Friday, 20 May 2022

DAP's glamorous Malay personalities

The Malay Mail has highlighted DAP's only elected Malay in the party's central executive committee over the past two days.

DAP needs give-and-take to move past race barriers, says party’s sole elected Malay official

Be the change you want to see, Young Syefura tells those criticising DAP as Chinese chauvinists

It basically revolves around the participation of Malays in the Chinese dominated party.

Unfortunately, this Young Syefura is not a very deep thinking person.

She ends up putting the onus on proving that DAP is not Chinese dominated on the Malays.

Malays should join the party so that it would not be too Chinese, she concluded.

Hello, people join a political party because of what it is lah, not because they are trying to change it.

If a political party doesn't seemed to like someone like you, why join?

Okay, maybe DAP offers some nice ideals, but its practices may not reflect what it preaches.

Last time, one would argue that DAP was never given the chance to run the country thus can't prove itself but after 2018 that no longer applies.

They and their allies were in power for 22 months and what was the result of that?

They simply imploded.

DAP turned out to be so inflexible, causing its Malay-dominated allies to bail out as they were losing the support of their base. 

Many DAP personalities treated the 2018 Pakatan victory as a win for their communities against the perceived tyranny of the Malay-Bumiputra majority.

And their supporters behaved the same as they waged a racially toxic campaign in the social media against the Malays.

Remember the comments made by several DAP leaders and their supporters about the death of fireman Adib back then?

And then they blamed Umno for allegedly playing up racial sentiments, causing the defeat of Pakatan candidates in consecutive by-elections as if that party has all the while been hiding the fact that its struggles were for the betterment of the Malays.

Not enough with that, DAP people went to social media accusing the Malays of tolerating corruption.

If the Malays are so okay about corruption as alleged, how did Pakatan manage to win in 2018 by peddling the idea that Umno leaders were all corrupt?

Because DAP and gang got all the Indian votes, is it?

Guess these people never learn - you can't go around insulting people and get their support.

Recognise and rectify your own flaws before blaming things on others.

And how about the Malays who joined DAP?

I believe that some were true idealists, but others were just into it because they were seeking personal glamour or due to their unhappiness for not having a place in mainstream Malay politics.

The idealists will get tired of it all after realising the true nature of DAP (unless they are really dense), the glamorous ones will disappear after defeat in the next election (unless they get involved in some marital scandals) and the unhappy with Malay politics ones will fade away after not given a freebie position in DAP (unless then given a role by Umno to whack DAP).

As for Young Syefura, let's see where she would be after GE15.

Her state constituency Ketari has 47 per cent Malay voters, 45 per cent Chinese, over 4 per cent Indians, and over 2 per cent Orang Asli.

BN is likely to field a MCA candidate there.

If she loses, I think she would disappear despite her DAP CEC membership.

Hopefully she would not end up like another glamorous DAP young Malay personality Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.

Better disappear for good than being remembered for the wrong reasons.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Debates are just for entertainment

Someone yesterday asked me to comment on the Anwar-Najib debate.

Honestly, I'm not interested in debates.

They were just talking and nothing really can come out of talking.

As expected, after the debate those who support Anwar said he was the winner while those who were on Najib's side said their man was the one who won.

It's actually like watching football with no goal posts.

They were just dribbling around with words and got nothing really tangible to show.

If I really want to compare between Anwar and Najib, I rather check their track records on what they had done as leaders.

Just look back at what happened in the country over the past 20 or 30 years and see what those two had been up to.

What were their contributions?

How about you all?

Do you like things after Anwar's Pakatan took over in 2018 or was your life better during BN rule led by Najib nine years before that?

Try to be honest about it and put aside your racial and other prejudices.

Isn't that better than trying to compare those two by their mere words?

I did watch the debate but that was because it's my job to monitor such nonsense.

I really don't feel like commenting on it because I think it would be pointless.

Anyway, someone clever made this and I have to more or less confess that it's basically how I saw the debate went,

You can change the name of the sinking ship from Sapura to Malaysia if you want.

But, did it change anything?

Not really, okay.

Then again, that's just me.

I'm not easily impressed by anyone's oratory skills or what they call charismatic persona.

Most conmen have those.

Most leaders in history who were known to give fiery speeches and charismatic are bad or even outright evil.

They were that or later proven to be incompetent as all they were good at was talking.

The good ones were instead almost always those who talked less and instead focused on the works that needed to be done for the people and their country.

I don't know about you all, but if it's up to me, I rather for this country to be led by people who can actually do their job well rather than just talk well.

Well, if you all still like being entertained by the debate, then I hope it's worth your time.

It's pure entertainment and that's about it.

Me, I rather spend my time for that watching a good standup by Dave Chappelle or Bill Burr.

At least I can get a proper good laugh that way.


Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Being a lawyer is not the same as being noble

I always find it amusing whenever I listened to people who have never even been to court talked about the country's justice system and its practitioners.

They always got the whole thing wrong in a funny way.

That's why I had a good laugh reading this article by the hilariously intelligent Amir Hafizi,

Amir’s Half-Easy: Courting Trouble


And none of the court stuff I have read in the papers ever play out like in Boston Legal, The Practice, LA Law, Ally McBeal or any of the K-dramas I have never watched.

Yup, the whole thing is not like in the movies or TV shows.

Especially, the lawyers.

People tend to think that most lawyers are extremely intelligent simply because they were supposed to know the laws, and this is definitely not true.

I have highlighted the stupidity of those who were supposed to be the best among them when they indulged in 

And now they are even talking about holding a rally to protest the so-called attack against the judiciary as if they have forgotten that they themselves had been doing that for years by claiming that judges were cronies of past BN administrations.

Seriously, are they planning the rally because they wanted to protect the country's judicial system or it's because of their political affiliation?

And lawyers are street crusaders now, is it?

How about intelligently arguing their case on the issue befitting the noble status of their profession instead of throwing tantrums like a stupid mob?

So much for being lawyers, I would say.

In actual fact, many of them are just glorified clerks, and those were the more intelligent ones among them as they tend to make more money working for corporations than the court lawyers.

All those successful legal firms, how do you think they managed to get the big money? By representing drug crazed murderers and rapists?

My best friend in law school, who scored second class upper honours for his LLB is now a corporate lawyer.

He started by being idealistic and wanting to be a court lawyer like his father before he got smarter and joined an oil company.

Another good friend, who was a bachelor in his mid-40s when he managed to scrape through with third class honours became an actual court lawyer.

He was a teacher but always wanted to be a lawyer because he thought it was a noble profession and being one would elevate him to a higher level in society.

Poor stupid guy.

He was actually reduced from being a good teacher to become a mediocre lawyer, who doesn't earn really that much either, judging from the way he lives now.

Me, I just bailed out when I realised that the whole thing was not what I thought it is. Running out of money to do my CLP also helped me to make that decision.

Like Amir Hafizi, back then, I also thought being a lawyer is like in the movies and TV shows.

Well, I was young and stupid at that time, okay.

Anyway, having said all that, I have to stress that not all lawyers are stupid like those heading their Bar Council.

Many are indeed smart, including among the court lawyers.

Some were even truly idealistic such as an old friend who enjoys doing lots of pro bono services for poor folks in his hometown in Terengganu.

For me, it all boils down to the individuals.

It's not the profession that makes one noble because what really matter is the individual's sincerity and good heart.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Enough of Raya, time to work again

My Raya celebration ends today.

Four days were more than enough for me.

I don't share the belief that Raya should be celebrated throughout the whole of Syawal month.

That's my personal view of course, and if you all want to celebrate it for that long, then go ahead and knock yourselves out.

As for me, I have more pressing things to starting work to earn a living during this trying time of Covid recovery.

Anyway, I actually didn't celebrate Raya that much.

Just did the usual of eating all sorts of Raya food, and visiting relatives to please my family.

Actually, if I have my way, I rather just eat and sleep.

As usual I didn't give out duit raya to kids as I dislike that adopted angpow giving tradition.

Same with the burning of firecrackers and putting up lampu Raya. I just refused to do that kind of celebrating.

Even when taking Raya pictures with my family, I tried to look as natural as possible.

They said I looked glum in those pictures.

I didn't do all those usual cheerful poses for the occasion, which people do for them to be put up on their social media sites.

Well, I have no problem with other people doing that, but I don't like to bluff others with how I feel about things.

If I'm feeling like shit, then I prefer them to see that I'm not in the mood to tolerate any kind of shit.

That's just the way I am....and at the moment I'm not feeling very cheerful and have no intention to fake it to look otherwise.

I believe that Elon Musk was right when he said that social media platforms such as Instagram are doing more harm than good.

They projected a false image of life.

Everyone tries to put up the best pictures of themselves on Instagram while in reality, life is not as rosy as what they projected.

We looked at pictures of happy people on Instagram and wondered why our own lives are so miserable in comparison....while the actual fact was that those people are likely living as badly as us, except that they managed to fake it in those pictures.

Yup, that's why I just prefer this old fashion blogging as an outlet compared to all those social media platforms.

By the way, this blog's page views just passed the eight million mark today. That's after more than nine years which is rather slow.

 Still I would like to thank you all for stopping by here to read my silly nonsense.

After all, I never really tried to promote my writings as I don't really have any other platform other than this.

Also I have slowed down and write only occasionally these days.

I will try to improve and write more regularly like I used to do after this.

Hopefully I will regain my old energy and interest in things to do that.


Sunday, 1 May 2022

A balanced podcast

 Someone recommended me to follow this podcast by The Vibes gang;

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

So I did and found that it's not such a bad effort at trying to present a balanced platform on current issues.

I know those three guys featured in the podcast.

There's my blogging captain Rocky, who is supposedly pro-BN; Terrance, who is supposedly pro-Pakatan and Zainul, who is supposedly somewhere in between those two.

All "supposedly" because I'm actually not totally sure what are their respective current political affiliation.

Basically, I'm just assuming from what I know of them in the past.

 I'm also not sure who is the good, the bad or the ugly, as all of them looked ugly to me. 

Well, I think the podcast's title refers more to the issues that they are discussing. Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly. 

I didn't expect from the start that those three will fight each other over the issues and true enough, yesterday they discussed things nicely as if they were lepaking at a cafe somewhere in Bangsar.

So, if you all prefer to listen to people screaming at each other like in the Dewan Rakyat, then I believe the podcast is not going to be your cup of tea.

It's more for the more civilised crowd who can mix around despite their political differences...something like those three guys.

I listened to the whole thing yesterday, and it was quite okay.

I didn't fully agree with the opinion of those three, but since they argued their case rather nicely, I didn't feel like whacking them in the comments.

Anyway, it was actually the first time that I  listened to a podcast session from start to finish. 

You all should give it a try, sometimes.

Okay, that's all for today.

Don't actually feel like writing much as I'm already in raya mood.

Got to go help make pineapple tarts in the kitchen now.


Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Bullshitting over separation of powers

I actually didn't really mind it when Anwar the other day said the MACC's investigation against CoA judge Nazlan was a violation of the separation of powers doctrine.

Anwar is after all a politician and because of that he should be allowed to bullshit, every now and then.

But when the Malaysian Bar said the same thing, I was like, what the fuck is wrong with them.

You can read their statement by clicking on its extracts here;

The Malaysian Bar further states that the MACC investigation violates the doctrine of separation of power and also undermine the independence of the judiciary, and is unconstitutional. 

I'm appalled because this is a statement made by people who were supposed to know the law and practicing it.

Even a student who took up constitutional law as his/her A-Level subject should know what separation of powers is really all about.

You all can even read it at Wikipedia here;

Separation of powers

and realise that there is no absolute separation of powers in any democratic system.

The whole point was for the executive, legislature and judiciary to check on each others so there would be no abuse of power by any of them.

And in doing so they could not avoid crossing each other's paths.

You can see that happening in the US, UK or any other countries claiming themselves as being democratic.

Now, MACC is a branch of the executive and the Bar is saying that it's interfering with the judiciary for initiating an investigation on a report that a judge has over RM1 million in his account, suspected to be derived from corrupt practices before he became a judge.

Is that really interfering with the judiciary?

Honestly, I don't think so because MACC is not even investigating the judge over an allegation of how he conducted himself as a member of judiciary.

Even if MACC is doing that, why not? All judges are incorruptible, is it?

Anyway, being investigated doesn't mean one is guilty. 

The Bar should know that....unless it believes otherwise because it has in the past deemed some people were guilty of something before those people were even convicted.

Yup, like what happened before and after the 2018 general election.

I didn't see the Bar going all out trying to convince Malaysians back then that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

Maybe that's why they are now talking about trial by media and public opinion.

Yeah right. Only now.

Okay, let's try putting it like this - if someone lodged a report saying that a judge had murdered someone before he was appointed as a judge, should the police investigate or should they let the judiciary handle the allegation on their own?

Bear in mind ya that the police is another branch of the executive. 

What if the judge that was being accused of the murder turned out to be the one who presided over the trial of the very same case and convicted someone else for the crime?

Should the guy that he found guilty be hung to death without the allegation even being investigated?

Again as far as separation of powers is concerned, should the MACC or the police, which are branches of the executive be allowed to investigate a member of parliament, which is the legislature if there is a report of him being involved in corruption or other crime?

Or is that yet another form of an interference over the sanctity of separation of powers doctrine?

I suggest you all ask those questions to any law student who have passed his/her constitutional law exam.

No need to ask those leaders of the Malaysian Bar as I think they would give you a political rather than  legal answer.

Friday, 22 April 2022

Rule against bias; clearing doubts about Judge Nazlan

Let me start by saying that I'm not a legal expert and I'm not here questioning a decision of the court.

I do have the LLB(Hons) but I have never practice law. A case of lost interest, actually.

However, I still remember what I learnt about the basic principles of laws such as the rules of natural justice, which among others emphasise on the importance of the rule against bias.

Now this was what happened yesterday;

Judge lodges report against Raja Petra for claim of RM1 mil from Jho Low

That's because Raja Petra wrote this;

Judge Mohd Nazlan being investigated for unexplained RM1 million in his bank account

For those who don't know Nazlan, he is the judge who was hailed as a hero by Pakatan people after he found Najib guilty in the SRC trial.

Raja Petra had in fact wrote a post on the profile of the judge;

Who is Muhammad Nazlan Mohd Ghazali?

Raja Petra has apparently got hold of some documents which embolden him to accuse the judge of being involved in corruption related to the 1MDB scandal when he was with Maybank prior to being called to the bench.

Nazlan was appointed as a Judicial Commissioner in 2015, before promoted to be a High Court Judge in 2017 and a Court of Appeal Judge in February this year. 

Quite fast, if you asked me.

Whatever it is, I think the authorities need to act equally fast on Nazlan's police report as Raja Petra's allegations against him were quite serious and could undermine the credibility of our country's judicial system.

Having said that, it should be noted that Raja Petra has in his latest posting 

Salah laku Nazlan Ghazali sudah selesai disiasat

claimed that the police had actually completed their investigation on Nazlan and urging them to make it public.

Well, if that's the case, I think the police should do just that. If it's not true, do say so too so that the public do not have any doubt over the matter.

Don't wait until the guy publishes another what appeared to be genuine document on the completed investigation.

Make the whole thing public and extinguish any doubt that the public may have on the judiciary because of the allegations made by Raja Petra against Nazlan....whether they are true or not.

Hopefully no one in power will interfere in this matter.

Anyway, back to the rule against bias which I learnt many years ago during my first year in law school, this is its basis as defined by Lord Alfred Thompson Jenning in 

 Metropolitan Properties Co (FGC) Ltd v Lannon 

"Justice must be rooted in confidence and confidence is destroyed when right-minded people go away thinking: 'The judge was biased.'"

Was Nazlan biased when he sentenced Najib to 12 years in jail?

I don't know, but Raja Petra is persuading many right-minded people that he was indeed biased because of his alleged involvement in the 1MDB scandal when he was with Maybank. 

Again, this matter must be addressed by the authorities and they must do so quickly.

As Lord Gordon Hewart famously said in his judgement of

 R v Sussex Justices, ex parte McCarthy

"It is not merely of some importance, but of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly be seen to be done."

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Malaysian judicial authorities on this matter as I only did English Law back then. Never did my CLP as I ran out of money and had to work right after I graduated.

Whatever it is, the basic principles should be the same, I believe.

(Note: I actually wanted to write more on this but I believe that would put myself at risk of being in contempt of court. So, please excuse me for my rather short take on this issue.)

Monday, 18 April 2022

Between a good lawyer and politically motivated lawyers

 NST today highlighted this statement by lawyer Mohd. Faizal Mokhtar that his client 

Sam Ke Ting calls on public to stop looking at her case from racial angle


Sam had also repeatedly expressed her sadness over what had happened and sympathised with the families of the eight teenagers killed after a car ploughed into them in 2017.

"She has repeatedly said she sympathised with the victims' families. She is saddened with the loss of lives.

"Sam is a law abiding citizen and she has always said she would respect the court's decision. She is prepared to face the consequences if she is found guilty.

"However, we hope people don't view this as a racial issue," he told reporters after the Court of Appeal (COA) freed his client on bail.

Faizal said Sam was thankful her application to appeal against the Johor Baru High Court decision to jail her for six years and RM6,000 fine had been granted.

This Faizal guy is indeed a very good lawyer as he knows all the right things for his client to say in relation to her case.

The message that he conveyed from his client were also all true as those were what I had hoped she would say when I wrote this previous post;

 Sam was right in choosing to stick with Faizal as her lawyer from the very start of her case.

He seemed focused on defending her interests instead of being distracted by the other issues surrounding the case.

The guy is definitely better than all those DAP lawyers or even Shafee Abdullah, who offered their services to Sam.

It was quite apparent that Faizal was not burdened by any political or popularity agenda in defending Sam.

The only objective of the defence in this case was solely for Sam to get a judgement whereupon she could later move on with her life.

This would not be the case if she had taken the DAP lawyers as her attorneys because they would programme the defence into a political campaign.

Instead of really defending Sam, they would have lashed out at the judiciary, the police, the government, the dead kids and everything else under the sun to promote their political agenda. 

Just look at the recent case of Loh Siew Hong, who initially said all that she ever wanted was just to be with her children again but now got herself entangled in a religious dispute because her DAP BJP/LTTE lawyers have wanted to use her case as a political campaign platform.

Anyway, I also want to express my respect here for Sam for being so cool in facing her predicament.

She was right to make it known that she was sad for the eight kids who lost their lives in the accident and that she sympathise with their families.

She was even willing to accept those punishment meted out by the court, which is something I really admire.

It's not about blaming others as many of her self-appointed defenders have been harping over these past few days.

Sam didn't blame the dead kids or insulted their memory by calling them future mat rempit.

She didn't even try to blame the parents of those kids for not locking them up at home at night.

As I previously wrote, the most important thing with the case now was not to find who's to blame but for us to regain our humanity over the loss of eight young lives and how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

I really now hope for Sam to win her appeal.

Sunday, 17 April 2022

Multi-racial DAP needs Indian (not Malay) votes to win GE15

 These are words of DAP's new secretary-general Anthony Loke;

“Because we see the importance of Indian support in determining whether we can succeed or not,” he said.

“In 2008 and 2013, we won Penang, we won Selangor because there was strong Indian support. So for DAP and PH, we cannot take that for granted. We cannot take Indian support for granted. 

“That’s why we have given this special attention in the Central Executive Committee (CEC). We must regain the support of the Indian community,” he said, adding that PH has to give the ethnic Indian community the confidence that the Opposition pact is the best choice.

Those were from this rather long Malay Mail's DAP promo story today,

DAP sec-genNo need to wait 10 years to win PutrajayaPakatan wont give"blank cheque"or walkover victory to BN in GE15

Even the headline was a bit too long.

Okay, my point is that, here we can see how the supposedly multi-racial DAP has acknowledged that it relies on racial politics to win elections.

In fact, there are many evidence that showed DAP using more extreme racialist tactics compared to the openly race-based parties such as Umno, MCA and MIC.

Some DAP leaders even behaved as if they are leaders of BJP, that Hindu extremist party that currently rules India, while others openly support the LTTE terrorist group in order to win support among Indians in this country.

Their true colours could be seen in cases such as the death of fireman Adib and Muslim children of Loh Siew Hong.

Well, based on what Loke said, DAP relies on the Indian votes to win at least in Penang and Selangor in past elections.

Maybe that's why the party tolerates and in certain cases promotes those BJP/LTTE wannabes in its ranks.

The party definitely doesn't really appreciate its Malay supporters by as much because no DAP leaders have ever came out and said that the party had won so and so state or seats because of Malay support.

How did DAP and its Pakatan allies won GE14?

Because of Indian support? 

Because of Chinese support? 

Or is it because of Malay support tipping over the scale in their favour?

When it comes to the Malays' contributions, they never acknowledge it as being so.

That's why DAP delegates only voted a single Malay into their CEC.

Even the Indians, despite their population in this country being less than seven per cent were better represented in the DAP's CEC than the majority Malays.

I wrote about that in this post;

DAP Malays need to work harder

Let's get real, okay. DAP is a Chinese-based party that panders to Chinese and Indian communities' interests but never really care about the Malays or other Bumiputera people except for propaganda purposes to win votes.

That's a fact.

Some of them even openly said that they don't recognise the Bumiputera status or that Malay is a real race of people.

Well, I actually don't really mind them being like that. This is after all a free country, and they are entitled to that opinion.

It nonetheless, just irritates me when they claimed to be multi-racial while actually they are even more racists than those that they labeled as racists.

The hypocrisy was a little bit too much, okay.

I do have friends in DAP and most of them actually believe in all the bullshit about their party being meant for all. That, even though they mostly don't have any real Malay friends.

I never tried to correct them though, as I knew they would never listen to me.

Whenever I hung out with them, I hardly said anything about how fucked up the party that they were supporting.

The same it was when I went out on dates with my beloved, who is a Chinese DAP supporter.

I don't want to spoil my evening by getting into a political argument. 

Sometimes idiots simply need to learn the hard way.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed watching my beloved acting like an idiot while trying to convince me about the virtues of the DAP's struggles.

It's kinda cute.

Most of the time I just listened, smiled and be cute myself.

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Sam Ke Ting should not be exploited for racial political propaganda

 I first wrote about the story of eight kids being killed in a cycling tragedy in JB on Feb 18 2019,

Who were these poor kids?

I put the pictures of all eight dead kids in that post to remind people that they were real kids and not some caricatures of pesky worthless would be mat rempits as painted by some quarters at that time.

I tried to make people understand that they shouldn't so easily judge the dead kids because they died like that...and because of their background.

Whatever it is, I didn't say that the girl who drove the car which hit the kids was guilty for causing their death.

I understand the need to be objective over the whole thing.

As I repeatedly said in that post's comment section, the most important thing was not finding blame but for us to regain our humanity over the loss of eight young lives and how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

I didn't find anything wrong when the magistrate court acquitted the girl Sam Ke Ting in 2019.

I remember telling myself that it's good for her to be found not guilty of causing the kids' deaths.

After all, I do have faith in our judicial system.

Then yesterday, the High Court decided to overturn Sam's acquittal and sentenced her to six years in jail and RM6,000 fine.

Honestly, I was surprised because it seems quite harsh despite the fact that the whole thing involved the deaths of eight kids.

But then again, if we can respect the decision of the magistrate court, then we have to respect the decision of the High Court too.

We cannot be respecting only the court's decisions that we like and not those that we dislike.

After all, Sam can still appeal to the higher courts.

Unfortunately, I found that Sam's case for clemency has apparently taken a racial and political tone with some quarters surreptitiously painting it as a crusade of defending a Chinese girl from the unfair and evil system set up by the Malay establishment.

The ones who immediately surged forward to defend her were mostly Chinese organisations and leaders, with DAP and MCA racing each other to offer their help.

It's good for Sam that she's getting support and help, but I wish they didn't make it so obvious like that.

If Sam is a Malay girl and the dead kids were Chinese, do you think they would fall over each other in trying to help her?

I also wish that some of Sam's supporters could try not to behave like assholes too much.

You can see that in this report by Malay Mail;

Online petitions seeking justice for Sam Ke Ting in Johor 'basikal lajak' case amass over 250,000 signatures in hours


“We Malaysians are horrified by the new sentence of Sam, where facts supported that she was a responsible driver, the real victim in this accident. It was the failed parenthood of the parents of the future mat rempit that allowed their children to roam in the street with modified bicycles, or ‘basikal lajak’ at 3am.

“We do not accept this judgment, and seek to have her sentence overturned, so not to rob the bright future of a young, innocent Malaysian citizen,” the petition said.

Yes, I do agree that Sam has most likely suffered because of the tragedy. She has to deal with the fact that she was involved in an incident which took the lives of eight kids and faces the law for it.

But she's still alive and as pointed out by that supporter of her, she still has a bright future.

The eight kids were on the other hand dead.

No bright future for them

Are they not victims in the incident too?

The Sam's supporter blamed the incident on "the failed parenthood of the parents of the future mat rempit", as that effectively makes the lives of the kids worthless.

Hey, I'm okay if you want to defend Sam, but do you have to say that about the dead kids and their parents?

I even sense a tinge of racism when the Sam's supporter who used a Malay name to initiated the online petition described the eight dead Malay kids as "future mat rempit".

Honestly, I don't think Sam needs these kind of supporters, whom I believe are actually trying to win some political or racial brownie points from her case instead of really helping her.

Yes, I do hope that she will win her appeal against the conviction, but without having to become a propaganda instrument of those people.

Her case was an unfortunate tragedy, which took the lives of eight kids. 

It's not about race or politics.

Monday, 11 April 2022

The weird RTK-AG mission of Chun Wai and his Star team

 A friend has asked me as to why The Star had been relentless in criticising the handling of international travellers arriving at our airports since the border reopened on April 1.

He noted that there were several reports by the once mighty newspaper on the RTK-AG tests offered for international travellers at the airports.

This is one of the reports on April 7;

Getting testy upon arrival

I noticed that The Star even assembled a team to do the report.

Quite impressive. 

Five reporters being assigned to do a single report is such a luxury for any editorial team these days.

The Star's editorial must have placed this issue as its top priority, I believe.

Unfortunately, the report didn't get too far when the rather simple rebuttal came the next day;


In its statement today, MAHB said the latest standard operating procedure (SOP) states that international travellers are only required to do the RTK-AG test within 24 hours upon arrival in Malaysia at any private health facilities including clinics and hospitals of their choice.

It stated that the testing facilities at the airports were actually made available for passengers who wish to have the convenience of doing the tests right away upon their arrival.

MAHB also dismissed claims that there has been a monopoly in conducting such Covid-19 tests at the airports.

The whole thing was quite clear now, right?

But no, The Star editorial was apparently not done yet. 

Its advisor Wong Chun Wai came out with this in his column yesterday,

The guy, who is now something like the Lim Kit Siang of The Star was basically repeating the same arguments before the MAHB's explanation on the matter.

He even further downplayed the importance of the RTK-AG tests.

Chun Wai really shouldn't be like that. 

He is after all still too young to behave like Kit Siang.

Why can't he just admit that the test is a cautionary measure during our transition to endemicity?

What's wrong with going the extra mile in keeping Malaysia safe, eh?

After all I was told that there have been Covid-19 positive cases among the arrivals despite pre-departure PCR.

Remember those umrah positive cases a few months ago? Yup, they are the ones.

On the contention by Chun Wai and his team about the monopoly of those tests, well, that one had been explained already, what?

You want the test done at your convenience there upon arrival, you pay more lah. 

Otherwise just take a Grab to some clinic or hospital from the airport and get it done there, maybe at a cheaper price.

Even KFC is more expensive at the airports, okay.

Life is easier if you have money.

Why? Was it so difficult to understand that concept?

For instance, if you don't have enough money, you fly AirAsia lah. No need to complain about the more expensive Malaysian Airlines tickets.

And then again, also don't complain about AirAsia's services. You were paying them only that much, okay.

Personally, I love Malaysia Airlines' services but when I don't have enough money and forced to fly AirAsia, Malindo or the other budget airlines, I didn't bitch.

As to why Chun Wai and his team were going all out on the issue....seriously, I don't know.

Maybe a client complained to them about the matter because it wanted to set up a booth at KLIA to offer the RTK-AG services too.

Yup, maybe that's the reason.

It has always been about money whenever The Star editorial go all out on an issue like that.

But then again I could be wrong. 

Maybe it's just Chun Wai's girlfriend bitching to him about having to undergo the test when she came back to Malaysia the other day, forcing him to show his love by going after that issue.

You know lah, when a man is in love.

Errr, okay, okay I'm just guessing. 

I don't know whether Chun Wai have a girlfriend, okay.

Relax Datin Seri Wong.

Whatever it is, I don't think he and his team should spend too much time and effort on that issue like that.

It only makes crazy people like me to develop fancy theories about why they are doing that.


Sunday, 10 April 2022

Trying not to get too bored and being patient

Didn't find anything that I really feel like writing about this past week.

Everything were just repeats of past foolishness and hypocrisy of the newsmakers.

The noise about the anti-hopping bill was one such examples.

Only now the Pakatan people are bitching about it.

Not when they came to power in 2018 when the rats on their opposing side were jumping across into their boat.

That one was among their hypocrisies which turned me off about them.

As for BN/Umno, I'm still sore about what happened in Johor that day.

They just cowered and did nothing.

Honestly it made them looked like a bunch of losers with no balls.

Just looking at their lame duck MB down there trying desperately to be significant by making some lame statements these past few days made me laughed.

Okay, never mind. What else could the guy do anyway, right.

Oh, and just looking at PM Ismail Sabri's pathetic attempt to be PM-like with his Bahasa Melayu as Nusantara language idea also nauseated me.

That one already been rubbished by the Indonesians.

He really should concentrate on doing what he could with his limited time as PM with fixing our Covid-19 wrecked economy.

Really guys, it's hard to be interested in those sort of things these days.

Political windbags like Rafizi trying to make a come back and Anwar trying to stay relevant going into debate with Najib....does that one really matter?

You all not tired of all such bullshits ka?

Personally, I'm more concerned over why the government hospital that I went to for treatment kept postponing one of my medical tests.

They told me they were short of staff because of Covid-19.

Okay, that stopped me from complaining.

Understandable. Hopefully they will have their full staff back soon....before I die of my ailment, that is.

Whatever it is, I keep telling myself to be patient.

Anyway, beggars can't be choosers.

I can't afford to go to a private hospital anymore, so I have to deal with the discomfort and inconveniences.

Anyway, as they said, ajal maut ditangan Tuhan.

Nothing really to fear, okay....except maybe I'll go to hell for being such a miserable sinner.

By the way, despite the delays, I have to thank the government hospital staff who handled by treatment so far. 

They did their best and were nice to me.

Alhamdulillah, I'm so far still have enough energy to do some of my works and puasa too.

It's nice to afford being able to continue counting my blessings.

Hopefully things will get better despite the currently rather shitty atmosphere.


Sunday, 3 April 2022

Better Ramadhan stories

 It's Ramadhan again.

I had steamed fish with rice and fried veggie for sahur early this morning.

Very simple meal.

I hope to keep it that way, including for buka puasa.

Need to be careful about spending money these days as I don't have much of it.

Anyway, my health has also not been good of late, so that the best is for me to eat simple stuff.

Can't even eat spicy food anymore.

No more vaping too, because I think something is wrong with my lungs, causing my breathing a bit of a problem.

I'm also planning to be a better Muslim starting this Ramadhan.

For one thing, I will try to better observe the rituals, which I have been mostly neglected all these while.

Just feel like doing all that better from now on.

Raya is still a month away, but I have made up my mind that I will not celebrate it too much.

No reason for celebrations yet, as far as I'm concerned, as things are still very tough all around due to Covid-19.

Maybe I'll cook some Raya food, eat it and that's about it.

Definitely no crazy shopping. 

Kita shopping raya, orang lain yang kaya. That's stupid, isn't it?

Raya is not Christmas okay.

I'm actually uncomfortable even when people highlighted the stories of bazar ramadhan too much during the fasting month.

Not that I'm against people making some money selling food like that, but it's just that I think the media should make better stories about the holy month of Ramadhan.

For instance, maybe Malay Mail or FMT could do a human interest story on their favourite subject of Loh Siew Hong and her children.

Well, they made several such good stories before, so another piece on how the kids observe Ramadhan with their Hindu/Buddhist mother would be nice.

That would be inspiring, don't you think?

Provided the kids have not yet been turned into non-Muslims lah.

Well, if that's the case, Malay Mail and FMT can still do a story celebrating a victory over the achievement of getting the kids out of Islam.

That should also be a good Ramadhan story for Muslims as it would remind them what these people actually think of them and their religion.

How about Utusan, Berita Harian, Kosmo, Harian Metro and the other Malay publications try to interview the mother and the kids?

Get the real story straight from them instead of getting the shit from the DAP's LTTE/BJP lawyers like what the English portals are doing.

Or how about an interview with the father of the kids? Just go to the prison and get his side of the story. That would not be too hard to do, isn't it?

I'm quite sure the father has a lot to tell.

That would make a better Ramadhan story than writing about Muslims going crazy over food when they were supposed to be fasting.

I think stories about taking care of our akidah are much better during Ramadhan than stories about our stomach, Raya shopping and gedik artistes celebrating Raya ala-Christmas.

How about that, Malay Muslim journalists?

Well, selamat berpuasa to you all.

Take care.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Getting worked up over the DAP's LTTE/BJP wannabes' bullshit (updated)

UPDATES at 10:07 March 30 2022

This is the FMT's headline this morning

Single mum hopes AG won’t oppose suit over children’s conversion

The headline gives the impression that the FMT reporter who did the story was talking to Loh Siew Hong.

But if you read the story, you would realise that it's all the words of the lawyer, who was supposedly representing her.


Her lawyer, A Srimurugan, said Loh had a genuine grievance and an arguable case.

“We hope the attorney-general will not oppose her application on grounds that it is frivolous and an abuse of the court process,” he told FMT

See, I told you that it's not really Loh who is stirring the shit.

And these are what the bastards demanded,


Loh, who filed the application in the High Court last week, is also asking for a declaration that a provision in the Perlis state enactment that allows a parent to unilaterally convert minor children is unconstitutional.

She also wants a declaration that her twin daughters and son are of the Hindu faith and were legally incapable of embracing Islam without her consent.

Of course they used Loh's name to make their demands.

Why didn't the FMT reporter try to contact Loh and let her speak for herself about the whole thing.

Asked her why she previously said that she doesn't care about the kids being Muslims and all that matter was for her to be reunited with them.

That FMT reporter Anbalagan is actually a very senior court reporter who previously worked for many years with NST.

Of course he can get Loh on the phone to get her comments if he was instructed to do so by the editors.

Even a much more junior FMT reporter had previously got hold of Loh early in the morning to interview her and the kids right after they got together again.

Remember that interview where the kids were saying that they just finished performing their Suboh  prayers and were happy to be with their mother again?

One of the twin girls even said during the interview that she hopes to be a syariah judge when she grows up or something like that.

Remember that one?

Well, I actually can imagine what happened at the FMT office this morning.

Anbalagan walked in about 9am and one of the editors called him over to the editorial desk and told him to call one of Loh's lawyers ( whom probably is his friend) saying that they need to run another story on Loh.

Anbalagan must be a bit irritated as these phone interview things are normally  assigned to a less senior reporter. Senior court expert reporters like him are supposed to be just hanging out at the courts and get the big complicated court stories.

But being a pro, Anbalagan carried out the instruction and quickly finished writing the story as according to what Loh's lawyer said to him. After all, he needed to go to the courts to do his routine court stories.

If you read Anbalagan's story you would notice that it's just a dry factual story. The lawyer said his client want this and that and that's about it.

So the editor, knowing that Anbalagan being a senior will throw a fit if he tries to edit the story too much or put additional bullshit left it mostly intact.

All he could do was to make the headline looks as if the whole shit was coming from Loh and not the  lawyer.

Anything happened, they can make it looks like this is a battle of a single mother to restore the Hindu faith of her children.

That's actually weird, as someone had told me that Loh was actually a Buddhist.

I was also told several other things about Loh but I'm not going to put it here because they were not very nice personal stuff.

Anyway, you all may expect more of this shit in the coming days. 

I'm quite sure they will come up with another Loh story before the end of even today.



 I thought we were done with the Loh Siew Hong story after she was reunited with her children.

That was until some lawyers who were supposedly representing her came out with statements that she wanted to nullify the children's conversion to Islam.

Always the lawyers and not Loh, who made those statements which were published by the usual news portals.

At first there was no reaction from anyone.

Then these lawyers continued making similar statements over and over again as if fishing for something.

And today the PAS people finally responded saying anyone who try to turn the kids from Islam will get some shit coming from them.

Immediately, those lawyers came out with guns blazing and the portals lapped it up with these sort of stories;

After PASwarning, Loh's lawyers condemn intimidation ahead of challenge against her three kids' conversion


“We urge all parties to refrain from making any statements pertaining to the case, as it might incite hatred and cause unnecessary tension among various races in the country.

“While we respect the freedom of speech and expression of every citizen in this country, we urge religious figures not to produce any more videos or make any further comments pertaining to the case or against Madam Loh Siew Hong, as the matter is already pending before the Court,” it said.

“We hope that this case will not be politicised and the legal process be allowed to take its own course. We believe in the legal process and we place our trust in the judiciary to resolve the dispute between the parties amicably,” it added.

Yea, right. They stir the shit and now they want for people to keep quiet and take it all in their face without feeling or saying anything.

Hey, who exactly the ones who want the kids not to be Muslims anymore? 

Loh or the lawyers, who have their own agenda?

Remember when Loh said she doesn't care whether her kids are Muslims or Christians or Jewish and such?

That all she ever wanted was to be with her kids again.

Remember that?

What happened to that Loh?

Who are these lawyers and who are behind them?

My bet is they are the same LTTE/BJP wannabe bastards from DAP who tried to turn this simple family dispute into a racial religious polemic so that they could be seen as heroes by their community.

They actually enjoy throwing such shit at Muslims so that they react to it and then they could later point fingers and call the Muslims racists and bigots.

Remember when fireman Adib died? That was what they did. 

Remember all those insulting comments by them in the social media?

And when the Malay Muslims got angry and decided not to support Pakatan anymore because those LTTE/BJP wannabe assholes are mostly hiding behind the DAP skirt, they jeered the Malay Muslims some more as being pro-corruption and shit.

Well, the Malay Muslims don't give a fuck with that okay. 

For them the corrupt Umno/BN people are anytime better than those LTTE/BJP cunts who insulted and taunt them and mocking their religion. 

Yeah, that's the real reason why the Malay Muslims overwhelmingly voted for the return of Umno/BN back to power.

They are hoping to shut those bastards up.

It doesn't really have anything to do with Najib Bossku, okay.

For them, even if Najib did really steal all those 1MDB money, he's still anytime better than those LTTE/BJP wannabe shit in DAP.

Really guys, these shit behaviour of the LTTE/BJP wannabes in DAP has been piling up since Pakatan won in 2018.

They became so fucking arrogant and believe that they can do anything and get away with it.

You all Pakatan supporters should try not to be too stupid, okay. Those bastards are the ones who did you all in at the polls.

Not BN, not Umno, not even Najib.

You all want to fix the situation, you go and fix those bastards among yourselves.

See, even I got all worked up looking at their shit behaviour.

Well, it's up to you all.

If you don't believe me, you'll just wait until GE15. The Malay Muslim majority votes are going to bury you all so hard that your heads will spin.

Yeah, just wait and see.

Friday, 25 March 2022

Jazlan's honest answer

 In this previous post

I wrote;

excerpts -

For one thing, I'm quite confident Umno and its BN allies in Johor will not be doing so great like they did in the state election if GE15 is held now.

They may likely lose a lot of those marginal parliamentary seats in the state.

If you don't believe me, go and ask Johor Umno deputy chief Jazlan whether he is eager to again contest  the Pulai seat, which he lost in 2018.

The guy is normally quite honest about such things and I expect him to give you an honest answer.

And last night the guy gave his honest answer;

Jazlan will not try to win back Pulai parliamentary seat in GE15


He pointed out that despite BN winning the recent Johor election by clinching 40 out of 56 state seats, the coalition only won about 43 per cent of the popular vote.

He said BN should have win at least 60 per cent of the votes to be confident of making a full comeback at the next general election.

“The Johor state election may have been won by BN, but don’t be overjoyed as the figures also showed that we have lost our grassroots support. Sadly, this also makes it difficult for BN to reclaim Pulai,” he said.

I was told that Jazlan actually became truly convinced that he can't win back Pulai after the MB appointment bullshit stunt that they pulled after BN won the state election.

He must have known that whatever sympathy the better educated Johorean Malays have for Umno in the state was lost that day.

They are not going to let themselves get conned least not willingly.

And for Jazlan, whose Pulai was a marginal urban constituency, he knew that he can't do without the support of that group of Malays.

As I previously pointed out, about half of Johor's 26 parliamentary constituencies are similar to Pulai.

Umno/BN actually have less than 10 parliamentary constituencies with comfortable Malay majority in the state that they could really consider as white areas. 

And of course, DAP, despite its current troubles, is still quite safe at their Chinese majority strongholds.

Yup, GE15 in Johor would be a totally different ball game than the recent state election.

I have seen this from the start and that's why I was so pissed off when the MB appointment bullshit happened.

Just when Umno needs all the credibility that it could muster, they did that crap again.

Really frustrating, okay.

Tomorrow the lame duck MB will name his exco members. 

But does it really matter?

The whole bunch will be lame ducks who won't really get to decide on anything anyway.

I know it, you all know it, Jazlan knows it....yeah, everyone knows it.

Ok, ok, ok.....I know I said in my last posting that I would try not to care about Johor anymore, but honestly, I can't resist it when I saw Jazlan's statement.

The guy is the Johor Umno deputy chief and was Pulai MP for 14 years, yet he knew he can't win the seat back despite his party forming the state government with two-thirds majority.

That's how fucked up the situation in Johor, and it was not even entirely Umno's fault.


Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Trying not to care about Johor

 I was about to sleep when a friend from JB called about 2am this morning.

I thought there was some sorts of emergency but it turned out that he just wanted my opinion on this case,

Ex-president of JCorp charged for allegedly cheating board members

My friend said he was quite upset over it because he knew the JCorp former boss was a good guy and thought that the charge was weird and flimsy.

He even was of the opinion that the guy had been set up.

I was actually a bit annoyed that he disturbed me just because of that, but instead of scolding him, I said he should wait for what is going to happen in court.

I also told him not to get too upset with what is happening in JCorp because the nonsense in that state investment arm has actually been happening for many years now.

I have my own theory on what had happened but felt that it's not worth sharing it with my friend or write it here.

I may end up in jail if I let you all know what I think about it, okay.

JCorp was supposed to belong to Johoreans, so let them figure the problem out and fix it themselves....if they can la.

Hopefully they even realise that JCorp actually belongs to them. If they think it belongs to someone else, then, they are really screwed. No one, including themselves can help them.

Well, I'm out of the fight now as I truly no longer live in Johor and have nothing that really tied me to the state anymore.

Nowadays, when people asked me where is my kampung, I sometimes jokingly said I'm from Pahang.

Okay, maybe I'll bitch about Johor once in a while such as when I did over the MB appointment bullshit that day.

But that's about all there is to it.

Only if it's such a glaring bullshit such as that one, okay.

When I left Johor back then, I still wrote a lot about the nonsense that was happening in my home state but nothing really came out of it.

Many Johoreans are still stupidly proud calling themselves Bangsa Johor as if that makes them special.

I wrote my thoughts on that in this post on Aug 28, 2016,

Do Johoreans need Bangsa Johor?

Now I couldn't care less.

Johoreans simply have to endure the nonsense until they can't endure it anymore.

When that happens, hopefully they will have the courage to do something about it.

They actually reached that point in 2018 but the problem continues till today.

Well, I think they'll blow up again sooner or later and maybe when that happens for the second time, they will go all the way to solving the problem once and for all.

As for myself, I think I have done all that I could.

Maybe I'll do more later, if I feel like it, but not now.

Now, I just want to chill out a bit.

Maybe I'll go to the beach later in the evening if it's not raining.


Tuesday, 22 March 2022

A Russian song

 I have been updating this blog daily for the past week.

Now, I'm a bit tired.

Need to rest a bit.

Today I just want to tell you all about 

Viktor Tsoi

He's a Russian rock singer that I like very much.

I have been listening to his songs quite a bit lately.

One in particular, called Kukushka has been covered by other Russian artistes and became quite popular ever since the start of the Ukraine war in 2014.

This is one of those covers of the song being used by the Donbass Russian separatists to tell their story,

I think it's more effective than all the talk by Putin about why the Russians invaded Ukraine.

Still, I don't think Tsoi had that in mind when he wrote the song.

This is the original, which is more sedate than the cover.

The video was actually put together from Tsoi's concerts and not that of the song. 

Kukushka was released after Tsoi's death in a road crash in 1990.

His voice singing the song was recorded just days before his demise at the age of 28.

Unlike the rich Western rockstars, Tsoi lived his short life almost entirely in poverty, working as a boilerman to make ends meet for his wife and child, as well as support his band Kino.

Those were towards the end of Soviet Union at that time.

I respect Tsoi for being true to himself.

Wish I could be the same.

Monday, 21 March 2022

DAP Malays need to work harder

 This is the full list of DAP's new CEC members:

National chairman: Lim Guan Eng

Deputy national chairman: Gobind Singh Deo

Vice-national chairman: Nga Kor Ming; Chow Kon Yeow; Chong Chieng Jen, M. Kula Segaran, Teresa Kok

Secretary-general: Anthony Loke Siew Fook

Deputy secretary-general: Liew Chin Tong; V. Sivakumar (co-opted); Tengku Zulpuri (co-opted)

National treasurer: Fong Kui Lun

Assistant national treasurer: Ng Sze Han

National organising secretary: Sim Chee Keong

Assistant national organising secretary: Ng Suee Lim; Khoo Poay Tiong

National publicity secretary: Teo Nie Ching

Assistant national publicity secretary: Yeoh Tseow Suan; V. Ganabatirau (co-opted)

International secretary: Jannie Lasimbang

Assistant international secretary: Kasthuri Patto

Political education director: Wong Kah Woh

Assistant political education director: Wong Shu Qi

Committee members: Tan Kok Wai; Lim Lip Eng; Lim Hui Ying; Alice Lau Kiong Yieng, Chan Foong Hin, Ronnie Liu, Tan Hong Pin, Young Syefura Othman, Teo Kok Seong, Su Keong Siong, Wu Him Ven, and Syahredzan Johan (co-opted)

The only Malay DAP leader who was elected was new Dapsy number two Young Syefura Othman.

The other Malays in the list were appointed to their posts. Probably to balance the line-up a bit so that it doesn't look like the party is excluding the Malays too much.

My favourite DAP personality Bandar Utama assemblywoman Jamaliah Jamaluddin didn't make the cut and was not appointed.

She had contested for Dapsy's number one post but lost.

I'm not sure why the DAP delegates didn't choose her because she's smart, hardworking and beautiful.

I suspect that it got something to do with her looks,

She looks too Chinese despite being officially a Malay.

Well, she's a Sino Malay, okay.

Unlike Young Syefura, she doesn't wear a tudung, behave like an artiste and live a Malay celebrity lifestyle.

So, I think the DAP delegates found Jamaliah to be lacking in term of attracting more Malays to the party.

After all, her Bandar Utama constituency is a Chinese-majority area.

No added value, I guess.

Okay, I know some of you DAP supporters would jump and say I'm being a racist for saying all that because your party does everything based on meritocracy.

Fine, but I can't help to think that way when I looked at the CEC list.

Seriously, only one Malay elected? And she looks just like a prop to make the party more appealing to young Malays.

Even the Indians, who made up just about seven per cent of the population were better represented in the list. 

They even appointed that V. Ganabatirau, who accused "muslim groups" of attacking the Hindu temple where fireman Adib was fatally beaten, into the CEC.

Ya, ya, ya....I know, I know, this is all about meritocracy.


Well, DAP Malays, work harder, okay.


By the way, Cik Jamaliah, I think you should just remain elegant the way you are. No need to copy Young Syefura and her getik ways.