Friday 27 December 2013

Bitching in sadness

Just can't sleep.

Remembering someone.

The bastard died on me.

I'm playing this song is in remembrance of my lost love.

Now I have to settle for a Chinese DAP supporter with double chin. Life can be a real bitch.


No politics today.

Who cares anyway.

We all Malaysians are just a spoilt lot.

A bit of price hikes here and there and we start bitching till no end.

Drive an over RM100k car and bitching about 20 sen petrol price hike.

Drinking cappuccino at posh cafe in Bangsar and complaining about no more sugar subsidy.

Go on overseas vacations twice a year and moaning over the kids' more expensive school  bus fares.

Etc etc etc....bitching, bitching, bitching....

Yea, go ahead, go worship the likes of Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok etc etc...

Everything will be free once they take over.

And Pas members, trust me, those DAP evangelists will soon memeluk agama Islam. Tak percaya, tanya Nik Aziz.

Yea, yea, yea, also Anwar will make a great prime minister who will turn this country into the greatest country in the Singapore.

Go ahead, vote Pakatan. As if I give a flying shit.

Excuse me. Today I'm just fed up with all your bitching....and my bitching too.

Thursday 26 December 2013

Do you really get impoverished by the price hikes?

At the office now.

Nothing much to do. Most of my colleagues are still on Christmas holiday. They will only be coming back after the New Year Day.

Surfed the blogs and saw Syed Akhbar Ali being angry again here Kalau Bukan Salah UMNO Habis Salah Upin Ipin Ke?

Relax la Tuan Syed, holiday season no need to be angry angry la. Try not be too offended by the stupidity of the likes of Ahmad Maslan. Kalau nak marah every time Ahmad Maslan bukak mulut, letih la Tuan Syed. Dah memang dia tu macam tu, nak buat macam mana. Memang dah salah ibu mengandung punya kes.

Anyway, blaming Umno for everything including causing everyone to be impoverished, especially the Malays was not actually a very nice thing too. As if Umno is all so evil. Sounds very DAPish la.

Whatever it is, I don't think that many Malays or those of other races have suddenly became poor because of what seem to be not so wise decisions by the government which caused the price hikes of several items and services.

Yesterday, on Christmas Day, I went shopping again, this time at the Curve.

Well, I was not really shopping but more like escorting some ladies and their kids to do their shopping.

The road was jammed with shoppers, so, I dropped them off in front of the Ikea and then went to a nearby car wash. The wash and polish costs RM250. Later when I picked up the car I found that they had not done a very good job. I'm not going to send my car there anymore.

Walked over to the Curve and found the place to be packed just like it was when I went to shop at Mid Valley the other day.

This time the crowd is about 40 per cent Malays, 40 per cent Chinese, 20 per cent Indians dan lain-lain.

Yes, there are more Malays this time. Gaji sudah masuk agaknya.

I saw the Aidijumah's tudung shop at the Curve being swarmed by the ladies yesterday. Here is the picture at the shop which I took myself.

So, they are not exactly impoverished, I think.

Anyway, I really don't get it when it comes to Malay ladies and their tudung.

Well, I know that it is a rather simplistic way to gauge the prosperity level of the community but then, I am a simple person and to me if there are many people shopping at a premium shopping mall like that, it's an indication that things are not really too bad.

If you want to really get facts and figures, then go to the relevant ministries' websites and check if the number of people living in poverty has increased following the recent price hikes that everyone are bitching about.

While you are at it, do also check if the number of households with Astro services had decreased of late, including at the squatter areas.

Yup, you should also check with the telcos if the number of Malaysians using smart phones had decreased because many could not afford to pay their bills anymore.

You know of anyone who had stopped using smartphone because he/she can't pay the data package?

I mean, yes, the price hikes were really bitches, but to say that it impoverished the people is a bit too extreme la.

And to blame it solely on Umno is also not exactly very wise, I think, as there are many factors to be considered, okay.

Well, if you must, I rather blame it all on Ahmad Maslan.

Why the hell Najib made him deputy finance minister is beyond me, actually.

Whatever it is, lets not get extreme and too negative. I think we should wait for more developments which may improve Malaysia next year.

Najib had in his speech at the MCA's AGM recently said the government is making adjustments so that the rakyat will not be too burdened by the rising costs of living. Hopefully there will indeed be good things coming after this.

If there are none, then by all means, go ahead and vote for Anwar Ibrahim to be made PM in the next general election. Hopefully he will not try to sell off the country to the IMF like what happened when he was finance minister in the late 90s.

And I think Mat Sabu will make a good replacement for Ahmad Maslan as deputy finance minister in Anwar's Cabinet.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

My 10 likes and dislikes of 2013

It's almost end of the year.

I'm going to take it easy over the next few days and post only light stuff.

For today I would like to recap 10 things I like and don't like about this year.

Let's start from the bad stuff of the year first;

10. The status quo of the Umno election in October proved that there are plenty of stupid Umno people.

9. The change of MCA leadership last week indicated that the Chinese party is smarter than the Malay's Umno party. Memang betul lah Melayu tak berapa pandai.

8. The Chinese tsunami of GE13 in May signaled the worsening racial polarization of the Malaysian society.

7. The loss of moderate Malay Umno leaders who contested in mix constituencies due to the Chinese tsunami resulted in the party being dominated by opportunist hardliners who are ever willing to flash the race card to be popular.

6. DAP, backed by overwhelming Chinese support in GE13 is now the biggest Pakatan coalition member, reducing the majority Malay/Bumiputera-based PKR and Pas as its minions.

5. The blatant lies of Pakatan in the aftermath of GE13 such as the 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and blackout at poll counting centers were swallowed whole by their supporters, indicating how stupid a lot of Malaysians could be.

4. As the year progressed, I found it harder to find positive stuff to write about Malaysian politics.

3. My home state Johor is being ripped apart by a monster and its gang after GE13. All signs indicated that it will fall to Pakatan in GE14.

2. I'm getting very fat this year. I'm 49 kg now as compared to 45 the same time last year.

1. As the year is ending,  I found out that I'm in love with a Chinese DAP supporter, who got double chin. Urgh....

Okay, on to the good stuff of the year.

Actually I find it hard to think of anything really positive on the political or personal fronts this year. This is not a good year as far as I'm concerned.

But still, here goes;

10. BN still won GE13 despite the Chinese tsunami.

9. MCA people showed willingness to change during their party elections last week, which could be the turning point for BN.

8. Pas elected a lot of idiots as their leaders during the muktamar last month which I believe may turn off more sane Malays from supporting Pakatan.

7. Lim Guan Eng getting more arrogant this year. As a chief minister he even deemed it fit to call people names at every turns which displeased him.

I believe that decent people, including among the Chinese are not fond of a spoilt brat who throw tantrums all the time like that.

6. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad seem to be going great this year despite his advanced age. The presence of the former PM was perhaps the brightest positive spark on the otherwise gloomy political front this year.

5. Doctors confirmed early this month that I'm not suffering from cancer. But they warned me to quit a lot of stuff and live a more healthy lifestyle. That I think I can do.

4. I found out a few months ago that my mother and father still love each other. I always thought my mother didn't love my father anymore because of the rather hostile way she had always treated him. But I was wrong. My father said it was just her being the Chinese lady that she is.

3. This year was tough at my work place, but I persevered. I think I'm quite good with what I'm doing.

2. What I did at work this year may afford me to switch to a better job. Looking for one.

1. As the year is ending,  I found out that I'm in love with a Chinese DAP supporter, who got double chin. Urgh....what to do, it's fated, I guess.

Well, thats all for now.

Merry Christmas and cheers.

Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas shopping in Umno crooks' land

I took an off day today. Been working through the weekend. Tired.

Went to Mid Valley to do some shopping.

It's Monday, but the place was packed.

Christmas shopping, mostly, I guessed.

My racial breakdown of the shoppers ;

65 per cent, the most oppressed group of Malaysians, the Chinese.

20 per cent, the most privileged group of Malaysians, the Malays.

15 per cent, Indians and lain-lain.

(The description given was based on Lim Guan Eng's "We (Chinese) don't want to be treated as second, third, fourth or fifth class citizens" speech.)

Everyone seems to be happy and shopping frantically.

Christmas songs were being played non-stop to add to the merry atmosphere. It's really a season of buying and giving, I guess.

Not bad for them, who keep complaining that costs of living are getting higher.

Mid Valley is after all a premium shopping mall where things are not that cheap.

Those with more money did their shopping at the adjacent Gardens. The place, which is more up-market was less packed but not totally devoid of shoppers either.

Really not bad for business. People seem to still have quite a bit of money.

I guess the Umno crooks are not doing their job of stealing all the money, especially from the Chinese, properly enough. Apparently quite a number of the Chinese are still quite wealthy based on the number of them shopping at the malls.

But never mind, I am quite sure Guan Eng and the gang will not stop complaining about those Umno people.

I bought a few things myself. Lots of Christmas and year end sale. Still, they are not exacty cheap.

Went for a foot massage too. One hour for RM93.30. Not cheap at all. It's bloody painful but I felt good after that. I need my foot massage once every two weeks.

Had dinner at the food court.

At the next table was a Malay family. Father, mother, daughter and son. I believe the son is autistic.

The mother was eating some sort of soup, the daughter was having fried kuey teow, the son was eating roti canai. The father didn't order anything to eat. He was just drinking iced tea.

The mother and daughter, however, didn't finish their food. The father finished whatever left on the plates for them.

Really thrifty family, I guess.

Well, tomorrow, I am going to work again.

Going to work through the holidays.

Will go on long leave after everyone come back after the new year holiday.

Resting now.

Night, everyone.

Saturday 21 December 2013

MCA's not so bad new set of leaders

I never thought it would be this way

The first glimmer of hope for BN after GE13 actually comes today from MCA.

The MCA delegates apparently proved themselves capable of moving forward.

The new top leadership line-up of the party voted in today,

President :
Liow Tiong Lai
Deputy president :
Wee Ka Siong
Lee Chee Leong
Chew Mei Fun
Chua Tee Yong
Hou Kok Chung

Okay, I admit, I am guilty of writing them off.

Looking at the line-up, I now believe that these new MCA leaders could get cracking and win back some of the support of the Chinese community.

The line-up is a clear departure from the previous one which was plagued with problematic characters, myriad of problems as well as scandals.

Liow may be a bit slow, but he is a relatively decent fella. Wee a bit arrogant but hopefully he could moderate it a bit so that the party can have good working relationship with the other BN component parties, especially Umno.

The others are relatively young and respectable.

Not bad at all.

I think the MCA delegates did better at transforming their party leadership compared to Umno which had insisted on keeping the status quo during their party elections two months ago.

At least they didn't keep their tainted leaders, real or perceived. There was also no serious infighting leading to this transition of leadership. Just a bit of noise, that's all.

I am looking forward to see what these new MCA leaders could offer.

Congratulations to them.

Congratulations too to former MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek who graciously step aside to give way to these new leaders to revive the party.

Hopefully, under the new leadership, the party's over one million members will vote for BN and persuade others of the Chinese community to do the same in the next general election and stop the racial polarization process of this country.

Hopefully it will happened. I really hate to hate the Chinese. My mother will be perpetually angry with me if I'm like that.

MCA oh MCA (updated)


These are what DS Najib Razak told the MCA people at their AGM just now as reported via NST SMS Alert

- MCA AGM is a watershed moment for the party

- The strength of MCA equates to the strength of BN

- Four steps to strengthen and revive the MCA, reunite, restrategiize, reinvigorate, and reestablish.

- This is the last call and no more the wake up call for MCA

- The cooperation between Bumiputera, Chinese and other communities is the basis of BN's approach and should be continued.

- We in Umno also should not say things that upset the feelings of the Chinese community.

- MCA leaders must set aside all personal interests and look at the party and the nation.

- Najib thanked outgoing MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek for leading the party during difficult times.


I really hate it when I can't sleep like this. It is past 3am at the moment.

And I'm working today. Need to get out of the house at 7am.

Since I can't sleep, I may as well reflect on something.

PM DS Najib Razak will be addressing the MCA AGM about 10am today.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say to the party which majority of its members betrayed Barisan Nasional by voting for DAP and its allies during GE13 in May.

They almost succeeded in replacing the Umno-led BN government with a DAP-controlled Pakatan administration.

The seven remaining MCA parliamentary seats were courtesy of Umno and its Malay supporters except for Labis, a non-Malay majority area.

In Chinese majority areas, it was simply a walkover victory for most of the DAP candidates.

As far as I'm concerned, the MCA's betrayal was complete and irreversible on May 5. They were not even repentant.

Their newspapers, The Star are still at it. Undermining the BN government at every turns possible.

So, what could we expect Najib to say to them?

Honestly, if I'm Najib, I wouldn't even bothered to go to Wisma MCA and talk to them.

But then again, that's me and I'm not the chairman of BN like Najib.

I guess he has to go there and be nice. After all, that is the Malays' polite way of doing things.

Well, I don't really feel like bashing Najib despite all the nonsense which has been swirling the past weeks.

So many had done that, especially among pro-Umno social media practitioners.

Suffice to say that I hope he tells the MCA crowd, they should redeem themselves after what they did during GE13.

I want Najib to tell them not to be too greedy by wanting more for their community to a point that they were willing to betray their old friends.

Are there such concepts as loyalty, honor and trustworthiness in the Chinese culture?

My mother thought me all those concepts when I was young. And she is Chinese.

So, how come the MCA people don't seem to have a grasp of those concepts during GE13?

Well, never mind, those were all in the past. Probably they were caught up in all those DAP's hype of Chinese being second, third, fourth and fifth class citizens at that time.

Whatever it is, hopefully, Najib could persuade them not to be such backstabbers again in future.

Well, I'm not putting much hope to it, though.

I know, it's hard for Najib to tell MCA to get in shape while Umno itself is so full of monkey shit at the highest echelon of its leadership.

Still, I hope he could pull some sorts of fancy tricks on this one.

Friday 20 December 2013

Umno is bad and Pas is good, is it?

MCA deputy president candidate Wee Ka Siong appeared to be angry yesterday.

This is the headline in the Sun,

Stop it, says Ka Siong


"After the poor results on May 5, the MCA was blamed, and the Chinese community was blamed ... everything was the fault of the Chinese," he said.
"An eye for an eye is not going to win the Chinese back; it may even drive non-Malay voters away and that may be the end of BN," he said in his speech at the MCA Youth annual general meeting."

So, how? Continue be nice again, is it? Give everything again, is it?
You think the government is victimizing the Chinese again?
FYI Ka Siong, the administration is currently not nice to everyone la, not just Chinese. Toll naik, harga barang semua naik, Melayu pun tak happy okay. Guess the administration has no option on that or it's simply the PM listening too much to his expensive consultants again. Hopefully it's the former.
As for blaming the Chinese for the poor outing at GE13, it's true what over 90 per cent of them supported DAP and its allies, believing that they can change the Malay-led government and turn this country into something like Singapore.

What do you expect the jerks in Umno to do? Of course they blame it on the Chinese. Anyone who takes a hardline stance, such as Zahid Hamidi will become popular.

You want them to stop? Common la, you know that they will not.

The Chinese community laid all their cards at GE13 and they still can't win. They caused most of the moderates in Umno who contested in mixed areas to be  defeated. 

Now all sorts of opportunist jerks are holding the power in Umno. And this people have no qualm to flash the race card.

Just consider this, even that useless guy Fuad Zarkashi whom you all voted out in Batu Pahat had won a seat in Umno supreme council holding a ticket as a hardliner who whack the Chinese day in day out.

It's just the way things are la.

And Ka Siong, you better be careful, the Umno people in Ayer Hitam may sabotage you after this, okay.

For the Chinese community, I think you all just hang on for another four years. Just weather the storm as after that Pakatan will take over and DAP will save you all.

But still, do pray in your temple and churches that Umno is not totally wiped out as otherwise the whole Melayu race will gather under Pas' flag.

Just imagine what will happen if Pas has all the 60 over per cent of the Malay/Bumiputera votes.

What do you think will happened?

You seriously think they will not want to go on their own and try to set-up their own theocratic state in Malaysia?

I know, at the moment you are comfortable with them as you got the likes of Mat Sabu and the other Erdogans in there, but do you think they can last for very long once the party expended after Pakatan win the next general election?

Do you really believe that Pas will be contented to just be a junior partner in Pakatan and just look stupid as DAP dictate things to PKR for this country to be shaped in the likeness of Singapore?

Do you all Chinese people think Pas will just stand by to let DAP and their more liberal Malay allies dismantle all those Malay-centric and Islamic policies which all these while under BN you had considered as repressive and unfair?

Do you really think Guan Eng and gang can survive a clash with Pas which by then command the support of the entire Malay Muslim population after the demise of Umno.

Remember, their's a jihad while your's just about getting a better deal from an already a good deal.

Who do you think will win in the end? Seriously.

Thursday 19 December 2013

A Chinese guy's promise (updated)


Just got a text from the Chinese guy. He is busy this evening and can't keep me company.

Well, expected already. Never mind.

No I'm not going to whack the Chinese because one of them stood me up. What I wrote earlier was bluffing only.

What? You think I am really a racist just because I support Umno ka? Or is it because I whack the Chinese a bit for idolising the likes of Guan Eng? Well, if you do, then those DAP propaganda really get into your brain, I think.

Hmmmm...really doesn't matter lah. You all can think whatever yoi want of me. It doesn't really matter to me.


I'm actually planning to take a break from the social political nonsense.

The whole thing is getting a bit tiring.

Too much bullshit flying around.

And it's coming from both side of the political divide.

Just read the comments at my last posting

It's love, stupid

and you will know that all those talks about Bangsa Malaysia is just so full of shit.

Yes, DAP's Hannah Yeoh is so full of bullshit and other sorts of shit when she accused Umno people of being racists. My opinion was that, wanting to have her children  being registered as Bangsa Malaysia is just child exploitation to further her political agenda.

Seriously, do you all really believe that all those DAP people who are mostly Chinese are all ready to throw away their ethnicity and become Bangsa Malaysia?

Really, do read ALL the comments at that last posting of mine before you answer that.

If you still say you do believe them, then I think you deserve what's coming your way five years from now when they take over the running of this country.

The fact that the Pakatan gang divided the electoral seats among themselves along racial lines during elections was a clear indication that they were so full of shit when they accuse Umno and its Barisan Nasional allies of  being racists.

It's all just hypocrisy, plain and simple.

Okay, enough of that.

I just want to take it easy for the rest of the day and maybe have a bit of fun later in the evening.

That Chinese guy who occasionally bought me dinner promised that he will try to get off early to spend time with me.

Well, I'm just giving it a 50 per cent chance of happening. Based on the country's history, Chinese were not very good at keeping their promises. Remember the social contract and the current bitching about being second, third , fourth and fifth class citizens by Guan Eng and the gang?

Really, nothing much that I can do about it, okay. I will just wait and see. If the guy really turned up for the date, then it's good. If he doesn't, then I can whack the Chinese some more for being so full of shit when it comes to making promises.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

It's love, stupid

I had dinner with a friend who is a former colleague tonight.

She is a Chinese and look very much like this,

We mostly talk about our works, life and a bit of politics.

As it is with most Chinese these days, she is a DAP supporter.

So, I refrained from going too heavy with the political stuff as this is one friend I really like and don't want too lose, especially not over an argument on whether Tony Pua is a handsome Chinese genius or just an ugly opportunist piece of pig crap.

At one point of our conversation she told me about another dinner she had the previous evening with one of her friends whom I do not know.

My friend had told her friend, who is a Christian Chinese lady that she is considering marrying a Malay muslim guy.

My friend is officially a Taoist, but actually a freethinker.

She had specifically mentioned that her friend is a Christian because of the immediate hostile reaction she received over that piece of information and its rather religious tone.

"My friend was dead against the idea of me marrying a Malay guy as it will not only breaks the heart of my parents but also the fact that the Malay guy is a Muslim, which means that he can marry more than once," she said.

"And even worse, my friend said once I converted and marry a Muslim, I can never get out of the religion," she added.

I told my friend that what she was told by her Christian friend were all true.

It is not a small thing for a non-Muslim to marry a Muslim in this country. It requires a lot of sacrifices.

It's a lot easier if my friend choose to marry a Christian man. In fact, it's even very fashionable if she is to convert to Christianity, took on a Christian name like Hannah or Theresa or Regina and get married in a church. Very much like in the movies.

I told my friend she needs to think really carefully whether she really love that Malay Muslim boyfriend of hers. Is he really worth it?

Being a Muslim is indeed a lot tougher than being a Christian.

For instance, Muslims' role models are mostly Arabs and Middle Eastern people, who are not really a very fashionable bunch of people.

Christians' role models in contrast are more fashionable, They are mostly Americans and Europeans.

Muslims can't eat pork too.

Being a child of a Malay-Chinese marriage, I advise my friend not to be too hasty with her decision on the matter

I told her how when as a little girl I had wondered why my father look so ugly as his appearance is so different from what my mother and myself looked like.

I also told my friend how my father has till now not being fully accepted by my mother's family.

My friend was quiet as I go on and on about the disadvantages of a Chinese girl marrying a Malay guy.

I also mentioned that the guy, whom I know very well, is not even handsome or rich. In fact my friend earns more than the guy.

I even throw in a bit of exaggeration about how the DAP is going to take over the running of the country and Malays will be reduced to second, third, fourth and fifth class citizens. That one I borrowed from Lim Guan Eng. Just changed the ethnicity a bit la.

She only opened her mouth after I had finished all that I can think of to discourage her from getting into such a complicated life-long life arrangement.

"But he is so smart and funny and I love him so much," was her only and rather quiet response.

That one, I cannot help la, I said quietly in my heart.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

My plan, once the Chinese take over the country

The MCA elections are to be held this weekend.

Liow Tiong Lai gang versus Ong Tee Kiat gang.

But who really cares matter how you want to slice or dice it, for the overwhelming majority of the Chinese community, the winner will still be the likes of Lim Guan Eng, whom they feel will one day give them the political supremacy in this country.

The Chinese votes will never go back to MCA.

Let's be honest, how many MCA members who voted for DAP and its allies in GE13? My personal estimates is at least 70 per cent.

MCA had served its purpose, which were getting the citizenship and basic needs for the Chinese during the formative years of this country and securing the community's economic dominance via its good relations with the majority Bumiputra community.

MCA had served its purpose well, and now it is time for the Chinese community to move on to attain a bigger thing : political power.

This is what the DAP has been relentlessly teaching the Chinese community since pre-2008 general election.

Supreme political power could only be achieved by them by giving full support to the DAP, which was exactly what the community did when over 90 per cent of them gave their support to the party during the GE13.

Of course the DAP could not be at the forefront of these big things to come yet, because the Chinese in this country still consist less than 30 per cent of the population. They will put Malay puppets like Anwar Ibrahim as their front.

But that's just for now.

Once they could blur the racial lines of others, the ambition of attaining the combined strength of political and economic clout could be achieved.

That's why the DAP people are shouting RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! at anyone who talk about Malay unity or even Malay identity. They need to dilute such things which are the main stumbling blocks to their ambitions.

Do they on their part dilute their own Chinese identity to attain that nonsense so-called Bangsa Malaysia?

Hell, no.

Here is the chief minister who shouted RACIST GRANDMOTHER! RACIST GRANDMOTHER! RACIST GRANDMOTHER ! at an elderly Malay lady who questioned why illegal Malays' stalls were demolished while big Chinese restaurants just a few meters away, which were also built illegally were only issued with compounds by his DAP Penang government.

In this picture, Guan Eng (second from right) is expressing support to representatives of Dong Zong, the Chinese schools association who are demanding equal treatment from the government for their schools as compared to the national schools. Of course, they also wanted all teachers in their schools to be fluent Mandarin speakers (another way to tell Malay teachers to get out from their schools) and less hours for their students to study the national language as they feel it could dilute their children's ability to speak in their mother tounge.

Honestly, I got no objection against the Chinese schools. My mother studied in a Chinese school from standard one to Form Five. But wasn't such an attitude which was supported by Guan Eng is a racist attitude?

So, Melayu tak boleh, Cina can, is that it Guan Eng?

Well, I'm putting all these personal thoughts on record here because I want to show it back to the stupid Malays and Bumiputera who blindly tag along the DAP's line when the shit hit their face five years from now.

At that time it's going to be too late, they will never get back what they had lost.

This posting was also meant as a reminder for  the stupid Umno people who still think that they can enjoy themselves after winning their party posts two months ago.

But of course they will ignore all these warnings and continue being the monkeys that they are....

Well, it's fated I guess.

Never mind, I think I will just find myself a Chinese husband and blend in the Chinese crowd once they take over everything.

Yup, that's going to be my plan.

Maybe one of these day I will ask that Chinese guy who occasionally belanja me dinner at fancy restaurants if he is really in love with me....

You all other non-Chinese better have some back-up plans too, okay...unless you really believe that the soon to be economically and politically powerful Chinese community led by DAP will not discriminate you lah.


Monday 16 December 2013

Five years from now, my prediction.

It's almost 3am as I'm writing this.

I simply can't sleep.

So, to while away the time until I fall asleep, here are five things which I think will happen five years from now.

1. Pakatan, controlled by DAP but led by PKR's DS Anwar Ibrahim takes over the Federal government as Barisan Nasional dissolved following Pakatan's two third majority victory in GE14. BN was defeated following series of bad decisions by its government which caused a surge of public anger. Among contributing issues which led to BN's defeat were skyrocketing costs of living, administrative leakages, internal sabotage, Umno's nauseous personalities such as Shahrizat and allegation that DS Rosmah Mansor had bought another Berkin handbag. Pas receives an influx of former Umno members and poised to be a cogent Islamist force on its own in the next general election.

2. Remnant of Umno survive in Kedah, Pahang and Sabah as it's BN allies were totally wiped out except in Sarawak where Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu retain control of the State but opted to leave BN as other component parties led by MCA dissolved themselves after failing to win a single seat. Pas controls Kelantan, Terengganu and Perlis. PKR controls Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor. DAP controls Penang, Johor, Perak, and Federal Territory. Yes, Johor, my home state, which is the Umno's tiang seri will be controlled by DAP. Khaled Nordin and his boys will be just a one term wonder of Kota Iskandar.

3. Endless demonstrations and occasional rioting in downtown KL similar to the one currently happening in Bangkok, as various groups try to topple the government via undemocratic means. One of the issues which triggered the disturbances was an attempt to amend the constitution and abolish the institution of Malay rulers which was accused as a waste of fund by certain quarters. License of the pro-BN media such as Utusan, NST, TV3 etc were revoked after they failed to show enough affection for the country's new leadership. Lots of jurnos will lose their job and ended up becoming taxi drivers.

4. The elderly Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad will be dragged to court and charged with multiple offenses including crime against humanity as during his more than 20 years as Prime Minister, so many had died of starvation, especially among the Chinese community which were totally oppressed and treated as second, third, fourth and fifth class citizens....that's as according to what the holy venerable Lim Guan Eng said.

5. Regina Lee finally becomes Lim Guan Eng's press secretary.

And they then live happily ever after....I mean Malaysians.

Errr, what happened to KJ?

Well, how the hell would I know what will happen to KJ at that time. Went back to Rembau and raise some goats, I guess. Khairy, the goat man, not bad leh.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Men need to be disciplined

Last day in Kuantan.

Things here seem to be going back to normal. Unfortunately I was quite useless in my effort to assist the flood victims. Had been mostly sick while here.

I'm now writing this in front of the TV. The Fox channel is playing "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo". Superb movie. I had watched it a couple of times.

I had also read the book which the movie was based upon. Män som hatar kvinnor – literally, men who hate women by the late Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson.  The following books of the trilogy were unfortunately not as good.

As it is, I find a lot of men who actually hate women. They would not say it or behave as if they hate women, but they do things in their life which convince me that they hate women.

To put it simply, they treat women like shit. 

It's just a matter of degree. There are the sadists like those depicted in the movie and there are those who deep in their heart just could not take it when a woman does better than them.

Of course, there are those who are genuinely good men. Not many though.

But still, better be safe then sorry. Women just need to be careful when dealing with men, either it be at work, or in love.

Anyway, talking about good men, some men are made to be good. Most of the time it's the women who have to make them good.

Like in the case of this guy,

Yes, men need to be disciplined by their women, otherwise they end up doing nonsense stuff like these guys,

Or this guy,

Ok, I need to pack up. It's going to be a lonely drive in the dark for me tonight.


Friday 13 December 2013

The amazing tolerance level of Najib Razak

I just finished reading Helen Ang's posting

Najib wasting his time talking about ‘national reconciliation’

It makes me feel like one of those British soldiers in the trenches of First World War after being ordered to charge through the no-man's-land at a German machine-gun nest.

Almost certain to die one.

Of course the first thing that cross the mind of a soldier in a situation like that would be, why the hell is my general so stupid?

The enemies were not going to play fair.

It's not like in the 17th century war where both side would lined-up in their most colorful uniform and shoot at each other as if it's at a fun fair. All very gentlemanly like.

Najib should know by now that he need to change the way he is fighting the likes of Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu.

These are not the types who knows how to fight fair. For them, the end justifies the means. As correctly pointedly by Helen, their primary weapon is hate. And this hate is propagated by way of large scale campaign of spreading lies and slanders.

The likes of Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu knows that most Malaysians love their gossips. The more sleazy, the better. They actually want to believe those sleaze because it makes their life more colorful.

Let's take the Altantuya case as an example. The likes of Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu will still give their supporters the impression that the Mongolian was a mistress of Najib, with Razak Baginda as the pimp, and when Rosmah found out, she decided to personally murdered the girl using C4 explosives.

Really, that's the story believed among the hardcore Pakatan people as far as the Altantuya case is concerned.

Go ahead and ask any die hard DAP, Pas and PKR people and they will tell you that they believe in such a story. And they are willing to spread the story so that more people will hate Najib and his wife. Their ultimate aim is to remove him and BN from power. Whether they themselves believe in the story is irrelevant. Bottom line is about getting the power to rule the country. The end justifies the means for them.

They are relentless in their attacks as they need every ounce of hate to persuade the people to remove the present establishment so that they can have the power for themselves.

I went through such attacks by their cybertroopers rather regularly. Here are some examples from just my latest posting Racists who call others racists

In order for Malays to progress, UMNO has to go, period.
The Malays are weak because of UMNO.
UMNO (annie included) perpetually using Chinese as a bogey man to frighten the Malays and handicapped the advancement of the Malays community. Hope there will be a Malays tsunami to wipe out the corrupt UMNO come next GE.
Annie loves banglas more than the Malaysian Ah Beng, how sad. Annie should propose to UMNO to increase the intake of banglas (providing them with IC) to out number all the non-Malays in the country, so that UMNO + Bangla can rule Malaysia forever. Annie akan kata : t e t a p Sokong !!

Now, seriously, do you all think that these tunnel vision types who wrote such comments are really interested in Najib's  talk of reconciliation? Do you all seriously think these are the type of people you can reasoned with?

Najib has to see this and change the way he is conducting things if he wants to win the war against Pakatan. Otherwise, BN will not survive GE14.

Najib need to learn from the mistakes of GE13. You play soft, you die. It's as simple as that.

For goodness sake, these people are by not so many words telling the whole wide world that Najib is a sex maniac and that his wife had turned into a murderer because of it.

And Datuk Najib still want to continue being nice to them?

As if he had not been burnt enough for being nice to one particular community before GE13.

Honestly, on top of that, I was also so frustrated when he appointed some dubious characters to head the GLCs and then felt so helpless with some of his choice for Cabinet ministers. And when he decided to maintain the status quo within Umno by keeping nauseating characters such as Shahrizat, I almost gave up.

But really, what choice do someone like me have.

On the other side are the likes of Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu. Extremely corrupt, arrogant and disgusting respectively. They are even worse. Yes, that's the alternative.

It makes me want to throw up every time I think that I have no other choice but to continue the fight despite feeling let down by the conduct of the general.

Nonetheless, I pray that Datuk Najib will see the true nature of the enemies and do something different to fight them before it's too late.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Racists who call others racists

It's now 3.35am as I'm writing this.

Tried but can't sleep.

Maybe it's because I slept too much in the day due to my fever.

I ended up watching that amazing movie Life of Pi again at Fox channel just now.

Actually, my friend Ai, formerly of the Big Cat blog had back then wanted to set up a new blog and named it Life of Ai after the movie, because she loves it so much. But Ai later abandoned the project and instead asked me to start writing my own blog, just before she left for Taiwan.

I was actually not too keen at first and was even too lazy to create a new name for the blog. So I copied Ai's idea and that was how Life of Annie came about.

Well, that's 10 months ago.

Ai will be coming back from Taiwan at the end of February. I had asked her to blog again or at least write in this blog as she used to, but she had declined. Still, I will try to persuade her again. I may even ask her to take over the running of this blog if my health doesn't improve.

Okay, other than that, I would like to share with you all this comment posted by someone in my last posting,
Don't you dare defend the Malays
The person is definitely a cybertrooper of a party which leaders are so fond of calling their political enemies and just about anyone who disagree with them as racists,

Stupid Annie, hope someday you will married a bangla.
Because of UMNO, now we have many bangla, indon, nepalese, pakistani holding Malaysia IC. These foreigners are targeting Malays pussy, so that they can masuk Melayu, and soon UMNO will have a bangla as its President.
Annie will tetap sokong as long as bangla is an UMNO member.

Poor Bangladeshis, I think they are the second most vilified group of people in this country. (You all figure out for yourself which group is the most vilified of all in this country)
Pakatan claimed that they lost GE13 because of the Bangladeshis. Anwar said that 40,000 "Banglasians" became phantom voters for that evil Umno party. You all still remember that Black 505 crap?

Well, Bangladeshis are humans too, okay.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Don't you dare defend the Malays

Still in Kuantan. Today I got this message to tell.

Do not ever try to defend anything Malay these days. It's very unfashionable to do so.

Worst, you will end up being accused of being a racist. Well, I kena already liao.

If you are an elderly woman, and you speak about Malays being discriminated, you will most likely be labelled as a racist grandmother.

Really, that's what a chief minister said. You can read about it here 

Guan Eng calls Jahara 'racist grandmother

But it's okay to defend things such as Chinese schools or Chinese heritage buildings or other Chinese these and that.

"Why the local council only tore down the Malay stalls and not the Chinese restaurants?" : That's racist.

"Why the government only give money to Malay (actually national) schools and not to Chinese (actually private) schools?" : That's not racist.

Why is that so?

Because the Malays are the majority who bully the Chinese all the time. That's what they will tell you.

Really, if you don't believe that, just go around and find out how badly bullied are the Chinese in this country.

They are the worst off among the ethnic groups of Malaysia. Really, they are so oppressed, okay.

That's why they have every right to shout racist at their Malay oppressors.

Of course they can't shout "Melayu racist!", that would make them racists too. So, they instead shout "Umno racist!"

That's what Lim Guan Eng did when he called that State opposition leader, who is an elderly Malay woman a racist grandmother.

Yes, now you know how to get away with throwing around the Melayu Rasis label without being accused back of being a racist.

This tactic had worked well, in fact even some Malays are beginning to believe it.

A friend who is now a hardcore Pas supporter completely believes this logic of calling her fellow Malays as racists whenever they talk about defending their rights as Malays.

Anyone who tried to reason with her on the need to preserve the Malays' interests would get this from her,


Really, she wrote that on her Facebook wall to postings by friends on Malay issues.

Well, the irony was that, being educated at ITM, now UiTM, I believe she would not get to have her tertiary education if not for her being a Malay. After all, she only got second grade for her SPM.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

A plea to Datuk Najib

I was lying on bed in this house in Kuantan, feeling rather sickly, when the phone rang just now.

It's a call from a friend in Johor.

After the usual greetings and enquiries of each others' health, the guy asked me what do I think of the Umno general assembly last week.

Boring, was my answer.

Really, there was nothing memorable at all about the whole event. Except for the massive flood which happened at the same time as it.

Then my friend, who is an Umno member said he was so upset with PM DS Najib Razak for praising his wife DS Rosmah Mansor in his closing speech at the assembly.

Well, I told my friend that in my opinion, Najib is acting as a good husband. People are whacking his wife, so, it is only natural that he has to stand up and defend her.

What do you expect the man to do anyway?

Whatever it is, Najib defending his wife was not the worst at the general assembly.

For me, what was the most nauseating was Shahrizat's speech that day. Her apple polishing, self-glorification etc was beyond my level of tolerance. Doesn't she realized how ugly Umno is in the eyes of so many because of her?

My friend agreed with me on that one.

He sounded sad though.

He is after all a hardcore Umno member and had been attending the Umno general assembly for many years. This year he can't attend it because he is no longer in the Johor Umno list of delegates.

My friend said he was frustrated with how Najib now handles the party and the government.

He pointed out the excesses which were happening in Johor which I had highlighted in my past postings as well as several appointments by Najib which we feel was not made wisely.

We also talked about Najib's highly paid bungling advisors. You can read the latest on that here : PM's Advisors Insult Mandela, Keep Bungling Along

"Can't Najib do anything about it?" my friend asked.

"If things continue like this, I may not even vote for BN in the next general election. I will never vote for the opposition, but I don't have the heart to support the current leadership anymore," he added.

It's not the first time I heard this from a BN supporter.

The difference was that, this friend of mine is a true member of Umno.

The others I know who said they had given up on BN leadership were just pro-establishment neutrals like myself.

I'm doing this posting in the hope that someone may forward it to Najib and make him realize that if things doesn't change, he will lose even more support on the ground.

Sorry, but I need to say this,

Datuk Najib, you need to realize that more are getting disillusioned with the establishment. Please do something about it.

Thank you.

Monday 9 December 2013

Flood stories from Kuantan

Arrived in Kuantan about 3pm yesterday.

Some stretches of the East Coast Highway between Maran and Kuantan were a bit damaged with some potholes caused by water.

I exited the highway at the Kuantan toll and realized that the flood had to a large extent subsided but the damage caused by it could be seen such as broken surface and pot holes on the road, fallen trees and garbage everywhere.

Reached the house of the lady I'm staying with at Astana Permai to find her busy packing whatever extra clothing items, blankets and mattresses she could spare for the flood victims.

We then went for a drive to some of the affected areas in Bukit Rangin and Tanah Puteh.

Some of the residents were just back from flood relief centers and busy cleaning up their homes.

A lot of them had lost most of their belongings.

One of those I talked to in Bukit Rangin said the flood happened so fast because the rain was so heavy that the bund wall built along Sungai Isap to prevent a flood had broke.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department had built the bund wall as part of its flood mitigation project at a cost of RM7 million in 2005. It managed to prevent the area from being flooded during the massive flood the next year.

The rain fall on the first day of the flood was estimated to be 15 times heavier than normal for a single day. It could had caused the river to swell so fast that even the bund wall could not contain the water.

It looks like the government need to do more to anticipate such occurrences and improve their flood mitigation projects.

I think they can do it.

In the massive flood in 2006, the worst affected area was Pekan largely due to the siltation of Kuala Sungai Pahang. The government spend a lot to deepen the river estuary and till now flooding at Pekan and along Sungai Pahang had been rather mild, if ever.

It's the same thing that the government did for the rivers at Kota Baru and Kuala Terengganu. Flooding there had been manageable of late.

Other than deepening the river estuaries, I think the Pahang state government need to also check on the rapid development projects carried out on the fringes of Kuantan which caused a lot of areas being cleared off vegetation.

This may had caused the water to flow faster to the rivers as lesser trees and vegetations meant there would be nothing to hold it back.

I also think the Majlis Keselamatan Negara people had not done their job well. They should had thought out a proper plan in such circumstances.

They could had anticipate the impact of the heavier rainfall than usual which the Meteorological Department had forecasted and then deploy rescuers and relief workers, even from non-flood affected states. This will ensure faster assistance being rendered for the flood victims.

The government linked companies should had also played their role better. Petronas, for instance have at least 10 helicopters which they could contribute in rescue and relief efforts. At the height of the flood, rescuers had to depend solely on RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) helicopters to winch out flood victims and send supplies to areas cut off by the flood.

I just helped the lady I'm staying with, with the distribution of mattress, blankets and pillows to a family whose house near Sungai Isap was totally inundated with flood water. They had lost all household belongings and needed all the help they can get to get back on their feet.

Now, I'm not feeling so well. I'm having sore throat and headache. It makes me feel quite useless. Just help a bit, already feeling tired and getting sick.

I think I better rest now. Anything, I will write some more, later.

P.S I wonder whether political parties on both side of the political divide are planing to do anything more to help. So far, I had only read about relief efforts by Umno and a bit by Pas.

Sunday 8 December 2013

On the road to Kuantan

On my way to Kuantan.

Stopping at a Petronas station just before the toll into the Karak Highway. There is a Starbucks joint here. I'm having a Redbull to suppliment my energy for the drive.

I am writing this using my phone
Trying to get used to it. Very difficult leh.

Anyway, I had worried the past few days about the flood situation in Kuantan but can't do anything as I was tied up with works.

No, I'm not like the PKR's Fuziah who got to showcase herself in Parliament  at a time when her flood wrecked constituency needed her. I need to work to earn my keep.

Now I got some time off, I'm going to see what little bit I can do to help in Kuantan. See lah how.

Okay, need to continue my driving now. Cheers everyone.

Friday 6 December 2013

A good ordinary Umno member

The Umno general assembly this year is totally overshadowed by the massive flood in Pahang, Terengganu, Johor and Kelantan.

It's heartening that Umno delegates, especially from Pahang, had rushed back home from PWTC to assist in flood relief efforts.

I read in the NST yesterday that one of those who was first to get back to badly affected Kuantan was former Umno Youth exco member Datuk Mohammed Suffian Awang.

He was interviewed while busy on the ground helping the evacuees near his home  in Tanjong Lumpur and other part of Kuantan.

Suffian is the BN candidate for Kuantan who was defeated by PKR's Fuziah Salleh in GE13.

Fuziah had on the same day busy in Parliament making rhetorical statements about the flood in her constituency and having a verbal fight with Bung Mokhtar who had told her to just shut up and go back to help her constituents.

The irony of the whole thing is that, Fuziah is now a big shot in PKR, a member of parliament, and known by her admirers as an environmentalist and expert on Lynas  rare earth radioactivity.

Suffian on the other hand is now just an ordinary Umno member whose political career is probably at a dead end after the people of Kuantan choose Fuziah over him as their MP. He didn't even contest for any divisional post in the party election in October.

But still, Suffian is the one who was first on the ground helping the flood victims of Kuantan.

You can read the NST report here

Rushing back to help flood victims

Knowing the guy a bit, I think Suffian may just shrug it off and say "Tak apa, tolong orang ni dah memang kerja saya."

I had wrote about Suffian before the GE13. You can read it here at A good young Umno leader

Well, good work Pian. All the best.

p.s For those who have never had a conversation with Fuziah, do try to do so for about 30 minutes. You may have the same conclusion as mine - SHALLOW

Thursday 5 December 2013

A bit more about Regina and saving Johor

Today is the start of Umno's general assembly proper.

The party's wings meetings ended last night.

I think they ended with a whimper.

Shahrizat got no other thing to say except demanding more recognition for Wanita as being the tulang belakang (spine) of Umno. Berapa kali mau cakap itu rhetoric la makcik. May as well demand Wanita to be the sirloin steak of Umno. Lagi best.

The new Puteri chief whose name I can't really remember demanded that the movement not to be treated as cheerleaders or decorative item anymore. Mas...whatever...don't really have to say that, I think. Act mature and people will treat you accordingly. You don't demand respect. You earn it, okay.

Khairy's speeches were rather dull this time, except for his pantun about Siti Nurhaliza and when he whacked TNB for the electricity tariff hike. The only real excitement of the day was actually when his press secretary lashed out on twitter at The Malaysian Insider for writing a garbage article about her boss, or something like that.


The once darling journalist of DAP's handsomest boy Lim Guan Eng is at the moment the brightest spark at the Umno general assembly. Not bad at all.

Maybe Umno should hire an entire DAP's cybertrooper battalion to spear head its cyber war effort...led by Regina, of course.

The present ones, whoever they are, were quite useless. They can't even get their wi-fi connections right.

Ok, on to more serious stuff.

Party president DS Najib Razak will present his presidential address this morning and then the debates begin.

It will be bla bla bla again.

I think there will be a lot of fiery speeches about Melayu and Islam.

Those were the most popular at the moment after the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

Everyone would like to be a bit like Zahid Hamidi, who rode on those vehicles to become the most popular Umno vice president at the moment.

Well, that's up to them. After all, everyone want to be popular.

 I just hope that the one or two speakers could instead speak about doing something substantive like saving the Umno's tiang seri - JOHOR.

Honestly, at the current rate, I think Johor will be lost in GE14, four years from now.

That is, if Pakatan doesn't implode first.

I think even Najib knows this and worries about it.

My suggestion is for an independent audit team to be send to check on the running of the Umno-led STATE GOVERNMENT itself, in order to curb all the excesses which will piss off the rakyat.

For instance, check why the menteri besar got so many special officers (10 or is it 12?) and why their salary is more than double than that of the state assemblymen.

And while the audit team are at it, maybe they can check if any of those guys had ever demanded direct negotiation contracts from agencies such as Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda). That would be interesting.

Also, the independent audit should also be done on Irda itself. I'm sure the people want to know about big stuff such as sale of land to foreigners by the billions of ringgit to the small stuff such as how Irda finance golfing trips (disguised as corporate visits) to Indonesia among others.

Well, I'm not really counting on it, but, it would be nice if the Umno people could once in a while talk about real issues like that instead of just talk with the intention to be popular at the party assembly.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Umno's clunky cyber war machinery

This is going to be a rather short one.

I am now at PWTC, dropping by to check a bit on the Umno assembly.

Met some friends and talked about some issues.

The main concern was tbe major flood in Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

The worst appeared in Pahang, especially Kuantan.

Pahang Umno chief DS Adnan Yaakob had even ordered Pahang delegates whose areas were affected to return home to assist the relief efforts.

Congrats Tok Nan. Thats what Umno needs. More works less talk.

I have wanted to write more on this but when I opened my laptop, it simply can't connect with the Internet.

The wi-fi connectivity  here is so lousy.

I tried using my broadband device, and again it's flowing like mud.

I gave up after awhile.

I'm writing this using my phone. Can't write too long as I'm not use to writing long pieces using my phone. In fact this is my first posting using my phone.

Umno really need to address issues such as this.  How are they to fight the cyber war if they can't even have proper wi-fi connection at theiy general assembly?

Just yesterday Umno president DS Najib Razak insisted for party members to master the social media. I even saw picture of him waving his smart phone at the delegates to stress the importance of mastering the ICT in order to win over the younger generation who will make up the bulk of six million new voters in the next general election.

Personally, I think Umno and its BN allies will be thrashed in GE14 if they don't fix their cyber war machinery.

Okay, I better stop now. My eyes and fingers sudah letih....

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Differentiating the good, the bad and the ugly

Hypocrites are the worst.

Second were the arrogant bastards.

And third were the shallow people.

These are the top three types of people I dislike most.

Hypocrites are such as those claiming to be champions of democracy but running their party like the communist party of North Korea, or claim to be good Muslims but enjoy cursing fellow Muslims or claim to be of high moral but went around having too much sex with girls...and boys.

Arrogant bastards are those who think they can get away with anything. These are of the types who demands these and that because they think it's their God given birth rights. These type of people are also known as selfish bastard.

The above two types are of the evil variety.

Shallow people on the other hand are of the annoying variety. These are innocent gullible types normally used and abused by the two types above.

They are not evil, but just plain too shallow that they can't even tell that they were being used by people of the other two categories. Example : Malay members of DAP, and Malays who took part in Bersih rally (including that silly shallow silver spoon fed old girl Marina Mahathir).

There are other types of people whom I dislike, but these three I mentioned above were the ones I encounter most on day to day basis.

Why I'm making noises about them today?

Well, it's because Umno general assembly starts today.

There are many among those of the three categories who will talk all sorts of things at the assembly, trying to look good in front of everyone.

We need to separate them from the other good Umno people.

If we listen carefully to the speeches this one week, we can tell who are the good, the bad and the ugly in Umno.

The good actually are in the majority. Unfortunately the bad ones who are always getting the highlights.

Bear in mind, Umno got over 3 million members. Most are decent people who sincerely believe in the perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Selamat bersidang.