Sunday 13 May 2018

Crushing the new opposition

Based on the comments I received in my last post,

I don't think most of you all dear readers really want a good opposition in this country now.

Yes, you all said you want a good opposition, but it's just to make yourself feels good believing you are living in a democratic country.

It's just mere lip it's used to be.

Everyone still caught up in the BN/Umno dead mood.

Well, never mind.

Meanwhile in Johor, this is the way the opposition will be treated,

Looks like there wouldn't even be an opposition leader in Johor.

That new MB, Osman Sapian was just in the opposition for merely two or three years when he joined Pribumi Bersatu.

Before that he's Umno and known to be favoured by the Johor palace.

Ponder on this too, I was also told yesterday that among those who attended his swearing-in ceremony was Md Othman Yusoff, whom I wrote in this post;

What's he doing there?


Well, as I wrote previously, if Osman becomes MB, it's just going to be business as usual in Johor.

Or maybe even worse.

Still wants the remnant of BN/Umno to be totally dead? Even the good ones?

Yeah, you all probably say yes....benci dalam seronok punya pasal.

By the way, when Najib and family, was prevented from leaving the country for holidays....was that according to the rule of laws?

You all want everything in accordance to the rule of laws, right?

And when police raided that apartment said to house "important documents" and expensive handbags, was that proper just because a report was lodged by some Pemuda Pribumi people based on their suspicion?

 So, next time I want to disturb you at your apartment, I'll just lodge a police report saying that I suspect you are keeping "important documents" and expensive handbags in your apartment.

You all want it that way?


If we don't have an opposition in this country, these sorts of things will be accepted as it is.

Hey, you all want the remainder of BN/Umno to be crushed that one in Johor.

No questions asked.

Is that what you all want?


  1. Is that what you all want?

    Sesuatu yang terbaik dalam kerajaan sekarang adalah bertanya bukan lagi satu dosa dan bukan lagi satu kesalahan jenayah.

    Polis tidak akan siasat dan tangkap pengadu tetapi fokus kepada isi aduan dan ambil tindakan jika berasas.

    Jika aduan pemuda bersatu adalah palsu atau berniat jahat, polis wajar mengambil tindakan balas kepadanya.

    Itu yang kita mahu, rule of laws.

    1. Really? Like in Johor?

    2. People so disgusted with najib and rosmah they dont even care bout rule of law.

      Still they free to roam in this beloved and beautiful country.
      Doesn't he never missed overseas holiday by using govt paid private jet anually?
      Heck the guy that provide the jet also sound familiar isnt it?
      What do u expect from the old man, weak and senile will act like a dumb or angel to satisfied those kleptokrat supporter?

      Bersatu wont get any video, if they didn't used govt vehicle like they always abused it b4, and transfered all those boxes.

      Those boxes suspicously contain lot of expensive ABATA handbag which they claimed from their life saving. No need to worry annie.

      Human nature to take revenge. That how they treat the opposition b4. But given time i think they will follow sgor govt attitude towards opposition.
      But please no jamal in johor

  2. Annie,

    Actually not many commenters in your previous post disagreed with you - yes, there is definitely a need for a strong opposition.

    I will repost what I wrote:

    "Annie, right now we need to see numbers in Parliament.

    PH now has bigger numbers than even BN did in last Parliament.

    IF PBB becomes PH friendly, then effectively PH has a 2/3 majority. Such a majority can be very dangerous, as unjust laws can get passed.

    I am looking to PH to be mature and give Oppo MPs a better voice (and allowances!). Look at the select committee system in the UK. That is mature politics. It also means that UMNO and PAS MPs can be more vocal and effective.

    If PH overuses their powers, then I think they will not win GE15. If they do a good job in these 5 years, they will exceed a 2/3 majority.

    We must always be watchful.

    Never trust any politicians."

    I fully agree that what was said by the new Johor MB is wrong and no better than BN. Let's be mature. In this new era, we should have financial allowances for the opposition. That is mature democracy, because after all it's our fellow Malaysians who also live in opposition areas.

    They also have their needs and wants.

    Be fair to them.

    1. At the rate it's going in Johor, there may not be any opposition left in Johor five years from now. PH can win uncontested all the seats, whether rakyat like it or not.

    2. "At the rate it's going in Johor, there may not be any opposition left in Johor five years from now."

      The Johor BN still holds several seats - far more than Selangor BN.

      In PRU14, the govts of Selangor and Penang went from high majority to almost complete dominance.

      This can only happen if the people want it.

      If the rakyat of Johor are unhappy in PRU15, then the PH govt of Johor will fall.

      If the rakyat of Johor are happy in PRU15, then the PH govt of Johor will maintain power.

      If the rakyat of Johor are very happy in PRU15, then the PH govt of Johor will enhance its majority.

      It's how democracy works.

    3. Annie; Jangan blame PH if there is no or lack of opposition in Johor. The problem now, the lead opposition UMNO is a plague to be avoided at all cost.It will take some time for them to rebuild UMNO again from the ashes of PRU14.Until that happen, there will be minimal opposition in Johor n other part of countries.

  3. PDRM has denied the raid on the apartment. For the travelling ban on ex-PM and wife nothing wrong there, since immigration also banned those who did not pay ptptn loan

    1. Yes really. Your passport is "hak milik kerajaan" which has absolute unquestionable right over who gets to leave the country. Check the Royal Custom & Immigration site, clearly stated.

      Anyway Tony Pua took the matter to court and the court upheld that your passport is not your right or privilege as a citizen but the right of the country to decide if you deserve that privilege.

    2. Ex oppos were denied entry to even own country state like sarawak, you never highlight this wakakaka
      Anyway the sentiment is rakyat wanted mr & mrs MO1 & dumbos to be tangkap immediately (street justice) but Dr M is witholding till all rule of law processes are in order OK

    3. Annie, Jibby and Roast are no ordinary run-off-the-mill criminals. They are liable to be charged for supreme treason against the nation: That have corrupted the governmental institutions of Malaysia to cover up the largest swindling of national reserves on earth!

  4. There's 2 problems now with having an effective opposition:

    a) LEGALITY: Legally, UMNO should not exist any more. No party elections = deregistration. If the new ROS looks the other way, that is bad governance. Follow the law.

    Maybe this is not a bad thing. Umno survived the events of 87/88. Actually if you restart the party, you can clean out the deadwood faster. Not a bad thing.

    b) IDEOLOGY: You need to have an alternative platform that is clear.

    It really looks like Sabah & Sarawak are gone for good from Umno's influence. (Why do you think Najib took so many trips to see Adenan & Abang Jo?) Even remaining BN fellas in S&S will have to distance themselves from Umno.

    So that leaves UMNO Baru-Baru (ha ha!) and PAS as the Opposition. That means that the Opposition will be purely Peninsula-based. Logically, they should merge or co-operate.

    But PAS destrpyed their own credibility when they either went missing or abstained from voting against Umno on several repressive laws.

    UMNO Baru-Baru will have 5,000 tonnes of baggage after all the 1MDB, Felda, KWAP, TH, MARA scandals are fully uncovered. Remember, there is nobody left to cover-up. It will all come out.

    So the road ahead is very, very long for the opposition.

    However always remember that we the people can make our voices heard. And PH will ignore us at their own peril.

    1. How are the people going to make their voice heard when the opposition is already totally in Johor? NGOs?

    2. salam

      yang buat salah tak kira bn ke ph ke tetap akan ke laut...

      terpulang kepada pembangkang sama ada nak menjadio kuat atau nak menjadi popular semata2 sepergi pembangkang sebelum ini buat d selangor n pp...

      apa kerajaan buat bila jamal pakai towel...n takde sorang pun oranng kerajaan pusat tegur..ada blogger pembangkang tegur...

      cuba menjadi pembangkang yang baik ye...

      dalam ph ramai yang masih boleh mengkritik tun...adun ph yang terpilih boleh buat post terbuka untuk pm suapaya berhati2 dengan pembangkang yang nak lompat masuk ke ph pasca pilihranraya...

      ni beza ph dengan bn umno...setakat nak tegur takde masalah..tun tegur najib senyap2 apa jadi dekat tun..sumpah seranah dia dapat...skarang...

      belajar untuk menjadi pembangkang yang baik ye...

      dulu masa geng2 pembangkang kalah pru...tiada rasanya yang buang fb sbb kalah pru...

      ramai mana pro kerajaan yang buang fb sbb kalah pru...

      belajar belajar n belajar...


    3. Annie,

      Don't be so emotional.

      Let me show you something by changing your words a little, OK?

      “How are the people going to make their voice heard when the opposition is already totally they were before PRU14?”

      Yes, and so were we.

      How many Oppo politicians charged or thrown in lock-up?

      How many sentenced, while cowmama & Jibby ran free?

      How many ordinary people arrested for making anti-Najib comments on Facebook?

      How many blogs and websites banned for exposing the truth?

      Please don’t forget things that have happened in just the last 2-3 years.

      We were living under a dictatorship.

      AND YET…(this is the point):

      We still made our voices heard in the end.

      I don’t regret any of the many hours I spent at Bersih or other protests, or writing comments, or talking to other Malaysians of all walks of life.

      The power is NOT all with MPs.

      Our job is to keep a watchful eye.

      You say the opposition is already totally crushed in Johor? Try Selangor. The govt has 51/56 seats there.

      Does that mean the rakyat of Selangor are powerless?


    4. So you are okay with a weak opposition or none at all. Fine.

    5. You are not grasping the argument at all, sweet Annie : )

      But that's not what I said.

      Try it another way, please tell us how to make the Opposition stronger?

      Over to you : )

    6. That's what you said. In Selangor everything fine despite almost no opposition. Spin it any other way also like that. Keep reading this blog (properly) if you want your answers.

    7. "That's what you said. In Selangor everything fine despite almost no opposition."

      Actually, not what I said.

      Maybe you can indicate where I said that?

      So I can read it properly : )

    8. In fact, before PRU14, Selangor Opposition MPs were not weak.

      BN had 12-13 state seats in Selangor. Quite a high number, almost equal to PKR or PAS.

      But were they an effective opposition?


      Because all they did was get Jamal Ikan Bakar to pull off his nonsense stunts, that turned off the public, plus the BN black ops dept in PMO just tried too hard to create scandals via their paid bloggers (RPK tried to sell "sand mining" for 3 years plus.)

      These tactics backfired.

      I would say they wasted their chance and the power of 12 seats.

      Should be a lesson learned for the future.

    9. annie is soliciting sympathy for BN losers but BN no idea on how to run effective opposition...
      so in Sgor & Pg oppo BN is totally crushed...
      annie you are wasting your time or youth supporting these BN rascals, let BN be crushed & new oppo rise enuf advised...

  5. We do want good opposition. Its just tht id consider umno members as complicit to wht their leader was doing. As such they are also accountable. They should have resigned from the party if they have a small shred of dignity and integrity.

    Btw is prof kangkung still around?

    1. No. I dont think you want a good opposition. You say so only to make yourself feel good.

    2. LOL....he never said that lah, Annie.

      You are constantly misquoting your own readers or pretending not to understand their points.

      I have half a feeling you are lobbying to be head of BN propaganda in Johor...correct?

    3. It's what he has in his head and heart la. Don't be so slow. And I'm not in Johor. No plan to live there again. Thank you.

    4. His basic point is,

      "They should have resigned from the party if they have a small shred of dignity and integrity."

      This is good advice - in fact, if the 192 UMNO KBU had taken a firm stance in 2015 against Najib's "donation", then there is a chance they would still be in power.

    5. Hmmm annie thinks she can read my mind. I think, with respect maybe u r in denial. I hope u dont label me as one of those guys who do not want good opposition.

      Plus isnt this a version of if i dont agree with annie then i must be those who do not want good opposition

      My reasons are as wht i had said. Im not convincde that the umno members are all with integrity. So wht good opposition are you talking about ?

    6. i think opposition must be weakened and dont give any funds at all to them

      only give funds after ge15


  6. One of the reason why UMNO was thrown out in Johore ,because people see that UMNO failed to constrict interference in the running of state government and much of rakyat interest are neglected due to that interference .

    As you said Annie ,business will be as usual with the newly elected MB ,or even worse ,I do feel the same based on the much talk's on the ground .
    I do believe that UMNO culture shouldn't be creeping in Harapan if they want to survive the next GE ,otherwise we wont have second thought to trow them out too.

    People in Johore want to see responsible government ,responsible to the rakyat ,not otherwise .

    1. I'm glad that you agree with me on this one. Tell that to your fellow PH supporters.

  7. Annie,

    The time, when you write this piece, do you think there is a rule of law.

    May I ask you, who do you think is the AG at this moment?

    Who is the one put the AG there?

    Tun M said, he want to return the rule of law. If there is a rule of law now, there is no point of him returning it.

    I think you are a bit lost in time.

    Be patience.

    In the meantime, while waiting the rule of law to be restored, why is Najib in a hurry to take a holiday.

    Should'n he try to comfort the UMNO members. I mean, this is monumental defeat. Furthermore, there are UMNO issues in Perak, Sabah.

    He just want to take off like that.?

    Maybe, you can read a bit the story about Thaksin and his sister.

    1. So, for now it's rule of the jungle lah, is it?

    2. I think Anonymous13 May 2018 at 11:04 is making the point that under Najib, there was no rule of the law, i.e. it's rule of the jungle.

      We must ensure that we are watchful with the new govt.

      They must show they can restore the rule of law.

      We have the chance to vote them out if they don't.

    3. Ah! But PH supporters are drunk on their victory. Staking out at the airport, stopping luxury cars just because they can. And let's talk about the release of Anwar. Tun said it will take some time because of due process and yet Nurul Izzah announced his release on her second day as government YB. Public holiday pulak tu. Like they can convene the Pardon Board and get the Agong's approval within the day.

      So are we back to one set of rule for the rakyat and one set of rule for the ruling party?

  8. No No No No No...Hell No and a thousand times No... I did not give my vote to PH for the state to run "business as usual". The newly-minted MB is crap if he says he does not know what is going on in FC. Instantly reminds me of the Jap cartoon "7 Deadly Sins" ok!!!

    1. Yes yes yes yes yes...thats what's happening.

  9. This new guardian angel PH is coming apart at the seams
    Who needs an oppositon when you have PKR inside PH
    There are already present of worms in the wood-works
    By the time they form the govt the mosquitoes would have gone to bed
    as a Chinese saying goes
    These novices spent half their life time as an opposition still think likewise
    Not realising that they have fallen prey to this' acquired oppo syudrome '
    Opposing X 10
    Please let Tun M do the organising
    You have promised the rakyat to bring down the price on costs of living
    Your journey ahead is a long and winding road
    Annie, to me PKR is a better choice to stay as full-time opposition
    In medical term a specialist


    1. Wait until Anwar comes out. That's when the real fun begins.

  10. Sorry Annie, didn't have time to comment on this in yr previous post.

    I am dissapointed with mb johor's statement, umno dna thru' & thru'. Tapi apakan daya, we don't want to start a new govn with a quarrel with a sultan.

    A strong opposition is a necessity. I worry for the future when Tun is no longer in the picture. ( Kita doakan Tun panjang umur & diberi kesihatan). PKR is too obsessed with Anwar & thinks he is anugerah tuhan. Hopefully those PKR young blood will get to see who is the true statesman and who is the wanabee.

    In order to survive for the next decade or two, Umno must reform, not just its ideology but also its systems & processes. Umno must have a sysytem that allows the young, who has potentials, to rise up in the organisation. Most importantly, Umno must encouraged clean competition for all key posts. Having said that, so far it is not encouraging. Umno is still in denial & the old warlords are still refusing to share the blame for their defeat. Apa pun, give them some time. The choice is for umno members to make.

    1. PH going to act the same as BN regarding Johor palace is it? Sigh, I thought you all are just for the rakyat, unlike the evil BN.

    2. I take the view give Tun some time. Nothing is going to magically changed overnight but with the right leadership, insyaalah, we will be on the right trajectory. Skrg semua orang tengah gosok tangan tengok the 'spoils of war'. One key difference with the present team is ada ramai juga ahli yg dna nya dari civil society.

  11. If you have this type of calibre as opposition, KJ might as well retire from politics.
    "Dr M planned Umno’s downfall for 20 years, Annuar Musa claims"

    Maybe should have include foreign conspiracies hatched 20 yeas ago too?

    1. Hmmm...another one who wants things back to the good ole days of one party system. Well, whatever.

    2. My point is the young Turks of BN like KJ should spearhead its revival. Those are the one that talk reasons.
      Please not the one I mentioned previous post,having fantasy stories that would make Korean dramas looks tame.

    3. KJ rasuah wakakaka

  12. Wakakaka starts to feel the frustrations ah

    1. Laugh all you want. It's free...and don't have to think.

  13. Agree with you Annie. Same for the guy who wanted to shut TV3 down.

    Harapan should not become a "BN 2.0" (as Rais warned when speaking of defections).

    The "BN" name have a stigma of disdain now.

    1. Well, maybe there will even be a witch hunt.

  14. Can BN or whatever remains of it play the role of opposition? Penang and Selangor did not show that they were capable even after 2 terms, sigh....... With the rate the frogs are jumping PH may easily obtain the dreadful and dangerous threshold of 2/3 majority! So what's next?

  15. Aku cukup PANTANG orang yang kurang ajar dengan Tun M ni!...Kau ingat voters pangkah PH pasal SUKA dengan PKR ke?suka dengan Invoke kau ke?

    Please remember a large chunk of voters voted for PH were former Umno supporters. They switched their votes to PH because Mahathir lead the charge; regardless whether you’re PKR, PPBM or DAP. They saw Mahathir there and the put the cross to paper.

    So please show some RESPECT you stink punk!.. sia-sia dulu belajar overseas, sekolah kt MCKK, kerja GLC bagai tapi tak tahu nak treat the highest office in the land with due respect..

    1. This one I don't know what to say....maybe Rafizi didn't learn from what happened to Najib and the gang. Sigh.

    2. Anon 12:34,

      Unlike you, I am the supporter of the previous Pakatan Rakyat.

      Now, I am starting to incline towards Tun M, looking at the determination he did winning and getting the country back to the people.

      Even Ambiga told Rafizi not to utter those nonsense.

      The Rakyat vote for Pakatan Harapan, not two bit PKR.


      Nowadays, check and balance do not come from opposition only but from blog, Whatsapp, Facebook NGO, Bersih and etc.

      If they start to start to be funny, then we the rakyat will clobber them head to tail.

    3. Yes, 13:28, well said.

      We will clobber them all right.

    4. Right if new PM did not clobber you lot first

  16. i want a check and balance..and the other way round is like having only tv3 and no newspaper and internet and everything else but just tv3

    >james bond

    1. Sorry, I don't really understand what you are trying to say....bully the new opposition? Deny them access to internet and newspapers? Just give them TV3? Whatever....

    2. That's what the Najib regime tried to do.

    3. So, it's okay for PH to do? Fine.

    4. Who said they would?

      Try not to make judgements after 3 days lah.

      Wait for 5 years and have your say at the ballot box.

      That's how democracy works.

  17. Tony Pua has been banned from traveling overseas. There is already a precedent.

    1. Is it? So PH can follow precedent set by BN? Even the bad ones?

    2. No, it's a Federal Court decision.

      The right of travel is not absolute. So they upheld Pua's ban in court.

      The Najib travel ban is legal according to the courts.

      Unless overruled by the courts, it is the law of the land.

  18. The opposition won't be wiped out due to the actions of people like Osman Sapian. BN will survive and get its act together and harass the PH government, just like in old times but in reversed roles.

    Who knows, their roles may be reversed again with BN beating PH in GE 15 or 16 .. if PH misbehaves and BN reforms.

    Then it will be truly 2 party system where "government" is no longer synonymous with one party like in the past 60 years. The good thing to come out of this is that whoever is in the government now will know their actions will be scrutinised later after a change of government.

    1. I hope you are right.

    2. Timbalan Presiden Amanah Salahuddin Ayub menyedari ramai pihak yang kecewa apabila beliau tidak dilantik sebagai menteri besar Johor.

      Beliau berkata semua pihak harus faham perlantikan jawatan menteri besar tertakluk kepada budi bicara dan hak mutlak Sultan Johor, seperti tercatat dalam undang-undang tubuh kerajaan Johor.

      “Keputusan telah dibuat dan semua pihak seharusnya menghormatinya demi memastikan kestabilan kerajaan dan semangat permuafakatan dalam Pakatan Harapan.

      “Masih banyak ruang yang saya boleh berperanan selepas ini di Johor. Apa yang penting kita mesti menunaikan tanggungjawab besar di atas mandat yang telah rakyat berikan kepada kita,” katanya menerusi kenyataan hari ini.

      Hmmmmmm...well let's see how Osman Sapian does....

    3. I have already saw how Osman Sapian does. Watch the video I put in this post to start with it.

    4. Like Dr M perhaps osman dah TUKAR, let PH govt do their works cheers

  19. Voters have done their part. What come after, the permutations and combinations, are beyond the voters who will judge and decide in GE15
    The UMNO DNA are on both sides. Those callling the shots now have also UMNO DNA. The ruler selected the person he could work with. Could have selected Ayub but didn't.
    MB spoke like a true UMNO apparatchik- hard to erase 60 years of habit. Let see how this end.

    1. So, it's same ole same ole, right? Maybe even in Johor.

  20. Perhh marah btl annie tk pernah dia respond pd komen utk post dia spt post yg ni, sabar annie, let see first what ph can do,perubahan dasar tk ble berlaku dlm sekelip mata sbb kita manusia bkn nabi yg di anugerah mukjizat

    1. Aku sabar la ni aku layan. Saja tak buat apa lepak kat rumah hari Ahad ni. Aku tak marah apa pun. Terimakasih.

    2. Annie ni selama ni pon memang totok UMNO-BN. Dia konon neutral marah dgn UMNO pasal Datok Ghani je yang kena main dengan UMNO dalam PRU13..tu semua mesti tau..Annie ni sekongkong dengan sifu blogger die Rocky dengan anjing2 besar dia..yang sekarang senyapp tak bersuara..ada pun cerita makan2, travel..basikal zumba bagai..

    3. Memang aku kawan Rocky pun. Aku openly lagi cakap dia kapten blogging aku. Tapi aku tak pernah terima arahan dia apa aku nak tulis kat blog aku. By the way, aku pun kawan dgn Jebat Must Die dan lain2. Tak percaya check archive blog ni. Tak da hal la tu.

    4. Anon 16:03, u x suka blog Annie, jgn la dtg sini. No one forces u to click her blog. For the rest of us, this is the very few blogs where ppl can discuss and debate like adults. So budak kurang matang, gi main jauh2.

    5. anon 16.22 , like it or not sopo bloggers whatever they write will surely reflect on the psy war between parties. Annie`s persistent claim to be neutral to the extend even getting criticism from both sides is her niche among all other bloggers.By that she gets to attract all those ppl who ..`can discuss and debate like adults` you said so.Those ppl includes `budak kurang matang` like me. So its not a matter of ` I likw you , I love you ` (quoting TunM).You state yr views , I state my views..and yes..kalau dah cukup matang takyah la sentap..cool2 je bro..

    6. Anon 17:22, sikit pun x tersentap. Kita masih in euphoria berjaya turunkan najib, cuma x berkenan langsung commentator yg panggil org anjing la, p***k, & yg sewaktu dgn nya.

  21. dont raja putar kelentong dumbos do the crimes dumbo do the time lah in fact dumbo crushed ITSELF wakakaka

    1. Kadang2 aku tak tau nak lepaskan tak komen macam ni. Ikut hati aku nak spike je tapi mengenangkan aku percaya freedom of speech and expression, aku lepaskan lah juga.

    2. annie pls allow me the freedom to crush the opposition (BN) thks
      Lots of BN misdeeds & wrongdoings inspired me to crush them wink

  22. Yes la UMNO DNA . But now surrounded by other virus . Syed Sadiq has spoken.
    Annie you don't want to comment on Anwars pardon ka...good opposition comment la..

    1. Can. I like Anwar to be pardoned right away. So that PKR can fight properly for his premiership. Thank you.

  23. one of top PH politicians confided to me many many (macai2 BN?) are calling him included those who are keen to topple, oppose, insult, discriminate, avoid, etc him are trying to get into his good books aduhai
    annie pls surrender yourself to PH & leave stupid BN or dumbo politics to KJ wakakaka

    1. Can you please be a bit less stupid with with your comments. Thank you

    2. adoi so condescending macam BN claiming my comment fake, i told you so anyway leave you at your own peril thks...

  24. Annie,

    Not so bad lah.

    Newly-elected Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (above) has voiced his disagreement with new Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian over the latter's plans to deny BN opposition members in the state development funds.

    "I humbly disagree. I’ve shared my views with the team. We will draft a policy on this.

    "For Malaysian democracy to thrive, we need a strong and credible opposition to hold us accountable.

    "Fund them, not because they are our opponents but because they are the check-and-balance," Saddiq said in a Facebook posting.

    I hope this suggestion is carried out.

    PS: It was only in PR-ruled states from 2008 that any opposition leader/MPs was given allowance. (In fact, one state - P.Pinang - actually doubled the allowance in 2013 compared to 2008 allowance.)

    This good habit should extend to BN MPs in Johor.

    1. Suggestion only....see lah if the macho Osman Sapian wants to listen to the boy Syed Saddiq.

    2. I think it is a test for TSMY also.

      He will be able to tell Osman to do the right thing...hopefully.

      PS; Syed Saddiq did well to capture Muar. Big constituency.

  25. annie, i hear tis from my boss : i become a boss bec i cant stand my boss that treat me like a dog, however the reason is not bec i wan to treat my worker nicer, its solely bec I can now do what my boss did.

    u really think ph supporters is that diff?

    1. That you have to ask PH supporters. What they think of themselves.


  26. Anon 15:53,

    It's not a question of whom to surrender to , it a question of who doing right and who doing wrong . Never anticipate that one side can do wounder and the other side cant, we the rakyat are voting for what the best for us .

    Tun M alone cannot do wonders it's need a team to move the blog .

  27. The Osman guy acts just like another UMNO thug.
    Bad choice of MB.
    Why did the Sultan agrees to choosing this monkey?
    Mooohideen should be answerable to this as well.

    1. If I answer your question, I'll probably get slapped with Sedition Act. Try ask PH people.

    2. Osman not thug...he never ordered oppo to be arrested and put in lokap.

      Last time PH politicians have to wear purple baju lokap.

      Khairudin n Chang solitary confinement for one month because they dare to report 1mdb

      Maria Chin locked up under sosma as if she's terrorist

      Don't exaggerate until Osman does these things.

    3. Actually Osman's only "sin" so far is his quite insensitive remark about oppo allowances.

      However Annie doesn't like the guy for some reason she has not explained properly : )

    4. Annie you right about the sefition act. Old man must remove the oppresive sedition act to allow healthy discussion in the new malaysia even though it is sensitive.

  28. Hey Annie,

    Syed Saddiq do not agree with the MB of johor.

    Pakatan Harapan going to draft a policy to this effect.

    Happy now.

    Syed Saddiq and I think Tony Pua is it? Well they did not go to Oxford for nothing. Unlike some people we know.

    1. So, Syed Saddiq and Tony Pua going to watch over the shoulder of Osman Sapian in Johor over the next five years?

    2. Ya.

      If johor mb agreed to pay allowance to oppo mps, then what will annie complain about?

      Nothing left to complain about.

      She got very short memory of what happened to ph and before that pr politicians.

      Pua, Ambiga etc all banned from traveling even though not involved in any crimes.

      Is it fair?

    3. "So, Syed Saddiq and Tony Pua going to watch over the shoulder of Osman Sapian in Johor over the next five years?"

      Annie, you have not explained your Osman-phobia very clearly (yes I read the previous blog posting also, thank you.)

    4. More or less same as my Khaled Nordin phobia. Only worse. Go to the archive of this blog to check what's it all about.

    5. I think you still have a lot of affection for TS Ghani lah Annie, that's the problem.

      Anyone else in Johor you x boleh tahan.

      Here, song dedicated to you.....

      Gurau jer, jangan marah K : )

  29. wow so idealistic about this 2 party system but when oppo BN were so rotten then crush them lah & let phoenix rise from the ashes (new oppo no BN or KJ pls)...

    1. Do I need to reply to this type of comment? lah. Wasting time only.

    2. like that BN bung cakap dah bocor jadi emotional sorry i dont mean any insult...
      BN trouble rouser jamal is staying out of sight & mind clever. Anyway annie got 5 years of doing good oppo works (no BN pls) to topple PH govt hint
      dont be so emotional on this BN rout, stay chill & cool...

  30. Aiyaa Annie......

    Under BN, you close one of your two eyes......Rm2.6billion also not making too much noise.

    Now, under Pakatan, you can open two eyes and see.

    According to Syed Saddiq, they want check and balance.

    I think ok la ho.....

    1. People like you will only ok if people like me sided with your course. Cant even tolerate middle ground. Opposition even more. Such the maturity of Malaysian politics.

    2. annie middle ground macam that #undirosak neither PH nor BN hahaha
      to these confused souls, go & form a third front to champion your cause wakakaka

    3. It’s “your cause”, not course, in that particular context.

  31. I hope UMNO rise from the ashes. Like a Phoenix. We need a credible 2 party system to check and balance. Time to be an effective Pembangkang. I am happy Najib and Rosmah is out. I am happy we have move on beyond UMNO Baru. Easier to support non bullshit UMNO la.

  32. will umno be deregistered? I don't think so. or rather, i hope not.
    i don't think tun m want to go into history as a person responsible for that. tun m wrote 'malay dillemma'. he know malay psychic in and out. i think deep inside, the love of umno is still there. be it emotionally or sentimenatally.
    tun m need strong umno to check on those in pkr and dap. a strong umno that rise without politic of patronage. a strong umno that really gone back to their roots.

    1. Strong umno needs to have strong leaders.

      To me, I think KJ is the only hope = young & popular.

      Zahid = kaki pukul scandal & lots of silly statements

      Hisham = PM material, steady but now is tainted by being sepupu Najib.

      Well it must go through UMNO elections, if they are ever held.

      May the best man win.

      But please remove the Ketua Wanita lah!!!

    2. Kj? Pleasseeee..... scandal rm100m swept under the carpet & budak Tkt 4 syndrome still haunting. If he suppose to head future umno.....looks like umno will doze off forever laaa!!! Wakakaka....

  33. cik annie, belum 100 hari lagi. harap bersabar ye. simpan komen pada hari 101 esok2...cheer always pls..thanks

    1. Dah engko nak aku stop tulis kat blog ni 100 hari ke?

  34. Annie dear, you normally don't comment but today you are replying to every comment like there are ants all over your ass, so your readers are getting a little worried, I guess. Chill baby. Don't let them get to you.

    1. You want me to entertain everyone or not? Don't want then next time I wouldn't bother anymore. Really, I'm mot angry or anything. Just in the mood to layan you all.

  35. Malaysians don't deserve a credible opposition. We deserve a government that gives subsidies, promotes cronyism and stifles freedom of speech. We deserve a one party system

  36. Don't worry so much Annie, this feller Osman Safian will let 'Business runs as usual' since he is the Sultan's choice as the MB. Engkau pun tahu, benci kat Najib and faktor Tun Det are not the only reasons, we vote PH di Johor. One BIG reason is becuase of 'THE BUSINESS' problem yang menyakitkan hati kami semua. So, don't imagine we will let Osman biarkan business to run as usual since he is on good term with the Sultan. Dalam PH ada 4 party dan semua party ini bebas bersuara jadi pembangkang. Tengok je Tun Det lantik 3 menteri kabinet, kan dah kena sound dengan Rafizi. Apa lagi kalau tak jaga kepentingna kami. We don't vote PH for no reason. If we find out, business runs as usual di Johor, jaga engkau OSMAN. U won't last 6 months, mark my word.

    1. 61 years of BN misgovernance you can tahan, pls allow osman more than 6 months fair meh right...

  37. macai2 BN (+ annie?) are so Bodoh Nasional, the BN crushing process has not stopped yet
    Plan 1 - toppled BN in GE14 done
    Plan 2 - totally crush BN with rule of law (court action against mr & mrs MO1)
    that president komedi will be implicated for meeting arab donor(s) tipu 1Msia huh
    Everyone will shy or ashamed to be identified as BN so thank God BN crushed themselves wakakaka
    mark my word it will be hidup PH + osman...


  38. Wou !, Che Minah , totally agreed with you ,only Joherean knows that .

  39. Anon 2046, if Osman misbehaves PH will take care of it. If PH chooses to turn a blind eye, the people will know what to do. Do the right thing. Respect God, respect everyone and respect self.

  40. pre GE14 i supported oppo crushing BN govt but post GE14 i support PH govt crushing BN oppo how life change...
    BTW why BN never conduct post mortem of its defeat???
    Battle of flags can beat social media, PH mouth to mouth marketing or tukar ceramah meh...
    WP KL was unfazed by millions of BN flags & kunan pics, KL voted 100% PH well done

    1. Ku Nan billboards still up in my area.

      Woiiiii, buat kerje wei BN clean-up team!

  41. Erase BN n its supporters from the face of earth. Thats the right thing to do. How can they be a good opposition. Most of them joint politic to enrich themself. They dont know how. They just dont. Very simple nothing they can give to rakyat. They cant hear and see any of the scandal the whole country hoohaa about. They are deaf and blind but not mute. They can still talk like when they need to bodek their boss or when they need their allocation or when they want to take domeone wife for holiday oversea. Anyway what can we expect from a blind and deaf politician.

  42. Hi Annie,
    That MB of Johor low quality mindset and UMNO style thinking is chosen by Johor Sultan.... PH submit 3 names, and Sultan choose back the same UMNO mindset type, very simple protect his own interest. Sultan Jiwa rakyat...hehehehehe.......we know la whether is true...jiwa rakyat or jiwa his own interest...

  43. For me:-

    1. We need opposition, always bad when theres weak opposition.

    2. UBN cant take the task. The crumbling + cross over already started. The old man also need more law makers as his own party only got lk 10 MPs. Even they not crossed, they have simply too many dirts, PH can easily shut them off by saying "hang pn sedemikian dulu".

    3. BERSATU = UMNO 3.0, remember first word of Lagu Umno?

    4. Ppl now in general are more empowered, still naive but better than last time. Plus the social media, that Atuk no longer can ran a country like he did 20 yrs ago.

    5. I also trust Atuk has the heart to reform. Give him time to see.

    6. House arrest for Najib is wrong, procedure wise. But Atuk knew his fans well, he cant afford to let him ran, he also disregard of the right procedure.

    7. Atuk also likely to act against Taib Mahmud and Hadi. Already circulating in social media Mr. Pekmo (white hair) long list of wealth. How Atuk gonna moved, this one I not sure.

    Hadi / PAS is more about ideology, that lebai also not clean. If proven they did took 90M from Jibby, he also likely ended in jail.


    1. "House arrest for Najib is wrong".

      I'don't think they were being put under 'house arrest'. Only barred from leaving the country.

      Nonetheless, its also for their own good that they decided not to venture into public space.

      You know, in others country, corrupt leaders face the risk of being jeered in public. At worst, lynched mob-style, especially after losing their job.

  44. hello ani,

    apa dah jadi dgn pak din aka rockybru dan gang2 yg makan dedak pmo?

    sabelum pru14 kelmarin bukan main mereka hentam PH dan mahathir. si rocky i consider the worst of the lot. i used to held him in high regards as he talk a good game but when it comes to the real world he is just another umno coterie of the greedy bunch.

    he will not be trusted by by anyone right now. please tell him to shut the fuck up!!!!!

    1. Rocky at home. I think you should go tell him yourself.

    2. Don't worry, the online resistance has begun. That Unspinners (Snapshot) is back in action.

      However, they were crap before GE14 and they are crap now, hee hee hee!

      "How to lose cyberwar - use crap bloggers"

  45. ...dear Annie,
    You look at what’s happening in Johor and took those happenings to be reflective of what the new government of malaysia is doing....???

    The government of Malaysia is in Putrajaya and now being lead by the olde man Tun Mahathir. This new government is very very much better then the one by BN/Najib.

    Cheers......hehehehe.....your perspectives is a skewed Annie....

    Sutan Nahu

    1. Not really. When I write about Johor, it's about Johor, not elsewhere.

    2. ....dear Annie

      ...thank you very much for the clarification.

      ...and if you were to write more about what is happening at putrajaya, your intelligent commentaries would be more greatly appreciated....


      ..sutan nahu

  46. After watching his first pc, it feels like the new MB is borrowed from UMNO. His 'i'm the new king' and its business as usual tone is not what we voted for.

    Dont get me wrong, Najib/Rosmah's led BN deserved the flying kick.

    But what happened to PH's new Malaysia? I was expecting the new oppo will be given the previllage to properly serve the state with some proper funding. The same cry we asked and ignored by the previous BN govt.

    UMNO/BN must co-exist in this new era, or else we are going to witness a new monster soon rather than later.

    We, the rakyat, must not be overly overjoyed that we forget the whole episode was for us to enjoy a better Malaysia. Not business as usual. Check and balance must start now.

    For us. Not for anybody else.

    These politicians we just voted in are to serve us. Not the other way around. No more kompang. No more duit selok. No more hand kissing. They applied for the job from us. The faster we understand that the better.

    Cukuplah kita dibuli oleh orang yang kita pilih sendiri. Amat bodoh rasanya hidup dizaman Najib/Rosmah.

    With Anwar coming out soon, I guess the real fun is just around the corner.

    But i am still hopeful... hopefully. Maybe the MB will deliver PH's new Malaysia promise.

  47. Annie,

    Well, I am leaving my kampung now so I tort I'd better say something or you'll think I don't care :)

    As for crushing the opposition akan Barisan Nasional, I don't think Pakatan would need to do very much.

    As it is, the BN fellows are doing a great job all crushing themselves with a lompat sini lompat sana. Look at Sabah and Johor and Perak.

    But rest assured, it'll all settle down and we'll know how good Pakatan really is.

    I have promised a Melayu friend that I will give Pakatan two terms and I will stick to my promise.

    Also, this loss will be good for UMNO.

    It now has an opportunity to get rid of all those who have been divisive and useless.

    New blood and fresh ideas should be good for UMNO.

    Have no fear that we will have a weak opposition.

    This time, we, the rakyst, know that we have the power to defeat the undefeatable, to conquer the unconquerable.

    If Pakatan thinks it can do whatever it likes in the years ahead, it has another thought coming :)

    I hope Pakatan remrmbers that there are now many many people like me and we are strong and we are powerful.

    We are Rakyat and we are boss.


    1. The way PH Mps are behaving now, I give them 1 term. Moreover, its my belief once Anwar is released, would I be wrong to assume some of his proxies would demand the Tun to give way real fast?

    2. Glad, I am with you all the way.

  48. I don't think this new MB of Johore will last long. He will most probably be booted out by Dr.M himself, especially if he bend over too much to the Istana.

  49. BN misgoverned the nation stealing from rakyat so very doubtful that BN can be effective opposition serving the rakyat, let BN be crushed, dissolved or buried...

  50. malaysia or any states in this country need strong opposition.. who say it has to be bn? or pas?

    history shows that a new party is the only way to oppose hard

    1. agree, pas n bn dun ve to do anything right now. saying anything to ‘ll be seen as hypocrite considering recent history. they need more time to ve d look of a decent alternative.

  51. salam

    dari peristiwa ini kita mendapat perbezaan antara bn dengan pakatan harapan...

    seorang yang bertaraf mb membuat kenyataan tidak sepatutnya telah mendapat teguran yang bertalu2 d media sosial...syed sadiq pun menegur...tan sri muhyidin yassin pun menegur...akhirnya akur...

    bila menteri bn dulu buat kenyataan bangang seperti kalau ayam mahal jangan makan ayam, kalau tol mahal bangun awal atau jangan lalu jalan tol..kalau tak suka malaysia sila keluar dari malaysia...

    bezanya ialah adakah teguran dari blogger dan facebooker bn untuk atasan yang menyebut ini...TIDAK...mungkin anie ada menegur...yang penting ada ke orang atas menegur keceluparan mereka ini seperti tsmy menegur mb johor yang baru ini...


  52. Hi Annie, you don't need to jump up and down like a raving maniac lah.
    Chill and think a bit, PH won because even BN supporters voted against them. If PH behaves like BN in the past, do u think people will still vote them in PRU15? Minus the die hard ikut buta2 guys.

    Actually to me BN just need to stop behaving like a DICK to win back some support. Leave the MASSIVE scandals aside, you just need to get rid of ppl like Jamal, Ali Tinju, Ahmad Maslan etc who either speak like a gangster or a clown. And stop spewing stupid statements like DAP is Jewish or ayam mahal jgn makan ayam. So simple.

  53. Right up to the election, Zahid was still taking pictures with Jamal and praising him.

    And now, Zahid is going to be President of UMNO.

    Can UMNO reinvent itself and change the image of its brand to inspire the Rakyat? To give hope for a better day?

    Hmmmm... No.

    In the face of very high level of household debt, unemployment in the ranks of young graduates, and an education system that doesn't produce people with critical thinking and marketable skills, PARTICULARLY, within the Malay community, the picture is very grim indeed for the UMNO boys.

  54. Tukar topic jap, terkejut bangat saya tengok berita rtm hari ni. Nada dah bertukar 180 deg. Saya rasa x payah le kecam kjaan dulu atau puji kjaan skrg. Khabarkan aje secara factual, kalau tak nanti org menyampah jugak tengok.

  55. If you wholeheartedly believe in the politicians you will definitely be disappointed.By and large politicians are sociopaths and their main concern will be me,me and me.It is even worse when you collect the sociopaths in a group and thereby increase their power multiple times(i.e when they form parties).
    The best option for the people wether in Malaysia or any country in the world is to disperse the political power in the hand of politicians by electing them on individual basis and scrutinising each individual polician wannabe intelectually,psychologically and physically.Just by doing these tests you can at least select the best to rule you with lesser possibility of electing a Donald Trump or a Najib.These individuals elected will themselves elect a cabinet and the cabinet will elect the prime minister.This reverse top down approach will reduce the excessive power of prime minister based on the present system.

  56. Maybe the Brother and Rafizi have started to realize that Dr.M is in the process of shutting-off all avenues for Politicians or Ministers, especially when the PM is also the Minister of Finance, from siphoning rakyats' money.

    After all, Dr.M should know, its the Rear Admiral who's the Kepala Bapak of corruption, cronyism and nepotism since 1998. A leopards can't change its spots easily.

    Maybe after 2 years, when Dr.M resign yet again, and if Anwar starts dismantling what Dr.M had put in place, I will be with UMNO against PH Government. Voluntarily of-course.

    1. Why do people talk of Anwar being the PM like it's a done deal? I'm not even going to guess what is coming next, just gonna sit back and try to understand the changes.

      Voted for PH for 2 reasons: 1. Tun M's experience & no nonsense approach to fixing the economy
      & 2. giving Umno & BN a kick in the arse for not kicking out Najib once he confirmed accepting derma.

      So I'm satisfied with the outcome so far. Made the decision with my eyes wide open, knowing very well that the Brother may become PM (not something I want). But I also believe that in this present world he'd better change & get with the people or he's going to get a worse fate than Najib

  57. Hello Annie,

    i follow your blog closely because i find that your blogging is quite rational. You do think like an educated and experienced person. Generally i believe you want a fair government and you do believe in BN doing that but unfortunately the head of BN did not perform as required.

    Certain things might have a different outcome during GE14. If only the BN chief had relinquished his PM post in 2016 and handed over the next in line, people wont be angry and might still support BN. The BN chief might have made some arrangement with the handsome old man and he might be unofficially pardoned for his mistakes.

    Saying that, the handsome old man had to lead the charge in GE14 and people like me whom are diehard BN fans, supported him for a change in govt.

    Winning the election is one thing, but post election the new govt should not go on witch hunt and try to prosecute everyone. Malaysians generally are kind people and we should not act like some barbaric nation/people. Show some respect and sympathy/empathy to the previous BN leaders. We should not "tagih darah" of BN leaders. The objective should be to regain the leftover that can be recovered.

    The handsome old man is doing a "grand design", he knows too much of what will happen if he handover everything to PKR. DAP is being matured and keeping very quite. That is the old man's trump card. LGE will be utilised to negotiate with PRC to delay/cancel new contracts and win their support. LGE can perform as he is an accountant with the watchful eyes of 5 council members and PM himself.

    on the anwar ibrahim case, there are 2 options:
    a. Request royal pardon but he had to admit his mistakes (r) mistakes of sodomising saiful. this requires the Lembaga Pengampunan.
    b. wait until june to get out of prison without pardon and wait another 5 years before he can be active in politics.
    What will be his choice, to admit or wait.

    Last, i pray that the handsome old man can stay another 2-3 years to helm our country for a better tomorrow.
    mohd ali