Saturday 29 August 2020

Being blur about Malaysian politics

It has been a while since I last updated this blog.

It's because I was occupied with something else the past weeks.

Also, at the moment I'm not really sure again which political side that I prefer to support.

I don't like the opposition mainly because of their hypocrisy and I'm beginning to dislike the government too for things such as its ministers' stupidity.

On the opposition side, there were things like the direct negotiated contracts that they did when they were in power while on the other side the government has ministers like the one who recently broke the Covid-19 SOP after holidaying overseas.

The opposition shouldn't have put stopping the direct negotiated contract stuff in their GE14 manifesto.

As for that stupid minister, he should have just resigned because what he did was so blatant and reprehensible.

Anyway, things political in this country are currently so muddled up that I don't feel like writing too much about them.

That's at least until I gain better knowledge of what's happening later on.

For now, I prefer to let them settle their mess first.

Don't want to contribute to the nonsense by commenting about things I'm not really so sure about.

Let the politicians play their games and we just watch for now.

Bad enough that most people are now struggling to survive the aftereffect of Covid-19, now they want us to waste our time and energy for them and their ego.

Well, we shouldn't be fools and dance to their tunes.

Personally, I'm now suffering some financial difficulties too.

It's not too bad though as I think my savings would be enough to tide me up for at least a year more.

Hopefully the economy would be better by then.

For now, I have to cut down on quite a few things.

But I'm thankful to Allah for I can still enjoy a relatively comfortable life and even keep up with my inexpensive hobby.

On a completely different matter, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe resigned yesterday, which I feel was unfortunate.

He resigned because he felt that his illness may prevent him from doing his job.

How I wish our politicians have the same attitude.

I'm not well, so I resign. I'm too old, so I resign. I'm facing corruption charges, so I resign. I'm a sexual pervert, so I resign.

Back to Abe, I received a message from my mother, wishing that his replacement will be a right wing hardliner who can stand up to the communists in Beijing and help defend Taiwan in the event of a war.

As I previously wrote, my mother is a Chinese school alumni and attended university in Taiwan. She loves that country. She's a Chinese traditionalist yet is against the communists who rule China.

Yup, being a Chinese does not mean being a communist.

As with me, she supports the democracy movement in Hong Kong too.

Well, at least on that one I'm clear about where I stand....unlike Malaysian politics.

Friday 7 August 2020

Relax, Guan Eng can still prove his innocence in Najib

Looks like Guan Eng is in serious trouble now because of the tunnel project.

My DAP friends were understandably quite upset when MACC arrested him last night.

Well, looks like it's the new normal.

Just last week Najib was convicted, now it's Guan Eng's turn.

Wonder what those DAP leaders who lauded the Najib's conviction would say this time.

One already posted this,

I think Auntie Kok shouldn't jump the gun like that.

How does she know that there's "not a single bit of evidence"? She so smart ka?

Then simply simply said it's a political prosecution some more.

Hey, let the case goes to court first la.

Then we can see whether there are evidence or not or whether it's really corruption or just political prosecution.

Let's not be like the Anwar's supporters who before even the start of trial already declared that their idol never buggered young men.

Trust the court, when it dealt with Najib's case.

You all applauded that decision what. Independence of judiciary, remember?

So, now lets just wait for the trial.

Remember, even if Guan Eng is to be convicted, he can still appeal all the way to the Federal Court....just like Najib.

And please, don't go to the streets to protest for Guan Eng. Trust me, it would be a waste of time and energy.

Furthermore, I think the police will not be so nice to protesters during Najib's time when they were told to refrain from beating up protesters.

And of course, there's the Covid-19 too.

So, again, I would like to advise DAP people to stay relaxed and wait for Guan Eng's trial....just like what Umno people did when Najib was arrested and later convicted.

And when people start to call Guan Eng a they did to all should also just stay calm and not get too upset.

Prove to everyone that DAP people are as good as Umno people...or better.

Okay, for Guan Eng, this song is for you.....

Jangan nangis ya.

And to DAP people, let's stop saying all Umno people are corrupt as that's really not nice now that Guan Eng is going to be charged with corruption. After all, I don't think all DAP people are corrupt.