Friday 1 June 2018

Careful when making promises....and about May 2018

So, MoF Guan Eng said,

Tangguh dulu...


KERAJAAN memutuskan untuk menangguhkan sementara beberapa inisiatif Janji 100 harinya sehingga keadaan kewangan negara bertambah baik.
Antara inisiatif yang akan ditangguhkan pelaksanaannya itu ialah pemberian subsidi petrol bersasar bagi kereta bawah 1300 cc dan motor di bawah 125 cc, skim caruman KWSP untuk suri rumah, peningkatan gaji minimum, penangguhan bayaran balik pinjaman PTPTN untuk graduan berpendapatan RM4,000 ke bawah sebulan dan pelaksanaan Skim Peduli Sihat.
Menteri Kewangan, Lim Guan Eng berkata, semua inisiatif ini hanya akan dilaksanakan kerajaan pusat apabila keadaan kewangan bertambah baik.
Ok, ok...I know the mantra.

"Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now"


But, as I already said, they should study things first before making promises.

I know it sounds great.

"If you all gives us the power to rule over you all, we will make sure your life will be like in paradise in 100 days".

But that's irresponsible.

That's lying.

As PH people like to say about BN, if you started with lying, you will end up stealing.

Well, at least don't la put the 100 days part just to make it sounds great.

The same with the one trillion ringgit debt which is not really true;

For that you all can read this;

Goebbels-esque RM1 trillion national debt lie 

Meanwhile, Najib continued to act as if he had done nothing wrong when he issued this statement as reported by The Star,

Don't plunder funds from Petronas

 for bailouts


Najib noted that the Pakatan g­overnment recently stated that the shortfall in revenue due to the abolish­ment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be made up by Petronas, Khazanah Nasional and Bank Negara Malaysia, who were asked to provide higher dividend payments to the Government.
However, Najib said this approach was not sustainable.
“Petronas’ profits depend on global oil and gas prices which are out of its control. Over-dependence on high oil prices should be ­avoided,” he added.
Najib also said that the cash reserves of Petronas had increased to RM164.7bil as at March 2018, an increase of RM36.5bil compared to RM128.2bil at the end of 2017.
He said the increase resulted from competitive oil prices and payments received from Aramco Saudi’s investment for the RAPID Pengerang project.
He pointed out that during his administration, he made sure that Petronas did not need to pay dividends beyond its means.
“This has resulted in the cash balance of Petronas increasing significantly and the company has been able to make investments and expand to implement ‘game changer’ projects such as the RAPID Pengerang project, Sarawak Oil and Gas Integration Project (SSIOGP) and the Sabah Ambon and Urea (Samur) project,” he said.

I guess Najib is also aware of the PH people's mantra of blaming everything on him to justify whatever they want or don't want to do including "plundering" Petronas.

A little too late to realise that now, if you ask me.

Actually, I don't want to write too long about this today because I'm a bit tired of being accused of being pro-BN or Umno-paid and things like that.

You all figure it out yourself la that little bit I wrote and pasted above.

I'm taking off for the rest of the day.

Maybe I'll drive to the East Coast again for the weekend later.

Nothing much to do in KL when I'm not working.

By the way, this blog passed the five million pageviews mark yesterday.

Actually that's not very impressive considering that it took five years and while pro-PH blogs are getting tens of millions of pageviews.

But still, I'm glad there are some people who took the trouble to read this blog despite it not being linked to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms because of my aversion to those stuff.

Thanks guys.

This blog actually recorded its highest number of pageviews last month,

Its highest monthly pageviews count previously was for July 2015 at 155,207.

That's during the early months of the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight.

You all can read my postings during that time by clicking on this link,

July 2015

I actually sounded like a pro-Mahathir blogger at that time, causing a hugely popular pro-BN blogger later on accusing me of being a "Protun" and even paid RM20k per month by DAP.

The attack lasted for over a year. Funny period :)

I actually became neutral around that time.

Didn't have the heart to fight my own friends from both sides.

Fine, I sounded as if I'm leaning quite a bit to the BN side again now but that's actually because they were already defeated and it's more fun to cheer for the underdog.

In a way, I'm actually glad that BN was defeated in GE14. It gives them the opportunity to clean out the garbage while for myself, I felt energised to write on the Malaysian political nonsense again.

Well, if you all want to whack me for that, then go ahead la.

Okay, need to get back to work now.

This My Love is for my beloved whom I miss so much,



  1. What is wrong being a pro BN?I have been pro umno guy throughout my entire life.Being an opposition is nothing new to me.I have lived in Kelantan since 1987 and became an opposition supporter since 1990 when Pas took over Kelantan from UMNO.
    It takes a lot of adjustments for the government supporters to change their mindsets of the government.They found that being in the government is not a walk in the park.
    Most government supporters have short fuse.Dulu masa jadi pembangkang sedap aja cakap tapi bila dah jadi kerajaan mudah sentap bila orang tegur.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Prof kk,

      "I've been pro umno guy my entire life"...Masih belum terlambat untuk bertaubat prof.

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      A few corrections:

      You have been an incompetent cybertoyol...ever since they started giving you dedak.

      Please return your degree to University of Kangkungia ASAP.

      Prof Sawi

    3. Saya pun pro BN until Najibsitis's stench was so unbearable I have to switch my support to PH.

      I am putting option to swithch to BN again if PH failed and new BN had eliminate the rasuah cancer in their midst.

  2. If im trying to understand their situation. At the time when making promises they didnt have all the data. Now tht they have everything perhaps its obvious tht the country is in deep shit financial wise.

    So few alteration is due.

    But i suppose u r also right when making promises they should put some gap to it just to be safe and make careful estimation without all the data.

    Well as the people im still happy with the current gov but am keeping a watchful eyes at them.

    Some newly appointed minister should really refrained from making sensational claim and promises. Like the internet at half price things. A friend in the niche area told me its impossible because of the installation cost (upgrading the cables and wht not).

  3. LOL,

    Alamak, Neutral (Konon) Annie.

    If you want to bring up manifestos, how did Barisan Neraka do in 5 full years?

    DIRECT PROMISES from the PUBLISHED 2013 BN Manifesto:

    "Easing Cost Of Living" - tak payah cakap, lah.

    "Access to Quality Health Services" - Hospitals are fast running out of money and medicines. Even medical tests cannot be done in some of them any more.

    "Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation" - you mean "Towards More Expensive Public Transportation"? LRT up? Tolls up? Taxi fares up? Petrol up? KTM up? Is MO1 asking for praise for MRT built with OUR money?

    "World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation": Ask FELDA shareholders about how their share price has undergone a huge "Transformation"? KLIA2 was delayed how many times, and at what cost to the public? Why has the cost of ECRL doubled for no reason - unless the allegation is true that money is being siphoned off to pay 1MDB debts?

    "Strengthening Women’s Participation": The Cowgate prosecution came to a very sudden end, based on one letter to the 24-hour replacement. So RM250 million gone, does that count as a success?

    "Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy" - tak payah cakap, lah. 41% FDI flight in the last 12 months. Already broken the 55% GDP-debt ratio. Rated by Oxford group as Asia's most "at-risk" economy". The PM is so economically "innovative" that his own party can "misplace" US$700 million in its audited accounts.

    "Building towards Educational Excellence" - Vietnamese kids are more advanced than ours. And further cuts will make this even worse.

    "The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls" - You see, the word "reduction" means GO DOWN, not GO UP.

    "Enhancing Security and Public Safety": How many Malaysians feel safe on the streets? How many tourists in East Malaysia do?

    "Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony": Can you please ask the East Malaysians, Chinese and Indians about this one? It's the worst in Malaysia's history.

    "Fighting the Scourge of Corruption": - In the land of pink diamonds, tak payah cakap, lah. Ask the Swiss AG and DOJ, or look at the OSA-ed Auditor's Report. And the fact that we have more illicit money flowing out than any country our size. Or maybe it was all "donations"? The bad example starts from the very top.

    "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance": HA HA HA! "Good Governance". We are still ranked one of the most corrupt public sectors in Apac by Ernst & Young. Is cracking down and sabotaging the MACC, SB, AGC and BNM part of "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance?" Is twice ignoring BNM's prosecution recommendations on 1MDB an example of "Good Governance"?

    So, that is the TRACK RECORD of MO1.

    Malaysia is now the laughing stock of the entire world.

    ASK the rakyat to look at ALL promises he made in 2013.

    Almost all were broken.

    That's after FIVE YEARS lah, adik : )

    1. OK lah. BN as bad as PH. Happy? Something like last time when Najib's people said Dr Mahathir also accused of lots of things.

    2. You're missing the point, Annie.

      A gomen is given 5 years to complete its tasks.

      PH has been in power less than 3 weeks.

      Of course, they should be held accountable.

      Never trust a politician 100%.

      However, the critical side must be backed with facts.

      To me, the most anti-PH site now is actually...


      They are publishing many critical articles on the new gomen, some from Umno folks.

      In a mature democracy, we need to be able to evaluate and decide between 2 competing views.

      We also need s strong Oppo.

  4. PS: "Neutral" Annie...

    Please don't kill your own credibility like this.

    For your "evidence" in this article, you quoted 2 sources.

    a) One is the shittiest of the BN-licking bloggers. Nasib baik this fella lost in court and had to pay 5 million to Tony Fernandes, maybe Tony needs it for his own lawyer : )

    b) Your second source is...

    ...Najib Tun Razak.

    I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

    Nah sayang, for your homework, please research top ten lies made by Najib as Finance Minister in Parliament.

    CLUE: It's a lost more than ten.

    Annie, Annie.

    If you weren't so cute...

    1. I would appreciate it if you could refute what the BN blogger and Najib wrote instead of just jeering them. Thank you.

    2. They cannot refute because they don't have the facts and the mental ability to refute is.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. I rolled on the floor lmao to know about the Pakatun gov fooling netizens like you anon 1302 into donating to their tabung. Most of this stupid netizens don't know the real thing and definitions about the trillion debt , its just a horror stuff fed by PH (manipulation of facts) to the "uneducated" rakyat like you. Do you know you the PH setup a Maybank account for this tabung and its already as a company, whereby they should register directly to BNM or MOF. meaning the PH can do what ever they wanna do with the money. If the money reach 1 trillion, if they don't want to use it to pay debt, then nothing rakyat can do. Its good if people want to help gov to reduce debt, but not through this kind of method (i am surprised its suggested by the Council of Elders), its really unnecessary, better rakyat consistently paid their taxes , loans and PTPTN if you really want to help.

    4. analoji kpd kes ekonomi Msia. Hutang kjaan Msia ialah RM650bilion iaitu 50% dari GDP. (Msia menetapkan siling 55%, tapi sbg pengetahuan Singapura, England, Jepun semuanya >100% skrg ini.
      Negara2 ini diktiraf sbg negara maju dan tidak pernah pula dgr mereka dikategorikan negara menuju bengkrap hanya krn hutangnya yg melebihi pendapatan spt tuduhan PH kpd ekonomi Msia. Kaedah PH itu tak digunakan oleh pakar2 ekonomi).
      - Ex-Kerajaan tlh memperuntukkan 11% dari GDP utk bayaran hutang. Ianya jauh lebih rendah dari limit maksima 30% yg ditetapkan. Ia menunjukkan kemampuan tinggi kjaan membayar hutang2nya.
      - Badan penarafan kredit antarabangsa pula memberikan penarafan baik gred A-menunjukkan tahap kebolehharapan Msia membayar hutangnya dgn baik.
      - Bank Negara mempunyai rizab RM430 bil suatu angka tertinggi berbanding sepanjang masa lalu.
      Semua ini petunjuk bhw ekonomi Msia dlm keadaan kukuh.
      Ex-Kerajaan juga menjamin beberapa projek. Ini amalan kerajaan termasuk antaranya projek2 dizaman Tun M dulu... tapi dikali ini Menteri kewangan mengiranya sbg hutang utk menyatakan hutang negara mencapai RM1 trilion.
      Malangnya parti PH sejak sebelum PRU 14, tak sudah-sudah memfitnah Msia dibawah Najib sdg menuju muflis

  5. Annie, jibby sudah kalah dan beliau bukan lagi Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO. Saya harap anda faham bahawa rakyat secara total telah menolak parti umno yg dipenuhi dengan segala kemungkaran. Jadi saya mohon annie untuk memberi support kepada kerajaan yg telah dipilih oleh rakyat. Walaupun anda cuba sedaya upaya untuk kelihatan berkecuali tetapi saya dapat rasakan bahawa anda masih menyokong kerajaan kleptokratik Najib Razak.

  6. Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan diminta supaya jangan salah gunakan dana syarikat petroleum negara Petronas, tegas mantan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Beliau menyelar pelan membiayai akibat kehilangan hasil Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) dengan meminta Petronas, serta Khazanah Nasional dan Bank Negara Malaysia melakukan bayaran dividen lebih tinggi kepada kerajaan.

    “Saya mohon kerajaan baharu ini akan terus memberi ruang dan modal yang cukup besar kepada Petronas untuk terus memenuhi visi mereka.

    "Bukannya menjarah dana Petronas atau bagi misi ‘bail-outs’ sebagaimana dilakukan ketika pentadbiran 22 tahun Tun Mahathir Mohamad yang dahulu,” katanya menerusi di akaun Facebook miliknya.

    Bekas Presiden UMNO itu berkata, keuntungan Petronas bergantung kepada harga minyak dan gas dunia yang terletak di luar kawalannya, jadi kebergantungan yang keterlaluan terhadap harga minyak yang tinggi sewajarnya dielakkan.

    “Pendekatan ini adalah rapuh (not sustainable) dan bakal mengorbankan jangka masa panjang hanya untuk pembiayaan jangka masa pendek," ujar beliau.

    Najib yang juga Ahli Parlimen Pekan, berkata meskipun harga minyak dunia sekarang agak tinggi, kerajaan harus melakukan persiapan rapi jika harga minyak jatuh lagi seperti kejatuhan sebanyak 80 peratus yang terjadi pada tahun 2014 dan 2015.

    Bekas perdana menteri itu turut memuatnaik keratan laporan kewangan interim Petronas bagi suku pertama 2018, yang menunjukkan kedudukan tunai syarikat itu berjumlah RM164.7 bilion daripada RM128.2 bilion pada penghujung 2017.

    “Rizab tunai Petronas sekarang jauh lebih tinggi berbanding 2008 semasa saya mula bertugas sebagai menteri kewangan,” katanya.

    Tambah bekas Pengerusi Barisan Nasional (BN) itu, Petronas semasa di bawah pentadbiran Kerajaan BN sentiasa dipastikan tidak membayar dividen melangkaui keperluan kerajaan waktu itu.

    Katanya, hal ini adalah untuk memastikan syarikat berkenaan ada imbangan tunai mencukupi bagi memenuhi pelan pengembangan dalam sektor perniagaan utama.

    Baru-baru ini, Ahli Parlimen Bangi yang juga pegawai khas menteri kewangan, Ong Kian Ming mengatakan Putrajaya merancang meningkatkan perolehan negara dengan menaikkan cukai korporat termasuklah kepada syarikat minyak negara itu memandangkan harga minyak global tahun ini telah naik kepada AS$70 per barel berbanding jangkaan awal AS$52.

    Kenyataan Ong itu dikeluarkan semasa beliau temu bual di stesyen radio BFM yang mengatakan Putrajaya boleh mengutip antara RM8 bilion sehingga RM9 bilion dalam bentuk dividen khas daripada Petronas.
    Nota kaki: PH is a stupid government


      Annie; Please read Tun M concern on Petronas being used as another Bank by BN

  7. I choose to write in English and Malay alternatively.I feel I can express myself better in Malay but for the benefit of English speaking readers here,I will also write in English.
    The cracks start to show in PH.Rafizi is a free man.That shows Anwar wins this round.The old man will not be too happy with this.We will see what the old man will do to strengthen his fortress.
    Prof Kangkung

  8. Dulu Kerajaan PH tuduh rakyat susah kerana GST (cukai barang dan perkhidmatan) dan harga barang yang mahal. Tetapi munasabahkah kerajaan meminta kepada rakyat yang susah itu untuk menyumbang kepada Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

    1. I pun tak berapa setuju dengan Tabung Harapan nih. Tetapi... saya percaya... oleh kerana banyak desakan dari mereka yang patriotic kepada Tanahair, Kerajaan terpaksa menuruti.

      Dan sudah tentu Kerajaan bukan berharap sangat kepada derma dari Rakyat marhean macam kita. Sudah tentu target mereka adalah dari kalangan ahli koporat, hartawan, Syarikat-Syarikat besar dan Istana.
      Boleh dapat pengecualian cukai, pulak tuh.

      Mungkin juga... dengan menguar-uarkan kesempitan dan bebanan hutang yang ditinggalkan oleh Kerajaan lalu, syarikat2 kontrak yang berurusan dengan Kerajaan akan lebih bertimbang-rasa supaya tidak letak harga yang tinggi.
      Disamping itu, kesatuan pekerja atau lain-lain NGO, dengan sendirinya akan terasa segan untuk menuntut kenaikan gaji atau elaun.

      Sebab itu... sebaik saja PH menang PRU14... saya sudah boleh agak bahawa, inisiatif pertama yang Dr.M akan lakukan ialah potong 10% gaji Menteri. Dulu pun dia pernah buat benda ni.

  9. Semakin hari semakin jelas PH berusaha memanipulasi angka-angka hutang negara sebagai alasan meraih simpati rakyat atas kegagalan memenuhi janji-janji manifesto PRU14 mereka.

    Kini mereka memasuki fasa memanipulasi jiwa rakyat dengan menubuhkan Tabung Harapan Malaysia, kononnya bagi membantu kerajaan menyelesaikan hutang negara.

    Berhubung dengan penubuhan tabung tersebut, persoalan adakah ianya hasil cadangan Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan atau anggota Kabinet atau oleh perdana menteri yang tidak berani dibantah oleh anggota Kabinet?

  10. Again, Annie shoved another mantra into the mouth of, this time, PH leaders.

    "If you all gives us the power to rule over you all, we will make sure your life will be like in paradise in 100 days".

    You're exaggerating, are you not?

    Nonetheless, I'm glad that I'm not one of those who accused you of being pro-BN or Umno-paid.

  11. Annie,

    //But that's irresponsible.//

    And it is equally irresponsible not to take a step back when new evidence is available.

    //That's lying.//

    No, it is not lying when one finds out that circumstances are quite different from what one was told.

    Let's say two persons get married because they believe that they are perfectly suited for each other, they love each other and will stay together forever and ever.

    But after the marriage, the husband becomes a violent person who treats his wife like shit and beats her up for no particular reason.

    Should the wife stay married because she has promised to stay with her husband forever and ever?

    Of cos not.


    Because circumstances have changed and new information is on hand.

    //As PH people like to say about BN, if you started with lying, you will end up stealing.//

    PH would be stupid to start stealing :)

    We, the rakyat, now know that we can get rid of any government we like - PH will get no special treatment.

    I have no doubt UMNO would still have many informants inside government departments who will let the rakyat know when PH tries to steal.

    Of cos, we do not know what PH will become if PH was in power for 60 years :)


  12. Penubuhan THM menimbulkan persoalan bagaimana ia akan diuruskan dan ke mana kutipan akan disalurkan.

    Paling utama, adakah pada setiap tahun jumlah kutipan akan diumumkan oleh kerajaan dengan cara yang telus atau sebaliknya.

    Setakat ini, tidak ada akta khusus yang mengawal cara tabung itu diuruskan.

    Pelbagai langkah yang dilaksanakan kerajaan sekarang semuanya adalah langkah ke belakang berbanding matlamat Pakatan Harapan kononnya untuk bawa negara ke depan

    1. Bro, the THM is a symbolic move from the manifestation of showing solidarity among malaysian to shoulder showing our love to our country by doing or taking something instead of just talk. Give RmI is still doing something compared to not giving at all and instead just talking on and on just on the technicality or procedural

    2. symbolic at first, steal later...(its really unnecessary, its too early to ask the contribution. do your homework and work first la to these highly paid Ministers) and most netizens are being told slanders and spins about the 1 trillion debt by this PH. Its unfair for the previous gov who actually did good about the country economy and the people. wake up...

    3. "...these highly paid Ministers".

      Mind you, its Najib who raised the salaries of Ministers, senators and MPs, so exorbitantly in 2015.
      Senators for example, had their salary adjusted from RM4,112.79 to RM11,000. That’s a whopping 167.45% hike!
      Obviously, to achieve his thoughtless rhetoric of 'Negara Berpendapatan Tinggi'.

  13. kalau BN still in power, tak ada buang-buang orang ni, tak ada nak suruh rakyat menderma.

    1. Wouldnt it be easier to live the moment with no ‘if ‘on what has happened before. There are simply too much of ‘if this’ and ‘if that’.

      Live the moment not the past.
      Get real. Wake up


  14. Tol untuk Kuala Lumpur - Seremban Expressway dan Salak Expressway dihapuskan bermula 1 Jun 2018 bukanlah jasa kerajaan Pakatan Harapan.
    Ia dihapuskan kerana kontrak konsesi untuk kedua-dua jajaran yang dulunya di beri oleh Tun Mahathir pada tahun 1990an tamat pada pukul 12 malam 31 Mei 2018.
    Kedua konsesi ini yang dibawah syarikat ANIH Bhd tidak pernah dilanjutkan oleh kerajaan BN Pak Lah ataupun Najib.

    Penyokong PH dan Tun Mahathir tak payah perasan dan patut terus tuntut PH untuk menhapuskan segala tol di Malaysia seperti dijanjikan oleh mereka dalam manifesto PRU14.

    Another lie by Pembohong Harapan.....

  15. Timbalan Pengarah Komunikasi Strategik BN, Datuk Eric See-To berkata, tol pada kedua-dua laluan itu dihapuskan kerana konsesi untuk kedua-dua jajaran yang dulunya diberikan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sekitar tahun 1990-an, tamat pada jam 12 tengah malam tadi.

    “Kedua-dua konsesi itu yang berada di bawah syarikat ANIH Bhd, tidak pernah dilanjutkan oleh kerajaan BN ketika di bawah kepemimpinan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi atau Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    “Justeru itu, penyokong PH dan Tun Mahathir tak payah perasan. Mereka patut terus tuntut PH untuk menghapuskan segala tol di Malaysia seperti dijanjikan oleh mereka dalam manifesto Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 (PRU-14),” katanya menerusi satu kenyataan media, semalam.

    1. Aiit... masa Najib mansuhkan tol Batu 3 & Sg. Rasau (termasuk dua lagi tol) sebelum PRU13, bukan main seronok lagi. Boleh jadi popular lagi.

      Hakikat sebenarnya, Rakyat tidak sedar mereka telah diperdaya.
      Konsesi Lebuhraya Persekutuan sepatutnya tamat pada 2018.
      Tetapi pada 2011, Najib telah lanjutkannya sehingga 2038. (tambah 20 lagi tahun).

      Akibatnya... buta-buta, bazir RM2.14 Billion WANG Rakyat untuk bayar pampasan kepada Syarikat Konsesi. Ataupun... mungkin sudah dirancang sejak 2011 lagi.

  16. Its getting stale really fast that we cant comment on any misstep of the 3 weeks old PH government without some people just trying to shove down our throat with volume of volume of the previous govt wrongdoings.

    Give it a break..Annie just like the rest of us would be commenting n quipping n attacking whenever we feel the current government is not up to the par.

    But just to be clear.. up to the par doesnt mean comparing PH with BN. Thats fabulously stupid. Its means measuring up to par as in PH govt living up to PH manifesto.

    Stop comparing PH with BN. Pls. If we want BN today, we would not vote for PH in the first place. Would we not?


  17. Gani Patail? Abu Kassim? Mustaffar? Pegawai2 Kanan MACC? Ramai lagi. Kena buang kan? That was when BN was in power. Perhaps more honest people will be victimised if BN is still in power. Not to mention of course the continued stealing of the nation's wealth.

    1. tapi tak beribu-ribu macam sekarang...

    2. PH had start stealing and fooling rakyat with that tabung. just beware. mula-mula memang lah manis.tapi bila dah banyak entah ke mana lesapnya..maklumlah setup using local bank aje. means its a company , right...itsup to them what to do with the money soon. and so far no clear mechanism how to manage it. semua buat dengan gopoh dan caca marba. well done. pembohong harapan.

    3. Tiap-tiap hari, jam 3 petang, jumlah kutipan Tabung Harapan akan dihebah melalui RTM & TV3.

      Harap Maklum.

  18. Ketika ditemubual wartawan TV3, Timbalan Perdana Menteri, DS Dr Wan Azizah mendakwa, dalam tempoh 20 hari memerintah, Pakatan Harapan telah berjaya melaksanakan 50% janji-janji didalam Manifesto Pilihanraya mereka. -LMAO...

  19. The ones who complain the most about PH not honouring it’s election promises are BN supporters and bloggers like Annie.

    Penyokong PH rilek jer takde kecoh2 pasal manifesto tu. Because they are SMART and FAIR people. They know now that Msian economy is actually badder than what BN govt disclosed to the public earlier. So there’s no need to get everything PH had promised them. Let the economy gets better.

    Itu pun Annie tak paham2. Dah kena bomoh the hippo lady ka?

    1. its not because they are SMART, FAIR dan tak kecoh-kecoh tapi dah tertelan kahak hijau sendiri, and what the BN supporters said are true.
      Good luck in facing the reality.

    2. The economy is badder once the PH takes over and maybe worsen. anyway lets pray for the best.
      still, you still don't know the terms and facts on the debt figures, just like your dumb MOF....

    3. You can have creative accounting based on 'transparent' international standards but we don't want the actual figures to be hidden. Liability is still a liability and at the end of the day, our children and their children will have to pay for it. Better bite the bullet now and tighten the belt when we now know the truth. Just like a sick person who has to take bitter medicine to get well, we have to endure bad times before it can get better, AS LONG AS we have responsible leaders willing to work hard and be honest with us. We just simply do NOT want 110 billion project here, another 55 billion project there, and yet another tallest building being built even as we are servicing 30 billion every year for the interest on our debt alone ! Just wake up lah...

  20. read 'outside the box' ada twist baru...

  21. dont care much about PH manifesto as long as Najib and his gang go inside. Let current government do their job. Being just few weeks only. Mostly those not voting PH, barking. Suka hati la kalau nak meroyan lagi next 5 years. All the best!! Thanks.


  22. Apa wayang yang sedang dimainkan oleh Kerajaan PH? Sejak menguasai Putrajaya tindak tanduk kerajaan tampak cuai, banyak kesilapan serta berlaku konflik kenyataaan antara pemimpin. Atau sebenarnya segala kesilapan kenyataan oleh perdana menteri dan menteri kewangan tentang hutang negara sengaja dibuat-buat.

    Kita semua ketawa tentang cacamarba kenyataan hutang negara oleh kerajaan. Pada mulanya RM600billion, selepas itu RM1trillion, kemudian kembali kepada angka RM600billion. Adakah mereka benar-benar tidak tahu tentang angka hutang serta definisi hutang negara?

    Kita boleh terus tertawakan mereka, tapi jangan kita lupa barisan pakar ekonomi, pakar kewangan, ahli perniagaan yang berada di belakang mereka. Apakah Tan Sri Zeti bekas gabenor bank negara tidak nasihat tentang definisi hutang negara sebenar? Apakah Jomo profesor ekonomi tidak jelas tentang situasi semasa ekonomi negara? Jadi...

    Mustahil mereka tidak tahu ratio hutang negara kini berbanding GDP adalah dalam 50.8%!

    1. Siapa pun boleh 'cook the books', supaya ratio to GDP nampak cantik.

      Habis... yang ada 'Red Files' tu... mengenai apa?
      Bayaran kepada setiap cawangan UMNO, setiap bulan?

    2. From the National debt
      National debt of Malaysia RM708,760,000
      Interest per year RM26,760,847,822
      Interest per sec RM.849
      Debt per citizen RM22,079
      Debt as % of GDP 74.53%
      GDP RM951,001,928,000
      Population 32,100,000

      You can also google it yourself
      By now the above statistics has changed
      It increases by the seconds


    3. Walaupun mungkin niat mereka suci dan murni nak membantu kerajaan tetapi ini adalah bukti jelas ketidakfahaman majoriti rakyat Malaysia tentang hutang kerajaan.

      Untuk "membantu" kerajaan membayar hutang pertama anda kena tahu dengan siapakah kerajaan berhutang.

      Berikut senarai pemilik hutang kerajaan:

      KWSP: RM182.3 bilion
      KWAP: RM21.9 bilion
      Bank Negara: RM8.7 bilion
      Institusi Perbankan: RM157.6 bilion
      Institusi Kewangan Pembangunan: RM18.4 bilion
      Syarikat Insurans: RM30.9 bilion
      Pemilik Asing: RM207.5 bilion
      Lain-lain: RM59.5 bilion

      Jumlah: RM686.8 bilion

      Jika anda menyumbang kepada kutipan derma untuk membayar hutang kerajaan, anda sebenarnya membayar diri anda sendiri. Hutang-hutang kerajaan sebenarnya dimiliki anda sendiri melalui KWSP, KWAP, bank-bank, syarikat insurans dan lain-lain.

      Dividen, faedah, pencen yang anda dapat sebahagiannya adalah daripada faedah hutang yang diterbitkan oleh kerajaan.

      Institusi-institusi kewangan ini melabur di dalam hutang (bon) kerajaan kerana bon kerajaan adalah aset yang paling selamat dengan jaminan pulangan tanpa risiko. Kerajaan tidak pernah dan hampir pasti tidak akan gagal membayar hutangnya.

      Tahniah buat yang menyumbang kepada inisiatif mengurangkan hutang kerajaan. Anda sebenarnya membayar diri anda sendiri. Selepas ini jangan marah jika KWSP dan bank-bank terpaksa melabur di dalam aset-aset yang lebih berisiko dan terdedah kepada naik turun pasaran. Kerana anda yang memilih untuk mengurangkan jumlah aset-aset selamat seperti bon kerajaan.

      p.s. Hutang kerajaan bukan macam hutang isi rumah. Baca tulisan saya 2 tahun lepas:

      Rujukan: Federal Government Debt, Classification by Holder - Bank Negara:

      Educating the uneducated

  23. Minta derma dari rakyat ini hanyalah sekadar lakonan semata-mata sedangkan hutang kerajaan sememangnya sudah ada jadual pembayarannya.

    Hutang kerajaan bukan macam hutang Mak Limah beli karpet Pakistan. Atau hutang kawan-kawan tapi tak bayar.

    Minta derma ni cuma nak mengalih perhatian rakyat kepada kenyataan Zeti Aziz yang ekonomi Malaysia KEKAL kukuh. Hari ni Zeti Aziz pun sudah ditutup mulutnya dari mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan.

    Jangan hairan andai pemimpin pakatan umumkan derma tu jadi RM jutaan lemon dari kertas A4, sedangkan Hutang Negara pun mereka boleh reka cipta berubah-ubah, inikan pula derma masuk akaun.

  24. Annie, DID U VOTE HARAPAN PRU14...????

    I did not read the manifesto, but I vote HARAPAN for change, not for the manifesto. So I don't really give shit, that Harapan Government failed to deliver some of it. May be some people vote for the Manifesto, but most of us don't but it seems people who don't vote HARAPAN yang sibuk!!!!
    Please read what this girl says in her facebook WHY SHE VOTE HARAPAN:

    Saya yg undi PH haritu bukanlah ahli PKR, PPBM, Amanah ataupun DAP. Saya ahli UMNO. Saya tak pernah pangkah selain dari BN sebelum ni.

    Kami rakyat Malaysia yang undi PH sebab kami dah marah dgn BN. Dgn UMNO. Dgn Najib sebagai PM. Saya cuma nak kerajaan korup Najib tumbang. Kemuncak kemarahan saya dan rakyat Malaysia yang lain jelas bila PRU14 kerajaan BN tumbang dengan kekalahan paling teruk dalam sejarah pilihanraya Malaysia.

    Kami tak peduli pasal manifesto. Saya personally, undi saya adalah sebab faktor Tun, faktor Najib. Saya memang kempen habis-habis dekat semua orang yg saya jumpa. Di ofis, di group whatsapp, even dalam ETS hari nak balik mengundi pun saya masih kempen. Kempen cara saya la. Bodo2.

    Tapi boleh dibanggakan sebab ada budak ofis cakap ‘aku gi mengundi haritu salah satu sebabnya takut kak shikin marah’. Hahahahaha. Sekarang lihat lah pilihan kita, berbaloi tak? Manifesto tu manifesto lah. Kami yg undi PH ni tak hadap sangat nak jelaskan janji dalam manifesto tu satu satu walaupun harini dah masuk hari ke-18 pasca PRU14, banyak janji yg dah dikotakan.

    Kerajaan sebelum ni dah banyak buat kerosakan. Saya masih tak faham kenapa ada orang masih boleh sokong Najib? Apa masih tak nampak ka segala musibah yang dia bawa? Masih ada yang mempermainkan usaha team Tun M nak selamatkan negara.

    Ada saya baca komen2 di media sosial masih mengungkit tentang skandal lama Tun. Kenapa masa Najib perintah skandal Tun tak di jaja? Bukan ke lebih senang nak dakwa dakwi dan selongkar segala harta Tun semasa pihak sana sedang dalam kuasa?

    Kalau betul Tun pecah amanah, kenapa tak pesta ria SPRM panggil Tun dan konco2 dia sampai 5-6 jam bg keterangan? Kenapa tak sita henbeg RM125 kepunyaan Tun Siti? Hehe. Lgpun SPRM ketika zaman Najib semuaaaaa orang dia. Kenapa tak dakwa Tun? Kenapa bila dah jadi pembangkang baru nak bunyi? Jadi lah pembangkang yg bijak, yang bagi manfaat kepada rakyat.

    Puak lagi satu pula ambik pendekatan untuk diam. You know what I mean. Kata mereka, kami ada misi lain yang lebih besar. Apa misi nya, entah lah. Ada la akar umbi bersuara sikit-sikit tapi sebab orang atas tak kata apa, so pakat diam.

    Walaupun jelas2 betapa bejat nya kerajaan sebelum ni, masih taknak mengaku. Yang hari-hari dimainkan adalah sentimen kaum dan agama. Orang Cina itu, orang Cina ini. Fahamilah, orang Cina juga rakyat Malaysia. Dan negara kita ada perlembagaan, ada Sultan dan Raja. Takkan semudah itu orang bangsa lain nak jual Malaysia. Kalau ada pun, orang sesama kaum yang jual Malaysia sebelum ni. Nampak ke nampak?

    Faktor Tun. Saya rasa orang yang dah berumur 93 tahun jika diberi pilihan dia nak duduk rumah tumpu akhirat saja. Tapi Tun mungkin bagi dia ini juga perjuangan untuk akhirat beliau. Selamatkan negara. Kenapa kita yang masih muda asyik mengeluh minyak belum turun, toll belum, itu belum, ini belum? Tak malu ke kita?

    I can’t be in Tun’s shoe to fully understand masalah negara dengan hutang yang banyak. But I understand bila Tun cakap ini perjuangan terakhir beliau. Benar-benar terakhir. Saya pernah mimpi Tun dah takda dan bangun pagi bantal saya basah dengan air mata.

    PH 100 hari kami tak kisah Tun. Tapi kami nampak usaha Tun dan kawan-kawan yang lain untuk selamatkan Malaysia. Kami yakin Malaysia is in safe hands now. Saya memang fan Tun sebab buka mata je PM yg saya kenal adalah Dr. Mahathir, dan saya suka cara kerja beliau. Ini bukan taksub. Kalau taksub tu bila pemimpin dah jelas-jelas korup ada duit cash berjuta di rumah dan korang masih sokong. Itu taksub.

    1. Yes we voted Harapan because we knew BN was up to no good and we believe Mahathir will make a better and more honest PM than Najib.

    2. Saya pun sama... langsung tidak ambil-pusing pasal air-manifesto... baik dari BN atau PH.

      Yang saya tahu... saya mahu Jho low disiasat.
      Saya hanya mahu tahu, dari mana dia dapat duit sebegitu banyak sehingga sanggup membazir, beli arak RM70,000/sebotol untuk berparty liar bersama Paris Hilton. Silap-silap, kongkek pun dapat.

      Hanya yang dapat duit-terpijak saja yang sanggup berbelanja sedemikian.

    3. Sebab tu kau kena tipu hidup hidup che minah
      Prof kangkung

  25. Anonymous @ 1 June 2018 at 15:51,

    //The economy is badder once the PH takes over and maybe worsen.//


    Looks like the market does not agree with you.

    Here is today's closing market.

    //still, you still don't know the terms and facts on the debt figures//

    Do you know "the terms and facts on the debt figures"?

    If you do, pls share your wisdom :)


  26. Anonymous @ 1 June 2018 at 15:37,

    //most netizens are being told slanders and spins about the 1 trillion debt by this PH.//

    Could you pls explain what "slanders and spins" are being told about the RM1trillion debt?


  27. Why cannot fulfil promises?
    Because hole too big to fill?
    Captain blogger got answer


    Alhamdulillah! And Thank You, Najib Razak.

  28. Annie, tukar la topic. KJ going for Umno VP post (je). Apasal KJ tak nak tanding jawatan presiden atau naib presiden? Tak berani or malas nak kerja kuat?

  29. Son in law give suggestion to solve Perlis MB woes. Looks like son in law wants to challenge the Rresiden Umnooo. PAS asking all Umnoo members to join PAS. Rosmah called to record statement on pink diamond in MACC. Hishamuddin test water whether to fight for Presiden post as well. Zahid bangla importing company stop contract. Zahid no payment to give to division members.

  30. Beyond stupidity. As its not neccesary and gov not supposed to propose this cheap way of doing their job. Netizens who donate also are donkeys, if wants to be patriotic there many more ways to show your effort, just consistently pay your bank loans, PTPTN, income tax, credit cards and give to the poor. Let the gov do their think tank how to develop the sources to repaying the debt. Malu lah Malaysia macam ni, macam tu sekali nak tunjuk kat dunia yg malaysia ni sengkek sangat. Lagi pun bukan zeti dan prof jomo dgn lantang bercakap hari tu ekonomi kukuh dan mempunyai rizab yang mencukupi. What are you trying to tell us?

    1. They trying to tell us there are patriotic people here that wants to contribute to the country through their donations.Its all on your own freewill no forcing. Just to show solidarity of the people. It’s more symbolic more then the money collected

  31. KUALA LUMPUR 2 Jun - Jumlah hutang negara ketika pentadbiran kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak pernah dimanipulasi, kerana ia sentiasa dilaporkan menurut standard yang diperakui dunia mengikut piawaian Standard Penyebaran Data Khas (SDDS) yang digunapakai oleh Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF).

    Unit Komunikasi Strategik UMNO dalam satu kenyataan hari ini memberitahu, piawaian ini, hutang negara (yang terdiri daripada jaminan yang diterbitkan menerusi bon kerajaan) dan hutang yang dijamin oleh kerajaan (bermaksud liabiliti) dilaporkan secara berasingan.

    Dan setakat 31 Disember 2017, jumlah yang diumumkan adalah RM686.8 bilion bagi hutang negara, dengan liabiliti pula mencecah RM238 bilion.

    Bagaimana pun, kerajaan kini menambah angka-angka baharu kepada jumlah tersebut, dengan memasukkan sekali komitmen seperti pembayaran pajakan dan bayaran penyelenggaraan terhadap hutang kerajaan dan liabiliti luar jangka berjumlah RM201.4 bilion.

    Jadi, penambahan ini memungkinkan jumlah keseluruhan 'hutang negara' dikatakan mencecah RM1 trilion.

    Namun, jika diteliti kembali, kini setiap kenyataan-kenyatan berkaitan isu ini berubah nada, dengan kerajaan kini menggunakan frasa 'hutang dan liabiliti sebanyak RM1 trilion'. Secara teknikalnya, ini adalah benar kerana Malaysia mempuanyai liabiliti lebih daripada RM1 trilion, di mana RM686.8 bilion adalah dalam bentuk sekuriti hutang.

    Sebagai piawaian dunia, negara-negara lain di dunia turut menggunakan SDDS dan melaporkan sekuriti hutang sebagai hutang negara, dan tidak memasukkan tanggungan luar jangka sebagai jumlah keseluruhan hutang negara.

    Sama juga dengan komitmen pajakan, yang mana turut melibatkan perbelanjaan negara. Jika jumlah perbelanjaan kerajaan dimasukkan dalam angka besar hutang negara, maka seharusnya perbelanjaan lain seperti bayaran gaji pegawai kerajaan, pencen dan subsidi perlu dimasukkan juga.

    Kerajaan terdahulu sentiasa menurut piawai kiraan seperti yang telah ditetapkan oleh badan kewangan antarabangsa dalam melaporkan hutang negara, dan angka-angka ini boleh diperoleh dengan mudah menerusi laman web Jabatan Negara, Perbendaharaan, Jabatan Perakaunan dan Jabatan Audit Negara.

    Agensi penarafan, komuniti pelaburan dan institusi kewangan menyedari kewujudan angka-angka ini kerana ia tidak pernah disembunyikan. Bahkan, agensi penarafan sentiasa mengadakan mesyuarat dengan pegawai EPU dan MOF dan mereka dikemas kini secara kerap mengenai angka tersebut.

    Sewaktu era pemerintahan Tun Mahathir, angka liabiliti sentiasa meningkat dan sewaktu beliau meninggalkan jawatannya, angka tersebut adalah RM52.7 bilion dan tidak pernah dimasukkan dalam angka hutang negara.

    Perkembangan ekonomi memungkinkan kerajaan untuk mencari lebih sumber pendapatan sekaligus meningkatkan keupayaan negara untuk menyerap lebih banyak hutang. Dan setakat ini, kita tidak pernah memungkiri hutanag ataupun kewajipan yang pernah kita ambil. Dan sebenarnya, ia bukan mengenai jumlah hutang yang kita punyai tetapi apa yang kita lakukan dengan hutang tersebut dan keupayaan kita untuk melunaskannya.

    Apabila ekonomi kita berkembang, kerajaan menghasilkan lebih banyak pendapatan dan kerajaan menjadi lebih berupaya untuk mengambil lebih banyak hutang. Kami tidak pernah memungkiri mana-mana hutang atau obligasi kami. Ia bukan mengenai jumlah hutang tetapi apa yang kita lakukan dengan hutang dan keupayaan untuk membayar hutang.

    Ph..and their donkey supporters. Stop blaming BN and fo your job to deliver your promises. Stop manipulate data and corner here and there and make u turns. Again the Tabung is unnecessary. If u want to be patriotic, just consistently pay your income tax, bank loans , PTPTN and give to the poor.