Sunday 27 February 2022

Guan Eng helping fellow court cluster from Umno?

DAP's poster boy Lim Guan Eng has apparently been busy issuing press statements and giving interviews of late.

Maybe he was trying to match or surpass his father's reportedly 25,000 press statements issued so far.

Need to stay relevant, I guess.

In his latest interview, Guan Eng said,

Ismail a captive of court cluster, snap GE unlikely

which I think is a bit incoherent.

First of all, I don't believe that Guan Eng should really harp too much on the court cluster, because he himself is currently facing corruption charges in court.

It made him sounds a bit lame, honestly.

Guan Eng was quoted as saying in the interview that the PM, who is an Umno vice-president "was caught in a vice as he was a captive of the court cluster."

Right after that, he said


“If you look at the court cluster, they are calling the shots in the party (Umno). They want to have early elections so that they can decide on the candidates, not only for GE15 but also for the Cabinet and the prime minister’s position."

That's before he said


“So he (Ismail Sabri) would not want to call for an election. He (would) want to hang on for as long as possible, and the memorandum of understanding (with Pakatan) gives him the breathing space to do so.”

Up to that point, I thought Guan Eng was indicating that he and his Pakatan gang were backing the PM, who despite being "a captive of the court cluster" will resist any attempt to push the GE15 forward.

However, he continued the interview by whacking Ismail Sabri, calling him a useless PM and such.

That's when I thought that something was wrong with Guan Eng.

Is he actually supporting his fellow court cluster from Umno in pushing for a snap GE15 by running down the PM?

If the PM is so bad like he said, then that's more reason to have a snap poll.

Cannot be, right?

Or, was Guan Eng simply hantam whatever came to his mind during the interview.

Seriously guys, that's a real possibility as I noticed that his recent press statements were a bit of that kind.

Same as his father's.

They were kinda rambling as if designed to just make some noises so that people pay a bit of attention to their existence.

Anyway, if Guan Eng was right about Ismail Sabri being a "captive of the court cluster", then by right we may expect a snap poll soon instead of the other way around.

The guy's best chance to survive politically is to go with the flow.

If he tries to resist any push towards the court cluster's alleged snap poll designs, then he would surely be cut off from his party leadership in the coming Umno election, scheduled before end of this year.

Even now, there are talks within Umno that Ismail along with others such as Hishammuddin and Annuar Musa were actually Pribumi Bersatu stooges.

So, it would be more beneficial for Ismail to play along with the court cluster's scheme, as doing so would afford him to at least keep his position in the party if not the premiership.

Well, I believe all that will depend on the outcome of the Johor election.

If BN wins with a landslide as it did in Melaka, then the possibility of a snap GE15 will be very real.

BN would want to keep the momentum going.

The only thing which could hold it back would be the Covid-19 situation, as the country by right would need to wait for it to ease a bit before having a general election.

Other than that, I can't see how Ismail Sabri could resist possible calls from his own party to hold the general election.

He definitely can't wait until he gets kicked out via the party polls later this year.

Looking at the development of the Johor election so far, I don't see how Pakatan and the other anti-BN factions could prevent themselves from suffering another disaster.

They were even quarrelling among themselves.

Just look at the nomination process yesterday. Not a single of the 56 seats are to be contested in a straight fight.

The scenario now is definitely not the same as in 2018.

I think DAP would manage to retain some of its seats in the state election, especially those with huge Chinese majority, and that's about all there is to it.

Thursday 24 February 2022

BN employing the Tanjong Piai strategy for Johor election

It seems to me that BN is employing the same strategy for the coming Johor election as the one it used in the campaign for the Tanjong Piai by-election two years ago.

The strategy was to tell all communities in Johor that they will be represented in the Johor government if the coalition wins the election.

It was the same message conveyed in the Malay-majority Tanjong Piai when BN fielded MCA's Wee Jack Seng despite the Chinese-based party's poor performance in the last few elections before that.

The result was a landslide victory for BN despite Pakatan fielding a Malay candidate in the hope of appealing to the Malay racial sentiment in the parliamentary constituency.

The same appeared to be happening when Umno announced today that it would contest only 37 of the 56 seats to be contested in the state election.

MCA was given 15 and MIC got four.

Umno could actually contest up to 42 seats but chose not to do so, a sign that it wanted all of its allies to have the best chance to win some seats so that the communities they represent would be represented in the state government in the event the coalition wins the election.

A look at the seats given to MCA convinced me that the Johor Umno leadership had done its best to convince its grassroots supporters to help support their Chinese friends in those constituency.

Seats to be contested by MCA are Jementah, Bekok, Tangkak, Bentayan, Yong Peng, Penggaram, Mengkibol, Paloh, Puteri Wangsa, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Perling, Skudai, Senai, and Pekan Nanas.

Most are difficult seats because the majority of voters in the constituencies are Chinese, who over the past two general elections had given all out support to DAP.

DAP had basically painted MCA as Chinese traitors who are in cahoot with corrupt Malays, aka Umno.

That strategy worked for them. Even MCA members voted for DAP in droves in the past two general elections.

Yup, the supposedly inclusive DAP won most of their seats by appealing to Chinese sentiments and branding people as traitors to their community.

I believe that the BN leadership is of the view that political status quo among the Chinese is still more or less the same till today.

That's why they are giving MCA some winnable seats to contest such as Pekan Nenas and Puteri Wangsa.

I know that the Umno grassroots in those constituencies had wanted to contest the seats as the demographic there has changed with Pekan Nenas now a Malay-majority and Puteri Wangsa a more racially equal marginal constituency.

I think Johor Umno chief Hasni had convinced them to not only give way to MCA, but also help the Chinese candidates to win.

I have seen MCA people at work in the last few by-elections and was impressed with their hard work and dedication, especially in Tanjong Piai where their man was the candidate.

With the help of their Umno friends, I have a feeling they may win at least those two seats.

If they win some of the other seats, that would be a pleasant surprise as it would send a signal that the Chinese community in Johor are no longer too influenced by DAP's racialist tactics.

As for MIC's four seats; Kemelah, Kahang, Tenggaroh, and Bukit Batu, I tend to believe that it may win all of them except for the last one.

MIC contested four seats too in 2018 and won two, so that was not really an unreasonable prediction, I think.

As to why I suspect MIC will find it hard to win in Bukit Batu, it's because of the high number of Chinese voters there.

Overall, I believe this state election will more or less be a repeat of the 2013 general election - BN will do well in all constituencies except those with overwhelming number of Chinese voters.

But, who knows, the Chinese may surprise me and prove my prediction wrong by proving that they too want a return of a stable BN administration in the state which will allow Johor's economy to flourish once again.

Maybe they are also tired of all the empty talks of DAP and its gang.

Monday 21 February 2022

Don't worry, Muslims are not like those BJP/LTTE wannabes

 This is an interesting story

Perikatan used most amount of racial, religious rhetoric in Melaka


According to the study, PN scored the highest mentions at 56%, believed to be due to their campaign slogan of “Islam Menyatukan Ummah (Islam Unites the Community)” and their repeated calls for the closure of 4D gaming outlets in Kedah and a change to the “Timah” whiskey brand’s name.

PH recorded a score of 39%, with messages in the category mostly focused on promoting an inclusive policy for all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and background while also criticising BN for racial divisiveness and crony culture.

Meanwhile, only 25% of BN’s messages emphasised race-based policies which advocated the narrative of Bumiputera rights and privileges, and pushed for the necessity of upholding the national language.

So, according to that study, Perikatan is the most racist coalition in the Melaka election, followed by Pakatan and then BN.

Most interesting for me is that Pakatan used more racial and religious tactics than BN in that election.

And this study was done by people who are not exactly pro-BN.

Okay, the study found that Pakatan's racial and religious campaigning are mostly to say that BN is a racist and religious bigot coalition, but still, it's a form of using race and religion to win the election, right?

It also tells us that Pakatan is accusing BN of using racism and religious bigotry more than BN itself actually being racist and religious bigot.

Well, I know about this all these while. That's why, despite Pakatan's claim of its inclusiveness and desire for racial equality, I know that most of them are just a bunch of hypocrites.

The ones who did the most jumping around calling others racists are themselves the worst racists.

Just look at the Loh Siew Hong case. Who are the first gang of politicians and their supporters getting involved in it by throwing racial and religious accusations all over the place?

Yup, the BJP or LTTE wannabe gang within DAP.

The way I see it, they just wanted to exploit the case so that Indians will continue to support them and their party by accusing the Muslim authorities of suppressing the community.

Did the Muslims or Umno gang react to that?

I don't think so. At least not in a way that the DAP extremists were hoping. There were of course some grumblings but it's not like Muslims are up in arms over it.

I think the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country know that the whole thing was just a family dispute and nothing to get too excited about.

The kids are back with their mother, as they rightfully should be, but if Allah wills it, they will remain Muslims. If not, that's Allah's will too.

The religious authorities had after all done all they could to help care for the kids after their father converted them to Islam. 

It doesn't really matter that they were whacked for looking after the kids during the three-year absence of their parents, because that's Allah's will too. 

I believe most Muslims in this country are of that thought over the whole thing.

We will just pray to Allah for the kids to be safe and remain in Islam.

Still, there are people who feel that they need to say this,

Loh’s case shouldn’t become a ‘communal contest’, says NGO group


In a statement today, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) warned that doing so could affect relations among various races in the country and undermine Islam's image

"Loh's children returning to their mother does not close the door to them becoming Muslims when they are adults," said GBM chairman Badlishah Sham Baharin.

"GBM is confident that Malaysians can accept a just and reasonable solution to the plight of Loh and her children.

"Muslim Malaysians should not buy into fearmongering that non-Muslims are out to reduce the number of Muslims."

First of all, the ones who from the very start of the issue have been trying to turn the issue into a "communal contest" are those DAP BJP/LTTE wannabes, okay.

The media was also complicit in that by pushing the narrative that the main issue about the kids was their unilateral conversion to Islam by their father and blaming the religious authorities over it.

I don't think the media would be so gung ho about the issue if it's just about a custody battle over the kids.

And why worry about the image of Islam now after it was shredded throughout the whole thing by the self-appointed defenders of a Hindu mother's rights.

Those extremists in DAP and Pakatan along with their co-believers in the media have all these while been peddling the idea that Muslims are trying to steal non-Muslim kids and convert them, okay.

So many of such cases in the past.

The real reason behind their antics was their own racism and prejudice towards Muslims, coupled with their loathing of this country being ruled by the majority "inferior race".

And who is this Badlishah guy to say that the kids could still be Muslims when they are adults. 

Hey bro, the kids are still Muslims  now and will continue to be so if their hearts remain with Islam even with them being with their Hindu mother.

As about Muslims succumbing to "fearmongering" that non-Muslims are out to reduce their number, rest assured that most Muslims in this country have no fear over such things.

Otherwise, BN which used the least amount of racial and religious issues in its campaign wouldn't have won the Melaka election by a landslide riding on mostly the support of Malay Muslims majority in that state.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Don't let political and religious vultures feed on Loh Siew Hong case

 A paragraph in this article 

My kids and I have suffered enough

especially caught my attention,


She reiterated that her reunification with her children has nothing to do with race or religion. It is about a mother’s love for her children, which knows no boundaries.

Well, this Loh Siew Hong case has been repeatedly reported for quite a while now.

She had alleged that her ex-husband had beaten her before taking their three children away and converted them to become Muslims.

As I understood it, her demands from the very start were not only to be reunited with her children but also for their conversion to Islam to be stopped or reversed.

Loh, backed by several DAP personalities and Hindu NGOs, won her court case on both of her demands..

She has since met with her children, who are now under the care of the Welfare Department in Perlis.

According to reports, the children seemed quite comfortable with being Muslims and Loh had not tried to forcefully take them away from the department's shelter.

Based on that, I really believe that Loh actually only care for the best of her children and as far as she was concerned, the whole issue has "nothing to do with race or religion".

I even suspect that she actually doesn't really mind that the children are now Muslims as long as they are fine and she could be with them again.

So, where did that demand for the children's conversion to be nullified came from?

The Penang mufti who from the very start of the issue has supported Loh's efforts to be reunited  with her children today said,

Let single mum have kids, but they must remain Muslims


The mufti was commenting on the call by Indira Gandhi Action Team’s Arun Dorasamy, who is reportedly pushing for the children’s conversion to be cancelled.

“Doing that would only muddy the good ties that the Hindus have with Muslims in the country.

“From an Islamic perspective, one’s faith in Islam cannot be reversed through a court decree, but only if that person voluntarily wants to leave Islam without any pressure from anyone,” he told FMT.

What the mufti said made me noticed that from the start of the issue, the main highlight of Loh's case has always been the unilateral conversion of her children to Islam by her ex-husband while her plight to be reunited with her children was rather relegated as a secondary issue.

At least that how the case was being reported by the media, which relentlessly pursue quotes from DAP personalities such as Penang deputy chief minister P. Ramasamy, Hindu NGO leaders, lawyers, etc.

The Islamic religious authorities, particularly the one in Perlis have been portrayed as maliciously responsible for the conversion of the children.

Basically, the issue had been turned into a case of religious prosecution against the minorities in this country.

With DAP personalities involved, I can't avoid to believe that it has also been turned into a political issue, with Ramasamy commenting on it as if he was President Modi of India.

Well, we all know how Modi's BJP Hindu-nationalist party is treating the minorities in that country, particularly the Muslims.

In this article

Perlis mufti defends conversion of children in custody battle

the mufti insisted that no one has ever been forced to convert to Islam in Perlis (or anywhere else in the country for that matter)


He also said that even the man’s family, who are Hindus, had came to Perlis asking for the children’s conversion to be defended by the religious authorities.

“These are Hindu people, gentlemen. We are not against Hindus, but we fight extremists who concoct untruths,” he said.

Asri stressed that no one has ever been forced to convert to Islam in Perlis and the state fatwa committee had in 2015 issued an edict, which stated that a child’s welfare takes priority over religion in custody battles involving Muslim convert and non-Muslim parents.

Doesn't that make you wonder whether we have heard the whole story on the issue?

Why did the family members of Loh's ex-husband who are Hindus asked the religious authorities to defend the children's conversion to Islam?

Journalists who were chasing after this story should really interview them to get their side of the story.

And don't forget to try get an interview with the father of the children who is currently in jail.

Yet, still I believe that Loh should be reunited with her children.

However, it must be done with the interest of the children and their mother in mind and not because certain parties want it as their political tool or instrument of religious chauvinism.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Hopefully Chew Zhong Xin will win in Mengkibol

 The only DAP guy that I hope will win in the coming Johor election is the party's incumbent Mengkibol assemblyman Chew Chong Sin, or Chew Zhong  Xin, as according to my mother's spelling of his name.

My mom and him went to the same Kluang Chung Hwa Primary School.

I don't know Chew nor familiar with his work as a wakil rakyat but my mom and relatives in Singapore are taking the trouble to return to Kluang to vote for him.

So, he better wins. 

I don't want my mom and relatives to make all that efforts and risk taking for nothing.

I actually told my mom it's okay for her to balik kampung to vote but not the elderlies in the family because of Covid risks, but she said the old folks were the ones who really insisted on voting for Chew.

She said they like Chew very much and that he's a good assemblyman.

Well, I just reminded my mom to take really good care of the elderlies and try the best not to expose them to risks of Covid infection, especially at the polling stations.

As for myself, I have changed my voting address outside of Johor. So, I won't be voting on March 12.

But I do hope to visit my home state when the official campaigning period starts just to get a peek at what's happening down there.

At the moment, it's all seemed comical, especially on the side of the anti-BN gang.

There's that PKR quarrel with new party Muda, PKR quarrel with Amanah, DAP quarrel among themselves, Pejuang and Warisan unrealistic ambitions, and antics of some mosquitoes.

Actually there have been more stories about them than those about BN in Johor.

I'm sure BN has its own troubles but they seemed to be able to handle it better. 

Guess, Hasni has been quite good at keeping things under wraps.

Buat kerja je Datuk, pedulikan je yang buat bising tu.

That would be my message to him.

Anyway, I do hope BN will win and I am confident that it will win.

However, if the opposition have really good candidates like that Chew fella, then it would be good for those candidates to win too.

The main thing for me is for the people to be well represented by good wakil rakyat and hopefully the state government which will be formed after the election would be strong and stable in order to better manage and develop Johor.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Johor stories and Azmin's safe seat

I was watching a classy British gangster movie yesterday when an old friend called.

The guy was one of my teammates when I was operating out of Johor.

Unlike me, he's still running around in the local political circle there.

We talked about the coming Johor election and he asked me a thing or two as he still think I have a good insight of politics in the state.

I reminded him that I have left Johor for almost 10 years and only visited my home state once in a while since then.

So, I'm not the best source of information anymore for Johor politics. In fact, I told him that being still on the ground there definitely makes him having better knowledge of it than me.

Nonetheless, he insisted to know my opinion as I do still keep in touch with some of the main Johor political seniors and players.

I told him what I know and it turns out that his prediction of a BN victory in the coming state election was even more optimistic than mine.

He said at most, Pakatan could only win 14 of the 56 seats while my prediction was 18.

And my friend is a Chinese.

He told me that Johor DAP, which is the only BN opponent in the state with a real machinery was in a mess due to infightings and it may even lose one or two of its strongholds.

"Cina pun dah menyampah. Dia orang ramai yang malas nak mengundi," he said.

He said the only real problem faced by BN was the pressure put on its Johor chief Hasni by certain quarters in Umno to put undesirable candidates.

One example was in Kempas where some Umno gang was trying to replace the main guy there Ramli Buhanie with a parachute candidate.

I was glad when he told me that Jazlan, as the division chief in Pulai which Kempas is part of, is backing Ramli. I know Ramli and he's a good guy.

Hopefully Hasni will listen to Jazlan on that one and stand his ground and not let outsiders, no matter how powerful, meddle with Johor Umno affairs.

Otherwise he will be another lame duck MB like Khaled Nordin.

Anyway, my friend told me something really funny that happened the other day.

He said Azmin Ali was down there meeting his supporters and it turned out that he was also checking whether he could get himself a safe parliament seat to contest in Johor in the next general election.

The guy must be so desperate, if what my friend told me is the truth.

There's no way he could find such a seat in Johor.

In fact there are nobody who is an anti-Umno Malay who could find a safe seat to contest in that state at the moment, unless maybe if he/she tries to contest on DAP ticket in one of the party's strongholds.

Whatever it is, my guess was that Azmin was probably looking for such a seat in other states too.

Well, good luck to him.

Honestly, I believe that the guy will be screwed whichever way he turns now. Everyone is turning their back to him and he can't go anywhere with that. He's just not that type.

This article,

Is Azmin's political career coming to a grinding halt? 

started with this;


Once touted as the next future deputy prime minister, Bersatu supreme council member Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali may see his political career come to a standstill.

Ya, I was actually one of those who thought that the guy was even a PM material.

That was until the same sex video scandal.

Even if it's not true, at that time I have to say that the guy was finished.

He may be able to survive homosexual allegations or a proper sex recording but not with a video like that.

He shouldn't have put himself in such a position.

Whoever did that video thing really did him in. Fake or not doesn't really matter as the perception game is clearly against him now.

And I'm quite sure it was not Umno, which was behind it.

Honestly, if I'm Azmin, I would cut my losses and retire from politics.

Why should I let myself be buggered by all the nonsense.

I heard he is already quite well off now, after all.

He should really just migrates and starts a new life with his wonderful family elsewhere. 

San Francisco would be nice, I think. Azmin stands a better chance of finding himself a safe seat there than in Johor. 

Yeah, I would have done that if I have such money and loved ones.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Pakatan could win at most 18 seats in Johor

 EC will decided the date of the Johor election tomorrow.

My bet is that it will be held as soon as possible with a short campaigning period considering the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

They can't afford to to push it way back and give a prolonged campaign as that will increase the risks of infections among the people.

I also believe that would be the best way to do it as most people in Johor have likely by now decided who they are going to vote for and that include those who are sitting on the fence.

There's no need for too much campaigning as people just want to get over the election quickly and go on their way trying to survive the current bad economy caused by the pandemic and poor administration over the past four years.

I think the result of the Johor election is a foregone conclusion too.

BN will win big and its opponents, which are currently in disarray would at most be able to retain only a handful from the seats that they won in 2018.

They said Undi18 will turn the table on BN but I disagree.

Most of the kids who can vote this time, I believe, will have the same idea as who they should vote for as that of their elders.

There will be over 700,000 new voters in Johor for the state election but the pattern of voting will not likely to change by much. After all, only 30 per cent of them are actually those between the age of 18 and 21, whom the Pakatan people think to be all on their side.

I believe that, at most, BN would lose only 18 of the 56 seats to be contested.

Those were seats of Chinese majority constituencies and vey small Malay majority ones.

They are Jementah, Bekok, Tangkak, Bentayan, Sungai Abong, Maharani, Yong Peng, Parit Yaani, Penggaram,  Mengkibol, Puteri Wangsa, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Pengkalan Rinting, Skudai, Bukit Batu, Senai, and Pekan Nenas.

Most of them are DAP strongholds.

That means, at its worst, BN would still win at least 38 seats, which is a two third majority.

As for their opponents, I believe Malay-based parties Pribumi Bersatu, Pas and Amanah will be wiped out while Chinese-based DAP will have the most of the 18 seats potentially to be won, giving one or two of them to its PKR ally.

The reality on the ground in Johor has been quite clear after the outcome of Tanjong Piai by-election two years ago when MCA's Wee Jeck Seng soundly thrashed a Malay Pribumi Bersatu candidate in that significantly Malay-majority parliamentary constituency.

People are fed-up with the mess after Pakatan took over in 2018.

Okay, to be fair they were actually starting to get fed-up ever since Khaled Nordin became MB in 2013 but things just got so much worse after GE14.

Even the Chinese community in Johor could feel this, but I don't think that they have much choice but to mostly continue supporting DAP. 

Too much pride at stake, I believe.

But who knows, MCA, if it has good enough candidates, may spring a few surprises like in the recent Malacca election. The same with MIC.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Could it be genetic defects behind the attacks on Anwar's friend?

 Apparently, Azmin's crew at his portal are at it again,

 Warning by medical experts over ventilators sold to Hungary

Their target is again that Vinod guy, who is an Anwar's friend.

They were basically trying to paint Vinod as a super villain under the authorities' investigation, who is using his tonnes of money to get even more money by selling ventilators which kill Covid-19 victims instead of saving them.

Yup, that's how they want us to believe about the guy.

First let's get these straight,

1. Vinod had already in an interview stated that he has stayed out of the pandemic business because  of his experience being just the introducer of the Chinese ventilator makers and the Hungarians. It should be noted that he was merely trying to help his Hungarian friends who were desperate to get the ventilators from China as the pandemic started to spread to Eastern Europe in early 2020

2. Insiders in MACC have said that Vinod has not only been cleared of any wrong doing but also found to be dealing out of pocket because of the Chinese and Hungarians. Yup, and the guy received nothing much in that ventilator deal as he was actually just helping to get the two sides to meet for it.

3. Vinod and his Petra Group have done more than most others to help Malaysians weather the impact of the pandemic. Just check the records on this and you will know I'm not exaggerating.

Why I'm defending this Vinod guy, despite him being a friend of Anwar, whom I'm not a fan?

It's because I believe he's a good guy.

This is my first post about him,

Stop whacking the guy who created jobs for journalists

Well, if a fan of Anwar or Pakatan do good, I will say that he/she do good.

Especially so, if I know that such a person is being unfairly attacked by bad people, even if those bad people are from the Umno gang.

I'm not blind in my support for Umno and had wrote many times about the crooks within that party.

I just wish that pro-Pakatan writers could also admit that there are crooks too on their side instead of being blinded by their loyalty and coming out with things such as 'Asal bukan Umno'.

Eh, Umno also have many good people among them, okay.

Now, this Vinod guy is being attacked by Azmin and his people, who used to be Pakatan people (or may be still are at least Pakatan at heart).

We all know the story of Azmin even before the Sheraton Move and that include the same sex video scandal which marked the worst in his quarrel with Anwar.

Then there's the Azmin's portal boss Abdar Rahman Koya, the brother of PKR's former MACC chief Lateefa Beebi Koya, who use to be with the pro-Pakatan FMT and Malaysian Insider.

Based on the portal's attacks on Vinod, I suspect that Abdar Rahman has the same MO as his sister that is to paint their boss' enemies in bad light without caring for ethics such as snooping and revealing husband and wife conversation.

I told a friend who was puzzled over the whole thing that it was probably due to some genetic problem in the Koya family, the same as that of the Azmin's family, which we all should know was not really a wholesome family based on the coming and going of some of its members.

In this Vinod case, the guy was not even an Umno supporter and basically had done nothing wrong to their mutual cause, which was going against the BN establishment

Yet the level of attacks directed towards him was as if he was of the same level as Najib.

It's just how anti BN/Umno forces lost their plot, causing the demise of their control on Putrajaya due to petty palace intrigues.

This is one of the reasons why BN has managed to roll over them in all those elections after GE14 and I believe will continue to do so in the next one.

I really believe that Azmin's days are numbered as Pribumi Bersatu which gave him refuge after the fallout with Anwar, faces a real prospect of totally being sunk in the next election.

Instead of attacking people like Vinod, he should now settle whatever problems he had with them so that he could cling to the buoy with less encumbrances when the bad times come.