Wednesday 30 November 2022

Guan Eng could be K-drama star too

 It looks like the calls for Zaid Hamidi to be included in Anwar's unity Cabinet is gaining traction.

As I put it in my last post, many Chinese who used to whack the Umno president of being an evil corrupted crook have repented.

They even see him as handsome as a K-pop idol now.

Today, Tian Chua also joined the chorus of wanting Zahid to join the Cabinet.

Several Umno leaders have already openly said they wanted Zahid to be the DPM.


I don't care even if Zahid becomes the PM.

It's not going to affect my life by much.

After all, the guy has saved Malaysia from Pas' Islamic conservatism that day.

It's only right for Anwar and like minded Malaysians to reward him with their trust.

I think those in Pakatan who are still against Zahid are those who are suffering from pre-GE15 Umno whacking hang over.

Guys, just lick back that spit of yours and accept the reality of this unity government.

Many Umno people are forcing themselves to do the same too, okay.

Do it for the sake of the country.

We are facing a global recession and for that we need this unity government to work.

If it collapses, we all are going to suffer.

Swallow your pride, at least until the recession is over.

On the plus side, if Zahid becomes DPM, you all can have Guan Eng and Syed Sadiq in the Cabinet too.

Those two also have court cases, remember?

One thing I know is that Zahid and Guan Eng actually loves one another very much since way back then.

Remember this?

See, those two can work together.

Their court cases?

Anwar already said "one is innocent until proven guilty".

Proven guilty also can be pardoned what.

All those fiery accusations before the election are just political talks lah.

Anyway, if you all make the effort to edit Guan Eng's picture like they did to Zahid's picture, that once handsomest Chinese guy in Malaysia could look like a K-drama star too.

I think he would look like Park Yoonchun of the Rooftop Prince fame.


Monday 28 November 2022

New Malay darling of the Chinese

Remember back then when Mat Sabu was the Malay darling of Pakatan's Chinese supporters?

That despite Mat Sabu being anything but handsome.

Well, I don't think that's the case anymore.

They have a new Malay darling now.

And nope, it's not Anwar.

Okay, PKR people may insist on Anwar's handsomeness and new premiership, but he is not the new Malay darling of DAP's Chinese supporters.

It's Zahid Hamidi la.

Yup, that Umno president who led his party to its worst defeat in GE15.

They are singing praises of him in the social media after Zahid pushed BN to join Anwar's unity government instead of going over to Perikatan.

They must have been so relieved that Zahid, despite being whacked by them as the greatest corrupted crook decided not to hand over power to Pas, which dominates Perikatan.

They think Zahid is a Chinese saviour, I guess.

Okay, Malaysians saviour.....whatever.

I came to this conclusion after receiving this social media post from a friend last night,

Here, I put the whole thing in texts for your reading pleasure;

Sebenarnya atas permintaan Sdr Akram Tajuddin yang merujuk kpd post Akmal Hisyam Mokhles yang menaikkan gambar screen shoot dari FB berbahasa Cina dgn meminta saya menterjemahkannya.

Dalam tulisan mereka menggambarkan Zahid Hamidi telah menyelamatkan keadaan dan tentulah disebabkan mereka menolak PN.

Saya sudahpun membuat balasan di post Akmal Hisyam Mokhles, saya juga salinkan terjemahan tersebut utk pembaca FB saya.

Saya terjemahkan yang penting saja.

Virile Heng
Tiba-tiba saya rasa dia bukanlah seperti yang dibenci oleh orang.

Jenny Bao Bao
Zahid 哥今天最帅了
Abang Zahid hari inilah yang paling hensem.

Pada ketika ini rasanya dia sangat hensem.

William Lao
Saya sayang awak Zahid, kita semua adalah satu keluarga.

Garry Lim
Zahid adalah stabil.

Leong KL
Abang Zahid, kami sokong kamu

Nelson Tee
Cakap sejujurnya, jika tiadalah dia, tentu tiada hari ini.

Pak Michelle
希哥! 加油
Abang Zahid, teruskan @ go go go

Brando Lim
Saya sekarang nampak muka kamu.
(Disertakan muka Zahid sekarang dan muka Zahid yg diedit awit muda)

Fandi Goo
Terlalu hensem
(Disertakan gambar Zahid berpakaian baju Melayu & bersamping semacam yg selalu digunakan dalam majlis di istana)

Really. They go all out to make Zahid looks handsome.

In fact they even edited Zahid's photo to make him looks like a K-pop idol.

Not bad at all, isn't it?

Told you all already, Javanese men could be quite handsome.

So, all those grieving Umno people, you all better keep Zahid as party president as he will bring in the Chinese votes that MCA so miserably failed to bring over to BN.

Next election lah, I mean.

Malay votes? That one, I don't know lah.

Sunday 27 November 2022

Post GE15 Anwar and Umno

 I'm still waiting for fuel prices to go down.

Anwar said fuel prices will go down within 24 hours after he became PM.

Maybe he needs more time.

Oh, and they said there will be no more tolls at the highways.

I'm waiting for that too.

Ya, ya, I know those are all just bullshit, but who knows somehow they could be done.

Maybe Anwar's patrons in US can pump in more money and we could afford all that.

Hopefully they don't later turn up saying that they can't do all that because BN is in the government too.

Last time they blamed Dr Mahathir for it.

Yup, that's why I prefer BN to be in the opposition.

Buta-buta kena blame nanti.

So far, my life remains the same.

Not so good but not so bad either.

Some Umno friends asked me what to do.

How would I know.

I just told them to fix their party.

Change the top five and division chiefs. Even Tok Mat.

They don't like it and said that can't be done.

I said, that's the only thing they could do.

At least try lah.

As long as the top leaders pay the division chiefs to arrange for them to be elected in party elections, Umno can't be fixed.

That's how the crooks became Umno leaders, okay.

They need to remember that Umno members whom the majority don't get to elect their party leaders, still get to vote in general elections.

Those unhappy with their party leaders voted rival parties in the general election.

I believe hundreds of thousands of them voted for Perikatan in GE15 just because they don't want Zahid to remain the president of their party and even worse becomes PM.

"Tak apa undi Perikatan. Dia orang pun Melayu dan memperjuangkan Islam juga," they said.

That's how BN went kaput that day, just months after their landslide victories in Melaka and Johor.

Still, Zahid has 130 Umno division leaders backing him for obvious reasons.

That, despite Umno's worst election defeat in history.

That's how screwed up Umno is now.

Well, why should I care.

I'm not an Umno member.

I supported it because it's a centrist Malay party, unlike Islamist hardliner Pas.

Now Pas commands the support of the Malay majority.

They now control all the Malay dominated states - Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

They almost got Pahang.

Don't forget, Pas' influence is seeping into the urban areas too.

That's what happened in Perak.

The much vilified Umno was the one who stopped them.

Lucky for many that Umno decided to side with Pakatan.

But how long will that lasts with Umno dying as it is.

If this Pakatan-led unity government fails to handle the Malay Muslims problems, Pas will get even more urban Malays' votes in the next election.

Pakatan people could in fact help Pas do that with their stupid behaviour such was displayed after their victory in 2018.

Ya, they need to shut up. 

Dong Zong, LGBT activists, BJP/LTTE wannabes and others need to shut up.

If they refuse to shut up, then we are going to have a full fledge Islamic government even before the end of this term.

Umno will abandon the unity government if Pakatan fails to control its people.

Personally, I don't really mind being ruled by Pas.

I spend most of my time at home. I don't go clubbing and such. I don't own shares or businesses. So, no problem.

Having to wear tudung would be a bit of a problem, but it wouldn't kill me.

But for others, it would not be very pleasant.

Trust me on that, okay.

Thursday 24 November 2022

Unity pakatan government, okay lah

 Well, Perikatan's offer to BN came too late and now Anwar is the PM.

Yup, they were just too slow.

If they have become the government, they would also be too slow.

Exactly why I had in my previous posts said Pakatan would be a better government than Perikatan.

Lesser of two evil in that matter.

I'm disappointed though because reports so far indicated that BN will join the new government.

I was hoping for BN to be in the opposition.

Just not right for losers of a general election to be in the government.

But that how it is going to be.

The Pakatan supporters are celebrating now.

However, I don't know how they are going to react once Anwar revealed to them what concessions were made to BN.

I know though that half of BN, especially Umno are not happy with their party's decision.

Zahid, who was responsible in helming them to their worst election defeat in history was the driving force behind the cooperation with Pakatan.

Yup, that Zahid who Pakatan and Perikatan people said is a corrupted crook.

If the unity government is truly the saviour of Malaysia, then by right Zahid should be hailed as a national hero.

But of course that would not be the case.

Poor Zahid.

By the way, there's a rebellion brewing within the Umno ranks against Zahid and the party's election would be just around the corner.

If Zahid is defeated and kicked out by Umno, this unity government will be in trouble.

So, Pakatan, through its connections with rich guys around the country should do something to help Zahid.

You all said what, Umno can be bought.

Anyway, I don't believe Zahid will now be convicted of those corruption charges too.

And I think Najib will get a royal pardon, just like Anwar previously.

I know, I know. Rule of law. They all said that lah.

What? You all angry that I said that?

Hey, you all want reconciliation or not?

Najib could in fact help Zahid put down the impending Umno rebellion and saves the unity government.

Umno also needed to be revived to stop the Malay conservatism that has swept the country with the rise of Pas during GE15.

Umno is the main Malay party of Pakatan now.

Even DAP should know this.

The one they have now called Amanah would not be able to stop Pas.

Okay, we don't know for sure yet the details of this unity government, so I don't know how much Pakatan was willing to go in the effort to tie the knot with BN, particularly Umno.

Once I know that, I'll write again.

Anyway, I wish DAP could offer an apology to Umno like what it did to the Sarawakians.

You know, for calling Umno corrupted, racist, evil etc.

That would strengthen the unity government quite a lot.

But of course not, DAP has its pride too. Apologising to Umno would be too hard for them.

Still, they need to remember, if not for Umno, they would be living under a truly Malay Islamic government headed by Pas.

Pas, you want a truly Malay Islamist government?

 Umno last night said it will join a unity government as long as it's not led by PN.

I read it as

1. BN will join PH and probably get the DPM and tonnes of minister posts.


2. BN will join PN and get the PM and tonnes of minister posts.

It all now depends on whether PN is willing to give BN what it wants.

PH has already indicated that it will give BN what it wants.

In Perak and Pahang, PH gave BN all kind of stuff without BN even asking anything.


Because PH, in particular DAP is so scared of the possible rise of a truly Malay Islamist government if BN joins PN.

As for Anwar, he just wants to be PM and willing to give anything for it.

So, now the ball is in PN's court.

It all depends on whether PN is willing to counter offer what PH is offering BN.

I think the PN's decision lies with Pas, which is now the dominant party in PN.

Muhyiddin will have to listen to Hadi.

Just now, I saw a story of Hadi indicating that he is still confident of getting what Pas wanted that is a truly Malay Islamist government.

Ya, Agong wanted a more racially diverse unity government, but the Constitution only talk about the numbers.

GPS, which stated that it will follow BN will make up the number if PN agrees to give in to BN.

For them it would be the same set-up as before the GE15.

Sarawak will always be insulated from the political nonsense in the peninsular, after all.

Sarawakians' perceived fear of Pas is actually about the same level as their loathing of DAP.

For many of them, Pas is an extremist Islamist party while DAP is an extremist Chinese chauvinistic party. 

Nonetheless, GPS knows that BN will make sure to help them shield Sarawak from those two.

Again, all this will depend on whether PN can swallow its pride and let BN with its just 30 seats in parliament to lead them.

Personally, I still stand on wanting BN as the opposition and fix its house.

The rakyat had voted them to be the opposition and that's where they should be.

PH or PN can be the government for all I care.

For me, both are more or less the same - useless.

Wednesday 23 November 2022

BN, get out of the longkang and save the rakyat, please

 Everything that I wrote in my last post actually happened yesterday.

1. BN decided to be the opposition and not support either PN or PH.

2. Agong told PN and PH to form a unity government, which would gives them a super majority in parliament, thus a stable government for the country.

3. The Agong's proposed PN-PH unity government got rejected because too much ego involved.

4. Agong turned to BN for help to decide who should he choose to form a government which is good for the rakyat.

BN has already said that it doesn't want to get involved in the mess anymore.

They just want to rest and fix their broken house.

I support their decision because the rakyat has rejected them already. 

The rakyat believed what PN and PH said about BN being corrupted and evil. 

They chose PN and PH to take care of their interests.

Unfortunately PN and PH can't think of the rakyat's interests even with the looming global recession hanging over everyone's head.

They are more concerned about who's going to be the prime minister, how many minister posts they would get etc.

Now BN has to once again come to rescue the rakyat.

Yup, the rakyat who rejected them.

The country cannot go into the impending recession without a government.

Everything will collapse if that happens.

The market is already suffering from the current political impasse.

Just like when the PH government collapsed in 2020, BN has to once again come in and provide a foundation for a stable government.

Remember ya, the Sheraton Move didn't involve BN.

The so-called backdoor government only happened because the Muhyiddin gang approached BN to provide the country with a government.

And BN was the one who made the government worked to a certain extent at that time.

The BN ministers are the ones who did most of the good work. 

Example; KJ, who handled the Covid crisis relatively well. You all can name someone from Pribumi Bersatu or PAS who could do a better job at that time?

And the rakyat then kicked KJ into the longkang. Sigh.

Muhyiddin himself screwed up back then, thus the kerajaan gagal tag for which he was forced to resign.

Now he is on the brink of becoming PM again.

This is the kind of leaders that the rakyat chose over those in BN.

I'm not sure what BN will say when they meet the Agong, 

They already said they don't want to get involved, but this is for the rakyat.

As I wrote in my last post, if the Agong asks BN to help save the rakyat, then they should do so.

I know, I know, the rakyat just kicked BN into the longkang.

Never mind that BN. 

Just get back up, climb out of the longkang and save them again.

The recession is coming, okay and we need a government to handle it.

Just choose the better one between those two clowns.

That's the best that you all could do.

After that go back into your opposition corner and do your best to help the rakyat from there.

Who to choose?

As I wrote in my last post, I prefer Pakatan.

The PAS and Pribumi Bedrsatu guys in PN had already proven that they can't perform as a government when the country was facing the last crisis which include the Covid pandemic.

BN had to prop them up for that back then.

Now let's see how PH handles the global recession.

I suspect they can't handle it too but let's just try.

As they keep saying, give them a chance.

At least there's a 50:50 chance they may succeed. With PN, I'm quite sure they will fail, just like when they screwed up after the Sheraton Move.

Suggesting for BN to back PH really hurts, okay....but what else could I do.


No choice. Have to choose the lesser evil.

Anyway, if PH's turned out to be another screwed up government, BN could always pull out its support and we can have another general election.

Maybe as early as next year.

Why not? It happened in other countries. Even in Europe.

Hopefully the rakyat make a better choice if that happens instead of the current mess. 

Sorry rakyat, you all simply have to endure this country being experimented on since 2018.

But it's your choice, okay.

Ini kali lah!


As you said back then.

Now the evil corrupted BN has to once again get out of the longkang that you all kicked them into to save you.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Between Pakatan and Perikatan

 Umno deputy president Mat Hasan posted this last night;

"Kami BN menerima keputusan rakyat yang menolak BN. Maka kami ini tak ada kuasa untuk menubuhkan kerajaan.

Saya cadangkan biarlah PN dan PH bergabung tubuh kerajaan sebab mereka mendapat bilangan nombor undi yang lebih tinggi. BN bersedia menjadi pembangkang yg bertanggungjawab 'check and balance' kerajaan baru.

Walaubagaimanapun, jika bantuan kami diperlukan dalam waktu peralihan pasca PRU ini, kami tetap sedia menyumbang kepada pembukaan bicara yang ikhlas dan terbuka.

Kalau masih tak dapat juga tubuh kerajaan, tolong jangan salahkan kami. Ini hasil daripada proses yang demokratik, untuk memulangkan mandat kepada rakyat. Kami hanya menghormati keputusan itu.

Semoga Malaysia sentiasa berada dalam peliharaan Allah SWT jua."

I fully support this.

As I put it in my last post, I prefer BN to stay out of the coming government.

No need to tear itself apart for those jokers.

One side want to go with Zahid to Pakatan, another side want to go with Hishammuddin to Perikatan.

That's just stupid.

The overwhelming majority of rakyat don't want BN as the government, so it has no business being in the government lah.

A reader of this blog, whom I suspect was a Pakatan supporter commented in my last post that Mat Hasan was whining and more or less said its BN's duty to be part of a coalition to form the government.

Well, I do understand that Pakatan people hate BN, but that's not the way to win them over so that your side can form the government.

At least try to be polite when you need someone's help.

By the way, Mat Hasan was not whining and it's not BN's responsibility to help others to form the government.

You all voted them to be the opposition, so their duty is to be the opposition.

Anyway, back to being polite, the only reason that Pakatan is currently doing better than Perikatan in winning over BN was because their leaders were nicer about it.

That's what happened in Perak and Pahang.

The new Umno's Perak MB explained it yesterday. 

The Pakatan leaders were quick to approach him and made a good offer.  

The Perikatan leaders were slow and refused to counter the Pakatan's offer, probably demanding a kow tow instead.

I really don't blame him for accepting the Pakatan's offer.

The same thing is playing out in Pahang.

That Pahang DAP guy Leong Ngah Ngah was very nice about the whole thing.

I know Leong since way back in the mid 2000s when he was the only opposition Adun in the state assembly but quite well liked by his Umno counterparts.

The guy had cancer back then, but appeared to be still well until today.

The Perikatan gang of Pas and Pribumi Bersatu on the other hand never really made the necessary move, probably because they were still smug over winning the Malays' votes.

"Let Umno come and beg from us. We are the dominant Malay parties now," they probably thought.

Some in Umno appeared to be willing to do that.

Demi perpaduan ummah, they rationalised.

No DAP, no Anwar.....and they conveniently forgot the "No Pribumi Bersatu" part.

Maybe they are stupid enough not to see that it was Perikatan which ate up their Malay support base in this election. 

And now they are willing to kiss the feet of Pas and Pribumi Bersatu and become their running boys.

What? That's going to win back their Malay support base, is it?

Some argued that Umno will be totally abandoned by the Malays if seen being friends with DAP.

Hey, Pas and Pribumi Bersatu are both ex-friends of DAP what, and that's not that long ago.

How come now they are the dominant Malay parties?

And you all Umno people were not DAP friends in this election, yet the Malays still kicked you into the longkang.

Eh, really la, just fix your party for now.

Be the opposition that Malaysians want you all to be for the time being.

All these government stuff leave it to Pakatan and Perikatan to fix.

Malaysians voted them to do that, so it's their responsibility. Not yours.

Just sack any of your MPs, who doesn't want to follow the party line. 

Ya, that's how I see it.

Okay, let's say the Agong asks for BN to help because Pakatan and Perikatan can't fulfil their responsibility as the ones voted by the rakyat to form the government. Then, help la.

Just give support to the better side but don't join them in government.

If you ask me, I would choose to let Pakatan be the government.

I know it's shitty but I think they could manage the country better than Perikatan.

Okay, they were bad when last time they were in power, but perhaps they have learnt their lessons.

Maybe their leaders and supporters will not be so kurang ajar anymore such as when Adib died back then.

If they still behave like shit in government, BN can always pull back its support and we can have another general election.


Nah, they'll run the country to the ground, I think.

Remember the kerajaan gagal and Covid episodes?

If not for the BN ministers, things would had been much worse.

After all, we can't afford to have some sort of political ustaz being appointed as finance minister to manage the coming global recession next year.

That would be a real disaster.

Well, then again, that's just my own personal thoughts in this early morning.

I hope BN, in particular Umno, will make the best choice.


Sunday 20 November 2022

BN staying as an opposition is a good idea

 I like this;

Umno info chief Isham doesn’t want BN to be part of any coalition government


“We shouldn’t join any coalition government. The rakyat has chosen us to be the opposition, and we should respect their wishes,” he said in a statement today.

“Now, as an opposition, we in Umno and BN can rebuild our credibility and the rakyat’s confidence in us, compared to if we become part of the government. We should be courageous enough to be a strong opposition,” he said.

Yup, why should BN be propping up a government led by PH or PN.

BN, in particular Umno should now be focused on repairing its own house now that the rakyat proved to have believed in all those vile things said about it.

Umno after all needs to replace its leaders who failed the party in GE15.

Let PH or PN handle the coming global recession.

When Covid hit us, it was ministers from Umno like KJ who handled it.

And he handled it well.

Clearly KJ was not appreciated yesterday.

Why should good Umno leaders like KJ goes through shit like that.

Let some ustaz from Pas handle the Health Ministry now.

Oh, and another ustaz can also handle the finance ministry and come up with plans to manage the coming recession next year.

Let's see what's going to happen.

Let's see how PN or PH handles the storm without a clear majority in parliament.

Yeah, let's do that.

Pas rules as Pakatan loses too

Well, the people had spoken....or rather the Malays had spoken.

They decided to change Umno with Pas.

Yup, Pas is the Malays' dominant party now and they will control the coming new government.

Sorry Pakatan people, you all still lose and this time the effect will be worse.

It's almost certain that the new government will have a Pribumi Bersatu PM but controlled by Pas.

It's going to be a coalition of PN, BN, GPS and GRS, which would have a comfortable majority of  131 seats in parliament.

How did this happen?

Pakatan's attack on Umno, especially about Zahid becoming PM if BN wins really works....for Pas.

Instead of switching to Pakatan, the Malays switched to Perikatan.

Pas now has 44 seats, Pribumi Bersatu 28 and Umno 26.

DAP has 40 seats while PKR has 31 seats, which are both smaller than Pas'.  Mat Sabu's Amanah has 8 seats.

And no one wants to partner least not for now. Nobody else wants to go back to 2018.


Those are all bullshit....mine too.

Well, at least mine was my one person's opinion, unlike those made by multi-million ringgit units such as Invoke, Merdeka Centre etc.

What would I know, as this is the first time I didn't really go on the ground during a general election since 1999. I really didn't have the budget to do that.

What's next?

As I previously wrote, my biggest concern was the coming global recession and I was hoping for Malaysians to decisively vote for a strong and stable government to handle it.

They didn't exactly do that but still the most likely coalition which I mentioned above would have 131 seats which is stable enough.

Whether it has the ability to handle the impending crisis would be a different matter.

Nonetheless, Malaysians, you all have made your decision and better stick to it.

Like it or not, we have to support the coming government and pray that it has what needed for us to weather the storm.

As for Pakatan people who wished an alliance with BN for a more moderate government, sorry guys, you all said too much bad things about them being corrupted and evil.

Umno in particular will never do that.

That party will change its leaders and try to pick up the pieces, hopefully for the better.

So sorry that the good ones like KJ, Shahril Hamdan and Zafrul were casualties of GE15.

Personally, I don't think Umno is dead but it would never be the same again as the Malays moved more and more towards conservatism.

Friday 18 November 2022

Vote for a government that can handle the coming global recession

We, Malaysians are going to vote tomorrow.

Personally, I'm going to vote for a government, which I think could handle the coming global recession next year.

Malaysia needs a stable and capable government for that.

That's my immediate concern, which is the same reason why I wanted GE15 to be held now instead of next year.

The other stuff can wait.

Whatever it is, we can't afford to have a government which is going to spend the first six months after coming to power blaming others for its own weaknesses and obsessed with inflicting revenge  on political enemies.

Not this time, okay.

If we once again elect such a government, the global recession, triggered by the Covid pandemic and war in Ukraine, is going to consume us all.

Just look at the news and we can see that it's already happening in US, Europe and elsewhere.

People in London are already cutting down on their meals, for God's sake.

This time we need leaders who can really work and have the idea on how to buffer us from the coming troubles.

Not leaders who can only talk.

And we must vote for these leaders decisively. 

We definitely can't afford to have a government hanging by a thread with small majority in parliament.

If you think Anwar and Rafizi with their fiery speeches and promises can handle the coming global recession, then go ahead and vote for Pakatan.

If you think Muhyiddin and Hadi with their prayers can do it, then go ahead and vote for Perikatan.

If you think Ismail Sabri and KJ (ya, I think KJ will become DPM) with their track record of taking the country out of the Covid pandemic could do it, then vote for BN. Personally, I want Mat Hasan as PM but he's not BN's choice for the job.

Well, if you are a Pakatan supporter, you must help to make this comment from my last posting become a reality;

Anonymous18 November 2022 at 08:42

I know you dejected and resign to the fact that the 4R ( Rasuah , Race , Religion, Royalty ) politics is now a sunset industry . The independence and the generations before XY are getting older and older and dying but not regenerating , and the Generations XY ( 18-39) are growing as more and turn 18 . It’s all about increase and not decrease in core support . The Generation XY have moved beyond 4R politics . Umno needs to reinvent itself if it needs to be relevant in the age of Generations XY .

Like they say , better burn the house and rebuild the house in the way you want.

This elections GE15 is for PH to lose

PH GE15 parliamentary seats forecast

Perlis 2
Kedah 7
Penang 13
Perak 20
Selangor 22
KL WP and Sepang WP - 12
Negeri Sembilan 6
Melaka 4
Johor 20
Pahang 9
Terengganu 3
Kelantan 4

Semanjung 132

PH will win another 16 seats in Sabah- Sarawak combined

Total 148 and a 2/3 majority . You can fact check this tomorrow when results are announced

Wow! Pakatan is going to get a two third majority in parliament? 

Fantastic forecast indeed. A bit like when some Umno people said they are going to get two-third in 2018.

Errr....I somehow doubt that Pakatan is going to get 20 of the 26 parliamentary seats in Johor as that seems a bit too optimistic considering they lost badly there in the state election just in March.

Never mind.

My own forecasts are in these previous posts;

I'm sticking with those.

Okay, selamat mengundi everyone.


Wednesday 16 November 2022

Pakatan wins the flags and billboards war

The GE15 campaign is entering its final leg and I have to say that Pakatan appeared to have won the flags and billboards war as well as outperforming BN in term of its volume of social media contents.

BN's campaign appeared to be very low key compared to even Perikatan's.

I'm now somewhere in Kuantan and saw many more Pakatan and Perikatan flags and billboards compared to those of BN.

TikTok is also full of contents by Rafizi and gang.

I even got a WhatsApp massage from Perikatan's Saifuddin Abdullah asking me to vote for him.

Don't know how the guy got my phone number.

Yup, I'm voting for Indera Mahkota MP and Beserah assemblyman in this election.

Really, the BN's campaign here is quite subdued compared to those put up by Pakatan and Perikatan.

It made me believe that BN really doesn't have much money for GE15 after losing the last general election.

I guess most of the rich guys are now funding Pakatan.

Those huge billboards by the highways are not cheap to put up, okay.

There was even a story that Anwar could afford to fly around in a helicopter to campaign.

Nonetheless, whether the flags, billboards and social media contents could translate into votes would be something we could only wait and see.

After all, BN had many flags, billboards and social media contents too in the last general election but it ended up losing quite badly.

I guess BN now has to resort to its old method of door to door campaigning to send its message.

Makcik-makcik going around asking their neighbours to vote for the coalition that had done so much for them and their communities.

Well, that's not so bad.

I don't think those makcik-makcik ever ask for money or contracts from Umno to campaign for BN.

A bit like me, I guess.

Monday 14 November 2022

Anwar likely to win in Tambun

A Pakatan-supporting friend asked me yesterday whether Anwar Ibrahim will become the prime minister after GE15.

The guy knew that I'm very BN-friendly for this election, so I assumed that he was just asking me that in jest.

Still, I don't want to risk hurting my friend's feeling, so I said it's 50:50.

I can be quite diplomatic, you see.

I told him that whatever it is Anwar needs to win in Tambun first.

Honestly, I'm quite puzzled on why he chose to contest there as it's definitely not a safe seat for him.

Voters in Tambun are roughly 70 per cent Malays, 18 per cent Chinese, 10 per cent Indians and slightly over two per cent of other ethnicities.

Incumbent Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who is now Pribumi Bersatu number two won the seat as a Pakatan candidate in 2018 with a 5,320 majority votes or just about five per cent of the over 100,000 voters.

Yup, it was not even a safe seat for a Pakatan candidate back during the height of public anger towards BN.

Despite my dislike of Anwar, I have to say that the guy was quite brave to contest in Tambun.

A bit like Khairy going to Sungai Buloh, except that Anwar decided for himself to go there while the handsome young man was sent to where he is contesting now by his Umno bosses.

I believe Anwar did it because he wanted to prove that Pakatan still have the support of many Malays despite the DAP factor.

Well, I actually think he may pull it off too.

Firstly, from what I heard the fight in Tambun has become a two-way fight between Anwar and Faizal Azumu.

The BN guy and other candidates seemed to have melted into the background.

I even heard that BN wanted to just put up a token resistance there because it doesn't want the Malay votes to be split, and thus giving an advantage to Anwar.

I suspect that if this is true, then many of those who wished to vote for BN would not turn up on polling day instead of voting for the Perikatan's candidate.

And there will be many of those. 

Some, especially hardcore Umno supporters may even rebelled and vote for Pakatan in protest just to teach their party leadership a lesson for abandoning them in Tambun. That's what happened in 2018.

Anwar, on the other hand is almost certain to get the bulk of the about 28 per cent non-Malay votes and hardcore Pakatan supporters among the Malays.

So, Anwar already has more than 30 per cent of the votes in his bag.

He may get the rest of the needed votes from  the fence-sitters among the Malay voters, especially the young ones who are voters for the first time.

These neutral Malays may not like Faizal Azumu too because of Pribumi Bersatu's track record of switching sides, which made the party untrustworthy.

Anyway, what could they possibly gain by voting the guy who was deposed as Perak menteri besar, when they can get themselves a possible prime minister as their elected representative in parliament.

As much as I don't like Pakatan, I believe its chances of winning GE15 is way much better than Perikatan, okay.

BN is the likely winner of GE15, as I said in my previous posts, but the coalition seemed to have given up in Tambun.

Honestly, as I'm writing this, I can't even remember the name of the BN candidate.

That's how low-key is the BN campaign in Tambun.

Considering all that, I dare say we will see Anwar in parliament again after GE15.

Friday 11 November 2022

Shifting through GE15 garbage news

I actually find it hard to find proper GE15 stories.

Most of those reported are either things I already knew from the last election, candidates desperately trying to get some media coverage or pure propaganda.

The most numerous are stories about Pakatan and its candidates but they are mostly recycled stuff from 2018.

How many times the reporters need to do stories about Rafizi saying anyone against Pakatan is corrupt? 

It's getting irritating, actually.

Okay, I can understand why the mostly pro-Pakatan news portals are still selling those stories, but outfits like NST too?

Then there are those so desperate for media coverage that they resorted to do silly things such as filing police reports over the most trivial stuff.

Today there's a story about incumbent Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh lodging a police report for being sexually harassed on social media.

Really? Sexually harassing Fuziah? Something must be really wrong with the person who allegedly did that? 

According to the report, this is the sexual harassment tweet sent to her;

‘You are old. Just stay at home and play with your man, makcik. No need to bother trying to be a minister."

It's twitter for God's sake and this is election time where everyone goes back and forth tweeting such nonsense.

If everyone starts to lodge report over such tweets, then the police wouldn't have anything else to do.

Well, Fuziah had been out of the news for quite a while since her Lynas political material dried up when the then Pakatan government decided not to close down that rare earth plant in Gebeng.

I think that's why she lodged the police report over a silly tweet like that just to get a headline least Kuantan people forget about her.

As for pure propaganda, you all can just look at the headlines.

There was one the other day that described Khalid Samad as an urban Malay hero competing against the "money bag" Jo Ghani in Titiwangsa.

Did the editor really have to put the headline like that?

Be more subtle la, at least.

We are getting more and more of this kind of headlines as the election date draws near.

As if, people are going change their mind after reading such blatantly bias reports.

I can understand if an insignificant anonymous blogger choose to write those, but these are accredited journalists writing for proper news organisations.

I guess they never learnt from the past when BN supposedly controlled the media. 

They just changed sides.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

GE15 outcome projections

I thought of doing a projection on GE15 possible outcome today, but apparently a reader of this blog beat me to it,

Bendahara9 November 2022 at 02:23

Peninsular seats 165 (122 predominant malay seats)
Sabah/sarawak 57

(Minimum case scenario)
Peninsular seat
BN - 80
PH - 70
PN - 15

BN -8
Warisan- 6
PH -3

GPS -25/26
Others - 6/5

BN will hv an upper hand to form govt with GPS n GRS

80+ 8+9 +25 = 122

PH is in a more difficult position bcoz they only can rely on sarawak to form a federal govt. GRS n BN sabah will definitely not going for PH, even tht i dont even see GPS would want to form a govt with PH simply bcoz of PH r standing against GPS in sarawak n DAP issue

In order to force GPS to b with PH, PH hv to win 90 to 100 peninsular seats.

N to get that number i just dont see tht will be happening bcoz PH is heavily depending on the high % of the new voters/fence sitter swing voters to go to them

BN admittedly know majority of the new voters/fence sitters is not with them but they do not need to cxl the majority votes tht PH will get. They only need 10% to 15 % votes from this group apart from their traditional 40% fixed voters

(Maximum case scenario)

A disclaimer. The 165 peninsular seat will hv approximately 15 to 20 grey seat in 3 states( perak, selangor n johor) tht can tilt to either side.

If BN prediction of the Malay momentum and the new voters % to BN is higher at 30% to 40 % is correct than we will see
90/95 seat to BN (even can go up to 100 which will wipe up Bersatu totally)
60/65 to PH
5/10 to PN

And i can see BN/GRS can win up to 20 seat with sarawak 26 seat.

90 + 46 = 136

If Rafizi prediction of his campaign has created huge swings from the new voters/fence sitters and reduce the impact of the malay tsunami

90 seat to PN
65 to BN
10 to PN

65 + 42 (sabah/sarawak) = 107 short of majority n BN hv to rope in PN with their 10 seat to form the govt with 117 seat.

Or PH can convince GPS to work with them (Highly unlikely to happen but everything is possible in politics)

90 + 26 = 116


With both minimum n maximum scenarios simulation prediction taking into account

1. The % of the Malay voters BN will get
2. 1st time voters/fence sitters % out for voting

These r the only 2 main factors tht will determine the outcome of this GE15.

I cannot see BN will fare worst thn GE 2018 (79 seats even with the 1st time voters n fence sitters r rope in.

GPS decision will b the key of which BN or PH will form the Federal govt but,

I just couldn’t see PH can form a Federal Govt even they win 90 seat in Peninsular.

My readings of things actually point to almost the same conclusion.

So thanks Bendahara for his comment.

BN's projection was a bit more optimistic though.

You can read it here;

Ahmad Maslan tells why BN confident of winning GE15


Ahmad said GPS leaders were appreciative of BN’s decision to stay out of Sarawak.

“We have also heard from them that they are confident of winning a minimum of 25 seats,” he said. “If you add that to our 112 seats, we can form a stable government.”

“We will win a majority along with GPS. That is the plan.”

He said the projection did not include seats to be won by Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, which has an electoral pact with BN.

Well, I think the outcome should be somewhere in between those two sets of projections.

Sunday 6 November 2022

Rafizi's number one bullshit data

Rafizi's data? 

As the great MMA fighter Khabib said "This is number one bullshit".

The other day the guy said data collected by his multi-million ringgit Invoke team concluded that Dr Mahathir didn't contribute to Pakatan's victory in 2018 and that's why they don't want him in their team for GE15.

Dr Mahathir replied if that was so, why did Pakatan made him the PM after the last general election?

Exactly spot on.

Any political analyst worth his salt would know that without Dr Mahathir, Pakatan would not win in 2018 even with all the 1MDB shit being floated around.

Multitude of Malays were so sympathetic with the handsome old man that they swallowed all the shit Pakatan was peddling and voted against BN that year.

It was Najib's brainless team's fault for whacking Dr Mahathir like crazy back then without considering that Malays actually hated it when they did that.

Arrogant sons of bitches.

Of course the Dr Mahathir's factor is no more this time and that's the real reason why Pakatan doesn't want him anymore.

You can use the sympathy card of any issue just once. No repeats.

Remember, in 1999, Umno suffered badly due to Malays' sympathy for the jailed Anwar but in 2004 the coalition scored a landslide victory.

Don't tell me that Rafizi's Invoke didn't realise this.

Today, the guy said his outfit's data indicated that Tok Mat is not safe in Rembau.


He never gave the details of the Invoke's data though.

Rembau voters are roughly more than 70 per cent Malays, 16 per cent Indians and nine per cent Chinese.

KJ won there by over 4,000 majority in 2018 amidst the BN meltdown at that time.

There's no indication that things have gone worse for BN there over the past four years.

In fact, Tok Mat convincingly won his Rantau state constituency, which is part of Rembau in the 2019 by-election.

Rantau voters are roughly 54 per cent Malays, 28 per cent Indians and 19 per cent Chinese.

Yup, Rantau is less Malay than Rembau.

Okay, I know, Rafizi was just trying to sow doubts among the BN people and instil some confidence among Pakatan people but the bullshit was a little bit too obvious lah.

He should have picked on something more realistic.

Honestly, I never really care much about the findings of all those outfits, like Invoke, Merdeka Centre and such.

Their readings of things were so conveniently one sided to suit their political preferences.

I'm only commenting on this one by Rafizi because it's too farcical to ignore.

Friday 4 November 2022

GE15 media

 One of the biggest complaints in past elections was that BN controlled the media.

Well, obviously this is not true anymore.

In fact it has not been true since the 2008 general election when social media started to become the most important platform for political parties to send their message to voters.

The so-called mainstream media had been rendered almost useless from then on and now it's almost dead.

Now we have all those news portals such as Malaysiakini, Malay Mail, The Vibes and FMT reigning supreme over the likes of NST, The Star, Utusan etc.

Even rouge websites such as Malaysia Today and Sarawak Report are now more influential than those old established media outlets.

As for the political alignment of those portals and websites, well, that I let you judge for yourselves.

Just look at their headlines and you can tell, okay.

Some of them were pure propaganda works for their preferred political parties.

Or, you can just check on who are the personalities financing those portals and websites.

Definitely, BN no longer control the media in Malaysia after its defeat in 2018.

Just look at NST, which till today was said to be financed by Umno. It now published an almost equal number of stories favourable to Pakatan as those in favour of BN.

My own observation concluded that Pakatan actually have an advantage on media coverage over BN for the coming GE15.

There are more news portals and websites which sided with Pakatan compared with those supporting BN.

The majority of journalists in Malaysia, especially the young ones were pro-Pakatan too.

BN however had been catching some ground in the social media ever since its defeat in 2018.

For instance, Najib's much improved popularity after BN's defeat was almost completely thanks to his exploits in Facebook.

I believe BN has more or less realised by now that traditional media platforms no longer work for it.

Previously the appointments of top editors at news outlets were big news but now no one, except those in the media circle, care about such things.

A smart housewife filling her free time posting and commenting on Facebook and Tic Tok nowadays could be more influential and effective as a political operative than a group editor of a news outlet, who has to spend more than half of her working hours having to manoeuvre the minefields of stupid office politics.

Yup, that's the way it is now.

Journalists, even the good ones are simply not the opinion leaders they used to be.

Definitely not for the coming GE15.