Tuesday 28 April 2020

Hate campaign against Rohingya by racist scum

Looks like I have to write a bit about the anti-Rohingya campaign currently waged by some people in the social media.

That's because a friend yesterday asked me what I think about this article,

Time to repatriate Rohingyas 

Well, from the start, when I saw the title and name of the author, I immediately knew that it's going to be a racist article.

True enough, these are excerpts from it,

Rohingyas have long been distrusted. Rohingyas in Myanmar have a dark history — from trying to get their Arakan/Rakhine province ceded away to calling for the province to be incorporated into Bangladesh to their attempt to declare an independent Islamic State.
Rohingyas must know that we too know about Rohingyas terror acts against Buddhist and the massacre of Hindus. So Rohingyas should not not play innocent.
If that's not racist, then I don't know what is. It's like saying that all Indians with Christian names have been proven to be pariahs. Something like that.

I don't know how Malay Mail Online can published such vile racist propaganda. Its boss Leslie Lau is after all known to be championing a Malaysia without racism...as far as I know. Hey, Leslie, you sleeping or what?

And the author of the article was also clearly trying to get the Malay Muslims to hate the Rohingya who are also mostly Muslims.


Further, the Rohingyas could inter-marry with the Malays and their off-springs within a generation or two become Malay-Bumiputras. Remember the poem “Melayu” by Usmang Awang. Soon, there will need to be added a new line to the poem “Rohingya yang pelarian pun Melayu.”
What it all means is that, the Malays will (in time) need to share their special rights and privileges with the new Malays — the Rohingyas. Thus, the Malay share of their cake will get even smaller. They too will be entitled to studying in UITM and MARA or getting loans from MARA or Tekun. They too will demand the contracts apportioned exclusively for Malay be also given to them.
Hey, we help the Rohingya refugees because they are human and prosecuted.

In fact, we would help even animals in need because that's our human nature.

As how to deal with the Rohingya issue, we should just let the government handle it instead of spewing racial hatred as did the author of that article.

The government has proven that it knows what it's doing and we should let it do its job, especially amidst this Covid-19 crisis.

No need to make things more difficult by going on a hate mongering campaign.

That author of the article was also the one who prompted me to do this post earlier at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic,

No need for hate-mongering during this Covid-19 war 

Well, some people are simply toxic.

Apparently the same person has been offending quite a lot of people, such as this lady,

That's one gutsy lady.

I wish I'm as fearsome as her.

Yeah, racist scumbags do deserve to be whacked like that.

They are the type that I highlighted in this post the other day,

The worst about them is that they go around shouting Racist! Racist! Racist! at other people while they are in fact themselves the worst racists.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Enough of perasan pandai people

Another Sunday under the MCO.

And this time puasa some more.

I actually got quite a bit to write here...the bullying of Ebit Liew,  vilification of Rohingya refugees, Chinese ships encroachment into Malaysian waters, etc.

However, when I look at all those people bitching about this and that,  I don't feel like writing much for this time.

I think I should let the government handle those issues. I think it's up to those tasks.

Enough of people thinking that they are clever and the government need to listen to them to run the country better, especially due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Really guys, everyday those people are making all kind of noises saying the government need to do this and that or should have done them much earlier.

Giving suggestions is okay, but when the one giving the suggestions are saying them in a manner where they wanted the people to think that they are better than the government, that made the entire exercise rather tiresome for me.

Especially when those people are the ones who think they are so clever but when given the chance to run the government, they totally screwed it up big time.

Ya, I'm talking about those who said the people who govern this country for about six decades are inferior to them and the people who run Singapore.

Now that they had kicked themselves out of Putrajaya, they are making noises, days in and days out, on how the current government should conduct itself.

You all tak tired of them ka?

And their fanboys and fangirls can't shut up either.

They thought that by making as much noise as possible, people may forget about how screwed up the country was during the two years after GE14.

Some have even resorted to talking rubbish to drown out the proven reality that their side can't govern or even being decent.

Sometimes I wonder if it's just ego that keep them going.

Gosh, how I wish they could just be quiet.

This current government is not ideal to me, but I believe that it's doing a relatively good job so far handling the Covid-19 crisis which came exactly at the same time it took over Putrajaya.

Honestly, I don't really care how it gets there anymore after it proved itself capable of handling the crisis and saved lives.

A lot of lives saved, okay.

Muhyiddin also turned out to be good in his role as PM during this crisis. I had written about that the other day.

So, if it's not broken, why those people are making noises that their opinion on Covid-19 should matter to the government, right?

Why they need to sibuk for attention?

I hope the current government stays until the end of this term. Let it do the follow up work after handling this crisis.

I believe I'm not alone in having no tolerance anymore for stupid politics such as that we had experienced post-GE14.

Especially, when lots of work would be needed for the country's recovery process which should start within the next several weeks.

Seriously, we have enough of those nonsense as to who should be PM, who are of the better race, who are more moral etc.

We have indulged them for almost two years with all that shit.

Not anymore, okay.

Well, that's all I want to say for today.

As usual, when I got nothing more to say on a boring Sunday, I put a music video for your entertainment.

This is actually the only Mandarin song that I can sing without making people cringe too much.

Too many memories.

Never mind.


Thursday 23 April 2020

How to handle bitter old men with ego problem

Someone lamented to me last night that the organisation she works for has came under attack for no apparent reason.

She sounded a bit depressed.

However, when she told me who was the attacker, I just laughed.

"Don't worry lah. That guy's words don't carry much weight anymore after Dr Mahathir resigned as the PM," I told her.

Well, actually the guy's words have not been carrying much weight for quite awhile even before that due to credibility issues.

I believe that he was just lashing out because he didn't get what he wanted.

You see, this guy was going after this other chap, whom I always regard as a good person, for quite a while for reasons I believe was purely personal.

At one point he must have thought he had won after his target was forced to resign from his post after GE14.

But then, the Pakatan government collapsed and the new administration deemed it necessary to get back the services of that targeted person.

So, once again this guy attacked his target in the hope of preventing the appointment.

Again, it must be a very personal thing, Most likely the targeted person did not give what he wanted or did not give him enough respect thus bruising his ego.

But seriously, the targeted person is really the most helpful, humble and respectful corporate figure I have ever met. He remained so during his short national duty stint as a minister.

Anyway, the appointment went through and the targeted person is now holding one of the most important posts in the country.

I believe the attack told to me last night was actually a random one. More like the guy lashing out in frustration because of the appointment.

However, the person who complained to me about it was sure that her organisation was specifically targeted.

"Well, maybe your boss had in some way offended the guy just like in the case of his previous target. It sounded that way from the wordings of the blog post. I don't think he's going after your organisation per se," I told her.

Anyway, I advised her to just ignore the attack.

"He's probably just trying to scare your boss into listening to him as he thought he's still influential. Trust me, he's not anymore. He's just old and and being once influential, now has bad ego management issue because no one really listen to him anymore. At best, your boss should just humour him, okay," I said to her.

Sigh. Bitter old men drifting into irrelevancy are quite tricky to handle.

You can't whack them because they are old and appear helpless but you can't be too nice with them either as they could turn really toxic.

I did experience this problem before and based on that, I recommend for them to be ignored and avoided.

Just pretend that they are not there and just let them rave and rant all they want to themselves.

Ya, give it a try, as it may work for you as it worked for me.

Hahaha...can't believe I'm giving out this kind of free advice during this Covid-19 crisis.

Eh, here, enjoy this song pulak,

Smile and be positive. Cheers.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Be positive, don't let the miserable people get in your head

Some people were just born to be negative.

At least that's what I think.

As the country shows it could overcome the Covid-19 crisis, they instead just have to find something negative to highlight.

Come on la, a positive story like this,

Double-digits five days in a row as downward trend in cases continues

and they twisted it into something negative.

Sorry. I rather not highlight such twisted reports here.

But hey, if you are living a miserable life, that does not mean everyone else have to be miserable like you.

I'm not saying that we should be overconfident about the progress so far, but worse than anything is to instill a sense of hopelessness among the people during a crisis like this.

I'm also not saying we should hide bad news. What I'm saying here is that we should not be twisting a positive story into a negative one....or any other type of news manipulation for that matter.

The same goes to the much talked about mistakes by the Health Minister and his deputy in the Covid-19 war.

The whacking of the two guys appeared to intensify as the country was making good progress of containing the pandemic

A whole bunch of people, particularly politicians or politically motivated people had latched on to it to highlight those mistakes, making it as proof of the current government's inability to handle the crisis.

It's a bit of nit-picking, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, the minister and his deputy had admitted their mistakes and apologised.

I'm glad that they were willing to do that.

I was also irritated by their mistakes, but felt that they should be forgiven and be allowed to continue with their work.

After all, those mistakes were not fatal. Wrong choice of words and attending a makan session during MCO....I know they shouldn't but not much harm done, I think.

I believe they would also be more careful next time.

A lesson learnt is good.

They probably realised now that it's important to keep the people on their side. Not just for political reasons but also more importantly in this fight against Covid-19.

Hopefully, we could see the end the MCO soon and rebuild our country as soon as possible.

I miss going to work more than anything else. Working from home is definitely not the same.

But, whatever it is, let us be positive as everything happened for a reason (and in my case, Allah's will) and I'm sure something good could be just around the corner if we remain faithful.

Friday 17 April 2020

Prayers for Singapore too

My beloved just alerted me that there were 728 new Covid-19 cases detected in Singapore over the past 24 hours.

That's really bad for such a small country.

The bulk of new cases were linked to the foreign workers dormitories.

Singapore now have 4,427 cases and 10 deaths. It's ranked just below Malaysia among the worst hit countries.

My beloved and me are very worried as we have family members there.

Nothing much we can do but to pray for their safety.

Hopefully they will abide by the authorities' MCO instructions and advice.

For those of you who don't hate Singapore, please add our friends down there in your prayers.

Thank you.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Try our best and pray...and don't bitch too much (updated)

There are those who believe that people should pray more for the end of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Others think that's stupid as for them science and technology are the only solutions to the crisis.

I'm somewhere in the middle.

I believe that we should pray while utilising science and technology to fight Covid-19.

Well, actually I believe in that for everything.

As I wrote before, I'm not exactly a religious person but I do believe Allah decides everything.

So, whenever I say my prayers, I would ask Allah not to be too hard on myself with the challenges. For me, hopefully, with the prayers, He will decide for something favourable for me after all my efforts

Roughly, that's the concept as I understand it.

At the same time, I also believe that we need to do our best in face of those challenges, and that's where science and technology come into play.

I'm writing this because I'm a bit disturbed reading stuff from both extremes of late.

Those people really should just calm down.

If you believe prayers are better than everything else, go ahead and pray lah at home. I don't think anyone will try to stop you.

But, no need la to talk too much about it as there are others who disagree and find that quite irritating.

And of course, don't argue with the authorities about the closure of mosques and surau,,,,or churches and temples for that matter.

This is Covid-19 crisis, okay.

I'm actually baffled why there's even a need to explain these measures to the more religious types.

And then there were all those repeated notifications about the need to ban Ramadan Bazar.

What's that for har? Just ban it lah. It's so obvious we can't have crowded places like that. Don't worry about upsetting anyone for that, okay.

On the other side, there are those arrogant ones who seemed to enjoy running down religious people and their beliefs.

They lumped everyone religious into a group and ridiculed them all as stupid and backward.

Hey, you believe your science and technology can solve everything and you don't want to believe in God, that's your right, but don't la ridicule others.

If those people want to pray and believe in their God without disturbing you, why do you need to disturb them and calling them names?

Hey, who knows, maybe they are right and you are wrong.

Maybe their prayers for this Covid-19 to end will be answered and you all non-believers may benefit from it too.

What's the harm, right?

I actually first detected this trend of bashing the religious people when the tabligh cluster was first identified.

Even the media is guilty of this.They tried to highlight everything bad about that sort of people.

Even the Health DG had repeatedly advised the public not to blame or scorn the tabligh people because the formation of a Covid-19 cluster could happen to any group of people.

But no, they continued with it.

I remember when the Health DG announced the finding of a cluster originating from a person who came back from Italy but when asked for questions, the first one that the reporters asked was whether there's a new lead on the tabligh cluster and how many more of them have yet to come forward to be screened. It's a repeated daily question up till then.

Well, five in a family died from that Italian cluster. And that's because the person who came back from Italy failed to declare it and exercise self quarantine. The person was in Italy for holiday, not tabligh activity.

Other than that I also sense how some in the media reported with glee whenever a tahfiz was detected as a new Covid-19 cluster source.

I'm not a big fan of tahfiz schools too, but they really shouldn't do that. Just report things as it is la.

No need to add salt and pepper. Bear in mind that some church, temple and atheist people also kena this Covid-19 and infect others, okay.

Whatever it is, I think people should talk less during this Covid-19 lock-down.

Stop creating issues by running down others and their efforts to help fight this pandemic even if that effort is just saying a prayer for this country and all Malaysians.

Yup, the less bitching, the better.

Updates on April 16 2020 at 12:09

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the hospital staff in this video are seen celebrating a group of Tabligh people who were cleared of Covid-19. No prejudice. My respect for them.


Tuesday 14 April 2020

The real racists and bigots - Part 2

Okay, I know this might be a bit tiresome for some of you but my friend asked me to post these too and I have to do it.

So, that's it.

And I'm not the one who said it this time.

Ya, even a sensible non-Malay/Muslim/Bumiputera got disgusted by those people and their racism.

Monday 13 April 2020

The real racists and bigots

Today I just want to share these screenshots that my best friend sent me yesterday.

I'm putting them here for my record and as a reminder of what these people really are.

Well, there are more but I think those enough lah kut.

In case you are wondering what they were talking about, please read further,


Buat makluman semua dan buat anda yang baru mengenali dana kami, Tabung #COVID19MTM telah lancarkan pada 22 Mac 2020 bertujuan mengutip dana bagi membantu barisan hadapan menghadapi virus #COVID19. 

Bagi tujuan tersebut, setakat ini kami #MedTweetMY telah melancarkan lima projek utama, 2 projek kerjasama dan beberapa projek khas bagi memaksimumkan bantuan kepada barisan hadapan. 

Bagi Projek Tudung, kami telah menerima banyak sumbangan tudung baru oleh syarikat jenama tudung dan orang persendirian secara percuma. 

Tudung-tudung ini telah diserahkan kepada barisan hadapan yang akan memakainya semasa bekerja, tidak kira wanita atau lelaki, Muslim atau tidak, bagi melindungi kepala mereka dan semasa memakai PPE. 

Wang dana daripada Tabung #COVID19MTM tidak digunakan sama sekali dalam pembelian tudung untuk projek ini. 

Penghantaran tudung ke destinasi hospital dan premis kesihatan serata Malaysia juga menggunakan perkhidmatan #impacttolonghantar bagi memastikan ianya sampai terus kepada barisan hadapan yang sedang berkhidmat untuk negara pada masa ini. 

Untuk makluman, projek ini telah ditutup dan kami tidak lagi membuka sebarang sumbangan atau permintaan. 

Terbaru kami telah mengadakan usahasama dengan ILKBS untuk menghasilkan PPE dan tudung daripada bahan "non-woven". 

Bagi mereka yang ingin melihat perjalanan projek ini, boleh lihat di pautan berikut ;
1. Twitter MedTweetMY https://bit.ly/ProjekTudungCOVID19MTM 

2. Instagram Tabung COVID19MTM https://bit.ly/IGCOVID19MTM 

Diharapkan kenyataan ini dapat menjernihkan persoalan tentang projek tudung Tabung #COVID19MTM. 

Kami menghargai sokongan, sumbangan dan bantuan yang diberikan oleh rakyat Malaysia dalam usaha ini. 

Kami juga ingin mengingatkan bahawa bagi mereka yang ingin mengutarakan permasalahan dan persoalan tentang tabung ini atau mana-mana aktiviti pertubuhan, anda boleh menghantar emel kepada medtweetmyofficial@gmail.com. 

Terima kasih.

Saturday 11 April 2020

A new affirmative action on the card

Looks like the government really have to initiate a new "affirmative action" to help certain people.

That's in light of the Covid-19 pandemic lah.

These certain people have asked the government to save them....or up front, save their businesses.

Their spokesmen spoke everyday for them as I highlighted one in this post,

Well, the government actually listened and obliged when it announced the other day additional assistance in the form of financial aid in the billions of ringgit for them.

As expected, there were complains still.

But never mind lah, it's just the way they are.

Today, it continues, and this time they want a new law to protect themselves,

Malaysia needs to enact a Covid-19 law to help the economy to recover


The government would probably listen to that one too and come up with a law that ensure these people will not suffer any losses, possibly none whatsoever, as it looks like that's the only way to satisfy them.

Yeah, all these talks about losing businesses amidst people being scared for their lives.

Well, these people control the economy what, and they need to continue being so. They need to make sure the Covid-19 pandemic wouldn't change that status quo.

Honestly, I don't care if the status quo remains or replaced with a new one after this pandemic is over.

It's not going to change my life whatsoever.

But hopefully these people will remember that they also need the tongkat of "affirmative action" to survive at one time or another.

Hopefully they will learn something from this episode and will not be so arrogant in future.

Just because they have lots of money due to their businesses does not make them superior than others whom they used to condemn as lazy and corrupted and backward and such.

Yeah, hopefully they will learn....at least most of them.

And those high and mighty corporate people should learn from this episode too.

All these while, they live their luxurious lifestyle and proud of their fat salaries, look down on the working class people, thinking that they are immune from all the hardship of the common people....now they know they are not as privileged as they thought they were.

Now they know they can die too and they can be reduced to begging for government aide to survive like those people they look down at all these while.

As for the common people, they are used to hard life, and begging when necessary. They will survive.


I'm actually a bit upset today, that's why I'm writing this.

Actually, I just hate arrogant people who think they are superior than others simply because they have more money and live a more luxurious lifestyle than others.

Never mind.

I'm taking an afternoon nap now. Bored like hell in this confinement.


Tuesday 7 April 2020

Luckily, Kit Siang is not our PM

If Kit Siang is our PM now, we would probably not see this,

Please click on image to read more clearly

That's because

would be to save businesses, not lives.


The DAP stalwart said an economic rescue package to bail out the SMEs must be Muhyiddin’s topmost priority now.

He would have in the first place hesitated to impose the movement control order (MCO) which is bad for businesses.

His next door neighbour with five factories would probably complain that an MCO will cause him losses and Kit Siang would listen to him.

"Aiya...few died only what. Still can do business. Why need to shut down everything. Other countries like Canada also not doing MCO yet what."

I can imagine that kind of talks.

I'm not saying saving businesses is not important, but the priority is to save lives and for that this current government got it absolutely right.

Things would be much worse if the MCO was not promptly implemented that day.

That's why I did this posting which I previously never would have thought of doing,

Again, I have never been a Muhyiddin fan before this Covid-19 war.

That's in case some of you think I'm trying to be cute to the guy.

And I think I got it right when I said in the previous posts that the government is not abandoning anyone in this fight against Covid-19.

That include the businesses.

Yesterday, Muhyiddin announced this,

Special RM10 billion stimulus package for SMEs

But, I bet there will still be complaints of it not being enough.

Ya, that RM10 billion on top of the RM100 billion in loans and guarantees given in previous stimulus package will not be enough for some people.

That's why there are the likes of Kit Siang who think they can do better than this current government.

That despite them having screwed up the government when they were given the chance to prove themselves when voted to power in GE14.

Seriously, I think they should just shut up for now and instead of sounding like stupid start to help the current government in a positive way in this Covid-19 war.

Well, things seemed to look better now as we hang on under this MCO.

InsyaAllah, we will rebuild our country after the war is over.

Stay positive guys.


Sunday 5 April 2020

Some only complained, others tried to help

While some complained and demanded bailouts, others took the initiative to help in this Covid-19 war.

This is a good one;

AirAsia launches S.O.S campaign 

to help businesses


It said the campaign would enable merchants whose businesses have been hit hard by measures to contain Covid-19 to sign up at zero commission and zero listing fee to market their products on OURSHOP for the whole of April.
These shops would only be required to cover the banking transaction charges of two per cent for each sale made.
The products that qualify include groceries, daily essentials, food and beverage, beauty products and household items.

I hope AirAsia's effort could also do something about this call for help from me,

Please help our hawkers

For its efforts to help such as this one, I also hope the government could give the airline the loan it needed to survive the pandemic.

Bare in mind that it's not asking for bailout or "direct cash assistance" like others did.

As any other airline in the world at the moment, AirAsia which employs tens of thousands of people needs such an assistance, and for me, it totally deserves it.

Once this pandemic is over, I hope I could afford to take one of the AirAsia flights as a thank you gesture for its positive attitude during this hard time.

Most likely I want to go to Japan again and fulfill my promise to a friend to meet him in Tokyo.


Suddenly, I remembered Japan because my beloved forwarded this to me earlier in the morning.

Ya, I actually imitated the Japanese when I was in their country - I bowed to cleaners, janitors, street sweepers and garbage collectors whenever I encountered them. I also bowed to cashiers, waiters, lift operators etc.

Being polite and around polite people has always been nice.

It may also explains why Japan is clean and has yet to be hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Well, I always learn something good when I visited that country.

But for now, traveling is just a dream.

Okay, time to do some work now.

Cheers and stay safe, okay.

(UPDATED at 14:57)

Just saw this;

AirAsia launches donation drive to support vulnerable communities


All donations will be channeled to social enterprises and charities such as Perak State Parks, SEED Foundation and Beyond Borders Malaysia that provide food and medical aid to Orang Asli families, homeless peoples and refugees.
Donors may make their contributions on AirAsia Foundation’s dedicated fund-raising page at https://airasiafoundation.com/relieffund; or at BigPay via the financial app’s P2P transfer option to AirAsia Foundation; or via Local Bank Transfer (available from April 6 onwards).

Thursday 2 April 2020

Muhyiddin is my PM

I have to admit that Muhyiddin has never been my favourite politician.

Maybe it's because I felt that he's a bit "cold" as a person.

Nonetheless, I actually like his people that I know. I had good times with them, particularly when I was in Japan, South Korea and India.

Still, I somehow never really warmed up to Muhyiddin despite meeting him many times over many years including at his home base in Pagoh.

I was not even exactly cheering when he took over as PM after the Pakatan government's collapse that day.

That despite him being the crucial person who got rid off DAP and the gang from Putrajaya.

Then the Covid-19 crisis started.

That's when I began to look at Muhyiddin differently.

Ya, it was just the past few weeks that I really think the guy actually can do the job.

As far as I'm concerned he is doing well under the circumstances.

His team was also not doing badly except for some minor fumbles.

There were criticisms, of course, but that's normal for any government.

Muhyiddin himself seemed to be going all out and the way he carries himself, I believe he does instill confidence that we can beat this Covid-19 enemy.

For me, he's doing and saying the right things, so far.

Not bad at all.

Bear in mind that the guy is 74 and a cancer survivor.

And today he did something which touched my heart.

Despite his tight schedule and pressure of fighting the Covid-19, he still took the time to post this,

Regular readers of this blog should know that I have a weak spot for those with autism and their caregivers.

I'm glad that Muhyiddin as the PM cares about them even during this time of emergency.

Personally, that's the sort of things that count for me.

Back then, I was also grateful to Najib as PM because he and his wife took the initiative to set up Permata Kurnia early intervention center for children with autism.

Well, I hope we all Malaysians could unite behind the current government in this fight against Covid-19.

Forget about politics for now, as we need to save our country first.

I also hope that Muhyiddin will continue to provide good leadership for us all, at least until the fight is over.

Cheers and stay safe everyone.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Kit Siang's topmost priority if he's PM during Covid-19 war

According to this story,
the government’s move to provide RM100 billion in credit and guarantees for SMEs was not enough.

SME Association of Malaysia president Datuk Michael Kang was quoted as saying that what is needed isn't more loans but direct cash assistance.

I think this is something like asking for BR1M (or whatever they called it nowadays) for the SMEs.

Hmmm....RM100 billion in credit and guarantees are not really enough help.

Okay, whatever. I'm okay with the government helping everyone, provided it has the money for it.

After all, government's money is people's money.

At least, the SMEs are asking for help by not bashing the government for helping the B40 group like some people as I highlighted in this post,

No need for hate-mongering during this Covid-19 war

Well, maybe the SME owners are also desperate to feed their families like the B40 people.

But then again, DAP supremo Kit Siang was also quoted in the report as saying this,


“As I know a lot of SME is facing the same problem. My next door neighbor has 60 workers, five rented factories and some installment paying machinery,” read one of the quotes.
“He needs RM300k every month. At 42, his 15 years of hard work is going to be wiped off if lockdown continues.”
The DAP stalwart said an economic rescue package to bail out the SMEs must be Muhyiddin’s topmost priority now.

So, Kit Siang is saying that Muhyiddin's topmost priority as PM now is to rescue SMEs owned by people like his next door neighbour, a 42-year-old businessman who after 15 years now has 60 workers, five rented factories and some installment paying machinery.

I do wonder exactly how dire is the guy's situation. Does he still have food for his family at home now or does he have any savings to tide things up till the end of this pandemic?

Really? Can't use his savings to save his SME?

Those 60 workers, are they locals or foreigners?


I don't know about you, but no matter how it's put, I still think the guy is above the level of the hawker whose story I highlighted in this posting,

Please help our hawkers, don't hate Taiwan

And that hawker was not even really asking the government for "direct cash assistance" and instead just asking for his community to continue buying food from him and the other hawkers so that they could survive the pandemic.

Well, Kit Siang thinks helping his SME owning neighbour and people like that is government's topmost priority now. That puts helping the hawkers definitely not his topmost priority then. 

For me, the government's topmost priority now should be to stop the spread of this Covid-19 pandemic. The rest are important too but can come later. 

If the government can stop Covid-19, then I'm sure it can also help the SMEs, hawkers, Makcik Kiah and the rest of us.