Friday 1 June 2018

It's likely a strategic move...and about being optimistic

This is a comment from my last post;

Annie, tukar la topic. KJ going for Umno VP post (je). Apasal KJ tak nak tanding jawatan presiden atau naib presiden? Tak berani or malas nak kerja kuat?

I believe it refers to this news;

Khairy gunning for Umno VP post

However, I think it should be read with this story,

Hishammuddin considering staying

 out of upcoming Umno party polls 

particularly this part,

"But if the party grassroots appeal to him to contest one of the top posts and to lead the party, there is a likelihood that he might change his mind about not going for a senior post," a source close to Hishammuddin said.

I think Hishammuddin will indeed go for the number one post and with that, KJ will go for the number two instead of just the VP post as announced.

Personally, I think they are the most practical choice to lead the party for now. The best new faces Umno could present to the world if it hopes to revive itself.

I have already made known of this preference of mine in this post;

For now I understand that those two need to be extra careful with what they say.

After all, there are many who are still trying to hang on despite being liabilities to Umno.  They got nowhere else to go.

As for the other top posts of VP, Wanita, Youth and Puteri, I'm praying for all of them to be filled up with fresh faces from among good senior and young leaders.

The same goes for the division chief posts.

Only then Umno could be revived.

All those whose face make people hate Umno must go.

Umno members who are going to vote for their leaders need to realise that they must make the changes if they want their party to survive.

So far there have been indications that many Umno members, despite the GE14 defeat are ready for such changes.

I have been hearing good news about Umno from my home state Johor of late but can't write about those yet.

Must give them time.

Whatever it is, if what I heard from Johor is true, than I can be quite optimistic Umno will be able to revive and be better.

Eh, that's all for now, okay.

I'm tired.

Just arrived in the East Coast.

Have a good weekend guys.


  1. Annie,
    Look like some scary story from PH to emerge later if not sooner. Any inside infos?

  2. Dulu 2 PRU dulu sudah kasi time.
    They did not know or have failed to realize that the rakyat have begun counting the time.

    They tak ubah.
    Jadi sekarang dah kena ubah dek undi rakyat..terpaksa kena berUbah jugak. Sekarang dah kalah sampai malu baru nak tunjuk nak berubah. Dah jadi bubur. Presiden pun dah resigned.

    Kasi rakyat nilai..

    1. Agreed with Anon 00:54.
      These bunch of loosers and looters with no moral or intergrity whatsoever. Do anyone out there sincerely believe since they have becomes an opposition they can suddenly transformed into a constructive,honest MP. So whatever shit in umno or whoever is heading umno is not rellevant to rakyat at the moment. We have to focus on PH goverment whether they execute what was promise to rakyat to their best ability. If they didnt we will replace them with the parties which is rellevant at that time. Party umngok melayu tipu melayu boleh tutup kedai and leaders boleh berambus not because of they lost to more capable parties in GE14 but because of more to their stealing,lying,
      kleptomaniac and racist.
      What can you get from a bunch of dishonest people. Thats including you MCA,MIC,Gerakan.

  3. Annie,

    Perhaps Hishammuddin is really not going for the top post because he thinks he may be arrested soon, just like Najib?

    Just imagine if Hishammuddin did become President.

    It would not look too good for UMNO if its ex-president and sitting president are both sharing a cell in Sungai Buloh, right?

    The same goes for Zahid Hamidi who doesn't seem to be interested in his job now, as we have heard nothing from him for quite a while now.

    Everything seems to be handled by Najib Razak, who is taking on Mahatir, ridiculing Lim Guan Eng, defending 1MDB, etc, just like Najib was still president of UMNO.

    Zahid Hamidi? Nary a peep out of him.

    Maybe Zahid thinks he is going to Sungai Buloh as well, so he is lying low and trying not to draw too much attention to himself.

    Yeah, maybe those nasty horrible MACC fellows will not notice him and go away.

    Look, the fact is, the top guys in UMNO all have a lot to answer for.

    Their ostentatious displays of wealth, in their days of power and glory, surely must have drawn the attention of a now-rejuvenated MACC.

    Where did all that money come from? The watches? The cars? The mansions?

    They never thought they had to answer for it.

    Now they do.

    So, strategic move by Hishammuddin?

    Yeah, maybe - to prepare himself for jail :)


    1. "The same goes for Zahid Hamidi who doesn't seem to be interested in his job now, as we have heard nothing from him for quite a while now."

      Either Zahid is talking to Anwar about joining PKR or he really does not want the job of Umno president.

      Hisham also is rumoured to be throwing in the towel and going back to his law firm.

      Coast clear for KJ?

  4. Annie The Neutral

    I guess H20 really proud to have you onboard (campaigning for him).
    After the new faces fill up the post of KB, MT, VP, Youth Chief, Puteri Chief, Wanita Chief and H20/KJ as no 1 and 2, the rakyat will demand fresh elections and voted en bloc for UMNO/BN.


  5. Hisham going for top most post in UMNO? No.He didnt have the top leadership material in him.KJ ade but need to brush more on his wisdom.

  6. UMNO Selangor never recovered since Selangor fell to Opposition in 2008 GE.

    UMNO national will suffer the same fate as UMNO Selangor if the party members refuse to make hard and structural changes to its party.

    There’s still a chance for UMNO to regain its footing in Msian politics since the UMNO members who voted against them during GE14 only wanted to get rid of Najib. They will come back to UMNO when the party changes its ways drastically.

    1. UMNO will never change as far as the old warlords still controlling the party. The statements issued by these warlords post GE 14 didn't reflect any changes in their political beliefs.

  7. Haiyaa East Coast lagi ke Annie...Every week go East Cost. Very rajin driving there every week..

  8. But then, no money anymore (dah kena songlap?) so no politics lah. UMNO politics based on money what.

    No BN government means no more contracts for Ketua Bahagian/Cawangan. So how to move unless of course the raya members establish giant tin Milo. Kan?

  9. I find it surprising no one has 'voluntered' to contest the president or deputy president post. Maybe they know it is going to be a difficult slog for 5 yrs and no monetary reward.

    Where are the umno leaders in their 40s and 50s?

  10. If you want to talk about rejuvenating (meremajakan) the party, KJ should go to No. 1 post. There is no other way. Not No. 2 or veep. VP is not good enough.

    Hisyam doesn’t appeal much to the rakyat and to the Malay voters due to his aristocratic background. His blood relation with Najib makes matters worst. He will be perceived as carrying the baggage of last PM. Najib’s name is highly toxic now. Anything which has got to do with it should be avoided at all cost if you were to regain the support and trust of the rakyat.

    Imagine if KJ elected Umno President, it will be a breath of fresh air. Umno is reborn. A new Umno has come. If nowdays people talk about new Malaysia, People will then talk about new Umno or Umno baru.

    And if BN win GE-15, he will be our Prime Minister. A Prime Minister in his 40’s. Like Macron of France. KJ as PM, that would capture rakyat’s wild imagination. The way it captured rakyat’s imagination of having Tun being a again as PM at 93 in last GE.

    The truth is rakyat, esoecially the Malays still love Umno especially. They voted PH because they want to get rid of Najib; as Umno is too weak and ball-less to remove him. Once he no longer in the picture, the support will return. Trust me.

    The question is how big the return is. Well, it depends on who lead the party. Leading the charge in the next GE. If KJ leading the charge, together with BN partners, the support will come in droves. In abudance. Umno will swept into power again. Occupy Putrajaya once again.

    If Wak Jahid or Hisyam lead the charge, the rakyat will be like hmmmm....whatever. The rakyat are not that excited. It doesn’t create excitement. The support will come but only a little. It will only create ripples, not even a wave. It would not contribute a change of government. It will not create a tsunami which will sweeping through Malaysia.

    So KJ, please think big. Be more ambitious. Take this opportunity. Umno is in crisis now. It needs a radical change at the top. Old way of doing things no longer valid. You must be the man who propagating the change. A savior to save the party. The change have to come NOW. If not, Umno will be dead and buried for good.

    Go all the way to the president post. Don’t be such a p*ssy...

    1. Anonymous2 June 2018 at 06:47

      Agree with your opinion.

      KJ is the only hope.

      BTW that letter to Umno wings that funding is reduced is also a sign.

      You remember when the 192 KBU (I think 170 showed up) all gathered in "Putrakaya" to sembah the Bugis Warrior after 1MDB was exposed?

      Big public show of support.

      Will they do the same without dedak?

      Ku Li himself openly said that a KBU will automatically get 50K a month.

      Even a mangkuk like Mat Maslan could look forward to RM2 million kickback from the AmBank slush account registered to Najib.

      With no money, how to buy loyalty?

  11. A time bomb in PH...
    47 vs 13...

    A new PM ?

  12. Annie

    Where is Zahid?

    The Perlis crisis has dragged on for one month.

    He seems to have lost his Jawa garangness.

    Even Umno MTU members are saying this Perlis crisis is a huge embarrassment to the party.

    Is Zahid on holiday?

    Has he just given up completely?

  13. Wow! Najib sudah hire US Bush lawyer Ashcroft to defend in 1MDB scandal. Sudah takut liow Najib, panggil Bush tolong dia.......jeng jeng jeng!!! Mai popcorn!!

    Scare the whole family, Najib, Rosmah, step son Aziz, daughter, Kazakhstan son in law all kena humban masuk Sungai Buloh.......jeng jeng jeng!! The show started!!

  14. The Man is at his old tricks again. Lots of money was used to defeat Ghaffar Baba in the DP election of UMNO back then. Going around kissing hands of the Royalty seems to be his present antics instead of kissing the Rakyats' hands.
    Sexual exploits has not been reported yet.
    So can he succeed this time ? We are all watching whether the originator of money politics in UMNO will practise his expertise again.

    1. Well my friend, it needs a trickster to pull down another trickster.


    2. Saudara Ibrahim, I see that you know the history of money politics in UMNO.
      Yes, you are right. The Brader/Pak Sheikh is the father of money politics in UMNO. He and his people bought in their way to power at the branch, divisional and MT level. They were ruthless, if money didn't work, then threats would do. That was how Ghafar found himself out-nominated for the deputy president's post, even though it was agreed there should be no contest for the post. The snake in the brader managed to outwit the quota system for contesting the top posts.
      And for him and his inner circle, the next step would be gunning for the President's post, but fortunately fate decided otherwise.
      I wouldn't trust this guy, not by a long count. He has the gall to use his wife and family for his own selfish interests, and he has no qualms of using the rakyat as well.
      So where do we the people stand in his eyes?
      We must all be prepared.

  15. KJ rasuah as accused by dumbos so how to tanding well KJ is out...

  16. I feel uncomfortable looking at 2 DAP leaders storming MOF right after Guan Eng appointed as minister. Then immediately being granted access to Treasury sensitive files and infos without official appointment in place. Dia ingat MOF bapak dia punya ka?

    After a while, only then these two declared themselves as special officers sans salary to minister of finance (The announcement came from themselves, not from MOF. Banyak cantik muka..). That’s not the way to do it in the government. You have go through some screenings before being granted access to confidential info in government.

    Even if Guan Eng does needs help and lacking faith in senior officers around him, go proper way lah. You are in government now. Not in the opposition. You are bound by General Orders, Circulars, rules and regulations. Yo can’t just show up and said ‘I want to see the files? Can you get this numbers for me? Where can get I 1MDB figures?’. It doesn’t work that way. It’s just rude and disrespectful. Especially to government officers and staffers at MOF.

    This mannerless behaviour is unbecoming of newly minted minister of finance. If you desperate to bring your own people, please do it proper way la. Not parachute them in from the roof top. It seemed crass and crude.

    If you need immediate help, get KSN to immediately appointed them as your staffers either as political secretary, private secretary or special officers. With all the proper screening, secrecy oath, appointment letters and all that.

    Only then you can make yourself like home at MOF. Surrounded by your trusted lieutenant. Being granted access to all those classified files and info.

    1. Anonymous2 June 2018 at 10:25

      Fully agree with your comment.

      It was a cowboy move by the tokong.

      His two macai Pua & Ong are quite well-versed with 1MDB and other scandals, but we also need people who can do more than merely analyse scandals.

      Ali Hamsap should be replaced soon, the new guy should demand 100% adherence to proper rules & screening for key positions.

      Even tokong Lim is not allowed to break these rules.

      Looking forward to seeing Azmin putting together a strong team in his ministry, because we need long-term economic planning.

  17. Annie if you want to know what else UMNO must do to revive itself other than fresh faces, here is Cheras Umno chief Syed Ali Alhabshee (fromtoday's news):
    "Everybody was responsible. We are to be blamed because none of us spoke up like Mahathir, Muhyiddin or Mukhriz. We never talked about 1MDB and we never told the former premier that we thought something was wrong in 1MDB. We were too scared to speak up, (so) we claimed Najib was correct and these three leaders were out to sabotage him. We just went along with the flow."
    SO now he realise that many ministers, heads of govt. agencies MACC IGP AG Parliament speaker etc all colluded in propping up one person accused of theft. Finally it took GE14 to show that the emperor was naked.

  18. Anonymous @ 2 June 2018 at 09:47,

    //Either Zahid is talking to Anwar about joining PKR or he really does not want the job of Umno president.//

    I can't see Zahid joining PKR.

    Zahid had real power back then and he used that power against many of his political opponents.

    Unlike Mahatir, not enough time has passed for those in Pakatan to forgive him yet.

    As for President of UMNO, well, it is a great job if UMNO was still in power but right now, that job is like eating a plate of nasi lemak with shit for sambal. It is toxic. So, does Zahid want that job?

    Most of the old guard who held powerful positions in UMNO were not there because they loved UMNO - they were there because of the power, the glory and the money.

    Whoever takes over UMNO now must be a person who really really really loves UMNO and does don't mind going thru any shit to rebuild the party.

    BTW, there will be no money for the pain and suffering that person must go thru.

    To make it worse, after all the pain and suffering, there is no guarantee of success!!

    Is there such a person in UMNO today?


    1. "Most of the old guard who held powerful positions in UMNO were not there because they loved UMNO - they were there because of the power, the glory and the money."

      Mainly the money.

      Najib was not wrong, "cash is king".

      With no contracts and no dedak to look forward to, why would these guys endure any pain?

      It was very different in the early days of Umno.

      Tunku had not enough money to travel to London. When the public raised it for hi, he stayed in run-dowb hotels sharing a room with MCA secretary.

      Tun Abdul Razak toured rural areas walking on a stick because his health was failing.

      These were the pre-dedak days.

      You had to do it for love, not money.

  19. I do not want both of them. 1 is the son of former PM and I hate someone who was chosen becos of what his/her father/grandfather/relative has done. Look at what happen when you chose the son of former PM to be the new PM (Najib), a failure to the party.

    The other one is the SIL of another former PM and with not just 1 but at least 2 cases of corruption and abuse of power. 1st was when his FIL is the PM - that 4th floor fiasco. Another case is when he was in the KBS - the 100 million fiasco.

    I do not want UMNO to be a party where it is run by the same bloodline. We move from monarchy to democracy to give power for people to choose their leaders and not be oppressed by the nobility. What good is it if we create a new nobility by having the same bloodline to lead us.

    1. "Another case is when he was in the KBS - the 100 million fiasco."

      I think KJ's KBS case is worse for him.

      The 4th Floor days maybe people can forgive, but the KBS is too recent.

  20. ineffectual dumbos are now paper tigers right wakakaka

  21. If UMNO and BN were to rejuvenate, the most important thing to do is... stop hallucinating about having a pact with PAS.

  22. Urgh. This talk about umno and kj...

  23. Zahid has put in his nomination for president post. I hope hisham or someone else will also go for the post. If zahid is president come ge15, umno will definitely lose.