Sunday 3 June 2018

Fresh general election, anyone?

I think the fight is really on.

Yesterday I highlighted the blog postings of two of the top Pribumi Bersatu bloggers in this post

Apparently one of them wrote this after that

The Political Situation On The Peninsula And Anwar Ibrahim's Narrowing Options.


PKR is facing some serious internal stresses. Just like UMNO, there are at least three factions inside PKR.  

The Anwar Ibrahim family plus Rafizi Ramli is one faction.  
But I believe cracks are developing even inside this faction.  

Secondly there is the Azmin Ali faction. This is a very powerful faction on account of Azmin's good track record in managing Selangor so well over two terms.  

Here is some inside news folks. I heard that  Azmin Ali was actually offered the opportunity of being Pakatan Harapan's candidate for Prime Minister. Not Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.  However, quite predictably the Brader objected strongly to this suggestion.  Hence the lot fell on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed again.

Azmin Ali has now been made Minister of Economic Affairs in the Federal Cabinet.  He is also still holding the Menteri Besar Selangor portfolio.  

This is a very special situation enjoyed by Azmin - Federal Minister as well as Menteri Besar of Selangor.  (Lim Guan Eng - do take note). 

Azmin's deal is that he gets to appoint his own candidate to replace him as Menteri Besar of Selangor. 

This is a major slap for the Anwar Ibrahim camp who have their own candidate lined up as well.  (You can have tea with the Sultan of Selangor or you can have tea at home too.)

The other point to note about Azmin is that for the first time TWO of PKR's Cabinet Ministers ie Azmin Ali and Zuraida something come from Azmin's  Gombak division of PKR.   In short, Azmin Ali carries some real heavy  weight in PKR and Pakatan Harapan.  

There is a third faction in PKR but I forget who they are. Not very significant.  So there are serious stresses inside PKR which can crack up the party anytime.

And above all this is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.  Although Tun Dr Mahathir's PPBM won only 12 seats in Parliament, Tun Dr Mahathir himself is worth 100 Parliamentary seats (12 + 100 = 112 which is the simple majority needed to form the government). Because without Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, the Pakatan Harapan will just unwind.

There is no written  agreement that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed will step down after TWO years. Tun has said that he will stay as long as necessary to put things right.

Okay, please note that it's not me writing the above but one of the top Pribumi Bersatu bloggers.

Yup, it was written that Dr Mahathir will not let go of the PM post in two years time. No written agreement, okay.

No wonder

PKR summons the troops

 for meeting with Anwar

on Wednesday.


“The attendance of all parliamentarians and assemblymen is compulsory,” the letter dated May 31 started.
The letter also said that the Election Commission has gazetted the results of the 14th general election on May 28.
“For your information, from the 113 Pakatan Harapan parliamentarians, PKR has the most lawmakers with 49 people or 42% of all PH parliamentarians.
“PKR also has 67 assemblymen in all states except for Kelantan and Terengganu,” the letter stated.
Even though PKR won the most seats, Bersatu’s Dr Mahathir Mohamad was named as the prime minister candidate.
The part about the attendance being compulsory makes it all sound so serious.

Firing squad for those who fail to show up?

Well, if these all lead to war, then things will surely get ugly.

As according to the top Pribumi Bersatu blogger, there is a likelihood that PKR will join forces with Umno (led by Zahid) and Pas to face off with Dr Mahathir.

I  heard of the same thing too, and with the royals backing them.

I was told that Dr Mahathir's Pribumi Bersatu will have the backing of DAP, Amanah, and Warisan.

This could be quite scary.

The new PH government may not even lasts more than a few months if all these really happen.

The Anwar's possible coalition of PKR, Umno and Pas may even table a no confidence motion against Dr Mahathir at the coming Dewan Rakyat session.

They have a combined of 120 seats in parliament, enough to form a simple majority.

They have to move fast though, before the Umno election because as contended by the Pribumi Bersatu blogger, if Zahid lost the contest for the party presidency, then the whole plan will fall apart.

But so far, no one is yet to challenge Zahid, who used to be Anwar's protege and hatchet man like Rafizi now.

Those early days

Well, still early days I guess.

I need to emphasis this though - this is not what I want.

I want a proper revival of Umno and BN so that we can have a good two party system and a better democracy.

For me it's not about who wins who lose, but about Malaysians winning from mature politics as we move ahead as a nation.

Now we have a prospect of having another general election within a space of a year.

That's because if I'm in Dr Mahathir's position, knowing that Anwar is making his no confidence move against me at the Dewan Rakyat, I would just pull the rug under his feet by dissolving the whole thing and call for fresh election.

How about that?

PKR, Umno, Pas versus Pribumi Bersatu, DAP, Amanah, Warisan and the rest.

It's really going to get bloody, right?


  1. Annie,

    "As according to the top Pribumi Bersatu blogger, there is a likelihood that PKR will join forces with Umno (led by Zahid) and Pas to face off with Dr Mahathir."

    Actually if you read the whole OSTB article, he puts forward quite a few scenarios. He also alludes to the fact that Ku Li may win the Umno presidency and new alliances might form from that.

    As for an UMNO plus PKR plus PAS alliance, it won't happen, for a few reasons:

    a) There's very bad blood between Anwar and Hadi. If you recall the meeting they had in KT…not easy to recover from that.

    b) Even someone as overambitious as Anwar won't taint himself and alienate his core voters by jumping into bed with Umno now. Remember that PKR’s main voting base is more educated, more urban-skewed Malays (plus some other races). The corruption of Umno in the last 10 years is going to be exposed as a torrent soon - not just 1MDB, but MARA, Felda, TH, KWAP, Yapeim and many, many more. And brader Anwar would be working with the very same criminals who arranged these crimes. It would be political suicide for him.

    c) Of course the underlying angle would be “save Islam & the Malays”, the tired old strategy. But people are smarter now. Do you know in a survey, 77% of Malays said that corruption was the greatest enemy of Islam in BN-ruled Malaysia?

    But anyway, it makes a good blog fantasy : )

    I guess they’ll keep trying to divide Tun and Anwar.

    I will admit the Zahid angle is interesting. If he loses Umno presidency, will he stay in the party?

    1. If you read carefully you'll note that the scenario may happen BEFORE the Umno elections

      a) As it is, there's very bad blood between the PH leaders.
      b) This scenario will happen before all those exposes of Umno's alleged wrong doings.
      c) They are not going to sell it as for Islam and Malays but about the need to check Dr Mahathir and maybe DAP too. And if you are smart, don't underestimate the Malay Muslims desire to unite.

      Again, it's not me who cook up this ":good blog fantasy", it's started by the Pribumi Bersatu blogger, okay.

      By the way, are you Gladiator? rRally, the style seems the same.

    2. Ha ha, no, I'm not Gladiator. But he does make good points most of the time.

      Timeline for Umno elections is really very short, so not sure all these intrigues can take place by then. Assuming Zahid wins the Presidency, would he then announce this hook-up with Hadi & Anwar in July? Can't see it happening.

      "...the need to check Dr Mahathir and maybe DAP too. And if you are smart, don't underestimate the Malay Muslims desire to unite."

      Well, in fact they DID unite - behind Tun. It was a massive swing of Malay votes TOWARDS PH that wiped out BN.

      No Malay leader in our country's history has done as much for the Malays as Tun. The Malays know that. Far more than Zahid/Hadi/Anwar combined, actually. The Malays will not accept any political alignment that excludes Tun - otherwise their millions of recent votes for him are wasted.

      So, it's still too far-fetched to me. By July/Aug the political scene will remain as per today.

      Best advice to Anwar is, "be patient lah brader."

    3. The Malays didn't unite behind Tun. Pribumi Bersatu 13, Umno 54, Pas 18, Amanah 11. That's what the Malay parties got in GE14,

    4. Annie,

      Again, you look through a racial lens at everything, and your analysis is out of touch with reality and with facts.

      I will take my own area (Setiawangsa) as an example of the swing that happened nationally.

      I am a lifelong PKR voter, so I don't count as a "swing voter". But Setiawangsa pre-PRU14 was a very safe BN area. Yet in PRU14, the winner (Nik Nazmi of PKR) won by a huge majority of 14,000 votes. This is a massive Malay swing to Oppo.

      Why did it happen?

      I know why, because dozens of my friends (lifelong BN voters) switched camps, and I know why:

      a) They saw Nik Nazmi as a young & dynamic candidate

      b) They saw Tun as an antidote to the country’s decay

      c) They were very angry when Tun’s face got cut from billboards

      Of these factors, (b) is strongest by far.

      The gerrymandering done by BN a few weeks before PRU14 was designed to make non-Malay votes irrelevant, but the big miscalculation they made was that a vast number of Umno voters would transfer allegiance to PH because of Tun.

      The Malay tsunami DID happen (it was not an Indian/Cina/DLL swing, lah - they already were Oppo since 2008!). Tun “won” 121 seats, not 13.

      It happened purely because of Tun, as many Umno leaders now admit.

    5. Me looking "through racial line at everything"?
      You are the one who started it with this;
      "Of course the underlying angle would be “save Islam & the Malays”, the tired old strategy."
      and now saying
      "The Malay tsunami DID happen (it was not an Indian/Cina/DLL swing, lah - they already were Oppo since 2008!). Tun “won” 121 seats, not 13. It happened purely because of Tun, as many Umno leaders now admit."

    6. LOL...Annie, I will say one thing, you are an expert in missing the point.

      Point 1: "Of course the underlying angle would be “save Islam & the Malays”, the tired old strategy." - correct, that would be the "sell" to the public if this fantasy PKR/PAS/Umno merger ever happened. Confirmed.

      Point 2: "The Malay tsunami DID happen (it was not an Indian/Cina/DLL swing, lah - they already were Oppo since 2008!). Tun “won” 121 seats, not 13. It happened purely because of Tun, as many Umno leaders now admit."

      Also correct.

      I was rebutting your own point, i.e. "The Malays didn't unite behind Tun."

      Yes, they did, and both my earlier points are 100% valid.

      The Malays united behind Tun DESPITE the fact that he did not use the cliched Umno 3Rs strategy.

      What the results of PRU14 prove is that a Malay leader (actually, the strongest Malay leader of all) can swing Malay votes massively WITHOUT USAGE OF A RACIAL STRATEGY.

      To me, a sign of growing public maturity.

      Hope you can follow the argument, Annie : )

      Cheers & all the best

    7. Don't be too condescending. You are not that smart. Swinging Malay votes is not the same as getting Malays united. Umno is still the Malay party with the most number of seats.

    8. Annie, kau la yang bodoh. Nak spin lagi konon

    9. if the point of a new GE is that they think umno will do better without the poison of najib, and that the voters who voted ph may think about switching back, they should think again. a lot of people voted against a corrupt and tarnished system - and ex najib, it doesnt look like they are changing or even coming to terms with why they lost. without the incumbency, the skewed election rules and ec, the stash taken from pavillion, and the fact that many has seen that bn can lose, i think another ge now will actually help ph gain more seats.

    10. annie as if there is no team A, B or C in dumbo, back stabbers how to unite (even amongst dumbo bloggers there are back stabbings)???

    11. Dear Annie.

      "Umno is still the Malay party with the most number of seats."

      Yes its true... but... haven't you not figure out that Malay support for UMNO could be solely due to 'Cash is King' policy, not 'Demi Bangsa, Agama & Negara'?
      Or... maybe both, due to fear of Cina-DAP.

      - Take for example... those 17,000 political appointees.

      - I doubt UMNO will still be giving away free tupperwares of kuih-raya, with Najib & Rosmah's faces printed on its lids. No more 'kain-ela' to make baju-raya, obviously from Jakel, for this coming Raya-Puasa too.

      - That does not include benefits reaped by tupperware companies and SMEs suppling kueh-raya.

    12. Dear RD
      You underestimate the Malays too much. Same mistake that Umno did.

    13. Unless we hear any statement from the horse mouth which is TDM or Anwar or any other coalition head in this matter then only it is true or else is only a hearsay. Its dangeroues if we blindly supported and followed politicians in playing politic of hate and divide because of intention to rule. That is why dishonest politician win handsomely. Well that is why I always maintained that we judged the individual on performance and intergrity. It is the same thing on any news which the source is not authenticated then we should leave it as a hearsay without further comment only then Malaysia can move forward as a nation. We all have to grow up to progress.

    14. Hee hee, OK lah, you win lah Annie, aku mengaku kalah. Dah.

      Umno will rise again with new leadership line-up....

      PRESIDEN: Tajuddin Pasir Salak

      NAIB PRESIDEN: Shahidan Kassim

      V-Ps: Mahdzir Khalid, KJ, Tok Mat

      UMNO YOUTH HEAD: Jamal Yunos

      Yes, they are all running.

      Semoga berjaya : )

      PS: Also, don't forget Umno has best cyber trooper, Professor Kangkung!

    15. Professor kangkung for umno president

  2. if this scenario does indeed happern one year downthe road,our stock market will be v unstable n we, the malaysian people will have to choose again. n the cost of the election by SPR..another,what happens to the cost saving drivevy the govt..all bcos of the ambition to be no 1

  3. many drama. Betul ke ni Annie?

    PKR got 3 factions kah? Wow!! So Rafizi will become like Zahid one day, who was once Anwar protege. So, you mean, Rafizi will one day own a company to process levy charge for foreign workers entry into Malaysia?
    Royals started making their moves, their blue eyed boy Najib fallen, this also explain why they didn't take action on Najib when Shukri went to see them and now scheming to put in Razeleigh, another royal elites to lead UMNO again. They cannot control Mahathir and also playing the whispering to Anwar, and looks like Anwar cium cium the royals hand and looking for the good stuffs. So Anwar suddenly feel embolden, since the royals gave him power already...and Erdogan, Qardawi, Al Gore and power is coming, hopefully he don't forget, rakyat Malaysia that voted in new PH to free him, Erdogan or the royals don't do no shit to free him from jail, hope he remembers that. He would be still sitting in jail if the "rakyat Malaysia" voted in BN. The people give the power, the people takes away.
    So the elites, want somebody they can cucuk hidung, that is the PM, the AG, the PDRM, MACC.....

  4. "Untuk kembali berkuasa, Umno perlukan watak-watak yang kuat dalam kepemimpinannya, kata seorang pemimpin parti itu di peringkat bahagian.

    Menurut Datuk Seri Syed Ali Syed Abbas Al-Habshee satu contoh yang baik mengenai pemimpin berperwatakan kuat ialah Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang pernah mengetuai Umno selama lebih dua dekad.

    Ditanya sama ada Umno mempunyai pemimpin seperti itu, Syed Ali berkata: "Setakat yang saya tahu, tak ada."

    Dalam temu bual bersama Malaysiakini ketua Umno Cheras itu bagaimanapun berkata parti itu masih memiliki pemimpin yang mempunyai watak yang kuat.

    Antaranya kata Syed Ali ialah naib presiden Umno yang menjalankan tugas presiden, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, ketua pemuda Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar dan anggota majlis tertinggi Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani.

    Percaya perwatakan yang kuat sangat penting bagi Umno menjadi kuat kembali Syed Ali berkata Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) mengambil langkah yang giat bagi mempersiapkan pemimpin mereka."

    No mention of Tok Pa.

    I think Umno is not making full use of its assets.

    How many of the KBU are not tainted by corruption?

    They have a small handful of clean leaders - so use them!

    Johari Ghani is actually good in some ways but made a big boo-boo on 1MDB when he was no.2 in MOF.

    1. that is because johari had to kow tow to his former boss maa. if he didnt support 1MDB his head could have been on the chopping block . but not anymore,.he is free like a bird now and he is offering himself for the VP post

    2. Well, on the other hand...

      ...we saw that Husni just resigned and walked out of MOF when he knew that a lot of cover-ups were happening of the 1MDB case.

      Yes, he lost his perks etc and his job but his conscience is clear.

      Joe Ghani had the same chance, but...

      ...guess we all have to live with our life choices.

  5. Annie,

    //By the way, are you Gladiator? rRally, the style seems the same.//

    No, I am Spartacus... eeerrr ... I mean, Gladiator.

    Told yer I always sign my postings.

    I will NEVER post something without signing it.

    If I do accidentally post something without signing, I will always do a followup to claim authorship.

    It will take too long to explain why I do.

    BTW, your blog does attracts some very smart folks, smarter then me, with just as good a command of English.

    Well, at least I can claim a misspent childhood AND a misspent adulthood :)


  6. Anonymous @ 3 June 2018 at 13:05,

    //Ha ha, no, I'm not Gladiator. But he does make good points most of the time.//

    Good points are the only type of points I make :)



    1. "Good points are the only type of points I make :)"

      Cheh wah!

      Either you are very-assured, Gladiator, or your childhood was not really misspent lah!

      Ha ha!

  7. Annie The Neutral,

    Concentrate saje la campaigning for H20, whatever the form of alliance anwar wanted to build with umno and pas , it just wont work.

    Anyway i like the idea having the fresh election. Tun M, without ‘his’ people in EC, ATM/police force/government agencies.. yet he manage to comeout as victor.

    If that ‘sondol belakang’ fella try to be smartass with umno, umno just need to deregistered and game over.
    Furthermore, half of the umno mp still and will taking side with the grand old man.

    This is just another ‘16 September’ blunder for the ‘sondol belakang’ fella


    1. "Furthermore, half of the umno mp still and will taking side with the grand old man."


      Maybe more.

      Even OSTB thinks the biggest faction in Umno now is the pro-Tun faction.

      Easy solution - quit Umno and join PPBM.

  8. ur dream Annie..

  9. If PKR teams up with UMNO and PAS and a fresh election is called, PKR will most probably lose more than half its present seats. Anwar's political career will be finished.

    1. That's correct.

      Anwar is sometimes unwise, but even he knows that this would be suicide.

    2. PRK is also multi racial. I don't see the non-Malay MPs going over to UMNO or PAS

  10. If Anwar make a wrong move,his dream ofbecoming a pm will disappear.
    Anwar is not an intelligent man and i am quite sure he will cause his own downfall again and his chance of becoming pm of the country.

  11. My wish is for the elected politicians to focus on governing the country out of the financial mess it is in now.

    There have been too much politicking in this country the past few years. Take a break laaa wahai politicians!

    1. wise comments but easier said than done because our country has too many ambitious politicians who think more for themselves than for the country. A lot of people think their feet are much bigger than they actually are and constantly look for bigger shoes to fill.

  12. What makes me wonder is when the rulers are being too hard on Tun Dr Mahathir but never been bothered with Najib and his band of thieves stealing what belongs to this country before.

    With regards to Anwar calling a meeting with all PKR parlimentarians and assemblymen, I just want to know who are spineless amongst them all. See if they still want to take orders from an ex convict.

    1. Ur first paragraph, i keep saying the same thing. Why bother now ? They make it pretty clear they wont fight for the people when najib was stealing from the people.

      Yeah2 they issue one statement. Thts it.

  13. To me, this never-ending political tussle for power in the name of Ketuanan Melayu-Islam, especially with the Rear Admiral enticing Palace support, will badly erode the sanctity of the Royal Institution.

    I'm afraid, after the dust has settled, with or without Dr.M calling for a fresh election, there will be more vehement calls for our country to adopt a Republic style of governance.

    That's the reason why, I've always preferred, relationship between politicians and Royals should just remain... civil.


    1. Did they's (Royals) truly understand what Constitutional is all about ?.

      Just to bad if they failed to understand .

  14. conclusion - no big fish in a small pond but many small fishes in a big pond so what alliance annie kelentong leh

  15. Then lets go and vote. Its better for the rear admiral to show his true color now. He will lose support from malaysian. Wouldnt have it any other way

    Lets see him try.

    1. so let anwar, dumbo & PAS go fight in a by election in 2 years time...

  16. Plus uve got to wonder why the royals have always be on the wrong side of the people.

    So far all theyve done is keep dissapointing thw people

  17. I am not in favour of another election.Too much politics is not good for the country.We do not want to end up like countries in 'Arab Springs'.
    When politicians spend so much of their politicking there is not much time left for them to govern the country.
    I prefer UMNO to take over the government in the next GE.After all 5 years is not too long.By then the political landscape will probably has changed a lot.Mahathir will no longer around.Pribumi will probably die too.
    It will be a fight between Anwar-led coalition and UMNO.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof Kangkong - for once I agree with you that there shouldn’t be a fresh GE so soon. I’ve had enough of this never ending politicking in Msia. Let PH govern the country , and if they govern well, then they deserve to continue to lead the country. Or else, we vote the Opposition.

  18. Whatever the scenario will emerge, please do not underestimate the Old man. He works and he thinks hard too, ahead of any of you and even the rear admiral!

  19. a wounded dumbo is the most dangerous, PH shud close down dumbo (ROS) & charge dumbos wrongdoings (courts)...

    1. Tun would not simply de register Umno now even if it is true that Umno is an illegal party. Tun sudah bagi chance la...he wants the defeated Umno to clean up its act, get on its feet and act as a good opposition to provide the check and balance to the ruling government.

      However, Tun would ONLY close down Umno if he got wind that his partner whom he he had freed from jail and promised to make him PM betray his trust by conspiring behind his back to join forces with the 'enemies' to kill off Tun's government.

      Even the most stupid public member would understand this is not a right thing to do, conspiring behind one's back; and will cheer on if Tun were to shut down Umno should such betrayer happens.

      So dengar lah sekalian...act rashly at your own perils. Maybe this saying serve to remind strongly : In our rushing, like bulls in china shops, we break our own lives.

  20. anwar s latest comments as reported by the Sun.... "Tun, I want to support you. You have a free space to govern. Do the best you can, I will not trouble you and will support you in sailing this ship whether I agree or disagree with the policies you want to implement. I fully support you," Anwar said.. it s getting more interesting and intriguing..

  21. Annie,

    Anwar already answer this theory. He announce full support to Tun M yesterday.

    He said he at this time, he is assisting the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Of course, some people do not believe him and rather believe crazy stories.

    This is not avoidable, the same thing happen since thousand of years ago in Malacca.

    The Bendahara Tun Mutakhir hold the highest numbers of military commander, the Bentara, Panglima and etc.

    The Bloggers at that time want to get the highest rating in their website try to drive the wedges between the Sultan Malacaa and The Bendahara.

    They cook up crazy stories and spread them. Tun Bendahara was then sentence to death.

    Eventually this lead to fall of Malacca.

    Bloggers will come up all sort of stories to get their ratings up.

    The real issue right now is the Attorney General which according to the news being on hold because he is not Malay.

    I think this should be the point of debate.

    Hearsay and crazy stories is a waste of time,.

  22. If GE again, ppbm will win big & the biggest losers will be dumbos, annie careful what you wish for wakakaka

  23. perlis umno transformed into republicans, blame najib transformasi

  24. 'The Bloggers at that time want to get the highest rating in their website try to drive the wedges between the Sultan Malacaa and The Bendahara.'

    This blogger analogy is truly creative. Past and present in seamless connectivity. Hehe.

  25. so you think anwar mudah lupa how dumbos incarcerated him & how pas betrayed him

  26. I believe no matter which party they are in right now those ex umnos still want to be with umno... their heart n soul is still there. And at the point where umno is down and hurt am sure one of them will come back and rebuild umno as it should be. Pkr Pas bersatu amanah... they don't have the history that umno has. Umno fought for the country's independence.what do the other parties have.they had to join forces to bring umno down and now they are in conflict with one another. Allowing Dap to run the country is the ultimate betrayal. Remember 13th May?

    1. so what about 513 dumbo whacking DAP or DAP whacking dumbo...