Wednesday 27 February 2019

BN has a slight edge in Semenyih, a bit about flying cars

Many things happened this past week but I have not been writing here because I was not well.

Now I'm feeling a bit better.

Well, let me start with the Semenyih by-election which is now entering the final phase of its campaigning period.

I was there on the ground to look around a bit, so maybe I can tell you all what I saw and heard.

I think it's going to be close with BN having a slight advantage.

I say "slight" because PH has a relatively huge over 8,000 majority in GE14 less than a year ago.

It's not going to be easy to turn that around, especially in a by-election.

As I previously pointed out, I remember only three by-elections where the incumbent lost - Lunas in 2000, Kuala Terengganu in 2008 and Teluk Intan in 2014.

Still, the campaigning on the ground, as I saw it indicated that BN has more than just a chance to win.

Well, there's the apparent general dissatisfaction of the Malays who are the outright majority (68 per cent) there towards PH for its unfulfilled promises and tilt towards abolishing their rights.

It was also said that the BN's choice of candidate was more agreeable to them than the one from PH.

Then there were talks that many Indians there are switching side to BN because they were unhappy for not really getting much after PH won GE14.

Some of the Chinese were said to be unhappy too.

Well, that's what they told me.

As I see it, the BN's campaign looks not so bad at all despite some stupidities such as the one on nomination day.

I guess the reemergence of personalities who screwed up BN's GE14 campaign this time should be expected. After the win in Cameron Highlands they must have felt that they can make a comeback and start leeching again.

Really stupid.

Hopefully Mat Hassan is smart enough to stop them so that BN and Umno could have a better image without such characters in future.

Despite such hiccups, BN campaign still looks better than PH.

The cooperation between BN and Pas also looks good despite Dr Mahathir's earlier assertion that it's not going to be so.

I even met outstation Umno and Pas people who were staying and campaigning together at a kampung there.

Then there's Najib running around in Semenyih, and he does get the crowd such as this one,

A Najib rock star presence in Semenyih

Well, I think I'll update this by-election later as I'm planning to go to Semenyih a bit more before polling on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the PH ministers continue to be not so intelligent.

The latest,

Minister talks about flying car

Come on la, even if it's for real, try la not to talk about it before we really have it.

Agak-agak la.

Or at least wait until you got all the details together.

Now I'm feeling so bad for previously calling Ahmad Maslan stupid.

If PH really lose in Semenyih, I dare to say that it's partly due to these sort of stupidities on the PH's side.

See, BN and PH both have their stupid parts. All the same, actually, except this flying car thing being a bit on the extreme side.

Really, okay.

Ehh, I need to get up and get ready for work now.

Will try to write again tomorrow.


Sunday 17 February 2019

Shafie can't have a kingdom, Guan Eng can't have a macai

So, Shafie Apdal is not going to have his own little kingdom.

I think Dr Mahathir saw the guy is trying to set up one and decided not to let him.

Dr M: PPBM to enter Sabah

I also think that the move was because  Dr Mahathir wants to strengthen Pribumi Bersatu in face of the growing Umno-Pas alliance threat.

Whatever it is, Shafie and others, particularly DAP were obviously upset.

Shafie avoids media, Sabah DAP Youth hits out at PPBM’s entry into state

Of course, Shafie was upset because with Dr Mahathir's party there, he can't have Sabah the way past leaders such as Tun Datu Mustapha had it.

On this I'm happy.

Shafie is not known to be an incorruptible leader when he was with Umno. Dr Mahathr knows this and he has to make sure Sabah will not be the guy's private property.

I think many Sabahans agree with that as they don't want Shafie to be a Sabah king.

As for the Sabah DAP guy getting upset, that's probably because what ever lucrative thing he had kowtimed with Shafie will not work out now.

With Dr Mahathir's people there they can't do as they please. Ya, that's why they were unhappy.

Meanwhile, DAP leaders in the Peninsular seemed upset too.

PH should discuss PPBM’s move, says Guan Eng


Lim said just like the admission of former Umno members into PPBM, the decision to venture into Sabah should be discussed by the Council as agreed by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself.

Hmmmm....Guan Eng telling Dr Mahathir what the handsome old man should and should't do.

And he sounds upset.

I think he is begining to realise that Dr Mahathir is not exactly going to let DAP control him.

Guan Eng and gang must have thought that Pribumi Bersatu having so few seats in parliament will be easy to manipulate, especially in breaking up the Malay/bumiputera majority power.

They must have want it to remain that way.

Pribumi Bersatu with Dr Mahathir at its helm is more effective as a stooge for that purpose than Amanah or even Pas during the Pakatan Rakyat days.

I believe that's why Guan Eng doesn't want Pribumi Bersatu to be stronger by way of absorbing the Umno turncoats or expanding to Sabah.

Well, I don't think Dr Mahathir really care about all that.

After almost a year in power now, he too probably realised that DAP, PKR, Amanah and Warisan are actually quite useless as a government.

The signs are all there to see now with all sort of councils being set up every now and then to manage the country where the Cabinet can't.

Dr Mahathir knows that he needs to strengthen Pribumi Bersatu to survive at least the coming four years before the next general election.

Otherwise, he and his party will diminish to nothing.

They said a person will be most remembered by what he/she is at the end.

I don't think Dr Mahathir wants to be remembered in Malaysian history as a leader of a small Malay party which abides by the wishes of someone like Guan Eng.

Saturday 16 February 2019

Mat Hassan's style

Not been in the mood over the past few days because I was pissed off over something.

I'm terrible when I'm pissed off. Really.

Actually, I'm still not in the mood.

So, I'm just sharing this raw one which was forwarded to me via WhatsApp by a journalist friend who was in Semenyih today.

Mat Hassan with Zakaria (jolok di pusat penamaan calon)

kempen PRK semenyih diurus oleh bilik gerakan kita yang mana kita bersama2 dgn rakan komponen BN dan dibantu oleh PAS. 

So kita ada PDM dikenalpasti dan siapa jaga...begitu juga dgn pihak PAS pun mengikut sama. 

Contoh kata kalau peti undi A tak angkatnya di bahagian Tanjong Karang BN, maka T.Karang PAS akan ambil sama utk tujuan kempen bersama, eratkan silaturahim lagi dan persahabatan antara 2 parti supaya selepas ini kita tidak berakhir setakat PRK tp kita nak supaya agenda punya tuan rumah, agama, bangsa dan negara ini dapat diperkasakan lagi. 

Q: gempur kawasan BN keutamaan mana?

saya tak ada keutamaan gempur orang atau tidak. Kita tak mengempur siapa2, ini pilihanraya kita buat kerja, ajak undi, memupuk supaya beri kita peluang supaya dalam DUN. 

Kalau BN menang pun tidak kan mengubah apa2, tapi ia akan menjadi sebagai wakil suara rakyat yang suarakan isu2 perlu diketengahkan supaya kerajaan tidak terlalu kuat. Bila kerajaan terlalu kuat, macam di Selangor ini, tiada suara kita tenggelam makanya suara rakyat kadang2 diketepikan. Agenda politik dilebihkan daripada agenda membela rakyat dan juga lain2. 

Jadi ialah mustahak bagi PRK semenyih ini supaya mandat diberikan kepada BN supaya kita dapat membawa suara kita, lebihkan suara. 

Walaupun tak mengubah struktur kerajaan, dia tak jadi kudis kepada PH. Tapi kepada rakyat, ini satu kemenangan untuk kita dapat lagi satu saluran untuk adanya wakil rakyat yang bawa isu rakyat. 

Q: 7K pengundi india for BN? 

(xdengar sangat) saya harap semua rakyat pengundi di Semenyih keluar mengundi BN kerana ini penting. 

Bukan nak ubah struktur kerajaan, tetapi bawa suara rakyat. ... Calon tiada apa2 kempen program, dia akan ikut kita program kempen yang telah dijadualkan. 

Belau juga akan jumpa seramai mungkin orang di pasar malam, atau jumpa ibu bapa lepas sekolah dan macam2. 

Yang penting calon kita letak ini ialah calon masyarakat, bukannya calon yang jadi roket saintis, yang xkenal orang, yang tak mau campur, yang kekok dengan orang. 

Yang ni memang calon dah bersama dengan masyarakat. ... Kita pilih calon yang amat sesuai kerana di DUN ini wakil rakyat mesti bersama dengan masyarakat yang boleh mengutip isu dan selesaikan masalah. 

Not so much on going to Parliament, di Parlimen kita bahas di peringkat DUN kita tidak menggubal undang2, cumanya kita mesti menjadi seorang wakil rakyat yang boleh dan sesuai bercampur dengan masyarakat.

BN's candidate for Semenyih Zakaria Hanafi with Mat Hassan
Honestly, I never really know Mat Hassan, but I think I like this style of his. Cool, humble and intelligent. And I think he's quite honest too.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Guan Eng doesn't look so handsome anymore....isn't he?

This doesn't look good for Guan Eng.

Provisional membership casts doubt

 on Guan Eng’s professional status


According to Wee, such a membership is one of the first steps to take the necessary programme modules and examinations to qualify first as an accountant and then full membership in the Australian society.
Australian-based accountant Melissa Tan corroborated Wee’s arguments, adding that in Australia one needs to accumulate three years of experience and sit for several exams before one can be called a certified accountant.
Said Wee at Facebook : “Therefore a provisional membership is far from being a fully certified chartered accountant or even an accountant. You cannot call yourself using either designation,” adding that neither is Lim a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) .
Now I probably have to stop using my favourite picture of Guan Eng,

and replace it with maybe this one,

Look more humble and repentant, right?

Hmmm....this is really Tony Pua's fault.

Why did he not check properly before calling for the PC yesterday to show off Guan Eng's credentials?

And they said Pua is smart.

He even said Guan Eng going to sue Wee Ka Siong if the latter continues to question the finance minister's credential as an  accountant.

That's really dumb because once in court, Guan Eng can't run and hide anymore.

It surprises me that Pua didn't even consider that.

But then again, I don't think this whole nonsense will affect DAP by much.

I'm quite sure the overwhelming majority of its Chinese community support base will not abandon it just because of this.

I don't think they care that Guan Eng is not an accountant or even if he had lied to them about it.

After all, there are other Pakatan ministers and menteri besar who now turned out to be not being exactly honest about their academic qualifications.

Ya, I don't think they care too much about the integrity of their leaders, especially for someone like Guan Eng.

Biasa lah, tipu tipu sikit. Just trying to look more educated is okay what.

Like tipu tipu manifesto for election only.

Yup. That's Malaysia Baru.

Sunday 10 February 2019

Battle for the Malays of Semenyih

This doesn't seem to be right,

Muhyiddin regards Semenyih by-election an uphill battle


“It is not going to be easy. This is going to be an uphill battle as we are faced with a difficult task," the Home Minister told a press conference after a meeting with Bersatu and community leaders ahead of the by-election set for March 2.

By right the by-election should be easy for Pakatan as it won by a huge 8,964 votes majority in GE14 less than a year ago.

It should be noted that the incumbent almost always wins in a by-election.

Well, maybe Muhyiddin was not so confident because the other day

BN crushes PH in Cameron Highlands


Azmin is confident of victory in Semenyih

I think we should look closer at Semenyih and see whether Muhyiddin or Azmin is right.

This is the racial composition of the state constituency of 54,503 voters;

Malay 67.71%; Chinese 16.69%; Indian 13.73%; B/P Sabah 0.32%; B/P Sarawak 0.23%; Orang Asli (Pen. Msia) 0.54%; Others 0.77%.

BN had held the seat all these years even when Pakatan started to rule Selangor in 2008. It only lost there for the first time in GE14 last year.

Basically, it's a Malay majority constituency which used to be an Umno stronghold in Selangor.

Therefore, I think the big question of whether the bulk of Malay voters have turned around again to now support BN will be answered in Semenyih.

The BN's victory in Cameron Highlands by-election gave a glimpse of that, but some may argue that it may not be so accurate because BN had fielded an Orang Asli candidate which swung around the community's significant number totally in its favour.

So, Semenyih will be a more percise barometer for the Malay votes.

Considering the Malay voters factor, I think the outcome of this by-election will be more crucial than Cameron Highlands as Pakatan, especially Pribumi Bersatu which will be fielding its candidate could not afford to lose it.

If it does so, then it's confirmed that Pakatan is sliding further down and set to lose more support among the Malays.

A more extreme analysis may even conclude that such an outcome points to Pakatan not even be able to survive till the next general election.

I also think that this is going to be a fight for survival for Pribumi Bersatu which is trying to replace Umno as the main party for the Malays.

If it fails to defend the Malay-majority Semenyih, then it will lose a lot of credibility and may not be able to hold Pakatan together as it does now.

But then again, the over 8,000 majority it won there in GE14 less than a year ago should be a good enough cushion for Pribumi Bersatu and Pakatan to win the by-election.

It could also be safely said that Pakatan already have the over 30 per cent votes of Chinese and Indians in the bag.

On top of those, I'm also quite sure Pakatan will go all out to defend the seat, and use whatever means to win.

Well, for one thing it did use government assets to campaign in Cameron Highland and therefore I think they may do the same again in Semenyih.

I'm also quite sure that Pakatan will try to exploit Najib's trials which start this week to remind people, especially Malays in Semenyih that BN, or to be more precise Umno is bad.

BN will find things to be tougher this time as they don't have much resources after the post-GE14 crackdown where its accounts were frozen.

No matter how one's to put it, the odds are still not in their favour.

Nonetheless, I think it still boils down to just how the BN's leadership approach the by-election.

If Mat Hassan and the gang remain as smart as they were in Cameron Highlands, then they may spring another surprise and completely turn the tide around.

A right candidate and smart campaign strategy may do the trick again, I think.

Then of course, there's the cooperation with Pas which worked beautifully in Cameron Highlands.

It should be noted that the Pakatan's 8,964 majority in GE14 for Semenyih would have been much reduced if votes won by BN and Pas were combined. BN had received 14,484 votes and Pas (6,966) as compared to Pakatan's 23,428.

Then there's also the fact that Pakatan has became arrogant and screwed up on so many fronts since winning GE14.

There's no doubt that many Malays are getting disillusioned with Pakatan, especially over its handling of issues such as ICERD and the tragic death of fireman Adib.

And of course there are those Pakatan's broken promises and the failure to improve things, especially for the Malays after winning GE14.

Those may help BN a lot in this coming by-election just as they did in Cameron Highlands.

Personally, I think Azmin was not wrong to feel confident about Pakatan winning in Semenyih because it's after all the incumbent with a huge majority cushion.

However, Muhyiddin, being the former Umno deputy president should know the Malays' sentiment better and that the danger of Pakatan losing to BN in a Malay majority constituency such as Semenyih is currently very real.

I'm with Muhyiddin on this one.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Relax, it's only politics

This is nice,

Siti Hasmah visits Mohamed Azmin in hospital


The tweet, by Mohamed Azmin’s daughter Farah Amira, mentioned that Dr Siti Hasmah was with Datin Seri Shamsida Taharin, the wife of the PKR deputy president, at a hospital room but it did not say which hospital it was and what surgery the minister had undergone.

“A picture paints a thousand words, they say. Indeed, Abah@AzminAli in high spirits, from the care, love and affection showered on him by Tun Dr. Siti who came to visit after Abah's surgery.

I guess the old nasty things during the Anwar crackdown have been forgiven.

But were they forgotten?

Even though Dr Siti Hasmah was not involved, she surely remembers that it was very bad back then when they accused Azmin of giving Shamsidar to Anwar.

They even brought a mattress to court as evidence, complete with DNA samples and such.

Some even claimed that a child of Azmin and Shamsidar was actually Anwar's.

At that time, people blamed Dr Siti Hasmah's husband Dr Mahathir of all the sordidness.

Honestly, I never believe in the accusation.

As far as I know, Shamsidar is a good person and would never let herself be used like that.

I don't think Azmin is that vile too.

Looking at that picture of Dr Siti Hasmah with Azmin and Shamsidar, I believe the grand old lady also didn't believe in the allegations even back then when all those nasty things were happening.

Whatever it is, that's how things are in Malaysian politics.

All those sordid things they accused of each other were just part of their politics.

I think we shouldn't take those things too seriously.

Well, some of us got all worked up over them which I think was not very smart at all.

Just look at what they said Najib had done.

I think they will one day admit that it's only politics.

Ya, for now it's all seemed so real with all those multiple charges in court.

Later on, I think it will turn out to be just the same as that mattress they hauled up to court two decades ago.

It's just politics.

By the way, a foreigner friend asked me last night whether I believe this could happen,

Azmin appointed DPM after CNY

I told him, I don't think Dr Mahathir will want to rock the boat too early.

But rocks he will soon....and Azmin, I believe, will feature prominently.

No mattress this time though.

Monday 4 February 2019

A quiet and peaceful new year's eve

With family at this beautiful and peaceful place on new year's eve.

I love this place and I'm happy.

No worries or assholes disturbing me here.

I can just enjoy myself.

Well, I'm wishing a happy new year to the good people who celebrate it.

The bad people, no need.

Special wish for my dear ones in JB, Kluang.....and Singapore.

Since I think you all are already mostly sick of listening to new year songs at the malls and other places these past few weeks, here's a non-new year song instead;

Remembrance of the one I lost.....and miss so much.

The beautiful train ride.

Okay, I'm continuing my relaxing.


Saturday 2 February 2019

Best ways to handle Najib

I think this is silly.

Cops urged to monitor Najib's 

events in Langkawi

Langkawi police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said five reports were lodged by the local Bersatu division members at the Kuah police station at 4.30pm yesterday.
"The reports were on the former prime minister’s programme in Pantai Cenang today.
“Police have noted their concerns, and have already advised the organisers on it and they have reverted to us that it will only be a breakfast function at a restaurant and that no speeches will be made,” he told Bernama.
They should just let Najib be.

He was just jalan-jalan and meeting his fans for breakfast.

Even if he is campaigning like what he did in Cameron Highlands, I don't think they should try to stop him.

Lodging police reports like that was just being over the top.

Makes them looked petty, actually.

In case we forget, this is still a free and democratic country.

Najib is free for now and he still has his democratic rights.

Well, the courts are yet to find him guilty of anything.

If he's found guilty of all those charges, then that's another story lah.

What ever it is, the guy will not be the PM again, okay.

So, don't worry,

In fact, I also don't want him to be PM again.

And we shouldn't blame people for being his fans too.

I have to admit that his Facebook postings were quite sharp and witty these days.

That's probably why he's quite popular of late.

Also bear in mind that Najib's administration was not all that bad.

Some of his initiatives were even praised till this days.

Like this one;

PM impressed with Southern Integrated Terminal

If Pakatan people can't stand that, then I suggest for them to get their leaders to do their job properly.

Fulfil the election promises, don't make conflicting or U-turn statements, stop talking like idiots, come up with good ideas instead of nonsense like black school shoes,  stop spinning and lying etc etc.

Really, if Pakatan leaders can do those things, it would stop Najib and his growing fan club.

No need to be silly by lodging police reports just to stop Najib from having breakfast with people who like him.

Also, Pakatan people should get AG Tommy Thomas to speed up the legal process against Najib.

That way, Najib could be jailed quickly and stop causing discomfort to them.

For one thing, they should get him a Bahasa Malaysia tutor so that he can understand the national language better as I think that's holding him back a little in handling Najib's cases.

While they are at it, I think they should also get some of the ministers and their deputies Bahasa Malaysia tutors too to make them more effective.

Can avoid these sort of things;

Deputy minister’s national language

 proficiency questioned

Really. I believe things will be better for Pakatan people if they can fix these problems.