Friday 29 June 2018

Killing the idea of Malay unity

So, now they had frozen Umno's bank accounts.

It was said that the party itself would be deregistered soon.

Umno stands for United Malay Nationalist Organisation.

It's original primary objective is to unite and take care of the Malays.

It was founded when the Malays were about to totally lose their country via the British's Malayan Union.

It's the organisation which united the Malays in this country for the first time after hundreds of years of colonisation.

Being united empowered the Malays to lead this country to its independence.

It also enabled them to get out of poverty through affirmative actions of the government led by Umno.

Well, it looks like they really want to kill off that Malay party this time.

More significantly, they want to kill off the idea that the Malays should be united to better themselves.

Okay, I know, you all going to say that it's a party full of corrupt, racist and evil people.

Yeah, as if the other parties do not have such corrupt, racist and evil people.

Come on la, they even used to say that Dr Mahathir was a corrupt, racist and evil person too.

In fact, they used to call each other that, okay.

For me, Umno has about three million members and most of them are actually good people.

I used to work with those good Umno people and I know that they are not corrupt, racist or evil.

The example I always gave is that incorruptible former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

And he is not the only one.

And Umno as a party is a good organisation.

Read its constitution and if you are an honest person, you would agree with me.

If Umno is corrupt, racist and evil, I don't think Malaysia would be what it is today after the party ruled the country for over six decades.

It's the best country in this region, except maybe Singapore.

Yes, there were bad things that happened along the way, but this country still prosper and its people live a relatively good and peaceful life.

Which countries haven't gone through bad things in their history, anyway?

Malaysia is perhaps the only real multi-racial country which does well till now.

Countries which closely resemble our ethnic demographics are Sri Lanka and Bosnia Herzegovina, and we know what they went through over the years.

Seriously, it was really not so bad all those years that this country was led by Umno via the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Tomorrow, Umno will decide its new leadership.

It's perhaps the most important moment for the party after its GE14 defeat.

I'm not an Umno member but I sure do hope the party will get a good new leadership to ensure its survival.

That's because I appreciate what the party had done for the country and especially the Malays.

I sincerely wish the party will not die and I will pray for it to be able to survive its current troubles.

All the best, Umno.


  1. They are doing exactly as I've described.
    That's the way to do it.

    Next is to drag each and everyone of them to court. AG just need to photocopy the same charge sheet and just fill in the names of FUCKNO people.

    You see the point is when AG charge you in court, the cost is paid by the gomen. But for the FUCKNO people to defend themselves, they have to pay their own legal cost. And if you drag them in court for 5 years, those legal bill are going to pile up.

    Add on to that freeze their individual accounts and those of their families, you can pretty much nail them to the wall. Even if they eventually prevail in court, their lives would have been totally fucked.

    Revenge is best served cold. And these people need to pay for destroying, or at least tried to, our country.

    The best outcome is to abolish JAKIM and give the RM1 billion budget to AG... OMG that would be so cool.

    1. Totally agreed. Finish off that party full of corrupt people. If there are good people in umno as Annie said then they must be dumd or toothless to stayvthere. Well if you are afraid or stupid or pembodek or oppportunist to still stay in the party then what good are you. Just pay the price. No two way about it. Plain simple dumno

    2. Alahai.. sedih dok meghoyan tak kesudahan mengenangkan only 25% Melayu terima PH kekekeke..

      Mesti tak bole tidor nyenyak geram punya la malu.FM pun tak bole tidoq pasai otak dok pikir kes rasuah dia pun masih belum selesai..

      Bukan itu saja, foreign investora tarak confidence, pakat angkat kaki bertempiaran cabut lari.. haiyoo

      Tak payah la tunjuk frust sangat sampaikan UMNO pun nak di kuburkan.

      Darah daging bini anak cucu cicit kamu tu semua hasil kederat titik peluh perjuangan UMNO la... jangan sesekali lupa daratan.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Its not the killing the idea of malay unity Annie. Its actually killing the idea of a scammer.
      Umno now is like telling the previous money game investor that we did scam you guys the last time around but we promise that the old umno and with its old leader gone we the new leader promise we will never do that, scam all of you again. Please invest in us, look at our new investment platform. Its call revival of umno.
      You see Annie the same money game with the same old crooks but with new game. Do you think the rakyat should invest and pray that they change or should we tell them to fook off. Any person with a sound mind will tell the to get lost. Enough said.

    4. Tu member2 umno ahli majlis tertinggi tu yg menjadi pengkhianat bangsa.

      Siapa yg lupa daratan ?

      Nenek moyang aku jga yg penah kene seksa british dan jepun. Siapa yg lupa daratan ? Sedangkan tokoh2 pujaan kamu yg melampiaskan nafsu menggunakan nama umno yg dulu penuh dgn pengorbanan ikhlas.

      Hoi prof nasi lemak siapa yg luoa daratan ?

    5. Hidop morayo hidop molayu

      Jho Low
      Untung billion ringgit atas ke bodohan UMNOs

    6. Agree Annie with you line of thought.Kalau bukan UMNO perintah dulu what were the options yang kita ada dulu. 1.Bintang 3 , in the 50s, if you hit a Chinese chances that you will hit a communist or a communist symphathisers.If Bintang 3 perintah, likely thwy will follow the Pol pot way. 2. If PAS perintah, good chances they will combine Malaysia under Indonesia Raya and our capital will be Jakarta. 3. DAP under control of PAP downsouth.They will implement Malaysian Malaysia and these will benefits the Chinese but will marginalised the Malays.They will implement the social experiment called "Singapore Eugenics" that favored the prosperous citizen aka Chinese while the not so educated and poor aka Malays were deprived of any assistance.4.UMNO..they shared the power with other races and in spite of so called racist policies that favored the majority Malays,more than 80% of the wealth belong to the non Malays. There is no other countries in the world today that can claimed the so called "marginalised" or "second class citizens" but they live in big bungalows and drive Mercedes.Only in Malaysia. What a paradox.

  2. Since Pakatan Harapan formed the new government about 48 days ago, all we hear every day and all hours of the day is money, money, money. It appears that Pakatan Harapan’s government is only about money. RM42 billion this, RM1 trillion that, RM1 billion here, RM42 million there…everything is about money.

    Press conference after press conference and press statement after press statement it concerns only money.

    Actually, there is more to life than just money. Money may be important but money alone is not what life is all about. Many countries have money, plenty of money, but I would never want to live in those countries or even visit them.

    To Mahathir Mohamad and Daim Zainuddin, a successful country is measured in monetary terms only
    Self-esteem. Pride-of-being. Patriotism. Dignity. Peace of mind. Love and respect for fellow man. Piety. Quality-of-life. Quality education. Racial tolerance. Contentment. Compassion and consideration for the less fortunate plus for animals. Freedom of thought and freedom of choice. Fond memories. These are but some of the many things that are also important.

    But do we hear Pakatan Harapan talking about all this? They only talk about money. They want us to feel as long as we have money in our pockets that is all that matters. And once they recover the RM2.6 billion or RM10 billion or RM42 billion or whatever billions they say Najib Tun Razak stole, and once Najib is siting in jail, all our problems will be over and we can live happily ever after in the Utopia that used to be called Malaysia but now has been renamed Shangri-La.

    1. Wei Annie - you complain when people cut & paste other blogs? This mangkuk just carried RPK's shit in his mouth and vomited it word for word, lah.

      Yes, 13:39 / 40 / 46 is just a straight cut & paste of PRK article, Annie.

      You got double standard or what?

    2. I don't know. I don't read RPK of late.

    3. In the GE14 campaign Najib offered money in the billions. What did Tun M offer in his ceramah to the general Malay voters? DIGNITY

    4. Annie will post anything whacking PH lah.. if whack LGE and DAP better because these DAP buggers shame Annie’s idol Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah..and made him quit politics in shame rather then a hero. Now you all know why Annie got so much hate for DAP and she blamed PH supporters for all the hate...lolllllllll

    5. 13.39 I think u only hear wht u wanna hear.

      Aint nobodys fault if u choose to do tht.

    6. Sabar sabar nak makan chocorate?
      Money is not everything, jangan kejar duit je, these more to life than money, syukur dangan apa yang ada, makan maggi kari hari hari boleh hidup sejahtera dan cukup sihat walafiat,

      The sweetman
      Jho Low

  3. Why the many raids and press conferences? The answer is simple and I will not need to write a long article about this. It is a diversionary tactic.

    More than RM200 billion has disappeared from the stock market while an estimated RM40 billion of that has left the country. The majority of the market players, the Chinese, are keeping very quiet and do not dare grumble because they malu besar since 95-98% of them voted Pakatan Harapan. To grumble would mean they will be admitting they made a mistake voting for Pakatan.

    So, the government needs a weapon of mass distraction and that is the reason for the daily raids, press conferences and media statements. They need to distract people from the fact that in less than 50 days Malaysia is going down the drain. The problem with spiral dives, as any pilot would tell you, is it is very difficult to recover from it and eventually you crash and burn.

    The stock market was doing fine until Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan took over
    Other than the Chinese, the big losers are EPF, PNB, LTAT, Tabung Haji, and many more government trust agencies. If this continues they will be hard-pressed to service their dividends. Malaysia’s stock market is about 130% of GDP and Malaysia’s GDP is about RM1.2 trillion. So we do not have far to go to go bankrupt.

    If Tun Daim Zainuddin cannot come out with a workable plan within the next 50 days, the market is going to be RM500 billion poorer and the equivalent of 40% of Malaysia’s GDP is going to get wiped out. And it will take Mahathir only 100 days to destroy what took Najib nine years to build up.

    1. Those malu besar market players can now jump from Jambatan Pulau Pinang en masse.

    2. Wah new economics expert ka?

    3. Insaflah pakatong harapong
      BN will win
      Tak ade bukti
      Saya tak tahu
      Ini fitnah

      Jho Low

  4. Mahathir is so focused on the RM42 billion, which he says Najib Tun Razak stole from 1MDB. But has 1MDB lost RM42 billion? If 1MDB has lost RM42 billion how come it has not closed down yet when its paid up capital is only RM1 million.

    Yes, 1MDB has only RM1 million paid up capital and Mahathir says 1MDB has lost RM42,000 million and yet it is still in business and has more than RM50 billion in assets. Bank Negara lost the equivalent of RM70 billion gambling on the Forex market in today’s value and Mahathir refuses to talk about that. Did not Lim Kit Siang promise Malaysians he will make sure Mahathir goes to jail for the Forex scandal? So, what happened?

    1. 13:46

      You think RPK shit smells sweet, bro? Go look up his archive of defending 1MDB and his paymaster Najib, lah adik.

      You think Malaysians are as retarded as you and that bankrupt loser in Manchester? Kah kah kah.....

    2. well lets us see in the next few months.uneducated needs longer time to digest facts and rational data. maybe they like to consume the sardines with cacing now..mostly from China..haha

    3. Wow another asshole 13:46 without facts. 1mdb lost 42bilion from borrowing beb. Money borrowed dissappeared without conducting any bz oversea beb.1mdb paid up capital is only 1million is correct.
      1mdb asset of 50 billion or whatever amount is land sold by Najib government to Najib 1mdb at a minimal price. U dont say u make lots of money from asset given by your father when actual borrowing for bz u lost all or shiphoned out asshole. Go back to school and learn before you open your big mouth full of shit to comment.

    4. "Wow another asshole 13:46 without facts. "

      The asshole is RPK la bro.......this macai cut & paste jer.

    5. RPK is a GOD of Manchester

      Jho Low


  5. Like they said, 'When it rains, it pours' and 'Trouble comes in threes'.


  6. Annie,

    Please understand 2 things clearly:

    a) Tun Dr M is not a nice, eweet old man.

    He is the human form of a great white shark.

    When the flabby mat salleh RPK was frantically pulling his 2-inch uncircumcised penis for Najib’s money just before PRU14 and loudly crowing hundreds of times that Najib would win easily (padan muka), I read one comment that said that this:

    If you fight Dr M, two things will happen…

    1. You will lose.

    2. You will die.

    This is correct.

    When there is blood in the water, Tun just finishes off the victim.

    There is no mercy.

    Just cold, clinical elimination.

    Ask Anwar.

    But in this case, Umno broke the laws of the Societies Act.

    Why? Because they never foresaw a day when they lost control of the ROS.

    Big, overconfident mistake.

    Never bleed in water where a great white shark is swimming.

    Umno will die.

    PPBM will replace it.

    This is Tun’s plan.

    “He usually succeeds” - Nazir Razak

  7. Here is point (b).

    The “681 American pies” that Jho Low transferred from 1MDB to Najib via Tanore Finance (offshore account) went into an AmBank account operated by “Mr X” who was actually Najib.

    From that AmBank account, najib paid off and bought the loyalty of the 192 UMNO KBU.

    We know that people like Shahrir and Mat Maslan made millions.

    About 900 accounts have been frozen.

    These are accounts that received the flow of stolen funds.

    That’s because proceeds of a crime are traceable and the misuse of these funds is a criminal offence.

    I can bet you that every UMNO KBU is having sleepless nights right now.

    Why did this happen?

    Because UMNO never foresaw a day when they lost control of the system, and their corruption would be exposed.

    Big, overconfident mistake.

    But this wound is self-inflicted.

    It’s only the Umno Shitbloggers and the Very Very Neutrals who celebrate corruption.

    That’s why you guys failed so miserably : )


    1. Totally agreed bro 14:00

    2. I tell you 1000 times that Annie my sweet love is completely neutral
      Neutral neutril neutrul neutrino Aiman tino

      Jho Low

  8. "It was founded when the Malays were about to totally lose their country via the British's Malayan Union. It's the organisation which united the Malays in this country for the first time after hundreds of years of colonisation. Being united empowered the Malays to lead this country to its independence."

    We know Malaysian history.

    If you think the UMNO of Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak is the same UMNO as that of Najib and Zahid, maybe you don't?


  9. Mahathir needs Malaysians something new to talk about other than the Ringgit is sliding against the US Dollar, the Bursa Malaysia is collapsing, Vincent Tan’s insider-trading crime, petrol price went up instead of dropping to RM1.50, the ECRL is on after all and at an increased price, Lim Guan Eng’s booboo on the Mandarin as an official language stunt, the price of goods going up after implementing zero GST, and much more. And he wants today’s press conference on Najib’s valuables amounting to RM1 billion to be that distraction.

    Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crimes Department Director, Amar Singh, told the IGP that they have not yet fully valued the seizure. But he was told not to worry about the real value because they need him to announce the figure of ‘RM1 billion and most probably more’. The word ‘million’ no longer impresses Malaysians. They must use the word ‘billon’ even if they need to say half-a-billion or three-quarters-of-a-billion. Whatever it may be, use the word ‘billion’.

    So, Amar Singh held the press conference today and announced that the value of the ‘loot’ seized from Najib was around RM1 billion and maybe even RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion on the open market. If the value on the open market is RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion, what is that RM1 billion? Is it on the ‘closed market’?

    All this is worth RM1 billion, or maybe RM1.5 billion, or maybe even RM2 billion
    Who was the valuer? Christies? No, it was the police officers who did the estimate of ‘RM900 million to RM1.1 billion and probably even RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion’.

    Okay, most important of all, do all these RM900 million or RM1.1 billion or RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion worth of valuables belong to Najib? Not sure. Did Najib buy all these valuables? Not sure. If Najib did not buy these valuables then who bought them? Not sure. Most importantly, were these RM900 million or RM1.1 billion or RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion worth of valuables bought with 1MDB’s money? No evidence of that yet.

    So, what was today’s press conference all about then?

    Has Najib been arrested yet? No! Will not today’s press conference plus Mahathir’s interview yesterday where he said Najib is going to be sent to jail for a very long time (READ HERE) be prejudicial to the case? And why is the new good-Christian-Attorney-General who goes to church to thank God for his appointment keeping quiet if he is not only a good Christian but a good AG as well?

    The press conference is Mahathir’s WMD
    So now Malaysians are going to talk about the RM900 million or RM1.1 billion or RM1.5 billion or RM2 billion worth of valuables seized from Najib like how they used to talk about the mattress which Anwar had sex on with many boys and girls 20 years ago back in 1998. And Malaysians will stop grumbling that the Ringgit is sliding against the US Dollar, the Bursa Malaysia is collapsing, Vincent Tan’s insider-trading crime, petrol price going up instead of dropping to RM1.50, the ECRL is on after all and at an increased price, Lim Guan Eng’s booboo on the Mandarin as an official language stunt, the price of goods going up after implementing zero GST, and so on.

    Pandai tak Mahathir? President Bush, in fact, did the same thing with the WMD stunt. And it works every time. Oh, and by the way, Mahathir’s boys coordinated this thing so that foreign newspapers also carry the story at the same time it explodes in Malaysia. And this is why Mahathir’s boys are better than those idiots working for Najib.

    1. Yes pandai PM TDM.

      He aslo causes:

      Asia's worst performing currency may hit Indian bank earnings

      China expected to defend yuan at key level as losses mount

      China expected to defend yuan at key level as losses mount

      Itu antara contoh. Banyak cakap. Wrong audience though.

    2. Annie,

      This asshole Anonymous29 June 2018 at 14:04 just cut & paste another RPK article, and you published it.

      You really think this monkey so rajin to write something that long ori?

      So don't censor any other blog cut & paste, OK : )


    3. Haiyaaa 14:59
      Merudum mula from day PH won la.. tapi masatu dok meghapu RM1Trillion Tabung Harapan...

      Dok tengak temberang nah.. tuhan lambak lagi external factors.

      Owh BTW. Janji turun harga.. actually materialising la... harga counter2 saham banyak tengah sedap dok turun..

      ..kalau tak sabit KWSP, PNB atau tabung2 lain yg dok tolong mengutip balik saham hari2.. habisla .

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. I think it will take a long time to charge because the items are in huge numbers.

      For example, if a thief stole 3 chickens, then it will be easy to calculate and charge.

      however, if a thief stole 1.35 billion chickens, then, a lot of police officers are needed to count all those chickens. It will take a lot of time.

  10. "incorruptible former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman."

    You are naive Miss Annie...

  11. Arrogance gets once nowhere. Of late not sensing that that their ship was sinking UMNO Men and Women are arrogance.

    Even in my Kampong. My Mother who has never had any opportunity of schooling said 'sombong' to the UMNO village members who were full of themselves. Of course these cocksure followers were coached by their sinking more cocksure captains. The kampong folks may not understand 1MDB. But they understand Arrogance can't be associated with Good. As simple as as that.

    Orang tua tidak perlu apa-apa. Sudah tua kan. Most of their material requirements and nourishment have been met. All they need is budi bahasa.

    Time we relearn the art of budi bahasa.

    Contoh here:

    "SANTUN SALING SAPA" kata Indonesia. As Presiden Jokowi sambut hangat Perdana Menteri Mahathir.

  12. Annie,

    Good article.

    Without further delay, we the Malay people must unite under Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia PPBM.

    PPBM is now the new Malay party that will bring the Malays to the brighter future.

    PPBM is like a clean slate, not marred or contaminated by money politics, warlords, high corruptions.

    A party is like a vehicle to achieve and to have a destination that will bring betterment to the people.

    The Malay people need PPBM, a clean party, with honorable people like Tun M, Muhyidin, capable people like Dr.Maszlee, Wan Suffian, Syed Saddiq to uplift the Malay to greater hights.

    Furthermore, PPBM accounts is not frozen by MACC. Leaders of PPBM do not involve in materialism and extreme richness such as Birkin, Hermes, Bijan, Hublot, Richard Mille, etc.

    Without further delay, the Malay people must without a doubt unite under PPBM.

    1. Anon 14:35
      Kesian kat kamu. 12/122 apa certa nih? (Katak2 tak kira ya mereka suka main dalam longkang).

      Figures tell it all. PROOF and no need to raid here and there to proof PPBM got12/122. What a shame. Pasti tidoq tak lena tiap malam.

      Yang lain2 tu macam si Ngor Perak tersasul cakap.. "done with him we chuck him out or better let he plays mahjong with LKY"

      Alahai.. dont worry. Pakatan Rapuh.. anytime reput wan.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Weiiii nasi lemak

      Ppbm brand new party la bro

      Kena sabo by pokjib and ros

      Still come out strong

      Let's observe

      After umgnok deregistered

      Whether parti khairy baru

      Or Semangat Rasuah 2018 (new party of zahid, annuar and all old warlord)

      Or party Umno Classic Ku Li

      Who can get 12 seat in PRU15?

      Let's observe


    3. No need to observe Mister Anon 18:00. Semua tu geng2 toktua UMNO rejects, apa yang baru sangat.. 12/122 dah serlah as solid PROOF kekekeke

      Bila results keluar menitis air mata "kemaluan" segerit 12/122 tuh saja mampu dapat sokongan.

      Takpe, kasi muka sama tok tua2 dan nenek2 mak jenin, mana tau masih sedar nak "bertaubat" sebelum pejam mata utk selama2nya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. It is true that there are a lot of good people in UMNO. The problem was that all the good people decided to keep quiet and let the rot fester all the way to the top. UMNO is just a brand, Malay unity will survive if the good people are brave enough to speak up, regardless of whether they are in UMNO or not.

    The opposition didn't betray the Malays, UMNO betrayed the Malays. This is now the price we have to pay.

    1. the real culprits are the PH people. Big liars and cheating people.Dah tau tak logik tapi masih janji bulan bintang, tu memang pemimpin bodow...rakyat lagi bodow sebab tau, tapi telan dan angguk sahaja...janji BN tumbang.tak pakai kepala hotak.

    2. Sore loser much ?

  14. Cara bicara pemimpin beradab.

  15. My take on this is quite different.According to some political observers Zahid is backed by Anwar.As an acting President Zahid has access to UMNO's money,unlike Ku Li and KJ.
    Remember when Tg adnan wrote letters stating UMNO branches/division no longer receive alloction from UMNO but Zahid overturn the rulings.This will give him advantage in the fight of UMNo Presidency.
    Zahid's win will surely make Tun M uncomfortable as it is a known fact that Zahid and Anwar were buddies.
    By cutting Zahid's supy of money it will probably reduce his chance of winning tomorrow's party election.
    Prof Kangkung

  16. Melayu yang korup sukar menerima kenyataan bank akaka umno dibekukan untuk tunjuan siasatan dan kemungkinan umno dibubarkan.

    Mereka lebih rela "united" walau dalam lubang najis? Dalam satu kelambu satu kain yang sama.

    Bubarkan, daftar baru, pendaftaran ahli baru, serba baru - semangat baru - itulah kebangkitan.

  17. Wow this comment section have become RPK cut and paste outlet..

    1. Maybe Annie should look up his giving sedekah lah.

      The poor fat white man losing readers and money since his massive failure in PRU14....kih kih kih!

    2. I suspected lifeofannie is doing cut and paste

      All these macai blogger support each other corruption

  18. SEPERTI yang pernah disebut sejak awal pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan (PH), kerajaan baharu Malaysia ini banyak bergantung pada drama dan gimik populis.
    Pendekatan pelik ini digunakan untuk menutup segala kesalahan, dengan memburukkan musuh politik, melindungi pemimpin dari kritikan dan sebagainya.
    Perkembangan membimbangkan ini menandakan drama politik akan terus membelenggu politik negara, dan rakyat akan sentiasa dimanipulasi emosi mereka.
    Apabila berlaku sesuatu yang memalukan kerajaan, seperti menteri mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi dalam bahasa Cina, satu isu gempar lain pula timbul.
    Kita mungkin tidak tahu peristiwa yang timbul kemudian itu disengajakan atau tidak, tetapi setakat ini peristiwa yang menyusul berjaya menutup kejadian sebelumnya.
    Kalau kita masih ingat, pada hari Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bebas, malam harinya berlaku serbuan di rumah kediaman bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
    Baru-baru ini, Menteri Kewangan, Lim Guan Eng mengundang polemik apabila mengeluarkan kenyataan rasmi Kementerian Kewangan dalam bahasa Cina.
    Tidak lama selepas itu, menyusul berita rampasan di kediaman yang ada kena-mengena dengan Najib.
    Drama lebih menggemparkan dilakonkan selepas itu, dengan mengadakan sidang media menayangkan gambar-gambar barang rampasan dan memberitahu anggaran nilai rampasan, sebanyak RM1.1 bilion.

    Kemudian tersebar satu detail yang “catchy” yakni salah satu jenama beg yang dirampas ialah Bijan.
    Netizen pun beramai-ramai menjadikannya bahan lawak dan sindir, hingga tenggelam isu bahasa Melayu yang dipinggirkan dengan menggunakan alasan palsu.
    Inilah yang sedang dan akan terus berlaku dalam politik negara kita, rakyat dengan mudah dialihkan perhatian mereka dengan drama, gimik dan cerita lucu serta gempar.
    Pada masa orang ramai sibuk dengan cerita selipar Bata, berhenti berucap semasa azan, menteri pemilik 10 pegawai khas buat lawatan mengejut ke sekolah, DAP dan golongan sama kepentingan dengan mereka sudah meraih apa yang mereka sasarkan.
    Daripada politik, kehakiman, bisnes dan instituti-institusi negara, mereka berjaya merombak dan bakal disusun mengikut kehendak mereka.
    Soalnya sekarang, berapa lama lagi perkara ini akan berterusan dan sampai bilakah rakyat akan diperbodohkan secara beramai-ramai?

    1. Menteri Kewangan mengeluarkan kenyataan terjemahan kepada Bahasa Melayu kepada Bahasa Cina laa..

      Mula-mula depa cakap melayu lepas tuu, terjemah kepada cina. Salah kee?

      Sekarang ini, kalau buka TV, kurang sikit nak bodoh-bodohkan macam dulu.

      Walaupun dalam Pakatan ini, baru lagi perintah, cuma GST saja yang ditamatkan tapi rakyat gembira kerana dalam media tak de sangat nak bodoh-bodohkan orang macam dulu.

      Cubalah buka TV sekarang ini.

    2. Wei lifeofannie this also cut and paste lah from blog

      Hang nih tidoq ke?

      SoPo blogger x baca blog lain pulak.....that I don't believe la

  19. Annie, dont waste your time. UMNO is sinking & you will sink with UMNO further into the abyss

    1. Anon 15:54
      Meghoyan sepuas puas hati. Ber honeymoonlah sampai bulan bertandok..

      PAS dah kena, kejap aje bole berasmara. Sayang punya sayang dah pula keji mengeji.

      Alahai Kalau hebat sangat Tun apasal 12/122? 25% Melayu tolak dia BULAT2.. faham tak, we no want you as our leader?

      Allah is showing us what he did during his 22yrs premiership under UMNO, siapa2 sebenarnya selama itu dia dok pupuk? Show us more please..

      No need to quote this and tht datas ir figures RM1trillion or RMberbillion2. Just memorise these;

      PPBH 22/122
      PH -
      Melayu 25%, Cina 93%, India 63%

      Haiyaaaa.. better concentrate and entertain your voters la.

      UMNO + PAS. Semangat 75% Melayu, satu rumpun satu bangsa, we will stay forever united, In sha Allah

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. sudah agak malas untuk menyelongkar Buku Harapan yang membentangkan janji bulan dan bintang untuk menipu bagi memenangi PRU14. Janji di dalam Buku Harapan tidak lebih kepada sampah sarap


  21. Who really did destroy UMNO ?.

  22. now bn lose and ph win....even if bn wins next and ph lose or bn lose rakyat will still be a dog....a delusional dogs

    1. Go home and fuck your bitch

  23. Annie u seem cant get past the fsct tht umno is not wht its used to be.

    It had for the longest time become parti najib and co. The members are all the yes man complicit to all the wrongdoings of their party members.

    I refuse to associates malay with umno. Not anymore. For the longest time it had betrayed the a ba and ta.

    Yes im all for unity but why do we have to unite under umno ?

  24. Anon 29/6 14.04
    Execellent analysis. Good work bro.

  25. Annie,

    New news from Indonesia.

    Tun M pakat with Indonesia to create a new joint venture car company for the asean market.

    Indonesia is a huge market being the third biggest population in the world.

    We need to forget about all those lost cause thing like 1MDb but move forward with new things.

    Maybe the new car will be name Perusahaan otomobil nasional indonesia Malaysia , Pronima. Got a nice rhyme to it.

    Pakatan are getting forward, with better economy management, better education minister, finance minister, transport and health minister.

    Everyone will be able to reap the reward, orang melayu, cina, india, dan lain-lain.

    New leader will need to disclose their assets, so they do
    and in Pakatan PM only 2 terms.

    Under Pakatan rules, Hermes, Birkin, Bijan, Hublot and Richard mile will no longer the aim but serving the rakyat will be the main agenda.

  26. "It's the organisation which united the Malays in this country for the first time after hundreds of years of colonisation."

    i want to point out that historically there has always been Malay opposition to UMNO from a left wing perspective, but these parties and leaders had been systematically wiped out both in Malaysia and Singapore pre and post independence.

    And because of the above we are left with only 2 narratives for the Malay community, hegemonic, feudal, semi-right wing UMNO and feudal , right-wing PAS.

    There were a lot more options and interesting paths before.

    Unfortunately the effect of the BN and UMNO template on the entire country is still there, forcing others to copy

  27. More hisotry, UMNO was not the be all and end all,

    Our historical narratives is not inclusive, but exclusive but hisotry is multiple narratives

  28. Umno ni dah macam kereta accident total loss la, Annie. Repair pun tak guna. Pandu pun nanti tak syok.

    Apa benda di dunia ni pun is good while it lasts.

    1. Anon 18:27
      Hafal macam nak fasih kali2 12 ya.

      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%, Cina 93%, India 63%

      PAS+BM = 75%
      Majoriti faham tak?

      Malu tak? Satu dunia Saksi bangsa dan Agama sendiri dengan bulat suara telah menolak PH?? Bukan saja kami, generasi muda kami but the whole world will be watching.. shame on you people..kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  29. What??? You guys think RPK is the only source of info? This is hillarious seriously

  30. Hilarious indeed. UMNO elite have screwed the malays for the past 60 years and you are still happy about this?

  31. Anonymous @ 29 June 2018 at 13:40,

    //More than RM200 billion has disappeared from the stock market while an estimated RM40 billion of that has left the country.//

    I think you will find that the market has merely re-priced overvalued stocks.

    But I am no expert on the stock markets, even though I am considering buying shares in some companies because the prices seem more realistic.


  32. Most of PH MP listed to the new cabinet having courruption track record and even one of them being charge in court. Therefore it'll be a courrupted PH government headed by the most courrupted PM.

  33. Malaysia is in a situation similar to Charles Manson put in charge of the country.

    Mad situation, laughing stock to the world

    Its just Mahathir bull shit and cowdung story.