Tuesday 26 June 2018

KJ's game plan


  1. Annie,

    Still think best combo is Ku Li / KJ as the top 2 in Umno.

    Just one thing to be cautious about KJ - he is truly a political animal.

    He reminds me very much of a younger Anwar.

    I prefer Shahril (now the new Youth No. 2) - smart, a bit more sincere but of course far too young now. For the future.

    There's also a big question mark about why KJ begged Ku Li to stand, then 24 hours later declared himself as candidate.

    This led to speculation that KJ has a pact with Zahid. It could be a pure vote-spitting strategy.

    Like I say…he’s very Anwar-like. But Umno do need his articulate nature and youth appeal right now.

    I think the bigger problem is now the money trails from the secret "Mr. X" AmBank account (Najib's slush fund to hold the "681 American pies”) is being followed up by PDRM and MACC.

    Around 1,000 people under probe currently.

    So we will find out how Shahrir spent his 1 million cheque and Mat Maslan his 2 million cheque, ha ha : )

    This could trigger a hell of a lot of trouble after Umno elections, as you must remember that some of the most corrupt KBU - Annuar, Mael Sabri, Tajuddin, Madhzir, etc - are all standing for election.

    Annuar himself is in very deep legal jeopardy due to his multiple scandals.

    So it could end with a hasty re-election held in 8-12 months if any of these fellas win a holiday in Bamboo River Resort : )

    WSJ is today exposing Rosmah as the main mastermind of the 1MDB heist.

    Moral: Be careful whom you marry.

    Jangan main2 with all these tante Minangkabau, O….

  2. At least he can speak coherently and logically.
    Unfortunately most of the PKHKC stupid Melayu can't appreciate that. They will most likely choose one of the other two - one idiot Indon and one limb-dick pondan.

    I agree that FUCKNO has a chance to come back, so Harapan needs to move forward, consolidate power and retain the votes. Unless the brader fuck it up for all of us.

    Whatever the outcome of FUCKNO election, it'll be an interesting next 5 years.

    1. Anonymous26 June 2018 at 12:57

      The term is limp-dick pondan.

      Not limb-dick pondan.

      If you want to see a limp-dick pondan, look between your legs, and then look up into a mirror.


      Also, stop being such a racist.

      It makes your dick even limper.

      Thank you.

    2. Aiyo, I forgot to check spelling hor. Sorry lor.
      Ok? Happy now?

      So if there's nothing else, go fuck off back to your jungle. PKHKC.

  3. KJ, what a sleazeball and chameleon. He is the number 1 person who cannot be trusted at all.

    1. KJmeleon?

    2. Hmmmm revive u
      Umno. Please where is the 100 million gone to in your ministry.
      Not during your time? Have you instructed MACC to investigate?
      Then i will put it to you a simple cover up. Leader that lead by example. Oxford graduate that lift Najib by the balls after listen to Najib's explaination on 1mdb issue.
      Another umno grand lickers. Hmmm to umno supporters its time to lift this KJ balls on your shoulder like he did on his former boss the roti takda telor.

  4. KJ is learning from the PH approach. For instance when he mentioned the BN open membership. PH did this to manage the Tian Chua situation. Resulting in the amazing win of the independent candidate. Formula PH worked in the last election. Lessons learned from Tun Mahathir-led PH for KJ.

    1. KJ made one very good point - if Umno can fight PH on good policies rather than rhetoric, they can win. KJ is also right in saying the world has moved past pure race-chanting - Malay voters are now very savvy at seeing thru that, they are looking for real substance. Hence Umno needs to deliver with best brains they can find.

    2. Anon 15:43.
      If we select a brain from a group of lanun. The best brain you got will eventually produce the best way to steal. What do you expect , a saint?

  5. Annie,

    I just found this so funny....today's news!

    "Bekas menteri besar Terengganu Datuk Seri Ahmad Said membuat laporan terhadap 1MDB di ibu pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) hari ini.

    Menurut sumber SPRM, ADUN Kijal itu kini sedang memberi keterangan dan dijangka membuat sidang media tengah hari nanti.

    Tiga tahun lalu, Ahmad mendedahkan pendahulu 1MDB, Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA), cuba menggunakan aset minyak Terengganu sebagai cagaran pada 2008.

    Setahun kemudian, kerajaan pusat mengambil alih TIA dan menukar namanya kepada 1MDB."

    This mamat is running for V-P in the election, ya.

    I guess he must have been living on Mars since 2009?

  6. Telokwanjah says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Credible fellow - as for criticism that he is a political animal - we’ll all effective and successful Politicians are. They must be. Look at Tun for crying out loud. If he’s not the ultimate political chameleon then tell me who is ?

    Anyway UMNO choice to make - if they get it 50 right, and Pakatan gets it only 20 wrong, next election they come back in. Look at the wealth of experience they have in gomen that they can unleash if they have the right leadership ...

    Their choice will tell us all if they’ve learnt anything - picking Zahid means bye bye to the old spirit of Umno and Perikatan. Just look at his track record of “truth” - Sabah invasion consipracy, Kutty Mahathir, Okd man conspiracy against Najib etc etc etc.

    Good luck UMNO -

    1. If Zahid wins then PH will win PRU15. If KJ or Ku Li wins, then "BN Version 2 (?)" may have a decent chance in PRU15.

  7. رنداهكان ديري فاستي برجايا!

    1. Aamiin
      Prof kangkung

    2. Betul tu..
      Pembesar2 umno ikut la nasihat 14:29. Baru boleh ada chance.

  8. Fat chance.

    All we need to do is:

    1) Deregister UMNO

    2) charge all the senior leaders including division chief, with any sort of crime, big or small, and tie them up in courts for the next five years.

    3) get IRD to do full audit of all the nominees holding UMNO assets, and then freeze their assets. This is to prevent them from transferring the assets back to the party.

    Again see them for tax evasion and tie them up in courts. You cut off the money, UMNO will die.

    4) leak all dirty laundry of UMNO insiders with constant bad press for the next 5 years.

    I think that should be enough.

    1. Charge Najib in court first.Now the old man is hedging his bet by saying a good lawyer might be able to free Najib from all the charges.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. The uneducated PKHKC Kangkung obviously haven't heard of the term 凌遲.


      Why need to charge Najib now? Let the fucker squirm la.

    3. Cannot charge yet.

      "Kotak2" butiran terperinci risik mereka masih belum jumpa2 lagi.. hanya dok jumpa beg, kasut Rosmah. Hehehehe serbu sana sini tak juga jumpa.. hello wikileak.. dah dapat ke?

      Thats why they are squirming "cannot sleep day and night" wondering how to charge Najib.

  9. This guy is a snake. I will not touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  10. Thanks, Annie.





    1. https://tinyurl.com/mkcl3pp


  11. both kj and ku li is good....and zahid tak mau

  12. KJ as President ! Zahid too tainted, KuLi too old.

    1. Bro...

      Ku Li is 12 years younger than Tun

      Too old????

  13. More chance of a dynamic UMNO if they have a younger and more articulate president.

    Why is the interview more skewed on aspiration for new BN instead of new UMNO?

    Effective communication strategies need to be drawn by KJ in order to be effective and formidable opposition in coming years. If that means to learn from the PH methods that is not entirely correct since they took such a long time to bear fruit. Like it or not PH depended heavily on Tun M persona and statesmanship to carry out the PRU onslaught on BN.

    The next PRU is still so far away and ‘fence sitters’ are getting restless. Focus on what Opposition should contribute in the immediate 2 years.

    The country does need a formidable opposition and UMNO in reality has the numbers to fill up the role.

    KJ needs a better communication strategies if UMNO wants to succeed.

    Forget about BN for now. Work with what you have for the shadow cabinet.

    Good luck UMNO


  14. Saya rasalah, Annie.

    Asalkan bukan Wak Jahid Komedi sudahlaa.

    Antara KJ dan Kuli, kena tengok lawannya.

    Pakatan ada ramai yang hebat-hebat, belajor kat Oxford, Cambridge, London, Scotland dan England. Kira canggih-canggih le.

    Kalo geng Kuli itu ok juga. Klasik tapi banyak pengalaman. Cuma saya rasa penyokong orang macam Prof. Kangkong ini, era pemikirannya zaman 50 dan 60'an. Tak sesuai dengan era komputer.

    Kalo KJ rasanya lebih moden sikit caranya, lebih senang untuk orang muda menerimanya.

    Orang melayu kena ada tayar spare juga, takut-takut nanti 50 tahun akan datang, orang Pakatan pulak ikut style UMNO, sombong dan angkuh. Masa itu rakyat ada pilihan.

    Pendekan cerita, samada Kuli dan KJ kena tengok macamana style lawan iaitu Pakatan. Tapi kedua-keduanya KJ and Kuli ada kelebihan tersendiri.

  15. Yg bwh2 tu ok dah...yg kepala2 ni tak bagus...kena cari yg fresh jugak..

    Itu jawa-ponorogo-import-bangla, oxfart-4th-floor-kitchen-cabinet-al-dol, anak-raja-gua-musang-pembubar-umno semua tak boleh pakai...insaf ka depa semua ni? Hari tu bukan main sokong najib-pemusnah-umno.

  16. There are no other better person. He should be the President if UMNO need to revive.