Thursday 31 May 2018

Graduates need to learn the hard life and not rely on promises

These stories are not very nice.

Pakatan's PTPTN pledge

 put on hold for now

Over 400000 PTPTN defaulters 
to remain in banks' blacklist

Even this one doesn't look good to me;

Pledge for PTPTN borrowers to delay
 repayment still being studied

I meant, the other day they said those earning less than RM4,000 per month can postpone the repayment of their studies loan, but now they said that one is still being studied.

Why la like that.

As I wrote in my previous post, they should study things first before making an announcement, and not the other way around.

Want to make election promises also like that.

See first whether you can do it or not, then only tell people.

Otherwise, like what PH people used to accused of BN, "janji dicapati" instead of "janji ditepati".

Remember, at one time they even said can give free higher education.

Simply simply say only.

Well, what to do, it's done already.

PH won, okay.

Anyway, I was never agreeable about borrowers of PTPTN not having to pay back their loan.

The money is needed for the next generation of students.

That's why I was against it from the start when PH turned the issue into part of its election campaign.

Ok, ok...."Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now"

The mantra....I know.

The new Education Minister said that,

Still, they shouldn't make that promise.

Nonetheless, the PTPTN borrowers shouldn't complain too much.

At least they got to borrow the money for their studies which is better than in some other cases.

For instance, my mother actually worked for two years as a waitress in Singapore to save enough money before going to study in Taiwan.

She even worked in factories in Singapore during her school holidays before that to have enough money for her education.

My mother is not from a rich taukeh family, okay.

Those days there was no PTPTN and scholarships was almost unheard of among Chinese school students unless they are extremly good in their studies.

So, really, the PTPTN borrowers simply need to learn to live the hard life a bit and pay their loan.

The mantra and how HSR was cancelled

Based on comments I received in this blog, I think most of us will revert  to the mantra "Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now", whenever we can't articulate ourselves properly on any arising issue.

It's probably the same mantra to be used by the government whenever it wants to do something, such as collecting money from the people to strengthen the economy, or can't do something, such as fulfilling its election promises.

I'm quite sure I'll get some more of that mantra at this post.

Well, this Najib guy however seems quite oblivious to all these.

He is still a free man and issuing statements refuting the new government's claims.

Here is the latest;

Najib: Benefits of HSR exceed

 cost of project


“The projections from the relevant report I have seen indicate an estimated economic benefit of RM650bil in Gross National Income by year 2069.
“There would have been 110,000 job opportunities created, which is estimated to increase to about 442,000 by year 2069,” he said, urging for the report to be shown to the public.
Such infrastructure projects, he added, bring returns in the form of land appreciation, local economic growth, technology transfer, job opportunities, higher income, brain gain from Singapore, and boost in tourism.
Najib also questioned how the government arrived at the conclusion that the project would cost about RM110bil.
He said the costs of the project as of early this year stand at about RM72bil, taking into account payments made to the citizens for land transfer.
“The true cost can only be known when the tenders for the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the rolling stocks and assets of the rail are fully closed on Dec 28 this year,” he said.
He also questioned if the agencies involved in the project have been given a chance to present their case before the cabinet and the Council of Eminent Persons.

Okay, I think those points are quite fair to consider.

And this is the reply given by Dr Mahathir;

RM100 billion HSR for 100000 jobs? Not very efficient

“You want to spend RM60 billion to RM100 billion so that 100,000 people can work. That’s not very efficient,” he said at a buka puasa event here.
Najib had also claimed that the HSR would have garnered RM650 billion for Malaysia by 2069.
Asked to comment on this, Mahathir only said: “We are studying it (the report).”

So, the HSR project was cancelled before being fully studied, is it?

Hmmm....that's not very reassuring.

How about the cancellation of the other projects?

I think the government should thoroughly study things such as the HSR project and the findings be presented to the public before a decision could be made on it.

Otherwise it's not going to be good for the country.

We can't go on forever just repeating the mantra "Najib stole the people's money, so that's why things are like this now", right?

I think we need to be more rationale and mature than that.

Whether Najib really stole the money, let the court decides.

We follow the rules of law, right?

But seriously, I think Najib seems so cool about it.

If I'm the one whom they said had stolen the billions of ringgit, I really don't think I can smile and issue statements like that.

Najib on first day of questioning at MACC headquarters

I would be as quiet as a mouse and try to save my skin more than anything else.

Anyway, the other day, a friend asked for my opinion whether Najib is really going to jail.

I told him that I seriously don't know whether Najib is really guilty at this point but based on what happened in the past few weeks, I think this PH government will make sure he goes to jail, one way or another.

After all, it's their election campaign promise.

And with that, Malaysians probably can keep repeating the mantra for the years to come.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

MRT also out....sigh

I think this is quite unfortunate;

MRT Line 3 joins HSR among cancelled projects

In my prevous post,

Farewell to Shinkansen dream

I had hoped for this,


Hopefully they won't cancel the next phases of the MRT project too just because that was started by Najib.

I think MRT is important to have.

If we can't be connected by rail all over the country, then at least we could do so in KL. Otherwise we will forever be stuck in a third world traffic jam city.

Yes, please don't scrap the next MRT project. 

If they want, I can even delete the part about MRT being started by Najib and say PH started it instead. That's better than getting stuck in jams again.

Well, what to do. It's already cancelled.

The reason given was because the country doesn't have the money for it.

However, earlier today, a friend gave his opinion that the MRT project was really cancelled because the new government doesn't like the contractors appointed by the previous government and not because of financial reason.

He said the project would likely be revived later when they get a more favourable contractor to do it.

Don't know lah...honestly, I don't really care who is the contractor as long as we can have a proper rail transport in this increasingly jammed city.

This evening it took me an hour and half to get home because of the jam. It should have taken me 45 minutes to do so.

Maybe I should use my bike again to commute.

But seriously, is the country so poor now that,

Government to accept donations to strengthen financial position


Last time we got that Arab donation thing, now we got this rakyat donation pulak.

Maybe it was really meant for fellas like those billionaires Robert Kuok and Daim Zainuddin.

Ya, they are the ones who should donate to the government.

One billion ringgit each. How about that?

Maybe our royalties could also chip in.

Well, I don't think I have much to spare.

Pay income tax also struggling already.

How about you all ? Got money to donate to government or not?

Whatever it is, guess from all the noises made by the government, our country is really in bad shape.....

Except that, how come that day our handsome new MoF Guan Eng said

Economy remains strong,

 fundamentals solid

Everyone said our country is going bankrupt, how come he said like that.

And then he also said the country's debt is over a trillion ringgit.

These are all very confusing, okay.

Some more, it was also announced today that

Malaysia to develop island near Singapore

I think that would be something like China's reclamation project in the middle of South China Sea.

Maybe not so big, but could still be quite costly.

But never mind lah, at least it's for the country's sovereignty....I think.

Ya la. After we lost the Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Putih.

Maybe we can after that tell off the Singaporeans like we used to back then.

Eerrr....actually I don't really like that. I don't want to quarrel with my Singaporean cousins.

I rather have the full specs MRT, okay.

I really like the MRT and hoping that we all can have a good one like in Tokyo and other cities of the developed countries.

Rafizi being a smart aleck - stupidity or planned?

What is this nonsense la....

Mukhriz tells Rafizi not to question Dr M being PH’s winning factor 

excerpts 1;

Mukhriz said Rafizi should not question the winning factor but instead accept the fact that victory was achieved and several states have formed the government.
“We feel that the question over the winning factor should no longer arise as the results are already known and the government has been formed. As such, it is not necessary to bring up these issues.”
excerpts 2;

Earlier the Malaysia Insight portal reported that the popularity of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not the winning factor for PH in the GE14. Instead, it was the rising cost of living and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which had resulted in PH success in defeating the Barisan Nasional (BN).
The former Pandan MP said that the matter was proven based on a post-GE-14 survey conducted by Invoke Malaysia, which found that voters were more affected by these two issues compared to loyalty to Tun Dr Mahathir.
I'm all with Mukhriz here.

What la this Rafizi....I think he's feeling quite sore that he didn't really get to join the PH victory party.

Hey, no matter how much he wanted to spin, everyone knows that without Dr Mahathir, there's no way PH could have beaten BN in GE14.

It was all about Dr Mahathir leading the charge to topple Najib.

It was the hate for Najib, which was nurtured since three years ago following his fight with Dr Mahathir which finally defeated BN. 

The other issues that Rafizi mentioned were not strong enough to trigger the Malaysians tsunami of GE14.

I also think that Rafizi is coming out with such a theory in order to remain relevant.

He must be worried that his arch-opponent in PKR Azmin is steadily getting stronger under the wings of the handsome old man.

Or maybe Rafizi is preparing the ground work for Anwar's take over of the premiership from Dr Mahathir two years from now....or earlier.

I'm quite sure Anwar doesn't like the idea of himself assuming the PM post being shadowed by the aura of Dr Mahathir, who is now considered to be the saviour of this least by PH supporters.

Or maybe he's not very sure that Dr Mahathir will really give him the PM post at all, thus the need for his favourite boy Rafizi to do the hatchet job.

Quite possible, right?

And then there were all those meetings Anwar had with royalties that we know don't really like Dr Mahathir very much. 

Well, don't know lah.

I just have a bad feeling about all these.

Maybe we are going to see another big fight soon.

It's getting quite endless, right.

Anyway, I think the Pribumi Bersatu people need to brace themselves for what's coming their way.

Their party, with just 13 parliament seats should more or less be considered a junior in PH.

Anwar's PKR is the biggest with 47 seats....or is it 51 (not sure whether those independents have jumped over)

Maybe Pribumi Bersatu people could get DAP to help them in case Anwar and his boys decided to steam-roll over them.

I suspect Amanah will go along with Anwar's PKR because it's leaders have about the same supposedly "modern Islamic" background as the soon to be PM. 

Or maybe Pribumi Bersatu could get help from Umno and Pas in the event DAP doesn't want to side with it.

But that effectively means that Pribumi Bersatu will be out of PH.

That would be sad, actually.

Dr Mahathir won the GE14 for them only to have his Pribumi Bersatu kicked out of PH.

I know some of you are laughing reading these thoughts of mine, but really, this is politics and anything could happen.

Seriously, Pribumi Bersatu doesn't look very comfortable at the moment, especially with Rafizi running down Dr Mahathir like that.

And it's not even a month after their GE14 victory.

p.s ; Actually I prefer the Dr Mahathir-Azmin pair than the Anwar-Rafizi one. For one thing, Dr Mahathir and Azmin are more handsome.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Farewell to Shinkansen dream

So, it has come to this,

Mahathir confirms Malaysia will scrap

 KL-Singapore HSR project 


“We need to do away with some of the unnecessary projects, for example the high-speed rail, which is going to cost us RM110 billion (US$28 billion) and will not earn us a single cent. That will be dropped,” the 92-year-old was quoted as saying to the Financial Times.

With that, I believe projects such as ECRL, Bandar Malaysia, all those ports and exclusive industrial zones to be built by the Chinese will all be cancelled.

Hmmm...that means almost all physical remainders of Najib's administration the past nine years will be wiped out.

Well, it's only fair.

Najib and gang had wanted to wipe out Dr Mahathir's legacy but they lost the fight.  So, they were the ones that got wiped out instead.

Personally, I don't care much about those projects, except the HSR.

I like the idea of having a Shinkansen between KL and Singapore.

Easier for me to visit my relatives there, among other things.

I love traveling by train.

Just like in Japan.

But I guess the current government wanted to save money.

It said the nationaal debt was RM1 trillion.

But of course this was disputed,

Najib criticises how Malaysia's RM1 trillion debt

 is calculated


In a Facebook post on Friday (May 25), Najib said: "I am glad that the finance minister has come clean in his statement yesterday that the official federal government debt remains at 686.8 billion ringgit (US$172.5 billion) (50.8 per cent of the gross domestic product, or GDP) - not 65 per cent or 1 trillion ringgit as previously claimed."
"The level of 50.8 per cent is much lower than the 103.4 per cent reached during the first reign of Tun Mahathir (Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad)," he added.

Hmmm....don't know lah how our new handsome MoF did his calculations. One day like this, another day like that.

Then the former MoF also have his own version like that.

Well, never mind.

Still, I'm actually a bit sad that the HSR project got cancelled.

Hopefully they won't cancel the next phases of the MRT project too just because that was started by Najib.

I think MRT is important to have.

If we can't be connected by rail all over the country, then at least we could do so in KL. Otherwise we will forever be stuck in a third world traffic jam city.

Yes, please don't scrap the next MRT project. 

If they want, I can even delete the part about MRT being started by Najib and say PH started it instead. That's better than getting stuck in jams again.


As for the Shinkansen experience, guess I have to go to Japan again for it.

I kept postponing my trip there.

Well, maybe later this coming autumn.

Someone already offered to belanja me a trip to Tokyo around that time.

I think I'll take it.

Maybe can take the Shinkansen to Sendai again, like last time.

Hopefully this time it will really happen.

Maybe you all want to read these previous posts of mine on Shinkansen;

Japanese trip and Shinkansen

Please let it be the Shinkansen

May the Japanese beat the Chinese on the HSR

Sorts of like a farewell to that dream.

Unite Malays in PH idea

I have to admit that I was actually quite touched by this comment at my last posting,


Saya amat sedih melihat keadaan orang melayu berpecah.

Sepatutnya orang melayu bersatu dalam satu muafakat yang memberikan kekuatan kepada orang melayu.

Orang melayu mestilah kuatkan semangat dan azam untuk bersatu di bawah Pakatan Harapan yang dipimpin oleh pemimpin kita yang berwibawa Tun M.

Tidak usahlah kita bersekongkol dengan parti-parti pembangkang yang penuh dengan dakyah-dakyah palsu.

Pimpinan Tun M telah pun terbukti di dalam negara dan di arena antara bangsa.

Umat Melayu sepatutnya merapatkan saf-saf dan memberikan sokongan padu pada Pakatan Harapan pimpinan Tun M.

Ya, saya pun sedih juga mengenangkan nasib orang Melayu yang berpecah.....sampai menitis airmata pun ada....begitu lah.

Obviously the commentator is a PH supporter and most likely a member of Pribumi Bersatu.

I have to say that I find his/her suggestion to be very acceptable.

Nonetheless, if we look closely at the wordings, it was of course directed to the Malays who were not within PH.

Those should be mostly in Umno and Pas.

It's actually quite a good idea for everyone in those two Malay-based party to jump ship to Pribumi Bersatu under the leadership of Dr Mahathir.

Pribumi Bersatu has 13 parliamentary seats, Umno has 54, and Pas has 18.

A bit weird for the bigger ones to jump into the small one, but never mind lah. Demi perpaduan Melayu, as they said it.

That way Pribumi Bersatu will have 85 parliamentary seats thus making it the dominant party in PH.

Actually, that's not bad, right?

However, if I'm not mistaken, such jumping of ships into PH has already been forbidden.

The reason was quite obvious, PKR and DAP don't want a Malay-based party like Pribumi Bersatu to dominate their PH coalition.

At the moment, in PH, the supposedly multi-racial PKR has 47 parliamentary seats, Chinese dominated DAP has 42, while Malay parties Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah only have  13 and 11 respectively. If you want to add PH ally, Sabah-based Warisan, it has 8.

The Malay-based parties look quite weak, right?

I wonder what would happen to them when Dr Mahathir relinquishes the PM post two years from now....that is if Anwar can wait that long.

So how?

I have this idea, but don't know whether can use or not.

How about all the Malays now already in Pakatan Harapan join Pribumi Bersatu first?

If Amanah and Warisan people shut down their party and join Pribumi Bersatu, that would make their combined parliament seats 32.

Then they can get maybe Azmin to bring all the Malays in PKR to join them. Let's say half of PKR MPs are Malays, that's at least another 24 more seats.....Anwar going to be so pissed if this happens :)

With that Pribumi Bersatu becomes the party with most parliamentary seats in PH,

Not bad what.

Maybe after that they can kick DAP and remnant of PKR out and replace them with Umno and Pas people, thus uniting the Malays. And they can bring along the Sarawak bumiputera parties too.

Can or not?

Eeeerrrr....actually that's quite scary, don't you think?

Especially with Pas in there with them.

Really can't stand those people.

Eh, just let the Malays unite as much as they could under Umno lah.

That is if they manage to clean up the party first.

Get rid of the garbage.

Really, Umno under the right people was not so bad.

Dr Mahathir was the best PM when he was with Umno, right?

Monday 28 May 2018

Guan Eng, the untouchable

I read this article

A less blunt tool for Lim Guan Eng? Really, Mr Mukherjee?

by Malay Mail managing editor Leslie Lau and can't help but to say

"Hey, I got a lot of that kind of whacking too Mr Mukherjee."

I got them in the comments section of these recent posts

Guan Eng is probably Dr Mahathir's ploy

Guan Eng got dad and new mentor

and others.

I'm quite sure I'm going to get some more for this post.

Heck, I even begin to believe that there are people working on shifts, 24 hours a day, just to be on the lookout for anyone who dares to say even the slightest bad thing about Guan Eng.

Yup, you say anything not so flattering about Guan Eng these days and you would kena whacked kaw kaw by....errr innocent will kena extra whacking if you say they are from DAP.

Really, Guan Eng is now untouchable.

The guy can do no wrong and he can throw all the tantrum that he wants because he's a saint and saviour of all Malaysians.

Well, after kena whacked for criticising him, that's what I thought of him.

Really, no one is supposed to criticise him, okay.

Anyway, I do wonder if Leslie Lau wrote his article after he got a phone call early in the morning because someone was not happy that Malay Mail published Mukherjee's article.

Mukherjee's article was also published by Bloomberg;

Malaysia Needs More Tactful Handling of 1MDB Mess

Maybe Bloomberg's managing editor too will write an article later to whack Mukherjee for trying to mess with Guan Eng.

Maybe that editor too got an early morning call complaining about Bloomberg not being fair to the newly minted minister of finance and asked to write a counter article against Mukherjee like Malay Mail did.


Well, about these probable early morning phone calls, they reminded me of the story behind this article from 10 years ago;

What's your beef, Guan Eng? 

Yes, I like this quote from the article,

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

Sunday 27 May 2018

Black Stone Beach cantata

Took this picture just seconds ago,

I'm actually somewhere in the East Coast.

Just resting at this place called Black Stone Beach.

Nice, right.

It's my true happiness to be here.

I really need to stop thinking of politics for awhile.

Why would I care so much about all those political nonsense, right?

They said BN was defeated in GE14 because PH is better than it....wrong, BN lost because Malaysians just wanted to get rid of Najib and the gang.

They said there is no more racial politics in Malaysia....yea right, I'll believe them if they can convince me that DAP is truly multiracial.

Those sorts of nonsense.

It really doesn't make much difference.

Okay, I'm going to a nearby Ramadhan bazzar to buy something for buka puasa.

A song for my beloved....miss you dear.

Between Pribumi Bersatu and Umno

A good friend who is a Pribumi Bersatu member got very angry with me the other day because of what I wrote in this post;

He accused me of spinning and being a racist.

That, despite me not using a single word of "Malay", "Chinese" , "Eskimo" or any other race in that post.

I believe that I was not spinning and merely stating facts from the outcome of GE14.

Nonetheless, I was quite taken aback by my friend's angry words.

I got plenty of comments similar to his, but the one coming from him was quite disconcerting.

That's because he used to be a staunch Umno member and hated DAP about 1,000 times more than me.

And he knew that there's no way that I'm a racist.

In fact, up until just before GE14, he expressively told me that it's okay to whack DAP leaders as the party, despite being a Pribumi Bersatu ally, must be kept in check.

I guess my friend now realised that despite the euphoria of defeating BN and ousting Najib, the GE14 results also marked the end of Malays' dominance in Malaysian politics.

Malays' only real leverage in this country is politics due to them being the majority and now they have lost it because of their disunity.

For instance, it's a fact that the ruling PH coalition now has more non-Malay MPs than Malays.

And the part where I wrote about DAP now being the dominant party in the PH coalition in Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor was also factual.

My friend was probably angry because he can't dispute me on those facts.

And he knew that his Pribumi Bersatu was largely responsible for what happened.

Maybe he was even angry with himself.

Nonetheless, I do understand the need to get rid of Najib and his gang in Umno.

They made Umno and BN looked so bad that a large number of Umno members voted for PH in GE14.

It was said that at least 40 per cent of Umno members and supporters in Johor voted for PH.

Najib and his people failed to counter the PH campaign as I put it in this post,

By right, Najib should have resigned once he became a liability to his party.

It doesn't matter whether he was guilty or not. If he failed to prove his innocence in the eyes of the public at that time, then he should have stepped down.

Well, that's too late now.

For me, the big question now is whether the Malays could reunite and win back their majority power.

But then again, do they really want to be united?

Do they care when others said

Malays consumed candu

about things such as the New Economic Policy which among others took most Malays out of the poverty zone and provided education which they couldn't possibly afford on their own?

Do they care when others mocked

Malay poems

like they did in the comment section of that post?

Do they even care about being Malays?

Well, I know that my angry friend care about those things more than me.

I don't even consider myself a real Malay.

My dad said that to me, actually.

I can sense that despite his anger, my friend was wishing for the Malays to reunite under his Pribumi Bersatu party.

Though not saying it, I believe that he wished for all Umno members to jump ship into his party and therefore enabling it to be the dominant party in PH.

Currently, it has only 12 parliamentary seats.

Umno, despite the GE14 defeat still holds 54 parliamentary seats.

It also have the most state seats in Perak and Johor where the MBs are from Pribumi Bersatu.

So, it's a bit hard to imagine all those Umno people jumping into the smaller party.

And whether they like it or not, Pribumi Bersatu people have to accept the fact that the only draw they have is the leadership of Dr Mahathir and his current position as the interim PM.

I wonder what the new Johor government, helmed by a Pribumi Bersatu MB, is going to do about this complaint by Dr Mahathir prior to GE14

I can't see much future of the party under the leadership of Mahyuddin who should now be past 70.

And Mukhriz, despite my fondness of him, is a far cry from his father.

Who else? Syed Saddiq? Osman Sapian?.....come on la.

Umno, on the other hand, stands a better chance of reuniting the Malays if only it could fix itself.

Pas? Pas is even worse than Umno, okay.

The thought of Malays uniting under the Pas banners scares me.

Okay, I will write more about all these later.

Taking a nap now,


Saturday 26 May 2018

Malay poems, remembrance

I first posted these

three days after the GE13, five years ago

I love these poems.

Today, while thinking of the GE14 outcome I just felt like reading them again.

Manusia Berbudi Dan Kenang Budi

Melayu itu orang yang bijaksana. 
Nakalnya bersulam jenaka. 
Budi bahasanya tidak terkira. 
Kurang ajarnya tetap santun. 
Jika menipu pun masih bersopan. 
Bila mengampu bijak beralas tangan. 
Melayu itu kaya falsafahnya. 
Kias kata bidal pusaka. 
Akar budi bersulamkan daya. 
Gedung akal laut bicara. 
Menikam dengan pantun. 
Menyanggah dengan senyum. 
Marahnya dengan diam. 
Merendah bukan menyembah. 
Meninggi bukan melonjak.

Watak Melayu menolak permusuhan. 
Setia dan sabar tiada sempadan. 
Tapi jika marah tak nampak telinga. 
Musuh dicari ke lubang cacing. 
Tak dapat tanduk telinga dijinjing. 
Maruah dan agama dihina jangan. 
Hebat amuknya tak kenal lawan.

Berdamai cara Melayu indah sekali. 
Silaturrahim hati yang murni. 
Maaf diungkap senantiasa bersahut. 
Tangan diulur sentiasa bersambut. 
Luka pun tidak lagi berparut.

Bagaimanakah Melayu abad dua puluh satu? 
Masihkan tunduk tersipu-sipu? 
Jangan takut melanggar pantang, jika pantang menghalang kemajuan. 
Jangan segan menentang larangan, jika yakin kepada kebenaran. 
Jangan malu mengucapkan keyakinan, jika percaya kepada keadilan.

Sasterawan Negara, Allahyarham Datuk Usman Awang
Perhimpunan Melayu Johor (PMJ) 18 December 1988.


Bersatulah bangsa ku, bersatu lah
Dihadapan sana menanti cabaran tak terjangkau
Ombak ribut taufan kan menyerang
Seperti sejarah silam yang telah memahatkan
Keruntuhan Melaka masa lalu
Dek kelemahan bangsaku

Ingatlah bangsaku
Hanya perpaduan menjadi benteng ampuh
Hanya perpaduan menjadi benteng ampuh
Hanya perpaduan menjadi benteng ampuh

Kejayaan bangsa dan negara selamanya
Ditegakkan dari tonggak perpaduan
Kerana perpaduanlah penjajah diusir berambus pergi
Kerana perpaduanlah kemerdekaan dicapai sebebas-bebasnya
Kerana perpaduanlah komunis dihapuskan keakar-akarnya
Kita lalu mendirikan sekolah, membina masjid, hospital
Gedung besar untuk kita kecapi bersama
Membangunkan ekonomi bangsa
Menukar rimba belantara menjadi kota besar
Kilang tersergam dimana-mana
Ladang menghijau hasil mahsulnya melimpah ruah
Pelabuhan dan jalan raya pun terbentang untuk semua
Anak-anak kesekolah dan universiti
Orang muda bertungkus lumus mengumpul rezeki
Yang tua hidup aman damai dirumah sendiri

Hanya perpaduan yang teguh, persatuan yang kukuh
Akan menyelamatkan bangsa daripada dihancurkan
Oleh onar dalam dan onar luar
Oleh oportunis dan pengkhianat yang licik
Menabur duri dan onar sepanjang jalan menuju wawasan besar kita

Maka ayuhlah kita menginsafi diri
Bahawa dikampung dan didesa dibandar dan juga dikota
Racun fitnah dan pembohongan telah disebar
Dan membangkitkan kebencian dan permusuhan
Percayalah semua ini telah disemai oleh tangan kita sendiri
Oleh bangsa sendiri yang telah lupa diri
Dan mabuk dalam nikmat kemakmuran
Dihasut dengki peribadi dan ketamakan diri
Telah berpecah belahlah bangsa kita
Dalam segenap bidang kehidupan
Dan sipetualang itu sedang merayau-rayau diudara
Sesekali melangkah kebumi sesekali meninggi keawan
Ada yang sedang bersembunyi dihutan subur kita
Ada yang sedang berlayar dilautan luas kita
Disungai-sungai bumi tanah air kita
Mereka sedang menunggu waktu terbaik
Untuk merampas dan menjarah apa yang kita nikmati

Inilah sumpah perjuangan untuk watan dan bangsa merdeka
Dan perjuangan untuk watan adalah perjuangan suci
Perjuangan ini adalah perjuangan sepanjang hayat
Dalam segala bidang keagamaan, keilmuan, ekonomi dan budaya
Dan maka perjuangan suci ini harus dihayati
Dan digerakkan oleh seluruh anak watan
Kerana perjuangan ini tanggungjawab semua

Bersatulah bangsaku, bersatulah
Sesat ditengah jalan, kita pulang kepermulaan langkah
Lupakan saja tamak haloba yang membuahkan dendam
Amarah, dengki, khianat, kesumat dan permusuhan
Yang berasa bersalah memohon ampun, dan kita maafkan
Yang tua dihormati, yang muda dikasihi

Bersatulah bangsaku, bersatulah
Ayuh kita berdiri teguh menentang
Segala cabaran dan rintangan
Jangan biarkan cita-cita besar kita kandas
Dan terjurumus kejurang maha gelap maha dalam itu
Percayalah, sesal kemudian tidak berguna apa-apa
Rumah nenek moyang kita bangunkan
Dari jerih perit perjuangan silam ini
Jangan dibiar terlepas ketangan orang lain
Dan disini hari ini, berjanjilah wahai bangsaku
Perjuangan ini perjuangan sepanjang hayat

Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman

Kembara Puisi Darul Ta'zim
Saujana, Johor Bahru

Hopefully no one will accuse me of being a racist for posting these poems. InsyaAllah.

Guan Eng got dad and new mentor (updated)


Tried to layan the comments after subuh until I fell asleep again. Woke up just now and there were quite a few more. But they were all mostly not about what I wrote in this post. I wrote about Guan Eng, yet you all commented about Najib's case which I prefer to wait until he is found guilty by the court before writing about it. Ya lah, Dr Mahathir said we now follow rule of law, right. Innocent until proven guilty, so to speak. Then there were also those who commented just to call me bimbo and racist because of my opinion on Guan Eng. So, I think I give up lah want to layan the comments. Anyway, I'm still going to publish those comments. Don't want to disappoint you all after taking the trouble to write those.
Ok, need to do some work now. Ciao.


Looks like his daddy had to issue a statement to rescue Guan Eng,

Kit Siang defends Guan Eng over

 handling of 1MDB issue

“I can agree that there should be ‘tactful handling of the 1MDB mess’ but not if by being tactful one continues with the sea of lies, fake news and false information about 1MBD.
“Tactful by all means, but it can be no excuse not to adhere strictly to the principles of truth, transparency and accountability in dealing with the 1MDB mess,” Lim said.

Lucky Guan Eng, got a dad like that.

My dad never tried to defend me if I screwed up at work.

Yup, that's despite me being shallow and stupid like what some of you all said I am.

Meanwhile, Guan Eng also seems to have found himself a new mentor who is teaching him how to do his new work at MoF.

His new mentor was telling him;

Wrong to call it a bail out of 1MDB 

I think I put the whole thing here for this one;

1. The new Minister of Finance has made allegations that under the previous government, MOF, Khazanah and Bank Negara Malaysia had to “bail-out” 1MDB debts, to the tune of RM 7 billion. Not only is this misleading, it is a politically-motivated attempt to obscure the facts.
2. In accordance with the recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report on 1MDB, all of 1MDB’s valuable and strategic real estate assets have been transferred to other companies owned by MOF Inc. Over time, these prime real estate assets can be worth up more than RM 30 billion.
3. However, although MOF Inc took over the assets, the debt or liabilities of 1MDB remained in the company. Accordingly, the arrangement, as I can confirm, is for MOF Inc to service 1MDB debts, but in return for taking over the assets.
4. Put another way, had those assets remained in 1MDB, it could have developed and sold the assets on its own, and used the proceeds to pay its debt.
5. To fulfil its obligations, MOF can use various methods, including sale of land (eg to Bank Negara Malaysia) or by collecting debt repayments (eg from Khazanah).
There is nothing wrong with such transactions, as each was approved per the relevant governance frameworks, were conducted on an ‘arms length’ basis and followed the correct laws and procedures.
6. Therefore, the question of MOF or BNM or Khazanah bailing out 1MDB does not arise at all. It is in fact downright misleading to make such allegations. MOF Inc took over assets and it must be responsible for the liabilities- that is the only correct way, legally and accounting-wise.
7. It is therefore wrong of the Minister of Finance to only highlight the debts of 1MDB. By right, the Minister of Finance must also inform the public about the assets of 1MDB that have been taken over.
8. The Minister of Finance must ‘walk the talk’ on CAT.  He has to be transparent to tell the full story and not just half a story in order to deceive.

Maybe that's why Guan Eng is sounding more and more like the former minister of finance, such as by issuing these sort of statements;

Economy remains strong,

 fundamentals solid, says Guan Eng

So , "economy remains strong, fundamentals solid",  since when haarrrr.....???

Since Guan Eng took over the MoF, is it?

Or is it since before that?

Well, they said Malaysia is going bankrupt and becoming like Zimbabwe and such....

Hmmm....not bad for a country with RM1 trillion debt.

Well never mind.

It's 5am already.

I'm having kueh pau for sahur.

Have a good day guys.