Saturday 9 June 2018

Blast from the past....back in 1993

I'm not in the mood to write today.

So, since many people these days are talking about turning this country into a republic, I'm just putting up this video which a friend forwarded to me just now.

It's about the

1993 amendments to

 the Constitution of Malaysia 

Personally, I'm not really a big fan of the royals, but still they are part of the reality in this country.

Hopefully, we, especially the Malays and the Rulers, could reflect on what Ku Li said in the video back then.

Ku Li, who is now 81 years old, was said to be the only serious possible rival of Zahid for the Umno president post.

I think that doesn't look good for the once mighty Malay party.

No matter how good he is, for me, Ku Li is still not the same as Dr Mahathir.

Don't know lah.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Good night.


  1. Annie,

    If you look at the video, at the time, debate is allowed by Tun.

    How come 1MDB not allowed for debate?

    1. Excellent point.

      That Pundekar Tak Mulia is the worst barua.

  2. Annie,

    I think Ku Li need to get his facts right about immunity in America and Indonesia.

    Both of these country's President were impeached.

    So the biggest question is.......should any human being above the law?\

    According to Islam, no. In Islam, no one is immune.

    The famous story of French Queen Mary Antoinette to the peasant of France, "Let them eat cake"

  3. "No matter how good he is, for me, Ku Li is still not the same as Dr Mahathir."

    Yes, you are right.

    Only Tun had the courage to do what was right.

    This is the son of Douglas Gomez, the hockey coach who was whacked at the istana:

    “Saya masih ingat bagaimana ayah saya, seorang guru dan jurulatih pasukan hoki sekolah, dibawa ke istana. Saya masih ingat matanya yang lebam setelah pulang ke rumah.

    “Saya masih ingat ceritanya tentang apa yang berlaku di istana; dan milik siapa tangan yang menyebabkan lebam itu,” katanya.

    Ratusan surat

    Menurutnya, berikutan insiden itu, ayahnya menjadi bahan percaturan antara “mereka yang dilantik ke kuasa dan mereka yang dilahirkan ke kuasa”.

    Brian berkata ingatannya masih segar bagaimana keluarganya menerima ratusan surat sokongan daripada rakyat Malaysia dari segenap lapisan masyarakat.

    “Paling ketara ialah peti surat rumah saya, yang menerima ratusan surat dari semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia; dari orang yang kami tak kenal pun; yang merakamkan sokongan kepada ayah saya."

    Like Tun said today, he is not trying to get rid of the royals, but to save them.

    It was true in 1993 and true today, even though the poor old man was made to wait in a freezing room for hours at the age of 92 before FINALLY they swore him in as PM.

    Just before PRU14 the Kelantan palace took back Tun's awards.

    My guess is - he really doesn't care.

  4. 'Ku Li, who is now 81 years old, was said to be the only serious possible rival of Zahid for the Umno president post. I think that doesn't look good for the once mighty Malay party.'

    Well, if Umno is lucky they will have the brain power of Tajuddin, Mahdzir, Jamal Yunos, Papagomo, and Ismail Sabri to lead them.

    All we need now is Isa Samad and Ali Rustam : )

    1. And the best of the best Ahmad Maslan ... lolllllll

  5. Many people are talking about turning this country into a republic?

    Eh? What?

    How come this is the first time I am reading of it, and it is coming from this blog? Among my family and friends, while we do have some criticism of the royalty from time to time, but no one, especially among my non-Malay family and friends, have ever spoken of turning the country into a republic. Is this another UMNO style cyber-trolling propaganda operation? If it is so, won't these guys EVER learn to focus on substantive and important matters than on all these superficial, no-use-to-the-people-and-the-country rubbish?


    1. Umno bloggers are pre-programmed to repeat 3Rs propaganda.

      Cannot evolve.

  6. Royal Vs Rakyat or Royal vs Government..

    Rakyat elect the government..
    What was happening in the reaction of the rakyat to the action of the royals..

    To some people 1983 was in their teen.. Preteen or babies in diaper..
    But a lot of people still remembers what happened prior to 1983..

    One example... Janda Baik became Federal Territory because of gambling debts in London by you know who..

  7. Annie, such speech should be expected from a prince. He is after all the uncle of Tg Anis (then Raja Perempuan Kelantan) and Grand Uncle of today's Agong.

    He should have said something about Gomez being beaten at Istana Bkt Serene simply because Gomez didn't want to withdraw the school hockey team from the competition.

    You should post the parliament hansard whereby Shahidan Kassim narrated the cases where the rakyat were abused (one caddy boy died, right Annie?) by the Royals (one woman was even raped by you-know-who) which became the basis of such amendment.

    He made it sound as though the Royals would be treated like a commoner (digari, dihumban kedlam penjara etc.). No such thing! That special court is a place where the royals will be tried by THEIR OWN PEERS. Not by a common judge. And since 1993, only one Sultan was ever brought to court to face a charge i.e Sultan Pahang but that charge was later withdrawn because the woman who sued the Sultan was a Singaporean. Apparently, foreigners cannot bring any charges against the Royals. That was the first and so far there has been no other cases.

    Do you remember the case of the second wife of Raja Di Hilir Perak who was found dead in the ravine? She was a commoner. In the court proceedings, the name of the first wife was mentioned. Pretty much like Altantuya case but somehow she was never called to the witness stand. Those men also finally got scot free with murder. But think about the victim's family. What if it happened to our family? The coroner said she was still alive after being thrown into the ravine, she died a slow painful death... just because she married the Prince.

    In Kelantan and Terengganu, in those days, we were always terrified of the Sultans and their family members.

    Of course, like Ku Li said only a few acted like bullies but because of the immunity from persecution and the Royals themselves didn't bother to reprimand the members of their household, those few could do anything they like.

    Like Tun said, because people do not have power, they get angry and if it is allowed to grow, they could rebel.

    History always repeat itself. If there was a 'Hang Jebat' then, Tun was afraid another 'Hang Jebat' could emerge.

    It's easy for Ku Li to say those things. He doesn't really care about rakyat. Have you ever been to Gua Musang? Compare it with Jeli and think about how many years he hold GM constituency and how many years Tok Pa hold Jeli constituency. In short period of time, Jeli which in the 80's still considered 'tempat jin bertendang', after Tok Pa took over, Jeli now is an educational hub and flourished with businesses (the famous Bkt Bunga bazaar).

    Even with the 1mdb scandal, Ku Li never said a word let alone 'advising' the younger Umno leaders about it and yet, he was once our Minister of Finance so for sure he understands those dubious transactions made by 1mdb... yet.. he doesn't care...

    1. "You should post the parliament hansard whereby Shahidan Kassim narrated the cases where the rakyat were abused (one caddy boy died, right Annie?) by the Royals (one woman was even raped by you-know-who) which became the basis of such amendment."

      In the same state, an innocent rakyat was shot dead because he dared to overtake a royal car.

      Thank you Tun, for bringing justice to Malaysia by preventing these crimes in the future.

  8. You are absolutely right. Kuli is still not the same as Dr Mahathir.
    Anyway umngokbn is irrelevant. Its a waste of time mentioning any of this country's traitor. Bunch of leeches. InsyaAllah one by one will be prosecuted.

    1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. "Bunch of leeches. InsyaAllah one by one will be prosecuted."

      Already happening.

      I really hope they do not overlook the abuses in FELDA and MARA.

      Both were robbed blind by Umngok.

    3. Anon 15.46


  9. Read the 1993 hansard on the debate.It was fully debated and the government of the day gave a detailed account of crimes commited by Raja/kerabat Raja to justify the removal of immunity.The governmen intention then was to put the Raja on toe and as no one is above the law and they should pay for the crime commited.

    When time to vote,all assemblymen from opposition ie Semangat 46,PAS n DAP abstained.

  10. Which people talking about turning this country into republic?
    What weight did they carry?
    I'm afraid it just small minded politician come out with this idea.
    U know in order to become a hero, one need to solve a very big problem.
    The greatest of all time.
    But what if there is none of it happen when it is required the most?
    Well u create one.

    It just happen that there is a politician, who known to practice a very wild and dangerous tactic and now desperately need to boost his image.

    When he speak about the right of certain race and certain religion, suddenly he became most racist and most religious that make the parties who champion both issue look like a dumb

  11. Hi Annie,
    Tun Mahathir did the right thing back then. Whatever Razeleigh says is just talk without concrete proposal law or rules to govern the king when bad things happen, even when he commit murder. Means, that, he can decide or whomever the elites to decide what to do with him. They can play the games.
    What Mahathir did is just state in concrete constitution law, that the King is not immune to any criminal & civil offense in his personal capacity that is outside of his function as defined by the law. This is fact and clear cut, must be established so the king will be hold accountable for the same law as the citizen that they also cannot murder, cheat, lies. However, Tun Mahathir, gave the king a way out. He is not tried in the common court but a special court defined by his comrades & other kings, so that they are hold accountable to judge the offending king. If the render a bad judgement, unfair judgement...then the whole lot of these kings will be judged by the citizen what kind of calibre they are. If one king commit murder, other kings in the special court decide that king is without guilt, then they will face the judgement of society.
    Mahathir solution is the smart one....the king should self regulate themselves...and ALL FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW!!!

    1. Imagine if Tun did not take action in 1993.

      Imagine of there were more "cases" with the royals.

      The situation would be far worse.

      Yes, Tun saved the royalty back then.

  12. Republic is the way to go. Save more money for more malaysian to college, build more low cost housing for the poor, reduce jibby debt and many more wonderful things to the rakyat. So expensive to protect bangsa and agama.

  13. Semakin teruk...

    KUALA TERENGGANU: Kemaman Umno division chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Said has announced his decision to contest the party vice-president's post in the upcoming party elections on June 30.

    According to a source familiar with the matter, the Kijal assemblyman said he wanted to help bring change to Umno following the party's poor performance in the 14th General Election.

    Well, good luck lah Umno.

    I never knew "change" means "make things far worse."

  14. Zahid will win the president post. Ku Li being out of political mainstream way too long to be taken seriously having a shot at it. My 2 cent worth.

  15. As a layman I do not care much whether the monarchy system should be maintained or not.Why not we conduct a referendum whether the monarchy system should be maintained or abolished.
    A few weeks ago I was in Ireland for my daughter's convocation.They were having a referendum on the right of abortion.Both sides campaigned vigorously.In fact when we were walking on the streets of Dublin both the anti-abortion and pro-abortion were setting up tables and putting up their campaign materials side by side.I was so impressed by their maturity.
    It is funny when a state as small as Perlis has king.I used to make a comparison between my home state Johor and our next door neighbour Melaka.Johor has king but Melaka does not.Do we see any difference between a Johorean and a Malaccan?nothing at all.
    The idea of Malay sultanate might be relevant for kampung Malays who are more feudalistics in nature.However for middle class Malays like me, many of us probably do not really mind if we no longer have kings.
    Kings are supposed to protect the Malays but in the case of Thommy Thomas I think the king really let the Malays down.Sighhh.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang

      I think you will find that Apandi let the Malays down by allowing your mutual master to steal unhindered.

      You both share an addiction to dedak.

      Prof Sawi

  16. y u think umno shd/can change if u oso cant do without the provocative style?

  17. 2/3 majority
    Amend constitution:
    - Abolish monarchy
    - freedom of speech
    - right to bear arms
    - equal opportunity for work and education
    - remove 153
    - English as national language
    - legalize weed
    - legalize sodomy, kekekeke

    1. All the hallmark of the Umno cybertrooper, kekekeke. Kalau berani, use your name and state your IC la. There's one video gone viral showing a brave Indian man having caught another guy putting up banners in Port Klang saying Chinese and Indians disrespecting Monarch. When caught, this guy keeps on saying..."sumpah, bukan saya..bla bla bla", trying to seek help using his mobile to call someone. The police were called and they were seen taking down the banners and writing summons.

  18. Annie,

    All I can say is that the record of the sultans over the last 600 years speaks for itself.

    The Sultan of Selangor seemed surprised that there are Malays who are speaking up now against the sultans.

    But if we look back over history, there have always been significant numbers of Malays who have disliked the sultans.

    I recall reading somewhere of Malay dissatisfaction going back as far 1915!!

    After the 2nd World War, it was Malays who wanted the sultans out for collusion with the Japanese but the British brought the sultans back.

    There are not many of these old Malays left, but other Malays have taken their place and kept the dream alive.

    I have met at least one such Malay.

    No, it is not the Moron from Manchester who despite claiming to be an anarchist has also sworn his undying loyalty to the Sultan of Selangor to the extent that he said he would take up arms to defend the royal house of Selangor. Some anarchist, eh? :)

    It is perhaps too early in this new Malaysia to discuss a republic because we have other matters which are more important.

    As such, there is probably still plenty of time for the sultans to decide for themselves what their role should be in the 21st century and beyond.

    The Sultan of Johor is probably the only one, so far, who is trying hard to re-invent himself and I must say, generally speaking, it looks like he is headed in the right direction but I suspect he still has a very long way to go.

    What will Malaysia look like in the 22nd century?

    I dunno but I sure hope it will be a lot better than it is now.



    1. If you read history way back 600 years ago ,I guess you know what to choose if you were to make a choice.

    2. Like the nick Hladiator, hehe. Close enough to Gladiator nick but style akan sama sama. Ada substance in postings. No LIKE button here, but will give you one jika ada :)

  19. //Hladiator//


    I blame my fat finger on the laptop:)

    Hmmm... fat fingers really, I capitalise the "H", did I?


    1. HA HA, I thought suddenly you got a twin brother called "Hladiator"!

    2. Rupa rupa nya it is you, Gladiator. I wrote too soon then. Anyway, one LIKE for you :)

  20. Looking at Dewan Rakyat laid-out in the old days in this video, with simple wooden tables and MPs chairs reminds me how tight and thrifty previous administration when it comes with people’s money. Even the tables and stand mic look like the stuff you could find at gomen’s schools.

    Compare it with now. Lavish makeover. The regal look of the new laid-out with all the frills, delicate decoration and ornaments and expensive materials used. Those luxuries accorded to our MPs at Dewan Rakyat had cost hundreds of millions from taxpayers. What a waste!!.

    1. You also have to add the cost of all the dedak Najib had to give Pandikar...

  21. per BN lame excuse, 160 countries practised GST so Msia shud go GST too
    4/5 permanent members of UN security council are republicans (not monarchists) the republican system made them powerful nation so Msia shud go republicans too right

  22. Previous years parliment people debate with class. Now the facility upgrade, the people shouting and calling names like monkeys. And the speaker stop people from speaking, name calling and even discuss women period. Disgusting....Make a law all member of parliment must declare their assets so we know who is the richest member of parliment

  23. Hi Annie ,
    This is a general comment.
    Your post often allow me to understand UMNO insight more be it good or bad.
    With the situation right now , someone should officially dissolve BN coalition n let the parties within to rejuvenate / rebuild their parties. Then come GE15, let them decide if BN should b form again .
    Certainly look forward to know who will b the next Umno president.
    Is still a mystery to me today , who Annie is .. n I come across a columnist today n I figure will u be Z A ?
    Sorry for being kpc lol
    Regards, Norick

  24. Republic Ni mcm mcm Gaya Ada.
    Kat Sg, dulunya Prez mesti Melayu, pastu tukar law.

    Kat Lebanon, Prez mesti Kristian. PM Sunni.

    Kat North Korea juga Refucklik.

  25. anon 21:27
    Kat turkey, iran, iraq, syria & mesir juga refucklik so what's your beef???