Tuesday 5 June 2018

Anwar, defender of....the galaxy?


King consents to Tommy Thomas as AG

Should be noted (excerpts);

These issues are the appointment of the AG, the rights of the bumiputras, and the rule of the Council of Rulers as stated under Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

“The King has also expressed his disappointment (dukacita) and worries on media reports of late that were inaccurate and negative in nature, which could threaten the peace and harmony in the nation.

“The King has the obligation to uphold the Federal Constitution and preserve the rights of the Malays and bumiputras, as well as to protect Islam,” he added.

So, the King was worried about those things, causing him to hesitate on the appointment.

What changed his mind?

Obviously after,

Anwar meets King over AG's appointment 

Not bad Anwar.

He's the man.

I wonder what Anwar had said to the King that made him felt assured that everything is okay with the issues he was concerned over.

How come Dr Mahathir can't say the same thing to the King?

Well, there were already people who commented here about turning Malaysia into a republic,

mcm singapore & indonesia, democratic & republic so appealing wink

In fact, I didn't let through quite a few which were outright seditious.

Well, whatever it is, do note again that Anwar is the one who persuaded the King to back down.

Maybe you all can read again this previous post of mine;

Looks like the royals are really with Anwar.

Yup, I was wrong about the royals being on their own.

The royals do have someone to protect them - Anwar.

That's why the King listened to him.

Bear in mind that the King was also assured that he could continue to uphold the Federal Constitution and preserve the rights of the Malays and bumiputras, as well as to protect Islam after the meeting with Anwar.

With this, will the Malays and the royalties unite behind Anwar?


Urghhh...scary thought though.


  1. Allow me Annie to repeat this. TQ.

    //King consents to Tommy Thomas as AG
    PETALING JAYA: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V, has consented to the appointment of Tommy Thomas as the new Attorney-General (AG).//

    Pelanggan2 M'kini yg majotiti dari kalangan bukan Melayu/Islam sedang berkokok di dalam ruangan komentar portal berita tersebut seolah2 meraikan satu kemenangan besar.

    Aku lontarkan soalan ini kepada kamu Melayu/Islam; Apa perasaan kamu terhadap tindakan mereka ini ?

    1. iklan pundedol..
      kau fikir aku ada masa nak jawab soalan bodoh kau...

    2. Aku ok jer, nak buat keja kena cari orang yang bagus dan tak rasuah. Kalau orang itu Islam kira bonus la.

    3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    4. Good answer Anonymous5 June 2018 at 09:40.

    5. Perlembagaan negara kata Agong harus menurut nasihat PM apabila melantik AG.
      Dan tiada peruntukan untuk AG mesti org islam berbangsa melayu.

      AG sebelum ini dilihat terlebih sudu dari kuah apabila mengambil tugas hakim membersihkan pemimpin islam berbangsa melayu yg kleptokrat.
      Dan Agong tiada berbunyi menyebut tentang kesucian islam dicemari.
      Bukankah kebenaran sebahagian dari islam?

      Jadi apa benar Islam dan Melayu yg menjadi isu atau ada udang disebalik batu?

    6. d corrupts must not be protected. thomas is d right man for it. we need a different dna for d task.

  2. Hi Annie,
    The king back down because he realized there is no provision in the constitution that he should block the AG appointment of the government of the day. He also realized it's an unpopular move to do that and sending the "wrong" signal to the people. The king made the right choice, the role of the constitution and rule of law must prevail. The king should not fear, his role is guaranteed in the constitution and everybody plays their proper role according to the constitution. The citizens of the country should run their own affair within agreement and abidding to the supreme law of the land, that is the constitution and all will be well, fall into place. Maybe this is all speculation, causes by irresponsible bloggers, media or writers that state the king having this concern, maybe he don't have this concern and actually wants to gather the proper feedback before decreeing with a statement. That is also his right. The constitution doesn't say the King must immediately agree or consent with so and so timeframe but of course delaying will also sometimes cause wrong perception or unnecessary crisis.

    On Anwar, that is just over dramatic of him to show concern/action. It is his right to convey his view and opinion, but my believes, I don't think the rulers take his view or opinion too much because they do know the real influence is coming from Tun M camp.
    As PKR leader, it is normal for Anwar conveying PKR stand that the constitution will be followed and it's not the main objective for PKR to overthrow the constitution in the first place. This been known even from the very beginning of the reformasi movement and a non matter to restate again and again.

    The ruler has role and also cannot be zalim to the people, look at all over the whole, people having unrest, and usual stable country like Jordan is now also having trouble when the people are unhappy, the king must be with the people and cannot side with injustices.

    For the racist instigation, as usual la...umno. They are back to their old tricks, fanning the racial hatred, that is normal. Tun M said, there is less racism at the top, but at the bottom, still many uneducated people.

    1. "For the racist instigation, as usual la...umno. They are back to their old tricks, fanning the racial hatred, that is normal."

      Their bloggers also haven't evolved.

      Better to just bury UMNO and build up PPBM.

      Like having organ transplant - throw the old rotten one away.

  3. This peculiarity doesn’t feel right. It will seriously undermine Mahathir as prime minister. It looks like The Rulers prefer talking to Anwar who holds no official position in government over talking to prime minister himself. What’s going on actually?

    Should the King needed more explanation, advice or even assurance on any issues, such as the position of Malays and Islam, His Higness should have judt summon the prime minister; who ever ready to meet His Highness at his pleasure.

    Whenever and wherever sensitive issue arises, prime minister is always there to give assurance that it will be taken care of. It’s aleays prime minister’s job to do that as stipulates in the Constitution. This Anwar fella, what position he holds in government which made go-to person everytime there’s an issue? All of a sudden he becomes the country’s most indispensable person.

    1. Anonymous5 June 2018 at 09:42

      Suggest you get your IQ tested.

      Anwar was doing this at Tun's request.

      The A-G name was sent 10 days ago.

      Anwar has been meeting Sultans non-stop since.

      Or you think he just "guessed" there was a problem on "something" and went around talking to sultans for fun?

    2. is tht so ? anwar is doing tht on tuns request ?

      first time im hearing this.

      well i take ur word for it. quess my iqs not so high too haha

    3. Yet the palace play dangerous game.

      "NO" to the prime minister who has the constitutional right.

      "YES" to errrr.. Ex DPM,Ex con and Mr Husband to the current DPM.

      Running country like nego project with UMNO bahagian chief?
      For god sake is this new msia?

      The Palace has created another issue for the 2nd time after PH take over the govt.

      Yet the modest perak sultan as always understand the rule of law.
      Sorry to say, some sultan will lead msia into chaos due to their own stupidity.

    4. I also don't understand why is Agong 'dislike' Tun so much?

      Is it because Tun crushed his Grand Uncle (Ku Li) back in 1987? Woah... that was ages ago!

      Is it because Tun amended the law to enable the Royals to be persecuted if they were found guilty of any crime. (before that the Royals were immuned). Woah... that was also ages ago..

      Hmmm... why eh Annie?
      He even withdrew Darjah Kerabat Kelantan that his father bestowed to Tun and Tun Hasmah.

      He sure is very angry at Tun... but why eh..??

    5. i dont believe sultan have absolute power
      sultan can commits crime too, they are are human being
      remember about Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei?
      brunei may be strong because of regulations like shariah law
      only the intelligent and islamic law abiding group of people will not corrupt shariah law

  4. I wonder what the "Indian RPK" (OTSB) will say now?

    So Anwar has NOT been going around seeing sultans to set up a PAS - UMNO - PKR gomen.

    There won't be a fresh election, as some Very Very Neutral Bloggers claimed.

    Anwar was running round Malaysia trying to solve this A-G issue, on Dr M's instructions.

    Hello, Tun is the guy who removed the royal immunity lah in the 90s.

    So he had to send Anwar.

    Takpe, there are always other blog fantasies that Indian RPK and Neutral Annie can spin : )

    I heard that Mat Sabu wants to marry Kak Ijat.

    Matching couple.

    You heard it first on LOA, tuan2 & puan2!


    2. Anonymous5 June 2018 at 11:27

      It's OK, I also fantasise on Annie a lot...alamak batal puasa ekk

    3. Anonymous 5 June 2018 11:34

      Desperado suits you anyway. Get a life man. A real life.

    4. Otai bersih said during the 1st visit brader sudah tabur racun.

      2nd visit brader sudah minum itu racun balik.

      Apa game si brader ni main pun xtau.
      Terkulat2 brader bila xdpt sokongan ahli parti mahupun rakyat.

      Duduk dlm penjara jela brader. Boleh jual cerita jadi mangsa konspirasi dari bebas tapi mebodohkan diri sendiri. Lagi xlaku

    5. After Royal Immunity was removed/amended by Tun back in the 80's, these Sultans' fathers were still alive and they did not treat Tun like this back then.

      Agong's father (the ailing Sultan Ismail) even bestowed upon Tun and Tun Hasmah Darjah Kerabat Kelantan (highest honor a commoner could get), so why are the children behaving like this?


    6. the agongs children must be strong physically and mentally enough so that they wont need Royal Immunity law

  5. How sad Apandi was sacked.

    He had his contract renewed for 3 years.

    If BN had won PRU14, then the Bugis pirate & Minangkabau queen could have taken their time screwing the Malays out of even more money, while paying their macai to scream loudly about Malay rights.

    And Apandi would have continued to cover up their thefts.

    Don't lose elections, I guess is the moral.

  6. no doubt persuasion is dsai specialty. but like nuclear weapon, there will be a catastrophe if it used for the wrong reason

  7. That my man, Annie.Even though old , he is focussed and result oriented.

    I mean Tun M , Annie

  8. Annie,

    //So, the King was worried about those things, causing him to hesitate on the appointment.//

    I don't really want to comment on what the King is or is not worried about.

    //do note again that Anwar is the one who persuaded the King to back down.//

    Come on lah.

    Has that been reported anywhere?

    Or is that a guess on your part? :)

    //Well, there were already people who commented here about turning Malaysia into a republic//

    And why shouldn't we have an open and frank discussion on whether Malaysia should or should not be a republic?

    Why shouldn't we know the pros and cons of a republic?

    Are we not matured enough to have an intelligent discussion on it?

    After all, if the monarchy is good for Malaysia, there should be no problems presenting a case for it.

    But if a republic is better ....

    Well, we will not know of the merits of a republic because nobody seems to want to talk about it :)

    //The royals do have someone to protect them - Anwar//

    Actually, the royals have the Federal Constitution to protect them.

    //How come Dr Mahathir can't say the same thing to the King?//

    Sorry for answering your questions out of sequence but my thought processes work slightly different.

    This is the clearest sign that Mahatir will be stepping down in 2 or 3 years time.

    After that, the royals will have to deal with Anwar and not Mahatir, so it is not much point talking to Mahatir.

    The only assurance that Anwar could possibly give the Agung is that neither Mahatir or he will further reduce the powers of the royalty or take Malaysia to a republic.


    1. We don't need a republic.

      Should maintain a monarchy but in constitutional form.

      It's our history & heritage.

      In UK Queen Elizabeth has to maintain 100% political neutrality.

    2. Lol. When Anwar mengadap all settle. Even Sultan meeting also cancel. Must be somethign Anwar promised

  9. The king prefers talking to an ex convict than the PM ? How absurd !

    Please Anwar, go have a loooongggg holiday and take care of your back side. Heard it was so serious that you had to seek medical attention while you were in Sungai Buloh.

  10. Anyone who thinks that the King don't know about the provisions in the constitutions pertaining to the appointment of the AG is just being naive.

    The king has all the best advisers that he need. For someone to try to project himself to be a superhero that help to resolve a so called crisis is just laughable. To me he is just a shameless opportunist.

  11. Therein lies the lesson of unity. Unity based on righteousness and not based on feudalism or race.

    If we the people are united, even "he" and his brothers don't dare to fuck with us. Or else WE will burn down their houses, metaphorically speaking.

    The broader is full of shit. Acting like a drama queen on the sideline. I thought he is going to travel around the world giving lectures. When is he fucking flight departing??

  12. I am just curios to see how Tun will react to the Anwar's success in getting the king's consent.
    By the way I have not read any news om Tun today.Is the old man ok?
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Maybe the actual happening is like this : brader told King that like it or not, the constitution did not allow for personal opinion to be exercised. That this is a constitutional monarchy, not absolute monarchy and that if approval not given, then within a certain period, the AG as selected by the PM, will come into effect, and all this go according to the law.

      And knowing AI, he will advise that better to salvage reputation by agreeing and give in now rather than waiting to Tun M to come out with "guns blazing" hahaha. Anwar must have stressed to the King that Tun M refused to submit more names as requested and he will NOT budge. So does the king have any other choice ?

      Let's not make Anwar into a drama queen la. He most likely do just the necessary needful. Lagi pun, what has the appointing of legal expertise to help the new government to administer to do with the position of the royalty, the privileges of the Malays or the sanctity of Islam? Why connect the two different matters ? Semua sandiwara ke ?