Monday 19 June 2023

Stop criticising Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang

 Okay, I better not criticise Lim Kit Siang anymore now that he is a Tan Sri.

Yesterday there was a story about a six-month pregnant woman being arrested for doing that.

Apparently, the woman was said to be insulting Yang DiPertuan Agong for criticising Kit Siang's title.


I hope Lim Guan Eng will not get a Tan Sri title too as that means I wouldn't be able to criticise him like before.

No fun la like that.

Yesterday there was also a story about Anwar denying that he ordered a crackdown on opposition leaders and that he was in the dark about actions being  taken by police, MACC and IRB against them.

His sidekick, the home minister Saifuddin also claimed the same.

Hmmmm....Dr Mahathir used to say the same thing too when police arrested Anwar back in the late 1990s for sodomy, abuse of power etc.

It's the police who did it, not him.

He said the same about Operasi Lalang.

Somehow no one really believes in Dr Mahathir when he said that.

Now Anwar is saying the same thing too. 

You all believe Anwar?

Maybe he's telling the truth, okay.

Maybe he learnt a lesson from spending years in jail for ordering the police to "gempaq" people who accused him of sodomy back when he was Dr Mahathir's deputy in the late 90s.

Well, before the election, there were a lot of noises about abolishing remnants of the "draconian laws" such as Sedition Act, and SOSMA.

What happens now?

Now those very laws were being thrown left, right and centre to cut down dissent against the Madani government and its personalities.

Fortunately Najib, who would now probably die in jail, managed to initiated the abolishment of the ISA.

Otherwise ISA would be used too. So many would be in jail for being Islamic or Malay extremists.

But of course those arrests are based on police and agencies' investigations. 

The PM and his ministers know nothing about it, okay.

Yup, they are completely in the dark.

And all those human rights activists who previously made so much noise are now quiet.

They will say it like Anwar, "We will flip flop if it's good for the people".

Yup, they need those "draconian laws" now to stop those nasty Perikatan people from coming to power.

Really cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anyway, how's life under the Madani rule?

Is it improving for you all?

Better salary? 

Cheaper prices at the shops?

If we can't have freedom, at least can we have cheaper food?

Well, I may likely lose my job next month.

Preparing myself for the B40 lifestyle.

Menu Rahmah....urghhh.


Friday 9 June 2023

Muslims must not let the word "Allah" be misused

Let me start this one by repeating what I had written before - that I don't consider myself to be a really good Muslim.

That is so because I have been struggling all my life to observe even the most basic rituals of my religion.

I would nonetheless stress though that I have never deny any of the teachings of Islam, as I was taught of them since I was a little child.

For instance, I will never dispute the five pillars of the religion, which are the syahadah, five daily prayers, fasting during Ramadhan, payment of tithe, and performing the Haj pilgrimage for those who could afford it.

Nor do I disbelieve any of the six main components of the faith, that are believing in the existence of Allah, the prophets, the holy books, the angels, the afterlife, and the fate as set by Allah.

My questions are confined to certain interpretations in matters such as hijab for women, age of consent and other teachings, which are not so clear cut in the Quran.

What's clearly stated in the Quran are indisputable for a Muslim but the ulama interpretations, I believe, are not beyond being debated.

Having said all that, I would like to point out yesterday's news about a motion filed to parliament by Pas to amend the law, which effectively requires the word "Allah" to be defined as according to its definition in the Quran.

The definition as according to Surah Al-Ikhlas, reads "Say, He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

As a child, I was thought that the surah was inspired by Allah upon Prophet Muhammad when he was asked by a Christian delegation about what kind of god that Muslims believe in, bearing in mind that in Christianity, God the Father begets Jesus and that Jesus is part of the godly trinity with the other entity being the Holy Spirit.

In Islam, Jesus is not a god or son of god and instead just a prophet like Muhammad.

The PAS' motion was intended to settle the dispute over the use of the word "Allah" among the non-Muslims,  effectively confining them to be allowed to use it only if they believe that Allah, as they are referring to, is the one true god that has no equivalent as dictated by the Quran.

The motion was rejected from being tabled in parliament and now Pas and its Perikatan allies will appeal the matter to the Rulers, whose role, among others, is to protect the sanctity of Islam.

I don't know who were specifically responsible behind the rejection of the motion, but I sure hope they are not Muslims.

Bear in mind that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia as you read this.

Now, as a Muslim, I have to support the Pas' motion as failing to do so will put my faith in question.

Well, maybe the proposed law on the word "Allah" should have specific qualifications for Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, whose community had been thought by their priests for generations that their god should be called by that name.

Yet again, I must stress that Muslims cannot deny what are clearly stated in the Quran.

It is their religious duty to ensure that the word "Allah" should not be allowed to be used by just anyone, who may do so willy nilly.

Failing to do so, I believe, we will have one day someone saying Allah has a son or equivalent to other gods and that would just cause trouble.

As it is, we nowadays have stupid stand up comedians who resort to insult others just to get a laugh from the audience.

And they are not even the most insidious individuals who may want to misuse the word "Allah" to confuse or rile up the Muslims.

Freedom of speech and expression should not lead to causing troubles.

Monday 5 June 2023

DAP is the winner

Today marks a major milestone in Malaysian politics.

DAP's "former" supremo Lim Kit Siang has been conferred  a Tan Sri title by Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Kit Siang looking like a statesman in his songkok a day before becoming a Tan Sri.

It's the crowning of DAP's victory in its struggle to end the Malay nationalists' dominance of the country.

Now even the palace recognises DAP as a true good force.

All those allegations of DAP being a traitorous pro-communist Chinese chauvinistic organisation has been proven to be false.

No way those allegations thrown by the Malay nationalists at the party over the years were true now that the Agong has recognised Kit Siang as a leader who had done good for the country.

The grand DAP old man, despite his retired status, is still active making statements reflective of the party's stand almost on a daily basis.

Once he is truly retired, I believe he will be conferred the Tun title.

Honestly, Kit Siang deserves such an honour.

He guided his party over the decades to what it is now - the single most powerful political block in the country that commands almost absolute support of the non-Bumiputera votes.

Under his stewardship, DAP vanquished the all powerful Umno, which now is just a shell of its former self.

Umno members have to accept the reality that they were defeated and now have to regard DAP as a friend that can keep their party alive with extra votes from the non-Malays.

Kit Siang's old nemesis Dr Mahathir has also been reduced to being a non-entity after even losing his deposit in Langkawi in the last general election.

He is now awaiting possible prosecution for his Malay Proclamation which the authorities believe is a threat to the country's democratic system.

DAP, through the Anwar's administration, is cracking down on "corrupt" and "racialist tactics" of its main opponents, particularly those of Perikatan Nasional .

Muhyiddin is already in court and Hadi may likely be next.

It's all for the good of the country, so it was said.

Well, Pas' late spiritual leader Nik Aziz was also posthumously conferred the Tan Sri title while Hadi had received his quite a while ago.

If Pas can be considered a good force, so should DAP, right?

Anyway, all indications pointed to the Malays now being mostly resigned to the fact that they need to adapt to the current political equation.

They are too exhausted to resist after being repeatedly betrayed by their own corrupt and selfish leaders.

Maybe life akin to that of the Malays in Singapore is better.

At least the PAP gave them nice HDB flats. Maybe DAP, which is a PAP's splinter party will help the Malays to get such good homes too.

HDB flats are better than those many dilapidated wooden houses of the Malays living under Pas' rule in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah.

Well, Malays will be okay as they are good at adapting to changes.

Their ancestors back then adapted well when the British took over the country.

They will be fine as long as no one disturb their religion and position of their raja-raja like back then.