Tuesday 29 March 2022

Getting worked up over the DAP's LTTE/BJP wannabes' bullshit (updated)

UPDATES at 10:07 March 30 2022

This is the FMT's headline this morning

Single mum hopes AG won’t oppose suit over children’s conversion

The headline gives the impression that the FMT reporter who did the story was talking to Loh Siew Hong.

But if you read the story, you would realise that it's all the words of the lawyer, who was supposedly representing her.


Her lawyer, A Srimurugan, said Loh had a genuine grievance and an arguable case.

“We hope the attorney-general will not oppose her application on grounds that it is frivolous and an abuse of the court process,” he told FMT

See, I told you that it's not really Loh who is stirring the shit.

And these are what the bastards demanded,


Loh, who filed the application in the High Court last week, is also asking for a declaration that a provision in the Perlis state enactment that allows a parent to unilaterally convert minor children is unconstitutional.

She also wants a declaration that her twin daughters and son are of the Hindu faith and were legally incapable of embracing Islam without her consent.

Of course they used Loh's name to make their demands.

Why didn't the FMT reporter try to contact Loh and let her speak for herself about the whole thing.

Asked her why she previously said that she doesn't care about the kids being Muslims and all that matter was for her to be reunited with them.

That FMT reporter Anbalagan is actually a very senior court reporter who previously worked for many years with NST.

Of course he can get Loh on the phone to get her comments if he was instructed to do so by the editors.

Even a much more junior FMT reporter had previously got hold of Loh early in the morning to interview her and the kids right after they got together again.

Remember that interview where the kids were saying that they just finished performing their Suboh  prayers and were happy to be with their mother again?

One of the twin girls even said during the interview that she hopes to be a syariah judge when she grows up or something like that.

Remember that one?

Well, I actually can imagine what happened at the FMT office this morning.

Anbalagan walked in about 9am and one of the editors called him over to the editorial desk and told him to call one of Loh's lawyers ( whom probably is his friend) saying that they need to run another story on Loh.

Anbalagan must be a bit irritated as these phone interview things are normally  assigned to a less senior reporter. Senior court expert reporters like him are supposed to be just hanging out at the courts and get the big complicated court stories.

But being a pro, Anbalagan carried out the instruction and quickly finished writing the story as according to what Loh's lawyer said to him. After all, he needed to go to the courts to do his routine court stories.

If you read Anbalagan's story you would notice that it's just a dry factual story. The lawyer said his client want this and that and that's about it.

So the editor, knowing that Anbalagan being a senior will throw a fit if he tries to edit the story too much or put additional bullshit left it mostly intact.

All he could do was to make the headline looks as if the whole shit was coming from Loh and not the  lawyer.

Anything happened, they can make it looks like this is a battle of a single mother to restore the Hindu faith of her children.

That's actually weird, as someone had told me that Loh was actually a Buddhist.

I was also told several other things about Loh but I'm not going to put it here because they were not very nice personal stuff.

Anyway, you all may expect more of this shit in the coming days. 

I'm quite sure they will come up with another Loh story before the end of even today.



 I thought we were done with the Loh Siew Hong story after she was reunited with her children.

That was until some lawyers who were supposedly representing her came out with statements that she wanted to nullify the children's conversion to Islam.

Always the lawyers and not Loh, who made those statements which were published by the usual news portals.

At first there was no reaction from anyone.

Then these lawyers continued making similar statements over and over again as if fishing for something.

And today the PAS people finally responded saying anyone who try to turn the kids from Islam will get some shit coming from them.

Immediately, those lawyers came out with guns blazing and the portals lapped it up with these sort of stories;

After PASwarning, Loh's lawyers condemn intimidation ahead of challenge against her three kids' conversion


“We urge all parties to refrain from making any statements pertaining to the case, as it might incite hatred and cause unnecessary tension among various races in the country.

“While we respect the freedom of speech and expression of every citizen in this country, we urge religious figures not to produce any more videos or make any further comments pertaining to the case or against Madam Loh Siew Hong, as the matter is already pending before the Court,” it said.

“We hope that this case will not be politicised and the legal process be allowed to take its own course. We believe in the legal process and we place our trust in the judiciary to resolve the dispute between the parties amicably,” it added.

Yea, right. They stir the shit and now they want for people to keep quiet and take it all in their face without feeling or saying anything.

Hey, who exactly the ones who want the kids not to be Muslims anymore? 

Loh or the lawyers, who have their own agenda?

Remember when Loh said she doesn't care whether her kids are Muslims or Christians or Jewish and such?

That all she ever wanted was to be with her kids again.

Remember that?

What happened to that Loh?

Who are these lawyers and who are behind them?

My bet is they are the same LTTE/BJP wannabe bastards from DAP who tried to turn this simple family dispute into a racial religious polemic so that they could be seen as heroes by their community.

They actually enjoy throwing such shit at Muslims so that they react to it and then they could later point fingers and call the Muslims racists and bigots.

Remember when fireman Adib died? That was what they did. 

Remember all those insulting comments by them in the social media?

And when the Malay Muslims got angry and decided not to support Pakatan anymore because those LTTE/BJP wannabe assholes are mostly hiding behind the DAP skirt, they jeered the Malay Muslims some more as being pro-corruption and shit.

Well, the Malay Muslims don't give a fuck with that okay. 

For them the corrupt Umno/BN people are anytime better than those LTTE/BJP cunts who insulted and taunt them and mocking their religion. 

Yeah, that's the real reason why the Malay Muslims overwhelmingly voted for the return of Umno/BN back to power.

They are hoping to shut those bastards up.

It doesn't really have anything to do with Najib Bossku, okay.

For them, even if Najib did really steal all those 1MDB money, he's still anytime better than those LTTE/BJP wannabe shit in DAP.

Really guys, these shit behaviour of the LTTE/BJP wannabes in DAP has been piling up since Pakatan won in 2018.

They became so fucking arrogant and believe that they can do anything and get away with it.

You all Pakatan supporters should try not to be too stupid, okay. Those bastards are the ones who did you all in at the polls.

Not BN, not Umno, not even Najib.

You all want to fix the situation, you go and fix those bastards among yourselves.

See, even I got all worked up looking at their shit behaviour.

Well, it's up to you all.

If you don't believe me, you'll just wait until GE15. The Malay Muslim majority votes are going to bury you all so hard that your heads will spin.

Yeah, just wait and see.

Friday 25 March 2022

Jazlan's honest answer

 In this previous post

I wrote;

excerpts -

For one thing, I'm quite confident Umno and its BN allies in Johor will not be doing so great like they did in the state election if GE15 is held now.

They may likely lose a lot of those marginal parliamentary seats in the state.

If you don't believe me, go and ask Johor Umno deputy chief Jazlan whether he is eager to again contest  the Pulai seat, which he lost in 2018.

The guy is normally quite honest about such things and I expect him to give you an honest answer.

And last night the guy gave his honest answer;

Jazlan will not try to win back Pulai parliamentary seat in GE15


He pointed out that despite BN winning the recent Johor election by clinching 40 out of 56 state seats, the coalition only won about 43 per cent of the popular vote.

He said BN should have win at least 60 per cent of the votes to be confident of making a full comeback at the next general election.

“The Johor state election may have been won by BN, but don’t be overjoyed as the figures also showed that we have lost our grassroots support. Sadly, this also makes it difficult for BN to reclaim Pulai,” he said.

I was told that Jazlan actually became truly convinced that he can't win back Pulai after the MB appointment bullshit stunt that they pulled after BN won the state election.

He must have known that whatever sympathy the better educated Johorean Malays have for Umno in the state was lost that day.

They are not going to let themselves get conned again....at least not willingly.

And for Jazlan, whose Pulai was a marginal urban constituency, he knew that he can't do without the support of that group of Malays.

As I previously pointed out, about half of Johor's 26 parliamentary constituencies are similar to Pulai.

Umno/BN actually have less than 10 parliamentary constituencies with comfortable Malay majority in the state that they could really consider as white areas. 

And of course, DAP, despite its current troubles, is still quite safe at their Chinese majority strongholds.

Yup, GE15 in Johor would be a totally different ball game than the recent state election.

I have seen this from the start and that's why I was so pissed off when the MB appointment bullshit happened.

Just when Umno needs all the credibility that it could muster, they did that crap again.

Really frustrating, okay.

Tomorrow the lame duck MB will name his exco members. 

But does it really matter?

The whole bunch will be lame ducks who won't really get to decide on anything anyway.

I know it, you all know it, Jazlan knows it....yeah, everyone knows it.

Ok, ok, ok.....I know I said in my last posting that I would try not to care about Johor anymore, but honestly, I can't resist it when I saw Jazlan's statement.

The guy is the Johor Umno deputy chief and was Pulai MP for 14 years, yet he knew he can't win the seat back despite his party forming the state government with two-thirds majority.

That's how fucked up the situation in Johor, and it was not even entirely Umno's fault.


Wednesday 23 March 2022

Trying not to care about Johor

 I was about to sleep when a friend from JB called about 2am this morning.

I thought there was some sorts of emergency but it turned out that he just wanted my opinion on this case,

Ex-president of JCorp charged for allegedly cheating board members

My friend said he was quite upset over it because he knew the JCorp former boss was a good guy and thought that the charge was weird and flimsy.

He even was of the opinion that the guy had been set up.

I was actually a bit annoyed that he disturbed me just because of that, but instead of scolding him, I said he should wait for what is going to happen in court.

I also told him not to get too upset with what is happening in JCorp because the nonsense in that state investment arm has actually been happening for many years now.

I have my own theory on what had happened but felt that it's not worth sharing it with my friend or write it here.

I may end up in jail if I let you all know what I think about it, okay.

JCorp was supposed to belong to Johoreans, so let them figure the problem out and fix it themselves....if they can la.

Hopefully they even realise that JCorp actually belongs to them. If they think it belongs to someone else, then, they are really screwed. No one, including themselves can help them.

Well, I'm out of the fight now as I truly no longer live in Johor and have nothing that really tied me to the state anymore.

Nowadays, when people asked me where is my kampung, I sometimes jokingly said I'm from Pahang.

Okay, maybe I'll bitch about Johor once in a while such as when I did over the MB appointment bullshit that day.

But that's about all there is to it.

Only if it's such a glaring bullshit such as that one, okay.

When I left Johor back then, I still wrote a lot about the nonsense that was happening in my home state but nothing really came out of it.

Many Johoreans are still stupidly proud calling themselves Bangsa Johor as if that makes them special.

I wrote my thoughts on that in this post on Aug 28, 2016,

Do Johoreans need Bangsa Johor?

Now I couldn't care less.

Johoreans simply have to endure the nonsense until they can't endure it anymore.

When that happens, hopefully they will have the courage to do something about it.

They actually reached that point in 2018 but the problem continues till today.

Well, I think they'll blow up again sooner or later and maybe when that happens for the second time, they will go all the way to solving the problem once and for all.

As for myself, I think I have done all that I could.

Maybe I'll do more later, if I feel like it, but not now.

Now, I just want to chill out a bit.

Maybe I'll go to the beach later in the evening if it's not raining.


Tuesday 22 March 2022

A Russian song

 I have been updating this blog daily for the past week.

Now, I'm a bit tired.

Need to rest a bit.

Today I just want to tell you all about 

Viktor Tsoi

He's a Russian rock singer that I like very much.

I have been listening to his songs quite a bit lately.

One in particular, called Kukushka has been covered by other Russian artistes and became quite popular ever since the start of the Ukraine war in 2014.

This is one of those covers of the song being used by the Donbass Russian separatists to tell their story,

I think it's more effective than all the talk by Putin about why the Russians invaded Ukraine.

Still, I don't think Tsoi had that in mind when he wrote the song.

This is the original, which is more sedate than the cover.

The video was actually put together from Tsoi's concerts and not that of the song. 

Kukushka was released after Tsoi's death in a road crash in 1990.

His voice singing the song was recorded just days before his demise at the age of 28.

Unlike the rich Western rockstars, Tsoi lived his short life almost entirely in poverty, working as a boilerman to make ends meet for his wife and child, as well as support his band Kino.

Those were towards the end of Soviet Union at that time.

I respect Tsoi for being true to himself.

Wish I could be the same.

Monday 21 March 2022

DAP Malays need to work harder

 This is the full list of DAP's new CEC members:

National chairman: Lim Guan Eng

Deputy national chairman: Gobind Singh Deo

Vice-national chairman: Nga Kor Ming; Chow Kon Yeow; Chong Chieng Jen, M. Kula Segaran, Teresa Kok

Secretary-general: Anthony Loke Siew Fook

Deputy secretary-general: Liew Chin Tong; V. Sivakumar (co-opted); Tengku Zulpuri (co-opted)

National treasurer: Fong Kui Lun

Assistant national treasurer: Ng Sze Han

National organising secretary: Sim Chee Keong

Assistant national organising secretary: Ng Suee Lim; Khoo Poay Tiong

National publicity secretary: Teo Nie Ching

Assistant national publicity secretary: Yeoh Tseow Suan; V. Ganabatirau (co-opted)

International secretary: Jannie Lasimbang

Assistant international secretary: Kasthuri Patto

Political education director: Wong Kah Woh

Assistant political education director: Wong Shu Qi

Committee members: Tan Kok Wai; Lim Lip Eng; Lim Hui Ying; Alice Lau Kiong Yieng, Chan Foong Hin, Ronnie Liu, Tan Hong Pin, Young Syefura Othman, Teo Kok Seong, Su Keong Siong, Wu Him Ven, and Syahredzan Johan (co-opted)

The only Malay DAP leader who was elected was new Dapsy number two Young Syefura Othman.

The other Malays in the list were appointed to their posts. Probably to balance the line-up a bit so that it doesn't look like the party is excluding the Malays too much.

My favourite DAP personality Bandar Utama assemblywoman Jamaliah Jamaluddin didn't make the cut and was not appointed.

She had contested for Dapsy's number one post but lost.

I'm not sure why the DAP delegates didn't choose her because she's smart, hardworking and beautiful.

I suspect that it got something to do with her looks,

She looks too Chinese despite being officially a Malay.

Well, she's a Sino Malay, okay.

Unlike Young Syefura, she doesn't wear a tudung, behave like an artiste and live a Malay celebrity lifestyle.

So, I think the DAP delegates found Jamaliah to be lacking in term of attracting more Malays to the party.

After all, her Bandar Utama constituency is a Chinese-majority area.

No added value, I guess.

Okay, I know some of you DAP supporters would jump and say I'm being a racist for saying all that because your party does everything based on meritocracy.

Fine, but I can't help to think that way when I looked at the CEC list.

Seriously, only one Malay elected? And she looks just like a prop to make the party more appealing to young Malays.

Even the Indians, who made up just about seven per cent of the population were better represented in the list. 

They even appointed that V. Ganabatirau, who accused "muslim groups" of attacking the Hindu temple where fireman Adib was fatally beaten, into the CEC.

Ya, ya, ya....I know, I know, this is all about meritocracy.


Well, DAP Malays, work harder, okay.


By the way, Cik Jamaliah, I think you should just remain elegant the way you are. No need to copy Young Syefura and her getik ways. 

Sunday 20 March 2022

Old sickness of Umno cybertroopers

 I don't really like Raja Petra and disagree a lot with what he used to say.

However, I have to admit that I agree with most of what he said in this video;

One of the main reasons for Umno/BN's defeat in 2018 was because of the poor quality of its cybertroopers and their highly paid bosses.

I actually wrote about it several times in the run up to GE14.

This is one of those posts;

Between showing support and winning support

I wrote that on Nov 1, 2016, which was almost one and a half years before GE14.

Umno/BN people never fix that problem until the whole thing came crashing down on them in 2018.

And despite the humiliation that came with the defeat that year, they continued being stupid when it comes to the media war.

I wrote about it in this post on May 18, 2018,

Story of stupid BN comms

Things, however, began to improve later on, with Najib's team especially being quite successful with their Bossku branding.

Bear in mind that the new Bossku team is not the same as those who screwed up prior to 2018.

No more million dollar foreign adviser or media baron, I heard.

However, unfortunately for them, now that the people are warming up again to Umno/BN, I can sense the old sickness coming back.

I heard some of the previous so-called media experts are coming back....to make money again, I guess.

They don't seemed to realise that people are returning to support Umno/BN again not because it is really getting better but more because of Pakatan making a mess of things.

And some of these BN/Umno cybertroopers are starting to make the same old mistakes again.

They tried to shut up people and argue their way like morons.

Just look at the way some of them handled the recent bullshit Johor menteri besar appointment.

Cybertroopers, don't la write stupid insulting comments like this;

Let it rest lah...If Hasni can accept and he himself agree to it why should people like u make noise. They need a younger man as MB when TMJ becomes the acting Regent when his Father becomes the King. Faham?

It only pisses off more people, okay. 

It may give you some kind of weird pleasure telling people off but it would not help your cause as people will think you represent an arrogant and ignorant Umno.

Onn, you better train your people better. Don't make the same mistakes that you did with the handling of Malaysian Digest.

People don't like an arrogant and ignorant Umno, just like how they did throughout the run up to the 2018 general election.

Saturday 19 March 2022

BN would still win GE15 despite the Johor nonsense

Someone asked me this morning whether BN could still win GE15 after the bullshit that happened in Johor last weekend.

My answer was, of course BN will win.

Yup, that's despite my vow not to vote for it because I was pissed off over the nonsense in Johor.

Mine is just one vote, okay. It doesn't really change anything. By the way I'm not giving my vote to anyone else, so BN people should not worry about it too much.

I'm just being a neutral observer now.

Okay, things maybe a bit more complicated in Johor for BN, but I don't think that nonsense over the MB appointment would affect it too much elsewhere.

As expected, Umno is pushing for an early GE15 at its ongoing general assembly and I think it will get its wish.

Ismail Sabri could not go against that. Otherwise he will be transformed from being a party vice-president into a party traitor.

So, GE15 will be held before the Umno election scheduled before end of this year. My bet is that it would be within two or three months from now, after Hari Raya.

I believe that Agong will agree with that, especially after what happened in Johor.

Why I think BN will win?

Simple. Because all the anti-BN people are now in a mess. 

They wouldn't have the time to focus on preparations for GE15.

It's quite evident that each one of them are now merely trying to save themselves.

Their leaders were doing everything they could to rally their own vote banks as they know the old rhetorics against BN didn't really work with most people anymore.

Guan Eng today issued yet another statement to project the image of DAP or to be more exact himself, as  the defender of the non-Malays by questioning the equity shareholding of Bumiputera.

And the other day, a bunch of Indian DAP MPs tried to create a scene in Dewan Rakyat over the Mitra issue so they could be seen as the heroes of their community. 

All very stupid, actually.

What they are doing just showed that they have actually gave up on winning GE15 and only want to keep their parliamentary seats.

As for the anti-BN Malay gang, they are finding it almost impossible to counter Umno as seen in Johor and Melaka.

They don't really have anything solid to offer the Malays.

True, there are still Malays who hate Umno so much that they would vote against it no matter what, but they are now a rather small minority.

Most Malays are fed up with what happened after GE14 and now they just want a strong and stable government again.

Pakatan actually really screwed up when it came to winning the hearts and minds of the Malays when they were in power after GE14.

Their leaders and supporters insulted the Malays to no end at that time by their words and conducts.

Personally, I will always remember what they said and did when fireman Adib died. Those were the most hurtful for me.

Of course, when the Malays started to once again supporting Umno, they switched to insulting them even more by accusing the Malays of condoning corruption and abuses of power.

They forgot that the results of GE14 was because many Malays, including even Umno members gave them their votes because they believe in what Pakatan leaders said about Umno.

After all those insults, there's no way the majority of Malays will not support Umno and its BN allies again.

That was what happened in Johor, Melaka and all those earlier by-elections.

Yup, they have no other choice but to vote for Umno and its BN allies now, even after the nonsense in Johor that day.

They would just stomach that one for now and deal with it later.

Seriously, I'm writing this not because I'm campaigning for Umno and BN. 

I'm writing this, because it is the reality on the ground.

By the way, I think BN can still win about 14 of the 26 parliament seats in Johor. If not for the nonsense that day, it could probably win up to 19 or 20.

Friday 18 March 2022

Pujuk Melayu

Malays are generally soft hearted people.

They tend to easily forgive and forget. 

Maybe that's why a friend, who is a Johor Umno division chief sent this picture last night

Yup, it's the picture of the new Johor MB, his uncle and Hasni.

They were at a dinner gathering held in conjunction with the ongoing Umno general assembly.

My friend didn't say anything as I think he knew I was still pissed off over what happened last weekend.

But I understand his message - "Hey, cool down. Hasni is okay with those two. Let's get back to business as usual."

Yeah, sure. What do you expect Hasni to do. Run away as the uncle and nephew approached the table for the photo op? Punch their faces?

Of course not. Hasni is too much a gentleman to do such nonsense. He instead greeted them nicely and smiled with them for the cameras.

What my friend doesn't seemed to understand was that I was not actually pissed off because Hasni was blocked from becoming MB.

I hardly know the guy, having only met and talked with him once, just before the Tanjong Piai by-election in 2019. I wrote about it in this post;

Tanjung Piai, between Umno and MCA


A very high ranking Johor Umno leader asked me the other day whom should BN field in the upcoming Tanjung Piai by-election.

I actually felt honoured that he asked for my opinion. After all, I'm just a nobody while he is a very important Johor Umno decision maker.

Yup, that "very high ranking Johor Umno leader" was Hasni. I didn't put his name in that post because I don't want to be seen as his paid macai or something.

I never tried to even approach him after that encounter as I have never been really comfortable with doing such things.

As for my anger over these past few days, I was actually pissed off because they think its okay and within their rights to throw the rakyat's democratic rights into the dustbin.

If Onn Hafiz had became the MB in a proper way, I would have cheered him on, actually. 

He would probably be a good MB who would protect the people's interests. 

But now he can't be one.

I think even my friend knows that.

It's such a pity as I actually like the guy after meeting him several times after BN's defeat in 2018.

I wrote about him in this post on March 7, 2020;

Looks good in Johor


4. Onn Hafiz Ghazi
I first heard about this young man during the GE13 campaign. Smart, hard working, polite, and sincere were qualities I heard about him at that time. He was just a young junior Umno guy then and it was said that he didn't mind being assigned to minor things despite him being the great grandson of Umno founder Datuk Onn Jaafar. I however only met him in person in the aftermath of GE14. My assessment of him after several encounters was that he looked the way he was described to me back then. I have high hopes for this guy to be part of the future of a good Umno.

Okay, I may have been very harsh on the guy in my past few postings, but what else could I do.

The thought of Johor having another lame duck MB really irked me.

I really can't see how the guy could act in the interest of the common Johorean folks with the way he was appointed to the post.

What have the common Johorean folks benefited from all the jingoism being peddled since 2013?

Calling themselves Bangsa Johor made their lives better?

JDT won their matches improved their quality of life?

What did they gain from the selling off of the coastal land to Chinese mainlanders which stretched all the way from Stulang to near the Second Link? They can't even afford to buy a house there, okay.

Seriously, I can't see any real positive development in Johor for the rakyat marhaen over the past nine years except for the leftover of projects initiated before 2013.

If Onn Hafiz wants to prove people like me wrong, he must stand up, be courageous and change all that.

And Johor Umno better back him up if he does that.

Otherwise, you all would also be just a lame duck party.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Knowing my place in the world

A friend yesterday sent a message telling me to know my place in the world because of my not so nice opinion about what happened in Johor over these past few days.

He insisted that the appointment of the new Johor MB was good.

Well, I can actually argue on that but decided not to do so because he is a dear friend.

I hate quarrelling with a friend.

Also, I know who he is working for and therefore it would be a waste of my time and energy to try make him understand my point of view.

By the way, I actually know exactly my place in the world. 

I am not rich and have no important position.

Basically, I'm just a nobody....with not much to lose. 

Really, that's what I am.

Sorry to disappoint especially the loyal pro-Pakatan readers of this blog. I'm really not paid by Umno to write my nonsense.

As I wrote before, this blog is just a journal of my thoughts. It just so happened that I know a bit of politics, and that's what turned this blog into a political one.

Honestly, I don't even really care whether people read this blog. 

I have no desire to be either rich or famous and that's why I don't even have any active Facebook or Twitter account.

I'm also actually quite aware that I can't really write. My English is bad and Bahasa even worse.

Why would anyone want to pay me for by bad writings, right?

Ok, ok, I know, even the newly minted Johor MB had admitted in court that he once handled hundreds of thousands of ringgit to run a party propaganda portal. But really guys, I'm not like that at all.

I'm not even an Umno member, okay.

As for my writings about Johor politics, if you all go through the archive of this blog, you would probably realise that I actually criticised the BN state administration under Khaled Nordin more than I did against the two Pakatan MBs after him.

Honestly, Khaled was not worse as an MB if compared to the Pakatan guys but I criticised him more because I hold him at a higher level of expectation as he represented Umno.

I actually believe that Khaled would have been a much better MB if not for the interferences that he had to deal with throughout his unfortunate one term in Kota Iskandar.

As for the new MB, he will definitely have it worse. I'm quite sure of this.

At least Khaled was an Umno division chief and later on the party's state chief when he assumed the post, 

He even hold a federal ministerial post before that and therefore have quite some experience in managing an administration.

The current MB is none of that.

But then again I guess all he needs to do is just sit there in the office and do as he's told.

I heard the currently all powerful state secretary can handle everything for him.

As for the political side of things, I did ask my senior Johor Umno friends whether Hasni would be forced to also give his state Umno chief post to the upstart and they said that would be unthinkable.

They insisted that the guy needs to at least be a division chief first before thinking about becoming the state party chief.

Well, I think his uncle in Semberong can fix that one. 

I know one or two division chiefs who are aligned with him that could be persuaded to give up their posts for that purpose in exchange of maybe a candidacy for a parliamentary seat in GE15.

I know, this is all sounding very sordid, but that's how it is in politics.

Can't really blame them, actually. This involves power, money....lots of money and other more than just nice perks.


The price we rakyat have to pay for democracy....and in Johor, it's not even real democracy anymore. 

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Umno, grow a real backbone, please

Umno is having its AGM again today and all are expecting its delegates to push for GE15.

Maybe they were right because the party just led BN to a stunning victory in the Johor election.

However, after what happened yesterday, I think Umno delegates need to think carefully before they do that.

What could Umno offer the people now?

Could it protect the democratic rights of the people?

If Umno can't stand for its own right like what happened in Johor, what can the people expect from it when it comes to defending their rights?

Malaysians are not slaves, okay. We have our own mind and can think for ourselves.

The Umno delegates should better remember that or they will suffer another humiliation like in 2018.

Unless they could stand up at their AGM and voice their objection against the erosion of democratic principles such as what happened in Johor, then they better not talk about having a general election for now.

For one thing, I'm quite confident Umno and its BN allies in Johor will not be doing so great like they did in the state election if GE15 is held now.

They may likely lose a lot of those marginal parliamentary seats in the state.

If you don't believe me, go and ask Johor Umno deputy chief Jazlan whether he is eager to again contest  the Pulai seat, which he lost in 2018.

The guy is normally quite honest about such things and I expect him to give you an honest answer.

Oh, and I hope Khaled Nordin will contest Pasir Gudang again if GE15 is to be held soon. Let's see if he can get the seat back. Honestly, I don't think he could.

Then there are Ledang, Muar, Batu Pahat, Segamat, Johor Baru etc.

Let's not even talk about the DAP's strongholds like Bakri, Kulai, Kluang, etc.

Bear in mind that despite winning a two-thirds majority in the state election, Umno and its BN allies only received 43 per cent of the popular votes.

And the voters turnout was just less than 60 per cent.

What if voters, especially the fence sitters who supported BN in the state election also decided they can't be bothered with the whole nonsense after what happened yesterday.

They had expected a good leader like Hasni as their MB to protect their rights and instead they got a shameless khadam.

If GE15 is to be held now, Umno people can go around proudly campaigning in their uniforms and glamour but the people will likely just sneer behind their back just like what happened in 2018.

They may dislike Pakatan and the others, but they wouldn't be too enthusiastic to support a party which doesn't have a backbone and failed to keep its promises.

Syok sendiri je lah korang. Umno jaga Melayu, tapi Melayu elite je.

Yup, many people would probably say that, again.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

So sorry, Johor

So, it has come to this,

That, despite this,

38 Johor BN reps submit SDs to palace supporting Hasni 

I have checked the story and it's true.

Johor BN indeed tried but was unsuccessful to stop the whole thing from happening.

It's too weak to defend the people's democratic rights. Even with that two-thirds majority.

Well, I will keep my words; I will not vote for BN in GE15 and I will pray for the new Johor MB's uncle Hishammuddin Hussein to lose in Semberong in that coming election.

That's the least that I could do.

As for this blog, I will once again turn it into a neutral platform.

For Johoreans, these are excerpts of an article published in Berita Harian in 2019,

Sultan Azlan Shah menerusi tulisannya The Role of Constitutional Rulers in Malaysia menyatakan:

“biarpun benar bahawa pelantikan seseorang Menteri Besar adalah prerogatif Sultan, baginda tidak bebas untuk melantik sesiapa yang disukai. Apabila parti yang memenangi majoriti kerusi memutuskan untuk mencalonkan seorang daripada ahlinya, Sultan terbabit tidak mempunyai pilihan kecuali melantiknya.”

Ini jelas menunjukkan kegagalan mematuhi konvensyen ini akan menyebabkan Sultan terbabit dalam politik partisan. Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) mungkin boleh meluluskan undi tidak percaya terhadap Menteri Besar yang baru dilantik. Jika perkara itu berlaku, pasti boleh memalukan baginda dan seterusnya membawa kepada krisis Perlembagaan.

Pertimbangan ikut budi bicara

Bagaimanapun, sesetengah situasi mengizinkan baginda membuat pertimbangan mengikut budi bicara tersendiri. Antaranya jika kedudukan DUN ‘tergantung’ dan tiada mana-mana pihak memiliki majoriti, selain pihak majoriti berbelah bahagi dalam soal pemilihan ketua. Hal sama berlaku jika terdapat gabungan dan ia berbelah bahagi dalam pemilihan ketua.

Ketika berlaku pembubaran juga, Menteri Besar meninggal dunia atau meletak jawatan, maka Sultan mempunyai kuasa untuk memilih Menteri Besar sementara.

Artikel 4(2) dan 7(2) (a) mengenai pelantikan Menteri Besar oleh Sultan, mestilah dibaca dengan mengambil kira kandungan Perlembagaan yang mengandungi ciri-ciri demokrasi berikut (a) Menteri Besar bukan wizir/wazir peribadi kepada Sultan, tetapi dipilih DUN; (b) Menteri Besar dan EXCO perlu menjawab kepada DUN, bukan kepada Sultan: Artikel 4(5); (c) terdapat DUN yang dipilih: Artikel 15; (d) Menteri Besar boleh dipecat oleh DUN melalui undi tidak percaya: Artikel 4(6); dan (e) Sultan adalah Raja Berperlembagaan yang mesti bertindak atas nasihat yang dikawal situasi tertentu apabila budi bicara diperlukan.

Tiada kuasa bubarkan DUN

Timbul juga persoalan adakah Sultan memiliki kuasa untuk membubarkan DUN? Jawapannya tidak.

Perkara 23 menyebut baginda mempunyai kuasa untuk memulakan dan menangguhkan DUN, tetapi atas nasihat. Begitu juga dengan Perkara 23(2) yang menyebut baginda mempunyai kuasa untuk membubarkan pada peringkat pertengahan, walaupun DUN belum berakhir, tetapi juga atas nasihat dan ini tertakluk kepada Perkara 7(1).

Monday 14 March 2022

Say no to erosion of democracy in Johor (updated)

 I will not vote for BN in GE15 if this guy becomes the new Johor MB.

And I'll pray for his uncle to lose in Semberong too.

Updates at 10:15, March 15, 2022

This is an article written this morning by a JB-based journalist.

And he's a Chinese.

Hasni: BN’s unsung Johor hero

By Ben Tan

Malay Mail

We have certainly read plenty about political careers that have been cut short by extramarital affairs or misconduct, but usually never about a politician, who less than 48 hours ago, led his party to a resounding victory and was given a strong mandate to lead in a state election.

In Johor, such a scenario looks set to take place after Barisan Nasional (BN) mentri besar-designate Datuk Hasni Mohammad signalled that he will pass on the all-important post to someone younger.

In a statement issued last night, the 62-year-old Hasni (he turns 63 on March 27) conceded that he will not head the new state government but will instead give way to a younger candidate.

His statement also hinted that he was a victim of political intrigue that was beyond his power. Surprising for a survivor of numerous political turmoils and upheavals over the years.

Unexpected turn of events

As a Johor leader, Hasni has always been conscious about the state’s multiracial demographic. Under his stewardship, he has been credited with steering Johor BN to reject divisive racial politicking, while ensuring that the coalition anchored by Umno remains inclusive and pluralistic.

An Umno insider close to Hasni’s administration said the turn of events was not only unexpected but a disappointment for all within the party and a loss for Johoreans.

“Unbelievable, the MB who called for the dissolution of the Johor state assembly, paving the way for a state election and later giving BN a landslide victory, is not an MB anymore.

“By tomorrow, we would all know if there will be a new Johor mentri besar besides Datuk Hasni,” the Umno insider told Malay Mail late last night. 

Hailed as Johor BN’s “Poster Boy”, Hasni had led the coalition to a spectacular super-majority win after securing 40 out of 56 state seats in last Saturday’s state election.

He had envisioned Johor BN would take the lead on the national stage, ultimately being a model for the coalition’s return as a relevant political force.

However, Hasni's expected appointment as Johor mentri besar yesterday did not take place. Rumours circulated that he was not named despite the clamour that he would return to the post after the election.

By yesterday evening, party insiders at the Johor Mentri Besar’s official residence in Saujana here described the embattled Johor Umno chief as being emotionally withdrawn and that he had accepted his fate.

This was unlike the Hasni who steered Johor throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and had made the bold move to call for a snap state election, despite the risks.

Within Johor Umno, many leaders were rattled and questioned how to explain to the people who voted for Hasni that he would not be MB now.

Even veteran Umno leader Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad openly questioned the unexpected decision on his Facebook page last night, saying he was "ashamed" of his party. 

A dedicated Umno man

Hasni, who rose through Umno’s ranks to be the Johor mentri besar, hails from the semi-urban sub-district of Pengkalan Raja in Pekan Nanas which is under the geater parliamentary constituency of Tanjung Piai (it used to be under the Pontian parliamentary constituency).

The articulate four-term Benut assemblyman and former Pontian MP is known for his pleasant demeanor and well liked from both backbenchers within his own BN coalition, as well as the Opposition.

The same Umno insider described Hasni’s gentlemanly conduct as as his strong point for many years.

“Datuk Hasni is known to avoid personal conflict, instead preferring to use facts to argue his point. He is a fair person without any incriminating scandals to his name. 

“So much so, he is also respected by some of his political rivals,” said the insider.

This was evident during the recent campaign in the running-up to the state polls, where Opposition and rival politicians never directly criticised Hasni. They instead took it out on BN’s national leaders such Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The trained engineer has been described by his peers as also having an approachable and humble persona. Part of this was due to him being the son of a community leader and village head in Pekan Nanas.

His strong sense of loyalty to Umno was also from being an active Youth wing member and also his family’s support for the Malay nationalist party in the past. 

Such qualities made Hasni standout even when he returned to Malaysia after furthering his engineering degree at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in the United States during the 1980s.

Hasni, who was the Johor Opposition Leader when the federal and state government was under Pakatan Harapan (PH) in 2018, had managed to uphold Umni even after several of the party’s elected representatives in Johor defected to rival Malay party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu).

During his stint in the Opposition bloc, he pushed for political reforms and better allocation from PH to his fellow BN assemblyman in the Johor state assembly.

Tanjung Piai, first step to reclaim Johor

Hasni’s big break came the following year in the Tanjung Piai parliamentary by-election in November 2019 where as the election director, he led BN to victory with a stunning majority over PH.

In the by-election, MCA’s Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng secured a 25,466 majority win over the then ruling PH coalition, while the Bersatu rival only polled 10,380 votes.

Many within BN’s top leadership saw Hasni’s capabilities and credited his efforts for the Tanjung Piai by-election win. 

His efforts were instrumental in what he later termed as the “Johor Way”, where the state’s BN would champion for Johoreans based upon multiracialism and consensus building across races.

First stint as Johor MB

Following the national political maneuvering, called the Sheraton Move that led to the formation of a new government under Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in March 2020, Hasni was then appointed to the post of Johor mentri besar.

From then on, his administration faced challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, starting with a nationwide lockdown, border closure as well as various restrictions.

Despite the uphill task, Hasni and his administration managed Johor well and introduced a stimulus package with several noted reforms. Among them is the increase of allocation for all assemblymen, irrespective of their political affiliation.

He was also among the few politicians that understood the need to boost south Johor’s economy. He noted that as long as the Johor-Singapore border closures are in place, Johor Baru and its surrounding areas will not be viable for business.

Johor polls, a test of BN’s return 

Last year, after Umno ousted Muhyiddin and installed Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob as prime minister, Hasni saw a need for BN to establish a stable state government on its own.

Deputy Johor Umno chief Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said the results favouring BN after the Melaka state election in November last year was a turning point.

“Hasni and the state leadership saw a real need to have a state election in order for BN to govern the state well.

“The decision was made after the death of former mentri besar and Bersatu assemblyman, the late Datuk Osman Sapian in December last year,” Nur Jazlan told Malay Mail.

Despite having an “understanding” with the Opposition PH state assemblymen as well as Perikatan Nasional (PN)-aligned Bersatu in the state administration, Hasni saw the need not to be bogged down by other political parties.

Hasni, who is the Johor Umno chief, together with Nur Jazlan and top Umno leaders then commissioned a study that showed that BN stood a good chance of winning if a snap state election is held.

Following that, Nur Jazlan and BN chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Umno president, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to plan a state election.

After the dissolution of the Johor state assembly in January, Hasni led the state election campaign with a stability theme as well as his “Ikhtiar BN Johor” pledges comprising economic growth, people’s wellbeing, the youth of Johor, governance with integrity and political reforms.

The pledges hit a note with Johoreans for being realistic and the result was last Saturday’s win after the ruling coalition secured 40 out of the 56 state seats.

For Hasni and the entire BN leadership, It was above expectations as the Umno-led coalition consisting of both MCA and MIC, had initially targeted to secure about 34 to 36 seats at most.

A new Johor MB?

Late last night, social media was abuzz about the new Johor mentri besar candidate, who some claimed was newly-elected incoming Machap assemblyman Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi.

Onn Hafiz is the great-grandson of Datuk Sir Onn Jaafar, Umno’s founding member and first president. The 44-year-old career politician is also the nephew of Senior Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Speculation and rumours also point to Onn Hafiz being the preferred choice of the Johor Palace.

Prior to the state election, the young politician’s name has also emerged as being a potential Johor mentri besar, taking into consideration of his family’s illustrious political heritage.

The ‘Johor Way’

Today, we should know who the new Johor mentri besar will be; he will also most probably be sworn in on the same day.

It may be difficult to describe Hasni’s fate as due to political interference, or rather the lack of.

What is certain is that in such testing times, Umno’s duty is to uphold and defend Hasni for it was him that did the same for the party.

He championed and turned Umno in Johor around when the party was at its lowest point in history back in 2018.

Based on BN’s recent win, Hasni’s plan was for Johor to have an all-inclusive state government that will represent the various ethnicities and their interests.

Despite his efforts, he may not lead it.

However, Hasni’s vision for all Johoreans to embrace the “Johor Way” in political discourse will hopefully live on.

Sunday 13 March 2022

Umno should not lose focus after Johor victory

 Well, it looks like I had given Pakatan too much credit in my initial prediction of the Johor election,

They ended up winning just 12 seats with one extra, courtesy of the DAP-backed Muda. 

DAP got 10 while PKR and Amanah got one each.

Perikatan, which I thought would be completely wiped out managed to get three seats. Still, that was bad considering that they contested all 56 seats.

BN won 40 seats with Umno getting 33 while MCA and MIC managed to get four and three respectively.

Let's not even mention those who got wiped out and even lost their deposits. They were just jokers from the very start.

Actually, Muda is also a joke, except for the one seat it won in Puteri Wangsa because of the DAP people's hard work there. Without DAP's help, all Muda's six  candidates would probably lose their deposits too.

Despite the landslide win, BN needs to realise that it could not afford to ease its efforts to win back voters' support.

For one thing, they cannot return back to the days of just simply putting any Tom, Dick and Harry as candidates.

Just look at the Umno stronghold of Rengit. BN won there by over 4,000 majority votes in 2018 despite all the troubles it was facing at that time because its candidate, Ayub Jamil was good. That majority was reduced to below 2,000 this time after Ayub was replaced with that supremely irritating Puad Zarkashi.

Hopefully, BN bosses took note of that.

Similarly, MCA candidates managed to beat DAP candidates in the Chinese areas of Yong Peng, Bekok, Paloh and Pekan Nanas because it managed to put good candidates there.

Working well with Umno there also helped them a lot.

Of course, the fact that Johor DAP, which was suffering from infightings, being too cocky and thought they could simply tapau all Chinese areas without much work did help MCA, to a certain extent.

MIC also almost win all the four seats it contested except for the Chinese-majority Bukit Batu as I predicted in a previous post. 

Even that loss was by a mere hundred over votes. 

MIC other three wins were largely thanks to their Umno friends in those Malay-majority constituencies.

Some keep harping on the low voters turnout as the reason for BN's landslide victory but I believe the outcome would still be more or less the same even if  the turnout was100 percent.

Most people are just fed-up with the instability in the country since Pakatan's win in 2018.

What did they get since then?

Stupid political infightings, stagnated economy, worsening racial sentiment etc.

Now, I'm expecting the general election to be called not long after Raya.

Very hard for Ismail Sabri to resist the pressure on that after this solid BN's victory in Johor.

He also needs to check on his people before that happened if he wishes to survive in Umno.

He can't let people like Annuar Musa to continue doing nonsense stuff such as the 5G rollout flip flop or he will also be swept into the longkang.

Yup, despite the positive vibes after this Johor election, Umno still needs to continue cleaning up its house.

Otherwise it would get quite a few nasty surprises in the next general election.

People may still tolerate the so-called court cluster individuals trying to save themselves but they may not be so kind if Umno tries to impose the same bunch as candidates again.

Please Umno, as much as we can't stand Pakatan, we don't want you to repeat the same mistakes you did in 2018.

Continue to clean up your act, okay.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Does Ismail Sabri really care about kampung kids climbing trees to get connectivity?

 I'm actually starting to dislike the current government people in Putrajaya.

The other day, a friend in JB complained to me about PMO people coming up with a programme at the Angsana shopping mall, which was actually part of BN's campaign for the state election.

Civil servants were said to have been ordered to attend the event, which my friend described as "lavish".

He believed that some people in PMO were making money from it.

The whole thing smelled rotten as it was with BN's campaign in their doomed 2018 general election efforts.

I actually wrote about it back then in this post right after GE14

Someone needs to stop this nonsense. Johor BN doesn't need another round of shit like that.

I noticed that this disease of profiteering is starting to creep in again among people who supposedly working for PM and others in power.

Just look at the 5G rollout issue.

Today The Star came out with this story;

Govt leans towards dual 5G network


Ahead of the Cabinet’s final decision on Friday, sources told StarBiz that decision makers within the government are “leaning more” towards the DWN (dual wholesale network) model as compared to the single wholesale network (SWN) model where MNOs gain 5G access from a single provider for a wholesale price.

That single provider is DNB, which is a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) wholly-owned by the Finance Ministry.

Once the DWN model takes off, there will be another 5G wholesale provider, via a consortium privately-owned by MNOs. The second provider will build its own infrastructure without the government’s involvement.

Now, what is this ding dong nonsense is all about?

Why the government is flip flopping on this issue.

They should stick to their original decision on this and not backtracked on it.

Anyway, if they want to have DWN, then don't la come up with the SWN in the first place.

No need to set up DNB and bullshitting about ensuring better connectivity in the rural areas and such.

Just let the telcos take care of everything from the very start.

Let them make more money out of people's pockets with their lousy services.

Ya, the telcos services are actually quite shoddy okay.

This is one complaint

Hello, dropped calls in the 21st century is inexcusable

Well, really, if the government wants the telco vampires to continue sucking our blood, then just say so la from the very begining.

No need to bullshit about caring for kampung kids who have to climb trees to get the telcos' lousy 4G or 3G or whatever.

Now, I suspect that someone really tried to change the situation with the SWN proposal but the guy now is being overwhelmed by those looking after the interests of the telcos and pushing for the DWN model.

We better be on the look out and see who these people are and check how much they are making over the whole thing.

I think they are making a lot, okay.

Seriously, even the argument that the DWN was to prevent monopoly is bullshit.

We all know the DWN will eventually kill off DNB because the telcos will concentrate their 5G rollout efforts in the lucrative urban areas as they have always did in the past.

DNB will meanwhile has to struggle to provide the rural areas with the services and of course it will eventually die off if it tries to do that.

In the end the whole 5G thingy will entirely be run by the telcos and the kampung kids will go back to climbing trees to get connectivity.

The digital divide reached a flashpoint  when 18-year-old Veveonah Mosibin, from Kg Sabanalang Pitas in Sabah, went viral in March 2020 after she posted a video of herself studying on top of a tree in order to sit for her exams.

Meanwhile the bastards in Putrajaya will burp off their filled stomoch from what they got from the whole deal.

Oh, and how much will tax payers' money will be lost if the initial SWN plan is to be cancelled and DNB closes shop to make way for the telcos' DWN?

Does Ismail Sabri care?


So much for all that Keluarga Malaysia jingoism.

Umno people in particular better start asking Ismail Sabri what the hell his people are doing.

If he cannot answer, then they need to kick him out right very now.

Demand for GE15 to be held as soon as possible before more damage is fully done.

Umno people, you all better set up a new government and stop the nonsense and bullshit right now.

End the gravy train before it even start or the rakyat will sooner or later punish you all again like in 2018.