Sunday 24 June 2018

Remember the PH mantra

This is a typical line used by PH people to defend their leaders whenever they screwed up;

The seemingly missteps n inconsistencies in the initial stage of their of their reign are nothing compared to the mammoth UMNO scandals during the last 5 years. There is definitely something wrong with you who couldn't see them in that light. You lose no opportunity to aim your gun at them typical of frustrated UMNO goons who are still having nightmares as regards to the lost of power in GE14. They thought it was their right to continue ruling and that it was perpetual
I think they are going to use this line for the next five years.

So, if you all don't want to be called a frustrated Umno goon, you better not criticise their leaders.

Not even a bit, okay.

You must always agree that everything about PH leaders are good and beautiful.

When you see this,

you must say handsome nyeeeee.....

When you see this,

you must say macho nyeeeee.......

Got it?


Otherwise you are an Umno goon, okay.

Actually you could be even worse than an Umno goon.

Read this,

Annie ini racis...Tun Mahathir said, sometimes in government.. u have to do unpopular things. The point here is simple.. to hire local ppl so Malaysian are employed. If you don't have the policy forever u depend on foreign workers n wages suppressed. You see Japan n Singapore... to go in..u need permit. Pay for it and enforced. That why their chef is famous n Annie like them...they don't have bangla compete their job in japan..Because their government blocked banglas n also their culture... Mahathir say look follow la. Annie don be racist la...ur title very racist

Yup, you may end up being a racist.

What's worse than that in the new Malaysia right?

By the way, is this title very racist?

Hmmmm......interesting, right?

Well, I guess that's it for anyone who wants to criticise PH leaders.

You are either an Umno goon, a racist, or combination of both - a racist Umno goon.

So, you all better don't criticise them.

Everything the PH government do is good.

Unlike the BN government which managed the country since merdeka.

We all suffered those past six decades what.

Or is it only after Najib became PM?

You all have been suffering over the past decade, right?

No job, no money, no car, no home, no new clothes, no lepaking at Starbucks....etc etc.

Yup, Malaysia going bankrupt some more.

RM1 trillion national debt....or is that combined with liabilities....never mind, whatever lah.

Now everyone has to donate his/her lifesaving to save the country, including a young schoolboy who looks quite a bit like a very clever minister.

All so patriotic la.

All because of the evil BN, especially that racist Malay party known as Umno.

So, don't criticise PH leaders, okay, even if they behave worse than a snake.

Remember, this is

the mantra

of PH supporters.

"Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now"

Never mind, if you all not up to being called an Umno goon or racist.

Leave the complaining and bitching about the PH leaders to people like me.

I'm quite used to it already.

Been whacked like that all the time.

You all can check the archive of this blog for that, especially during those early years.

Really. I'm okay with it.

Developed quite a thick skin over the years.

That's why I can even published those nasty comments.

Well, this country is a democracy and someone has to do it.

Remember - power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely - even among the PH leaders you all thought are angels.

Okay, that's all.

I'm going out to do my hair now.

Just a cheap one at the neighbourhood salon.

Be cool.


  1. Najib dan Rosmah bagai pinang di belah dua.

    Jangan sikit pun kritik, nanti dikata "PH dikuasai DAP @ Cina Kuasai Negara"

    1. Memang celaka lah si Najib & Borosmah - Kamus DBP kata “celaka” = “bawa malang.” Kalo nak ikut “bahasa halus” si lanun Bugis sendiri, actually memang haramjadah si Najib & Borosmah. Ohhhhh ye nak tambah satu lagi ye, “kepala bapak kau”.

      Belum pernah lagi ada Presiden Umno yang celupar, tapi sejak zaman kepala bapak kau, semua boleh. Kalau bab maki memaki, dia jugak yang ajar. Jangan salahkan Pak Lah. Ni semua perangai lanun Bugis je.

    2. Ah, one more:

      "Bangang" as applied to bloggers.

      Khairy Jamaluddin, who is vying for the position of Umno president, said the party's new chief must rein in leaders who make statements that are "samseng" (gangster) in nature.

      "The president must show a good example.

      "If there are any statements by leaders or division chief, even dominant ones, who make statements that are samseng and anger the people, reprimand them.

      "We need to have strong discipline (to be enforced) by the president to ensure there will not be such perceptions," he told an interview with Mingguan Malaysia today.

      Annie loves the haramjadah pale bapak kau bangang guy because he stole 25 billion.

      We must LOVE, not HATE him!

      Kih kih kih.

      Hope KJ changes this culture.

  2. The PH goons think that wining a few battles here and there mean the war is already over. They expect their nemesis to lay dead and never to utter anything unpalatable to their ears!
    Just treat them as naive juvenile delinquents!

  3. It was your haste and being prejudgemental that you got me wrong. I am not even a member of any political party - only a voter in the recent GE14. I simply got irritated by your incessant attacks against the newly formed PH govt.Expect some hiccups here and there. Be more considerate and understanding by giving them ample time and space to deliver whatever have been entasked to them. By all means criticise them if you perceive they continue to make blunders when such time and space have expired. You can even activate your propaganda machine to vote them out in GE15.

    1. Hee hee hee…I wouldn’t worry about Annie too much.

      Oh Annie, Annie.

      You're getting very lazy intellectually.

      And boring.

      Zero substance.



      Not much effort - just recycling endlessly, like your fat ah so twin sister. She also used to just cut & paste photos and rehashed her posts endlessly. (Don’t put on weight ya Annie, takut nanti we can’t tell you apart : )

      Anyway, I think Umno's "comeback" (they won't, trust me) isn't going to be helped by their current useless bloggers (ohhhhh, sorry, plus one Very Very Neutral blogger. Annie is NOT an Umno blogger. And she’s Unpaid.)

      Here’s a little food for thought, ya.

      Think about it clearly. Try and follow the logic, OK?

      a) You claim yours is an insignificant little blog. OK, true. It is.

      b) Every single cliched tactic that you recycle has been tried for 5-10 years by media who are far more powerful in reach - TV3, RTM, Utusan, NST, etc etc.

      c) The combined reach of TV3 & RTM alone far, far exceeds the combined reach of all the Umno bloggers - RPK, pony, the two obese macai, Very Neutral Annie, Turd Farce, Badspinners etc etc etc - put together.

      d) Any blog written in English is irrelevant in any case. Urbanites are a gone case (tak kira Melayu / Non-Malays. They will never vote BN anyway. Look at all PRU results since 2008.) All pro-Umno media is ONLY effective in BM. ONLY in BM. Fact. Anyone who writes in English for Umno is farting into a bottle and smelling their own farts.

      e) If the most powerful media - with greatest reach for Malay audiences - failed miserably, what value is there in adopting the same tactics?

      Pendek kata:

      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

      Think about it, ya : )

    2. "You can even activate your propaganda machine to vote them out in GE15."

      Yes, it worked so well for GE14 - right?

  4. Dearest Annie.. spot on, and these PH mob mentality really can be very2 amusing. Real confused lots.

    They sing praises of Anwar b4 election, whn Anwar tegur Eng Guan minta jaga sikit mulut.. suddenly you they will smack Anwar, Jijah, Nurul, FIL, exSIL with strings of Singapore Bank of Israel millions Rgt of doubful/dubious deposits.. complete entries transactions.

    Hitler dulu2 nak clone his Armies.. rasanya 70+yrs on, PH dan succesfully created makluk2 gitu kan?

    Games of thrones pun ade makluk2 macam ni juga.. otak, perangai dah kena program kaw kaw sejak 2007 lagi.

    Analisi dan pemerhatian by
    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. Annie,

    We understand you support UMNO and working very hard to find fault with Pakatan.

    It's ok. This is a free country.

    Just don't say that the Pakatan people are spreading hatred, or hatred won the day like the previous post.

    Take a reality pill or something.

    We have to endured hatred in the newspaper and television for years. Now things are far getting better.

    RTM is even willing to air the debate between Kuli and KJ. Kuli and KJ are from the opposition. Previously, open debate is something that was considered dangerous for whatever reasons.

    You keep on talking about debts as it is a trivial matter.

    It is not a trivial matter, our debt is not RM680 billion.

    We have to pay additional RM190 billion and more because of government guarantee.

    Do you dispute this? Please say something to argue the matter, otherwise don't bring it up again.

    If you cannot understand about RM1 trillion debt, there is an explaination by Tony Pua in the Astro Awani 100 day Pakatan available in youtube. You can choose not to agree but most people can understand his simple explaination.

    I think the Pakatan supporter will be more acceptable if you give constructive criticism.

    If you just criticize without giving alternatives, that is not being critical, it is call hate.

    Their motive about the cook thing is for the good. We do have problem of foreign cook not being hygiene, poor quality of food and foreigners taking the jobs of local cook. Did you give any alternatives to this issue, no laa, just the hate part, but in this case hate do not win.

    1. "If you just criticize without giving alternatives, that is not being critical, it is call hate." It's not hate. It's lack of creativity. But very eco-conscious kan? Recycled tactics. Annie you memang power lah beb!

    2. Spot on Anon 13:18.

  6. hi annie,we understand ur predicament as a proumno's ok,we can read n let us focus game Japan mlm ni...hope Jpn wins n qualify..wil b thinking of U..tq

    1. Anon 14.27. You think with your dick too much

  7. I am a PH goon. agree with the PH mantra. for umno machais stealing RM 36 billion is okay but trying to create job opportunities for local chef not ok. Even TV3 is now reporting that Najib is a thief. But worse than Najib stealing is those who like to stir dissension in the name of ABATA. btw today UMNU lost another MP. One more increase majority for PH. I used to be critical of Guan Eng but now love his performance Finance Minister as he uncover all the scandals of UMNU leaders. UMNU should dissolve and join PAS then at least they will be a strong Opposition, may be even take over as Government some fine day way way in the future. but pls keep writing so us PH goons will remember to celebrate this victory.

  8. To digress a little, Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki is now UMNO youth chief, with 65 votes.

    Jamal Yunos got only 2 votes. Damn... I was hoping he would win ... with his personality he could have done wonders ...

  9. As Saddiq said give PH one termlaa. If PH failing then vote them out. As we are now free to talk doesn't mean we can bullshit. As Mahathir bullshited Pandi Panda, criticism must be well respected.
    No doubt, don't trust the politicians, is there never trust the politicians? MM convincing. NR didn't. The rakyat are watching and the rakyat simply want to live happily n peacefully.
    Life is hard. Not everyone has a easy life like Najib Razak n their families. Be fair.

    1. So simply and well put, Mohd Sufian ! I especially like the part "...the rakyat simply want to live happily and peacefully...Life is hard. Not everyone has a easy life like Najib Razak n their families. Be fair."

  10. Thats the problem with all politicians from both sides.For the sake of cheap publicity they fire with their mouths before they engage their brains.PH have seen so many backtrackings in BN ministers announcements that they should learn to plan properly before announcing their decisions.Fortunately they havent come with payments for contracts based on time lines instead of work done because that method is downright crooked and stupid.

  11. Whatever Annie write ,always remember that she is a natural blogger ,she is not a UMNO member and make to believe not even an UMNO supporter but the hate spew at PH government is really unprecedented.

    The latest count, 73 division leaders uncontested win does prove that UMNO leaders is well accepted by grassroots or they have to vote accordingly . Annie should be able to give some highlight I presume .

    UMNO has uncontested traditions that they still practice .

  12. Annie's writings are clouded by emotions and deep hatred against PH and DAP in particular.

  13. Okay okay PH leaders memang semua cerdik pandai otak geliga..

    PM and Finance Mininster are working so hard to chase off foreign investors

    Nah kan harga2 saham pun dah turun banyak, monitor Telekom, sejak dpt PH minister baru, tiap hari harga menurun. Kan peluang rakyat dapat kutip saham2 murah?

    Kelapa sawit Europe dh nak buat sekatan, China merajuk nanti boikot kelapa sawit kita, harga skrg pun dekat2 cost of production.

    Ramai pekerja estet dari golongan India, so right timing Minister chase out foreign cooks esp fm kedai2 Mamak.. Kalau industry kelapa sawit kaput, ramai pekerja estate bole kerja kat kedai2 Mamak..

    ...memang bijak otak2 pemimpin PH.

  14. Annie, your blog are attack by BOT-lickers. Its too obvious lah. Same shit over and over again.

  15. Annie...kipidap and dongibap

    1. U mean kipidap the rubbish ?

  16. The stupid DPM with is CLUELESS about the arrest of Siti Kasim.
    Apparently she is preoccupied with taking care of the brader! Then you fucking quit your posts and stay home la!
    And lose that fucking stupid fan, it makes you look like a moron.

    Hey I didn't vote for you ok??

  17. What you write simply, you no know nothing, trying to get popular with your junk, trying to get followers. Be gone with your blog.

    1. Anonymous24 June 2018 at 21:36

      We want Annie to stay, because very cute when she merajuk. You see her "angry Annie" icon or not, in the top right? Jangan main2 O!!!

  18. Annie,

    Do you remember the BN Mantra,

    If Pakatan Harapan win, Lim Kit Siang become the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia.


    Now BN mantra gone with the wind.

    Now BN only 3, the rest also blown away with the wind

    1. More RPK bullshit.

      That fella should read his past archive and weep.

      Mountains of lies.

    2. Perish the hope that RPK will weep. That Moron of Manchester has a hide so thick that words like shame or honor or repentance are totally alien and incomprehensible to him.

      Instead of reviewing his mountains of lies, he got second wind post 509 and is starting up again his fabrication and tall tales machinery again...spinning left and right and all over the place...the latest nonsense, according this Mabuk Liar, is that it was actually Tun Mahathir the one who started 1MDB, hihihi. Only his group of retards will cheer him on, no matter what illogical stuff he churned out.

  19. When she is flustered, her cheeks look a sweetly flush. And those eyes...they can melt any heart.

    sigh..goodnight Annie.

  20. b4 next GE15, annie meroyan will run out of steam wakakaka

  21. The difference between PH supporters and BN can be construed as simple as this, PH will whack and discredit even the PM and DPM and the Home Minister as shown towards their dissatisfaction on issues of national interests and policies of running the government . BN apple polishers and bootlickers tends to sugarcoat their comments and desperately denies their supreme leader/s weaknesses, but still aggressively and consistently in denial mode. Biasa lah, after 60 over years , its embedded to the core of supreme righteousness, everyone else is not perfect like them. Every nitty gritty issues and flaws will be highlighted till kingdom come but over the 60 years of their own tumbles( this should be excluded of the 22 years plus of the second coming PM) everything will be glorified.For Annie the Neutraliser:) give her another 60 years to make things right just to prove her point that she is right. We dont have that luxuries like her makan Japanese restaurants, jalan jalan cari makan here and there, makan angin to the favourite east cost haunts, cuti cuti in Japan , taking leaves as she pleases, wondering how many annual leaves in year where she works. To her we are dumb and dumbo, to us you have exposed yourself as a BN sore loser.Cannot accept reality even as the Malaysia Baharu moves on you are still at the old mentality of self righteousness.

  22. Annie , just throw in the towel and accept reality that your party lost and others win. We have endured what your party administer and now its our turn to turn the tables around and makes the best of opportunities to prove that we are better. Do you judged your boyfriend/s after knowing them for just 40 days or so.? Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves. Its pre judgmental to evaluate a political party to assume power after depriving them of power without offering a level playing field after so many years . Lets cut the crap of your hatred and move on.Lately your writings its quite obnoxious.

  23. Annie and the rests to debunk your opinions of Farewell sukiyaki, please go to a more level headed blogger who express his opinions maturedly. Heres the link. Paying peanuts for local talents
    Paying peanuts gets you monkeys they say.

  24. Hello everybody, let's update

    1. Indons taking over umno youth, Ku Li followers kicked out by the indons. The actual prizes are leftover umno assets, what they can grabbed their hands on whichever still left in the bank accounts. Rezeki la if win the post (Tun M may pull an Umno deregistration trick at the last minute hehehe)
    2. Controversy much ado about nothing, the worst that pro umno bloggers and the still naughty bn media like the star can make hoo hah is the tukang masak issue. Thank goodness, I thought is another 1MDB fiasco that Kula make the country more into debt. Just tukang masuk issue...
    3. RPK still harping and spinning on the Altantuya case from London, looks like that fella is deeply invested in Altantuya case, why ah? Razak Baginda slowly being cooked by pressure building...
    4. Jamal taunting the police, showing the police incompetency to the public, police frustrated. Revamping in plan to the heads of the police force
    5. Sarawak ex BN, now GPS come kissing back Mahathir backside
    6. Anwar finished visiting Erdogan, came back with back pain, now temp resting. Loyalty test to see any followers will visit him.
    7. MACC says have many jerung cases under investigation....super busy now.....
    8. Rumors CIMB Nazir asked to resign, several transfers illegal uncovered and have link to 1MDB, asking postponement to next AGM to graciously resign

    Let's wait for next update, hot topic, who's in and who's out in the new cabinet list....this week reveal

  25. Annie,

    Sometimes, when I read some of the comments here, I am embarrassed that I am a Pakatan supporter.

    I thought that once we won government, we were going to show UMNO/BN people how much better Pakatan people are in handling everything.

    Sadly, it appears that some Pakatan people continue to live the past, where they must attack anybody they perceive to be an UMNO supporter.

    Well, maybe it is a question of education, maybe it is because of the bottled up anger from all those years of UMNO rule, I dunno.

    I hope things will change for the better in Malaysia with Pakatan in Putrajaya because despite all the talk about a new Malaysia, I see behaviour from some Pakatan supporters which suggest that we are still in the old Malaysia.


    1. I think it’s more like Annie baiting and trying to irritate PH supporters. Annie says PH supporters only have hate but I think Annie have more hate towards DAP and the Lims because they disgrace Annie’s idol Ghani who could not bow out majestically because Lim Kit Siang slaughter him in gelang patah @PRU13

  26. well going by najib's mantra cuma nak cakap satu ja...


  27. Anonymous @ 25 June 2018 at 12:15,

    //I think it’s more like Annie baiting and trying to irritate PH supporters.//

    OK, let's say she is baiting Pakatan supporters.

    Are Pakatan supporters so stupid that they fall into her trap?

    //I think Annie have more hate towards DAP and the Lims because they disgrace Annie’s idol Ghani who could not bow out majestically because Lim Kit Siang slaughter him in gelang patah @PRU13//

    The fact was that Ghani was NEVER going to "bow out majestically" because UMNO sent him on a suicide mission in Gelang Patah.

    I think Annie knew about Ghani being sacrificed to try and stop the DAP juggernaut in Gelang Patah. I kind of remember reading something she wrote to that effect.