorry ya. I don't really like the usual Raya songs.

They played them too much at shopping malls.

Whatever it is, cheers for your Raya, okay.

Thursday 22 June 2017

Italian Ducati, Malaysian Proton

Ducati is the Ferrari of motorcycles.

But I don't really care much for it, preferring the more mundane but practical Japanese of Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.

Still, I always have respect for the brand.

It's after all Italian.

At least that's how I always see it.

So do most other people who care about motorcycles, I think.

However, this morning I saw this story,


U.S. motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is lining up a takeover bid for Italian rival Ducati, potentially bringing together two of the most famous names in motorcycling in a deal that could be worth up to 1.5 billion euros ($1.67 billion), sources told Reuters.

Indian motorcycle maker Bajaj Auto and several buyout funds are also preparing bids for Ducati, which is being put up for sale by German carmaker Volkswagen.
So, Ducati is actually own by the Germans and about to be sold to the Americans or Indians or whomever else later.

By the way, the Indian Bajaj is the one which recently partnered Malaysian Modenas.

I think everyone knows Harley. That clunky and noisy American contraption of middle-aged men :)

Still, somehow I think Ducati will still be Italian.

I never see it as German despite all these while it's own by Volkswagen.

It still seems Italian sexy even though I prefer the technologically superior and efficient Japanese bikes.

Only a Lady Ducati can ride wearing heels like that. I know I can't.

It just feels that way.

Doesn't matter who will owns it later, the bike still feels Italian.

It's the same with Volvo being Swedish despite now it's own by China's Geely.

It just feels that way.

No one will say Volvo is Chinese, right?

Somehow, that's the way it is with other automotive brands too.

Rolls Royce and Jaguar, for instance, will always be British even if they are own by Martians.

Therefore I think, Proton which is now partnering Geely will always be Malaysian.

I don't think it will turn Chinese because of Geely's interests in it.

Proton will always be Malaysian, as far as I'm concerned, the same way Ducati being Italian despite being own by some Americans, or Indians or Nepalese or whatever.

I know, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was sad back then when the Proton-Geely partnership was announced.

That's understandable. I don't get it why some people mercilessly whacked the handsome old man because of that. They shouldn't, okay.

Dr Mahathir is the father of Proton and he wants Proton to remain totally Malaysian.

Just like a Kedahan father who wants his child to remain a Kedahan.

But the child needs to grow up and in the process he may not retain the original Kedahan ways like what the father wants.

The father may be unhappy about the changes but that's just the way things are.

It's unavoidable if the child is to grow up.

He needs to go to school and college and later on the workplace where he may learn other values than that of what he learnt as a child of Kedah.

But despite all that, I believe the child will remain a Kedahan and loves his father, no matter what.

At least that's how I feel about it. 

Okay, back to Ducati and Italy, here's a video,

See, it's still as Italian as ever.

That's all.


Monday 19 June 2017

A hungry mob is an angry mob (updated)


Oh, okay. They have apparently just now cancelled the latest GST order.

Just received this,

Good lah.


All the Chinese newspapers' main frontpage story today are about the government going to start charging GST for some food items such as sweet corns, potatoes, grapes, mee hoon, kuey teow etc.

Apparently it was an "exclusive" story that they shared.

The other "mainstream" newspapers don't seem to have the story.

The Star Online was however quick to check and confirmed the Chinese newspapers story this morning,

GST on more than 60 food items from July 1

PETALING JAYA: More than 60 types of food items will have the Goods and Services Tax (GST) imposed on them starting July 1.
These include certain seafood, vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, spices and noodles, China Press reported yesterday.
Customs Department director-general Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy confirmed the report and said a full statement would be issued today.
“It’s only a few items not consumed by the masses,” he said.
The new items that will be levied with GST include eel, swordfish and imported fruits like avocados, figs, grapes, nectarines, cherries and berries. However, vegetables such as potatoes, long beans, peas, spinach and sweet corn would also be taken off the GST zero-rated list.
Other items include bihunkuey teowlaksa mee and coconut oil.
The Government introduced GST in April 2015 in the form of a 6% tax on goods and services. For the complete list of zero-rated goods and services, visit or

I'm of the opinion that the timing of this whole thing is all wrong for the BN government.

Is it really necessary to do this now?

It's near Raya la.

These kind of stories are not good to be discussed when people get together to celebrate Raya.

Can't they do it bit by bit instead so that people don't get the perception that the cost of living is getting higher without end.

And the fact that the Chinese newspapers are the ones which broke the story is even worse.

Now the mainstream media have to follow their lead.

They should have at least preempt the story by being the ones who break the story, complete with the rationale on why the move was taken.

Now the damage done already, okay.

Some may argue, that a few sen of price increase is nothing much, but for the people out there earning small salaries, it means a lot.

Higher cost of living for me is a more dangerous threat to the government than all the other issues put together.

1MDB, for instance, is to me just an issue only understood by those who know the financial world. Ordinary people like me don't really understand it.

Sometimes I feel that those who claim to know the 1MDB issue and boasting about their higher intellect are merely a bunch of show off.

I found them irritating.

Now, issue of higher cost of living is more immediate and easier to understand.

Pricier goods - you go to the grocery store and you can understand what it's all about.

Townsfolk or kampungfolk, they all can understand it.

If they are not happy about it, then the government will be in trouble.

As simple as that.

Well, I'm just stating the facts here, okay.

If the BN government don't care about it, then that's not my problem.

If they care, they better do something to manage the people's perception on this whole thing.

I know, the opposition is in a mess, but as I wrote previously, if the people get too angry, they would just show their anger without thinking of the consequences.

Orang dah geram bukan peduli apa nak jadi.

Okay, that's all.

Here's a song to go with this post,

Sunday 18 June 2017

About a friend's help and a bit on buka puasa functions

I have an appointment with a doctor later this afternoon.

This doctor is one of those expensive ones.

By right, I actually can't afford the treatment (even with my insurance) but the appointment was arranged by a rich Chinese guy who said he is paying for it.

Initially I was reluctant to take up his kind offer, but after he repeatedly said he just wants to help as a friend, then I decided to agree with it.

Felt that if I still refused, it's like not wanting to be his friend.

I actually don't really like owing anything to anybody.

My little bit of pride, that one.

See lah, if the bills turn out to be not too expensive, I'll pay for it myself.

I need the treatment because I have been suffering from my ailment for almost a month now.

The other treatments I had over the past weeks didn't seem to improve my condition.

Even though I can now actually move around quite a bit, there are still lots of pain involved.

Hopefully I will not be accused of eating dedak if the Chinese guy eventually pays for my medical bills.

He's pro-Najib but nonetheless is just a friend who wants to help me.

It doesn't make a difference to me either if he's pro-Dr Mahathir, okay.

And nope, my rich Chinese friend is not Jho Low....almost, but not him :)

No kidding, okay.

Later on, I have a buka puasa appointment which my boss wanted me to attend.

It's part of my job, actually.

The function is somewhere in downtown KL. Hopefully there will be no jam and my condition holds till then.

I planned to escape from the buka puasa function as early as possible.

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of buka puasa functions.

Always awkward, especially when bumping into people that I don't like at such functions. It could spoil my puasa mood.

Prefer having it in the comfort of home instead.

This is going to be my first buka puasa function this year. Hopefully the last one too.

Okay, need to get ready to go now.


Saturday 17 June 2017

Couldn't care less

Spent yesterday mostly lying down.

On drugs.

Yup, I'm still not well.

Saw some little commotions in the Wassap groups over the new 1MDB-related legal suit by US Department of Justice (DoJ).

But it was just between some pro-Najib supporters on how to deal with it.

My only input was that they shouldn't worry too much about it.

I don't think the new DoJ's suit makes any difference.

Well, it doesn't make a difference to me.

A year ago, when DoJ filed the first suit, I did three postings on that single day to get all the angles to the story.

Not this time.

I was like...Oh another one. Que serra serra.

I think most people are also like me.

Tired of the whole mess.

Even the anti-Najib crowd seems not to care too much about the new DoJ suit.

Not care as much as last year, at least.

I think most people just want to go on with life and peacefully wait for the election.

They probably have made up their mind.

They don't want to hear about anything politics too much.

It's getting really tiresome.

That's why I hope the election could be held early.

Get it over and done with.

Honestly, these days I just read news of current events.

I skip all the opinion and theory pieces.

All the whacking and counter whacking seemed stupid and a waste of time.

Tired of reading people with over-inflated ego who think they are right all the time.

I rather watch anime, actually.

A scene from Only Yesterday

Or listen to rock music.

Why can't we have rockers as leaders of our country?

I meant the clever ones la.

It would be so cool, I think.

Most rockers are cool, okay.

They are much better than politicians.

At least to me la.

In fact, this is much better to me than a political speech,

What to do, I'm like that.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

The sad breakdown of Singapore's first family

This is sad,

Singapore PM’s siblings say they feel threatened, have lost confidence in him


At the heart of the family dispute is the future of the house in which their father, Lee Kuan Yew, lived for most of his life. He was the first Prime Minister of Singapore and ruled the country for three decades.
Lee died in 2015, and according to the younger siblings wanted the home demolished rather than turned into a monument. They claim that the prime minister and his wife, Ho Ching, had opposed this wish.
The younger siblings accused the prime minister of wanting to milk Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy for their own political purposes. They said that they believed the prime minister and his wife, Ho Ching, harbour political ambitions for their son, Li Hongyi. 
All that are very unfortunate, isn't it?

I wondered but not dare to speculate what actually happened between the siblings.

It's hard for me to believe that Lee Hsien Loong is as bad as what his brother and sister said.

The guy is so nice and gentle.

Anyway, I felt that the whole matter may be too private for me to comment.

It's after all a family matter.

I actually began to admire the Lee family after learning more about them after Lee Kuan Yew's death.

Whatever it is, I hope they could resolve their family problems soon.

It's always sad to see a family breaking up.

Here's some  old posts that I did about them,

Another LKY story

And here's what Lee Hsien Loong said about his father after LKY passed away,

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Getting angry at Nazri

Everyone seems to be angry with Tourism Minister DS Nazri Aziz.

You can read about it at Rocky's

Nazri's poor tact

I'm not angry with him though.

In fact, I almost expected him to behave that way.

He has always been like that, what.

I think he was even made a minister because he is like that.


Not at all surprising.

Nazri is simply a pugnacious man.

But such a man can be useful in certain situations.

I believe that's why he's been a minister for so long.

So, what's going to happen to him now?

I think nothing.

He will remain as he is and he will continue to behave as he is.

Of course unless PM DS Najib Razak sacks him, which I don't believe would happen.

Sack him for what?

For being rude to a state "minister"?

I don't think so.

The guy even quarrelled with the powerful Johor royalty two years ago and nothing happened.

Click on this link to read a bit about it,

Royalty in the ring

Don't tell me it's okay for Nazri to be rude with Tengku Mahkota Johor but he can't be rude with a Sarawak "minister".

Yes, this one will also blow away like last time and Nazri will go on with his merry ways.

All the angry people will cool off soon anyway.

Personally, I'm already used to Nazri's antics.

Kinda provide some humor to the political scene, don't you think?

I also find him not the worst among Najib's people.

In fact, I prefer him more than the likes of Ku Nan and Puad Zarkashi.

Really can't stand those two.

At least Nazri is relatively macho and handsome, okay.

Eh, enough lah.

Listen to this song better,

Okay, I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Not full recovered yet.


Sunday 11 June 2017

Battle of Dedak

Feeling a bit better this morning, did bits of work and now writing this.

Just a short one to keep this blog alive.

I was totally cut off for the past week, so I have to rely on other blogs as source for this one.

Saw this post by Big Dog,

Dedak Tak Serupa Bikin?

It's about Pribumi Bersatu preparing to distribute essential items to the public in conjunction with Ramadhan and the coming Raya.

Based on the pictures, it's a lot.

Must have costs the party quite a huge sum of money.

I wonder how Pribumi Bersatu managed to get the financing for the initiative.

Well, never mind.

Whatever it is, the effort will be good for the needy as it takes a bit of load off their shoulders for the coming Raya.

A sack of rice and few days supply of other essential food items mean a lot for poor people.

I think I understand a bit about poor people. One day I will tell you the story of my father who is from a poor family.

Okay, about it being a counter dedak from the Dr Mahathir's party, I think that's besides the point.

Poor people don't care about all that.

They will just be happy and grateful that there are people who care about them.

 I think you all know what that means - more votes for Pribumi Bersatu.

Yeah, it's just a token handout compared to what the BN government is doing for the rakyat, but giving out rice and essential food items feels real for the needy who receive it.

Dedak or not, really doesn't matter to them.

It's even better than BR1M, because BR1M is a government's initiative. The poor expect the government to assist them, so the impact of BR1M is lesser.

"Hey, it's the duty of the government to help us. We don't owe the government anything for BR1M," some of them would say.

So, what can BN do to counter this Pribumi Bersatu initiative?

Just bitching about it wouldn't help, okay.

Well, BN should also embark on similar effort.

Outdo what Dr Mahathir's people are doing.

Buy lots more rice and essential items and distribute it before Raya.

I'm sure Umno, MCA and the others can do it.

It would be money well spent.

Better than paying tones of money to useless media barons and cybertroopers who don't really know what they are doing.

Whatever it is, they need to hurry because Raya will be here soon.

As I said, dedak or not doesn't really matter at this point.

It's a battle of who can give more and be appreciated in return of votes, okay.

Anyway, the sure winners will be the poor and needy.

They can get lots of stuff, courtesy of both sides of the political divide and enjoy Raya better.

What's wrong with that, right?

Yes, dedak or not, I don't think we are in the position to tell the poor to be idealistic with an empty stomach.

Okay, I need to rest now. It's starting to hurt again.

I leave you all with this nice song.


Thursday 8 June 2017

Innocent until proven guilty

I'm still like yesterday, writing this using my phone from my bed. Can't sit much.

Just passing time.

Someone forwarded me this story earlier around sahur time,

Penang Uber driver bashed, car smashed after sexually harassing female passenger |

That someone was complaining that the story was not being fair to the beaten up Uber driver.

She also forwarded a Facebook posting by the guy's sister-in-law which insisted on his innocence. Unfortunately I  can't publish it here because if I do so I may be accused of inciting racial hatred. It's the way the sister-in-law wrote her piece describing the ethnicity of the mob who beat up the Uber driver.

Anyway, despite that, she has a point because one is not supposed to be assumed guilty until proven so. The headline of the report does make it as if the Uber driver is already guilty of sexually harassing his passenger.

It's the same as what the mob did - beating him up before giving him a chance to defend himself. They should let the police handle the matter instead of assuming the guy's guilt and beating him up.

Wish I can put the video of the beating here but since I'm writing this using my phone, I just don't know how to do it. Maybe you all can check it out at YouTube.  Quite bad from the looks of it.

Well, whatever happened it's  wrong to beat up the guy like that. Especially so in cases such as this where the mob was made of mostly from one particular race and their victim from another. It could easily turn into a racial fight.

So guys, please be extra careful with these sorts of things, okay.

That aside, my condition is still the same this morning. The pain comes and goes.

A close friend said she will take me to a place near Genting to see a Malay traditional healer said to be good with curing my kind of ailment. Tried the Chinese one already.

I'm trying these alternative healing things because the conventional one doesn't seems to improve my condition.

Well, nothing much to lose in trying, right?

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Painful after sahur rambling

Talked with a friend who used to be a staunch Umno supporter but now with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the other side of the fence.

He is actively campaigning for Pribumi Bersatu.

I asked whether his new party will be ready if the general election is to be called within the next few months as many believe it would be so.

"I think we still have plenty of time. Najib will likely stretch it till the end like in the last general election in 2013. He has no real reason to call for an early polls," he said.

The deadline for the next general election is in August next year.

"How about the economy? Will it holds up for BN till next year?" I asked.

"Looks like it," he said.

It doesn't look good for the opposition parties if what my friend said were all true.

On the possibility of the opposition parties being able to use the extra time to mend their currently acrimonious ties, my friend said the chances of that would not be so good either.

"Too much mistrust between the (opposition) parties," he said.

My friend however said he will continue what he is doing now.

"We have to at least let them know that the corrupt practices can't go on. We have to speak up against it," he said.

Well, good luck to my friend.

He was actually visiting me yesterday afternoon after hearing that I'm sick.

I'm writing this lying in bed using my phone.

Can't even sit and write properly using my laptop.

Woke up earlier about 2.30am and can't go back to sleep till now.

Nothing else to do, so I'm writing this just to pass the time.

Had some biscuits for sahur just now.

Trying to keep my puasa intact and refusing to take my pain killer.

Maybe Allah giving me the pain to cover a bit of my sins and therefore I should take it as it is.

I'm quite a sinner, actually.

Sorry, I'm beginning to ramble.

Hopefully things will get better.

I'm already feeling guilty for not being able to work.

Okay, I better rest now. Left side of my body beginning to get painful again as I lay on it to write this.


Saturday 3 June 2017

Bullies are the scum of the earth

The death of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) student, cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain is really upsetting.

My condolences to his family. AlFatihah.

 Zulfarhan Osman and his parents
I was first informed about the case yesterday by a JB friend. 

Zulfarhan was a JB boy.

I was told that he was tortured and beaten to death by his fellow students.

Reports so far indicated the same.

'Bullied' navy cadet dies, police investigate case as murder 

Whatever it is, let's wait for what will come out of the investigation.

I have always been against bullies in any form. If I happened to encounter them, I tend to fight the bullies even though I know I can't win and have to suffer for it. 

This is a little venting I did on bullies in Johor and at my old workplace back in February 2015,

Achtung! Bullies in the building!

In the case of Zulfarhan, I thought there were no more physical bullying in our universities these days.

I thought our young ones are more sophisticated than us and therefore they don't do that sorts of bullying to express their sense of superiority over others.

Guess I was wrong then.

Ya, probably these bullies who killed Zulfarhan will later on become like those at my old workplace who victimised their subordinates and others due to their misplaced sense of superiority.

I sure hope the authorities will quickly charge them and serve it as a lesson for others who have the urges to pick on the weak and helpless.

I also hope that in cases like this, I would not in future see these kind of lame headlines anymore,

Higher Education Ministry Views Zulfarhan Osman's Death Seriously

Can't they come out with something more intelligent or meaningful to say?

What? Could they possibly view the case any other way but seriously? Come on la.

I wish the ministry could instead give some sorts of assurance that in future, when parents send their children to universities they don't have to worry about them getting beaten and tortured to death.

I sincerely hope this case will not end up like so many others - forgotten after all the publicity had died down.

I'm still waiting for what will happen to the teacher who beat up tahfiz student Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi who later on died of his injuries as highlighted in this post,