Monday 25 June 2018

Umno wings elections, quite good

I'm totally okay with this new top Umno wings line-up,

Seriously, they look fresh.

 I think they represent a good new future for Umno.

Well, since I had pledged that I would not comment further on the Umno elections because I'm not a party member, I'm limiting myself to just that.

Hopefully the trend continues for the coming main contests this weekend.


  1. Ok la umno wings ni tapi yg kepala atas tu tak boleh pakai. Kita mau yg fresh jugak.

    1. If KJ got elected this Saturday, Umno is TOTALLY revamped. Newborn Umno. With KJ and Asyraf Wajdi combo at the helm, Orang Melayu confidence in the party will shoot through the roof!!..

      This will breathes new life in Umno. Umno will be led by progressive young leaders. Next PRU Pakatan will be totally destroyed!!..All the Malay votes will swing back to Umno!!..

    2. If umno win PRU15 the best way is to send some of our salary to umno just to save some of their time to come out with a plan to klepet us. Its like hantar bunga emas to Siam. Or hantar anak perempuan untuk di kahwinkan kepada umno warlords untuk mendapat perlindungan. Kan umno penaung melayu dan islam. Cuma perkataan klepet tu entah dari mana tiba tiba muncul. Zahid kes pak arab dan IC kutty. KJ kes 100 juta di KBS dan Ku Li pembalakan haram di Gua Musang tak pernah bersuara walaupun itu kawadan parlimen beliau. Kes 1mdb haizzzz mampus senysp bisu semua. Mana integrity jadi pulut inti?

  2. Look fresh ok, but does they look bright?? Reporters next time should ask them tough question, ask them question like, is Najib 2.6 Billion donation or corruption? See their answer.....their answer will determine Umno will be save or more the same...

    1. They will give stupid answers for sure

    2. Kena adil la tanya2 soalan.

      Juga kena tanya apa hal ada cerita mengenai deposits yang masuk dalam Bank Singapore Bank of Israel tu benar atau fake..

      Deposits atas nama papa, bapa papa, mama, ana dan bekas suami ana.. kita pun tertanya2 juga??

      Jangan buat pejam2 mata donno pula ya.. nak benteras Rasuah, semua2 kasi bersih la.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. I'm particularly delighted with the top Youth line-up especially with Shahril Hamdan. I have high hope for this young fella. Hopefully he won't turn into another "zumba man".

    However, 73 division head retaining their post uncontested does not bode well for UMNO. Maybe they are still celebrating the 54 seats won. When will they start to realize UMNO had lost and now the new opposition in parliament? Just don't jump ship when the coffers had run out of money and you become more alim than an ulamak "I'm joining Bersatu to fight for the Malays" sudden revelation.

    It will be interesting to see what KJ will do to Najib if he wins the presidency. Zahid we all know won't do anything. Ku Li had openly stated he won't touch najib as well. KJ has been going around telling people that Najib is the reason for UMNO lost. Will he sack Najib to appease the non-Malays (the majority of Malays are still clueless about 1MDB, SRC International, Aabar and Jho Low. They still believe the mysterious, unknown, never been seen Tok Arab does exist).

  4. Annie,


    A decent line-up.

    Even if Shahril Hamdan had won outright for Youth, it would have been all right.

    He's a good guy.

    I never liked Azwanbro after he lodged police reports against Zeti & TS Kassim during the 1MDB probes.

    Glad he lost.

    As for Jamal Jamban - hehehe.

    But this is not the most critical race.

    Let's see who wins top posts.

    The worst thing is that some real idiots are in the running for V-P.

    Not just idiots but corrupt idiots.

    And Annuar Musang is very, very corrupt and may be facing police probes before long.

    So - it's going to be interesting!

    1. According to Tmi 1000 implicated in 1mdb probeh
      Hope non of the aspirants are in that list
      Anticipate the future now


    2. Why annuar musa not facing action on....

      A. Kelantan FA scandal?

      B. Mara scandals? Why our government didn't contact Australian police?


      Don't give all attention to 1mdb only !!!

      U have enough officer in MACC to handles more than one case !!!

      We also want MARA case to be investigated fully.........

  5. By the way (off-topic sikit, ye) - a very, very bad fuck-up by Tokong today on the Mandarin statement issue.

    His explanations don't even make sense.

    If you want to provide vernacular versions for the TRX statement, why only 3 languages, and not Tamil?

    Don't Indians count as Malaysians too???

    Just keep it streamlined - all MOF statements in BM. The media have sub-editors, why you worry? If it's an international issue, do a release in English too. Cukup lah. It covers everything.

    What a moron.

    And yes, your follow-up statement in Chinese is on your personal FB, but come on lah - you are a public figure.

    There is no public / private distinction after you become a minister.

    Najib's FB was "official". Yours is, too. Otherwise don't become a minister, bro.

    Tokong is the second-most powerful minister in Tun's cabinet, after Azmin Ali.

    He better do some growing up fast.

    Or Tun should knock some sense into his arrogant head.

    1. Tokong just undid his "Iam a Malaysian not Chinese"success by being a Cina Apek again.They dont have problem speaking and writing in English when they migrated to Australia,England and Ameriaca but find it hard just stick to BM in Malaysia.I dont think ministers of Chinese descent in western countries insisted to issue their official statements in Mandarin.

    2. Must excuse his raw behavior, ini semua starts from home.

      Dia nih baru 2nd generasi Malaysian kan, cakap Bahasa Kebangsaan pun masih pelat2 Mainland China mali.. can imagine the thousands like him in PH.. some cannot even read or write in Bahasa kebangsaan negara ini.

      To represent Malaysia esp MPs or Aduns.. no excuse, they should be fluent in BM. Malu kat PM Singapore la.. dia cakap perfect Bahasa..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. True.

      Lee Hsien Loong speaks fluent Malay.

      (That's in a Chinese-majority country, too.)

      Tokong's problem is basically he's so deeply arrogant, he can never admit he's wrong.

      I think PH should not treat us like fools.

      If you make mistakes, don't try to cover up with bullshit explanations that are so illogical.

      Malaysians are not stupid, lah.

      We can see the holes in your defences.

      If they start becoming like BN 2.0, then they will get kicked out in PRU15.

      Padan muka.

      Be warned.

    4. Bahasa Cina tuu terjemahan laaa....

      Mula-mula depa cakap Bahasa Melayu, kemudian terjemahan pada bahasa Cina.

      Terjemah pun tak boleh kaa.

      Kalau projek bagi kat Negara Cina berbillion projek boleh, tapi terjemah bahsa melayu pada cina tak boleh.....Apa macam ni...

      Lim Guan Eng pun satu jugak....Kalau Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris tu dah cukup laa, takkan depa tak paham jugak.

      Patutnya, mesti ada tuning sikit nak cakap bahasa apa, jadi orang tak confuse .

    5. LKY lagi bulih baca Jawi

  6. Was money held back as "war chest" for certain KBU only?

    I never trusted Ku Nan.

    This is what Ku Li says...

    "Umno has assets worth billions of ringgit which should be sufficient to fund its activities at all levels, said party veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (pic).

    The Gua Musang MP, who will be contesting the presidency in Saturday’s (June 30) party polls said it was strange that despite being asset rich, the divisions were told to look for their own source of funding after Barisan Nasional lost in the recent general election.

    “Umno has assets including in prime areas all over the country.

    “We have our own offices in the states and divisions which were now strategically located as these were acquired way back in the 1960s and 70s."

    If this is the case, why did this happen?

    "In a May 22 dated letter, Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the party had looked into its financial standing, and monthly allocations to all divisions and wings would be stopped."

    It's a fact that Umno's accounts have not been properly audited for a long time.

    If so, who is telling the truth here?

    I trust Ku Li's word more.

    Where have Umno's billions gone?

    1. Ha Annie,

      Kan molek sikit muka sorang-sorang tuu.

      Orang dah khabor lama dah, bila UMNO kalah barulah nak berubah.

      Tinggal lagi ketua UMNO, sapa pulak yang menang.

      Harap harap ada la muka-muka perubahan juga.

  7. You are not a DAP party member too so dont comment on LKS & LGE wakakaka

    1. Anon wakakaka,

      U budak sekolah ke? As a Msian citizen, annie & anyone of us can comment on lge & any cabinet ministers. Lks is also fair play since he has appointed himself as the govn spokeperson.

    2. why 22:53 answer, let hypocrite annie answer???

    3. Anon 23:58, another budak sekolah's answer. Pegi main jauh2 la.

  8. Look fresh ? Form but no substance. Typical UMNO.

    1. Let me list down the fresh faces of PH ministers (I would limit my list to Malay Ministers only).
      1.Mat Sabu 'Mahathir bapa pelingkup negara'
      2.Sallehudin Ayob 'tomato turun harga'
      3.Mazlee Malik' supports Zakir Naik, mind you Zakir Naik,not zakar naik.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Anonymous25 June 2018 at 22:56

      "Mazlee Malik' supports Zakir Naik"

      Sorry, you are misquoting Dr Maszlee on this issue, ya.

      Please go and re-read his statements on Zakir Naik.

      Dr Maszlee is NOT a supporter of extremism.

      He is a very learned man and does not encourage any form of hatred or violence.

      Thank you.

    3. Prof kk,

      When zahid hamidi, ex mb terengganu etc, kiss up zakir naik's hand, how come u didn't say anything?

    4. Anon 711
      I do support Zakir Naik.There is nothing wrong with it.
      Prof Kangkung

  9. that noraini still want to cotinue with legacy of shahrizat lembu adoi, if mcm ini then dumbo die liow this GE14...

  10. Hi Annie dan kawan kawan dumno dan ph sekalian,
    Si bapuk Rais Yatim cakap official bolih dalam bahasa Inngelishi....Hoi Bapuk last minute masuk Bersatu....Mana tulis dah di perlembagaan Inggerishu itu official? Bapuk minum todi pun cakap tak betul, ini punya macam mau jadi speaker kah?

    1. Ph for pakatan haprak kan?

  11. That's the best UMNO has to offer ? So pathetic.

  12. Annie,

    That Puteri chief looks a honey and she is probably already married *sigh*.

    Anyway, it is a step in the right direction for UMNO, but as others have said above, those are relatively minor posts and anyway, those officebearers will not move into more senior roles until PRU16 or PRU17.

    Most of us would e interested in the big one - who will be el Presidente, because that will determine the direction of UMNO inthe years to come.


    1. I think Rara is better looking honey and capable and married too.. sigh 😔

    2. I am also Rara fan : )

    3. What happened to the Teluk Intan honey. Now Mrs Zahril is it?

  13. mcm GE14 dumbo whacking Dr M, why this dumbo election no whacking najib for losing govt :(

  14. Anonymous @ 25 June 2018 at 17:04,

    //By the way (off-topic sikit, ye) - a very, very bad fuck-up by Tokong today on the Mandarin statement issue.//

    Aiyah, look, Lim Guan Eng is just trying to prove that I have been right in saying that he is simply not a statesman, OK?

    He is truly nothing more than a very efficient and competent administrator par excellence.

    But in matters of the state, LGE is blur.

    No aspiring statesman would have released such a statement.

    As far as I am concerned, it is not a matter of sensitivity, but rather protocol - it is an official statement, so release the statement in the official language, Bahasa Melayu.

    I mean, what next? Press releases in Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali? They are all languages spoken by Malaysians too and each has a distinct character set, I think.

    So, if LGE does not release future statements in those sub-continental languages, does that mean the Constitution does not respect the diversity in those Malaysians?

    Yup, LGE is not a statesman.

    He should just apologise, OR if he must, he should lie and say that there was an official release in BM which was misplaced, lost in transit, or eaten by the dog.


    1. LGE had scored an own goal (in line with world cup fever) akin to SPR/Najib setting Wednesday as a polling day. Both mistake are huge in scale. This time, LGE more than deserved a public reprimand from PH hieracracy. However, Tun M blundered big time by trying to downplay the whole issue.

      As for UMNO election, I still believe UMNO had made a good choice for their Youth wing. Ashraf and Shahril are a good combination to bring the ever growing young voters back to UMNO. Give them a proper platform to express their views. Ashraf with his religous background combined with the educated Shahril are a very potent combo. Easy to the eyes, very soothing to the ears. Let the old hands stable the ship (Ku Li is my preference) while the younger generation going all out on a full charm offensive. Age wise, I'm way past the due date to still be considered as a Youth. None the less, I still feel exited with this new line-up. Do it right and I might give them back my vote in the next GE. Tun M is my PM. Anwar will never be it.

    2. Gladiator,

      LGE did make the statement in Malay and English.

      After, he make a "translation" in Chinese.

      So, is making a translation wrong?

      We don't care if he is a statesman or not. As long as he perform his job and not becoming a Kleptocrat, he is ok in my book.

      Me thinks your ideas are too compatible with Annie. People might start to think that there are one person with 2 names.

    3. Oops, now we know who this Gladiator really is. Gladiator & Annie are the same person. Hehe

    4. Gladiator at 00:19,


      Now, Tokong needs to develop some maturity.

      He is Finance Minister of Malaysia, not some DAP party hack (his FB statement was made only to his own base. Clearly.)

      Meaning, he is Finance Minister for PAS supporters.

      Meaning, he is Finance Minister for Umno supporters.

      Meaning, he is Finance Minister for MIC supporters.

      Meaning, he is Finance Minister for PBB supporters.

      And on and on.

      He needs to understand, he HAS NO PERSONAL SPACE ANY MORE.

      If he wants to post pictures for friends and family, set up a private FB account lah.

      If you make a public statement on TRX, you are making it as FM, whether you like it or not.

      Just do it in BM, lah.

      Unless you want to hire 25 translators in MOF for all of Malaysia's many languages?

      Tokong, Tokong...sigh...

    5. Dia ini nak tunjuk belagak saja seorang egomaniac dan super arrogant.

      Saya sedang tunggu dia tumbang,macam MO1.

  15. Yes your kind of fresh

  16. Haiyaaa
    Malaysian Finance Minister should be ashamed of himself.

    Indonesia having a population of 261m with almost 700 different ethnic races.. even that they insisted "EXPATS" working in Indonesia must learn their Bahasa!

    Mana mali ini semua yang taktau Bahasa Kebangsaan Negala sendili? Are these people for real?

    Now must request for RCI to investigate nationwide, the authenticity of mykads belonging to those who do not know Bahasa Malaysia..

    Haiyaa getting very suspicious la like this..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. Right now I wake up every day in the middle of the night performing Hajat prayer. Asking for God for KJ to win the Presidency...

  18. What is so ok with this lineup Annie? Typical of UMNO mentality. Just because they look fresh you think they are good and can perform well? Itu lah...lebih mementingkan gaya dari substance. Macam Najib juga.. PR kuat tapi dalam kosong and busuk.

  19. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 02:16,

    //LGE did make the statement in Malay and English.//

    Well, if he did, there is no problem whatsoever.

    //So, is making a translation wrong?//

    None, if he issued the BM version first.

    //We don't care if he is a statesman or not. As long as he perform his job and not becoming a Kleptocrat, he is ok in my book.//

    Yup, I would rather LGE be a good Minister then being good statesman and in LGE, I think LGE is the best Minister for Finance in a long long time.

    //Me thinks your ideas are too compatible with Annie. People might start to think that there are one person with 2 names.//

    I am my own person.

    Some of my thoughts just happen to agree with Annie's, but not all.

    My record speaks for itself.

    I also happen to like the way Annie writes becos I find her style very genuine and stress-free reading.


  20. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 02:11,

    //However, Tun M blundered big time by trying to downplay the whole issue.//

    Eeerr.. I may not be a Mahatir fan but I don't think he has downplayed the situation.

    I think he said it was a mistake, but he also said we all make mistakes, which is true.


  21. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 09:10,

    //Now, Tokong needs to develop some maturity.//

    I think you are right.

    LGE needs a bit of time to get used to the fact that like it or not, he must develop some statesmanship.

    //Just do it in BM, lah.//

    And provide translations in English, Chinese and Tamil.


  22. Anonymous @ 2d6 June 2018 at 04:58,

    //Oops, now we know who this Gladiator really is. Gladiator & Annie are the same person. Hehe//


    I am your father, Luke. :)


    1. You don't sound like a Gladiator at all. You sound wimpy. Hahaha

  23. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 09:11,

    //Asking for God for KJ to win the Presidency...//

    I could be wrong but I think it is money which win the UMNO Presidency, not God.

    So. I believe Zahid Hamidi will win.


  24. "3.Mazlee Malik' supports Zakir Naik, mind you Zakir Naik,not zakar naik."

    Kangkung Prof. Condolences to all the students who have to sit in your class.

  25. PH ministers, pls la stop all these gimmicks in giving oficial statements in languages other than BM. After lge, now its Kula speaking in Tamil during official press conference.

    If this continues, ph will be a 1 term govn. I guarantee!

    We the rakyat

  26. Medium/language used in this blog is English
    Semua tetamu disini dari bangsa orang puteh ke?
    Malaysia is unigue where vernacular schools are permitted
    Sekolah boleh cakap tak boleh
    Are we fostering perception that learning other languages are not progressive in this borderless world
    Lge is not your political tool


  27. Anonymous @ 26 June 2018 at 11:45,

    //You don't sound like a Gladiator at all. You sound wimpy.//

    No, I don't and if you say that one more time I will go in the corner and cry.



  28. Ashraf not ok.Arrogant. And need to verify his Islamin leaning.
    He was Khir Baharom' lieutenant.
    This is the same guy defended his boss played golf in Bali and US using Yapeims money( please correct me if this is wrong). He said it is a private entity and also not subject to audit and thus it is not rakyat's wang.
    Except he forgot that Yapeims was given Wang by gomen to set up.