Saturday 30 June 2018

Just before a walk along the beach

I'm now back in the East Coast for the weekend.

Just want to relax a bit and get a break from KL.

Drove here yesterday.

Did this post

Thanks Wahid

when I arrived here.

That's because I really like the guy almost as much as I like the good former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

I like him most because of his sincerity, humbleness and hard works.

Since that was my thank you note to Wahid, I'm not allowing negative comments about him for that one.

I deleted all of them.

Sorry guys.

You all simply have to do your whacking of Wahid at pro-PH blogs or elsewhere.

I actually can answer the issues raised by Wahid's haters but just didn't feel like spoiling the mood of that post.

To read a sample of what I previously wrote in Wahid's defence, please click on this link,

Wahid is still a good guy 

I didn't censor the comments for that one.

By the way, personally, I don't feel that it was so bad that Wahid is being replaced by Zeti at PNB.

I like Zeti too.

This is what I wrote about her at the height of Dr Mahathir-Najib fight in 2015,

The credible figure that is Zeti

Anyway, I was very tired and went to sleep early last night.

Didn't watch the Umno presidential debate.

I'm not much for debates, anyway.

For me, whoever wins the Umno presidency, they should all get back together and work on the party's revival.

This Umno election must be about the good of the party instead of who are the winners or losers.

The new soon-to-be elected president must unite the party for it to bounce back from the GE14 defeat.

As always, the key word is UNITY.

Well, I think I have behave myself as far as this Umno election is concerned by sitting on the sideline.

I'm after all not a party member.

By the way, I think PH people may want to celebrate this,

Exodus continues - Syed Hamid
 quits Umno, to join Bersatu

Hahaha, I'm hoping for more of such exodus.

Easier for Umno to be repaired without such people.

Okay, I'm going to the beach now.

I love walking along the beach in the morning.

And this song is for my dearest,



  1. sigh...she's already attached...doomed am i, more than papagomo party.

  2. Which one is it Annie..Teluk Chempedak or Batu Hitam or Cherating? (I guess you are somewhere around Kuantan)

    1. Nice...
      Better still, after strolling the beach of TC then head on to Taman Gelora for the rojak ayam...yummeh

  3. Annie, this is a really cruel world.AWO, who is such a humble, sincere, and able guy has now become collateral damage due to no fault of his,considering the position he held .
    1MDB scandal is going to drag down many more innocent people. I just wonder if Najib is aware that whatever he is saying now, whether to newspaper,internet portal etc can be used against him later.didn't his lawyer warn him of the risk of all the things he is saying, many can be self incriminating.
    He even said many of the confiscated items belong to friends and relatives, which is with him for safe keeping, don't he knows that the investigating agencies will definitely call them up for intense questioning? One mistake and they will end up being prosecuted also.
    As for AWO, in the eye of many, he in now tainted, irrespective of his past record.
    In conclusion,when every thing is concluded on 1MDB, there will be many more who will be the collateral damage of this scandal.900 over accounts has been frozen gives you an idea of how wide the net has neen casted to go to the bottom of this scandal.

    1. "I just wonder if Najib is aware that whatever he is saying now, whether to newspaper,internet portal etc"

      It's funny that Najib is only talking to M'kini.

      They are all "EXCLUSIVE" interviews they are running.

      Not to Bernama or TV3 or any of the Umno media.

      Very strange.

    2. From Wiki,as minister in the prime minister's office from
      5/6/13 to 4/6/16
      Left the kitchen when the oven got to hot
      What was the push/pull factors that made him joined the kitchen


    3. He even said many of the confiscated items belong to friends and relatives, which is with him for safe keeping, don't he knows that the investigating agencies will definitely call them up for intense questioning? One mistake and they will end up being prosecuted also.

      Pity on you. Still didn't get it.
      That the game he play since 1st exclusive interview with reuters.
      Itu salah board dan management.

      Duit, bag2 dan barang kemas kena rampas itu mahathir pun buat, michelle obama pun buat, org itu ini bagi hadiah dan mcm lg2.

      He wants to bring down with him as many as he can with that kind of statement.

      Naive and stupid make people runaway from him. Should learn from sodomy meastro on how to build a political assasination perception.

    4. What those UMNO members at lower levels stayed quiet about was the fact that their bosses were plundering the nation on an epic scale.

      Over coming weeks and months Malaysians are going to discover just how many billions these kleptocrats were grabbing and it is going to be an unholy, horrible revelation

      However, instead of booting out Najib, Zahid and all the rest the folk of UMNO preferred to take the dedak: “I took the money to spend for us” is what Najib has famously been quoted as saying to a meeting of UMNO insiders. It ought to have prompted a call to the police, instead they kept silent.

      For that they too must accept moral responsibility and ought, like Najib to resign their posts and face investigation. Because, to answer Najib’s question, the party is already at the end of its useful life, thanks to his behaviour and theirs.

  4. Annie,

    Don't lah become like Indian Snake InSyed The Box :(

    My comment on Wahid was very mild actually.

    Anyway I'm neutral (HA HA HA HA! Hoorey, like you!) on Syed Hamid joining PPBM.

    More interesting is that the two Umno MPs jumped ship.

    I think there may be many more to follow.

    Ku Li was right - Zahid cannot just stand by and watch this passively.

    "Easier for Umno to be repaired without such people."

    Rilek lah kawan, you still have the "cream" running for posts today...

    Annuar Musang

    Pasir Salak

    Mahdzir Khalid

    Mael Sabri


    And Jamal Jamban should not lose hope.

    Next time, bro!

    1. in here itself you mulut is like a longkang....good that annie deleted your comment....

  5. After today's Umno election, the new Presiden has an immediate problem:

    "Other Barisan Nasional (BN) parties also have received up to RM300 million originating from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) for the 2013 general election, according to a report.

    In a report by The Edge, sources were quoted as saying that among those that received the fund was Umno headquarters, which received nearly RM145 million from one of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s AmBank accounts.

    The investigators believe that the fund originated from proceeds of 1MDB’s bonds issued in 2012 and 2013.

    The report said Najib had also made payments via cheques to Selangor Umno (RM19 million), Johor Umno (RM25 million) as well as BN component parties like MCA, MIC, SUPP and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Sabah.

    Sources reportedly said MIC was given RM15 million and MCA, RM 11 million."

    One thing is that this probe is the international part of the 1MDB saga.

    Najib's AmBank slush funds were all holding money routed from offshore accounts.

    The 2.6 billion is the most famous, but there were others.

    Because we only just applied for MLA, this is going to be a very long process.

    Give it at least 18 to 24 months because the trail is across 5 to 7 banking systems (depending on which tranche of money it was.)

    Meaning the MACC will not unfreeze these accounts for quite a while.

    And that's before the ROS gets involved.

    If KJ wins I think Umno will be left alone by ROS.

    If Zahid - oh oh...

  6. Fanatic supporter either from ph or bn r stupid n annoying. I vote for ph but i wont necessary vote for ph again...

  7. annie becoming typical BN dumbo everything goody goody, hiding bad comments & covering up wrongdoings (eg 1mdb) annie neutral meh sigh
    my comments on sacking of BN hebatkan negaraku buggers delected :(

    1. Percayalahhhhhhhhhhhh

      Annie adalah neutral


      Jho Low

  8. We will support UMNO in whatever ways, in sha Allah.. just keep us updated;

    75% of Melayus sehati sejiwa demi bangsa agama dan negara... (our forefathers been with UMNO since, skrg dah tiba masa cucu cicit mereka pula teruskn perjuangan UMNO.

    We are actually very2 strong. Ayuh bangun semua..

    Just remember these facts and figures; (katak longkang tarak kira)

    PPBM 12/122
    Melayu 25%
    Cina 93%
    India 63%

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Lemak o Lemak,

      After UMNO is deregistered you can bet that PPBM will get a ton of new memberships.

      Why would any Malay go back to the arms of the financial gang-rapists Umngok, bro?

      Let them die.

      They deserve to die.

      PPBM is the rebirth, anyway.

    2. A NATIONWIDE survey has found that 70% of Malays are satisfied with the new Pakatan Harapan government.

      Independent research firm Oppotus Research Group conducted the face-to-face survey between June 22 and June 26 with a representative sample of 1,035 Malays.

      On the performance of the new government, 56% of respondents said they were satisfied, very satisfied (14%), dissatisfied (27%) and very dissatisfied (3%).

      The poll also found that 51% of respondents did not support Umno, versus 44% that did. Another 5% declined to comment.

    3. Keep on dreaming Anon 14:29

      Remember always;
      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%

      (Katak2 longkang tak kira tau)

      Dont show results within 100days, dont remedy the stock market.. (1trillion debt pun dah basi so jgn manipulate and window dressings tak tau) bukan saja Melayu akan cabut lari. (Harap2 takde yg terjun tingkap)

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Nasi lemak basi 15.02

      Hang mmg mimpi la

      I suggest u go buy kak rosie extra ring with your money

      Becos 1,200 x cukup

      Sucker like u easy to steal money from


    5. Anon 16:28
      Problem with you people with Herd Mentality, selagi your PM and FM tak melalak;

      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%

      Selagi tu taktau nak pikiaq sendiri. Tun pujuk Zahid ajak semua MP UMNO masuk 12/122 PPBH.. kamu pun ikut dok melalak apa yang keluaq dari mulut dia.. tak malu.

      Ade ke kekuatan 75% Melayu bodo nak join minority 25%??? Guna la otak sikit.

      Dah la kamu tu golongan minority dalam PH, dalam golongan Melayu pun minority juga. Kesian dok meghoyan tak habis.

      Kalau panggil kamu lembu marah pulak..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. 70% Malays are satisfied with PH KERAjaan? Ya, if they took the survey sample from libertards like Siti Kasim, Marina Mahathir, SIS, G25, murtad and LGBTs but not the Malay masses. The true fact is 75% Malays have rejected PH!

    7. Tak apa 12 yg jadi kerajaan bukan pembangkang yg ramai.

      Ikut logik, kalau Tun M yg nak mp umno masuk ppbm, Tun M la kena pi jumpa wak ponorogo. Ini wak ponorogo yg dtg office cium tgn.....apa yg kau merepek ni nasi lemak oi!

    8. Nasi lemak basi,


      Malas nak baca cut n paste 3 kali ler, makcik

      Maaf ye

      If this is best quality of umngok cybertrooper patut lah dapat 36% popular vote dlm pru14

      Try harder makcik weiiiiii

      Poyo tetap poyo

    9. Biar apa org nak kata.Yang penting orang masih beri perhatian pada UMNO.Terima kasih Profesor Nasi Lemak kerana membantu kami penyokong UMNO di sini.
      Prof Kangkung

    10. Terima kasih prof nasi lemak

      Jho Low

    11. Professor Nasi Lemak stop playing with those numbers. FYI the real strenght behind UMNO is just a meagre of 40 % less then that after the Sarawak pulls out of BN. OFcuz unless PAS tht hv been drag half way in b4 the GE14 wanted to be on the same stage as UMNO after the 1MDB exploded.


  9. This Wahid fella also a dedak recipient of Najib.

  10. Ex-IGP, allows corruption Khalid....taking dedak, get cushy job at GLC rapidkl Chairman, earn millions, pay by the rakyat money.....

    FUUUUU!!!!!!!! BN FUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! FUUUUUUJU!!!! Hope these people die a thousand cut...

  11. Unknown,

    Melayu 25%
    Cina 93%
    India 63%//

    I see you repeating them in your comments but you do not seem to say what they represent.

    Also, may I know where you got them from?


    1. Tu masalah kamu Gladiator... those figures pun taktau mana nak dapat. Faham herd mentality tu ape? Kalau melayu lebih kurang macam Luncai.

      Dah hafal belum?
      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%

      Tu kotak2 rampasan. Singapore outlet dah keluarkn bantahan, cnp gambar2 dari promo materials kedai dia.

      Tak lama lagi ramai la peniaga2 pasar malam tampil.. kotak2 kasut pula curi amik gambar dari gerai mereka..

      Haiyaaa... charge saja Najib dan Rosmah. Bawa saja kotak2 tu biar hakim yang tengok. Kalau sekadar cerita kat lembu2 nanti rata2 asyik moooooooo tak renti2

      Moo moo macam dalam lagu old mc donald had a farm tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Hey Annie,

    Congratulations Annie, UMNO has spoken, you guys got Wak Jahid Komedi.

    I think you said it right.

    The key is unity.

    The malay people must unite under new leadership of UMNO.

    Even if the UMNO leaders are corrupts and support Kleptocrat, the Malay people must unite altogether and give undivided support.

    Long live the Kleptocrats and money politics.

    Prof. Kangkong, so much for your dream that UMNO will change.

    As for me, I will stick to PPBM.

  13. zahid is just like messi to argentine soccer team tonight. he is brilliant, skilful, trustworthy n most of all a talented leader. if zahid win tonight not 75% but a complete 100% malay ‘ll support umno. d future must be very bright. he must win.

    my goodness! he just won it..wat a brilliant result!

    1. Wau!!! Your sarcasm is the purest of the pure. Tabik.tabik.tabik.

  14. Yay....that snake KJ set to lose to Zahid ! Zahid is next UMNO president


  15. Who's really did destroyed UMNO ?.

    1. Popular vote UMNO dapat 54 la.. highest. Siapa kata destroyed?

      tebing tinggi start hafal yang ni ya supaya lekat kat otak;

      PPBM 12/122
      Melayu 25%
      Cina 93%
      India 63%
      Katak2 longkang tak kira tau.

      Nak saya tolong conggak for you?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Unknown 22:53,

      Umno popular sgt sampai semua parti2 lain berebut2 nak jadi kawan umno.

      Sgt2 popular sampai boleh bentuk k'jaan tanpa perlu parti2 lain.

      Sgt2 popular & kaya raya sampai duit x tahu nak buat apa. Last2 simpan je bawah tilam & invest brg2 kemas & beg tgn.

      Sgt2 popular sampai kena tendang dari k'jaan.

      Teruskan la benam kepala sdr dlm tanah.


    3. #butamatahati
      Dah hafal angka2 saya beri atau nak cnp sini lagi?

      Melayu PH hanya 25% dalam tanah Melayu sendiri

      Melayu PH hanya 25% dalam pakatan PH.

      Mungkin dah mula sesama mereka semua urusan dalam bahasa mereka yang 75% tu, kamu tak paham bahasa kut?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Now that the Indonesian has won, the cyber war becomes very straightforward:

    Frame the story/post/comments as follows:

    1) He helped his former boss to steal money.
    2) He is a gangster/Nazi/Fascist
    3) He can't speak English so he will bring shame to the country.
    4) He is anti-Pendatang. Chinese "family" connection is BS
    5) He should be investigated
    6) He is old party strongman, he can't change.
    7) He is a danger to new Malaysia, intend to bring back all the dirty stuff from previous period.
    8) He has insulted the old man, so there will be no mercy towards him and his gang.

    And repeat, repeat, and repeat ad nauseam.
    I guarantee you one or more of those things will stick to him like a tick on a dirty and smelly street dog.

  17. Anon 13:34,

    Wahid is NOT a dedakian of Najib. He was reluctant to go into politics but was summon personally by Najib to join his cabinet. Najib wanted to leverage his clean image. Wahid was still reluctant and it was his mom who convinced him to take up the minister post. Malays are feudalistic okay. When the Big Man asked, you do not say no. He relented by stating it will be only for 2 or 3 years and he wants to go back to corporate thereafter.

    I don't get paid for telling you this. Asked those Maybankers who had worked with him.

    GST makes alot of sense. It is the implementation and compounded by the fact that the GST money probably went to fill up the hole left by 1MDB that left us with chaotic rise to cost of living.

    Heck you will probably be lapping it up if Guan Eng proposes GST.

    And before you call me a BN asslicker, I voted for PH too. Sabu is my Boo for Parliment. So there.

    Wahid is one of the better breed of GLC Heads out there. Compare to Johan Abdullah (no love lost here for this arrogant fler), Wahid is a class above.

  18. Zahid komidi became prez. Which means beeEnd will lose GE15. That's good news.

  19. wish dumbo president komedi all the luck cause Dr M & PH will be gunning for him wink

  20. omg...argintina wwere out! d no 1 java won....kahh..kah wat a rare talent...!?

  21. even the market is spooked further, PH to expose & indict all BN songlap & wrongdoings...

  22. Sedih lah Annie..My KJ kalah ...orang UMNO masih bute lagi...Of all people kenapa dia orang pilih Ponorogo.I tak kisah kalau Ku Li menang, ada juga sinar di hujung terowong.


  23. Who's really destroyed UMNO ?.

  24. Hi Annie,
    Why no comment on recent Parti Nasional Melayu Bersatu?? UMNO to english, haram jadah tak pakai bahasa Malaysia, kena pakai because Perlembagaan says must use BM. UMNO to tak halal la.

    Newly elected president of PNMB Zahid Komedi, will be hauled up by MACC......personal use government fund.....he will be the new Najib cellmate...HAHAHAHA

  25. A selfie in TC, please....