Thursday 28 June 2018

One billion ringgit man

Some people got very excited yesterday when police announced that the total value of cash and stuff seized from Najib and his children is about RM1 billion.

They were rejoiced as they believed that Najib and his whole family will surely be thrown in jail soon.

RM1 billion is a lot, okay. So, they are sure more than ever that Najib is guilty of stealing the 1MDB money.

But wait a minute.

Innocent until proven guilty....that pesky basic principle of natural justice which is part of rule of law.

Does the seized stuff and money really came from 1MDB?

They need to prove that in the court first, okay.

What? You all don't like that? Too troublesome?

And the way the Amar Singh policeman made the RM1 billion announcement yesterday was as if Najib is already guilty, right?

Okay, fine, then go ahead and arrest Najib.

Charge him in court now.

Seriously, I don't really give a shit.

Yea, who cares about evidence, facts of the case and all those legal mumbo jumbo.

Or better still, let us just get rid of the court.

Just judge Najib based on public what we are doing what Kit Siang, Hanipa Maidin and the other suggested.


Still, honestly I hope you all will wait until the court finds Najib guilty of something before lynching him.

Seriously, we are after all civilised people............right?

Or are we actually just a mindless mob who simply follow where ever the wind is blowing.

Mind you, where are all those advocates of justice and democracy? Say something la.

Last time you all talked so much about all these stuff, what.

Never mind.

Here's Najib statement on the police's RM1 billion estimate of the seizure. He said it during an interview at Malaysiakini office somemore;

Najib considers value of police seizures as subjective


“But what I know, over the years as the head of government, we are rewarded with various items by international leaders and personal friends.
“I know it’s not against the law to accept a gift. For example (Prime Minister) Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) admitted that he received 40 horses from friend and he also openly used many of his friends’ corporate jets. So it is not against the law to receive presents,” remarked Najib. 

By the way, I do wonder why he went to Malaysiakini instead of NST, BH, TV3, Utusan, etc for this one.

How about all those big time editors who put up nice stories on him there all these years?

They are totally useless now?

Just found out, is it?

Poor Najib.


  1. Do not pity Najib but pity those ordinary folks who voted for PH but now they regret it.
    Gst have been abolished and sst jas not come into effect yet but I do not see people dancing on the streets rejoicing on the cheaper tomatos.
    When the government launched Tabung Harapan I do not see Malaysians from all walks of life queing up in banks to withdraw their savings to donate to Tabung Pakatan harap like what they did during the PM hariraya open house.
    When I met my relatives during hariraya reunion I did not hear any praise from my younger family members who are mostly PH supporters on how good LGE and Mahathir.Maybe out of respect to me as the eldest in my family.
    When I showed to my Sister in law that she is going to lose around RM50k when the new govt decided not to honour Najib's promise of additional annual increment I saw frustration on her face (She is a teacher).
    These young people who voted for PH can easily persuaded back to support UMNO with the help of LGE (mandarin fb posting),Tommy Thomas and I am sure many more to come to help UMNO to regain its position.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Kahkahkah those voted for ph is regretting now, all i hear is those voted for bn are making all the fuss coz they just can accept ph winning the 14GE 😀😀😀😀

    2. Prof kk, no, no regrets. Kalau bn x tumbang, kita x akan tau najib simpan harta karun mencecah 1 billion.

      Yes, the loot may not be related to 1mdb but it does boggles the mind where the loot comes from. It boggles my mind how a seemingly educated person like u can be so blase about the loot. Do you honestly believe these are gifts amassed over 10 yrs of najib's premiership?

      Does the fact your sil stand to loose 50k justifies the looting of the country through rampant corruption & unfair agreements with china? Your sil 50k comes from the taxpayers' money not najib's.

    3. I do agree with anon 1151.
      First, the GE14 results give the new govenment to clean up the mess left by 60 years of uninterrupted ruling of BN.It helps UMNO to get rid of all the parasites in the party so that it will make UMNO healthier and live longer.
      Second,it gives the chance for Malaysians to live under a different regime.As people say,the grass look greener on the other side of the fence.Now,when these people get the taste of the new field they realize the field that looks green from afar is not that green once you step closer to it.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Pity Annie and Professor Kangkung. They should have mental checked a.s.a.p

      Basically, there is a law that stated civil servant like Najib and others are forbidden to receive any expensive gifts nor cheap ones. This is to prevent conflict interest and abuse of power in gov. administration.

    5. Anon 1209
      What about 40 horses given to Atok ?
      Prof Kangkung

    6. Hakim: nape banyak sgt beg isteri kamu

      Accused: isteri saya tak minat kuda atau kereta mewah atau kereta proton. Dulu saya lihat keluarga cikgu saya ambil, so ikut teladan la
      Hakim: Napa wang berkotak2 dalam rumah?
      Accused: dulu cikgu saya ajar duit2 ni elok saya simpan macam dia dalam rumah sja
      Hakim: napa anak menantu kamu masuk saham hollywood
      Accused: anak2 saya tak minat saham2 oil and gas industries..

      Hakim: nape jumpa kotak2 beg dan kasut isteri awak sja
      Accused: kotak2 lain wikileak dah tolong simpankan

      Hakim: mana datang duit banyak2 ni semua
      Accused: saya tak tau.
      Hakim: siapa yang tau?
      Accused: semua tak tau

    7. People said the same thing about the Pakatan Rakyat govt when they first took over Penang. I guess the people who said this were just the disgruntled UMNO and BN losers since PH won Penang with even more seats.

    8. Prof Kangkung gives some proof and then make a police report of it.

      Najib clearly said that he received the expensive gifts and that proving he is automatically guilty.

      Pity your students to have such a kangkung professor.

    9. Students need to choose his professor

      Especially when the professor is politically inclined

      Bodoh tak sudah
      Bebalisme.. huh... why did I waste my time on this retarded person

  2. Lifeofannie

    Yes good works

    Please keep defending thieves

    As umno blogger (forget all that neutral bullshit) u are proving you want to protect kleptocracy.

    Meaning you are rubbing shit all over so called "new image of clean umno".


    Kipidap lifeofannie, with your help umno can masuk kubur x15 times faster

    1. She's not defending anybody...from my understanding of her writing, she only ask the people not to pre-judge somebody until he/she are proven guilty in the court of law...

      How about LGE then...can we people on the street judge him as guilty too?

    2. She is not defending anybody you fool. Better shut your mouth. Don’t you have anything to do?

      Certified white knight
      Jho Low

  3. Those seized items can lelong and get back RM1 billion. BNM forex and those maha scandals, those billion rm seems hangus just like that. Cannot get back even 1 sen. Thats the difference!

  4. Even if it's just RM100 million, it's enough to send the guy and the hippo to jail.
    So the quantum at this point is really irrelevant.

    1. Why wait?charge Najib.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. PKHKC Kangkung,

      I already replied to you on that point the last time.
      You can't understand English?
      Then revert to your monkey language.

    3. Adab tak belajar disekolah cina ke?konon malaysian bahasa malayu pn tk pandai.

    4. Why wait? PH is a coward
      Saya nak bercuti luar negara pun susah, saya bukan nak lari pun........................................

      Jho Low

  5. Well annie im all for the courts ruling. But knowing najib it could be like anwar. Whts its gonna be ? 10 years ? 15 years ?

    While im all about upholding the law, the law itself is not absolute, meaning it is not perfect.

    Wht i know is the evidences are overwhelming and najib never bothered to answer all those allegations until it is too late.

    But well we are all civilized right ? Lets assume its gonna 20 years. Money is king after all.

    1. If the evidence is overwhelming then why wait...please proceed to charge him in the court of law.
      Don't just make an announcement/PC and let the kangaroo court making the judgement. Looks like that's the new PH gov way of holding the justice. Rule of law konon...puiii

    2. Tun already explained why it took times.

      Take all the time they need as long as it is ironclad. Why are you so anxious anyway. I thought u wanted all the due process done anyway. So let them collect all the evidences to make their case. No ? See justice is not only for serving najib. They other side also have their rights

      Now go and pui urself ke langit haha

    3. Anon 1239
      PH supporters are getting sick with us asking Najib to be charged in court.If possible they want to prolong this drama until 2023.By then they will use Tun M's photo as their campaign materials (the late tun M pada masa tu).Just like Pas people who cannot get rid of Nik Aziz photos in their campaign.
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Well we are only guilty of wht u claimed us to be after proven in court :D

      On a side note prof kangkung got paid enough tht he can predict tuns demise ?

    5. Anon 15:24

      Is that the correct way of collecting evidences and doing investigations? U need to announce in public what you have gathered so far? I don't think so. It's more like wanting to create an impression of the subject matter i guess.

      Lemme give you an example.
      Let say police is investigating the rape case. Do you think police should tell the public in details that they already check the breast and vagina of the victim and find some "lebam" here and there to indicate the rape was taken place?
      I don't think lebam alone can justify the case.

      So..why not do it quietly. Gather as much evidence as the police are able to do. Do not pre announce to the public and let the kangaroo court decides who's wrong or right!

    6. U really gonna tell the police how to do their job ?

      This is a national issue and everyone has a vested interest in to. As far as im concerned we should know the public need to be addressed.

      How the public react based on the info is not up to the police.

      Btw why all the tears for najib ? Wht has the so called kangaroo court did to him so far ?

      Is he in prison ? Tht guy being the moron and clueless he is seems fine to me. Can go beraya some more. Ur sympathy should be placed elsewhere

    7. Police needs to calm down, why so in hurry to search my house in the first place
      So uncivilised

      Jho Low


  6. Annie,

    Malas nak explain to you, because you're really a details person are you : )

    To simplify it to your basic level, there will be many cases arising out of 1MDB that involved your pink-lipped hero.

    This is because the thefts were made at different times, and via different entities.

    For example, there was the Petrosaudi fraud of 700 million, where Hasan Carimakan secretly deleted the paragraph in the PAC report that proved that JIbby / Jho had been behind the deal. Why was the report OSA-ed? You’ll find out.

    Then there was Jibby working with 2 Arabs to defraud IPIC in the UAE. This is where Rosie’s boiboi got the kickback money to make Wolf of Wall Street and buy NYC penthouses, among others.

    Then there was the very famous 2.6 billion donation, etc.

    Unravelling these will take years - thank Apandi for that, because he blocked every MLA request from the MACC, PAC and the various overseas governments. The request for MLA to the foreign governments was sent only 10 days ago. Sit back, this will last all the way to PRU15. It is the most complex money trail in criminal history.

    Right now, what PDRM are doing are tracing assets for the smallest of all the cases - SRC.

    This is what the First Klepet were spending on SRC credit cards, based on forensic investigations in Swiss/US:

    RM520k for Chanel;

    RM60m for clothes, jewellery, car;

    RM28m for Nazir Razak,

    RM280k for son,

    RM176 m to Solar Shine,

    RM56 million to Jakel,

    Exotic Cars RM224k;

    RM3.75 million at De Grisogono;

    Plus RM25 million charged to credit cards.

    All PRDM are doing now are tracing assets.

    This is about 5% of the case against the First Klepet.

    It is also the most minor.

    There is far worse to come.

    Of course, being the leading Very Very Neutral Blogger, you can try and convince us it was just a komplot Yahudi : )

    PS: SRC money is derived directly from KWAP, which is 100% Malay, ya.

    So…ummmm, camne nak “unite the Malays” with their own rapists called “Umno”?

    Susah ekkkk...

    1. Details semua2 you saksi dengan mata kepala sendiri ke?

      Dap kata Tun jahat.. bertahun2 kamu semua kata Tun Jahat. Tiba2 Dap kata Tun baik, semua macam kata Tun baik..

      Dap kata PAS kawan baik, semua kata PAS baik. DAP taknak kawan dengan PAS sekarang, semua pun taknak kawan dengan PAS.

      Dap kata bangalow swimming pool tak kategori rasuah semua lembu2 kata tak rasuah.

      Dap kata soal sea tunnel semua dok senyap, semja pun dok senyap..

      PM FM melalak Malaysia 1trillion dah nak bankrup.. semua pun melalak 1trillion dah nak bankrup

      FM sebak minta kutipan tabung harapan.. semua pun sebak menabung dalam tabung harapan

      Skrg Polis kata beg Rosmah, semua kata beg Rosmah. PH kata 1MDB semua bergendang 1MDB..

      Haiyoo mayak melelong la lu olang semua.Tarak pakai otak..

      Kalau panggil lembu marah pula..

      tapi orang putih classify kamu semua golongan "Herd mentality".

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Here's a reality check.

    These were actual excuses given by Umno to try and cover the 2.6 billion "donation".

    Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
Jawapan 4 : SWIFT Code di dalam dokumen WSJ adalah tidak benar
Jawapan 5 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
Jawapan 6 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
Jawapan 7 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
Jawapan 8 : Najib tidak jadi saman WSJ kerana dia tidak terkenal di Amerika Syarikat
Jawapan 9 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun peribadi sendiri untuk terima wang
Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 billion itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 11 : RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma
Jawapan 12 : Akaun peribadi Najib sebenarnya adalah akaun amanah atas nama Umno
Jawapan 13 : Lebih baik Najib pegang wang dalam akaun peribadi dari dipegang oleh proksi
Jawapan 14 : Penderma RM2.6 billion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah
Jawapan 15 : Sedekah RM2.6 billion datang dari penyokong-penyokong Umno
Jawapan 16 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma kerana ianya untuk akaun peribadi
Jawapan 17 : Duit derma lebih selamat di dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri
Jawapan 18 : Ahli-ahli Umno memang dah lama setuju wang sumbangan boleh masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Presiden
Jawapan 19 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya dan kerja kebajikan
Jawapan 20 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan ISIS
Jawapan 21 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP dan YAHUDI
Jawapan 22 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan Muslim Brotherhood
Jawapan 23 : Duit itu sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana Malaysia berfahaman Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah
Jawapan 24 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang
Jawapan 25 : BERSIH dan pembangkang juga menerima duit derma dan perlu isytiharkan penderma mereka
Jawapan 26 : Jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun Mahathir sudah berlalu
Jawapan 27 : Dulu Tun Mahathir pun mesti dapat derma dalam akaun peribadi untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 28 : Bank Negara sudah lama tahu, dan saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
Jawapan 29 : Ada ramai penderma, bukan seorang penderma
Jawapan 30 : Zahid Hamidi jumpa wakil-wakil penderma
Jawapan 31 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6 billion untuk kegunaan Umno
Jawapan 32 : Henti kan fitnah. Saya tidak pernah menyoal Pak Lah bagaimana dia cari duit untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 33 : Menuduh Najib adalah sama seperti menyerang umat Islam Malaysia
Jawapan 34 : Walaupun saya telah memecat ramai orang, saya berjiwa besar
Jawapan 35 : Jangan persoal cara Najib Razak memerintah. Dia perintah mengikut sunnah Nabi
Jawapan 36 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang
Jawapan 37 : Raja Arab sebelum meninggal memberi sedekah RM2.6 billion kepada Najib
Jawapan 38 : RM 2.03 billion telah di pulangkan kembali kepada Raja Arab sebab tak habis digunakan
Jawapan 39 : Derma sedekah itu adalah hal peribadi antara Najib dan Raja Arab
Jawapan 40 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.

    Now, on the other hand there is an international forensic trail proving that the money came from 1MDB via Tanore Finance, to Jibby's AmBank account.

    Which do you believe more, Annie?

    Umno's gelebah biawak lies that don't make sense, or actual cold, hard, forensic evidence?

    Do you wonder why Umno lost the election so badly?

    Because we are not fools.

    1. Telokwanjah says:

      Well said. The biggest crime is thinking that the Rakyat is so damn bodoh. Cmon laaa look at the crazy amounts of stuff you have and you’re still trying to give gift excuses ?? You’re the PM of a small country with 30 million people and yet you receive gifts worth a few hundred million ringgit ??? Ye le tuuu

    2. Komen paling win! I loikke!!

    3. Thanks ! seems like annie is like the melayu mudah lupa type

    4. Anon 10:26
      Here's a reality check....

      Amboi benar betul fakta2 data2 kamu. Mana kutip ni semua? Dari FBI CIA? Bole percaya ke? Itu WMD bush dan blaur pun mayak percaya sama FBI dan CIA..

      Kalau saya panggil awak lembu.. marah nanti.

      Tapi ni sekok lagi having the "HERD MENTALITY".

      Nanti berita cakap you terjun lombong.. jangan ikut tau, boleh lemas nanti bole mati.

    5. Lerr ko biar benar. Mmg semua statement tu umno najib yg buat. Ko x baca berita ke. Tu pn time zaman propaganda bn.

      Habis ko je la betul? Swiss singapore america semua salah ? Hebat benor

  8. Hi Annie,
    I thought the money supply cull already for bloggers like RPK and you. Still can update stories?

    So, basically Annie is saying, it is normal for PM to accumulate wealth to 1 Billion ringgit, special privileges and all wonder even with peanut pay of RM20K per month as PM, many still willing to die to become PM of Malaysia.

    1. Hidup jangan busuk hati

      Jho Low

  9. Relax Annie, you seem a bit on edge these past couple of posting. 1 billion of 1MDB money or "gifts" it doesn't matter. What I personally find amusing is that with each and every reveal we will get the man himself giving explanations to the issue which is something that never happened when he was PM. Usually it will be his goons and fellow boot lickers defending him. But it looks like now, they have totally abandoned and kicked him to the curb. Not one peep from the likes of Ahmad Maslan, Mazri Aziz, Salleh Keruak etc. Nobody is defending him and he has no choice but to come up with his own explanations. They say it's lonely at the top, but it's even more lonelier when you fall. If and when the charges do come about, you can rest assure that nobody from BN or PH is gonna lift one finger to defend him. He is totally and utterly on his own.

  10. Innocent until proven guilty

    1. You can say that again

      Jho Low

  11. hi annie! it seems only U and RPK are defending ur paymaster now, pernah dgr akta pengubahan wang haram?

    1. Ramai yang diam memerhatikan segala drama ph dan pengikut fanantik lulusan sekolah cibanya bergembira.Kami bagi ruang dan peluang dulu ye.yam caa2 dulu.

    2. Habis aku ni hape!? Tunggul ke?

      Jho Low

  12. I think najib is in a lucky country. If he was in libya, he would have endure the same fate as gadaffi. So what are you bitching about. We still believe the rule of law. He is still walking freely. We wait patiently for him to have a trial. No mob have gone to his house carrying banner and chanting any obscene language. So najib is a lucky man.

    1. Bole percaya ke Polis semua? Tau tau amik gambaq kotak2 beg dan kasut dari gerai2 pasar malam??

      You sendiri dah pi tengok ke beg2 dan kasut ni? Atau you ni sedara mara Luncai bin Labu?

    2. Payah la camni baik xyah mahkamah mcm tu semua bende nk pertikai. Aku pn x tgk beg tu berjuta rakyat msia x tgk pn habis xleh comment ke ?

    3. Anon unknown 15:08,

      Najib sendiri x mempertikai kan brg2 yg dirampas. Najib cuma mempertikaikan jumlah harga & punca brg2 tersebut. Siap kata biasalah keluarga menantu dia beli beg elite sekali 4-5 biji. Ko je yg tak boleh terima kenyataan.

    4. Anon 16:35
      Owh.. Bai kata macam tu kamu pun ikut macam tu juga la? Sendiri tak tengok, habis macam mana?

      Kalau saya gelar kamu lembu pasti marah, tapi gayanya macam Herd mentality la kamu ni.

      Apa orang kata pakai main ikut saja

    5. Anon 21:42, ko siapa yg polis nak kena tunjuk bukti kat ko? Peguam najib/ rosmah ke? Apa kata ko cadangkan kat igp supaya buka muzium pamerkan brg rampasan & caj 5 ringgit untuk masuk? Duit tu boleh masuk dlm tabung harapan.

      Teruskanla benam kepala ko dlm tanah.

    6. X fhm bai yg kene tuduh ckp mcm tu xkan x percaya ? Najib kene tuduh najib x sangkal pn kamu yg terlwbih2

      Tp kami yg herd mentality ? Gile ke ape ?

      Kalo dpt dedak pn baca betul2 bro jgn buat keje cincai patut la najib kata bangang hahaha

    7. I love najib

      Jho Low
      Orang felda boleh mampus, saya kaya sorang sorang

  13. Annie, Who are you trying to fool???

  14. Annie The Neutral

    ...’pelan pelan meneran jangan sampai melecet’.. ahakskahkahkahkah..


  15. do spore mr & mrs LHL receive as many gifts & items as 1mdb mr & mrs MO1??? surely no right wakakaka

  16. Its better if Najib shut his filthy mouth, since what he said can and could be used against him in court.

    The way I see it... from Annie's excerpts of what Najib had to say... he was insinuating, he and his wife did received gifts.
    As PM cum Finance Minister, this is or was very dangerous propositions. Those who gave him gifts might wants something back in return.
    Therefore, lets wait for the Police to call all those who gave him, what kind of gifts and when?

    Some of the gifts might coincide with some big projects or tender assignments during the time since he became member of parliament of Pekan, at the age of 21.

    Hence its highly likely that Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low are among those givers.

    1. PH kilang fitnah

      Sejahat monster power rangers

      Jho Low

  17. Annie,

    Supposing you caught a thieve stealing 1 billion chicken.

    That is lot of chickens.

    Supposing you finally found the chickens.

    People are wondering, how come there are so many chicken?. 1 billion chicken.

    Supposing you caught the thieve in the act, enough with video and all.

    But wait a minute,

    even you caught the thieve, feathers all over, he is innocent until proven guilty.

    You cannot call him a thief.

    That is what you are saying right.

  18. Bodoh la tu semua...arahan drama versi dua.Masa zaman dsai kena semua tilam2 berlendir diusung ke mahkamah betapa diaibkan dsai dan juga isteri azmin.Pengakuan adek azmin sendiri mengiyakan segala skandal sekarang depa cium mulut ..lagi tak mustahil harta berbilion2 ni juga fitnah.

    1. Kalo ikut std annie anwar dh dibuktikan bersalah ikut mahkamah so citer ape lagi bro ? Punyalah lama record time 6 thn.

  19. He/She can be charged under AMLA first and then 1MDB later. If you're charged under AMLA (anti money laundering act) the defendant has to prove beyond doubt his/her source of income.

  20. That Bijan Beg can already nail Najib to at least 5 years corruption...don't talk about 12,000 jewelries, 500 bags, sunglasses.

    Remember, there are still expensive paintings, cars, landbanks, oversea houses and a yacht

    Any one of them can use to nail Najib....

    1. Bijan berbijin berbijun berbijang berbijeng berbabi berbabuntut berbangangan

  21. Instead of doing Press Statement about the value of goods / cash raided from ex PM's house/s, the Police/ Datuk Amar Singh should tell us what/when he is going to charge ex Pm/ ex FLOM ? So many reports on the raids already ..does the police have evidence from where the good/cash came from if ill gotten ? Saya dah lama percaya yang Najib/wife bukanlah orang yang innocents , they looted the country's money but getting tired already with the news of the raided houses and value of the loots ..

    1. Sdr Hafsah, nak buat macam mana, harta keluarga najib rosmah byk sgt. Semalam ada satu lagi condo diserbu. Harta2 kat luar negara kita x tau lagi.

      BTW, bukan polis yg decide bila nak charge najib-rosmah.

  22. dumbo mr & mrs MO1 are indefensible & they had tarnished dumbo forever, let it be wink

  23. Some seized items are counterfeits,infringing on copy right law


  24. It's really incredible and unbelievable to have so much money jewlleries in the house.

    What's even more incredible is that some of the people are already foaming at the mouth when the police announced the total value of the items confiscated in the press. They are accusing the Police of implying that Najib is guilty. The issue to them is not the amount money and jewelleries in the house but the announcement in the Press by the Police.

    Which normal person will keep this insane amount of money and jewelleries in the house. This a world record. Malaysia boleh!!!

    1. Hidup jangan berdengki jer... jangan kuang ajooooooooooooooioooioiiikiiiiiiiii

      Jho Low

  25. Annie,

    It is quite disappointing for me that some commentators here seem to have misread what you have written as being a defence of Najib.

    But I remind myself that it is not their fault but very likely the education system given to them by a BN government.

    To me, it seems quite clear that you are merely asking for an "innocent until proven guilty" approach.

    Strictly speaking, you are, of cos, right.

    That is how the legal system works just about anywhere on this planet except maybe where Parti Ajaran Syaitan is concerned.

    But, I am like any other Malaysian - I am entitled to my personal opinion even if it does not matter in a court of law.

    For me, as a layman, the available evidence and the extenuating circumstances are sufficient for me to deem Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor guilty as hell.

    But that's my own personal opinion as a layman, and I am well aware that Najib Razak is entitled to his day in court.

    BTW, I am also well aware that those with a good legal background, are typically very careful about disclosing their personal opinion.

    In fact, I am told that there are apparently courtrooms where it is not a good idea to say "Selamat pagi" to the judge because the judge does not give a shit what kind of morning the lawyer is having nor is it anybody's business what kind of morning the judge is having. :)

    I myself have never noticed this in the courtrooms but then I am not a lawyer, nor do I attend courtrooms on a regular basis.


    1. Please don't talk rubbish. What's that got to do with the education system.

    2. Malaysian in general like to read rumors and gossips and amazingly they tend to believe it with their hearts and soul.
      That's the reason why some bloggers managed to get an instant hit.

      I guess it's something to do with socmed age. Whoever share the 1st hand story will get the most "like".

      Eventually, many ppl tend to share fake news and that is the education that most of us embraced. Definitely it's not from BN. It's a universal syllables.

    3. Educyshon shsytem is malaysia is really sucks
      Why do I have to interact with these buffoon and breathing the same air as them?

      Jho Low

  26. now najib is spinning that he & 1mdb diperkudakan oleh jho low + arabs, no wonder jho low claimed dumbos are spinmasters or tukang kelentong (incl annie?) wakakaka

    1. according to najib, jho low was the confidant of the al saud so tak boleh ditangkapkan sigh

    2. Kalau tak fitnah bukan pembangkang
      Oh wait,
      Oh wait
      Oh wait
      Oh wait

      Jho Low

  27. Talk abt biliyons.
    KJ KBSM kes also RM0.1Biliyon.

  28. Also, LGE bunglo corruption case RM0.0025Billion.

  29. Belum 100 hari, PH supporters dah kena kencing. Terima ajelah...

    1. 60 tahun kena kencing dgn UmnoBN takpe pulak?

    2. Ph tak terima kenyataan dasar sundal

      Jho Low
      Perogol kekayaan melayu felda