Saturday 2 June 2018

Pribumi Bersatu bloggers are more garang

I thought I was being quite derhaka when I posted that

But apparently Pribumi Bersatu bloggers are even more garang.

They came out with these;

Another Crisis Brewing : Country Is Not Out Of Danger Yet. Citizens of Malaysia You Must Make A Stand. You Won The Elections. Now Some People Are Trying To Steal Your Victory

Among the issues;

1. Folks I just heard some really worrying news. That fellow is going around the country whispering into the ears of the gullible but influential that Najib was a victim of Tun Dr Mahathir's greed and lust for power.  They are listening to him because he is promising them things that Tun Dr Mahathir will not give them.

2. The same fellow had strongly objected to the appointment of Lim Guan Eng as the Minister of Finance.  

3. Someone wants to see the list of suggested Cabinet Ministers and pick and choose who he wants - which is NOT part of our Constitutional process. He wants to veto names that he does not like.  

4. Key government appointments must be made like the Attorney General, the Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) and other important Civil Service appointments.  The same person also wants to have  veto power over these appointments as well

5. However the appointment is being objected to on exactly the same grounds - that the candidate is a non Malay and non Muslim.  The candidate for AG  is a Christian.
There is nothing in the Federal Constitution which says that non Malays and non Muslims cannot be appointed as the Attorney General.

Bahaya Nafi Pilihan Rakyat 


Ini adalah kerana raja, isteri raja, dayang dan rakyat jelata kini berada di abad ke-21 dan bukan lagi di zaman dongeng, mitos serta rekaan di mana raja adalah kudrat.

[Secebis daripada Perlembagaan: Perkara 40 - Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah bertindak mengikut nasihat.

(1) Pada menjalankan fungsinya di bawah Perlembagaan ini atau undang-undang persekutuan, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah bertindak mengikut nasihat Jemaah Menteri atau nasihat seseorang Menteri yang bertindak di bawah kuasa am Jemaah Menteri, kecuali sebagaimana yang diperuntukkan selainnya oleh Perlembagaan ini; tetapi Yang di-Pertuan Agong berhak, atas permintaannya, untuk mendapat apa-apa maklumat berkenaan dengan pemerintahan Persekutuan yang boleh didapati oleh Jemaah Menteri.

(1A) Pada menjalankan fungsinya di bawah Perlembagaan ini atau undang-undang persekutuan, jika Yang di-Pertuan Agong dikehendaki bertindak mengikut nasihat, atas nasihat, atau selepas menimbangkan nasihat, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah menerima dan bertindak mengikut nasihat itu.] 

So, I guess it's not just me who believe that the rakyat should hold the ultimate power.

By the way, from their posts, I believe the Pribumi Bersatu bloggers were also concerned over the latest activities of Anwar Ibrahim.

Well, I don't blame them.

Anwar seems everywhere these days.

He was even at the airport when the Indian PM stopped by here to see Dr Mahathir.

Maybe that's why there is this comment at my previous post;

The Man is at his old tricks again. Lots of money was used to defeat Ghaffar Baba in the DP election of UMNO back then. Going around kissing hands of the Royalty seems to be his present antics instead of kissing the Rakyats' hands.
Sexual exploits has not been reported yet.
So can he succeed this time ? We are all watching whether the originator of money politics in UMNO will practise his expertise again.'s not even a month yet since PH won GE14.

I hope Dr Mahathir, despite his age, could handle these nonsense.

It's really scary if he couldn't do so.

I'm sincerely praying that the handsome old man remains healthy and have many more years with us.

Hopefully, Pribumi Bersatu people can persuade him to stay on as PM at least until the end of this term instead of letting it go (to Anwar) as promised in two years time.

 I think, Malaysia being ruled by Anwar is going to be quite a scary place.


  1. If you want to quote OTSB then you need to know, he's Dr M's mouthpiece.

    He will attack Anwar if the strategy is to undermine him to the point that Mukhriz will become heir apparent. Or more likely, that Tun wants to promote Azmin, which is actually not bad.

    Anyway we can be ready for you Umno bloggers to go full steam ahead on this "Wedge Strategy" to try and divide Tun and Anwar.

    You can see how your Ponytail & Gang tried the LKS vs. Mahathir Wedge which gained no traction at all. That;s why I really blame Tun Faisal, Habibur and the other dunggus for not controlling you guys properly. Bad operation overall.

    Well, "menangguk di air keruh" is going to be your strategy for next 2-3 years.

    Unfortunately you have to contend with far more exposures of BN misdeeds that will extend for a lot more than 5 years.

    For me personally, as long my money is no longer stolen to feed Rosmah’s handbags addiction or to finance her son’s films, we win already.

    1. I never believe Dr Mahathir is doing all these for Mukhriz. Check the archive of this blog if you don't believe me.And I don't take orders on what to blog from anyone. If you insist that I am, then you can go fuck yourself off.

    2. LOL, rilek lah Annie.

      If you say you're not paid, OK, fine I believe you.

      There is nothing wrong with being a pro-Umno blogger (we need freedom of expression and checks and balances), or even a paid one. In the matsal countries, they hire lobbyists. Najib himself paid RM77 million to APCO to polish his image.

      The problem is if you seem too close to that ponytail/dog/wall gang, then it may seem that you are one of them.

      They all were very happy to pose and smile big smiles with Tun once upon a time. Then they were also more than happy to turn on him and start attacking and demeaning him.

      These people of course will try and explain it away. But we're not stupid.

      Some bloggers have really sacrificed their maruah, is what I'm saying.

      If you are not one of them, then good for you.


    3. HAHAHAHAHA..........U are quite a fierce lady yourself, Annie.

    4. Please dont accused Annie of taking orders to blog unless you guys have proof or if you think so but you have to counter with fact why do you find her so. Dont hurt someone's feeling for the sake of different of opinion or dislike. Thats very bad.

    5. Please refrain from mixing religious and race into politic. We will have more argument then solving problem with constructive idea.

  2. Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim is a cancer to Malaysian.

    He may play the reform game back in the day when he was sacked.
    But now?
    His coalition is the govt of today.
    His wife is the DPM of today govt.
    Why on earth he still think he need to be some sort tamil hero image again?
    Central figure or hero image will no longer work today. Only 93 years old man can do that trick even though he slowly need to change that.

    He think bring that malay and muslim unity can give him special place in people heart and place him in msia greatest hit?
    The voters already ditched umno for god sake.

    He scared the hardcore PH will forget about him. That why he still playing the pru 13 of 52% majority vote as his kpi while the hardcore PH know already BABI is just NATO.

    Rhetoric speech, recite some verse from quran and hadis, calling some big name from some coutries and inststition will no longer boost his image.

  3. Here Annie, something interesting for you:

    Sekumpulan anak muda Kelantan bertemu Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed bagi mendesak anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno itu bertanding jawatan presiden pada pemilihan akan datang.

    Jika Mustapa keberatan berbuat demikian, mereka berharap agar beliau sekurang-kurangnya menawarkan diri untuk bertanding jawatan timbalan presiden.

    Pertemuan dibuat di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra di Kota Bharu lewat petang semalam, melibatkan kira-kira 50 orang daripada Pemuda Umno, kumpulan belia dan mahasiswa.

    Jurucakap kumpulan Muhammad Rudin Siru berkata, desakan itu kerana yakin dengan kewibawaan Mustapa untuk mengembalikan sokongan rakyat terhadap Umno.

    "Tok Pa sentiasa konsisten dalam kerjanya selain imej bersih dan bebas daripada sebarang kontroversi, serta disegani kawan dan lawan.

    "Sepanjang berkhidmat, beliau menunjukkan wibawa dan kredibiliti dalam membantu membangunkan ekonomi negara," katanya yang juga anggota Pemuda Umno.

    I really support this call.

    I would vote for BN again if Tok Pa was the PM candidate vs. Anwar (of course, you cannot beat Tun. But I don't think Tun will stand in PRU15.)

    But the problem with Tok Pa is, he is not a "political animal" and won't play money politics or play dirty.

    Too much of a gentleman.

    He is "Old School" Umno mentality, before it became skim cepat kaya.


  4. quote: Malaysia ruled by Anuar is very is going to be quite scary .

    The circumstances ahead look very scary indeed , pity the handsome old man ,he really look tired these days .

    I would trust the DAP's Lim more comparing to this Anuar .What ever the out come rakyat vill be vistim ,and the way he move around it's doesn't look good .

  5. Shahidan is right
    Di tajuk yang lepas, komen saya juga menyokong.

    Gelagat anwar sekarang diperhatikan, serangan kecil mengecamnya sudah bermula. Anwar tahu apa yang dia buat, mengumpan.

    Masih membawa era reformasi lama dan seolah semua orang mesti merujuk kepadanya, endorse by him, consent by him...

    Adalah lebih baik Anwar selari dengan angin Mahathir daripada cuba menyanggahnya kerana kedua dua mereka tidak cukup masa

  6. Garang bersuara tak semestinya bijak.masa utk beretorik tanpa isi sudah berlalu.rakyat semakin bijak menilai
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof, u mean mendiamkan diri atas nama solidariti is better? Dah jatuh terduduk baru nak nyesal x bersuara?

      Zaman duduk diam makan hati sorang2 dah berlalu. Ini zaman dimana semua org bebas menyuarakan pendapat asalkan bertempat.

    2. Prof K 18.39 rakyat semakin bijak menilai, sebab itulah BN dan najib sudah berkubur dengan walaupun begitu yakin boleh menang

  7. The question is why would the royals collude with anwar ? Remember the vid? Jam omega ?

    One of them is supposedly religious too

  8. The kepala "pink form" guy is trying very hard to be relevant.

  9. You cannot predict what a man would do to the man who framed him for SODOMY, can you?

  10. Anwar , scary u say Annie. It will be disaster. Pray that this 2 x prisoner will not be PM.God Forbid.

  11. A good arrangement now is for the PKR leader Anwar to join the cabinet as the Foreign Minister as current it is vacant. This of course he either need to contest or be made a senator in order to join the cabinet.
    Let Tun M finish the 5 year term as PM and Anwar as the foreign minister. For the next GE, Anwar to get the proper mandate as the PM.
    To avoid familial relationship conflict of interest in Cabinet, Azizah will not be a cabinet minister next term as Anwar the PM. She can go for the MB post of Selangor and made history as first woman MB next term.

    Below arrangement make the best sense, and ensure continous reform...

    PM - Tun M (let him finish the complete term 5 years)
    TPM - Azizah
    Finance - LGE
    Economy - Azmin
    Def - MSabu
    Interior - Muhyiddin
    Foreign - Anwar (to be part in cabinet for consensus building and his foreign relationship)

    PM - Anwar (get proper mandate from the rakyat)
    TPM - LGE
    Finance - Azmin
    Economy - Ong KM
    Def - Muhyiddin
    Interior - MSabu
    Selangor MB - Azizah (first woman MB)

    1. Anon 2006
      Do you think the old man will last for another 5 years?He is living on borrowed time
      Prof kangkung

    2. TPM - LGE ? ... Ptuiii ! ! !

    3. TPM - LGE ? Pleazzz laa

      This is what LGE said today as reported by Sinar Harian:-

      “Kita sedang siasat perjanjian-perjanjian yang agak luar biasa ini. Biasanya kalau kerja siap 30 peratus, kita akan bayar 30 peratus. Tetapi ini tidak diamalkan.

      "Kerja baru siap 30 peratus tetapi sudah dibayar 70 peratus. Mengapa? Kerana perjanjian dibuat bergantung kepada tempoh masa iaitu pembayaran dibuat setiap enam bulan, tak kira ada buat kerja atau tak buat kerja,” katanya.

      He should ask himself about the payment made by Penang govt to state tunnel project.

  12. I have to agree wit U ...rabu ni Mr A nak jumpe all his MPs & aduns...

  13. Anon 20.06

    There is an arrangement between the coalition and I think they will honor this arrangement, very likely.


    I was a Pakatan Rakyat fan base but lately I am incline towards supporting Tun M.

    I am all with the majority to send the message that we vote for Pakatan not Anwar.

    At the same time, give the guy a break. Be human about this. We are human right? The guy just came out from three years in jail. I mean, can we imagine what the guy had to go through.?

    If it is true that Anwar want to derail the people's mandate, then yes we should give them a stern message but lately, we are hearing half truth and half story.

    Why is Anwar becoming the PM so scary?

    If everthing is in check, then Anwar will not try to be funny when he is becoming PM. Furthermore, Wan Azizah is not the kind of person who use Birkin, Hublot watches and all those stuff. Dont worry.

    If Pakatan rule, then it will be in a coalition not like BN style where one party dominate.

    Annie, How about Hadi Awang as PM? what do you think? Scary or not. He is really a nice guy underneath right?.

    But, under PAS rule, you will need to cover yourself and I dont think PAS will like it too much when you utter the F word. I mean, they expect woman modesty and such.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I second you anon 20:38. Wise comment so far.

  14. Annie,

    I have great regard for Syed Akbar Ali and what he writes except when he writes about Anwar Ibrahim.

    But, I know he has this thing about Anwar and he is perfectly entitled to his opinions.

    The way I see it, he has access to sources of information which I don't but that does not necessarily make him right.

    Another example I offer was his objection to Maszlee Malik as Education Minister.

    I was confused as I did not think that Mahatir would make such a fundamental mistake in picking a psycho Islamofascist to be Education Minister.

    Then several other Pakatan politicians chipped in to support Maszlee Malik, which added to my confusion.

    Finally, a friend sent me a video of Maszlee Malik talking at some forum and I found him to be quite intelligent, wellspoken, witty, seemingly moderate and totally different to what I have read about him.

    Are PPBM bloggers more garang?

    No lah, I don't think so.

    That is just how SAA writes some times - very hard hitting, no nonsense.

    In a way, you and SAA share similar styles of writing which can range from the whimsical to the in-your-face.

    Maybe that is why I tend to read you two and somehow get sucked into making comments :)

    Most other websites find me a very passive reader with very little opinion :)


    1. Gladiator June 2018 at 20:51

      Read OSTB's current posting.

      The mission is clear:

      There is no intention for Tun to hand over to Anwar in 2 years.

      Hence OSTB has been sent to "soften the ground".

      Let's be real:

      In 5 years Tun will be almost 98 years old.

      Let's not get crazy, much as we admire him.

  15. I pray Anwar won't be our PM ever!

    To all Anwar's supporters, please ask Anwar if he remembers these people...

    Azizan Abu Bakar
    Sukma Darmawan
    Munawar Anees
    Meor Abd Razak
    Hairani Nahfis
    Ismail Harun
    Rasid Rosdi
    Saiful Bukhari

    ....and many more.

    1. To me, Anwar's supporters should be more afraid of Dato Zulkifli Noordin who hails from Batu 42, Baling... my hometown. An ex-PKR Kulim Bandar Baru MP, who was also the ex-lawyer of the Rear Admiral during Liwat-I but quits midway during the lengthy Liwat-II court proceeding.

      To me, listening to those many Zulkifli's GE13 ceramahs about the Rear Admiral could do more damage than anything else.

      Just google 'ceramah Dato Zulkifli Noordin' or 'Saya kenal Anwar Ibrahim' and you'll wonder why he was not being sued, if all that he'd said was not true.

    2. Saudara RD,

      These are just story. Our Malay people are all too creative in creating bullshit stories.

      Is the guy Zulkifli credible?. I think the Kerinchi folks chase him out in GE13 or is it somebody else?

      Anyway, about Tun M taking a full term, 5 years. Yeah some people would like that. Truth be told, I like the idea myself.

      I think most of us felt and sense that a real leader at the helm of this country.

      However, have we wondered whether Tun M really want the job for 5 years.?

      We are putting too much burden on him. Somebody need to take over eventually.

    3. Hello 21.12

      The pinklips n hippo sodomized 30 million malaysians la

    4. How about the china doll video for truth ?

    5. Can you trust this Anwar guy when even his pxxxs is crooked.Haha
      Prof Kangkung

  16. Dr. Mahathir actually is in a GOOD term with Anwar. Don’t get carried away and falling into the writings of a bitter blogger. The guy clearly having an agenda. He’s having too much time in his hands. Got nothing better to do than trying to ‘melaga-lagakan’ between these two great men. I advise him to stop.

    I know what’s really going on. There’s nothing happening between the two. They are friendly and chummy. They were both in good spirit throughout PH Presidential meeting last Friday. Trust me. There’s no animosity brewing between the two. I know this because I’m in the tick of things.

    Beware of the ‘batu api’ bloggers who trying to drive a wedge between the two. This guy probably felt uncomfortable looking Anwar making lots of courtesy visits after being pardoned. What is wrong with that? It is purely his right if he wants to meet anyone. As if he’s using someone else father’s money for his activities.

    Everyone knows that blogger has a deep disdain to Anwar. You can feel it in his writings. Calling Anwar with a lot of unsavoury names. The guy clearly has issues. He uses his blog trying to create a storm in tea cup. The truth is there’s nothing brewing.

    We should take a lesson on how Malacca Sultanate fell to Portuguese as a result of vicious scheming and slander of Si Kitul and Raja Mandeliar. On how Hang Tuah fell victim to Patih Karma Wijaya ‘grand design’ in influencing the Sultan, creating disrust to his most trusted righthand man. Hang Tuah eventually sentenced to death by the Sultan which made Jebat rebelled and ran amuck.

    1. True true, those fiction storyteller. Beware of them.

      Let things unfold themselves rather then being stir up by wild stories and theories.

      Add on to history, The Bendahara Malacca Tun Mutakhir and his whole family were sentence to death by the Sultan of Malacca because of fiction stories spread those days.

      Those days, there were no constitution like now protecting us the rakyat.

    2. This outsyed is indan version of rpk la

      Usually his writing is fantasy


  17. Annie,

    Refering to your title and Malaysia kini news. Looks like the rumor is true.

    The new AG nominee is Thommy Thomas.

    So he is not a muslim. Is that a problem?

    We have judges who are not muslim, head of police Datok Amar Singh, doctors, pilot who are not muslim etc.

    So,is there an issue if AG is not muslim?

    Sultan Johor mentioned that we are not a Taliban country.

    So are we in a Taliban country?

  18. for dumbo to bangkit these infamous 5 must be toppled - komedi, H2O, oxfart, cowlady & kunan wakakaka
    Trust me i had predicted PH to win GE14 with at least 117 seats wink

    1. U forgot annuar musa

    2. AND arrogant nazri!

    3. AND samseng Tajuddin Rahman!

  19. I hope Anwar slips and fall down and hurt his back again such that he can’t move around painlessly.

    Then he won’t be able to work and will have to sit still in his Istana Segambut watching Malay soap operas on tv. Consequently Azmin will be the next PM! God saves the country again! Hahahaha!

  20. Garang or not garang is besides the point. OTSB have been around for the longest of time and the messages has always been conveyed with hot and spicy undertones.

    What are the messages now? respect freedom of speech, do criticize when something goes wrong immaterial of ‘infatuation’ to any political parties. And be very very serious on who is running the government. Too much is at stake for the betterment of our people..Malaysian

    I think LGE is blazing the way and speeding off to try to figure out the how to handle MOF. Some feathers have been ruffled which goes with the territory..occupationsl hazard eh..

    Azmin the Federal Govt minister is still buried in the newly formed Ministry of Economic Affairs. There is a lot to figure out in RMK11 n trying to marry the PH manifesto promised n iltizam into the annual budget framework.

    The Council of Eminent Person would have to be the steady hand n instead of providing directive should be the one to provide later the check and balance to the cabinet ministers performance. Dont see how BN especially UMNO can be a ‘progressive’ opposition at Federal level when they were ineffective at state level in Penang n Selangor before.

    Anthony Loke is thick in action at Transport n reorganizing Spad as we speak.

    With so many talent running our ministries and with more appointment of capable people to run the rest of the ministries it then beg the question
    ..why are we giving so much attention to Bro Anwar? He is a would be only after a minimum of two years. Two years is too long for a would be..

    The moment the ministers are in place n the quicker they learn the ropes n build our country back then the would be could easily be a had been by then.

    Lets focus our attention and energy to the matters in hand then on the ‘would be’ fella. Yang di kendong tak dapat dan yang dikejar berciciran.

    I am waiting to hear amazing things to come from the Kementerian Wanita since logically that fellow could coach Dr Wan Azizah well with his vast experience in federal government before.

    If he cant do that, i mean ‘helping out’ his dearest now that he is do we expect he can help us.. the rakyat who is less dear.

    My admiration goes to Dr Wan Azizah for standing up and committed to the ‘ would be/ could be fella’


  21. I don't trust the broader to take care of our pendatang interest.

    Azmin is probably a lesser evil since he is not OVERTLY Islamic.

  22. Anwar's boys are impatient. They have fought this bloody battle for 20 years and finally winning it at GE14.

    Just when they thought that waiting for the reward is finally over, the man that they have been fighting against had hijacked their ultimate goal.

    Although they did better and have secured the most seats in the coalition, they did not get the fair share of the prize.

    Anwar has got to act fast to satisfy his boys before he is seen as an irrelevant leader to them.

  23. I do not know whether this comment is appropriate or relevant with the topic being discussed.
    I would like to comment on the impending crisis between the Malay kings and the Prime Minister.I am sure many Malays who voted BN out didn't expect this thing to happen.They assumed the status quo on the special rights remain untouched.
    When Mahathir went against the Malay rulers twice during his first premiership the majority of Malays were behind him.He cannot be too sure about that this time around.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Prof, many of these elite melayus are munafiq. They themselves were happy to engage all these kafirs when they need the best money can buy but balk at openly endorsing one in their own country.

      Najib has engaged perhaps the best & most expensive litigation lawyers money can buy. A palatial home on the east coast was built by a renowed world class architect. Did they put religion or ethnicity as a key criteria in their selection?

  24. Cont...

    To the Anwar's boys, Tun M and PPBM MPs are only UMNO opportunists. They knew for sure that UMNO cannot win the GE14 with all the problems and scandals it is facing. So, they jumped ship before it sank and grab the PH float to survive.

    But now they wanted to "lawan towkay".

    Where got road one ! ! !

    1. All this while oredi got scandal, still cant beat bn/umno. Ppl dont vote for keadilan ppl vote for ph.


    2. As if Anwar is not an opportunist.
      Prof kangkung

    3. helo...bukan jump ship la.kena buang so bina kapal baru dan dijemput utk kemundi kapal ph...

  25. Hi Annie,
    The background "royals" are coming again, they want to plant back Razeleigh as UMNO president. These "royals" are the cause of 61 years of racial strife, play the race card. They scare Malaysia turn into republic and throws them away. You look at their puppet, Najib and Razeleigh, they want these people to control the race party UMNO. Appointment of AG also they want to meddle.
    Najib is going to jail one way or the other. The Altantuya case is coming up again, Muhyiddin has to provide answer on when getting Sirul back from Australia, they wanted to kill him, because he will expose who orders him and many other killings.
    A lot of jobless pro dedak, pro 1MDB Najib bloggers still prowling...beware and keep eyes wide open....hehehehehe