Sunday 30 December 2018

End year rest...and Alhamdulillah for Mary

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This is just now with my friend in JB,


On holiday starting today.

It's been a while since I last have one that even my boss kept asking me whether I'm going on leave.

It's the usual end year holiday.

I'm  planning to drive down to JB to visit Mary.

I'm still saying my

Prayers for Mary

She's still in the ICU yesterday but I was told that doctors said her chance of recovery has improved.

Hopefully they were right.

Other than that, I thought of driving somewhere where I can really just rest.

I think I need that.

Feeling really mentally tired right now.

The past weeks have been quite upsetting, especially the murder of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Like many others, I was very angry over it.

The circumstances of the murder and especially the response of some in trying to justify the murder were really upsetting.

I have always tried to be fair to all readers of this blog but I simply can't do that in this case.

Let's call a spade a spade, it was a race hate crime and justice needs to be done for it.

To say otherwise doesn't deserve a space in this blog.

Well, it's also been quite an eventful year.

Not necessarily for the better, though.

The problem is, I always easily got caught up by what happened.

Then I got all stressed up over it while in actual fact, I don't have to be like that.

It's not like I got paid to be stressed.

I could just don't care and not worry about much.

Still, I kept getting upset by all that happened.

Well, that's just the way I am.

So, I'm really looking forward to get a proper rest this time.

Most likely I'll go somewhere quiet and remote and enjoy the solitude.

Too bad that I can't really go to my favourite beach because of the current monsoon.

I'll try to update this blog from where ever I'm going to be if I have the time.

Okay guys, have fun and a happy new year.


Saturday 29 December 2018

About Malay power and Islam under Pakatan

Last night, Pribumi Bersatu president TS Muhyiddin Yassin said these at the Pribumi Bersatu AGM,

Malay power, status of islam intact under Pakatan Harapan

Well, what did you expect him to say anyway.

Lets go through the important bits that Muhyiddin said,

excerpts 1;

Muhyiddin said the Malays should be grateful that UMNO lost in the GE14 because, with the defeat, UMNO leaders had also lost their power to hide all their lies and wrongdoings.

”When they lost their power, all their wrongdoings came to light and their leaders have to face charges,” Muhyiddin said.

-  Okay fine. But does that guarantees that Malay leaders of the new government are any better?. Personally, I believe that many in Pribumi Bersatu are not any better then those in Umno, since I know the history of some of them when they were holding high office in Umno. They used to be among the most corrupt Umno leaders and blatant practitioners of money politics. They first gained power in Umno through such means and in fact corrupted the party by what they did while still with Umno. I will always remember the Umno election in 2000, particularly the contest for the vice-president posts when money politics in Umno reached a new height and I was a witness to it. Well, some of those worst corrupt ex-Umno politicians are also in PKR now. Those who are older than me may also talk about the Anwar-Ghafar Baba contest for the Umno deputy president post in 1993 which cemented the money politics culture in Umno. Don't take my words for it, okay. Just go and talk privately with senior DAP leaders and ask them whether they agree with what I said about this.

excerpts 2;

He said that after UMNO and PAS lost in the GE14, the two parties had resorted to an extreme racial and religious politics just to win back the support of the Malays – to the extent of spreading wild speculations that Muslims were no longer safe in Malaysia, that the position of Malay Rulers as heads of religion in their respective states would be jeopardised, that the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) would be abolished and that the law allowing the culture of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and same-sex marriage would be passed by the Parliament.

“Those wild speculations have been proven wrong. The Malay rulers are still heads of religion in their respective states, Jakim still exists and it is quite impossible for the law allowing LGBT culture and same-sex marriage to be passed by the Parliament when the majority of the members are Muslims who adhere to the practice of the Sunnah Wal Jamaah,” he explained.

- Really? But I think Pas is just doing what it has been doing all along and Umno is more or less paralysed  after their GE14 defeat and in no shape of doing anything extreme. Or is this about the recent anti-ICERD rally? That one is actually headed by the Malay Muslims NGOs while Pas and Umno were merely supporting them. Anyway, is the anti-ICERD rally really racist and extreme? The way I see it, ICERD as championed by that Hindraf extremist minister in charge of racial unity and social well being does have the effect of eroding all those Malay and Islamic things mentioned by Muhyiddin. The government would have ratified it if the Malays and Bumiputera have not voiced their objection. So, that's why that anti-ICERD rally happened. By right, Pribumi Bersatu as the new defender of Malays and Islam in government should be the one leading it or at least joined the rally. It's definitely not racist or extreme. It was peaceful and no fireman was murdered by the participants of the rally.

excerpts 3;

At the same time, he said Bersatu would welcome the opinions of non-governmental Islamic organisations in shaping the New Malaysia.

“For that, I propose for the setting up of an Ummah Consensus Council comprising representatives of government and non-governmental organisations to contribute to the development of the ummah in Malaysia,” he said.

- See, after the anti-ICERD rally, they are beginning to realise the importance of courting the Malay Muslim NGOs. By the way, the main organiser of the rally is called Ummah. However, I don't think they will side with the government as long as the likes of Waytha Moorthy and Ganabatirau are still in their seats of power.

excerpts 3;

The Bersatu president further said that UMNO and PAS were just daydreaming if they thought they could win the next general election by spreading lies based on religious sentiments.

“The Malays know who UMNO and PAS leaders are. They are just two of a kind. One is a robber and the other, despite being Islamic, willing to kiss the robber,” he said.

- Hmmmm....I don't think Muhyiddin should use this line. It sounds too DAPish.

excerpts 4;

As a party which recently received the mandate of the people, Muhyiddin also reminded Bersatu to always exercise self-reflection and realise that power is a heavy responsibility, not an entitlement or privilege that they could brag on.

“For those in the government especially, focus your attention to discharging your duties as members of the government. Work more and reduce politics. Do your level best to solve the people’s problems. Remember that the people are watching and judging our performance as the government,” he said.

- Yes, I agree with this. People are watching and some are even pleading. I'm one of them. Click on this link to read my recent pleading,

Dear government

It's about the plight of Lynas workers, who are mostly Malay Muslims

and Adib who was murdered because he was a Malay Muslim fireman.

Friday 28 December 2018

GE14 victory got into their head

I never really like Pas and its ideology.

I don't like its president DS Hadi Awang too.

I even got into fights with pro-Umno bloggers because I disagreed with the idea of Pas and Umno combining forces.

I was even accused of being a DAP cybertrooper because of it.

Check the archive of this blog if you don't believe me.

However, looking at the behaviour of some Pakatan politicians and their supporters after their GE14 victory, I'm beginning to think  that the Pas people are not so bad comparatively.

You all probably have seen this video recorded during Hadi's recent visit to London,

I don't think I would ever talk like that even to Kit Siang, Guan Eng and other DAP leaders in a public forum.

That's not only rude, but also racist and Islamophobic.

And as I have always argued, these days the racists and religious bigots are the ones calling others those things.

I got lots of that in this blog until the past week following Adib's passing when I stopped publishing comments by the trolls and others who tried to justify the firefighter's murder.

Really, some people just don't deserve the space to be heard.

They are just like this rude person in the video above.

I think the Pakatan's GE14 victory got into the head of these people.

Well, they can keep on like that for all I care. Let them show their true rude self to the world. It's their loss.

Prayers for Mary

Just received news that my dear friend, Harian Metro journalist Mary Victoria Dass is currently warded at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Baru in very serious condition.

She was earlier admitted for dengue at a private hospital several days ago before transferred to SAH after her condition worsen.

I have been Mary's friend for many years now, since my days back in JB. She is a selfless gentle lady with a kind heart and always ready to help anyone who came to her for assistance.

I'm praying for Mary's recovery and hope you all could do the same.

For those who do, thank you very much.

Mary is known by many in JB as a writer of social community issues, especially those affecting the well being of ordinary people.

She is much sought after by people irrespective of race or religion to write stories about those with problems and in need as in many occasions her writings helped them.

May Mary recovers soon. InsyaAllah.

Thursday 27 December 2018

Maybe Porntips can do the inquest

It was announced today that there is going to be an

Inquest to determine Adib’s cause of death


Muhyiddin said the magistrate conducting the inquest will have wide powers under Section 328 of the Criminal Procedure Code to determine the cause of death.
The section states that “the words cause of death include not only the apparent cause of death as ascertainable by inspection or post-mortem examination of the body of the deceased, but also all matters necessary to enable an opinion to be formed as to the manner in which the deceased came by his death and as to whether his death resulted in any way from, or was accelerated by, any unlawful act or omission on the part of any other person".
So, I believe there is a possibility that the inquest will find that this is wrong,

IGP maintains firefighter Muhammad 
Adib was attacked

Okay, maybe the inquest will find that Adib died because he was ran over by a bulldozer or knocked down by a flying saucer.

Maybe they will invite that Porntips lady with beautiful hair from Thailand again to confirm such a finding.

 Or maybe they won't because we already have one like that over here this time

Ours fat a bit, but okay lah tu. Quite colourful also.

Anyway, I wonder when the inquest can start and how long will it takes to conclude its finding.

Six month or six years? Or until people are not angry anymore?

Well, never mind, whatever it is, announcing the inquest will bring some respite to the anger over Adib's murder one way or another.

Any of the Pribumi Bersatu delegates who tries to bring up the matter at the party's AGM will be told,

"Hey, we will have an inquest soon, okay. So, shut up."

 And they will abide....and that is it.

Seriously, I'm now begining to doubt that Adib's murderers will ever be brought to justice.

And I don't think the likes of Waytha Moorthy and Ganabatirau will be penalised too.

They will continue to be there, lording over us from their seats of power.

Honestly, I don't think there is anything more we can do about it.

Just accept the shit and move on.

But of course we can still pray to Allah for justice to be done one way or another and learn a lesson from Adib's death.

That's what I'm going to do.

At least now I know what they think of someone like me and how little value they put on my life.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Counting on Pribumi Bersatu to seek justice for Adib

The Pribumi Bersatu's second AGM will be held in Putrajaya this weekend.

In this report,

Bersatu will be the preferred choice for Malays, Bumiputera 


Its Information chief, Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin is confident that  the party will be the preferred choice, compared with Umno and PAS, in championing the special rights of the Malays and Bumiputera as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
“The Malays will look at us as a party that can continue to help them…the Malays see Bersatu as an alternative for them. The current political dynamic shows many Malays are now ready to be with Bersatu,” he said during an interview with the media.
That's very nice, I guess.

Since that was said, I'm hoping that Pribumi Bersatu, as the main Malay and Bumiputera based party in the current ruling coalition can use its AGM as a platform to tell the government to give justice to murdered fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim and his loved ones.

Adib was clearly murdered during the riot at the temple because he was a Malay Muslim.

So, I believe that all those who claimed to be championing the Malays, Islam and Bumiputera in Pribumi Bersatu should voice out their demand for justice to be done.

You can't make a claim of being such a champion when racists and religious extremists can get away with murdering a Malay Muslim while those who instigated and supported them continue to sit next to your leaders in the government.

Umno, Pas and those Malay and Muslim NGOs can only make noises over the matter but they don't have the power to do what Pribumi Bersatu could do to bring justice for Adib and his loved ones.

I'm not even counting on Amanah to do anything about this because I think they are even more useless than the powerless Umno and Pas....because I actually think they are really scared of DAP.

Have you all ever heard of any Amanah leader saying anything that contradict DAP?

Well, Pribumi Bersatu leaders are different, I think.

For one thing, they have Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the party president and prime minister.

So, why should they be afraid of DAP or PKR for that matter, right?

I know they will be busy with all the GE14 victory talks and such but still, I really hope the Pribumi Bersatu delegates will all speak out to demand justice for Adib and his loved ones at the AGM this weekend.

They must put pressure on the government and authorities to take action.

They really should not let the murderers and those who instigated and defended them escape punishment.

That's my wish for this coming Pribumi Bersatu's AGM.

However, I was a bit concerned when I read this report which quoted the party's secretary-general,

Agenda to improve country among focus 
at Bersatu general assembly


He advised delegates, especially those who would be on stage to debate for the first time, to control their emotions and to not deviate from the topic.

“It will be a closed debate because of the sensitivities involved,” he added.

I was like...What? Closed debate?

Come on la, what are they so scared of now that they are in power?

Just say what needed to be said, okay.

Here, I give an example,

"Dear Malaysians, please don't beat up a fireman to death just because he is a Malay Muslim. Malay Muslim fireman just want to put out a fire and save lives. He is not there to destroy your temple. Thank you."

Now, don't tell me Pribumi Bersatu people can't say that openly at their AGM.

Come on la.

You all said you are better than Umno and Pas. So, be brave la.

Well, I hope the party secretary-general will change his mind and let the delegates say things like that openly.

Otherwise Pribumi Bersatu will just be a Malay pussycat party....too scared of DAP like Amanah, I guess.

Monday 24 December 2018

The other side and new icon of Malay liberals

Okay, I admit that I have been unfair the past week.

I deleted comments and used foul language a lot.

I was angry.

It's hard to be fair when I'm angry.

I'm angry because they murdered a fireman because of his race.

I'm angry because there are still people who refuse to admit that it's wrong to murder a fireman just because he is a Malay.

They even came up with all sort of excuses for the murderers and those who instigated and defended them.

Yes, I was angry because of all that and that's why I have been unfair in this blog the past week.

So, for the sake of fairness, today I'm going to highlight the voice of those who defended the murderers and others on their side.

This is their story today (with little bits of my comments in blue) ;

NGOs present memorandum to PM
in support of Waytha Moorthy

PUTRAJAYA (Bernama): A total of 30 activists representing 211 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to support Senator P. Waytha Moorthy.
(30 activists representing 211 NGOs....hmmm, shouldn't it be 211 activists representing 30 NGOs....weird)
I think they need to make it more multi-racial next time
The memorandum asks for him to be retained as a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.
Lawyer and social activist Siti Kasim, said Waytha Moorthy should not be blamed for the riot at the Seafield  Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Subang Jaya last month.

Ohhh....this woman is their leader, I guess.
“We hope the Prime Minister does not bow to the demands of racial and religious groups seeking to aggravate the situation," she told reporters outside the Perdana Putra building here on Monday (Dec 24).
(So said the new icon of Malay liberals)
The memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister's Political Secretary Abu Bakar Yahya.
There have been demands for the National Solidarity and Social Welfare Minister to resign as a result of his failure to ease racial tension over the riot that killed firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim - Bernama

Well, that's their story. See, I highlighted theirs also.
So, fair or not?

Meanwhile, this is the latest development about people being charged over the temple riot,

Six more charged over temple riot

excerpts  :
Manimaran are charged with three counts – obstructing a public officers from discharging his duty, rioting and causing hurt, while the five others are charged under Section 148 of the penal Code with possession of weapons at riot.

They are Mohammad Shahril Danniel Sajel, 22, Mohammad Saifullah Abdullah, 31, Muhammad Hasneezam Shah Samsudin, 29, Akmal Izzat Aziz, 24 and Mohd Norul Ismawi Islahuddin, 40, who are charged with 13 others who have already charged and a few others who are still at large.
One Indian and five Malays. None were charged for Adib's murder.

I will continue to wait.

Sunday 23 December 2018

Adib's murder is a hate case the AG doesn't know

It's almost been a week since fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim died, and almost a month since his murderers rioted at the temple.

Yet not a single person has been charged for it.

A police friend said they have to wait for the Attorney General's decision for it.

Okay, what is this AG waiting for?

Difficult to write the charges in Bahasa Malaysia is it?

Then write la in English or Sanskrit or whatever.

Just charge them, okay.

At least for rioting first.

We'll get to Adib's murder later.

Just get the bastards in jail first.

Ya, and those instigators too.

Such as this V.Ganabatirau

He clearly incited the rioters hours before they beat up Adib to death.

If not for his FB posting about a Muslim group attacking the temple, I don't believe the riot on the second night when Adib was murdered would had happened.

I don't care  a shit about his insincere bullshit apology after that.

Ya AG, why you are not charging him?

Is it because he's from DAP? Or is it because of his race?

Then there were all that talks about the developer hiring Malay gangsters to attack the temple.

Even my friend, who knows a lot about the underworld was unhappy about it.

The guy, who is a Chinese told me that those bunch are not real gangsters but instead part-time security guards that the developer hired to secure the place after it got the court order to move the temple.

'And there are also Indians along with Malays in the group," my friend said.

No wonder the developer had denied hiring gangsters, let alone Malay gangsters to attack the temple.

We will also wait and see if the government will get rid of that Hindraf extremist Waytha Moorthy, whom it appointed as Racial Unity and Social Well Being Minister.

He did nothing to stop the riot and in fact wanted to reward those responsible for Adib's murder.

If nothing happens, then I have to conclude that this is the Pakatan government's thinking,

If that is so, then Adib's death will be in vain indeed.

They keep saying that it's not about race and religion, but really, what do you think was in the mind of the murderers as they mercilessly kicked and hit the defenceless Adib that night?

Do you all really think it's because Adib was a fireman?

It's a hate crime, okay.

They murdered Adib because they hated him as a Malay Muslim and not because he is a fireman.

How can anyone hate a fireman anyway?

Why Adib's murderers hate Malays?

Because some politicians incited them, telling them that Malays have oppressed them, ethnically cleanse them, wanted to destroy their temples, etc.

Eh, go find some Hindraf videos and you'll know what I'm talking about.

While you are at it, watch also some videos (especially during the GE13 campaign) of how Guan Eng said the Chinese were treated as second, third, fourth, fifth class citizens of this country so that they get angry with the "Malay government" at that time.

Ya, watch the Christians being marginalised campaign videos by DAP too.

And they said Malays who demand justice for Adib are racists.....sigh.

A friend asked this morning why I keep "harping" on Adib's death.

Well, it's because I'm still angry and I keep receiving rememberance videos such as this one from friends who want justice for Adib and his loved ones,

I will always remember Adib. InsyaAllah.

Friday 21 December 2018

Under the hot sun, demanding justice for Adib

I really went to the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya for the Justice for Adib gathering today.

That's despite the organiser yesterday saying

Justice for Adib gathering not a rally

They said it's just to hand over a memorandum to the PM.

I told myself that I still need to be there as I'm not really happy with just expressing myself over Adib's death in this blog.

True enough, the number of people who stayed back for the gathering after Friday prayers was just less than 500.

The other jemaah were mostly rushing off back to work after prayers.

The participants of the gathering had a short tahlil recital under the hot sun before proceeding to the nearby PMO to hand over their memorandum.

There were some of the usual speeches which were mostly delivered by NGO representatives.

The only politician who delivered a speech was a guy from Amanah who despite calling for the government to take action against Adib's murderers, was jeered by some in the crowd.

There were shouts such as "baruah DAP", "sembang lebih" and "pengampu bodek".

It seemed that the crowd have little tolerance of Pakatan politicians.

Well, I also think that it's because many of the participants are Pas members and they don't really like Amanah people who are previously their fellow party members.

Other than that, everything went well before they wrapped up the gathering about 3pm.

These are some of the pictures that I took at the gathering today;

The Justice for Adib gathering in front of the Putra Mosque.

A Chinese tourist among participants of the gathering. It's quite peaceful.

Waiting for their memorandum to be received outside the PMO.

A police helicopter circling overhead.
Well, not such a bad way to spend the day.

Dear government

Dear government,

Are you going to let these Lynas workers and their family members suffer by taking away their jobs

to satisfy these politicians and their supporters

despite the review committee of experts set up by you and its members appointed by your minister said that the Lynas plant is safe?

Dear government,

Are you treating these people as racists

for demanding justice

to satisfy these politicians

after their supporters did this

and murdered this fireman who was just trying to do his job of saving lives?

Dear government

Are you so blind or are you so cruel?

Thursday 20 December 2018

I'll be in Putrajaya tomorrow


Ibu mahu lihat wajah penjenayah 

sebabkan kematian Adib


Menurut Asma Aziz, 51, dia mahu semua penjenayah terlibat termasuk dalang kejadian rusuhan itu ditahan dan dihadapkan ke muka pengadilan secepat mungkin.
"Walaupun hati saya pasti sakit tetapi saya tetap mahu tengok muka-muka mereka (kumpulan perusuh) yang sanggup buat Adib seperti itu," katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Kampung Tebengau Tepi Laut, Kuala Kedah di sini hari ini.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Malays will cool off, then business as usual

Yesterday, a friend forwarded to me a statement issued over the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

I noticed that it was issued by an association representing young Christians.

I deleted it without reading it.

I was not in the mood to hear another bullshit justifying the murder of Adib. I still am.

I can also do without all those fake sympathies and condescending calls for unity and forgiveness.

Later, another friend, a Chinese called asking how bad was the situation following news of Adib's passing.

I told him the truth - people were very angry. I am very angry.

And those who supported the murderers were not showing any sign of repentance.

The bastards.

I deleted all the comments by the usual trolls of this blog and others who tried to justify the murder of Adib.

There were plenty of them.

I noticed there were plenty of the same at other platforms.

They argued that Adib's death was accidental and that the murderers were within their right to murder Adib.

It made my blood boiled reading them.

These bastards think they are so superior that they dare to write all those comments justifying the murder of Adib and defending the instigators and defenders of the murderers.

Yes, that include the defenders of those sons of bitches Wythia Moorthy and Ganabatirau.

They are still there, smug in their position of power.

They must be thinking that, these stupid useless Malays will cool off and we can carry on with business as usual.

Malays always cool off after a while.

The temple is still there too. It's now a symbol which will remain in my mind of Adib's murder.

And it's protected by the police now, who are mostly Malays.

That's probably why those bastards were so smug and kept posting comments which made me felt murderous myself.

I don't know how long I will remain angry like this.

I don't know how long the Malays will remain angry.

After three weeks, no one has been charged over the murder of Adib.

I don't know why.

But I will keep waiting for the murderers of Adib to be hanged for what they did.

I will also keep waiting for those racists in power who instigated the murder of Adib and shielding the murderers be removed from their posts.

If this current government refuse to remove those racist bastards, then for me, it's also responsible by way of condoning their actions.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Punish the racists in power too

In this story, DPM Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said

Fireman Adib a true hero, 

crime will not go unpunished

Okay, that's good.

But it's been three weeks now and no one has yet been charged with anything.

Hopefully things will move faster now.

And I disagree with Dr Wan Azizah when she said this,


"We must remember it was not a religious or racial crime but a criminal act committed by heartless human beings," she said. 

Well, Dr Wan Azizah, why do you think those murderers beat up Adib that night?

Because he was a fireman, is it?

Or was it because he was a Malay and a Muslim?

And those murderers, why do you think they become "heartless human beings"?

Do you remember what that Selangor exco V. Ganabatirau said just hours before Adib was beaten up by his murderers?

Honestly, I'm sick of people telling me that this is not about race and religion.

So what, if this is about race and religion?

People like V. Ganabatirau and those murderers are racists and religious extremist bastards.

They called those who gathered peacefully against ICERD that day racists and now I'm calling them racists back for murdering a fireman because he was a Malay.

And we have that bastard Waytha Moorthy as minister in charge of racial unity and whatever else.

Yes, this is the man who led the Hindraf extremists, claiming that Indians were being oppressed by the Malay Muslim government and even being ethnically cleansed.

He never retracted those claims, let alone apologise for it.

When the temple riots broke out, he never tried to calm things down until Adib was beaten up and reported to be in critical condition.

He only put up a show of sympathy after realising that the whole thing could blow up in his racist face.

And after all that he still panders to the temple people who lied about how Adib sustained his injuries.

Well, if Dr Wan Azizah wants to talk about punishing those responsible for the murder of fireman Adib, she must also talk about punishing racists like Ganabatirau and Waytha Moorthy who instigated and defended the actual murderers from their seat of power in the government.

And that temple which breeds murderous religious extremists must cease to exist, the same way it should be for mosques, churches and other places which breed murderous religious extremists.

These liars at the temple must be punished too,

Monday 17 December 2018

Rest in peace, Adib

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

Semoga Allah menempatkan arwah Adib dikalangan mereka yang dikasihiNya.

When it first started,

Prayers for Muhammad Adib 

and after that,

Muhammad Adib was ran 
over by fire engine? 

and later on,

IGP maintains firefighter Muhammad 
Adib was attacked

I'm very sad.

But I also have this anger and burning hatred in my heart at this moment,

The murderers as well as those who instigated and defended them must suffer the maximum punishment.

Please pay back PTPTN loans, it's beyond politics now

My friend Ai wrote this post in her now mothballed Big Cat blog back in April 2012, at the height of the Pakatan's anti-PTPTN campaign ,

Chinese students are better

Some "student activists" were camping at Dataran Merdeka at that time to demand free education and shutting down of PTPTN.

Backing them were Pakatan leaders who used the issue as a campaign material.

Ai wrote,

Anyway, the article reminds me of a conversation I had with someone close to me about nine years ago.

Well, that someone is actually my mother. Ai has always been close to my mother.

This is what she wrote about the conversation with my mother;


Deep down inside at that time, I knew she was right. We can't continue pouring money to help undeserving people. They will just ask for more and more. They are just incapable of thinking responsibly and will always believe that everyone else need to give them everything that they want. These are the shameless Malays. These are the type that are camping at the Dataran Merdeka.

Don't they realise that the money they demand be given to them actually belong to all Malaysians including the poor who pay the taxes in one form or another? Yes, that includes the Petronas money. That one is also duit rakyat, ok?

Don't they have any maruah claiming that they can't be paying back that money once they graduated and have a good job? 

Don't they realise that they already have it easy?

The person I had that argument, for instance, spent two years as a waitress at a restaurant in Singapore before saving enough to continue her studies in Taiwan. No scholarships or even loan despite her being among the top students in her school.

If she is a Malay, definitely she can get a place in UiTM, complete with PTPTN loan. I am certain she will gladly pay back the loan once she finished her studies, and probably think how wonderful of the government to provide such a loan facility for her.

But as it turned out, the tough road she went through turned out to be a blessing for her. It trained her to be tough and street wise....much better than me, in fact. She is now successful and as far as I am concern have the bragging right of being the winner of our past arguments on this matter. Well, good for her.

That was over six years ago.

Pakatan had continued the anti-PTPTN campaign all the way through the general election in 2013 and right up to the GE14 in May this year.

And it won.

Now, as everyone knows, the Pakatan government, set up following the victory realised that it's almost impossible to provide free education or even to waive the PTPTN debts.

It even went through quite a bit of problem managing the repayment of those debts, causing a lot of anger among especially those who have been paying their loans as per required of them.

Of course those who have not been paying are making the noisier racket as in the past.

As a result, the PTPTN people had backed down and just a few days ago said

PTPTN to carry out detailed study 

on loan repayment method

Personally, I'm glad they have decided on that.

They should not cause hardship for those who have been paying just because there are those who are shameless enough not to pay their PTPTN loans.

Whatever it is, the PTPTN borrowers need to pay back their loans.

Really, this is beyond politics.

Pakatan politicians such as Syed Saddiq who became a minister after exploiting the issue back then should just shut up and stop trying to be a hero now that the whole thing has turned the other way around.

Others who also flip flopped on PTPTN such as finance minister Guan Eng should do the same.

They should stop their current bullshit on the issue.

They are just making things look worse for the government.

They should instead apologise to the students, PTPTN borrowers and all Malaysians for the empty promises.

Maybe that could cool off the public anger a bit.

Let the PTPTN people sort out the mess, or even better help them in whatever way possible.

Let them come up with the best possible way to enable borrowers pay back their PTPTN loans without causing them too much hardship.

As for those anti-Pakatan people, I think you all should ease off on this one for now as the main thing is to get people pay back the loans so that we can help finance the future generation of students who need the PTPTN loan facilities.

If you all are still sore with Pakatan people who promised the students the sun, moon and stars over the PTPTN issue, let the people be the judge of that in the next general election.

To the PTPTN borrowers, especially those who refused to pay back their loans, please read back what Ai wrote above.

Her message was more or less the same as Dr Mahathir's

No matter what others would say, Dr Mahathir has always been consistent that those who borrowed money must pay back.

It's not after all him who made the empty promises such as providing free education and abolishing PTPTN.

They were made way before he joined Pakatan by irresponsible politicians who are now in power.

Friday 14 December 2018

About Yeo Bee Yin's condescending letter (updated)

Okay, apparently the Pakatan anti-Lynas people got quite excited over an open letter yesterday from minister in charge of environment Yeo Bee Yin to Lynas workers whose workplace she is trying to shut down.

Some went to my last posting about Dr Mahathir and Proton X70, which has nothing to do with Lynas, and started to bitch about that letter.

Ya, they did that despite claiming that they were tired of me writing about the Lynas issue which they said is outdated and boring.

The letter was quite long but basically, Yeo Bee Yin was telling the Lynas workers that she is sweet, nice and cares for them and that if they lose their job, it's because the Lynas management refused to take care of the residue of their plant in Gebeng Kuantan due to greed.

The Pakatan people were really lapping it up.

Especially, the part where Yeo Bee Yin said the amount of residue was so dangerously huge and that Lynas had promised to ship it to Australia.

Well, I don't actually want to write too much about it because I know the Pakatan trolls will just turn around and say I'm spinning (maybe even racial spinning too :).

So, since it's about the residue, lets look at what the Lynas review committee, which was set up by the Pakatan government and expert members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin herself, has to say about it.

This is from page 57 of the committee's report;

So how? Okay or not.

For the residue, got words such as "dikendalikan dengan sempurna" and "menunjukan hasil yang positif dan berpotensi untuk dikomersialkan".

The committee - (again I repeat) set-up by Pakatan government and members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin - said Lynas was doing exactly what they were told to do by the authorities and there was no danger from the residue of the plant. In fact the residue could even be turned into useful stuff.

The committee - (again I repeat) set-up by Pakatan government and members appointed by Yeo Bee Yin - went to the plant to check things out (properly I believe) and came out with the report, but of course Yeo Bee Yin, who has never been to (and refused to visit) the plant  doesn't like it and made her own conclusions to suit her political agenda.

Yup instead of considering the committee's report, she straight goes to "you ship out the residue or we'll shut you down" and "you refuse to ship out the residue because you are greedy money grabbing bastards".


For the answer, read this previous post of mine again, okay;

Why Yeo Bee Yin and gang want to close down Lynas

Anyway, for the part where she said she cares for the Lynas workers.....this one I have to laugh, okay.

She never even wants to see them.

Yes, Lynas invited her multiple times to visit the plant in Gebeng, Kuantan to check the place herself and also meet the workers there.

You know, any caring minister would have accepted the invitation. After all, the livelihood of hundreds of workers is at stake here and the welfare of their families will be affected.

But no....she didn't want to go. For her, Lynas and everyone associated with it are enemies. That's the DAP mentality as I understand it.

That's how she sees them from the start.

And when she sent in the committee, which members she herself appointed to check on the plant, she refused to follow its findings and recommendations, which didn't point towards the closure of those people's workplace.

Seriously, you all think she cares about those workers losing their job and finding it difficult to support their families. Think again. They are not even her type of people.

She tried to sound nice in the letter merely because that's the expected public relation exercise.

To me, she just sounds condescending.

If she is really sincere about those Lynas people, she should at least visit their work place, meet them and get to know them.

Then she would know that there are among those people whose livelihood she was tyring to take away for her political agenda, individuals such as a single mother who is rising seven children on her own, a man who lost his leg in an accident and given a job by Lynas at its office and a girl from one of the villages near the plant whose education was financed by the company since she was in school and later given a job there so that she could support  her poor family.

There are many more such individuals working for Lynas and the orang kampung near the plant who support the existence of the Lynas plant there because it benefits their community. Yeo Bee Yin should meet and talk to them.

Those are real people, I'm talking about, okay.

Then again, I believe Yeo Bee Yin sees them as mere statistics that not worth her time to meet.

All that she cares for is the political mileage to be gain by shutting down those people's workplace.

And when she said in the letter that she is in Poland, I really laughed aloud.

Biodiversity conference or something....err, Yeo Bee Yin, you didn't tell people ka your own state of Johor got three Ramsar sites in danger?

Yeo Bee Yin, you stay there so long ka?

All those past months you can't see them? Why? So busy is it?

Hey Yeo Bee Yin, you are taking away their livelihood and causing them and their family to suffer and you didn't even bother to check on them.

That's not nice okay.

UPDATES at 08:23 Dec 15 2018

Lynas refutes minister further

KUALA LUMPUR – December 14, 2018: Lynas Corporation Ltd. has clarified that the letters of undertaking concerning the removal of its residue that it signed in 2012 requires the company to first find out if the residue can be recycled.
If that fails, Lynas must then store the residue in a permanent depository facility (PDF), failing which the residue must be taken out of Malaysia, explained the company in a statement today following a claim that the letters were proof of Lynas’ non-compliance.
“The letter signed by the then Lynas executive chairman on February 23, 2012, explicitly states that Lynas Corporation Australia hereby gives a full undertaking to, if necessary, remove from Malaysia all wastes generated by the Lynas Advance Material Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, during the temporary operating licence’s (TOL) period,” says the statement.
The Atomic Energy Licensing Board had issued three consecutive operating licences to Lynas — the September 2012 to September 2014 TOL, and the September 2014 to September 2016 and September 2016 to September 2019 full operating licences.
The issue of residue-removal non-compliance was highlighted by Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin yesterday when she questioned the commitment of Lynas to remove its residue from Malaysia.
While Yeo claimed that it would only cost Lynas about 10 per cent of its earnings to export the residue, the company retorted that her figures were inaccurate and that she misquoted the analysts who Yeo based her arguments from.
“The analyst also referenced Lynas’ security deposit paid to the Malaysian government’s AELB (not insurance) which had, as one of its purposes, the establishment of a permanent deposit facility.
“In reaching his view, the analyst had assumed that this deposit would be used to pay for some of the cost of exporting the WLP (Lynas’ residue), on the basis that a permanent deposit facility would no longer be required,” states Lynas.
The company’s latest tangle with the ministry happened after the latter ordered it to export its WLP residue which contradicts an independent review committee’s recommendation that the residue be permanently stored in a PDF, which it is currently working on.
In the review from the committee formed by the ministry, Lynas earned a favourable verdict and was vindicated from any malpractice but yet the ministry made decisions contradicting the committee’s findings and recommendations, something which Lynas finds most inappropriate.