Saturday 9 June 2018

A month after defeat, the only people who could save Umno

It has been a month today since Umno and its BN allies were defeated in GE14.

Initially I thought there will be changes in Umno for the better.

After all, it all depends on that Malay party for BN to bounce back from that defeat.

Unfortunately, now, I'm back being pessimistic about it.

The hope for at least BN being a good opposition and an alternative to PH had gradually went into the longkang.

Umno still seems to be its old self.

That's what I concluded after talking with quite a number of Umno leaders ever since their defeat.

Their general attitude is still the same.

Blame it on everything and everyone except for themselves.

The same goes with the other party operatives.

It's really disheartening.

As for the candidates offering themselves for the party election later this month, most are the usual jokers.

For now, of those vying for high office, only a handful could be considered as okay.

Personally, I'm only okay with these;

Deputy president - Mat Hassan

Vice presidents - KJ and Johari Ghani

Youth chief - Asyraf Wajdi Dasuki

I think the others should just retire or in case of some, better just jump into the river.

But that's just me, okay.

There's still a week before the nomination period closes.

Hopefully, there will be  better candidates coming forward to offer themselves to revive the party.

Otherwise it would be another long five years of suffering and misery for the ordinary party members who mostly crave for change.

Hopefully, members who will be entrusted to vote for the new leadership will have better options and could steel themselves to reject the temptation of succumbing to the usual money politics.

I know that money has been distributed at this point and more was promised later.

At this moment, I have no expectations whatsoever for the division chiefs and those above them in the hierarchy to save the party.

It's now all up to the ordinary members whether Umno could be revived or continues to slide into the drain.

They are the ones who could save the party. Not their leaders.

If they too are the same as the jokers who lead them now, then that's the end of it.

They have to vote as many good leaders (or at least relatively good ones) as possible into office to affect the much desired changes.

Please good Umno people, save your party.

You all got no one else to do it for you.

Get rid of those who caused so many Malaysians to hate your party.

The crude, the rude, the arrogant, the stupid, the corrupt.....get rid of all of them.

You all know who they are.

It's your choice now.

Think clearly in the coming weeks, okay.

That's all.



  1. When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are Stupid

    Vote wisely ya

  2. No worry Annie, very soon the high court is going to do the ordinary umno loving members a favour when it declare umno an illegal party. Then these ordinary genuine umno loving members can proceed to form a new party.
    From what i can see, this is the only way umno can get rid of those parasite who only know how to make use of umno to enrich themselves.

    Its Ku Li & Bastien Onn

  4. Annie,

    //Otherwise it would be another long five years of suffering and misery for the ordinary party members who mostly crave for change//

    I feel that no matter who is elected, UMNO has no chance of a comeback in PRU15.

    So, like it or not, that's your five long years of suffering and misery.

    It is PRU16 which UMNO members should be thinking about - but that is ANOTHER five long years of suffering and misery.

    No matter how you slice and dice it, that is TEN long years of suffering and misery in store for UMNO.

    Of cos, Pakatan could implode in the next few months and things will look rosy again for UMNO.

    I will not be surprised if there are already plans on foot to derail the Pakatan train as quickly as possible.

    But I think this scenario is unlikely because all parties in Pakatan will compromise like hell to ensure that they hold onto power beyond PRU15, at the very least.

    //The crude, the rude, the arrogant, the stupid, the corrupt.....get rid of all of them.//


    They are the ones with all the power and the money.

    And they need to continue controlling the reins of power in UMNO because that is the source of their money.



  5. Annie,

    I wrote a few weak's earlier ,that UMNO cannot be revive by their current leadership ,not even by their division leader because all of them are deep soaks inside the "kubang" if you understand what I mean .
    There are two types of kubang ,one is kubang kerebau and the others is kubang babi ,of which earlier is still acceptable cause it's doesn't smells that bad .

    No points of talking about reviving UMNO if those leaders are up to gave the party it's old image again and I don't think it's would be well accepted by the ordinary members who is carving for a total change.

    I have the feeling of your love for UMNO and there many others non members alike ,believe in the party and I would suggest these people should play an important role in reviving the party to be back on the right track .

  6. Bubarkan umno supaya imej melayu dan Islam boleh dibina semula dengan cepat.

  7. Hey Annie,

    The role of check and balance do not just fall upon on the opposition.

    The public, NGO can voice out and even bloggers like you, with constructive critism.

    We do not need to rely to those useless people you mentioned in your article. It will take some time for them to recover from denial mode.

    Anyway, although the changes for the better comes little by little, the rakyat is now quite happy.

    The rakyat is happy because the new government do not treat the rakyat as mere fools, insult our inteligence and arrogant.

    Music Annie, have such an effect to our emotion and spirit.

    My recommendation to you, to lift your spirit when dealing with UMNO. We are happy now we do need to.
    "The Scientist" - Coldplay [Alex Goot & Jada Facer]

  8. "Get rid of those who caused so many Malaysians to hate your party.

    The crude, the rude, the arrogant, the stupid, the corrupt.....get rid of all of them."

    That pretty much disband the party and establish new.
    Or left umno join PPBM which already initiated and performed

  9. Annie, don't raise your hope up!!!! Umno is damaged brand managed by, as you well pointed out, bunch of jokers. Like the old sayings, kind of hard to teach an old dog a new trick. We can not do the same things by more or less the same people with more or less the same attitude, but expecting different outcome. It is just not going to happen. The way things going now, BN is dead, Umno will eventually split into 2-3 smaller parties.

  10. a broken dumbo is to be buried simple wakakaka

  11. Annie,

    I want to give you some hope.

    So here it is:

    Tun Dr Mahathir keeps a Pet Indian Snake called Syed Akbar Ali, of Outsyed The Box fame.

    Let’s call him “Pet Indian Snake Syed” (PISS).

    Now, PISS has been embarking on a non-stop campaign to attack Anwar. So much so, it’s now the only topic on his blog (he used to lecture people on Islam and Arabs, now it’s full on Anwar.) All of PISS’s snakebites are aimed at Anwar’s rear now.

    PISS is very much the Indian version of RPK: He’s arrogant, loud, rude, thinks (wrongly) that he’s an intellectual, and is usually wrong.

    But PISS simply ikut arahan from above, just like RPK was Najib’s slave.

    So what is PISS up to?

    There is also a website called The Coverage that he references. It worships Mahathir, knocks Anwar, and builds up Azmin.

    So that is the real game PISS is playing: he is under orders to make sure Anwar’s not going to take over.

    As it is, PISS is saying some silly things: “there’s no written agreement” that Anwar will take over (so PISS is saying that Tun is a liar, when Tun repeatedly says Anwar will take over as new PM).

    PISS also says that Anwar’s pardon is invalid, which is pretty far-fetched seeing as Tun was the prime mover for that.


    If I am Umno (leader or blogger), I would just chill for two years, after which this ugly mess will resurface and tear PH apart. Yes, PH will eat itself alive. Umno just needs to buy popcorn and watch.

    Sabar dulu, tuan2. Attack the weakest link. The weakest link in PH is the Azmin camp vs Anwar camp in PKR.

    Like I say, PISS has no brains - he’s merely a keling (don’t worry, Syed Akbar Ali himself defends the use of that word) who just follows orders.

    His orders are to promote Azmin, block out Anwar, and hence ensure that somewhere down the line, Azmin becomes PM and promotes Mukhriz. Mukhriz can’t be promoted directly because he’s done nothing useful (yet.)

    Ahhhh, it’s fun spinning these theories. If PISS or RPK retires, I can take over, ha ha : )

    1. who cares...asal bukan anwar

    2. And you, Anon, under whose direction you wrote this ? wakakakaka

    3. The worst thing is that all this power politics is coming up after only 1 month of PH gomen.

      GET TO WORK you idiots.

      We didn't vote for you so you can sit in a corner and lancap about who will take over power in 2 or 5 years time.


      Jilake PH...

    4. Anon 00:36

      I am 190% agree with you

      The purpose is, make azmin ali the 8th pm

      Then azmin makes mukhriz dpm by maybe 2025

      Tun is clever

      But syed ali is stupid

      Yes u r very correct

      Syed ali is making tun m to be a liar

      This trend is very unhealthy

      They should stop playing politic

      They r killing own credibility

    5. Brader Anver pun DKK jugak.

    6. To all..
      Freedom of speech is applicable to all until u criticise brader anwar bin ibrahim.

      Otsb snake is better than brader chameleon.
      Until now he has no vision for the country. He just talking crap about race, religion, freedom here and there. This man can only talk and never walk. Such an empty mind and narrow vision.
      Since got out from jail, what he is really doing? For the sake of himself or govt?

  12. "Personally, I'm only okay with these;

    Deputy president - Mat Hassan

    Vice presidents - KJ and Johari Ghani

    Youth chief - Asyraf Wajdi Dasuki"

    And... comment on President???

    1. Zahid will win

    2. Ku Li kalau lawan Zahid..gerenti Ku Li menang

  13. Hahahahahaha....

    Those people in the picture can save the party meh?

    The same people who mindlessly cheered for Najib? Put party before country?

    Just dissolve lah...

  14. In the early stage, perjuanganku demi bangsa, agama dan negara. And then the usual brown envelopes move around looking for eager receipients. Sadly it’s business as usual...

    1. Correct bro

      This umno election u will see very heavy money politic

      Biasa ler....

      They never change

  15. ....a delusional cow is bad enough

    ....a herd of delusional cows is a disaster


  16. It has been a month already. Still NO APOLGY from the very guy at the top whose responsible for the downfall of BN. His refusal to step aside after being engulfed with massive scandal had caused the coalition dearly.

    He only stepped down after it all gone. Too little too late which wouldn’t help anything. He didn’t realize that he had led his grand coalition to GE like sacrificial lambs being led to slaughter house.

    Being the most powerful guy in the country, bear in mind that you can control your destiny to a point. Sometimes you need to believe in DIVINE INTERVENTION. If you do good, if your intention is good, you’re in God’s grace.

    For all politicians out there, ALWAYS take a good care of the rakyat. If you LOOK AFTER the rakyat, the rakyat will always look after you.

    1. In addition to the PM being the cause of BN's downfall, I would like to add also the coterie of sycophantic ministers, heads of govt. agencies (PDRM, AG) parliament speaker etc who collectively abetted in the cover-up and stifling of investigations and discussions. So many people in high positions acting against their responsibilities in propping up one man to maintain an artificial calm in the center of the raging 1MDB hurricane.

    2. Bro why zahid also senyap jer

      Even hisham do slight apologies

      Zahid nothing

      Or zahid wants to switch camps?

      We wait and see...

    3. Ya ex top guy went to mekah too many times. Even had the chance to go into the prophet makam. Rumor that even gave salam to prophet which guaranteed him granted wish. So which one is the correct, top guy is a lying thieving scumbag and god has forsaken him or god does not exist as no prayer was answered at god house.

  17. I think the only person who may be able to save umno or prolong its lifespan is anwar.
    Reading the comment section in the cybermedia, anwar is the most unpopular person after the mo1 and
    his hippo.
    The reason being that the stupid guy is showing his impatience in wanting to replace the most powerful and most loved 93 year old pm, by his many suspicious and unpopular action, pertaining to the royalties,race and religion.
    Azmin has been given an important post with control over glcs which has assets totalling 1 trillion,definitely this is a clear indication in where azmin stands in the eye of tun m when compared to anwar,irrespective of what tun said about anwar taking over from him.
    I believe very soon anwar will make a wrong move and his ambition of becoming a PH pm will i think umno should invite him to be the new president.

    1. Over my dead body.Anwar can never be the President of UMNO.I have to take care of our pretty Puteri from being mauled by this bisexual beast.Syed Saddiq is probably on Anwar radar.haha
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Hey 8.32 engko nih konpom macai syed ali ler...why u swallow his bullshit la bro? Guna otak sikit oiiiii

  18. If the President is Zahid Hamidi, then he will be like a ten tonne slab of concrete on the leaking UMNO sampan. The boat won't float, no matter how many "honest" and "competent" paddlers you may have in Mat Hasan, KJ and Johari.

    (and as much as I like Johari, as FM II, he is going to be seen as having aided and abetted FM I in all FM I's country destroying shenanigans.)

    1. The only choice is ku li or zahid

      If annuar and tajuddin and these shit win, then ku li cannot save umno la bro

      Umngok is finished looks like it

    2. Ya, the lineup of folks contesting all these important positions boggles the mind. Still at stage denial among the five stages of grief, I guess.

      Probably another way to save UMNO is for the new Government and AG to dig up all the corrupted dealings of these fellows (including Zahid) and throw them all into the lockup, thus forcing a proper hard reboot of UMNO. UMNO might actually emerge refreshed after an external (but legal and legally based) purge from the outside.

  19. Hi Annie,
    Umno hard la, the pornorogo guy watching the accounts. He has to go to mamak kutty to ask for advice how to run Umno, what a shame.
    Lately, Anwar made news for all the wrong reasons, hopefully he wake up la, try avoid Dermawan and Saiful type of characters near him. If the 3rd time he is caught playing bontot again, the rakyat is not going to save him this time.

  20. Just heard the news. Ku Li is not interested. H2O also just won't bother. It seemed it's just Zahid running the show. What a let down.
    But well, one can just vote the best option available. Like you say Annie, Tok Mat, KJ, Asyraf wajdi. The leaders elected must be perceived to be clean. That's important for umno survival. Why la Tok Pa et al don't want to contest? I think UMNO grassroots are ready to vote for the good guys. They are ready for change.

  21. Give Zahid a chance... Why are u guys so hard on the old man?