Thursday 14 June 2018

Guan Eng is so cute and clever

Nice title or not?

That's a special one to make pro-PH readers of this blog happy, okay.

Sometimes I wonder why there are so many of them reading this blog based on the comments that it received.

I think they out numbered the non pro-PH people by at least 10 to one.

And most of them think that I'm just a stupid bimbo.

Sometimes they can get quite rude about it too.

Well, guess I can't blame them though as I never claimed to be clever.

I never tried to impress, my English is quite bad and I just write as according to what I feel about what I observed.

Still, as pointed by someone in my last post, the pro-PH people who commented in this blog are all very clever.

So, I do wonder why they bothered to read my stupid postings.

Actually there are many other blogs, including anti-PH blogs which are really clever that they could visit.

You know, such as those with charts and graphs ones. All very factual some more.

Don't know lah.

But it's okay. I'm quite used to them already.

Even the nasty ones.

Some people are simply like that lah, I guess.

Anyway, I'm already on Raya holidays. So, I'm just relaxing except a bit of work that I needed to do.

Tomorrow, I'll be driving north to visit my uncle, which is my routine on Raya eve.

I'm going out very early in the morning. Hopefully the traffic will not be too bad.

I'm not having a new baju raya this year nor going to spend too much on food and other stuff for Raya.

Need to save money a bit.

After all, they said the country is drowning in debt what. Therefore it's so wrong to spend too much for Raya, right :)

Well, I know that many people seemed angry because I highlighted Guan Eng's not so good side.

 So, this time I'm highlighting something positive about him lah,

Special Aidilfitri aid for 66,258 mosque officials, religious teachers


A special Aidilfitri aid of RM400 will be given to 66,258 mosque officials and religious teachers nationwide, with the cash deposited into their individual bank accounts, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

Nice, right.

Errr....this one not considered dedak, right?

Surely not, Guan Eng from DAP, not Umno :)

Okay lah, enough of my rambling.

Need to sleep now. Got to get going early in the morning.

Good night.


  1. selamat hari raya annie...maaf zahir dan batin.

    >james bond

  2. Najib diberi tempoh hampir 10 tahun sebelum dinilai dan dijatuhkan melalui proses demokrasi..

    Kerajaan PH sekarang dinilai setiap jam, setiap hari..

    Nasihat pada mereka, buat catatan harian, beli diary 2018-2023..

    PRU15, bentang dan jadikan bahan kempen, selamat maju jaya.

  3. Ha ha, don't lah get so defensive, Annie.

    I read all the comments in your last post, at least people are using facts & figures. And 4-5 people understood the deeper intricacies of Japan's debt. Malaysians are getting well informed (except that kangkung fellow.)

    The BN propaganda machine (which delivered a massive 36% of the vote despite hundreds of millions spent) should take the same approach actually - facts & figures. But not from Ah Jib Kor al-Songlap, please.

    Tokong is neither cute nor clever, but I still am hoping the new gomen fully exposes what happened before so we don't make the same mistakes again.

    As it is, we are learning every day about the "mini-1MDBs" that were all over the previous admin.

    Speaking of BN, yes, it's dead and buried.

    The fixed deposit of those 50-plus seats across Sabah and Sarawak is gone forever.

    Why "forever"?

    Because I will bet that in the next 6-12 months, PAS and UMNO will merge, and there is no way that Sabah and Sarawak will touch PAS with a 30-foot pole. It’s like oil and water.

    Meaning PASUMNO will compete only in Penisular Malaysia, meaning it's dead and buried too.

    If the new EC does the election boundaries as per the Federal Constitution, and not as per Umno’s gerrymandering, then PASUMNO is deader than dead.

    That’s not good, because we will end up with a one-party system.

    1. Ya. You all so clever until Moody's also ended up eating dedak.


    2. Annie,
      Moody especially, all the mainstream media, all those so very clever think-tanks, the ingenious foreign media and governments, none of them gave TDM and PH a ghost of a chance during the last GE14. In fact, many of them predicted an absolute majority for BN, while we the ordinary people at the grassroot level knew it would be otherwise.
      So much for Moody's projections and predictions.

    3. Hee hee, Annie, you are sooooooo cute : )

      I and several others already explained to you in detail the way ratings agencies calculate debt.

      I also pointed out that on that score, Tokong's figures were not aligned with Moody's.

      But you're like a little girl who puts her fingers in her ears and yells "nanananananana!" when someone tells you something you don't want to hear.

      Keaiannnnnn, Umno.

      Umno bloggers tak boleh pakai.

      Super-Super-Neutral Unpaid Bloggers tak boleh pakai.

      Hanco lah Umno : )

      How to win cyberwar with soldiers like that?

    4. Laaaaaaa, rilek lah Annie.

      We should forget politics, and just be thankful for our peaceful country this Raya, kan : )

      Look on the bright side of life.

      Politics is just politics.

    5. Aku rileks la ni. Kalau aku tak rileks aku tak lepaskan komen2 yg macam ni.

  4. why we read your blog?

    cos we all wanna see what sort garbage written by UMNO paid bloggers......hahaha

    1. And you came here at 03:01 am for that....hahaha

    2. Why not, is it unlawful or immorally wrong?

    3. Ya why not Annie? Some are us are already on Raya holiday so what's the problem

    4. No problem. Come come. You are all welcomed here.

    5. That's much much better and certainly makes you look cute....!!

  5. LGE cute??I think Ku Nan lagi cuter..

    Dedak ni bila u panggil dia orang hadir dalam perhimpunan dan bagi dia orang dedak supaya dapat score some political points.Tak kisah cara tu menyusahkan orang ramai.

    Dia bukan dedak bila cara agihan secara berterusan masuk dalam akaun tak kisah penyokong PH atau tidak.

    1. Oh, macam tu pulak. Engko memang bijak.

  6. Bukan macam tu Annie,

    Ramai yang komen kat sini, saya rasa golongan yang bersifat neutral.

    Annie kan kata Annie neutral.

    Samalah juga kebanyakkan yang komen kata sini.

    Cuma Annie kritikal kat Pakatan. Bukan banyak sikit saje....:)

    Samalah depa tuu, kritikal sikit dekat BN.

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    1. I'm caught in the web of circumstances with the Three Little Words.....

      I Lpve You


      God Damn It

  7. Sebenarnya ramai yg terdengar Annie comel tak terhingga mayb a lots of them was trying to get some attentions from u. :P

    Selamat Hari Raya sweetheart.


  8. Dear Annie
    I like your blog because its not too serious or high brow but reasonably acceptable and it does contain useful information which are not privy to ordinary folks like me. I will continue to appreciate your blog whatever your inclination may be.
    Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf zahir batin.

  9. nak tanya... kalau ada kes RASUAH, boleh jadi MENTERI meh??

  10. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen

    1. Annie's kitchen is Neutral.

    2. Ya, it's my kitchen. If the heat is too much I can just shut off the fire.

  11. Salam Annie.
    First time to comment here, accept the fact that we are all human beings, no one the same Annie. Have a safe journey, Jangan la merajuk pulak.
    Selamat Hari Raya.

  12. last hari raya besar for dumbos before closing doors sigh
    but forever hari raya besar for annie amoy Happy Eid Mubarak

  13. Whatever--Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to you.

  14. Dedak lah tu... Why any difference. And ya how come TS Muhydin n Shafiee Apdal did not declare their assets ye... And how come Marina Mahathir who claim to be an activist n handling non profit org had rm80m assets? Can any Pro PH answer eh...

    1. First of all, can you prove or substantiate them with reliable & authentic evidence or source - by whom and when......??

  15. Selamat Hari Raya, have a safe one!

    P.S. Yes, the title of your blogpost is factual, so nothing further to say, kipidap :D :D :D

  16. The Edge further reported, quoting sources, that the cost of the ECRL project was inflated by about RM20 billion, in part, to buy assets from 1MDB.

    The controversial ECRL had been awarded to China state-owned company, China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC). Out of the construction cost of RM55 billion, 85 percent or nearly RM47 billion was to be financed by China.

    Reports say payment is to be made directly to CCCC without the money coming into Malaysia according to a time schedule which does not reflect payment on a percentage of completion basis. Apparently, RM20 billion has already been drawn down from the loan but there is no clarity on where the money has gone.

    But don't worry, be happy!

    Maybe Annie can post Ah Jib Kor's explanation of this later, and we will all relax...

    1. Sos tomato sos chili sos black pepper etc

  17. Annie,

    LGE cute and clever?

    Hmmmm.. well... in the picture there he does look kinda cute like a little piglet looking up at mummy pig and asking for milk :)

    Clever? Hmm.. yupe, that is he undeniably is.

    Wiping off Penang's deficit during his term as CM is an achievement after years of deficit under BN.

    //Need to save money a bit//

    Actually, if you have the money and can afford it, you should be spending big during Raya because it will help the economy.

    So go and get that baju raya and those boots you always wanted :)

    //Errr....this one not considered dedak, right?//

    No, it's not.

    I think LGE would prefer not to pay it but the precedent has been set by UMNO and those receipients are dependent on those pymts.

    LGE CANNOT just terminate those pymts because it will cause hardship amongst many during the Raya period.

    Better to pay it now and in the meantime, think of ways to improve the lives of the receipients so that there is no need to make future pymts.

    I predict that such payments will no longer happen in two or three years time.


  18. Saya mengucapkan selamat hariraya aidilfitri kepada Annie dan semua pembaca blog ini.Even though we do not know each other I feel that we have known each other quite intimately.
    During hari raya I might not be able to write much as I will be busy entertaining guests at my mother's house and will be joining Marhaban group as we Muarians are so proud of.A tradition dated at least 60 years or more.
    For umno supporters,don't be disheartened by negative comments on UMNO.Believe me,after the cleansing of UMNO following the defeat of BN UMNO will grow stronger.InsyaAllah
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Dah terlambat - Bak kata Otai TS Rais Yarim....

      "Kudis dah merebak jadi pekong menular seluruh anggota badan dalam dan luar. Tambah lagi dgn usia UMNO 72 tahun, daya ketahanan badan tak cukup ampuh untuk dibedah-selamatkan".

      UMNO hanya tinggal menghitung hari saat tiba maut dan MENINGGAL.....!!


  19. Selamat hali laya Annie and Selamat hali laya semua , kalau atak buat-buat silap ,manyak soli maa aa .

    Ati manyak tenang sikalang hali laya sutak sampai leaa aa ,esok bolih manyak-manyak makan maa aa . Wa manyak sukak itu ketupat sama itu lendang lea aa , itu lemang pon manyak sedap lea aa .

    soo long .

  20. So many idiots...being in the majority doesn't make you right. It just makes you "in trend".
    I noticed the "trend" by pathetic idiots to appear "urban" is to hentam the previous government. As though by aligning themselves with DAPigs cybertroopers, it makes them appear "smart". Foreigners like Sarawak Report was worshiped because DAPigs said so....Moody's should be discarded guessed it, Joseph Lim Guan Eng(DAPigs! says so.

    In the end, betul cakap2 kat kopitiam...Maulayu memang bodoh! Kena tipu hidup2.

    1. Anon 1547
      Let me write in Bahasa Melayu as I can express myself better in Bahasa Melayu.
      Kalau kita kaji sejarah bangsa Melayu di tanah air kita ini memang orang Melayu secara umumnya mudah ditipu.sejarah seolah-olah berulang apabila 'arkitek' kejatuhan kerajaan Melayu adalah dari bangsa asing.Zaman kesultanan Melayu Melaka dulu kita ada si Kitul. British dapat jadi Penasihat kepada kerajaan Melayu Perak disebabkan perebutan kuasa antara raja Perak dibantu oleh Ngee Hin dan Hai San.Jatuhnya BN dan UMNO disebabkan oleh Jho Low dibantu oleh Rosmah dan Najib.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Anon 1547 mayb u shud read more news abt wht has happen to our country.

      It may seems to me tht u got so much to loose.


    3. At last that kangkong @ pekong liar @ 17:28.... he's not a Professor at all graduated from Chicago by virtue on his own admission.

  21. Saya baca kerana suka cara ditulis "outspoken.." Tulis apa yang difikir. Tidak hipokrit

  22. Hi Annie and all visitors of this blog,

    Wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri."

    Have a great time with your loved ones.

    Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
    Happiness never decreases by being shared.

    If on the road,drive safe and stay safe.

    Rasta Rules.

  23. Selamat Hari Raya Annie!