Monday, 26 September 2022

Kluang's unfortunate elephants

 I wrote about this the other day;

The Rape of Gunung Lambak

Honestly, I don't think the state government will act on it.

It's after all not so much into really saving the environment.

The MB can only talk.

As far as I'm concerned he is only good at making empty promises, quoting statistics, setting up committees and that's about it.

Ya, it's a BN state government, but if it's bad I'm going to say it's bad.

And nope, DAP didn't pay me to write this.

Don't listen to pro-Pakatan readers of this blog who insisted that someone paid me to write here.

Really, I'm actually doing this just for the heck of it.

Well, things doesn't look good in my hometown Kluang after they continue to cut down the surrounding forested areas.

My beloved yesterday sent me these videos recently recorded at  Taman Impian Kluang off Jalan Kota Tinggi,

Can't blame the elephants at all.

Humans cut down their forest, okay.

I'm just hoping that they wouldn't hurt anyone and no one hurts them in return.

If anything bad happens over this, I'm going to blame it on the people in power in Johor for doing nothing.

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Let's have monsoon-free GE15 next month

Pakatan and Perikatan said they don't want to have GE15 during monsoon season.

Umno and its BN allies however don't care too much about it.


Zahid suggests holding election now to avoid monsoon

Well, why not?

We can have it next month.

You see, there are actually two monsoon seasons in Malaysia;

1. South West Monsoon Season from late May to September.

2. North East Monsoon Season from November to March.

So, if we want to avoid having the election during a monsoon season, then we have to hold it either in October, April or the first half of May.

Yup, those are the only months without a monsoon season.

If we want to make GE15 monsoon free, we must have it either next month or April and May next year.

October next year will be after its deadline, which is in September.

Considering that, Pakatan and Perikatan shouldn't complain if the Dewan Rakyat is to be dissolved next month to make way for the election.

But complain they will. I'm very sure of that because the whole thing was actually not about monsoon season.

As Zahid said, it's just because Pakatan and Perikatan are scared of having the election early.

They want more time to convince the rakyat to vote for them.

Having GE15 now may ends up with them suffering the same results as in the Melaka and Johor elections.

My bet is, they are hoping for the projected global recession next year will hit the country hard and with that the people will forget about Pakatan's horrendous 22-month performance as the federal government and blame their suffering on the current government anchored by Ismail Sabri, who is an Umno guy.

If Ismail Sabri doesn't see this, then I don't know what to say la.

And those Umno guys currently holding minister posts, can't they see that too?

Hishammuddin? Annuar Musa? Khairy?

At least, if BN wins a real mandate from the people now, the government will be more stable to face the said recession next year.

No more clowns from Pribumi Bersatu who threaten to pull out their support for the government if they don't get what they want.

No more crazy statements from PAS ministers too.

Anyway, personally, I don't really mind if they want to have it in April or May as I don't expect the GE15 results then would be that much different from it being held next month.

But why do we need to endure a few more months of the current nonsense?

Let's get it over and done with now so that everyone can settle down and work instead of wasting time talking about politics.

Aren't you all tired of it?

We have been like this since 2018, okay.

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Pakatan's 30 per cent Malays

 Rafizi said Pakatan can get the 30 per cent of Malays' votes that it needs to win GE15.

He told PKR election workers in Bandar Tun Razak in Cheras today that the Malays are swinging back to supporting Pakatan ever since the BN's victories in Melaka and Johor.

So, all they need to do from now on is to work hard wooing the voters and not think too much about the possibility of Pakatan losing in all Malay majority constituencies. 

Rafizi being a brilliant strategist must had done his research well.

After all, BN in particular has been hit by one problem after another these past few weeks.

Surely the Malays can see now that Umno is truly a no good party which leaders had been  robbing this country since Merdeka until it's now at the same level as Zimbabwe.

Umno's former president has just been thrown in jail for corruption what.

Yup, all Pakatan need now is 30 per cent of the Malays to side with them.

Don't care about the other 70 per cent.

Rafizi must also be very sure that the non-Malays will once again give their undivided support to Pakatan.

Yeah, he's probably right about that one.

Pakatan just need to win GE15 and that's all that matter.

That 30 per cent Malays could be those in Bangsar, Sri Hartamas....errr, TTDI maybe....Damansara Heights probably....never mind, if Rafizi says they are there, then they must be there.

All young Malays will be voting Pakatan too, I guess.

Maybe Rafizi can promise them free higher education, no PTPTN debt and last time.

Another group of Malays whom I think will also go all out supporting Pakatan would be those who are LGBTQ.

Pakatan is definitely friendlier to that group than BN.

It actually set a precedent by making it a main priority when it came to power in 2018 to get a royal pardon for a Malay who was convicted of sodomy.

Such empathy, okay.

So, if you are a Malay man who like to sodomise another man, you better vote for Pakatan to add to that 30 per cent.

Of course, on top of that, you will be voting for Pakatan because BN is said the judges, in a way.

Okay lah, considering all that, Pakatan is going to win GE15.

They will probably change the AG again to drop charges against Guan Eng, Syed Sadiq last time....and expedite the trials of Umno leaders.

But no need to change the judges like in 2018. The judiciary is fine as it is now.

All Pakatan need now is for GE15 to be held as late as possible to allow more Malays to swing their support to it.

Well, Ismail Sabri is only meeting with his fellow Umno leaders at the end of this month to discuss when to hold the election.

I predict he will ding dong ding dong on it for a few weeks until suddenly the country is hit by the monsoon season.

Then he would say "Oh, tak boleh buat pilihanraya sebab banjir. Kita perlu mendahulukan kebajikan rakyat."

So they will wait until the monsoon season ends, which should be at least until the middle of January.

Then, Ismail Sabri will say "Oh, kita kena memastikan semuanya pulih dari banjir sebelum mengadakan pilihanraya. Itulah semangat keluarga Malaysia."

And that should take a few more months.

Then other things will happen and Ismail Sabri gets to extend his premiership all the way to the final deadline to hold GE15 in September next year.

Good for Ismail Sabri lah.

As for Pakatan, they will get the 30 per cent Malays by then.

At least, that's Rafizi's thinking.

Friday, 16 September 2022

Remembering Samy Vellu

 So many people said great things about Tun S. Samy Vellu after he died yesterday.

Even Pakatan leaders who used to whack him upside down over the decades said he was a great man.

Good lah like that.

In Malaysia we said good things about a person who just died.

That's the way we are.

Hopefully Pakatan leaders and their followers will also remember the good things about their "enemies" even when those people are still alive instead of being so spiteful and relentlessly wanting them to die in prison.

Anyway, it's actually true that Samy Vellu was a good guy.

And I'm not saying this just to be politically correct when talking about someone who just died.

His contributions to the country as a long serving minister are well known, so I don't think I have to list them down here.

Instead I want to tell you all the human side of Samy Vellu as observed by others.

A semi-retired journalist friend once told me that Samy Vellu was perhaps the best minister due to his deep knowledge of his works.

He said the guy knows everything about the Works Ministry from top to bottom during his time there and was also all ever ready to share what he could to make it more efficient for the good of the country. 

My friend recalled an incident in 1997 when he was a rookie reporter and was told by his editors to check on certain important things related to a story about the Works Ministry, which was to be published the next day.

The order was given half hour before midnight and the only person who could clarify the matter was Samy Vellu himself.

My friend frantically tried to get in touch with Samy Vellu but it was not easy because not many people carry mobile phones those days.

They didn't even dream there will be smart phones in the future.

In the end, my friend managed to get the number of a phone in the minister's car. Yup, those days, important people have their cars installed with a phone.

He called and was so relieved that Samy Vellu was the one who actually picked up the phone.

'Apa? You from NST? You reporter baru ke? Sorry, saya tak berapa dengar. Ini phone line tak bagus. Nanti saya call you balik," said Samy Vellu before hanging up.

My friend was devastated. He didn't expect Samy Vellu to call back as the guy didn't even ask for the news desk's hotline number that he used.

As it was, the editors scolded my friend for not trying hard enough when he told them about what happened.

Just at that moment, the news desk's phone rang and there it was Samy Vellu on the line. Apparently the guy knew the hotline number.

"Sorry, saya baru sampai rumah. Itu phone kereta memang useless. Awak reporter baru tadi ke? So, you mau tanya saya apa?" he said.

And with that Samy Vellu gave all the necessary info to enable the story to be published.

The story made it to the print just minutes before the editors closed the pages for printing.

My friend, who years later became an editor himself always remember that incident because Samy Vellu made the effort to call him back despite him being just a rookie reporter at that time.

He has several other personal stories about how good Samy Vellu was but that one was my favourite.

How good Samy Vellu was as a minister? Particularly as Works Minister?

For that, let me tell you about an incident during my trip to India in 2011.

I went to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai during that trip.

I have to confess that I was not impressed with what I saw in India.

The huge gap between the rich and poor in that country was so great that it depressed me during the trip.

I found Mumbai and Delhi to be chaotic and didn't feel safe there.

Chennai was however better.

The people were much nicer and things appeared to be in better order.

The thing that I first noted about the difference between Chennai and the other two cities was that the roads were in better condition and they even have dividing lines in the middle, which was probably why the traffic was more in order as people observed the traffic rules better.

Try go around in a taxi in down town Mumbai and you will know what I mean. Delhi was slightly better but not by much.

Anyway, I asked the Malaysian embassy guy who was with me during the trip about why there were dividing road lines in Chennai and not in the other cities.

'Oh, itu sebab jalan kat sini Samy Vellu yang buat. Dia orang suka dia kat sini," he said.

I honestly thought he was just joking until what happened at the Chennai airport when I was about to depart for home at the end of the trip.

As I was passing through the immigration counter, the officer who was checking my passport suddenly smiled and said to me;

"Ah, you are going home to Malaysia. How is Datuk Seri Samy Vellu doing?"

I was a bit shocked as the guy even used Samy Vellu's title at that time when he said that.

I replied that as far as I know at that time, Samy Vellu was okay.

I asked the immigration officer back how he knew Samy Vellu.

The guy smiled again and said;

"I don't know him personally, but Datuk Seri Samy Vellu did many good things here. He is a good man."

Again, the guy didn't drop the "Datuk Seri" title from Samy Vellu's name, which I think was his way of honouring him.

I wished I had asked him how he learnt to use the "Datuk Seri" for Samy Vellu but I didn't have the time as there were others waiting to get their passports cleared. 

Well, if someone in Chennai can appreciate Samy Vellu like that for his contributions there, I'm quite sure Malaysians could do the same for him as he did much more for this country during his life time.

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Pressuring Agong

 I agree when

Zaid hits out at Bar Council for trying to pressure Agong on pardon


“What saddens me is that undue pressure is being brought to bear on the Yang di-Pertuan Agong not to exercise pardon (in Najib’s favour). This is a show of insolence.

“All Malaysians must respect the power of clemency given by law to the king and the Malay rulers,” said Zaid.

Well, they have been at it even before Najib filed the application for the royal pardon, which was his right to do so.

They need to keep Najib in jail as that's the only way they could justify their accusations against BN which won them GE14.

Even a pro-Pakatan friend of mine yesterday went all out to insist for Najib to accept his fate and rot in jail.

He basically laid down three reasons why Najib should just give up.

1. The Agong had on Sept 6 said Islamic justice does not at all give any privilege or exceptions to anyone who commits wrongdoing and this was supported by the Sultan of Selangor when he said on Sept 12 that the prerogative to pardon cannot be meted out arbitrarily for the sake of vested interest.

2. Sultan of Selangor has revoked the titles of Najib and his wife Rosmah.

3.  Najib's attempts to free himself from jail will widen the rift between "Umno Cabinet" and "Umno party" and further disrupting preparations by Umno and BN for GE15.

Well, this is the exact words of Article 42 (1) of the Federal Constitution;

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has power to grant pardons, reprieves and respites in respect of all offences which have been tried by court-martial and all offences committed in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya; and the Ruler or Yang di-Pertua Negeri of a State has power to grant pardons, reprieves and respites in respect of all other offences committed in his State.”

It basically says the Agong and other Malay Rulers can pardon whom ever they choose and whenever they want without having to give any justification for doing so.

Who knows, maybe it's because the Agong doesn't feel justice had been served properly by the courts after all the changes of judges after Pakatan won GE14 in 2018.

 Or maybe because the Agong is not happy with the way the trial was conducted.

The Agong is after all a very smart man and can think for himself.

My friend did argue that Najib must serves at least one-third of his sentence before he can apply for pardon but there is actually no such requirement.

Maybe he was referring to Article 42(4) and 40(4) (a) which suggest that the Agong needs to get the advice of the Parole Board before granting a pardon but this had previously been ruled out by the courts which insisted that the king's discretion on the matter was his alone.

That was how the Agong freed Anwar from his sodomy conviction after Pakatan won GE14.

As for the revocation of title, that's the SOP of respective Rulers when someone was sent to jail. Sultan of Selangor once revoked Anwar's title too just because he badmouthed the royals but that doesn't stop the guy from continuing to cosy up to the Malay Rulers.

As for spoiling BN/Umno's chances in GE15, well, my friend being pro-Pakatan should actually encourage Najib to free himself. Good what if Pakatan can win GE15 because Najib is trying to get out of jail. 

Anyway, when Pakatan was losing one by-election after another, and then losing one state election after another, Najib was happily going around campaigning for BN. Maybe that's the real reason why my friend doesn't want him to get out of jail.

Understandably, Pakatan people were quite pissed off to see people coming out in droves to meet "Bossku" after realising that they had been duped in GE14.

Errr....I'm talking about the Pakatan's empty promises. The manifesto, remember?

Can't really blame the people because despite all the allegations and now conviction of Najib, their lives were made much better under his administration compared to that of Pakatan's and the others after that.

Let's not even get into the part on how Pakatan pisses off the people during its 22 months rule as I can go on and on and on about that.

Even the PAS people realised that now.

Here's their party president;


...PH comprised many of those who switched parties on unprincipled grounds and practised “revenge politics”.

He also claimed that many PH leaders and supporters are clearly anti-Islam and hostile towards the Malay Rulers by threatening the country’s constitutional monarchy system.

“In fact, there are also those who fanatically hate the Malays and Bumiputeras, without realising that the existing rights of other religions and various races have been sufficiently provided for,” he said, adding that this was evident after PH was in power after winning the general election in 2018.

I guess they will go after Hadi again with their racist! racist! racist! chants.

Too bad that Hadi and PAS don't give a horse shit about being called racists like Najib and most Umno people do.

You all want to kill off Umno and its leaders like Najib, then you will get Hadi and the gang as replacement to lead the majority Malay Muslims.

Well, good luck to you all with that.

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Sympathy for Najib

Apparently, more and more people are becoming sympathetic towards the sick and jailed Najib.

Here is one of them,

Najib, all prisoners should be given best medical treatment, says Kit Siang


“I fully agree with Najib’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa, and call on the government to give Najib the best medical treatment while in imprisonment, a right which should be extended to all prisoners in Malaysia,” he said.

Wah, Kit Siang is so nice and humane.

No wonder he got a royal pardon last time.

You can read about that one in my previous post

Kit Siang's royal pardon and typical DAP

I don't actually blame him for starting to feel sorry for Najib now as he probably just realised that his son Guan Eng may likely get the same treatment in jail if convicted over the Penang Tunnel case.

Ya, I would worry too if I'm Kit Siang, especially if Guan Eng's case is to be decided after GE15.

If BN wins the election, they may do what Pakatan did in 2018 by changing the judges and AG.

Things may not go down very well for Guan Eng if that happens.

By that time, Kit Siang can't complains much as BN would say it's doing the exact same things as what Pakatan did.

If Pakatan can put Latheefa Beebi Koya as MACC chief, BN probably can put a hardcore Umno politician in that position too, right?


Anyway, Ismail Sabri has also apparently showed some sympathy towards Najib.

PM instructs MOH to give best treatment to Najib

So touching.

Then again maybe it's because

No PM can survive without Umno grassroots support, says Isham

Don't know lah.

Maybe all of us should just get use to the idea that those who lost in elections in this country will from now on go to jail one way or another.

Maybe all politicians should learn from this Anwar's video on how he survived in jail after being convicted for committing sodomy on his young male aide,

Friday, 9 September 2022

The rape of Gunung Lambak

 Received pictures of what's happening in my hometown Kluang in Johor this morning.

This is one of them,

That's the slope of Gunung Lambak, Kluang's iconic natural landmark, now denuded of its forest cover.

Apparently, some 'developers' got to own the land and did that for probably another musang king durian project.

I was told that one of the "landowners" had lodged a police report against the person who took the picture using a drone for trespassing.

So petty.

Hopefully nothing bad happens to that person.

I also received this video on the effects of that "development" at Gunung Lambak in nearby area,

I do wonder what the authorities are doing about this whole thing as I was told the affected people are complaining but are being ignored.


Maybe they are waiting for some real disaster to happen before acting on it.

Ya, maybe they are waiting for headlines such as this; "Whole family wiped out in Kluang landslide tragedy".

Or maybe the 'developers' are too well connected that they can't do anything to stop the felling of trees and soil erosion in the area.

I hope I'm wrong and that the authorities are actually doing something.

Hopefully that new youthful Johor MB will act on this instead of making his usual meaningless stupid statements of setting up committees and promising stuff which sounded more like blowing hot air only.

By the way, I also learnt that elephants living in the affected areas have decided to move to safer locations.

My beloved who went back to our hometown for the Merdeka holidays the other day sent me a video of one of the elephants,

Yup, the elephants are now hanging around in downtown Kluang.

Their jungles are gone and they are scared of landslides too.

A whole gang of them even went to disturb people in the nearby small town of Kahang.

Okay, on this one, I'm not blaming the DAP MP and assemblyman in Kluang for doing nothing.

The Mengkibol assemblyman, I was told had tried very hard to get the authorities to do something but was not successful. They just ignored him.

For me, this is the fault of the state government.

They should have put a stop to the cutting down of trees at Gunung Lambak from the very start.

Seriously, I don't think anybody should even own land at such an important site that they could do with it as they please like that. 

I know that it's too late to do much now, but at least the state government should try something to mitigate the problems caused by the felling of trees.

Hopefully they could move quickly before things get any worse.

If they still do nothing, I wouldn't blame the people of my hometown if they choose to vote for DAP again in GE15.

Why should they vote for BN when its state government care more about the well being of "developers" than them, right?

Sunday, 4 September 2022

How to vote in GE15

A friend the other day sent me a Tik Tok video of a good looking lady in tudung pleading for Malaysians not to vote for BN, especially Umno candidates, in the coming GE15.

She said if BN has the full power to run the country again, it will free Najib and Rosmah.

By the look of her, I believe that the lady is one of those well off urban Malays, who support Pakatan or maybe Perikatan.

She basically wants people to vote just to keep Najib and Rosmah in jail.

Okay, she did say that the country would be free from corruption by keeping the couple and other soon to be jailed Umno leaders in prison.

Really? Others, once they have the power, will not be tempted to be corrupt?

Well, Guan Eng has that Penang tunnel corruption case hanging over his head. 

Also, the supposedly clean because he is young Syed Sadiq is in court too for allegedly stealing money from his former party.

Let's not even talk about a Pakatan leader who was convicted for using his position to coerce a young man into allowing himself being sodomised.

If you can sodomise someone like that, what guarantee there is that you will not sodomise the country later on when you have the power to do so?

So, I don't think that lady's idea for people not to vote BN/Umno just to keep Najib and Rosmah in jail is very sound.

A better way to decide who to vote I think is by comparing between the past BN, Pakatan and Perikatan administrations.

Which of those administrations actually did things to make our lives better?

Was your life better when the country was managed by Najib's BN administration, Dr Mahathir's Pakatan administration or Muhyiddin's Perikatan administration?

Ismail Sabri's administration doesn't count as I don't know what it really is. 

Never mind their allegations against each other as that's actually just stupid politics.

After all, talk is cheap and even convictions in court doesn't really amount to much as they could always say it's just political prosecution managed by manipulating the judiciary.

Remember this?

What really matter is what those politicians had done and probably will do again to make a better difference in our lives. 

Try not to be swayed by sentiments and instead look at the actual facts on that.

Just pause a bit and think - was my life worse than now during the BN administration led by the supposedly corrupt Najib?

Or, is it true that my life has became wonderful after GE14 in 2018 because the Pakatan administration did things to make life better for people like me?

Or, was Muhyiddin's Perikatan administration even better than the earlier two as it made life in this country fantastic during its short stint in power?

I don't know about you guys, but my life was easily much better back then than now.

I used to have a proper team to do my work and my salary was quite good.

Now I work alone and have lesser income.

Fine, Covid contributed to that but I didn't see Pakatan or Perikatan doing anything real to make Malaysia a better place for me to live in.

Pakatan, which rule the country before the pandemic struck didn't even do much during their 22 months in power, having spent almost half of the time blaming the previous BN government for everything and the other half on trying to put the country's previous leaders in jail.

That's about all that they really did.

Okay, they also sold off the country's assets, wrecked the economy, soured our ties with some countries and.....oh, they also managed to antagonise the majority group in the country.

Election promises....let's not waste our time talking about that, okay. 

Seriously, post 2018 was probably the worst period in Malaysia since the May 13 racial riot after the 1969 general election.

The fact that we already have three governments since the last real BN administration shows our country's current instability.

People can talk all they want about this and that but without stability, our country can't move ahead as no one would want to invest in a place where the people constantly quarrel over who are better between them.

My beloved, who is a DAP supporter once said to me that I would never know whether Pakatan is better than BN because I never tried having them running the country.

That was before 2018.

Now that I have experienced their rule and that of Perikatan's too, I have to conclude that they are not anywhere near as good as they claimed to be.

Much worse than BN, actually.

But, if you all think otherwise because life has been wonderful over the past four years, then go ahead and vote for them again. 

No problem.

I'll just laugh when you all get sodomised again....figuratively speaking, that is.

Friday, 2 September 2022

What Umno can learn from the jailing of Najib and Rosmah

So, they really sent Najib and Rosmah to jail and throw away the keys.

Najib, 69 got 12 years in jail and if he can't pay his RM210 million fine will have to spend another five years more in prison. 

Rosmah, 70 got 10 years in jail and if she can't pay her RM970 million fine will have to spend another 10 years more in prison.

I don't think they have the money to pay their fines, which combined would be almost RM1.2 billion.

That makes Najib having to spend 17 years in prison and Rosmah 20 years.

When they get out, Najib and Rosmah will be 86 and 90 respectively....assuming they live that long in prison la.

I have a feeling that Zahid and the others will get about the same treatment.

Well, they said we cannot question the decisions of the judges....except maybe when they rule unfavourably against Pakatan leaders in court.

If Pakatan leaders are found guilty in court, we can even have street protests or even do a bit of rioting, it seems.

Okay, fine, I'm not going to question the decisions of the judges, especially those who get to where they are now after Pakatan won the general election in 2018.

They are now like the royalties, who can't be criticised.

My criticisms today are for Najib and the Umno leaders who screwed up, especially by surrounding themselves with bad people when they were in power.

If you bother to read my postings at the height of the Najib-Dr Mahathir fight before GE14, you would notice that I repeatedly said Najib has surrounded himself with many bad people.

Some Umno people and supporters had at that time accused me of being a covert DAP operative because of that.

It reached a point when I declared that I'm taking a neutral stance.

Of course Pakatan readers of this blog didn't believe me and continued to accuse me of being an Umno paid cybertrooper.

For them being neutral is not good enough. They want everyone to be totally committed to their cause. You are with us or against us, was their message.

My Umno friends were more understanding. My boss, who at that time was sympathetic to Umno didn't sack me from my job despite my open declaration of neutrality.

My criticisms of Najib's choices continued until right after BN's defeat in 2018.

This is one of my posts just days after GE14;


My opinion is that BN actually lost because Najib failed to handle the smear campaign against him.

He failed to do so primarily because he surrounded himself with either self-serving crooks or simply stupid ass-kissers.

That's why he never saw it coming till it's too late.

Yes, in that sense, it's Najib's own fault.

Rosmah also made the same fatal mistake. Her conviction was primarily based on the testimonies of her special aide who turned against her after being offered to be a prosecution witness to avoid being prosecuted.

Well, you hire someone of such character to be close to you and that should be what you would get.

Umno people need to learn from this.

Now they still have crooks as some of their leaders.

Just look at the way they elected their leaders right after the GE14 defeat. 

They should bear in mind that one of their sitting vice-presidents was another key prosecution witness in Rosmah's case. His words helped sent Rosmah to jail, probably for the rest of her life.

As I previously wrote, I don't really like any of the Umno top leaders now, except Mat Hasan.

By the way, I do support Umno again now because I cannot tahan the arrogance and hypocrisies of the Pakatan people after they won GE14.

Right after GE14, I did ask my beloved, who is a DAP supporter whether it's okay for me to once again support Umno as at that time I felt the country needed a good opposition.

I got a positive answer from my beloved and that's all that matter to me.

When Pakatan people harassed me, I just remember what my beloved said to me - we need both sides to make this country's democracy works.

Monday, 29 August 2022

GE15 only after the poor people are angry

 According to Mat Hasan, 

PM promised GE15 won’t be in 2023

Well, I'm not sure whether to believe in politicians' promises.

For one thing, Pakatan people promised a lot of things for the election in 2018 but didn't fulfil almost all of them.

The few that they fulfilled were mostly for their political expediency.

Like jailing Najib.

Okay, they got rid of GST, but that one turned out to be bad for the country. Lost of revenue, okay.

What else did they do for the rakyat during that 22 months?

Things like selling off the country's assets don't count, okay.

Anyway, Ismail Sabri can actually not fulfil his promise too.

I saw some clever analysts said so in this story;

Ismail Sabri’s PM post still ‘solid’ if booted from Umno


1. Parliament observer Ong Ooi Heng said even if Umno gives him the boot, Ismail Sabri can still retain the support of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalitions, as well as those from Sabah and Sarawak.

2. Echoing Ong, Singapore Institute of International Affairs senior fellow Oh Ei Sun said an Umno dismissal would not necessarily remove Ismail Sabri as prime minister.“The honourable thing for a PM to do is to call for a confidence vote whenever he doesn’t feel like he still commands the majority,” Oh said.“In any case, PH’s and PN’s parliamentary support should carry him to a majority, even if Umno withdraws its support for him.”

Yup, these kind of analysts are also quoted these days to encourage Ismail Sabri not to call for a snap general election.

They even offered Ismail Sabri to be their PM.

Looks like they really don't want an early GE15. 

Even when Najib is already in jail.

Maybe they are hoping that the coming spike in inflation across the world due to the war in Ukraine will hit Malaysia hard.

The hardest hit will be the poor and we know which group is the poorest in this country. Not the Indians, okay.

Easier to spin their tales like before when poor people are angry.

Maybe they can't afford to let the rakyat have the mandate to elect a strong and stable government, which could properly handle the coming troubles.

Well, Ismail Sabri may consider their offer.

Go ahead Mail. Maybe DAP can offer you to be their chairman, like those token Melayu people they have in their party. 

Guan Eng can then become mentor chairman or something.

Sigh. Whatever lah.

Actually, I don't really mind GE15 to be held at the end of this term next year.

I survived 2018. 

I'm quite sure I will survive the next one too.

Yes Mail, stretch it till the final deadline in September next year.

Make my day, okay.

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Anti-Umno people shouldn't be scared of early GE15

There were so many political parties' meetings today.

There's Umno with their jailed Najib gathering, Perikatan meeting, PKR convention, Warisan AGM, etc.

Everyone said they are ready for GE15.

Muhyiddin, Anwar, Rafizi, Shafie Apdal....all said they are ready and will win.

But only Umno is openly calling for it to be called as soon as possible

The others seemed to prefer Ismail Sabri to hang on until the end of the parliament's current term, which should be till the middle of next year.

All that despite Umno being the one which was supposed to be in trouble now because Najib is in jail.

Weird isn't it?

Isn't it good for Pakatan, PN, Warisan and others to have GE15 now?

After all, their supporters appeared to be so gung ho that day when Najib was sent to the jail.

Oh, and Rosmah is also going to jail.

Apparently the court judgement on her has already been leaked and she will be found guilty.

Shouldn't that be a further boost for the anti-Umno/BN factions?

I think Ismail Sabri should consider all these.

He was unfortunately not at the Umno gathering along with several of his ministers from the party.

Well, never mind.

Mail, they wanted you to call for GE15 now, okay.

Hey, who knows, maybe it would be a good thing for him.

Muhyiddin said today that BN is going to lose anyway, even if GE15 is to be held tomorrow.

Never mind that his Pribumi Bersatu got thrashed by BN in every by-election and state election since 2018.

Okay, maybe BN is not going to lose outright but it may need others to form a government.

That way Ismail Sabri can continue to be PM in a hybrid government like now.

Yup, maybe Umno overestimated its support among the rakyat and will not do well.

Maybe the rakyat really believe in the court judgement that Najib was guilty of stealing their money to buy Rosmah's Birkin handbags and pink they did in 2018.

To punish Najib is to punish Umno/BN, what.

So, maybe it's not a bad idea to have GE15 as soon as possible while the rakyat is still very angry with Najib and his thieving ways.

How about that?

Pakatan, Perikatan and the others shouldn't have any worry if GE15 is to be held in the coming weeks

Really,  they should have more faith in the courts' decisions which are reflective of the rakyat's belief about Najib's guilt.

Okay, Anwar's sodomy conviction last time doesn't count....that one was fixed by the evil BN lah. 

Najib's one is for real. 

Guan Eng's tunnel corruption case....errr....that one will depend on the outcome lor.

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Now is the time for Pakatan to recapture Putrajaya....really

The jailing of Najib has apparently bolster Pakatan's enthusiasm to win GE15.

Their supporters were all gung ho in the social media, believing that Malaysians are with them again now that Najib had been adjudged guilty by the courts.

News portals aligned with them (almost all, actually) are now busy trumpeting Najib's jailing as a triumph for democracy and revival of Pakatan's chances in GE15.

Last night, Pakatan said they were once again united to use a common logo for GE15.

In the Johor election,  which Pakatan didn't do very well, PKR had used its own logo.

Looking at their enthusiasm now, I don't think Pakatan would complain much if GE15 is to be held tomorrow.

They can once again accuse Umno of being corrupt to the core and Malaysians will once again vote them to power like in 2018.

They have always believe that Najib was the main reason why their first stint as government had failed.

Definitely not because they fucked up the whole thing themselves.

Nope, it's Najib's fault, period.

Well, good for them for thinking that way.

Even Dr Mahathir has hinted of the possibility of joining forces with them again like in 2018.

Not such a bad idea, I thought.

I'm hoping Muhyiddin and his Pribumi Bersatu team to do the same.

Pas want to join them also, I don't mind.

Pakatan Harapan 3.0. Nice.

We all can enjoy the drama of Dr Mahathir shaking hands with Anwar, Azmin hugging Anwar, Hadi hugging Kit Siang etc.

Everyone against the evil and corrupt BN/Umno. Everyone saving Malaysia.

Yup, I really wish that could happen.

However, I noticed that Pas and Pribumi Bersatu have been relatively quiet when Najib was sent to jail.

They were not as enthusiastic about the "victory" compared to DAP and PKR.

Amanah was also relatively subdued.

I do wonder why.

Maybe leaders of those Malay-based parties know what the common Melayu people were actually thinking when they saw what transpired in the court and Najib being sent to jail.

Maybe they realised that many of the Melayu, people whose votes they depend on didn't seem very convinced of Najib's guilt.

Najib guilty "beyond reasonable doubt"?

Maybe those Melayu rather than being angry with Najib, actually sympathise with him.

Pas, Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah would be screwed if that's the case. 

Just like Umno being screwed in 1999 when the majority of Malays didn't believe it when Dr Mahathir said Anwar sodomised men and abused his power, even after the courts said that he did so. Lucky for Umno and its BN allies that the Chinese saved them that year.

As someone said to me this morning, "Orang Melayu ni senang sangat simpati. Tahun 2018 dulu simpati kat Dr Mahathir, tu yang dia orang bagi undi kat DAP".

Well, never mind all that.

Pakatan people should really just push for GE15 now. 

Yup, the time is ripe to grab Putrajaya once again.

After all, they have the Melayu Bangsar type to support them what. They don't really need the support of  Melayu kampung who got Brim and such from the corrupt Najib.

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Making sure Najib suffers in prison

Apparently, a lot of Pakatan people are anxious about the possibility of Najib getting a speacial treatment in prison that FMT has to come out with this story today,

No special treatment for Najib, says prisons department


In a Facebook post today, the department said: “Stop the spread of fake information.” Accompanying the post was a picture of a clean, spacious, nicely equipped room with IKEA-like shelves and a table.

Social media has been flooded with comments about Najib’s potential VIP treatment in jail since the Federal Court upheld his conviction and sentence in the SRC International case.

Seriously, I think the FMT story was not very helpful in easing the worries of the Pakatan people as it's actually quite vague.

Okay, what is this no special treatment really means?

I goggle around a bit and found this Bernama report which was published by Astro Awani in 2015;

Anwar treated like any other convicted prisoner


The ministry pointed out that the former opposition leader had been provided with additional facilities not ordinarily afforded to other prisoners, including a hospital bed, a chair and table, hot and cold shower, a wall fan and a sitdown toilet.
"Anwar also received special dietary and food supplements. Anwar has been given the privilege to occupy a specially renovated cell in the Prison's hospital complex in contrast to other prisoners who are placed in sharing cells.
"He was definitely not placed in solitary confinement. Anwar also continues to enjoy all his rights such as visitation rights and access to his lawyers," the ministry said.

Well, I guess Najib is now getting about the same treatment as Anwar back then.

Guess, that's not too bad except that Najib is now quite a bit older than Anwar when the latter went to prison.

He would nonetheless probably suffer a bit more than Anwar because of that.

Considering the length of his sentence and age, Najib, as I speculated in my last post may be ending his life in prison.

You all Pakatan people satisfied with that or not?

Or would you all want the Parliamentary Select Committee to check and report on how Najib is being treated in prison to ensure he really suffers there?

How about setting up a royal commission of inquiry to do that?

Can also. I think Ismail Sabri's administration would accommodate those.

Well, tomorrow you all will also get to see Najib attending his other 1MDB related trials.

By right the guy would be in prison clothings and handcuffed when they bring him to the court.

I'm sure you all will be happy to see that, right?

Yay. Power to you Pakatan people.

How about you all Umno and non-Pakatan-supporting people? You all okay or not about all these?

Eh, don't dwell too much on this, okay.

You all just focus on GE15. 

As the Pakatan people used to say "Rakyat Hakim Negara".

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Kit Siang's royal pardon and typical DAP

 I was at a Pakatan ceramah in Ayer Hitam, Johor during the GE14 campaign when Lim Kit Siang asked the crowd how long the corrupt Najib should be sent to jail.

I sensed that the crowd was not sure themselves of how to answer him.

That's when Kit Siang said Najib should be jailed for life to which the crowd cheered in approval.

No mercy there it seemed.

Well, Kit Siang almost get his wish now.

It looks like Najib is on all count of probabilities going to have to serve the 12 years jail handed to him by the former Maybank executive turned judge Nazlan.

Najib is now 69 and will be 81 if he survives that sentence. Then there's the other charges against him which may add to  the SRC jail term.

It's therefore quite possible that Najib may end his life in jail.

Pakatan people are also generally against the idea of Najib getting a royal pardon and Kit Siang, based on his words at the Pakatan ceramah would feel the same.

Never mind that Anwar got the royal pardon for his sodomy conviction after Pakatan won GE14.

Never mind also that Kit Siang himself once got a royal pardon.

Yup, Kit Siang got one too.

His son Guan Eng said so in this article that he wrote himself;

80th Birthday Tribute To My Father Lim Kit Siang


The highest recognition of his future and important role as an Opposition Leader came from the late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, who advised the King to grant a Royal Pardon for Kit Siang over an electoral offence that would have disqualified him from Parliamentary office.

See the irony? Kit Siang calling for the jailing for life of the son of a man, who once helped got him a royal pardon.

Typical DAP.

In their campaigns, they depicted Umno as corrupt to the core and that the party had ruined the country from the start of its creation.

Remember all those talks about how Malaysia has suffered for decades since Merdeka under Umno-led administrations?

All went into the basket and thrown into the longkang.

Let's not even talk about the DAP's race-based campaign against Umno which managed to make DAP the overwhelming favourite among Chinese voters in this country today. 

Umno, being typical Melayu could never match DAP when it comes to advocating the destruction of its opponents.

Do you think Umno would have still exist today if DAP had managed to gain total control of the government?

PAP of Singapore, which is the origin of DAP ,basically destroyed all of its opponents when it came to power.

Opposition leaders were thrown in jail under the Singaporean ISA law, some for up to decades without trial. Others had to flee the country.

They even closed down Chinese schools, which were the recruiting ground of PAP's leftist opponents among the Singaporean Chinese.

I seriously believe DAP would do the same if it has such power.

Too bad that it didn't have full control of Putrajaya after Pakatan won GE14. Right?

That what Umno people should remember as they push for GE15, with some of their leaders on the verge of going to jail soon.

Oh, I have a feeling that Zahid will also be found guilty and straight away go to jail. He may not even have a stay of execution pending his appeal process like Najib.

Maybe only then Ismail Sabri will call for GE15.


Never mind. Hopefully Mat Hasan could take over and do the right thing if that ever happened.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Umno needs to focus on GE15, not Najib

 It looks more and more likely that Najib is going to jail.

Even his legal team seemed to admit it that the guy's fate has been sealed after the judges blocked each and every attempt that they made to prove his innocence.

They have already said they would not make a submission for Najib's final appeal.

Obviously, they did that to express their protest.

The judges have more or less said that they don't care. 

They have a mission to accomplish, and that's that.

Well, that's the way it is then.

Naturally, Umno people are quite upset about the whole thing.

It's almost the same way when Pakatan people got upset when the judges back then ruled against Anwar and sent him to jail for sodomy and abuse of power.

Back then they said Umno/BN was behind the judges decision.

I'm sure they, especially the DAP people will get upset again if the judges rule against Guan Eng  in the Penang tunnel case.

Yup, they will once again say it's Umno/BN people who are behind it.

But for now they are cheering what seemed to be the imminent jailing of Najib and Umno people are not supposed to complain about it.

I agree, Umno people shouldn't complain about what's happening to Najib.

Ok lah...grumble a bit, but that should be just about it.

What they should do now is they should redouble their efforts for the coming GE15.

They need to get Ismail Sabri to abide by the party's resolution during its last general assembly to dissolve parliament by end of next month and call for the election.

Get him to stick with the original plan of Umno and its BN allies to contest on their own like they did during the Malacca and Johor elections.

If Ismail Sabri refuses that, get rid of him.

If Hishammuddin, Annuar Musa and others like them refuse, get rid of them too.

As the Pakatan people used to say, the rakyat are the supreme judges (actually it should be God).

So, give the mandate back to the people. 

And that means NOW.

That should be the focus of Umno/BN people.

Also, keep in mind that anyone in Umno who oppose that are traitors. 

Oh, by the way, since Anwar that day can get royal pardon, I'm sure Najib would be entitled to get one too....and so will Guan Eng, if he gets convicted la.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Dreaming of Taiwan

I'm hoping that my next overseas trip will be to Taiwan.

Even Nancy Pelosi has now visited that country.

Ya. Taiwan is a COUNTRY as far as I'm concerned.

I want to see all the nice places there that my mom and beloved always talked about.

Maybe I'll do it once the Covid-19 is really over.

My last overseas trip was to the Philippines in 2018 and it was not a very nice trip.

I'm quite sure a trip to Taiwan would be much better.

I especially want to see the university of my mom and beloved in Taipei.

Would love to pray at the mosque near where my mom used to stay as a student.

Maybe spend a few days at a tea farm too.

That would be so nice.

My beloved yesterday told me that I should visit Taiwan before the communists in Beijing invaded the country.

Ya, I really hope I could do that.

Hopefully there will not be any invasion at all.

Well, if the communists really decide to invade, I'll be praying for the Taiwanese to be able to defend themselves and their democracy.

The communists should really pick an opponent of their own size instead of bullying Taiwan.

They should go and fight with the Hindu extremists ruling over India now.

That would be a more balanced fight, and actually, I don't even mind them winning such a fight.

I think I dislike religious extremists more than communists.

Oppressing others in the name of god is probably worse than oppressing others because of disbelieve in god.

At least the communists in Beijing are openly admitting that theirs is an authoritarian rule while the Hindu extremists in New Delhi are pretending that theirs is a democratic one while in actual fact they gain power by conning people with religion and targeting minorities.

Well, let the bullies beat up each other. Why should we care, right?

Okay, that's all my thought for today....which was inspired by Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. 

Thanks Pelosi.


Saturday, 30 July 2022

The reason why they enjoy insulting Muslims

 This is what the Agong said yesterday in conjunction with the Islamic new year,

Don’t ridicule religions in the name of free speech


“Religion is not something to be joked about. I am afraid that such an act will fuel the flames of racism and destroy the bond of unity between all races that has been built for a long time,” he said in conjunction with the Maal Hijrah celebration and commemoration of Warriors’ Day.

Apparently the king, not unlike me, was concerned over the current trend of people insulting other people's religions.

The king was careful not to be too direct about it, but I believe what he actually meant was the trend of insulting Islam by some people who get a kick out of rubbing dirt on Muslims' faces.

The obvious example was the comedy club couple case.

The less obvious example was the Loh Siew Hong case.

I have highlighted both cases in my previous postings.

I'm perfectly alright with people discussing religions but not if it was done with malicious intent.

For instance, if you want to explain why you prefer to worship multiple gods instead of just one, that should be alright.

Explain all you want, but you don't have to insult the people who worship only one God.

And if you want to explain why your religion prohibits you from eating pork or beef, then by all means please do so.

I'm alright with that as long as you don't resort to insulting the religion of those who eat those types of meat.

Personally, I find eating pork repulsive because as a Muslim, I was thought that way since I was a little kid.

But I don't go around calling people who eat pork as swines.

The most I ever did was say, "Urgh...I don't know how you can eat that."

Pigs are not exactly nice looking animals, okay. At least not to me.

Anyway, I did accidentally eat pork once.

It was when I was having breakfast at Corus Hotel near Hyde Park in London in early spring of 2009.

It was the sausages that I ate that morning. I forgot to check first and was only told later that they were pork. 

Pork is so repulsive to me, that I remember the incident in detail till this day. I even remember that it was a rather cold morning.

By the way, the pork sausages actually tasted so good.


Back to the issue at hand, why did some people get a kick out of insulting Muslims by smearing their religion?

I think it's primarily because these people feel they are superior compared to the Muslims and resent them for being the majority in this democratic country and thus have the power to influence its direction.

How could a group of people whom for them were inferior have more say in this country?

These Muslims are after all less wealthy and educated than them.

They are mostly backward kampung people, while we are sophisticated urbanites who speak English (mostly the broken version though) and part of the woke culture.

So, let's insult the Muslims to vent our frustration over the whole arrangement in this country, and the best way to do it should be by hitting where it hurts them the most - their religion.

Hey, it was just a comedy. Why are you Muslims so unsophisticated and can't appreciate a joke?

Hey, we are handling this case as according to the laws. We are after all smart lawyers and you are just a bunch of uneducated fools. What? You all feel insulted? Fuck you and your religious sensitivities.

Well, at least that's how I see the attitude of those people.

You know, when the majority of Malay Muslims started to return their support to BN, not long after Pakatan's 2018 victory, many people blamed Umno for playing up racial and religious sentiments.

They also blamed the Malay Muslims for being so stupid for wanting to go back supporting a bunch of people whom according to them were corrupted to the core.

What they didn't even bother to consider was that so many things were said and done by Pakatan leaders and supporters after the 2018 election that hurt the feelings of Malay Muslims.

Pakatan people felt that the victory gave them the rights to do what ever they please, including disregarding the feelings of Malay Muslims.

I could give many examples, but the one that really hurt me was the way they handled the death of fireman Adib. I don't think I could ever forgive the irresponsible comments of Pakatan politicians and insulting behaviour of their supporters in the social media.

Well, they don't even seemed to learn even after the Pakatan government imploded following a series of BN's by-election victories.

I believe they know now that the 2018 Pakatan's victory won't happen again, at least not for a very long time, and all they could do now is to throw tantrums.

That's why now we see more and more incidents of these people lashing out by insulting Muslims and their religion.

They knew that most Muslims in this country now don't want to support their cause and therefore they don't feel the need to be nice anymore.

Upsetting the Muslims is the least they could do to express their sense of superiority.

Yeah, go ahead guys.

I'll just wait until the Muslims form a super majority in parliament and change all the laws.

Let's see what will happen then.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Muslims shouldn't get angry, they should just remember

 This is the Malay Mail's headline this morning;

Abuse survivor’s ordeal sheds light on Malaysia unilateral conversions

It's actually a story by AFP.


Malaysian woman Loh Siew Hong says her husband brutally abused her, battering her over the head and breaking her ankle, before running off with their children and converting them to Islam.

That opening paragraph set the tone of the whole story.

No attempt was made by the writer to get the ex-husband's version of the story or those directly involved in the conversion of the children.

Bear in mind that the ex-husband had never been found guilty or charged with using violence against Loh.

By right, Loh's ex-husband could sue her for making the accusation, AFP for writing a defamatory story and Malay Mail for publishing it.

Same as what Lim Guan Eng did to the Chinese newspapers the other day for publishing his accuser's story without getting his comment.  

Oh, and this is the picture used for the story along with the caption.

This picture taken on May 30, 2022 shows Loh Siew Hong (right) hugging her son next to her other children by a river in Gombak. — AFP pic

Compare it with this picture when Loh won the custody over the children;

Yup, it's a victory for them.

The whole thing was after all about annulling the children's conversion to Islam.

Loh being reunited with the children is now secondary, despite her initial insistence that religion was not the issue.

It's actually a trend now.

They actually love rubbing it in the face of Muslims when these things happened.

For instance, this is the picture released to the media by the legal team of the woman who was charged with insulting Islam at a comedy club the other day after they supposedly managed to raise the bail money for her and her boyfriend through "crowd funding".

It's supposed to be a picture of a Muslim woman in baju kurung and tudung hugging her non-Muslim boyfriend to celebrate their victory of some sort.

I believe that their intention of wanting the media to use the picture was to make the Muslims flipped some more over their antics.

It's the same as when she pulled off that distasteful stunt at the comedy club.

Well, this is the real picture of these ugly people;

My opinion is that Muslims shouldn't get angry over the whole thing.

Let the authorities handle them. There are laws against what they are doing and sooner of later they will get punished.

For now, just remember who these people really are and let them wallow in their own shit.

Oh, and if there are people who support them contesting in the next general election, vote against them.

Ya, remember what happened after the 2018 general election.

Remember Adib, and the insults they threw at us in the social media after the fireman died.

Thursday, 21 July 2022

A good Sabah politician

Just got back yesterday from a bit of holidaying in Sabah.

Quite a pleasant trip, actually.

It was so pleasant that I had not bothered to keep up with the political happenings in the country this past week.

What's there to keep up with anyway other than the usual nonsense.

Just look at the PKR election. Was it worth monitoring?

Isn't it just the usual merry go round of a party which has lost all sense of significance?

The election process of the party itself was a joke.

Just read here,

One election, three winners - the joke about Ampang’s PKR election

And yesterday, Anwar appointed some of the losers to key party posts.

Some said it's to balance the influence of his new deputy Rafizi.

I don't see why he needed to do that as Rafizi is just a clown.

Aren't you all tired of such politicians, who could only talk nonsense and not much else?

Seriously, PKR is just a circus full of clowns like Rafizi and I just can't wait to see it get thrashed in the next general election.

Anyway, I met Joniston Bangkuai of PBS when I was in Sabah.

Went to his beautiful kampung in Kiulu, actually.

Now, that's one politician that I like.

The guy is down to earth, know how to articulate things properly, can do his work exceptionally well and as cool as a sea cucumber.

Best of all, I know that the guy is honest and sincere with what he's doing.


You see, I have known Joniston since before he became a politician and we used to spend many hours talking about all kind of stuff, usually after he had a few drinks.

Okay, the guy drinks a bit too much sometimes, but that's normal considering where he comes from.

And he's most honest when he's a bit drunk.

He would tell me all kind of things he wished he could do for his beloved kampung and Sabah.

The guy however doesn't seemed to have any political ambition at that time.

Then things got a bit funny with him when he was conferred with his datukship for his social and charity works, particularly in his capacity as the then president of Sabah journalists' association.

I used to tease him for getting that title and he got quite flustered every time. 

I was told by another Sabahan friend that Joniston had even tried to decline the award as he felt he's not worthy of it but was pushed by then CM Musa Aman to accept it.

He would at that time tells me that being a datuk was a bit of a burden as people in his kampung would ask him for help and he can't do much being only a lowly paid journalist.

I only knew that he was with PBS shortly before the 2013 general election when he quit his journalist job after being nominated by the party to contest in his kampung in Kiulu.

He won the seat with a razor thin majority of 44 votes that year but increased it to 1,443 in the difficult 2018 election and maintained about the same majority in the 2020 Sabah election.

It's a testament of the good work he had done for the constituency, and the people there recognise what he had done for them.

Kiulu, which used to be purely an agriculture-based area is now a popular tourist spot where people may enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Sabah rural area or experience the thrill of white water rafting down a river which flows from Mount Kinabalu.

The place, despite categorised as rural, is actually just an hour drive away from Kota Kinabalu.

Joniston had done such a good job at promoting tourism in his constituency and other parts of Sabah that he was appointed as the chairman of Sabah Tourism board and State Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

I have not met him for quite a few years until a few days ago.

Honestly, I expected him to change now that he's some sort of a big shot politician.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that Joniston turned out to be still the same guy I knew from long ago.

He's still the jovial cool fella who drinks a bit too much when he's lepaking with his friends.

And he seemed still the same honest and sincere guy.

The only criticism I gave him was when I poked his stomach a bit and told him he's getting a bit too fat now.

He just laughed and accused me of also being fat, which is actually quite true too.

It was nice seeing that guy again, but I didn't spend hours talking with him like in the old days as he seemed very busy and most of the time surrounded by people who wanted to be close to him.

Well, that's normal. People tend to want to be close with those who had made good of themselves.

I'm just glad that Joniston is still the same and hopefully he will remain true to himself and continue to do good as a politician and an elected representative who truly works for the people.

We do indeed need more politicians like him instead of those many clowns and crooks who are trying to con us with their sweet bullshit talks.

Monday, 11 July 2022

Comedy clubs are not funny

I believe most of you have known by now about the not funny strip tease comedy at TTDI the other day.

The woman who did it is now in police custody and the venue where it happened had temporarily been banned by City Hall.

The woman clearly has no excuse for doing what she did.

The Crackhouse Comedy Club however has plenty of excuses and those who supported it.

There were Harith Iskandar, Afdlin Shauki and this one,

Expressing solidarity, Merdekarya urges DBKL to lift Crackhouse's suspension


The entertainment venue explained that this is because open mic provides everyone and anyone the opportunity to perform their respective acts, and it is nearly impossible for the organisers to predict what the artist would say or do.

So, if someone opens a venue as a platform for others to say whatever hell they want to say, then that someone is not responsible for what's being said, right?

It's I think like someone opening his/her house and let people do whatever they want there and when police raided it claimed that he/she shouldn't be held responsible for the drug induced orgy that happened there.

"You shouldn't blame me. I only told these people that they can do whatever they want. I didn't tell them to have a drug induced orgy," that someone would argue.

Hey, even printers are held responsible for printing offensive stuff. They cannot argue that they were just printing the stuff ordered by their client.

Anyway, who gives these so called comedy clubs the right to use their venues as platforms for people to say anything they want.

Don't they know there are laws against saying certain things in this country, even if they were meant to be comedy?

I suspect that the strip tease incident was not the first offensive nonsense that happened at the club.

It's just that one got caught on video.

Otherwise, it would have been all okay.

The crowd was clearly enjoying the "comedy" with cheers and clapping.

Nothing is more pleasing for them then seeing a self-confessed Muslim insulting Islam.

Personally, I have never think much of Malaysian comedians. Never found any of them to be really funny.

That includes Harith and Afdlin.