Wednesday 6 June 2018

The need to be polite

My father scolded me last night for being vulgar.

He reminded me that I'm not even an Umno member and therefore shouldn't be too emotional about that party.

Well, true also.


I was just upset whenever I saw crazy headlines such as this,

Khaled Nordin mampu bawa 

sinar baharu pada UMNO

Sinar baru apa kebendanya lah Utusan ni pun.

The guy lost everything already, okay....including Johor, the tiang seri Umno.


Never mind.

I shouldn't get emotional again.

Fine. Khaled wants to be a VP, then let him try.

And if that's the kind of people Umno wants after its GE14 defeat, then who am I to get all upset over it.

I'll just pity the ordinary Umno people.

I believe that they deserve better than those sorts of clowns.

Most of them are actually good people.

I know that because I used to work closely with them.

Anyway I heard from my friends that the ongoing Johor Umno branch meetings were well attended.

Some went to the meeting and cried over what happened.

The GE14 defeat was indeed bitter for them.

Nonetheless, they were still passionate about their party.

What to do....I believe it's all fated already.

Still, I hope they realised what went wrong and will select better leaders in the next party election.

It's up to them now.

By the way, I heard support for Tengku Razaleigh to contest for the party presidency was gaining traction.

I'm not actually very agreeable to that as the guy is now about 81.

But don't know lah,

As I said, it's up to the Umno people to decide what they want.

Anyway, I need to revert back to just being an observer.

It's as simple as that.

Ok, I better get some sleep now. Sleepy.

Sorry again for cursing around.



  1. Kalau kita lihat sepak terajang politik di PKR dan menular di PH,

    Samseng sudah mula kuasai dan tunjuk kuasa, angkat diri, tak boleh ditegur, Lain cakap lain buat maka akhirnya umno yang buruk dan busuk itu sudah mula nampak ada seni dan disiplinnya.

    1. Mungkin benar dari persepsi kamu tetapi kalau benarpun belum 0.01% dari apa yang umngok buat.
      Still long way to go. Keep watching.
      Pada apa yang kamu nampak umno yang buruk dan busuk.....ok kita stop di situ saja. Memang benar kata kamu kluangman. Pada sudah nampak ada seni dan disiplinya..... Itu perangai lama yang tidak tahu bila boleh berubah. Itu dari kanca mata pandangan sepet kluangman. Kami tetap menghormatinya. Mereka susah mau berubah. Misalnya kau kluangman pendapat kau pada umngok tidak berubah pun sebelum dan selepas PRU14 sama saja. Pada kamu bersih suci saja. Mungkin kau buta kah apa.


  2. quote :I'll just pity the ordinary UMNO peoples.

    Look's what had UMNO done to all this people ,the people who believe in the party ,they believe that the party that could safeguard their right's ,their religion and their future ahead .
    What has their leaders who they helped to put in place, to manage the party for them ,did to the party and their hope .

    Should these leaders whom they put trust in them before to manage party ,could be put to trust again with the party ?.

    What a pity if they will .

  3. Annie , Ku Li is a good challenge to Mahathir . UMNO should have Ku Li to give Mahathir a good political spat . UMNO also need to consolidate under a new team to revive further .

    1. Ku Li's best chance was 87/88.

      Now...not so sure.

    2. Ku Li...destined n will registered in history as person that always miss the boat.

      In term of capability, he is a bit below Tun M.If he fight against Tun M he will surely lost. If Tun M not around, he got a good chance to win.If he partnered with KJ, he got good chance to win UMNO n the country.


  4. Tengku Razaliegh at 81 is lot better than Mahathie at 93 .

    1. Anon 7:59....

      Tun M has led 5 immense consecutive victories for the ruling coalition party.

      Tun M, again made stunning feat when he at 93, this time around led the opposition coalition to historical vixtory over the mighty bn-umno pact which Kuli & Anwar failed many times, not even once in their lifetime.

      Tun M has put Malaysia on the World Map from a backward village to 21st Century Modern Infrastucture on par with Developing Nations.

      Where is your cow sense that Kuli is better than Tun M, please show us......??

    2. adoi ku li dumbo team B & semangat 46 all defeated by Dr M, ku li shud retired long time ago...

    3. Don't forget, Umno despises elderly politician
      Poor TM was at their mercy when nominated as PM in waiting


  5. Annie,

    It's what your friend Lebai Sudin pointed out:

    New Umno = Old Umno minus Najib Razak.

    It's a recipe for disaster.

    No change of mentality.

    No planning.

    No strategy.

    What is Umno's role now?

    The urban Malays will choose PKR.

    The traditional Malays will choose PPBM.

    Those disillusioned with PAS will choose Amanah.

    PAS will keep its usual base in East Coast.

    Umno has no "market".

    Plus you know that Umno V-Ps are the next ladder of leadership for the future? What if people like Tajuddin and Mahdzir and your good friend Khaled win? The party will be doomed.

    PS: The PPBM branch in Setiawangsa is doing very, very well according to my friend.

    Lots of new applications after PRU14 from ex-Umno supporters.

    So Umno better wake up a bit.

    Don't feel any energy coming from Zahid / Hisham.

  6. now johor is kubur dumbo, let some dumbo from kubu pahang be elected president wakakaka

  7. Annie,

    Here's how to do it...

    Pengerusi Pakatan Harapan Johor Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mencadangkan agar kerajaan Johor membentuk jawatankuasa khas bagi mencari kaedah terbaik menyelesaikan isu kos sara hidup ditanggung rakyat.

    Beliau berkata jawatankuasa tersebut haruslah terdiri daripada golongan pakar dalam pelbagai bidang seperti ekonomi, perdagangan, perbekalan bahan-bahan makanan dan pertanian.

    "Kos sara hidup ini merupakan satu isu yang tidak boleh dilihat di peringkat negeri sahaja malah di peringkat nasional.

    “Bagaimanapun, untuk negeri Johor, saya cadangkan satu jawatankuasa tertinggi diwujudkan dan mengambil kira pakar-pakar dalam pelbagai bidang yang digandingkan dalam satu usaha yang jitu.

    "Harapan rakyat terlalu tinggi pada kerajaan Pakatan Harapan. Untuk itu, perkara ini perlulah menjadi agenda utama kerajaan dan diselesaikan seberapa segera," katanya.

    Good timing.

    When the public is watching 284 Hermes & Birkin bags being carried from Najib's residence, it's perfect timing to do something for the common man.

  8. HIDUP UMNO!!!!!

    "PETALING JAYA: Blogger Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris - better known as Papagomo - will contest the Umno Youth Exco position in the upcoming party polls set for June 30.

    "I humbly ask for the support of all Umno members to give me a chance to serve and rise together with the leaders of Umno Youth," the 35-year-old said on his Facebook page on Tuesday (June 5) night."

    Papagomo and Pasir Salak...kesian u, Umno.

    1. mana tu ali tinju atau ali buntut so dumbo can get butt show hahaha

  9. mcm 1988, will there be another raid on judiciary to remove all BN judges wink

    1. Mahathir is old.Not much time left for him.I think his main concern is to put Mukhriz in a comfortable position.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      As the 92 year old man completely defeated the efforts of dedicated dedak-eaters such as yourself, he is clearly a lot smarter than you.

      It may be time to close both your legs and your mouth.

      Prof Sawi

    3. Prof Sawi, your "It may be time to close both your legs and your mouth" line is a gem. I used to think that "M Zain" guy was a personification of everything that is shallow and hollow, but this Kangkung fellow tops him many times over.

    4. Hehehe, yep, this sure is one spiteful vegetable ... overcooked!

    5. M Zin wont eve reply to me anymore

      jho low
      alor gajah yang hebat dan hensem

  10. UMNO is needed to spearhead the opposition to keep an eye on PH. i believe the PH people will welcome a strong and capable opposition to check on them as power can really corrupt, especially those MPs who are morally weak and lack discipline.

    All the MT members and those KB who kept quiet when their president so blatantly commit treason against the rakyat and country by stealing so much money for his own and his buddies benefit at the expense of the innocent rakyat of this country, should be cast aside.

    I believed there are many talented and capable young members who has the leadership quality to help rebuild UMNO they just need to be given the chance and faith. Those parasite like tajuddin, khalid nordin zahid should all be pushed aside, otherwise UMNO will not survive.

  11. If Ku Li becomes UMNO President, I believe he will be nothing more than a transitional leader, perhaps for at most one GE cycle. He will need to rebuild the entire UMNO ethos and image, reboot the culture, and purge the money politics practitioners from its upper to middle ranks.

    This pig-eater (as some UMNO macai labeled me 3 Annie blog posts ago) will say it one more time... none of the current UMNO Supreme Council members can walk into deep waters for the next 2 GE cycles at least... the baggage they are carrying is way too heavy. Instead of standing tall like Muhyiddin or Shafie Apdal, they chose acquiescence, appeasement and capitulation. They chose to represent practically everything that is not Melayu. Perhaps PH should NOT do UMNO a favour and throw all the dishonest, corrupted top UMNO leadership into the lockup... let them continue to elect corrupted and dishonest leaders and continue their implosion. After-all, as some dude named Napoleon once said... never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake. PH should continue to let UMNO do what UMNO has been doing best since 2004... display some of the worst characteristics of human nature.

    And maybe DAP Johor will get a new member called Annie. Who knows, she might even become political secretary to one of the Lims... :D

    1. Very good post by the pig eater! LMAO! I sokong!

  12. Annie, yg herannya kau lebih Umno dari org Umno sendiri. Org melayu panggil lebih sudu dari kuah :D

    1. Suka hati aku lah nak sayang Umno ke DAP ke. Engko sebok nak heran2 apasal.

    2. Engko memang poyolah Annie.

  13. Like Kj proposal umno open to all. Then Annie can contest Ketua Wanita laa. Sharizat not contesting. Putri Poh Kong also not contesting. Oooppo Not that hipppo little sister..
    Umno can only survive with Syed Saddiq gen.

  14. Hi Annie,
    Let just say, Umno deregistered. Who will rebuilt Umno? Any leader of calibre want to rebuilt from scratch Umno? Will Ku Li takes the lead like he did with Semangat 46, a royal centric focus Umno?
    Tun Mahathir, rebuilt Umno before with Umno Baru and now he built another party call Pribumi, so the old guy can built and rebuilt easily any party and people will still follow him. Even if umno rebuilt, what about Mca or Mic....Umno need macai/sidekick to show at least semblance of multiracial rule, can Mca or Mic bangkit together with Umno or not? What can Mca or Mic "offer" to the chinese and indian that cannot be offered by Dap & PKR? So far, Dap & PKR are hitting all the right music to the ears of the chinese and indian and dan lain lain...will they go back to their race base party?

    1. adoi dumbos donot need chinese or indian votes (johari ghani)...

    2. The 'Three Mosquitos' (UMNO, MCA & MIC) are dying entities beyond any salvation due to the fact that.....

      UMNO - Unruly Mohd Najib Organization.
      MCA - Makes Chinese Angry.
      MIC - Makes Indian Ctazzy.

  15. KN nak tanding VP sbb dia tak boleh hidup sbgi bukan VIP...

  16. Did your father lecture you about the evil of lying and pretentiousness? And never to abuse those whom you used?

  17. My apologies for the things that I will draw later.

    1. You are not upset nor emotional. You are frustrated. UMNO has been defeated by itself. All the disaster recipe do come from within.

    2. There still lots of good people in UMNO, but do their current action warrant enough wave for the changes? I'm afraid not. After 509, most of the UMNO branch meeting has been filled with "how did this happen?", "apa sudah jadi?", "macam mana boleh kalah?", "Ini semua salah najib!". Lamenting own nasib and blaming others will not get UMNO further.

    3. UMNO should vote to deregister the party and register a new party. Get a senior and clean individual to lead from branch to national level. Get rid of those yang suka makan tepi, makan kanan atas bawah, especially those from Selangor and Kelantan. Itu semua tak sedar diri punya orang. UMNO name already stink, sudah busuk. Sudah busuk satu hal, the name is not relevant to the majority of new generation. Parti Keramat sudah tidak keramat lagi.

    4. Current UMNO is too slow and can't adapt properly in Malaysia political climate. Kene fitnah, diam 4 5 bulan baru jawab. Kena fitnah lagi, claim fake news banyak. One of DSN weakness is he dislike main kasar. Baik sangat bila orang mahu ajak berkelahi and keep saying "saya perdana menteri untuk semua orang". Podah! UMNO social media arm pon bongok, no strategy, no identify and no effort to go to the ground and understand the sentiment. Semua kaki makan duit aja. Yang tinggal bersuara orang macam ko lah annie, mungkin juga dato zaharin yang suaranya keras tapi tak ramai mahu ambil tahu.

  18. Hi Annie.
    What you say is true. The branch meetings here in johor is well attended n going quite well. I'm an umno member but I rarely attend cawangan meeting before or getting involved. But after the defeat, I just feel the need to be active in umno and bantu apa yg mampu.
    My cawangan meeting here in simpang renggam was well attended indeed. Peoples are passionate. Makcik2 ramai yg menangis, yg berucap pon nangis :). And somehow, I end up being the setiausaha cawangan. Crazy, considering I've never been active in umno before. I guess people just not keen to have jawatan in umno now.
    Anyway, I think there's still hope for umno. Insyaallah.