Monday 30 July 2018

Still disturbed by the Reds

Tiring day.

Drove back to KL and straight to work in the morning.

Lot of things happening but none really interest me to write about them.

Most were expected anyway.

Such as Dr Mahathir becoming the new chairman of Khazanah.

I think you all better read about those things at the news portals or newspapers.

No need for someone like me to comment on them.

You all are smart people, so you all should form your own opinion about those things, okay.

For a simple person like me, I rather stick to simple things which directly affect me these days.

Talk so much also no point.

Well, so far so life is more or less still the same.

So, I'm okay.

Anyway, I'm still thinking of those New Malaysia people who are so into

I have to admit that it disturbed me.

But I think for this one, instead of me writing another round of lecture about communism, it's better if I just point to you a Russian movie about it.

It's quite good.

Go to this link at YouTube to watch it;

I'm not putting the video here because it's not really suitable for young audience.

Okay, it's actually a horrifying movie.

This is from a scene of the movie,

And it's not even the worst scene.

I think it could have happened in this country if the communists had won the Emergency back then.

And those people wanted them to be given recognition the same way as this country's founding fathers.

Well, that movie is really for matured audience

For younger people, I think you all watch this enough la,

For full movie, please go here;

Sunday 29 July 2018

Rewriting history

I just have breakfast.

Ketupat palas with serunding and nasi impit.


Sat under the Japanese bamboo trees in front of the house for awhile.

It's very quiet and peaceful here.

Not like KL at all.

Then I received this WhatsApp message with this poster,

What nonsense are they up to over there, I wondered.

Rewriting history.

Preaching about the good communists.

Reeducating the Malays?

Well, there's this one,

With BN out of power,

 let's tell our true history,

 says ex-communist fighter

Au, who speaks fluent Malay, stopped school after primary 2.
He spent nearly a decade fighting with the CPM’s 10th Regiment, which had many Malay fighters, during which time he said he had learned everything from politics to economy.
Au said he was among those who welcomed PH’s victory in the May 9 polls.
“The Umno-led Barisan Nasional’s policies weren’t good for the people,” he added.

Whatever lah.

This is New Malaysia, okay.

Malaysians voted for all these and we should respect their wishes.

As for the communists, the closest I got to them was when I was invited as an observer to the 18th national congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.

That's in Beijing lah.

That's when Xi Jinping was made the party's secretary-general....more or less the same way as Guan Eng was made the secretary-general of DAP.

But of course, Jinping's father was not the supremo of Communist Party of China.

I have to say that I don't mind the communists so much at that time, except the guy who was assigned to be my minder who was so kepoh and wanted to know even what I think about his party.

The guy was tall and handsome and an officer in the People's Liberation Army. Can't be too cross with him though as he was just doing his job.

Well, except for the tight monitoring, I did enjoy the whole thing.

I think I'm just among the few Malaysians who had the privilege of attending such an event at the Great Hall of the People.

If you ask me, I don't think China is much of a communist country anymore.

So many rich people there now.

If there are rich people, then there must be poor people too.

So much for the equality concept of communism.

I even saw a pink Ferrari at the Beijing's Bar Street.

Maybe we could have seen a pink Ferrari in Bangsar if the communists had won the insurgency back then during the Emergency.

Maybe that's why they want to rewrite history now.

Okay, here's a video you should watch before we start rewriting the history of this country,

Saturday 28 July 2018

A good political movie

Relaxing at my friend's place.

Writing this short one to pass the time.

My friend's son switched on his favourite TVN Movies channel of Astro just now.

There was this movie playing,

The Mayor

Just finished watching it with the boy and I think it's quite good.

Here is the trailer,

Watch it if you have the time and learn how politicians play the game.

Everything is not what it seems in politics.

The lies, manipulations, hiding of dirty secrets, etc....all swallowed up by the unsuspecting public.

It's as realistic as it gets. Really.

Well, that's all for now.

My friend had prepared lunch.

We are having chicken rice.

My friend is a really good cook.


Friday 27 July 2018

A note on Johor

A close friend who is a member of my team back during the defence of Johor in 2013 went down there the other day to do some work.

Just like me, my friend is not an Umno member but was supportive of the party and tried to help it at that time basically because of the then Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

Both of us are Johoreans now based in KL and we like Ghani because he's a good guy.

My friend shared this with me, which I think I could share with you all;

Chatted with a couple of people while I was down there.  Asked them:

1.  What actually happened on the ground.  Why such a huge loss?

Person 1: Public sentiment was too intense against Umno/BN, they no longer had the rakyat trust and their explanations fell on deaf ears.  Rakyat simply believe whatever misinformation they were fed and blocked anything coming from Umno.  The Pakatan campaign was based on lies, misinformation, twisted facts won the election for them and Umno/BN had no chance.  The government will continue with the campaign even after achieving Putrajaya to divert public attention from actual facts because they need the blame game to continue until they manage their own inadequacies.

In Johor, public sentiments against the Palace contributed too, but now they are realising that they cannot depend on Mahathir nor the Pakatan parties to protect them from the rapacious Palace.  The actual word being used was "api dalam sekam", people felt betrayed by Umno/BN and turned to Pakatan hoping that Pakatan will do something about it.

The turnover of Kota Tinggi to PPBM was at the Palace behest.  They needed more PPBM seats so they all turned Pakatan and got terminated by Umno.  At least one had expressed regret over the turnover, but what happened, happened.  Seems like the Pakatan is more of a pushover when it comes to the Palace when compared to Umno.

Mahathir had no time for Johor, despite all the indications of his distaste for the excesses of the Johor Palace, but he has not once paid any attention to it since winning the PMO.

My take is, at the moment Najib takes precedent in his agenda as Najib is not doing what Mahathir and gang are expecting him to do, i.e. get all scared after the first round of harassments and leave the country, at least Rosmah was expected to leave the country, I think, but neither did.

2.  Why was the loss not forecasted and necessary action taken to at least minimise the impact of the swing vote if that was what it was.

According to a second source, the previous Pengerusi Perhubungan was out of touch with the grassroots, relying on the people around him to feed him with information, which did not even tally with the Division leaders' own reading of what's happening on the ground. Not only was he detached from the ground, he was also detached from the Division leaders, neither was he accessible to people other than his appointed officers.

Presently Pakatan administration has not stabilised yet as apparently the MB has difficulty taking on his responsibilities fully as apparently he lacks the experience, knowledge and depth to understand/digest what the State Officers are trying to bring him up-to-date to.  They also lack quality leadership at mid-level down, and even have difficulty appointing Ahli Majlis.  Some areas have also been neglected because they simply had been no Ahli Majlis assigned to take care of them.

Well, that's the latest I have from someone who has actually recently been on the ground in Johor, the once tiang seri of Umno.

I was last there during the election. So, I can't comment much on it myself.

Today is Friday again and I'm going outstation later this evening.

I'm planning a quiet weekend outside KL. But not in Johor as I don't have the heart to go there for now.

Hope you all have a good weekend too.

Here, enjoy this zapin Johor. The singer is from my hometown.


Wednesday 25 July 2018

About sharing the Bernas cake


By Lebai Sudin

Aku terbaca berita dalam utusan online dua hari lalu, Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Salahuddin Ayub mahu kek ekonomi yang ada pada BERNAS dikongsi bersama.

Ayat macam ini, aku rasa pasti jadi popular. Ini ayat orang politik yang sedap didengar. Ramai orang suka dengar ayat macam itu dan orang yang buat kenyataan seperti ini biasanya disanjung dan dipuji.

Salahuddin cakap begitu kepada wartawan selepas 3 jam mendengar taklimat FAMA. Tiga jam dengar taklimat FAMA, tapi buat kenyataan pasal Bernas. Barangkali soal nak tamatkan monopoli BERNAS (satu lagi ayat popular) akan buatkan pemimpin dilihat hebat.

Dia kata lagi, kerajaan tak kan kompromi dalam isu keselamatan makanan. Nah..beras soal isu keselamatan makanan. BERNAS yang memikul tugas dan tanggjungjawab nasional menjaga keselamatan makanan.

Apa dia yang BERNAS jaga? Aku search selama ini dan faham adalah begini…

Selain sebagai pengedar beras, BERNAS kena stok beras negara, pembeli terakhir padi petani (BERNAS wajib beli padi petani yang pihak swasta lain tak nak beli), menguruskan skim pengilang bumiputera dan agih harga padi subsidi kepada petani bagi pihak kerajaan.

Bagi membolehkan BERNAS melaksanakan tugas negara, yang diwarisinya daripada LPN, kerajaan beri hak mengimport beras kepada BERNAS. Sama macam ketika LPN dulu, iaitu sejak 1974. BERNAS terbit apabila LPN diswastakan pada 1996.

Bukan pengimport tunggal pun, yang macam ramai orang faham, cuma kerajaan tak beri kepada orang lain. Sebab isu keselamatan makananlah.. kalau beri sesuka hati, macam mana kerajaan nak lindungi bekalan beras ini.

Yang sibuk sangat pasal monopoli BERNAS, sebenarnya hanyalah AP import tu. Ramai kot yang nak AP tu.. itulah juga yang Menteri sibuik nak orang kongsi kek.. abis…kek yang tanggungjawab nasional tu, tak nak kongsi ke?

Boleh ke keselamatan makanan utama (beras) ini dijaga dan dilindungi apabila kerja import beras diberi secara terbuka atas ayat popular kongsi kek ekonomi. Macam mana kerajaan nak control pasaran ini?

Bila kerajaan terus beri hanya kepada BERNAS import beras, ia adalah mekanisme utama nak jaga pasaran beras tempatan disebablan cabaran volatiliti harga beras antarabangsa. BERNAS jadi “gatekeeping” melindungi industri padi dan beras tempatan.

Kita kena memastikan harga beras stabil dan berpatutan. Kena pastikan bekalan beras cukup di seluruh negara. Standard dan kualitinya terjamin.

Salahuddin tak bimbang ke beras tempatan hilang pasaran pada waktu harga beras antarabangsa rendah?

Dasar macam ini, kalau tak salah aku… Indonesia, Vitenam, Pakistan dan China pun buat benda yang sama. Nak jaga keselamatan makanan negara, kena fokus dan kontrol bukannya nak faraid ramai-ramai.

Sebenarnya, BERNAS hanya import 30 peratus daripada keperluan beras negara. Bukan sewenang-wenangnya bawa masuk. BERNAS kena patuh kepada soal ini. Lagi pun, aku dapat tahu yang kerajaan letak wakil dalam lembaga BERNAS Wakil tu pula, maksud kerajaan lah.. ada kuasa veto dalam lembaga tu. Maknanya, kerajaan boleh tolak/halang atau batalkan sahaja apa-apa yang BERNAS buat tak betul.

Dan lagi satu, tak wujud isu monopoli oleh BERNAS dalam industri beras kerana ada lebih 200 kilang beras di mana cuma 30 daripadanya milik BERNAS. Ada lebih 3,400 pemborong dan hanya 13 adalah anak syarikat BERNAS. Ada lebih 42,000 peruncit dan BERNAS langsung tak terlibat.

Yang BERNAS bersendirian, ialah import beras bagi pihak kerajaan untuk menjaga kepentingan pasaran tempatan dan bekalan beras negara.

Aku harap jawatan kuasa teknikal diketuai Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, teliti betul-betul hal ini. Katanya, akan ada model baru bagi menggantikan fungsi BERNAS. Harap-harap ia berkesan untuk menjaga keselamatan makanan utama negara kita, bukan setakat nak liberalkan import beras untuk kongsi kek.

Dan jangan lupa YB Salahuddin, ada lebih 145,000 orang pesawah padi, yang sebenarnya patut diberikan tumpuan. Masalah peringkat pengeluaran inilah yang lebih kritikal.

Sefaham aku, kita tak ada masalah dari segi selepas tuai, sama ada peringkat mengilang, mengedar dan runcit, termasuklah juga import. Tetapi peringkat pengeluaran, yang mana pesawah kita tak sehebat Thailand dan Vietnam…pesawah kita jauh ketinggalan dari segi hasil dan inovatif. Ini yang selalu dibangkitkan oleh penyelidik.

Ini kerana hasil pesawahlah yang memastikan beras tempatan berkualiti. Soal tanah, benih, baja, pengairan dan saliran, penjagaan, sistem tuai dan sebagainya. Mereka ini lebih memerlukan sentuhan kerajaan dan pembelaan, bukannya pihak yang sibuk timbulkan soal import beras.

Import beras telah dimomokkan seolah-olahnya ia masalah besar kepada negara, seolah-olahnya ialah perosak industri beras, penghalang kepada pengawalan keselamatan makanan utama negara.

Apakah, industri beras negara jadi hebat, teratur dan berkesan apabila kerja import beras untuk 30 peratus bekalan ini, dibuka kepada banyak pihak atas nama nak kongsi kek?

Tepuk dada, tanya hati dan akal masing-masing.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tabung Haji is okay la

Someone asked me to check on this July 13 headline the other day and it made me wondered what the complaints were really all about,

TH dituntut kembalikan

 penginapan percuma

Apparently, there's this guy Datuk Abu Baker Sidek who is unhappy with the new arrangement at the new Tabung Haji complex in Sepang.

“Selama bertahun-tahun, bakal jemaah haji daripada Kedah, Perak dan lain-lain negeri diberi penginapan secara percuma selama satu hari sebelum ke Tanah Suci tetapi tidak lagi bermula musim ini,” katanya yang mendapat aduan daripada jemaah haji.

Well, the Sinar Harian report didn't say how many complaints the guy received or why the pilgrims complained to him instead of to Tabung Haji.

The report said Tabung Haji had not responded to Sinar Harian but it nonetheless quoted an official as saying,

Kakitangan TH itu berkata, bermula tahun ini, bakal jemaah haji dari negeri-negeri akan melaporkan diri di cawangan TH di negeri masing-masing dan akan transit di KLIA sebelum meneruskan penerbangan ke Tanah Suci.
“Tempoh menunggu untuk ke Tanah Suci tidaklah mengambil masa yang lama sehinggakan bakal jemaah perlu menginap,” katanya.
Difahamkan, bakal jemaah dan waris yang mahu menginap, TH menyediakan bilik di Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre (MHCC) di Sepang tetapi kos penginapan ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh jemaah.

So, I was wondering what's the real problem.

As the official said, it doesn't take long to check in for the flight that the pilgrims have to stay overnight at the complex. If they still choose to do so, then they could stay at the hotel.

Otherwise, they could just come to the complex on time and take the flight just like any other people going on an overseas trip. I can't really see the problem here.

Well, apparently the complaint had been taken up by several pro-BN social media warriors to whack the PH government, saying that such things never happened before.

Come on guys, you all got it wrong la.

It was a purely Tabung Haji's decision and it has a valid answer to the complaints.

I checked with my friend at Tabung Haji just now and this is his WhatsApp reply;

"Jemaah yg dikatakan ramai tu sebenarnya waris yang hantar jemaah. Kalau ada 500 jemaah nak berlepas biasanya sampai 5,000 waris yg hantar.

"Sebenarnya dulu pun di Kompleks TH Kelana Jaya kita hanya sediakan bilik untuk jemaah outstation dan itu pun kira first come first serve basis.

"Sekarang dah ada 7 stesen berlepas. Kemudahan hotel sebelum ni untuk jemaah outstation dah tak perlu  lagi sebab ada feeder flights."

That should answer the matter, I think.

Whatever it is, I think Muslims in this country should move on from the mentality of demanding freebies.

Enough of the free accommodation, free food, free clothes etc.

We are better than that,

This is New Malaysia, okay.

The BN government which used to pamper us is no more.

Just be more disciplined and be where we need to be on time.

I believe those are what Islam wants of us, after all.

Anyway, Tabung Haji has done so much for the pilgrims with all those subsidies and other excellent services.

Okay, here's a video about the new Tabung Haji complex, and no one seems to be complaining about it there;

Monday 23 July 2018

New Malaysia promises

I thought of this scenario as I was driving to work. I'm writing it down for fun, okay.


Man :
Your boyfriend is a cheat. I have all the evidence that he cheated on you. Dump him and be my girlfriend instead. I promise I will marry you and buy you a car, a bungalow, several condos, millions ringgit of jewellery, holiday trip to Japan and many more nice things.  I'll do  all these within 100 days after you become my girlfriend.

Woman :
Oh so nice. Ya la, I always suspect my current boyfriend is cheating on me. He's also very stingy. Always calculate everything before buying me anything. Holiday also never take me overseas. Go Langkawi the most. Okay, I'll dump him. But, you promise har....marry and buy me all those nice stuff within 100 days after I become your girlfriend. Can?

Man : Of course can. I'm a good man, not like your useless current boyfriend. I sure keep my promises one.


Woman :
Eh, how come you still not marry and buy me nice stuff yet. It's almost 100 days since I dumped my ex-boyfriend to be with you. You remember your promises or not?

Man : patient la. Now still cannot. I didn't calculate properly at that time when I promise you those stuff. Now only I realise not enough money. Give me some more time, okay. This is all you ex-boyfriends' fault.

Woman :
But you promised....I even slept with you already because you promised me all that....can you keep your promises or not?

Man :
Eh, promise is not the Bible la. No need to follow everything one. When I can, I keep my promises la. You don't nag me like this, okay.

Woman :
Sob, sob....but at least you marry me la hor....I slept with you already....if I become pregnant, how?

Man :
Aiyo....that one is for five years plan one, not 100 days. You cannot remember ka? Now keep quiet. I want to make love to you again. I know you like it. Don't talk so much. You want, right?

Woman ;
Eerrrr.....okay. But you promise marry me after this.

Man :
Okay okay....I'll marry you. I promise.

Woman ;
Within 100 days?

Man ;
Eh...shut up la. Lie down and just enjoy the ride, okay.

For similar scenario, please click this link to Bernama website and read what Mahfuz Omar said

Minimum wage promise is Pakatan Harapan's five-year plan 

But of course, Saifuddin Abdullah said

PH not flip flopping on general election promises

Don't know lah.

Anyway, it's actually not so bad.

Last time I promised to join DAP if Khaled Nordin wins the Umno election and becomes a vice-president.

The guy actually did that.

I was like, " I really have to kow tow to Guan Eng and gang."

Then I remember that nowadays we don't really have to keep our promises anymore.

New Malaysia what.

Hey, I also don't know before I made that promise that Umno people are so adamant on being led by someone like Khaled, okay.

Same like PH people when they made the election promises, which they are not keeping la.

Guan Eng said he and the gang didn't know the promises can't be kept, right?

Friday 20 July 2018

Umno people, be nice

PH lost another assemblyman today,

Balakong assemblyman killed in accident

Selangor Menteri Besar said

Death of Balakong rep great
 loss for Pakatan Harapan 

I don't know Eddie Ng but would like to express my sympathy for the decease's family and love ones.

I also wish to express my unhappiness with this comment by former Federal Territories Umno Youth deputy chief Datuk Razlan Rafii,

Eddie mati, kurang kaki fitnah 

That's not nice, okay.

We shouldn't say things like that when our political enemies died.

We need to be more civilised in this New Malaysia.

I hope for us Malaysians, especially Umno people in this case, not to do or say things like what Razlan did.

You all are better than that.

I know, you all are the opposition now, but that does not mean you should do nasty things such as coming out with this sort of video,

Please don't curse you political enemies like that.

Be better than them, okay.

Well, at least don't la put Christian song for what was supposed to be a Taoist ritual.

Don't offend people for no reason.

Thank you.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Guan Eng, are you really stupid or is it just your poor BM ?

A friend forwarded this to me just now and I was like,
Alamak Guan Eng, this is not how a finance ministry should issue its press statement.

This sounds very kindergarten like, okay.

Hello, you are the finance minister now la.

Why still want to quarrel like that?

Just do your job.

Implement the SST and if you are right, all the prices of goods will go down and you will be the hero.

Why get so upset and issued such a silly press statement like that?

Is it because Guan Eng already knew that once SST is enforced, prices of goods will be even worse?

But still, he shouldn't lose his cool and turned childlike.

Seriously, now I'm really beginning to believe that Guan Eng is indeed stupid.

Actually, all these while I was just joking around about him not being bright enough.

I know that Guan Eng is an accountant and accountants are not stupid.

But now I'm not so sure anymore after reading that Guan Eng's childish statement.

Maybe there are stupid accountants.

Or is it his Bahasa Malaysia is not so good that the statement came out all stupid like that?

Maybe I should check his Chinese press statement....hmmm, see how lah.

Anyway, the guy who forwarded me the press statement also sent me this, saying it may help Guan Eng and his supporters to have some understanding of GST and SST;

Our Finance Minister does not seem to understand why there is a RM23b gap between GST and SST collections.

Let's get the basic out of the way first so we can agree on this:

*_Because zero-rating GST since last month did not see any drop in prices and some prices actually increased, imposing two new taxes - a 10% sales tax and a 6% service tax - WILL INCREASE prices for some goods and services. There will also be no reduction in prices compared to prices today_*

Okay, since we agree on the above, let's move on.

- The additional RM23b reduction in collection is because businessmen will now get to evade taxes because the self-policing system of GST no longer applies.
- Businessmen will now charge and collect service tax but will not remit to the government - just like before.
- The underworld and black economy (ah long, robbers, prostitutes and pimps, triads, pirated DVD sellers) which do not declare their business will no longer be paying  GST when they buy stuff.
- Also, the tourists and foreign workers who were previously paying GST no longer needs to pay any tax as they will not be buying goods such as white-goods or cars which will be hit by sales tax.

That is where the RM23b gone to while us everyday ordinary people have to contend with higher prices - even higher than before GST was zero-rated.

That is where your RM23b went. But did it go to the right persons?

Do you understand now, Mr. Finance Minister?

Can the Finance Minister give an assurance that no prices will increase after SST is implemented in September? Can he promise that prices will drop in September?

If not, just admit that you have screwed us, screwed our economic system and put us back into the dark ages of a tax system that few countries in the world still uses.


So how?

Aiya,  don't worry too much  lah.

I think once the SST is back in place and if stuff get more expensive than before, we should all just adjust our personal budget again.

Eat kangkung enough la ya.

But if things get so bad that we couldn't adjust anymore, then we can always ask the government to revert back to GST.

Maybe it's okay if PH is the one implementing the GST....unlike BN-Umno.

Here's a good explanation on GST,
Just click on the link, okay.


Tuesday 17 July 2018

Umno, are you jumping into the river with your pumpkins?


By Lebai Sudin

Beberapa jam selepas namanya diumumkan sebagai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali menolak lantikan itu. Aku rasa tindakan Bekas Peguam Negara itu betul. Dia tak mahu ada persepsi negatif atau orang akan kaitkan dengan tugasnya sebelum ini, termasuk ketika jadi hakim.

Dalam bab ni, aku puji sikap Apandi. Aku bukannya kenal Apandi, sekadar kenal dia sebaga AG je la. Namun, khabarnya Apandi pernah aktif politik..pernah juga jadi calon pun. Itu aku kurang pasti.

Yang pasti, dia tidak mahu dirinya menjadi beban kepada Umno. Umno yang nak bangkit semula itu, perlukan wajah baru, sifat baru, sikap baru, karektor baru dan serba baru..baru..baru..baru… kalau Umno mahu memenangi semula hati rakyat.

Kalau tak, Umno jadi  seperti Si Luncai Terjun Dengan Labu-Labunya, Biarkan..Biarkan..

Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi nak Umno diiringi dengan nyanyian biarkan..biarkan ke?

Kalau tak, kenapa Ahli-Ahli MT dan mereka yang dilantiknya mengisi jawatan-jawatan penting parti termasuk pengerusi-pengerusi perhubungan, macam mempelawa lagu si luncai dinyanyikan untuk Umno?

Kenapa lantik mereka dalam kalangan nama-nama yang berlegar di sekeliling kepimpinan Najib Razak? Aku nak sebut nama-nama tu kat sini pun terasa seperti… aduh! penatnya…. tengoklah sendiri senarai tu dan nilailah sendiri.

Zahid announces list of new Umno supreme council members

List of new state Umno leaders

Ok lah..ahli-ahli Umno dalam pemilihan baru-baru ini dah memilih kepimpinan parti dan barisan MT yang nampaknya macam tak berapa nak berubah ahli-ahli Umno ini. Melihatkan keadaan itu, ramai yang berasa Umno macam tak serik-serik.

Ok lah.. sukar nak memastikan puluhan ribu ahli Umno yang mengundi itu mengambil iktibar PRU 14?.. Tapi ini, Zahid seorang sahaja yang punya kuasa dan buat lantikan, masih juga tidak ambil iktibar daripada PRU 14?…Zahid…Zahid..

Dah lah Zahid gitu, mereka yang dilantiknya itu pula, tidak terfikir ke sepertimana Apandi berfikir? Masih tak sedar-sedar ke?.. Masih lagi mahu mendabik dada dan mendongak ke langit ke…

Umno dah tidak boleh menampilkan barisan kepimpinan yang hanya cakapnya lantang. Rakyat tidak dapat menerima pemimpin yang pekak kepada pandangan mereka. Pemimpin pada kaca mata rakyat, bukan mereka yang sibuk berniaga dan buat harta. Pemimpin yang mengumpul konco-konco dan kroni-kroni, tidak dapat diterima lagi.

Sudah berlalu zaman pemimpin menyuruh rakyat itu dan ini, menasihatkan rakyat begitu dan begini, menegur rakyat supaya bersatu dan mempertahan pertiwi, sedangkan mereka mementingkan diri dan menjamu kroni.

Jangan cakap sahaja berdegar-degar, tahi terselit di celah gelegar dan berkokok nyaring walhal ekor bergelumang dengan tahi.

Setiap daripada mereka yang bersama-sama mempertahankan Najib dan sama-sama menyebabkan Umno kecundang kali pertama dalam sejarah PRU tanah air, sepatutnya mampu menilai diri.

Mereka seharusnya tahu apakah mereka diterima oleh rakyat.. bukan ahli Umno..tapi rakyat. Ahli Umno mengundi untuk menentukan pemimpin parti mereka, rakyat mengundi untuk memilih parti yang akan memerintah negara dan bangsa.

Kalau pemimpin parti itu tidak disenangi rakyat, maka parti itu tidak akan dipilih. Itulah yang berlaku dalam PRU 14.

Tak kan itu pun tak faham-faham. Budak sekolah rendah pun faham.. atau memang pemimpin Umno ini nak terjun dengan labu-labunya.. maka rakyat pun akan terus berkata, Biarkan!..Biarkan!…

Anifah and KJ are right

I have to say that I agreed when

Anifah and KJ say walkout

 not warranted for protest

Quite brave of them, I think.

Seriously, did the opposition MPs needed to do that?

It's kinda silly and maybe even childish.

I think they need to do better than that.

It's just like the stupid old opposition again.

PH people staged many walkouts too when they were the opposition.

Of course they were being silly back then.

But that shouldn't be an excuse for staging the walkout yesterday.

In my humble opinion, BN people need to be better as the opposition than the PH people.

They shouldn't walk out over something which I think was a small issue the way their predecessors used to do.

It's indeed silly because later on, they were sworn in as MPs in front of the new speaker guy whose appointment they had just protested against..

I think the opposition MPs should reserve their more dramatic actions for more serious occasions.

If they pull such stunts for everything they wanted to protest in parliament, then I think the people would not like it too much.

They are there to represent the people and if they stage a walkout too often, then that's tantamount to not doing their duty of providing checks and balances to the PH government.

They need to be smarter next time.

And I don't really like this

Najib: Khairy, Anifah should explain

 why they stayed 

I don't think Najib should be the one who said that.

Even if the intention was good, it should be voiced out by Zahid as opposition leader and not Najib.

Najib is after all just an opposition MP now, the same as Anifah and KJ.

I think he should just concentrate on his ongoing legal battle, or at the very least, restricts his attack against PH.

That way I think the people will be more sympathetic towards him.

Well, whatever it is, to be more positive I think yesterday's incident in parliament showed that democracy is still alive in this country, even among the opposition parties.

Yes, that includes Umno too.

No blind loyalty or herd mentality there.

Hopefully they will learn from the whole thing.

Monday 16 July 2018

Umno can sing and dance as it wishes

Someone asked me why I'm not writing about Umno anymore since the party's recent election.

Well, for one thing I don't believe that my opinion on what's going on in Umno now matters anymore.

I'm not an Umno member and Umno is no longer a ruling party.

That means whatever happened within Umno would not affect me in any way now.

So, I don't think I should give my unsolicited advices or criticisms to Umno.

It's all up to Umno members to decide where their party wants to go from now on.

That is at least until it becomes a ruling party again when its decisions will once again affect my life.

For now, it doesn't matter to me whether it wants to go left, right or centre.

Umno members can now also have any leader for themselves and I would not be bothered about it as it's no longer my business to be concerned about their choices.

Anyway, I have said all I want about what I wished for the party before its recent election.

As for the outcome of that party election, I believe the party members had decided to go to the right.

It's basically going to remain on its Malay agenda and everything it used to champion.

I have talked to some Umno friends and they all seemed to believe that the GE14 defeat was purely because of the rakyat's rejection of Najib and his leadership.

The party, they believe was not wrong in any way.

Now that Najib is gone, they believe that the rakyat (in particular Malays) will once again support Umno. The party and whatever allies it still has will bounce back in the next general election.

They also believe that PH is just an alliance of convenience and would break-up soon.

This is especially so once Dr Mahathir is no longer around to hold them together.

That would be as early as two years from now as it was promised by the current PM that he would hold on to that job for just that period.

So, my Umno friends believe there is nothing wrong for their party to remain as it is because once the rakyat see how bad things get under PH, they would revert back their support to Umno and its allies.

Well, I'm not going to comment on that.

As I had said, it's now no longer my concern to comment on Umno members' belief.

From now on, I'm just going to comment on things which directly affect me.

Things such as those done or failed to be done by the government and the PH ruling parties.

Again, Umno is now just an opposition party. The members should know better on how to handle themselves and their party than me, who is an outsider.

That's all.'s a Chechen song and dance to cheer things up a bit.

Friday 13 July 2018

About Zakir Naik and bruised ego

How come it's the Information Minister who said this?

Government to follow rule of law in Zakir Naik's case: Gobind Singh 

Wrong portfolio is it?

Or is it because Gobind is an Indian?


He revealed that Human Resource Minister M. Kulasegaran, Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar and himself as Indian ministers in the cabinet had spoken about this with the prime minister.

But I thought he's a Sikh.

And that Gerakan man who goaded him into making the statement is also a Sikh, right?

By the way, I thought there are only Malaysians these more Malays, Chinese, Indians etc....I don't know, Guan Eng said he's not Chinese but Malaysian what....


I think there are many confused people in this new Malaysia.

Anyway, the other day Dr Mahathir already made a stand on this issue,

PM doesn’t want govt to 

bow to pressure on Zakir Naik issue

Why then Gobind still wanted to make a noise over it?

In fact, why would anyone still want to talk about it in Cabinet once Dr Mahathir has decided on something?

Isn't that the way it was the last time Dr Mahathir was PM?

I think they better learn from Muhyiddin on this.

Once Dr Mahathir says something, the others should just shut up.

I think that would be better.

After all, Dr Mahathir seems okay with this Zakir Naik fellow,

I don't think Dr Mahathir would be nice with the guy if he is indeed a bad person who is going around inciting religious hatred and such.

Come on ya, you all put your trust in Dr Mahathir to lead the country, so put your trust in him on this one too, okay.

Deporting Zakir Naik is part of PH manifesto ?


Who cares about election promises these days la.

Those were just to get votes only.

Anyway, what exactly had this Zakir Naik done which makes some people, especially Indians being so concerned about deporting him?

Or is it because some people went to debate with him on religions and got angry because they were made like fools in public by Zakir Naik, thus the demand for him to be deported?

Personally, I don't like to debate on religions.

In fact, I don't like to debate about anything at all.

Normally, I just tell my side of the story and that's about it, and I'm okay if you all disagree with me.

I wouldn't want to debate or argue.

That's because I'm not in the business of educating idiots, okay.

But Zakir Naik is in that business and if you engage him, then you'll get an education.

That's if you engage him to get some education la.

However, if you engage Zakir Naik because of your ego, that is to prove your religion is better than his religion, then you'll get burnt because that guy is good at what he is doing.

I think that's why there are people angry with Zakir Naik and wanted him deported. It's not so much because Zakir Naik was inciting religious hatred but because of their bruised ego.

That's all.

By the way, I don't think the government will ever deport Zakir Naik.

It's because a lot of Muslims will get angry if they do that.

Zakir Naik is after all a Tokoh Maal Hijrah.

PH can't afford to lose Muslims' support because they are still the majority in the country.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Rice, the need to make the right decision


By Lebai Sudin

Salam semua.. am back!

Aku kembali nak bicara soal padi dan beras. Mauduk aku nak tengok makanan utama ini dijaga dan diurus dengan baik. Jadi aku turut menunggu dengan debar apa model baru bakal dicadangkan oleh menteri baru jaga padi dan beras..YB Salahuddin Ayub.

Tahniah YB…jadi menteri pertanian. Orang Johor jaga padi dan beras kali ini, negeri yang bukan sahaja tak banyak padi, tapi sikit sangat. Ada sawah sikit-sikit di Muar dan Endau Mersing. Aku orang utara, tahu sikit-sikit sebab pernah juga berkelana ke Johor.

Salahuddin orang Johor, lebih tepat orang Pontian. Tak ada sawah padi rasanya kawasan tersebut. Seingat aku, Pontian lebih kepada nanas, durian dan kelapa yang kini ramai dah tukar kepada kelapa sawit. Selain itu, nelayan.

Jadi, Salahuddin mungkin tak biasa dengan padi macam orang kat utara seperti aku. Tapi tak  apa, dia pegang amanah (nama parti pun Amanah) dan dia kena pikul amanah dengan betul-betul.

Ramai yang nak jumpa dan dah jumpa pun Salahuddin pasal padi dan beras. Kumpulan Padi Rescue pun apa lagi, memang ambil peluanglah dan siap hantar proposal 40 muka surat.

Menteri didesak penuhi janji manifesto Pakatan Harapan mengenai soal beras. Padi Rescue dah tuntut janji no 10 Manifesto, yang ditafsirkan sebagai melaksanakan 100 peratus SSL, yang mana beras tak bergantung kepada import. Ditafsirkan monopoli Bernas dihapuskan, AP import dibuka kepada lebih banyak syarikat. Kononnya cara itu akan menurunkan harga beras.

Kepada Salahuddin…baguslah dengar dulu apa kata semua orang, dengar cadangan mereka, kemudian buat lah keputusan dengan betul demi kebaikan semua orang, rakyat dan negara.

Cuma harus diingat, tak semestinya semua mesti baru. tak semestinya sistem lama tak betul. Tak semestinya dengan beri AP kepada banyak syarikat akan selesai masalah.

Harus diingat bahawa Bernas (dulunya LPN sebelum diswastakan), menjalankan tanggungjawab kerajaan sejak krisis beras pada tahun 1973 dan 1974, apabila harga beras dunia melambung naik. Pengimport ketika itu enggan bawa masuk beras, malah berlaku kegiatan menyorok beras supaya harganya naik.

Sebab itu, LPN wujud dan menjalankan tanggungjawab mengimport beras dan lain-lain kegiatan kepentingan nasional seperti menstabil harga, menjaga stokpile, menjadi pembeli terakhir padi dari pesawah tempatan dan sebagainya.

Iniah peranan yang dimainkan oleh Bernas, sekali pun sebagai entiti swasta. Mereka kena pastikan bekalan sentiasa cukup dan menjaga stokpile. Beli semua padi pesawah apabila pengilang swasta tak mahu beli kerana mutu rendah.

Di Kelantan, dah bertahun-tahun kilang swasta tak beli padi pesawah, Bernas lah yang selamatkan hasil pesawah di negeri itu. Khabarnya padi dibeli itu tak boleh jadi beras pun. Rugi itu ditanggung Bernas.

Kerana itu Bernas diberi tanggungjawab mengimport beras, supaya ada subsidi silang untuk memikul tanggungjawab nasional sebagai pembeli terakhir padi, penjaga stokpile dan menstabilkan harga beras.

Sebenarnya tak timbul pun istilah monopoli atau pengimport tunggal. Ia bukan perjanjian antara kerajaan dan Bernas. Perjanjiannya, Bernas memikul amanah kepentingan nasional dalam industri beras dan diberi tugas mengimport beras sebagai subsidi silang.

Bernas pula diberi tanggungawab mengurus pemberian subsidi kepada pesawah. Untuk itu, Bernas terpaksa meletakan seorang kakitangan, macam pegawai subsidilah di semua kilang di negara ini. Siapa bayar gaji tu?…

Apabila peruntukan subsidi lambat dikeluarkan kerajaan, siapa mendahulukan bayaran itu kepada pesawah?

Oleh itu, kepada YB Menteri, tuan perlu meneliti betul-betul isu ini. Ini adalah hal berkaitan urusan padi selepas tuai. Urusan di kilang, bidang borong dan runcit.

Sebenarnya, kalau nak cerita soal nasib pesawah, ia tak ada kena mengena dengan Bernas yang diserang oleh pengilang dan pemborong.. Urusan pesawah dari segi pengeluaran setiap petak atau relung sawah adalah di bawah unit khas di Kementerian Pertanian.

Pesawah jadi umpan kepada isu ini..sedangkan ada sasaran pihak-pihak yang hanya mahukan AP import beras. Mereka hanya mahu raih keuntungan tanpa fikir tanggungjawab nasional. Maka digunakanlah istilah pecahkan monopoli, ada conflict of interest Bernas dari segi nak untung dalam urus beras negara.

Walhal Bernas diberi tanggungjawab di samping menjadi pengimport beras untuk negara. Bernas kena jaga kepentingan beras tempatan dalam urusan dan dasar mengimport beras.

Aku percaya Salahuddin boleh fikir baik-baik isu ini. Jangan hanya nak ubah semata-mata  kerana ini kerajaan baru. Semata-mata ada momokkan istilah monopoli, semata-mata kerana ia dalam manifesto, semata-mata atas dasar demokrasi. Seharusnya kita buat yang terbaik untuk rakyat dan negara.

YB… Jangan sampai yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran.

Straight answer

There are several of this sort of comments at my last post,

Annie do you support LBGT?
Well, guys, if you all are curious about such things, next time please check this blog's archive.

I had mostly written about such nonsense in the past.

For example, if you key in the word "lesbian" at the search column, the first one you will get is this post I wrote on Oct 24, 2014,

Admitting reality

Click on the link and you will more or less get the answer to that question.

Anyway, I think most of you all got it wrong about my last post.

Actually it's not so much about LGBT.

It's about hypocrisy.

Or betrayal, if you must.

I don't know about you all, but I'll stick with my friends when they are in needs.

Especially if that friend had done so much for me.

I don't abandon any of my friends once he/she becomes a liability to me.

I don't betray my friend ,and then to sound politically correct, say "You are still my bro" to that person in front of others.

That's being an asshole, okay.

Well, never mind.

Most of you all would not get the point anyway.

I'm still going to get comments such as "Annie, you are such a narcissist lesbian. Have you fuck a woman before?".


Okay, it's almost 3am and my brain is a bit fried.


I tend to get extra vulgar when I have sleeping problem.

So I better stop now.

But really guys, please be a bit more intelligent with the comments.

Okay, here's another song by that lesbian LP,

Nice, right?

Monday 9 July 2018

Gays after Syed Saddiq's ass in new Malaysia

I thought this sort of things would not happen in this new and more liberal Malaysia,

Syed Saddiq’s aide quits amidst gay drama

The LGBT community must be very disappointed. After all, they had gone all out in support of PH.

Understandably, some of them had a little demo in front of the Youth and Sports Ministry building this morning over the matter.

They are definitely wishing they could fry Syed Saddiq's ass, among other things.


Numan’s supporters were also enraged with Syed Saddiq’s denial, insisting that he was discriminating against a member of the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexual) community for not doing enough to defend Numan.
“Syed Saddiq may be straight but less of a man than a gay man for sure! Coward,” Betty Teh wrote on Twitter.
“I’m absolutely disappointed and disgusted with you Syed Saddiq. Your ministry’s website showed the list of your special officers which included an openly gay man, not that his sexual orientation has anything to do with his ability to do a good job,” Twitted Afiq Harraz.
I think Syed Saddiq should have at least defended his aide and not abandoned him like that.

After all, the guy  had worked hard for him in toppling BN/Umno.

Guess, it's the same old story in PH too - once you are deemed a liability, you are out.

Well, gay guys and gals, that's just too bad for you all.

No more LGBT votes for Syed Saddiq and gang in the next general election, I guess.

Okay, never mind.

Here's a song to cheer you all up,

Sunday 8 July 2018

Learning from a masseuse

Thought of writing some serious stuff but after my last post, I was somehow bitten by the lazy bug.

So, for this one I'm just going to write something frivolous again.

Well, so many clever people had already written the serious stuff anyway.

This one is just about how I spent yesterday.

Woke up a bit late in the morning. Did the necessary and then some work.

After that I drove to office even though I was off yesterday because I have a meeting with a friend near the place.

After the meeting and lunch, I went to my usual spa.

Needed a massage because my body was aching over the past few days.

Been a bit of a stressful week, actually.

My current masseuse is a 40 year old lady from Roi Et province in Thailand.

I always requested for her to massage me at the spa because she's very good at what she's doing and I enjoy chit chatting with her.

Of course with her there's no annoying political talks.

She has a nine year old daughter back home and she is also supporting her elderly father.

We mostly talked about that as she massage me.

How's Aom doing at school? Is your father well? That sort of things.

Of course I never met her daughter, but now quite fond of the little girl just by listening to what she told me.

Whenever my masseuse went back to Thailand for a break from work, I would buy something for her daughter.

Anyway, from her story, I understood that her life has been a tough one.

She used to work in South Korea but switched to Malaysia after her father got really sick a few years back.

She needed to be nearer to home because of her father's condition, she said.

She wished she could go back to Thailand altogether but has to instead continue working here as she needs the extra money to fulfill her responsibilities.

I actually admire her for being such a strong woman.

She never really complained about her life and instead just told me her stories as a matter of facts.

I don't think I could ever be as tough as her.

Many of us Malaysians look down on foreign workers in this country, especially those such as my masseuse because of the nature of their work.

But we actually can learn from them, if we let ourselves be more open minded.

They are human being like us too, okay.

Some are actually even better people than us despite the kind of work they do.

They are definitely better than us who complain all the time over everything and blame others for our own shortcomings.

Well, at least now that PH is in power, I guess we Malaysians could stop blaming the government in the event we fucked up our own lives.

No more, Ini lah kerajaan yang kleptokrat sebab tu aku tak naik pangkat. Ini lah PM anak beranak dah curi semua duit sebab tu aku tak boleh nak kaya, Ini lah PTPTN, apasal pulak aku nak kena bayar balik pinjaman etc etc.

Yup, hopefully no more those sorts of nonsense.

Everything good about PH now.....not like that evil BN/Umno, right?

Eh, I'm getting serious pulak.


I better stop.

Here's a fun song instead for this early Sunday morning,

Cute, eh.

How I wish I had choosen a clarinet instead of the trombone when I joined my school band back then.

The lady playing the clarinet is so cool.

Okay, cheers and have a good Sunday guys.

Friday 6 July 2018

Unfortunate rating of a Grab driver

I had wanted to get another Grab ride yesterday when the apps requested me to rate my previous ride.

It's the one I mentioned in this post,

I was a bit annoyed because I didn't feel like rating it.

But then again, I can't get another ride without doing so.

At first I had wanted to give just one star out of five for that ride because I really didn't enjoy the political sermon that the driver gave me throughout the ride.

Then I thought that would be quite mean. After all the car was clean and I reached my destination safely.

So I put two stars and submitted it.

However, the apps demanded for me to state my reason for giving the low rating for the ride.

I clicked on "others" and wrote a bit of "Please tell your drivers not to give unsolicited political lectures".

Really, it's so troublesome.

I wish Uber is still around.

Wahid Omar as an Uber driver back then. I don't think he gave political lectures to his passengers. 

It was so much more hassle free.

But seriously, why la people like that Grab driver have to force people to listen to such political lectures.

It's annoying, okay.

I know, I could have just told the Grab driver to shut up but I didn't like to take the risk of ending up quarrelling with him.

After all, I have bad experience with people like him.

They believe they were always right and those who are not with them are bad people....either Umno goons, racists or racist Umno goons.

Yup, I got those from people who commented in this blog.

I think many of you all PH people were quite nasty.

Either that or just plain condescending and annoying.

So, I rather not layan your comments too much.

The same case as that Grab driver.


I also gave political lectures?

Hello, if I did that, it's in this blog of mine which is my own little corner of the cyberspace.

I never force anyone to come here to read what I wrote, okay.

I didn't even try to promote this blog by linking it to Facebook or twitter or even getting other bloggers to include it in their blog roll.

Well, there are a few other things I would like to write about but I needed to get this one done first.

I was just irritated that I have to rate that Grab ride and forced to give it a poor review.

I simply can't give the driver a good review instead because I really don't like him forcing me to listen to his political views and propaganda.

Still, I don't like doing that to people, and that includes even those whom I don't like.

Hopefully my review wouldn't affect him too much.

I know that he's simply want to cari makan driving Grab.

Okay, I'll write some more later in the day if I have the time.


Thursday 5 July 2018

Sympathy for Susanna and others at SPAD

This is quite unfortunate,

Gloomy days for SPAD staff

excerpts 1;

Around 30 per cent of the total current workforce of SPAD throughout Peninsular may not be absorbed into the new agency APAD (Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat), Road Transport Department (RTD) and Transport Ministry.

excerpts 2;

Back then, the announcement by Loke was greeted with huge sigh of relief among the commission staff. Today, the sombre mood in the commission’s headquarters is obvious.

I'm really sorry for the SPAD staff, especially those who are going to lose their job.

It's always not good to know that people are going to lose their job.

People got family to support, after all.

I can imagine the distress of losing my job and not being able to fulfill my responsibilities.

I'll probably end up doing this sort of things to earn a living if I lose my job;

Whatever it is, I do wonder why they have to make life hard for those SPAD people.

SPAD is after all not really a political agency like Jasa, that it needed to be shut down by the new PH government.

I'm quite sure some of the SPAD people who are going to lose their job voted for PH in GE14.

Well, that's just too bad for them.

Guess, they are whom PH people described as collateral casualties.

Personally, I don't think SPAD is doing a bad job.

They even promptly responded and acted on this posting of mine in March;

A terrible bus service


Hi Annie,
This is Susanna and I am an officer from SPAD. We have come across your blog post and have already proceeded to file the complaint as well as initiate investigation on the bus driver as well as the company. However, we would appreciate if your friend could get in touch with us if there is a need for further details to be added in this case. She can get in touch with SPAD through our Hotline SPAD 1800-88-7723 or e-mail

Thank you
  1. Hi Susanna
    Thanks to you and SPAD for responding to my posting. I will alert my friend about your request to get in touch with her. Cheers.
I hope Susanna and her friends at SPAD will be strong in facing this challenging time.

I pray that they will not face too much hardship.