Monday 4 June 2018

PH, royals and Emperor Akihito

This is what Anwar said about his recent meetings with the royals

I assured rulers PH respects,

 will uphold royal institution


“I told them not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers,” Anwar was quoted by news portal The Malaysian Insight (TMI) as having said in a speech at a Malaysian Muslim Youth Association (Abim) event at its headquarters in Kajang on Saturday night.
“The constitutional monarch will not lose power. I explained all this to them. My intention when I met them was clear, that is, to help explain the PH government’s policies to the rulers.”
TMI said the meetings had prompted rumours that Anwar was undermining Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by forging a pact with the rulers, who share a testy relationship with the prime minister.
“I would like to stress that there were no such discussion with the rulers.”

My questions to Anwar;
1. So, if the government was under DAP, then the Rulers need to worry as there would be attempts to eliminate their power, right?
2. The constitutional monarch will not lose power? Is that so? Which kind of power they will not lose?
3. Fine. Anwar said he met the Rulers with no intention of undermining Dr Mahathir as PM. So, what is his authority to make those promises to the rulers? What is his position in the government?

Now we got this thing going on in the open;

Tommy Thomas is our choice for AG: Dr M

The Rulers will meet tomorrow, most likely to discuss the issue and decide on it.

I seriously think they have to back down on this one.

They should know that things are different now under the PH government led by Dr Mahathir.

I'm quite sure the handsome old man will go all the way with this one just like what he did many years ago when he took away the immunity of the Rulers.

He will play it by the book, and he will win.

So, I guess the promises of Anwar to the Rulers don't mean much now.

They really shouldn't expect much from that guy anyway.

Well, I think the Rulers need to be more cautious now.

There are people who are now openly criticising them and those who tried to defend them like Anwar.

You all can read it here;

Pribumi Bersatu bloggers are more garang

(Note: I didn't publish some comments at the post which I deemed to be outright seditious)

With that, I don't think Anwar will be able to defend the constitutional monarchy system despite his assurance to the Rulers.

As usual, Anwar talks only.

In fact I don't think even the Malays, who are still loyal to the Rulers will be able to defend the system for too long as they are now divided along party lines and political ideologies.

They can only defend the Rulers if they have the power of the majority and for that they need to be united.

But then again, anyone who dare to talk about Malays unity in any way will be branded a racist these days.

I was called a racist for suggesting the Malays to unite such as in this post,

A pro-PH portal even picked up the post, changed the title, and accused me of fanning racial hatred.

That's the way it is nowadays.

Malays must be divided to avoid themselves being racists.

And they can't unite as Muslims either.

That's being terrorist, like Islamic State.

So, the Rulers should not count much on the Malays/Muslims to defend their institution.

Well, the royals need to blame themselves for all these.

I mean, why la some of them have to behave like thugs or show off their excessive wealth until people, including Malays who are supposed to love them, got fed up with them.

Now they simply have to wait for what's coming.

Personally, I don't mind the Royals, except I prefer them to be like,

Emperor Akihito 


According to the Constitution of Japan, Akhito is "the symbol of the state and the unity of the (Japanese) people." Unlike other constitutional monarchs, his function is defined as entirely representative and ceremonial in nature, without even a nominal role in government. He is limited to acting in matters of state as delineated in the Constitution, and even in those matters, he is bound by the requirements of the Constitution and the binding advice of the Cabinet. For instance, while he formally appoints the Prime Minister, he is required to appoint the person designated by the Diet, without the option to decline appointment.

Maybe PH, with the Malays all divided, will win a two third majority in the next general election and there will be an amendment of the constitution on this matter.

Then there will be a REAL new Malaysia.

That is for better or worse, I'm not sure.


  1. Wa manyak kali sutak cekap , and Wa kasi cekap lagi ,Wa lagi pecaya itu Uncle Lim dari ini Aluar maa aa.

    Wou !!!, Wa manyak respect itu sama Tun M ,manyak serious mau kasi pulih ini negala ,kasi tentang apa saja ,
    syabas Tun M.

    I love PM .

  2. Dear Annie.

    I admitted of being critical to the Rulers of late, especially when a few of Royals seems to support certain Politicians, even in Party elections. That race for UMNO's Vice President post, between Shafie Afdal, Hishammudin & Mukhriz is a case in point. Then the call for Rakyat to vote for Kleptocracy to remain in power in the recent GE.

    However, like Anwar, me too still uphold the Rukun Negara, hence the Royal Institution.

    Therefore, I suggest PH Government to abolish Najib's New NSC Act, which took away the power of The YDP Agong to declare the State of Emergency.
    That New NSC Act came into force on Aug 1 2016 without.

    Quote from the Malaysian Bar:-

    "In the normal process, after a bill is passed by Parliament it will then be presented to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for royal assent. This is according to the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

    The bill must receive royal assent within 30 days from the date of its presentation to the King.

    In most instances, bills would receive royal assent within the 30 days.

    However, the NSC bill was extraordinary in that it became law without express royal assent. This has never happened before."

    1. The NSC Act power to declare emergency is supposed to be used only for localised cases like natural disasters (e.g. floods). The BN govt stated that as the Act's expressed purpose and was proven when they didn't use the Act when they lost the election. The PH govt is well advised to keep the NSC Act and use it properly as intended. Agong's power to declare any form of Emergency is well preserved in the Constitution, the highest law of the land.

    2. I used to be againts the nsc law for respect of the royals. But now i dont know..should we abolish it ? The royals didnt really say anything about it.

  3. "So, did the old but cunning Mahathir deliberately throw a cat among the pigeons?

    Now that the palace said the King doesn’t care whether the Attorney General is an Indian, Chinese or Malay, what will happen if Mahathir presents the following 4 names as demanded by the King – Gopal Sri Ram, Tommy Thomas, Ambiga Sreenevasan and Ramkarpal Singh?

    Will the King choose Gopal Sri Ram as he fits the bill the most, or none at all, because all of them are not Muslims? Can you see how the King will be humiliated as Mahathir hangs him out to dry? At the end of the day, Mahathir is telling the people hungry for reforms and angry for blood that it isn’t his faultthat Najib cannot be prosecuted or reforms cannot take place.

    Mahathir is giving the monarchies enough rope to hang themselves when they choose to play politics. The monarchies will be seen as protecting crooks Najib and Rosmah. The monarchies will be seen as preventing a clean judiciary. The monarchies will be seen as practicing racism. The monarchies will be seen as worshipping a corrupt system. The monarchies will be seen as irrelevant and a wastage."

    Well, to me if Apandi Ali is Indian, Chinese or Malay, he is still a crook hired in 24 hours to make sure that Najib wasn't charged.

    Apandi simply refused to help the Swiss A-G when he was informed Switzerland had solid evidence that US$800 million from KWAP had been laundered through Swiss banks.

    So much for protecting Islam & the Malays.

    KWAP members are 99.9% Malay-Muslims.

    Apandi had no problems covering up his master's thefts.

    1. Qouted from Shahbudin dot com:

      .... ika pencalonan Tommy Thomas tidak dipersetujui kerana kedudukannya sebagai bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam, bagaimana sebelum ini mereka yang bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam boleh memegang jawatan tersebut?

      Peguam Negara bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam sebelum ini ialah Thomas Vernor Alexander Brodie (1955-1959), Cecil M Sheridan (1959-1963) dan Athinanapan (1970-1974).

      So.... dah ada precedence laa
      So.... should be no issue laa

      Apandi or even Gani Patail are not Shariah Lawyers. They are not trained in Syariah Laws. Which means selama depa pegang jawatan sebagai AG, surely Agong tak pernah pun mintak 'nasihat' daripada depa ttg Syariah Laws...

      so kenapa sekarang nak seorang AG yg boleh bagi 'nasihat' ttg Syariah?

      Mufti kan ada? SS Dato' Dr Zulkifli tu pakar syariah laws hence he's a Mufti.

      In fact, kat Malaysia ni ada ramai Syariah lawyers and judges and experts... nak mintak 'nasihat', any time boleh jerr

    2. First charge najib

      Then rosmah

      Last also charge apandi

      He's the accomplice

  4. "I'm quite sure the handsome old man ..."

    It's been awhile since Annie address Tun this way ... the past few postings were mostly just Mahathir.

    I have a lot of respect for Tun. And his actions maybe difficult for many to understand. Probably due to our deficit mindset. We say tak bagus before giving anything the possibility that it is bagus.

    Just like many Orang Putih and Durian. Or me dulu-dulu and pekasam.

  5. Thanks to Tun M, the royal are still around and respected.Just imagine the scenario if the royal continue to misbehave , the rakyat may rebel and may forced the royal into forced retirement. Because of ' no immunity' law, all royals are subjected to the same law as the rakyat.Because of such law, the royal need to toe the line and behave.

    1. Ya correct bro

      After douglas gomez kena belasah case actually tun did right thing

      Otherwise rakyat anger even higher

  6. "But then again, anyone who dare to talk about Malays unity in any way will be branded a racist these days."


    Don't worry so much.

    I can guarantee you that one union for Malay unity will definitely happen in the next 6 to 12 months - between Umno and PAS.

    Coming very soon.

    In a way, it's good.

    That way, corrupt, dedak-addicted Malays can vote for PASUMNO in PRU15.

    The cleaner, forward-thinking Malays can vote for PPBM, PKR or Amanah in PRU15.

    It's a good, clean division and makes the choice much simpler.

    Also, if UMNO are very lucky, Tajuddin Pasir Salak will be at least V-P by PRU15.

    “Calon BN Parlimen Pasir Salak, Datuk Tajuddin Rahman didapati menerima anugerah konsesi RM1.3 bilion untuk membina UiTM Tapah, Perak, walaupun syarikat milik beliau, Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd bukanlah syarikat pembinaan yang aktif dan mempunyai rekod prestasi yang baik.

    Merujuk kepada pengumuman yang dibuat kepada Bursa Malaysia (rujuk Lampiran A), rakan kongsi yang juga merupakan syarikat pembinaan sebenar dalam projek ini iaitu Crest Builder Holdings Berhad mengumumkan bahawa projek itu dimiliki secara bersama oleh Crest Builder Holdings Berhad (51%) dan Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd (49%) melalui syarikat pegangan khas bernama UniTapah Sdn Bhd.

    Kos pembinaan UiTM Tapah hanyalah RM285 juta tetapi Unitapah diberikan konsesi selama 23 tahun untuk membina dan menyenggara kemudahan universiti itu pada jumlah RM1.3 bilion sepanjang tempoh itu.”

    Amboi…285 mil to 1.3 bil. Masyuk, oooooiiii.

    Old habits die hard, kan.

    1. I never like pasir salak after khalid samad incident

      His anak same samseng jugak

      Nazri also, bapak gangster anak ikut

    2. Yes Annie I call you racist when you call for malay unity.
      Malay race is united but the political ideology is different. When they belong to a different party definately all hell broke loose but that is normal. It happen to every race in any multiracial country. MCA,Gerakan vs DAP, MIC vs Hindraft,Amanah vs PAS, PAS vs UMNO and so on.
      Now you are calling a single race to be united and to me that was a dangeroues call. Very seditious in nature. Why I said that is because you should know very well politicians cant be united so the only reason for calling malay to be united is to defend against other races. I never in my life call for a single race to be united but I
      called for all races to be united as one Malaysian.
      Thwt is why I dint really agreed with race hase party but thats politic.

    3. @Skimo Horn....your point is well put. Just to illustrate..imagine if UK, USA or any other Western developed countries...calling for White Only parties and encouraging race-based parties or allowing religion-based parties be formed. And every election or in time of 'crisis', calling out for the Whites to unite against 'others' and for their Christian religion be the 'defended' because it is the most supreme of all religion.

  7. This Wednesday PKR big meeting, will it be open to the press? Or is it only for Anwar and his PKR?
    Will PKR or Anwar allow the press to be present? Or will it be only press statements after the fact?
    And I believe for a wannabe PM to talk the way as reported is not very comforting. It does sound as if he Anwar is the one keeping DAP in check and the good DR. doing nothing?
    Looks like Anwar is undermining one of its own PH members?
    Would it not be nice if Anwar goes for a holiday and place a sign- away on holidays , back only in january 2020?

    1. I don't think big pkr meeting to form new government la

      Don't listen all rumours

    2. Anwar reportedly said..." “I told them not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers,”.

      Well, that was Anwar's own way of putting it. Because of his way of putting DAP in a spot, not just implying, but clearly without ambiguity that if under the rule of DAP ( which btw, is an impossibility ), the Chinese will demolish all Malay institutions, including the Royalty. Many are very sure that DAP ministers and supporters will remember this and even now rue the times they fought hard for him to be released from prison and insisted that he be the PM should PH wins.

      This is one of the reasons why people, including many Malays themselves, are leery and distrust Anwar, because of his mouth. If today one were to ask him to clarify this aspect, he will very cleverly turn the whole thing around. So Anwar lah. Playing such sly political games in such an era, where the social media rules and young people are quick on the uptakes can eventually backfire. Maybe he's in prison for too long...the scenario is different now, gone through a sea change and a new set of youths have sprung up and have great influence in the social medias.

  8. Hi Annie,
    Under constitutional monarchy, Agong is not running the government. It's the PH cabinet under leadership of the PM is running the government. PH must have the full trust on AG to run government matters.

    Very suspicious of the royals actions.

    Why is the royal slow to take action this time but immediate appoint Apandi when Najib told them to. Are the royals afraid that Najib will be put to jail for 1MDB and trying to protect him? Is the royals trying to shield Razak Baginda for his crime in the Altantuya case? Are the royals trying to protect Raja Petra from extradition for his case as well?

    Please don't be the meddling royals in government affairs. The royals have stated clearly are just constitutional monarch, they let Najib do whatever he wants in 1MDB and allows a Kleptocratic government to function. The government has change, please stop meddling.

    All these excuses need muslim, malay ag or whatever is not written in the constitution and doesn't hold water.

    There will be changes next, where more reforms coming to separate the AG from prosecutor role. The people are watching.

    On recent umno infighting, it's the fight to control the remnants umno assets. It's a lot of money, whether certain money already being siphoned out from the accounts, they need to to fight to control the accounts. And being in leadership position, they can take a look into the account.

  9. Annie,

    Is the Japanese unhappy with their system? Their royal and the government?

    No right. Their King is well of and they have a very good Prime minister and Government.

    So, no problem there. None whatsoever.

    You, should not take Japan as a reference because Malaysia was conquered by the Emperor of Japan Hirohito. Things are bad those days.

    How about the British? we use their system of government, yes?

    Prince Harry marry a black American girl. Everyone is happy and dandy. Their wedding was colorful and both of them happy No problem.

    So, what is the problem?

    Rafidah Aziz said that the problem with the opposition right now is that they don't give constructive criticism.

    She said there are just too much clown and jesters in UMNO.

    That pretty much sums up everything.

    1. Please read the post carefully before commenting. Thank you.

  10. The power of Rulers in rejecting appointment

    By Tommy Thomas himself, written in 2007.

    "Hence, the legal consequences of failure to consult the Conference of Rulers or the Conference not approving a candidate submitted by the Executive are not specified therein, thereby suggesting that all the authorities referred to in that Article must approve a particular candidate.

    Thus, in my opinion, the Conference of Rulers is entitled to reject a candidate for appointment submitted to it if a majority of Rulers deem him unsuitable for the constitutional office of judge.

    What may be beyond their constitutional right to be consulted is to repeatedly reject several candidates for a single position which would then remain vacant for a substantial period of time resulting in a constitutional impasse.

    No doubt, the good sense of those involved in the selection process would ensure that such an eventuality does not occur.

    The checks and balances system under Article 122 B(1) was put in place so that no one authority has sole monopoly over judicial appointments. In order for the constitutional system to work efficaciously some “give and take” has to take place.

    Consensus is the objective; not brushing aside of the views of the major actors.

    The importance of the constitutional right of the Conference of Rulers to be consulted on judicial appointments under Article 122 B(1) is further demonstrated by Article 38 (4) which declares that no law directly affecting “the privileges, position, honour or dignities of the Rulers shall be passed without the consent of the Conference of Rulers”.

    In my opinion, the right to be consulted under Article 122 B(1) constitutes a “privilege” or “position” within the meaning of Article 38 (6).

    Hence, the right of the Conference of Rulers to be consulted thereunder cannot be removed or diminished without their consent."

    Tommy Thomas
    5th September 2007

  11. Mengapakah Tun M masih berkeras mahukan Tommy Thomas sebagai AG ?

    Ada udang di sebalik batu kah ?

    Ada kah DAP merupakan dalang yang mencorakkan tindakan Tun M supaya tuduhan rasuah terhadap Lim Guan Eng dapat digugurkan oleh AG yang baru itu nanti ?

    1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    2. Under the new PH government, the new AG will NOT have prosecuting power. So any new AG appointed finally, whether it is TT himself or someone else, tidak ada kuasa untuk gugurkan case Lim Guan Eng. THere will be another Prosecuter General who will be overseeing to prosecuting cases. Faham tak ?

  12. This is Anwar over acting, i wonder who believes what he said and by the way , who he think he is ?

    Why are we talking about Malay unity so often, isn't it better if we aim for Malaysian unity instead. I believe we malaysians will be totally united if we are invaded by other country or alien.

    1. We always unite for thomas cup

      But then we still lose ha ha!

  13. I don’t mind Malaysia to be a Republic.

    1. Many people have received on their mobiles this message that had gone viral :

      " BN/UMNO cybertroopers instigating on the internet posing as Chinese and Indian commentators making fun of the royalties and Islam hoping to stir up anger of the Malays against the non Malays."

      For example, in OSTB site, one of the commentator went to say in effect that the Chinese managed to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and now with Tommy Thomas case here, our country will also see an overthrow soon, to make the country a Republic. Some are aware these are obviously fake postings to cause troubles but if these people have an agenda best known to themselves, they won't lift a finger to discourage this. Freedom of speech can be backfired.

  14. Every move TDM make he already anticipate the next three moves his opponent would make. This guy would be a grandmaster if he play chess !!

    1. TDM might posses time travel machines.

      That could be the reason why he is 5 steps infront of everybody.

  15. When everthing have been said and done, i will always remember who actually fight for the people despite the age and those who just siy on their hands

  16. Anwar assuring the Royals as if he is the PM?

  17. don't pick on royals. nanti mereka tak nak umum hari jatuhnya hari raya, naya...

  18. Right after the election many people said that UMNO life is over.(I know many of them hate UMNO from the very beginning).My answer was they are probably right provided the new government can protect Islam,the monarchy system and the special rights of Malays/bumiputeras as provided for by the constitution.If the new government can take care of these three things there is no need for UMNO anymore.
    Alas,not even one month after that the government has touched the nerve of Malays.First the Hindraf request.Now the new AG.You guys are giving UMNO a new life.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. dumbo for bangsa agama & negara (no raja???)

    2. The timing of all these so called troubles are very suspicious. The religious groups at Kampung Manjoi ransacking the fridge of a store and the fake Hindraf group under the other brother calling for some Indian student admissions to UiTM... all have the hallmark of a certain party who in the past are past master at this sort of tactic. Jamal Jamban had run away to his ancestor home in Indonesia but there is no lack of other trouble makers to create havoc again. As long as ada dedak and dark agendas, semua bisa lah

  19. Annie,

    //They can only defend the Rulers if they have the power of the majority and for that they need to be united.//

    I think that is part of the problem.

    We are constantly told that only the Malays/Muslims can save the monarchy and for that they must unite.

    What about other Malaysians who non-Malays and non-Muslims? Do they mean nothing?

    And what if the majority of Malaysians do not want the royals? Does that power of the majority count?

    Or are we dependent only on the decisions of the majority of Malays where the royals are concerned?

    If I am not mistaken, there are Malays way back in the 1940s who rejected the royals and wanted them out of power after the Japanese surrendered.

    But the British brought the royals back.

    Those 1940s republican sentiments still exist in some Malays today and from what little I know, they seem to be slowly growing.

    BTW, I have noticed that the royals seem to have already lost a lot of respect from Malaysians (and that includes Malays as well) during the Najib years.

    There are Malaysians who feel that the royals have been very supportive of Najib and what he did.

    I read somewhere that Najib was very generous to the royals during his time - I dunno if that is true or not.

    Hm, speaking about Malaysians who have little regard for royals, I wonder what Sabahans and Sarawakians think of the royals?


  20. mcm singapore & indonesia, democratic & republic so appealing wink

    1. Dr Bakri Musa is a very successful surgeon living in USA and he writes quite a fair bit on the political situation in Malaysia. Recently he wrote a piece about the Royalties, touching on the swearing in of the new PM of the PH government.