Monday 4 June 2018

Ini lawak ke betul ?

This is the picture,

and this is the story,

Khaled Nordin to contest Umno veep post


Khaled, the former Johor menteri besar, lost both the Pasir Gudang federal and Permas state seats in the May 9 general election. The birthplace of Umno, Johor also fell to Pakatan Harapan.

If Khaled wins, I'll be joining DAP.

Johor oh Johor.....malas aku nak cakap lagi dah.

Please click on this link and read,

How BN lost its impregnable Johor fortress


  1. Replies
    1. Ada jerr kd nii..kikiki..

  2. How about if Pasir Salak aka Tajudin Abdul Rahman wins? :D

    1. Hehehe bro i answer u la

      Better for jamal yunos to win than pasir salak

      Pasir salak is 1 big time crook thief and liar

      You ask people in umno what they knows about this tajuddin fella bro

    2. All the umno leader from the branch level to the top management hv lost their credibility when they closed one eye to the mess created by najib

    3. The sad thing, bro, is that big time crooks, thieves and liars even have the cheek to compete for an UMNO VP post, let alone be allowed on its Supreme Council. And the party allows it, tolerates it, maybe encourages it even. Completely no shame! Is this what the Malays are supposed to "unite and fight for"? *facepalm X 3*

    4. come on la brader... let malays settle their matter la and pig eaters settle their pig problems..fair what

    5. @ Anonymous5 June 2018 at 01:28

      Wah, you make it sound like I am actively interfering in non-pig eating peoples' matters :o I mean, I don't really mind that much if dishonest, thieving, looting and possibly murderous non-pig eating folks in UMNO want to kill each other over who rules the top roost of what has become a dishonest, thieving, looting and possibly murderous edifice of uncontrolled and unbridled corruption and abuse of power, but as long as the non-pig eating folks from that edifice do not negatively impact the honest, quiet day-to-day lives of simple pig-eating folk like myself, then by all means let them go sort themselves out lar. It makes for good comedy and tragic drama anyway, seeing such a proud party brought down to the ground, despite being non-pig eaters, because of wanton dishonesty, corruption, robbery, and dare I said it, possibly murderous inclinations!!! :o :D

  3. Pi mampus puak puak nii. Only gen y matter now.

    1. Gen Y lah punca kuasa politik org Melayu makin terhakis.dgn 12 kerusi Parlimen Perdana Menteri kita jadi PM tanpa tulang belakang.Menang sorak kampung tergadai.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Gen y sibuk nak jadi social media activist, cmana lak kojo tak reti buat..

    3. Becoz umno politician in gen Y era so arrogant, corrupt and can only proud about their history but not their capability.

      To make it easy, blame the gen y and sleep tight under the fitnah blanket


  4. " UMNO / BN lost because of people perception "

    I think most UMNO members still maintained that believe .

  5. annie, let's start this campaign:


    1. Musa Hitam Musuh No.1 of Tun, lah.

      Susah nanti...

    2. please define "susah nanti"

      And what Tun M got to do with UMNO now? Tun M is not an UMNO member now!

      We are talking about reviving Umno of which i dont see the current UMNO leaders are capable of doing it. Hence come my suggestion. Provided that UMNO members can persuade Tun Musa Hitam come out of his retirement

    3. Bro

      Don't think tun musa wants it bro

      He is doing some islamic economics forum or ngo work i think

      If he becomes umno president then for sure umno kena deregister la bro

      The memali case coming up again already open old wounds with tun dr m

    4. Black Moses Annie; tak payahlah suruh dia jaga cucu lagi afdal

  6. Annie,


    Khaled Nordin wants to be an UMNO VP?

    That is great news - for Pakatan Harapan :)


    1. Gladiator

      In all seriousness, Khaled Nordin is actually a better choice than Tajuddin or Mahdzir Khalid.

      Umno better be careful - they may end up with the worst 3 VPs in recent times.

  7. Annie,

    Comparing Khaled Nordin with the others.

    Yep. He is very ok. This after looking at the other contenders.

    I hope he win though. This coming from a Johorean.

    Tengku Razaleigh must contest as Presiden.

    Khairy should go the the top 1 post also. I do not think Tun M is being sarcastic.

    Malaysia need a good opposition.

    Prof. Kangkong, so much for your comment the middle class will take over the helm. Looks like it will not happen.

    1. "Khairy should go the the top 1 post also. I do not think Tun M is being sarcastic."

      No, Tun was not being sarcastic.

      I also think KJ knows Tun was not being sarcastic.

      Will Umno get the message?

    2. Tun M not being sarcastic but it is double side sword.

      Why would umno took advise from their rival?
      Too weak to the point need help from the enemy?
      You see if KJ won, umno is in tun m pocket bcoz they vote based on what the old man said. It is "sentiment" trap planted by grand master of msia politic.

      If u remember during that session, reporter asked about perlis situation and he said not my party, cant comment. But when ask about umno leadership he freely give idea.

      Warlord and money politic is the cancer in umno.
      Umno cannot be revived within 10 years as what MCA guy said bout BN.
      This is very true. Let umno dry until only the purist remain to survive.
      But still subject to how PH will perform since people vote by heart not by logic.

  8. There is another one for you.
    "Shahrir defends large sum stashed in Pavilion Residences"

    1. Laaaaaa...this fella was known as Umno "Mr Clean" once.

      When he was Musa Hitam's polsec he was quite respected across the political divide.

      Then he started taking RM1 million dedak cheques from the pinklips pirate, and became corrupt.

      PS: That dedak trail will come out before long.

      I hope these AmBank officers can explain why they never flagged the secret "Mr X" account to their higher management.

    2. Mmmm this shahrir samad also spoil his own family name

      Only his brother khalid still clean

      Like same case as tun razak and his son.....,very very different

  9. Sorry annie PH donot accept macai2 BN wakakaka

  10. Annie,

    Biar lah khalid nordin, tajuddin, jamal, KJ, zahid, razaleigh hamzah, or sapa2 tepi jalan nak bertanding jawatan dalam UMNO.

    UMNO is dead and buried. Nobody in the right mind will support them. No way !! Only mad citizens still supports them.

  11. Anonymous @ 4 June 2018 at 21:22,

    //In all seriousness, Khaled Nordin is actually a better choice than Tajuddin or Mahdzir Khalid.//

    I sincerely hope they all win positions on the Supreme council :)

    It will be wonderful - for Pakatan.


  12. Anonymous @ 4 June 2018 at 21:25,

    //There is another one for you.
    "Shahrir defends large sum stashed in Pavilion Residences"//

    Quite unbelievable that Shahrir Samad would be using the same old excuse that all that money was donated!!

    What next?

    More Saudi princes?


  13. PKHKC Melayu are irrelevant.