Sunday 10 June 2018

Dr M vs Anwar, let's blame Singapore too

Looks like Anwar has to wait for quite a while more because

Mahathir's two year timeframe not set in stone


“I could be done with my work earlier or it could take longer. My priority is to return the nation’s wealth and improve the nation’s economy so we become stronger. If possible my short-term intention is to address all our problems.
“Money is not a priority if I became successful. What is important is the result of my work. This is what I work hard for,” Dr Mahathir reportedly said.
I think it's going to take Dr Mahathir longer than sooner because he said he wants "to address all our problems".

That could even take forever.

At the way things are going, I really doubt Anwar will ever becomes PM.

But then again, the guy already told his PKR people to support Dr Mahathir to fix the country which was supposedly almost destroyed by BN.

Once upon a time, Anwar and Dr Mahathir in their Umno attire.
At least, that's what he said openly.

So, there shouldn't really be any worry.

That's what the PH people said lah.

Yes, Anwar probably doesn't even mind not being made PM at all.

He is sincere and has no such ambition.

Okay, I'll try to believe all that.


All these talks about the big Anwar vs Mahathir fight in the near future were just the work of Umno cybertroopers.

Yup, the dastardly Umno....fine, I'll try to believe that one too.

Still, there are stories such as this one which were definitely not cooked up by Umno,

Azmin's rise to power under Dr M worrying Anwar's men


Citing anonymous sources, the daily said Azmin’s Cabinet position could be seen as a power play by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to consolidate his grip on Pakatan Harapan (PH).
Azmin’s appointment is also worrisome to Anwar’s loyalists who see the move could give the Gombak MP considerable power to curb Anwar’s influence within PH.
It said Azmin’s new portfolio will oversee the nation’s biggest companies, including state oil giant Petronas, sovereign wealth fund Khazanah, and savings manager Perbadanan Nasional Berhad, which are collectively worth more than RM1 trillion.
The portfolio also includes the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda), Tabung Haji and the other major units and department in charge of aiding Malay entrepreneurs.
“The scope is so wide that earlier plans to place the International Trade and Industry Ministry under the ministry will likely be ditched,” said the source familiar with the restructuring.
I don't think that daily, which is the Singapore's Straits Times is part of the Umno's cybertroopers network.

For this one, I think the PH people will have to deal with those pesky Singaporeans themselves.

Maybe they could tell the people that the Singaporeans are trying to destabilise our country by sowing animosity between Malaysian leaders.

Yes, let's blame the we used to back then.

Singaporean boogeyman, the Israel of the east.

Well, DAP wouldn't like this very much, but they simply have no choice but to play along.

Despite them being all powerful now, I don't think DAP dares to say no to an anti-Singapore move.

They will go along with it.

They will be willing to do anything to keep the fragile PH unity from breaking apart.

That's what they have been doing since accepting Dr Mahathir and his team into PH.

They have been following everything that the handsome old man told them to do.

I think they may even ask Dr Mahathir to be their supremo in case Kit Siang kicks the bucket tomorrow.

They are now that at awe of the man whom they used to hate so much all those years.

So, what the heck with just a little bit of Singapore bashing, eh.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be a bit troublesome when I hang around with my Singaporean cousins.

They used to tease me for being a silly Malaysian. Always blaming Singapore for Malaysia's screwed ups.

Never mind. Maybe it's not going to be so bad this time as we are much older now.

Anyway, I suddenly miss Singapore.


Among others....I miss walking with my mother along the Changi beach.

My mom used to take me to this playground at the beach


  1. Nahh I don’t think Singapore even bother to poking its nose in our affairs at the moment. After all, they extremely busy right now preparing for the earth shattering moment in the history of humankind, the historic hand shake between Kim and Trump at Sentosa island. All eyes of the world now directed at Singapore.

    1. seriously ???
      I believe The Sentosa High Noon is a bothersome chore and promise they cant wait to finish and YESTERDAY :)

  2. Annie,

    //I think it's going to take Dr Mahathir longer than sooner because he said he wants "to address all our problems".

    That could even take forever.

    At the way things are going, I really doubt Anwar will ever becomes PM.//

    Annie, the above is your comment.

    Tun M may take forever to to PM, you said.

    So......ahem old is Tun M?

    By the way, I like the changi beach. You can take a walk and exercise.

    I used to walk at the Lido beach, eat rojak there. Now too many development there. I wonder who bought the property there? The condo and all?

    Johorean or Singaporean? or from China.....?

    1. Right Annie... hmm

      "Citing anonymous sources, the daily said ..."

      Isn't that convenient?

      Could that sources be ... I'm thinking of L..m.n MA.. oops... I can't blame UBN cybertroopers right?

      Singaporeans angry because we Malaysians don't follow Ancient Chinese who honored agreements?
      Ooops... cannot blame Singaporeans...
      Sorry Annie... hihihi...

      But really Annie,
      why you didn't quote what Tun said in many interviews that he doesn't think he could work anymore after 95 years old (if he's still alive). Tun is a doctor. He knows too well about human's biology.

      Even now, my friend who met Tun to brief him abt 1mdb said Tun is very tired actually. When he speaks he has to speak very slowly.. Even Tun Siti Hasmah said Tun easily gets lung infection nowadays.

      So please laa... don't sneer sneer like this.. not good laa...

      Dah nak raya ni Annie!

      Selamat Hari Raya.... maaf zahir batin.. :)

  3. Still at it ya Annie? Small needle first, the big firecracker. When that will be we'll have to wait a bit longer

  4. Tun has been entrusted with huge and critical responsibilities to save Malaysia - which require intelligence, experience, wile and determination to surmount. There is simply no one better who can do that.

    But now that he is already nearly 93, we can only hope that Tun will remain in good health and spirit for as long as possible.

    In many large cos, such as Microsoft, Maxis and Astro, the majority shareholders have relinquished the chief executive's roles to capable others.That said, I believe DSA should be glad that Tun is there to handle the most difficult tasks.By the time he takes over, Malaysia will be in much better shape than now.


  5. quote: that could even take forever ,

    You is trying to cheeky here Annie .

  6. Does anybody notice whenever Anwar open his mouth, everything became a controvercy. Has he said anything lately that causes an eruption of joy among the masses irrespective of their political incline? 2 years is a very short time.

    Anwar kept on repeating "UMNO 2.0". Once he becomes PM, the rakyat will see him and see him off like "Najib 2.0" if he keep on doing this. (Minus the billions of course. It's now quite an impossible task to repeat. Too many eyes are watching).

    1. Inside PH coalition there is presiden council discuss politic and policy matter.

      But this brader, spring out of jail walk here and talk there like he just won an election by himself. The same tune play by his boy deny tun m and ppbm effort in winning the GE

  7. The Straits Times was quoting an unnamed source as the main source of info. I think we can all take that article with a giant pinch of salt.

    DAP bigwigs have clashed with Singaporean / PAP "proxies" / "spokespeople" before. Classic case was when Tony Pua and Ong Kian Ming gave Bilahari Kausikan a hammering over the latter's remarks regarding Bersih.

    Annie, I think you underestimate the DAP too much :)

    But I am also happy that you have more or less admitted that the DAP are legit team-players in the Pakatan Harapan coalition. Despite all the... "demonizing" that you have done against them all these years :D

    Also, when you next face your Singaporean cousins, you can proudly tell them that Malaysians were, despite all the odds stacked against them, despite all the previous government utilizing all levers and state organs and gerrymandering acts against them, were able to vote in a new government! Plus hey, the new government's lineup is close to equal of Singapore's Cabinet in value and capability... for only 1/10th the price! That is something all Malaysians can be proud of... even those who support the Opposition ;)

    P.S. Father Lim already filled up his political sec vacancy. You need to join DAP fast if you want to get political sec position with Son Lim... unless you were thinking about Lim Lip Eng instead :D

  8. Annie,

    I think PH better shut up and do some work.

    I think stupid bloggers like the Indian Snake should shut up and stop doing dirty agenda work.

    This is all irrelevant.

    We voted for the country to be fixed.

    Stop bloody politicking and get down to work, PH.

    1. Your indian snake is just reminding everyone that disaster is coming along with the ex-convict-to-be-pm.

      PH government is doing their work just fine. And please let the indian snake do his work. After all we voted for free speech. If you can't be criticised, then don't do stupid stuff.

    2. No, the Indian snake is jerking off two years too early, lah dik.

      One month in, several major screw-ups already, and we have to endure this Indian drama movie already as this internal struggle for power becomes public, and the backstabbing begins.

      One month lah, dei.

      One month.

      Fuck off and die, lah, PH.

      PH can keep masturbating & politicking, but don't be surprised if they get a nasty shock in GE15.

      PS: "....let the Indian snake do his work. After all we voted for free speech."

      The Indian snake is a mindless parrot for Tun Dr M / Daim - and has never been anything else.

      Parroting is not "speech".

    3. So we should all pay attention to someone who does not even have an identify except anonymous ?

  9. Java pornorogo from Indon vying for umno presidency, committed a cardinal sin asking Tun Mahathir for advice how to run umno. A yugeee slap to the royal faces for Umno legacy started by "royal" relatives. Who is this indon boy, how dare he. Look at Ku Li like cacing kepanasan. Doesn't he know, the royals calls the shot behind the scene in Umno. BN very interesting twist and turn happening. Depending on court cases, even before election who knows umno might be deregistered at the last minute....jeng jeng jeng...
    Meanwhile on PH side, Anwar been making all the "wrong" moves and come out the wrong statements. Trying to take lone credit and impression of kissing up the royals on the issue of AG, while in Tun interview recently, it was then known some of the Sultans approach him to pacify the discontent regarding the AG appointment and they agree with him there that shouldn't be delayed. That's the different style between Tun and Anwar, Tun when he think is right will be firmed in principles, shown to be more statesmanlike, while Anwar, shown to be more wavering and proned to kiss up and less of a statesman in the issue of AG.
    Tun is now busy running the government, thinking how to solve the national problem, debt problem, government machinery, establishing foreign relation with Japan, calming the market, this and that with his team in cabinet. While outside Anwar causing political mischiefs, with his statements on the king issue, Islam shariah issue, brotherhood issue and whatever. The strange thing, even Umno hardcore malay Tajuddin has no problem with the AG but Anwar is more Umno then umno themselves via his overly concern with the AG issue and king hurt feelings.
    All these are very interesting and people are watching.

  10. "For this one, I think the PH people will have to deal with those pesky Singaporeans themselves.

    Maybe they could tell the people that the Singaporeans are trying to destabilise our country by sowing animosity between Malaysian leaders.

    Yes, let's blame the we used to back then.

    Singaporean boogeyman, the Israel of the east."

    Grin grin grin :)
    yes .. holding my breath waiting for the 1MDB and HSR case to be reviewed :)

    Grin grin "some more"

  11. The man with the crooked pexxs have to wait a bit longer.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof, he should be made to wait forever.

      Someone i have never trusted and never will.