Friday 22 June 2018

Farewell sukiyaki

I think my favourite Japanese restaurant is in danger.

It's because almost its entire kitchen staff are Japanese.

Today, the PH government announced that,

Only local cooks allowed

 to be recruited from July 1


The Human Resource Ministry wants all restaurants in the country to only recruit locals as cooks from July 1, says its Minister M. Kula Segaran. 
He however said all operators would be given up to the end of the year to ensure only local cooks work in their restaurants.
He said the regulation only permit locals as cooks in all restaurants effective January 1 2019.  
“So we want locals to be employed as cooks. There will be no compromise…we are giving you notice to do it by December 31. If you don’t do it we can’t help it,” he told Bernama News Channel here yesterday.
Susah la like this.

Actually, I think this is part of the DAP's Penang continuing war against the mamak,


He said the ministry would follow the footstep of the Penang state government in banning foreigners as cooks in food shops, restaurants as well as stalls around the island.   
Since 2014, the Penang state government prohibited foreigners to work as cooks at hawker stalls in the effort to protect national food heritage.
The mamak of Penang are known to be making lots of noise.

So, that's why I believe the main targets are their restaurants which mostly hire cooks from India.

But of course the DAP minister can't say it that way because that would sounds racist.

I think that's why the whole lot ended being hit by the new regulation.

Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and all the other restaurants which depend on their foreign cooks for that special dishes of theirs.

Well, that's just too bad.

Not the end of the world though.

If I want authentic Japanese food cooked by a Japanese, then I simply have to go to Japan then.

By the way I always avoid those Japanese franchise restaurants.

See lah how.

Anyway, the excuse given was "to protect national food heritage".

Yah, sure. What is our national food heritage anyway?

Okay, now let's learn to cook some Japanese food from a Japanese since it will be harder to get authentic Japanese food soon. This is my favourite dish,


  1. another stupid minister, from dap oso?

    1. I thought its reserved for mat maslan only!!

    2. LOL...Mat Maslan should take over "Neutral" Blogger Association.

      Poor incompetent Annie.

      Always ignoring the real elephant in the room.

      Why are there so many foreign workers here anyway? That is the soalan cepu mas.

      Because of $$$$$$$$$, lah.

      "A BANGLADESHI businessman with alleged connections in the Home Ministry smuggled over 100,000 of his countrymen into Malaysia, making at least RM2 billion in two years, The Star reports.

      The businessman, who is married to a Malaysian, was also instrumental in getting Malaysia and Bangladesh to sign a government-to-government agreement in 2016 when Barisan Nasional was in power.

      The deal enabled only 10 Bangladeshi companies to recruit workers for Malaysia, solely to make money as middlemen, an unnamed source told The Star.

      New Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran has suspended the Bangladeshi recruitment system until a full investigation has been completed on the said human trafficking syndicate.

      The Star reported the workers paid RM20,000 each to their village sub-agents, who would go through at least two more middlemen before getting to local agents appointed by the Bangladeshi government.

      Half of the money went to a human trafficking syndicate that arranged for their flights to Malaysia and work permits.

      The source said this had been ongoing since late 2016, and 100,000 more workers are still waiting for their turn to enter Malaysia.

      “The Datuk Seri also shares a portion of the money he makes with politicians and government staff from both countries," the source told The Star."

      Those with better memories than Annie will remember who is behind this:

      Zahid Hamidi and his brother.


      Well if the govt wants to give local Malaysian workers a chance and cut down this exploitation, why not?

      I will bet you that Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese restaurants are going to be thriving in Malaysia for decades to come.

      Maybe Annie wants to do an expose on Zahid and Banglas : )

      Over to you....

    3. If that's the case, why don't your DAP minister get rid of all the foreign workers in the country instead of just the cooks then? Admit it la. This is actually about punishing the mamak restaurants. The others are just collateral damage.And you are just trying to divert the attention from the issue in this post because you know your DAP minister is screwing up on this one.

    4. Well said annie.I can imagine the PH supporters are cracking their heads with their small brains to answer Annie's rebuttal.Haha
      Prof Kangkung

    5. Aiya he will later come out to say its for hawker food only lah.

      You know la , some people when given a bit of power, they start to think they are god.

    6. LOL...

      Annie, Annie, Annie.

      That's the best you have? Accuse people of being DAP supporters? You're a 12 year old girl mentally, Annie, but only 11 years old emotionally. Actually, FYI, I have never lived in an area where a DAP MP ever ran, nor have I voted for them, nor ever supported them.


      a) Collateral damage? On the contrary:

      Of course, you BN / Very Neutral bloggers have zero problem with Umno corruption - unlike the public, who kicked your overlords out of power for that very reason. I thank the new govt for ending this scam.

      Your theory that Penang has a vendetta against “mamaks who make noise”, is that because of your few corrupt mamaks in Penang Umno? I don’t think mamaks or restaurant patrons on the whole voted any differently from any other racial group, i.e. against BN. Doubly so in P.Pinang, where Umno got wiped out in PRU14. Please provide evidence that “mamak restaurants” as a whole are anti-PH and hence needed to be “punished”? Ada? I’ll wait. Yilek.

      Raise your game lah, Annie.

      I’ll say it again - you and your fellow bloggers are stuck with shit, brain-dead arguments (your TRX spin was laughable) and are losing the war for minds already.

      Stick to writing about beaches and boyfriends and Japan, OK? Leave intelligent debate to those bloggers with intelligence (but they are not on your side, sadly.)

      Get an education lah, sayang : )

      Don’t merajuk, ya!

    7. Ya ya ya. Whatever. Next time try not to be too much of a condescending prick, okay.

    8. "intelligent debate"

      but yr long whine still failed to convince us tis kula is not a stupid, or a dap stupid.

    9. Anon HY 12:29,

      Your "not a stupid or a dap stupid" minister has back-tracked, claiming he made a suggestion only. Bodoh punya minister, no different than those dumb bn ministers.

  2. Sigh...a short sighted move by dap govn. We will be lagging further & further behind S'pore & Bangkok as food capital all because a dap minister needs to score some points.

  3. Apa yg nak susah sgt Annie?

    Kan PM kita dh look East, Japan lagi hebat. Nanti they send our cooks there for Japanese cooking Teknoloji transfers la.. bukan senang nak master prepare raw seafood.. bertahun2 lama kena dok bjr fm them baru boleh balik n become "Japs" cook dMalaysia.

    Bole nanti kita pakat2 buka chain Japs restoran ala "the Loaf".

    BTW, tukar2 they also can come here I can transfer my teknology in Nasi Lemak. Bukan senang nak masak sambal, kena belajar juga.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Technonogy transfer? Biar betul engko....

    2. Eh.. skrg under PH kena gunapakai Phd, Prof, teknoloji transfer gitu.. otherwise they group you as BODOH..

      Kan mereka nih semua mengoyan dari golongan cerdikpandai..

      ..tukang masak PH pun can become a judge, tak perlu pakai lawyer naik turun mahkamah dh bole jatuh hukuman. Motto mereka kata Kit Siang.. guilty first till you are found guilty.

      Ooops Kit Siang tu Lawyer Nasi Lemak macam I juga ke?

  4. Annie,

    I think we can train our people to cook those things.

    For example roti prata is an Indian cuisine , our people can do.

    Char Quey teow from China, Satay from Indonesia, but our chef are capable to cook.

    We have so many culinary cooking courses in public university such as UITM and public universities as well.

    I do not agrre that we have to import thousands of American to make pizza because we have thousands of Pizza restaurant.

    Our people are capable with proper training. Don't look down in the Rakyat capabilities. Malaysian are capable, Malaysia boleh!

    Our Chef like Chef Wan are quite renown locally and abroad.

    Sushi King have so many outlets and they employed our locals as their chef. No problems.

    We have many problems with foreigners such as what had been viral lately the Indian banana leaf restaurant.

    1. Anon 20:12
      Char quey teow is 100% Malaysian origin and not china.


  5. Wa tatak hat punya , manyak babut itu macam lakyat tempatan bolik lapat lebih keleja , dali lakyat balik untuk lakyat maa aa, itu baru patut maa aa.

    Belapa olang bolih mampu macam Annie maa aa , makan itu asing punya lestolen mungkin UMNO punya olang manyak mampu lea aa.

    Wa manyak ingat ini kasi guna asing punya pekelja sutak manyak lebih maa aa ,tempatan punya olang manyak kena kasi ketepi .

    Sekalang semua olang bolih jadi lebih maju dalam itu masak punya bidang ,kasi lebih Halapan maa aa.

  6. Cik Annie,

    Saya selalu jugak lepak lepak Di Starbucks.

    Walaupun Chef itu semua speaking dengan saya, rata-ratanya mereka ini orang Melayu kita jugak.

    Janganlah kita ingat orang kita tak mampu untuk kerja di Restoran-restoran barat yang sekarang ini bercambah macam cendawan.

    1. Saya tak suka lepak di Starbucks. Kat situ ada masak apa ya?

    2. burger n fried chicken?

  7. Hi Annie,
    You want authentic Japanese chef? Can.... Kula can come out special permit if some owner insists foreign cooks....just pay for the permit la. You can then employ foreign cook. You pay a bit "premium" for foreign cooks.
    We don't want char kuey teow fried by Bangla la...try hiring locals. You see the Sushi King, a lot of locals chef what....plenty of people still go to eat. The restaurants either train the local cooks, and if they want "authentic" Vietnam food and want hire from Vietnam...then pay the permit price to the Ministry and the Ministry can collect it to Tabung Harapan and pay the country debt....So while Annie eating Japanese food cook by Japanese chef....Annie is also paying for the country debt made by Najib. Just like you drink Starbuck coffee save the Amazon forest....WIN WIN!!! Cheers Annie!!

    1. Are you Kula, the DAP minister?

    2. i guess is the special officer tony lingam or ong muniandy kot, in case the dap minister dun know the market price of bangalooo, or in tis case, chef.

  8. Aiyo, my Kentucky Fried Chicken will soon be Malaysian Fried Chicken.....


    so how more finger licking good...???

    1. Aiya change to jilat jari best (JJB) lor.

      Oligina malaysia.

  9. Betul tuu, Annie tak tahu cerita.

    Ramai sekarang Tom Yam, Nasi Padprik, Mee Hong Kong, Ramlee Burger, yang buat untuk orang Indon. Lain rasanya.

    Sekarang ini orang Bangla pulak buat Mee goreng, Nasi goreng kampung Bangla, Kuey thiaw Bangla, Teh Ais Bangla dan macam macam lagi. Rasanya pun dah jadi lain.

    Biarlah orang kita yang buat masakan kita.

    Melalui visi baru pandang ke Timur, banyak masakan Jepun masok Malaysia.

    Saya masuk ke Sushi King orang Melayu kita sampai boleh cakap Jepun.

    Janganlah kita merendahkan kebolehan chef chef tempatan.

    1. Sushi King lagi...susah nak explain kat orang macam ni. Lantak lah.

  10. i never tried sushi. i tot it gross…eating raw seafood is gross. my friend said its d smell…it just revolting.

    i said maybe we r just d unsophisticated underclass types tat could hardly hold d taste. she said no la…she’d tried many time but couldn’t go also.

    sorry la…i dun wanna be rude but its only a mental things than actual need for it. .

    1. If u ever get the chance, try sushi or sashimi in japan. It is the freshness of the fish that make or break the dish. The japanese are conscientious ppl. The level of care they put in their food preparation is next to impossible for a locally trained chef to emulate.

    2. Sebab tu kena transfer teknoloji to master preparing raw meat will take years.

      Pi Batam baruni ordered butter prawns. Dia goreng udang then letak butter atas udang. Try order chicken curry kat Jeju..pasti cooked by a Korean, sekali makan tak akan pi lagi. What a pity. Same may happen here.

      I feel traditional food shld be prepared by the natives themselves.. please leave those cooks alone.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Annie,

    Member saya kerja Di Sushi King, memang tak ada masalah. Orang Melayu boleh buat.

    Memanglah ada orang yang tak biasa makan wasabi. Tapi kalau dah biasa memang menarik. Ikan Salmon fresh dan segar.

    Memang penuh selalu , kadang-kadang terpaksa menunggu kat luar.

    Saya makan juga Di Restoran Sukiya. Selalu saya makan Gyudon. Orang Melayu juga Yang masak. Tak ada masalah.

    Yang pentingnya ada semangat Malaysia.

    Saya amat tak setuju Annie hanya memandang tinggi Chef barat dan luar negara sedangkan Chef kita mampu kalau diberikan peluang.

    1. Anon 00:49, ko dah pernah makan sushi kat tsukiji market ke untuk buat perbandingan? Apa penanda aras yg ko guna?

  12. Ko suke makanan Jepun, Annie..Aku suke jugak.Ada persamaan tu.

  13. I love you very much Annie and I support you in this matter. Dendeng is best cooked by Padang people, so is tom yam. We need foreign cooks.

    But YB Kula, what about hotel chefs? Only Malaysians ke?

  14. Foreigners will no longer be allowed to work as cooks in eateries serving local food. So it does not apply to japanese food.

    1. Local food? Did the DAP minister said that? What is local food anyway?

  15. Kan McDOnald tu Burger Barat, nampak tak chef orang putih kat Mcdonalds? Tak nampak pon...

    1. Engko komen pagi ni dah sarapan ke belum? Merepek semacam je. Pegi lah minum kopi ke apa dulu.

  16. Since May 10th, the new government has shown it puts the rakyat first and foremost. This local-cooks policy is an example although one expects it will have to be re-adjusted in order to be implementable while serving its basic intention. Never mind if the policy will find hurdles soon enough and needs to be backtracked. What is important is that it shows all-rakyat-championing heart. ARCH!

    Meanwhile, i will eat anything Annie cooks. Anything. And ravenously and ravishingly too, please don't mind me. Or maybe i won't be eating anything she cooks since i would rather spend the time looking at her. What beauty and grace, behold this woman in a girl, girl in a woman...

    I won't starve since my hobby these days is to try to find and then accumulate a hoard of expired japanese instant noodles. Hopefully i can find packets at rm2 each down from rm11.90. Annie, you know where?

    Hope our nine monarchs are reading in and will also contribute to Tabung Harapan for the rakyat. More substance, less form, please. More heart, less fear. More good deeds, less personal gratifications.

    1. Can you please try next time not to leave a gap at the end of your comment for the convenience of others. Thank you.

    2. It's because i want my comments to stand out. you.


  17. Annie - I recommend you read this opinion regarding your post.

  18. On the positive side, those 24hrs mamaks will be forced to shortened their hrs coz no locals would want to buat roti canai at 3am w/out triple pay. Good for the country's health ma!

    Lepas ni rakyat marhaen jgn komplain yea kalau harga roti canai naik harga sebab tukang masak nak kerja 9-5 je.

    Kepada upper class yg nak makan authentic french/japanese/etc cuisines, sila beli tiket kapalterbang pergi negara tersebut atau pergi spore.

    Kepada upper class tourist, sila belajar makan local or localised food. How about spaghetti with cili padi anyone?

  19. Here's the comment from a world class Msian chef who has worked his way up from nothing:

    " _chefwan58: I was asked to comment last night on this issue by Harian Metro.

    I find this new ruling to be racist.
    How can we stopped other races in this world to acquire knowledge and skill in any cusine of the world.

    Food like love has no boundary.
    We have many Malaysian chefs across the world working in so many cities of the world doing the same thing.

    So my question to the minister why is it diff suddenly other inmigrants in this country cannot cook Malaysian food simply because they are not Malaysian?
    Why do we need to discriminate them?
    Negara lain tak pulak treat other races mcm 2nd class citizen.

    Minister of Finance cannot be chinese, Peguam Negara tak boleh Indian pandai pulak kita marah to discriminate our own fellow Malaysian but we can do that to the rest of world?

    Tukang masak or Peguam Negara mau pun Menteri pun its a job perform by us human beings.

    If their chefs are not good then train them la and improved their skills.
    Jika ada sifat pengotor ajar la mereka and supervise all this restaurants and food out let lah to meet certain standard of food hygience, sanitation etc.

    Ini tak saya dengar banyak restaurant yg kotor ni kata mereka boleh rasuah lagi bila yg dtg check restaurants mereka jika nak kena fine.
    This has been happening for years.
    So nak salah siapa?

    Ingat just because we only hire Malaysian chef our standard of food can be better?

    Sikap Msian Chefs kita tu sebenarnya yg need huge improvement!

    Daripada kita menundung kan jari pada orang2 Asing ini ada la lebih kita lihat kelemahan kita sendiri.

    Over the years these country loose alot of chefs to other countries.
    Tak usah pi jauh la.
    Singapore tu pun cukup.
    Why? They are better paid and respected more then working in this country pun.
    The grass is greener on the other side so depa cabut lah.
    Can u blame them for doing that?

    Any passionate human beings can be a good chef regardless of their race pun jika they were given proper training if the owners of all this hospitality industry are serious in improving their Malaysian food.

    If as a chef i work in Sydney, London, Paris to improve my skills in those country cusine and suddenly was told i cant as i am not good enough how would i feel?
    Kecewa kan? "

  20. Stop your bs that dap waging war against mamak,do you really know what is different local cook and foreign worker, you can't even read the news properly . when minister said all restaurant does the minister mention exclusive restaurant or semi dine restaurant run by expats, don't be such a smartass ,and don't pretend to be such a goody good shoe.

    1. Anon 15:31, u obviously don't understand the meaning of the word "all". Maybe the minster don't either?

  21. those who commented didnt listen to his press conference in full are people who go and shit without checking if he/she has any toilet paper.

    1. Anon 17:30, since u had listened to his press conference in full, can u vouched then that the minister use the word 'suggest' or 'propose' or 'proposal' in his briefing?