Sunday 3 June 2018

Tok Pa also okay

This comment is from my previous post;

Here Annie, something interesting for you:

Sekumpulan anak muda Kelantan bertemu Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed bagi mendesak anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno itu bertanding jawatan presiden pada pemilihan akan datang.

Jika Mustapa keberatan berbuat demikian, mereka berharap agar beliau sekurang-kurangnya menawarkan diri untuk bertanding jawatan timbalan presiden.

Pertemuan dibuat di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra di Kota Bharu lewat petang semalam, melibatkan kira-kira 50 orang daripada Pemuda Umno, kumpulan belia dan mahasiswa.

Jurucakap kumpulan Muhammad Rudin Siru berkata, desakan itu kerana yakin dengan kewibawaan Mustapa untuk mengembalikan sokongan rakyat terhadap Umno.

"Tok Pa sentiasa konsisten dalam kerjanya selain imej bersih dan bebas daripada sebarang kontroversi, serta disegani kawan dan lawan.

"Sepanjang berkhidmat, beliau menunjukkan wibawa dan kredibiliti dalam membantu membangunkan ekonomi negara," katanya yang juga anggota Pemuda Umno.

I really support this call.

I would vote for BN again if Tok Pa was the PM candidate vs. Anwar (of course, you cannot beat Tun. But I don't think Tun will stand in PRU15.)

But the problem with Tok Pa is, he is not a "political animal" and won't play money politics or play dirty. 

Too much of a gentleman.

He is "Old School" Umno mentality, before it became skim cepat kaya.

Well, I don't mind Tok Pa challenging Zahid for the president post.

That is if Hishammuddin continues to play it safe and just want to defend his number two post.

Someone has to do it or Umno will remain as it is and never be revived....or worse still, drifts to Anwar camp with Zahid at its helm.

I like Tok Pa.

I first met him when he was the Entrepreneur Development Minister in Dr Mahathir's Cabinet.

I was very young at that time and used to hang out with his daughter.

The guy has been nice like that since back then.

He is almost a Wahid Omar.

I will support him all out if he's the one to challenge Zahid.

I still prefer the Hishammuddin and KJ young tag team, but if they are not willing to go against Zahid, then let Tok Pa do it.

Hishammuddin must bear in mind that if he stays at number two, he would be perceived as being the running mate of Zahid.

That would not look good for him.

And he will also be up against Mat Hassan, who at this point is quite popular among Umno supporters.

Well, up to him. He better discuss this with KJ.

Actually, a Tok Pa and Mat Hassan tag team is not so bad.

Umno can have a new good guys image.

Malays like good guys.

Anyway,  let them settle that among themselves.

I'm a bit tired to think too much of that today.

Went to a park near a beach today.

At the hanging bridge of the park
Very nice. I have not been there for several years.

Walked around there for quite a while and that's why a bit tired.

Also helped my friend to clean up her house today.

Turned out that she still have this laundry bag I gave her quite a few years ago.

Nice, right.

I got it from the Mumbai hotel I stayed in during my visit there.

But I don't really like Mumbai. Depressing place.

Never mind.

Maybe one of these days I'll write about my travels again.

Now need to help my friend get ready for buka puasa.

I'll write again later.



  1. The palace hand wants to cycle, looking for candidates, Razeleigh no go, too obvious. Zahid, brand already spoilt. KJ, too green and not trustworthy. Look at how Annie protecting another royal hatchling Hishamuddin, that guy alcohol license company tollgate not yet expose to public. He is also tainted, keeping mum only hoping his turn to be PM after his cousin's turn in whole 1MDB scandal. We are watching and know what is going on.

    Another problem with BN, is how to bring back the formula of race base parties, since MCA & MIC are practically dead. There is no more party identified as ethnic based anymore that will be popular in Malaysia. You don't see a party call a white party, black party in America. They will based on certain idealogy, thinking and maybe will have more then one race flocking to the party, but it will not be call as race. Like PKR, justice party although form by ex-Umno, Abim Anwar, ex-disgruntle Umno members but grown to have many more people demanding justice to it, malay socialist, chinese socialist, liberals, lefties etc. DAP will always have more chinese flocking to it as traditional but it is still base on certain democratic ideals, Amanah, former Nik Aziz members that flocks to it base on Islamic ideals for all races, Pribumi, a bumiputera base started by Mahathir, for bumiputera rights but it won't be called a malay party although members are obviously many malay.
    Problem, nobody want to be friends with "umno" certainly not other races and with that, it is hard to govern a country made of of multi racial.
    The "royals" understood this and try their base to perk up "umno" so call beating the dead horse because they cannot get "guarantee" of their rights or easily control or influence the other parties (PKR, Amandah, Pribumi, DAP). They try out Anwar 1 to 1...seeking guarantee from Anwar and try dig his brain. You can easily tell a person ambition from just a few minutes conversation and see how he bring his thoughts. The royals are testing out Anwar, in their mind, they are checking will we able to control this guy. What drives him, power? money? revenge? can we put string on him....and let him be obedient to us. We will soon find out Anwar true character....because to know a man character, gives him some power....and power corrupts.

    1. Whatever. All sorts of this and that these days.

    2. Anon 19.57....quite a piece you have written, casual as it is. Your points mostly hit home...perceptive of you.

  2. Tok Pa is a nice guy but he is from an old generation.I prefer people like KJ and Asraf Wajdi to lead the party.Do keep in mind BN lost the GE14 due to the rejection of young people.May be people like KJ and Asraf wajdi can attract some of these young people to UMNO.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. I only remember this guy Asraf Wajdi always in a Western suit but crowing away that BN is tenacious, very determined to make Malaysia into an Islamic state. We were very happy he came out like this, quite close to the this pushed some fence sitters to be alarmed, nudging them to brave the queue at the polling stations on 9th May. I wonder if he will continue with his Islamic state rah rah rah in this diminished state ?

  3. Annie,

    You did watch the news, too busy kaa.

    Tun M said the best candidate for Presiden UMNO is Khairy Jamaluddin. The negeri sembilan feller.

    This change things in UMNO race right?

  4. Annie,

    I must confess I do not know Tok Pa nor Mat Hassan as well most people here.

    My excuse is that, over the years, they were overshadowed by others in UMNO and not as newsworthy as say, KJ or Nazri Aziz, etc.

    Nevertheless, Zahid Hamidi says he is going for the top post again.

    With the money he has behind him, he should have no problems securing that spot.

    As you said Tok Pa doesn't like playing money politics, so he is going to be toast when Zahid pulls out the wads of cash.

    UMNO politics has always been about money and I would be very surprised if UMNO members can get rid of that mindset so quickly in just a couple of months after PRU14.

    Maybe they can and prove me wrong.


    1. Agreed with you totally, tok pa will not survive in the pond infested with all the buaya/warlords. As far as UMNO is concern it has evolved from a people centric party of yesteryear to one of elitist centric where money moves everything, no money no talk.
      so for UMNO to be revived all those warlords who armed themselves with bags and bags of money to win positions in the party need to be got rid off, otherwise, may 9 ,2018 will be the waterloo of this once great party.

  5. Annie The Neutral,

    Since you are the ‘campaign machinery and missionary for H20, please tell that guy to made up his mind lah..
    This chap, for the umno ‘otak hilang’ warlord still and will ‘adored’ him since he still have a lot of bling bling but to the eyes of the people (especially the malays) he has long gone. That crooked smile can’t deliver votes for umno for sure

    p/s: as long he paid you well.. just go la annie.. apa ada hal.. he is forgotten anyway

  6. jamal tuala not OK right, dumbo shud reject him right

  7. Annie,

    From the blog of that Indian PPBM guy. Whether true or not, entahlah....

    Kenapa Gandingan Mustapa dan Mohamad Hassan Menjadi Pilihan?

    Pengkritik mereka datang dari kalangan warlord UMNO. Memperkecil dan memperlekeh kemampuan mereka berdua.

    UMNO Negeri Sembilan kononnya tak suka Mad Hassan kata mereka. Mustapa pula mana ada duit nak kempen. Ukur baju badan sendirilah. Angkuhnya warlord ini.

    Siapa yang akan membawa kemenangan kepada UMNO? Adakah warlord ini atau rakyat? Perlukah kita pilih presiden dan timbalan presiden ikut selera warlord atau selera rakyat?

    Adakah kalau Mustapa tidak ada duit untuk berkempen maka dia tidak layak? Duit itu untuk apa? Untuk sogok kepada perwakilan? Oh, inikah yang di kata UMNO boleh berubah? Diubah dengan duit?

    Kalau untuk isi minyak kereta, untuk bayar tol atau tiket kapalterbang pergi jumpa perwakilan, atau bayar homestay ketika bermalam di negeri perwakilan memerlukan duit, maka warlord itu tidak perlu risau. Mustapa tidak perlu duit. Perwakilan sendiri boleh sumbang duit untuk itu.


  8. cont'd...

    Perwakilan UMNO perlu memilih barisan pemimpin tertinggi yang disenangi rakyat. Bukan yang kaya raya. Apa guna ada pemimpin yang kaya kalau kekayaan itu yang membawa UMNO dibenci, dicaci dan dikeji. Kalau kekayaan itu yang membawa kepada kemusnahan UMNO. Selama ini kita pernah ada Presiden, Timbalan Presiden dan barisan kepimpinan yang kaya raya. Ada kapal kapal layar, ada jet peribadi, ada mahligai besar, tetapi di mana UMNO? Baru dua minggu hilang kuasa yang diamanahkan lebih 60 tahun, UMNO sudah tidak lagi mampu beri wang membantu UMNO Negeri, bahagian-bahagian dan sayapnya. Cukuplah menang sorak tetapi kampung tergadai.

    Hari ini kita perwakilan UMNO perlu pilih pemimpin tertinggi yang disenangi dan dihargai oleh rakyat. Kerana yang akan menilai UMNO kelak ialah rakyat.

    Kembalikan UMNO kepada rakyat! Ayuh kita terus mendesak Mustapa Mohamed untuk menawarkan diri sebagai calon Presiden kita. Rakyat yang akan menilai kita. Bukan warlord dalam UMNO!

    1. Selagi ahli2 party masih sanggup memilih warlord2 ini, selagi itu lah UMBO akan ditolak oleh rakyat/pengundi yang makin celik menilai.

      UMNO akan terus tengelam dalam arus baru politik negara.

  9. To me, the best tag team for Umno is actually Tok Pa & KJ.

    Umno must think strategy.

    What is your "product positioning"?

    The danger is you become irrelevant.

    The urban Malay chooses PKR.

    The traditional semi to rural Malay chooses PPBM.

    Where does that leave Umno?

    Two important demographic trends -

    a) Malaysia is young and getting younger in median age

    b) Malaysia is rapidly becoming urban. Soon more than 60% of the country will be urban / semi-urban in terms of population centres.

    Umno needs to bridge old school (Tok Pa) and New School (KJ).

    Liew Chin Tong is correct:

    The greatest long-term threat to PH hold on power is KJ.

    I know many people don't like him, but there it is.

    1. KJ made some mistakes when he was moving up in politic but it is not the kind that is unforgivable. KJ is still the best there is in UMNO today like what Tun just said.

    2. Anonymous4 June 2018 at 10:44

      I always felt Tun got a soft spot for KJ.

      From years back.

  10. Hello Annie,
    Hard to change mindset la Umno.

    The supporters use to bused into stadium for free, makan free, free gift chocolates, free this and free that and free ang pow envelopes. So, just come and vote. So Tok Pa cannot win, no money to supply all these free stuffs.

    This is unlike some culture in PH party, the supporters ownself come out money, hired bus or drive themselves to convention and makan simple, no door gifts or free chocolates.

    So, a bit now terkejut beruk la, if come to convention no free stuffs, the gangster gansters that shout loudly like ali tinju or jamal is not there in the convention, cause now no more polis protection, silap bulan maybe kena tangkap if riot in convention when the warlords factions fight each other....maybe zahid gengs will bertumbuk dengan KJ gengs...cause when gengs no money, will be hungry to fight

    1. Anon 2111
      You are making a general statement.There are many UMNO supporters who are middle class and do not really need a handout.Take my family as an example.My wife is a professional.So do I.Our only son is a chartered accountant.My daughter just graduated from a medical school in Ireland.My future son-in law is a medical graduate too.His parents are retired professors.With this kind of family background you would expect all of us are PH supporters and you are wrong.
      UMNO was led by the upper class during its formation years.It is about time people like us become UMNO leaders.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Kangkong...all these middle class you just mentioned..all I guess would have gone to BTN courses...with slides showing how Melayu tak kan hilang bla bla bla and songs at the end of the courses to reinforce and seep into the brain cells. Friends told me some have to go back for refresher course too after a few years ? So it is no wonder these people wouldn't vote for PH...and PH knows that...they need only that few % of swing votes to walk into Putrajaya. That's why the Anon said..hard to change mindset of Umno. Sudah indoctrinated and brainwashed kau kau. Not only hard to opinion is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to change...we need the young ones to change, with proper education and true exposure to the world. The older ones are lost cause.

    3. Prof Kangkong,

      Kalau nak tanya, tanyalah orang yang pandai. .

      Pak Haji yang duduk dekat surau ramai yang tak sekolah tinggi.

      Professor Kangkong cuba tanya orang pandai, adakah wajar Tun M berikan 2 nama untuk jawatan Peguam Negara?

      Siapa yang berkuasa sebenarnya untuk melantik Peguam Negara?

      Adakah kita amalkan sistem kesultanan Melaka zaman Sultan Muzaffar Shah atau kita amalkan sistem demokrasi berparlimen.?

      Dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen, RAKYAT BERKUASA.

      Tun M memegang mandat kuasa rakyat yang berkuasa penuh menentukan siapa peguam negara. Peguam negara yang dilantik untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat.

      Saya ini orang Johor.

      Kalau bukak sejarah Johor Lama.... Perkerja Istana perempuan yang mengandung mengidam makan berapa ulas nangka. Sultan Mahmud Johor lama mengarahkan pengawal keluarkan semula dari perut perempuan yang mengandung itu berapa ulas nangka yang dimakan,.

      Akhirnya, Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang.

      Mintak maaflah, zaman-zaman itu dah berakhir dah.

      Pendekkan cerita, patutkah Tun M yang ada kuasa rakyat Malaysia memberikan 2 nama untuk jawatan Peguam Negara?

      Baru-baru ini saya pergi surau sembahyang Terawih, penyokong PAS berkata, Tun M nanti masa dia nazak barulah akan bertaubat.

      Ada seorang yang cerdik sedikit pertahankan Tun M habis-habisan.

      Ada juga penyokong PAS kata, ada hikmah Pas tak menang PRU14, rupa-rupannya negara Malaysia banyak hutang.

      Tunggu Pakatan selesaikan hutang nanti, barulah PAS menang.

      Orang-orang macam ini, susah kita sebut jenis spesis apa agaknya.?

      Kalaulah saya, saya rasa hendak humbankan saja masuk dalam perigi.


  11. Should UMNO has learned their lesson ,they should worked their best to regain back the Malay trust .

  12. so many dumbo 'elites' whacking each other so there must be hidden treasures & monies for winners but why bahagian2 cant get meagre dedak or elaun???

  13. pity annie amoy shielding dumbo from all these public bombardment mana jantan2 dumbo all neutered wakakaka

  14. I just watched the Lim Guan Eng live interview on RTM.

    Honestly Annie, unless Anwar fvcks up the administration after taking over from Tun M, there is no way UMNO is going to regain power until at least after GE16. The new administration is just too strong, honest and capable, compared to UMNO / BN administrations since 2004.

    And whoever is going to assume power at the top ranks of UMNO are going to be seen as carrying extremely heavy baggage. Baggage wherein they acquiesced to the wanton stealing that was being conducted by previous UMNO top ranks. Baggage wherein they capitulated to the plundering that was done on a massive scale by MO1 and wife. Baggage wherein they never spoke up, never stood by their principles, never took a stand, compared to Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal. That baggage is going to be the anchor that prevents them from wading into deeper waters for a long long time.

    UMNO has to depend on Pakatan fvcking up in order to regain government at GE16 (GE15 still unlikely), and not because they are so much better / superior or capable or honest or anything like that, LOL!

    Well.. that's my humble take lar anyway. Whichever Toks you put on there.... whatever UMNO folks say... they are all stained, marked because of cowardice. Even KJ. Even Hisham. Probably only one who just "might" get off is Ku Li, but then only barely.

    P.S. DAP is really stamping their credentials now. Too bad Kit Siang refused to take up a Cabinet position... but hey, fellow's heart is genuinely in the right place where the future of the country is concerned, unlike the folks from the Opposition :D

    1. Methinks Lim Kit Siang is wise to refuse any Cabinet position. Aside from just recovering from a major surgery and afflicted with cancer, the main reason he is avoiding the limelight is plain for all to see...he was the main target as the Chinese bogeyman by those Umno supporters and ministers, not least by bloggers like RPK, who even went to the extent of fabricating fake news that Robert Kuok gave Lim Kit Siang RM100 million to ensure Chinese rule the country and that Lim Kit Siang become the Prime Minister.

      With Tun Mahathir now in the driving seat, Lim Kit Siang is wise to stay low key...otherwise, the rabble rousers will seize the opportunity to use their favorite race theme to frighten the Malays, who are already by now been subjected to fearmongering again.

    2. Not only wise, but in all honesty, he doesn't need to. DAP and Harapan are resplendent with talent. The sons and daughters of Karpal, Kerk Kim Hock, Patto and his own son are now leading the party. The DAP / Harapan lineup is far more capable than what UMNO / BN has ever had to offer for several decades, except maybe in the glory days of Ghaffar, Daim, Anwar, Rafidah, Lim Ah Lek, Chua Jui Meng and Lee Kim Sai. Pakatan will have at least 6 - 7 young understudies for ministerial level posts as well. If the coalition can maintain their cohesion, I do not see why they cannot be putting out a Singapore talent level Cabinet.... for 1 / 10th of the price :D

      Future looks bright. And UMNO / BN has been and is still being humbled. Cherry on top of pudding.

  15. Tok Pa is not the combative type.

    Tok Mat seems more fitting to lead UMNO.

    We will see who amongst the UMNO MPs are the most effective as opposition in the Parliament.

    By the way, who will be the Speaker?

  16. mcm abdullah, tok pa will be hammered by all these scheming & conniving umno warlords

    1. Umno warlords will die of natural death.What makes umno ticking are the grassroots.I.assume many who write here are Chinese.Let me tell you my friends, you do not know Malays.Just to give you some examples look at the mat rempits,the Malay armies and police.They are probably not that smart but one thing for sure many of them are not scared to die.
      On my way back from the mosque after the Subuh prayer this morning I had a chat with the imam who is a staunch Pas supporter.He mentioned something about chaos etc when we discuss about the appointment of the new AG.Don't tell me that I didn't warn you.
      Prof kangkung

    2. Wah, dahsyat nya this Kangkong. Hinting at chaos, not afraid of death...well, the ISIS too are not afraid to die la. You don't know how to frighten...just by writing in this manner, and proclaiming 'don't tell me I didn't warn you' just doesn't work. Come out with your own blog..then boldly headline this...not having this slip in among all the comments, it escapes notice la. Or get RPK to do this, but that guy has proven himself a coward when the chips are down. He won't want to stick out his neck for this sort of rabble rousing.

    3. prof kangkung
      but donot mati katak for dumbo but macam MO1 pandai songlap $$$ OK

    4. Freedom of speech does not cover this sort of 'chaos' and 'not afraid to die' talk. Professor or not, the SB branch are interested to hunt down irresponsible rabble rousing talk kok types and bring them to Bkt Aman for an interview. We can see the deadly serious determination of Tun Mahathir and his advisor like Tun Daim who don't stomach any nonsense to allow anyone to derail their absolute aim to cleanse the country of the rot. Read Tun Daim's latest interview in the Star today...he more or less said it out loud that the rot discovered day by day is truly depressing but he has to put up an optimistic face to give encouragement. These old but determined men will allow ANYONE to simply stop them from putting the country back to health.

    5. IGP: Cops nab Pekida member over death threat against Dr M
      Published 53 minutes ago on 04 June 2018

    6. Pros Kangkang,

      You were warning people that BN would cruise to victory in PRU14.

      I was warning you that your RM15 a day dedak supply would come to an end soon.

      Looks like your credibility is as suspect as your grammar.

      Prof Sawi

    7. Wonder why Kangkung's imam didn't mengamok when the Bugis pirate and his wife raided Malay institutions like Mara, Felda and KWAP.

      Well, PAS were always the best at being munafiq....


    8. Aii Yaa !!!, P Kangkong eaa aa ,apa pasat itu macam cekap lor rr .

      Cekap punya olang biasa mau kasi takut saja maa aa , betut-betut belani punya kasi telus buat maa aa.

  17. Let’s see whether UMNO elections will be CLEAN or not. But I doubt money politics in UMNO is gone.

    UMNO ppl had better show to the public that their election is fair, clean and no corruption involved. The public will judge how far UMNO is willing to change its ways to bring back the supports from those loyalists who dumped UMNO for PH.

  18. Interesting that our PM suggested KJ ti be the most suitable candidate for UMNO. He did however put a safety clause in it as deemed suitable since UMNO is in disarray at the moment.

    Mahathir seemed to be possibly throwing in a red herring. Whilst the UMNO old guard and everyone else are following closely the decoy, some other faction could prop up different candidate/ candidates during the confusion silently yet steadily.


  19. Umno may end up with a far weaker line-up after their elections.

    Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Mahdzir Khalid are embodiments of the worst of the corrupted "old Umno", and they might take VP posts at least.

    In all, we can say that about 90% of the KBU were in it for the money.

    This was the logic of one delegate at PAU2013:

    "More Malay millionaires needed to safeguard Islam, says Umno delegate.

    “Malay millionaires are important as Malays are Muslim. When Malays are rich, Islam will be protected,” he said when debating the party president’s speech at the Umno General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre."

    Mahdzir Khalid claimed that those questioning the 2.6 billion in Najib's account were Kristian-Yahudi agents.

    So...maybe time for new blood.

  20. After 60 years,a decaying,decadent umnooo
    A kleptocratic dna while soak in scented bath won't rid it
    Now a tragedy renown world over,chastised by greed
    It seems not a man in a hurry for CHANGE.
    A tasks herculean in nature awaits Tok Pa
    Watch this video : kau 1 dalam 1000 uploaded by Nasaruddin


  21. Prof Kangkung,

    //Let me tell you my friends, you do not know Malays.... many of them are not scared to die.//

    //I had a chat with the imam who is a staunch Pas supporter.//

    //He mentioned something about chaos etc when we discuss about the appointment of the new AG.//

    Why am I not surprise that it is a PAS-aligned imam who is talking about dying?

    You know and I know that by inference, he is talking about killing the kafirs, OK?

    This is the language of Islamic State.

    This is how Islam is being interpreted in Malaysia - a religion of death and destruction.

    Remember that old joke? Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity?

    This imam of yours is saying something similar.

    He is saying something along the lines that we should kill a few kafirs to show them that Islam is good and beautiful and peaceful.

    Is that a good way to promote Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance?

    As far as I know, the appointment of the Attorney-General has nothing to do with Islam.

    In fact, Article 145(3) specifically prohibits the AG from being involved in syariah matters!!

    //Article 145(3) the Attorney General shall have power, exercisable at his discretion, to institute, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.//

    Go look it up yourself.


    1. "In fact, Article 145(3) specifically prohibits the AG from being involved in syariah matters!!

      //Article 145(3) the Attorney General shall have power, exercisable at his discretion, to institute, conduct or discontinue any proceedings for an offence, other than proceedings before a Syariah court, a native court or a court-martial.//"

      Good point.

      Actually it's fine but the problem with Tommy Thomas is that he's a bit lacking in criminal case experience.

      Sri Ram's reco of Justice Idrus is good, not because he is Malay but because he has far more experience in that area.

      Tommy is a constitutional lawyer - useful, but not enough.

    2. I was actually hoping for Hishamuddin Yunus to be one of the candidates for AG.

  22. Tun Daim comment..,

    Daim: We need to cleanse the system
    Monday, 4 Jun 2018

    Play Video


    IN an hour-long interview, Tun Daim Zainuddin shared his views on politics, besides giving an insight into his relationship with some Malaysian leaders. Excerpts of the interview:

    The Star: What are the biggest challenges for the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP)? Are you confident Malaysia can overcome the challenges, particularly corruption?

    Daim: Malaysia has no choice. Corruption has permeated all levels in the government. We are now at a crossroad. Our only way forward is to cleanse the system and get rid of this malady that is afflicting this nation. In order to do that, political willpower will be the main criterion for success. And I am confident that this new Pakatan Harapan Government has the gumption to do just that.

    People are watching. The biggest challenge for the council is the time frame. We are working hard to develop the best recommendations for the Government to chew upon, based on the 100-day promises laid out in the Pakatan manifesto during the election campaign. Can we overcome major challenges? We have faced two major economic crises before (in 1987 and 1998), and we overcame them.


    We know that there are monies frozen in a few locations around the world. We are talking in terms of billions. For a start, Singapore has agreed to repatriate whatever amount that is stuck there. I believe efforts are being made by the authorities to get back our money, which was originally stolen.

    With the appointment of Lim Guan Eng as the Finance Minister, what can we conclude? Was it a political decision?

    The fact that Pakatan won the popular vote and proceeded to appoint Lim of the DAP as Finance Minister says a lot about this new government. Obviously, the decision was also political, but it has a positive impact on the psyche of the nation. Now the people know that we mean business. There is no more room for tomfoolery or abuse.

    That appointment has de-politicised the post, which is a good thing given that the Finance Ministry had often been used to reward Umno loyalists in the past. Now the gravy train has stopped.

    Lim is not the first Chinese to hold the post of Finance Minister. The appointment was made based on consultation with the various parties. Malaysians in general should accept his appointment based on his vast experience and knowledge, and not his race.

    How can we ensure there is no more prized land sold by the Government to selected developers privately at very low prices?

    The role of the mainstream media will become more important. For far too long the mainstream media in Malaysia had been timid and irrelevant. By exposing such scandals, it will certainly provide a check and balance in the administration.

    During Najib’s time, mainstream media had failed miserably to protect the interest of the nation and the rakyat. The fourth estate is important. We must always keep an eye on any wrongdoing.

    Will Barisan play an effective role as Opposition? Do you think Umno has the capability to retake the Government?

    For an Opposition to become effective, they need to have credibility. Right now what kind of credibility has Barisan got? If you don’t have it, people will find it hard to trust you. Up till today, there is no apology from any of the leaders in Umno. They are still unrepentant. The stealers of 1MDB money are still in denial, claiming they had done nothing wrong.

    Can Umno rely on its youth wing to speed up the reformation process? It will be difficult, due to the fact that all of its youth wing, including its chief, defended 1MDB back then.

    1. I should thank's your effort in highlighting the interview .