Tuesday 26 November 2019

Now they want to mine rare earth in Perak again

This is weird,

Rare-earth mining to resume 

in Perak after 40 years


The announcement of the approval was made by the Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources on November 16.
According to a statement, the mining will be done by the Perak government and China company Chinalco GXNF Rare Earth Development Co. Ltd.
Ya, it's weird because they are planning to do this in the same state where the Bukit Merah incident happened 40 years ago.

I thought they were so against rare-earth as they were so against Lynas.

They are not scared of radioactive anymore, is it?

Now they want to mine it some more.

At least Lynas just processes rare earth from Austaralia and that so only after it's scientifically proven to be safe.

Don't know lah these people,

Well, never mind.

I just hope they do the mining safely.

If it's safe, than I don't mind it at all, just like the Lynas operation in Pahang.

Hopefully the likes of Fuziah, Wong Tuck and such will not get too agitated over this.

Yeo Bee Yin, any comment on this?

I hope the journalists will ask her that.

Eh, you all remember this?

What a pathetic lying bunch.

Friday 22 November 2019

Alhamdulillah, those BN/Umno MPs are not traitors

Received this via WhatsApp just now,


Those BN/Umno MPs who went to Azmin's house the other day are not traitors.

Well, I don't know why Dr Mahathir said all those not so nice things about them at the press conference, but hopefully Umno will not take action against them.

I was actually a bit worried when some Umno leaders started to whack those MPs over the past few days as it could lead to the party being divided again.

I'm sick of Umno infighting such as the one leading to the GE14 defeat.

I also never subscribed to that "either you are with us or against us" slogan of Umno leaders before that general election.

But I guess some Umno leaders and their people never learnt their lessons.

They so easily want to get rid of people whom they perceived as not having the same line of thoughts as them.

They don't seemed to care that Umno needs everyone onboard, especially now that the party is trying to win back the seat of power in Putrajaya.

All they care about is in securing their own positions in the party, even if it means weakening Umno.

Those who disagree with them were labelled as traitors,

They are of the attitude that Umno belongs to them and exist to serve their interests.

I really hope that Umno people will reject these arrogant bastards in their next party election in 2021.

I also hope that from now on they will not succumb to the temptation of money in exchange for positions in the party as these people will always offer them that.

Umno people, please don't sacrifice your party for a few ringgit.

Get yourselves good leaders, okay.

Do good for the country and rakyat.

Also, stay united. If you can do that, I'm sure there will be another Tanjung Piai soon.

Who knows, maybe GE15 will be like Tanjung Piai.


Wednesday 20 November 2019

Umno, choose your leaders wisely, don't be bribed

I'm still in resting mode after Tanjung Piai.

So, I was not really paying attention to all that nonsense about the meeting they had at Azmin's house.

Stupid politicians and their stupid scheming.

After all, I don't care too much for those Umno people on both sides of all that - those who attended the meeting to support Dr Mahathir or those who criticised them for it.

Well, I have to admit though that I dislike the loudest empty cans among them more.

Puad Zarkhashi, Lokman Adam....urgh. These are among the characters who caused BN/Umno to lose in GE14 by displaying their stupidity, arrogance etc.

I believe that they were making those noises over the meeting just to remain relevant. I hope Umno people will realise who they really are, and reject them.

As for Hishammuddin, whom they said was the mastermind behind the meeting, I don't think he can actually mastermind anything. Heck, I think I'm smarter than him, okay. And if it's really him being the mastermind, the whole thing is going to fail anyway. He's that miserably not so smart.

Ya, I think all that was just a waste of time.

Why can't they just wait and  let DAP, it's Amanah lapdog and Anwar's PKR gang to pressure Dr Mahathir all they want.

I believe that if the old man feels that he doesn't have the number to stave off a vote of no confidence, he can just dissolves parliament and we can have another general election as early as next year.

Then maybe we can have a nationwide Tanjung Piai.

Really guys, especially the Umno gang out there.

Just ignore all that nonsense.

You all should focus on what's more important - like Mat Hasan, who went and performed his duties as Umno deputy president in Langkawi, barely two days after the exhaustive campaign in Tanjung Piai.

That was, while people like me were still resting from the rigours of the by-election.

The guy was simply good.

I stole these pictures of him at Dr Mahathir's Langkawi stronghold from his Instagram.

As you may noticed, Mat Hasan doesn't look like he's out of place mixing with the grassroots and Pas members.

I think he would be okay too with the non-Malays because he's a good guy. Back then during the Rantau by-election, he got up to 20 per cent of the Chinese votes which was relatively good at that time for an Umno guy.

These are things that the now scheming Umno blue blood won't be able to do.

In short, why those Umno leaders have to resort to political manoeuvring and not work for the betterment of the people like Mat Hasan?

Well, that's because they are not sincere and only willing to do things just to get something for themselves.

That's how they became rotten and ultimately lost it in GE14.

So, Umno people, now that Malaysians appeared to want to give your party and its allies another chance such as in Tanjung Piai, please seize it by getting rid of all those lousy leaders.

To do that, you all must resist the temptation of being fooled and bribed into choosing them as your leaders.

If you all can do that, then I'm sure things will be good again for your party and ultimately Malaysia.

For one thing, please don't simply listen to your Ketua Bahagian on how to choose your leaders because they may probably had succumbed to the temptations.

Come on guys, I'm sure you are not that dumb and can choose your own leaders wisely, okay.

For now, just ignore the monkeys and be focused on further fixing your party, like what Mat Hasan is doing.

Sunday 17 November 2019

Tanjung Piai - Congrats BN, special salute to three guys

I got it wrong.

I predicted BN to beat Pakatan in Tanjung Piai, but it didn't.


BN crushes Pakatan in Tanjung Piai

Yup, it's so devastating.

BN even won at all polling stations, including those known to be DAP's strongholds.

The Malays are definitely back with BN but even more significant, so did the Chinese....well, at least in Tanjung Piai lah.

And I don't think it's just because BN fielded that Chinese guy Wee Jeck Seng as he had previously faced Malay rivals from the other side there, yet those DAP strongholds didn't fall.

Needless to say, everyone in Pakatan (including DAP) is in trouble now.

To make it worse, they were all behaving like kids right after the defeat.

There were some who wanted Dr Mahathir to immediately step down as PM and be replaced by Anwar.

Really stupid. As if Anwar could had done better.

Hey, the bugger lost by proxy to Mat Hassan in Rantau, okay. He would be even worse off in Tanjung Piai.

Well, they can pressure Dr Mahathir all they want. It's none of BN's business.

In fact, Anwar leading Pakatan will make things easier for BN and its allies in the next general election as he will definitely wreck the country even more and people will hate them more for it.

Yup, they can go ahead and kill each other. BN should just stay the course.

By the way, I  read a meroyan article by one of their "activists" who lives in UK. She lashed out at everyone and blamed them for the defeat. She didn't even realise that she also contributed to the defeat by being an irritating liberal bitch with a superior than thou attitude.

Buat orang lagi menyampah.

Plenty of such in Pakatan.

Well, never mind.

Back to the Tanjung Piai by-election, I would like to congratulate the entire BN machinery and its allies, particularly Pas.

And of course congratulations to the people of Tanjung Piai for making the right choice.

My special salute to three guys whom I believe were instrumental in securing the shockingly huge victory.

First is of course Wee Jeck Seng, for being such a good candidate with excellent track records and loved by so many people in Tanjung Piai.

Second is Mat Hassan, who led the BN campaign on the ground by working tirelessly day and night for the two weeks he was in Tanjung Piai. His presence and leadership gave confidence and assurance to especially Umno members and supporters.

Third is Hasni, the Johor Umno/BN boss who is the real mastermind behind the landslide victory in Tanjung Piai. The guy doesn't speak much but he is good at what he is doing. Always low key, yet very effective. Very much like my favourite Umno leader of all times TS Abdul Ghani Othman. Hopefully Hasni will be the rightful successor of Ghani after the next general election.

Wee and Hasni

Okay, actually I want to write more but it's late now.

I better catch some sleep. Tired.

Cheers and good night.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Tanjung Piai - Old and new friends, tale of two ceramah

Just got back from my rounds in Tanjung Piai today.

Met some old friends who are campaigning here and made some new friends among the locals.

The old friends are mostly those from the days when I was involved in the defence of Johor in the run up to the general election in 2013.

They are good guys.

Things were not so good though for them when Khaled Nordin took over the MB post from TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

I don't want to go into details, but suffice to say that Khaled and his team were not kind at all to them. Personally, I believe it's because of their affiliation to Ghani.

Some of them turned to the other side in GE14 but they are mostly back supporting BN now, hoping that the Umno leadership will change for the better after the defeat last year.

As for my new friends, there's this particular guy who runs a chalet business at Kampung Air Masin. The guy, I believe, is not very educated, yet was very clear about how he sees things.

He was very careful at first about revealing his political affiliation but once I told him that I support BN, he opened up in his rather broken Bahasa Malaysia and told me how much he detests Pakatan.

"Ini orang semua cakap saja banyak, buat kerja apa pun tak tau. Kita semua sekarang susah. Itu dulu kita sokong dia orang sebab kita marah sama Najib. Tapi itu dulu punya cerita. Sekarang dia orang masih cakap saja, kita sudah tak mau dengar la. Kita mau kerja punya orang sekarang," he said.

On BN candidate Wee Jeck Seng, he said something like this,
"Itu orang baik punya. Semua orang susah dia kasi tolong. Cina ka, Melayu ka, India ka, semua dia tolong. Sini kampung, orang semua suka dia. Kita sini mau kasi dia menang dulu tapi dia kalah juga. Itu tak boleh buat apa ma. Itu jam orang marah."

Wee was the assemblyman of Pekan Nenas from 2004 to 2008 and from then on was elected to be the Tanjung Piai MP till he lost the seat last year.

Well, I'm now quite confident he will win his seat back.

Feeling very tired from my rounds now, but I feel that it's worth it.

The crowd at the BN's ceramah in Kampung Sawah just now was quite big.

A policeman friend said it's about 5,000, which I think was quite a fair estimation.

What's more significant I think was that, the crowd was made up mostly of locals as it was noted that not too many of them were wearing the BN's blue of its election workers.

It's unlike the Pakatan's one last night,

You all can read about the Pakatan's ceramah by clicking on this link,

It didn’t rain but some left while Mahathir was speaking

For the BN's ceramah tonight, this is The Star's report,

PONTIAN: A large crowd gathered at the Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah Muafakat Nasional ceramah organised by Umno and PAS, in conjunction with the Tanjung Piai by-election at Kampung Sawah near Pekan Nanas here.
Traffic leading to the ceramah is at a standstill, with many cars and motorcycles parked at the side of the road and peoples' houses before walking a long distance to enter the ceramah.
Villagers of Kampung Sawah, which is located about five km away from Pekan Nanas, are mostly small palm oil stakeholders.
A local resident said that there has never been such a gathering in the area before, where crowds started to gather at around 7.30pm on Thursday (Nov 14) night.
Also during the campaigning, no one has held a mega ceramah here.
The crowd was entertained with Nashid performances while they wait for Barisan Nasional bigwigs, including former prime minister Najib Tun Razak, Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, state Umno chief Datuk Hasni Mohamad, PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and other leaders.
Local traders were also seen selling a variety of food here.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/14/umno-pas-ceramah-draws-large-crowd-at-pekan-nanas#SPGkPkeM6CuQBibP.99

Okay, I need to rest now. Really very tired.

Good night.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Tanjung Piai and EC's bullshit

I'm writing this just outside the Tanjung Piai MCA operation centre in Pekan Nenas,

So, far, things look good for BN here.

Arrived here for the Tanjung Piai by-election late yesterday afternoon.

First thing I did was meeting an old friend, who is my most trusted source in Johor at Pontian Kechil to get the latest.

The guy has been camping in Tanjung Piai since before the campaigning period started.

"BN will win," was his direct answer to my question on who does he think will win the by-election.

"The local punters have already closed all bets. Too many people are betting that BN will win by two or three thousands majority," he added.

My friend is a Chinese, so he knows that sort of things.

"But seriously, Pakatan may not get even half of the Chinese votes here. People are angry over the broken promises and DAP's insensitivities such as not giving TAR College its proper allocation," he said.

My friend also told me things which I already knew from my days in Johor several years ago. That Wee Jeck Seng was a good MP who was always there for his constituents irrespective of race or religion.

"I simply can't see how BN can lose this time," he said.

Later in the evening, I went to Kampung Parit Haji Othman where Umno deputy president Mat Hasan was giving a ceramah.

The guy is working hard, day and night in Tanjung Piai. Just have a look at his Instagram.

His speech last night was good - factual, yet simple and easy to understand.

I'm glad that Mat Hasan is here for the BN machinery in Tanjung Piai.

Tonight, Dr Mahathir will be here.

Pakatan is banking on him to turn things around, but I don't think it's going to work.

It's quite pitiful that all that they have is the 94-year-old leader to convince the people once again that things are better under the Pakatan rule.

Yup, after all the broken promises and poor governance.

They even have to rely on this to blunt the BN's campaign on the ground,

EC wants parties to get police permit 

for walkabouts, house-to house campaigning

Art, what the hell are you doing lah?

You know Pakatan is lousy at such on the ground campaigning compared to BN and that's why you are making it difficult, isn't it?

Come on la friend. Don't be so cheap like that.

Okay, let me wrap up this short post with this video on Wee's on the ground campaigning,

I'll write again later. Need to go to Serkat now.


Tuesday 12 November 2019

Tanjung Piai and media bullshit

Been running around quite a bit these past few days and no time to update this blog.

Flew back to KL last night.

Someone's picking me up for a trip to Tanjung Piai later this afternoon.

Need to see for myself what is going on there.

Honestly, I don't really trust the media anymore.

They promised a free media for Malaysia Baru post GE-14 but just look at these headlines on the front page of the political section of Bernama's website as I'm writing this post;

Tanjung Piai residents will lose out if they support opposition - Anwar

Bersatu confident of winning Tanjung Piai by-election- Dr Mahathir

Nothing wrong with Perak MB's video conversation - Dr Mahathir

Tg Piai constituents need not vote for the opposition to make PH listen, says Anwar

Dr Mahathir invites people in Tanjung Piai to attend PH mega ceramah

EC denies independent candidate barred from campaigning in Tg Piai

DAP: Nothing's wrong with having Liew assisting Karmaine

PH: A fair party with various races - Saifuddin

Bersatu to meet tomorrow, Perak MB explains

Politics is competition of ideas, not tussle for power - Anwar

Click on the links to read them.

Except for the one on EC, the rest are all Pakatan's propaganda bullshit.

Whom ever the one who ordered the Bernama political section to give that kind of bias reporting is responsible for eroding the credibility of journalism at the national news agency.

Nobody really wants to believe in this kind of bias reporting.

Yup, same as the ones when BN was in power.

Azman Ujang, what the fuck are you doing lah?

It's the same as the now defunct Utusan and troubled Media Prima.

The others are not any better too.

Never mind. Let's just listen to Singapore's media;

Well, I better get ready for my trip now.

I'll write again once I'm in Tanjung Piai.


Wednesday 6 November 2019

The untouchables

I'm not surprised at all.

Court allows prosecution’s application 

to dismiss LTTE-related charges 

against assemblyman


Meanwhile, Rayer when meeting reporters later thanked the prosecution for the move. “We were informed this morning after the charges were filed that the prosecutors had decided to withdraw the two charges. No reasons given,” he said.

“We hope the prosecutor will reconsider to withdraw the LTTE-related charges against the others detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (SOSMA) 2012,” he said. Also present was Human Resource Minister M. Kula Segaran, who is also the DAP national vice-chairman. 
I had seen it coming when I posted this on Oct 11,
See lah how....whether the DAP-oriented AG Tommy Thomas will allow those DAP assemblymen to be charged.

You all know lah these days....their gang always get their cases thrown out because the AG Chamber refused to either take them to court or continue with the prosecution of an ongoing case.
Well, that's just how it is. 
Can't complain much though, Malaysians voted these people to power and that's how things are now.
Seriously, I now highly doubt that killers of fireman Adib will ever be brought to justice.
Police may get them but they can't be prosecuted, I think.
Yup, just like this LTTE case.
The Home Minister and IGP said there were enough evidence, but the almighty AG Chamber has decided otherwise....no charges then.

They are really untouchable now.

Monday 4 November 2019

Ignore the monkeys, focus on Tanjung Piai

Just talked to a journalist friend who is now in Tanjung Piai and according to him, things are really going well for the BN's campaign.

"The Pakatan candidate seemed a bit lost when he met the people on the ground. Maybe it's because all this while he spent more time in JB than here," he said.

Wee Jeck Seng, a well liked wakil rakyat when he was an assemblyman of Pekan Nenas and MP of Tanjung Piai doesn't seemed to have such a problem.

"Everyone knows him here," said my friend.

Well, that's what my friend said. I have to see it for myself and I'm planning to be there probably by Monday next week.

Hopefully I can stay in Johor till polling day.

Need to catch up with friends there too in order to get the latest on Johor politics, among other things.

I always believe that you have to be on the ground to be able to comment on the political situation there.

Arm chair reporting has never been my way of doing things and that's why of late, I have been refraining from writing too much about what's going on in my home state.

I have to admit that I'm out of touch with how things really are in Johor, being not there for quite a while.

Back then when I was in Johor, I always disliked it when people wrote about Johor from KL and pretended as if they were experts on the subject.

Anyway, while things appeared to be good down south, there have been a bit of rumbling here at the Umno top hierarchy.

That' has always been the problem with Umno.

The root is strong but the top quite often rotten.

This is a case of a gang, quite publicly accusing another of something, probably to strengthen their position in the party.

I'm not going into the details as doing so may plays right into the hands of Pakatan, but suffice to say that as far as I'm concerned, those involved are the same stupid selfish bastards who caused Umno's downfall in GE14.

They don't care about the party or the so-called perjuangan. All they care about is what they are going to get from the now resurgent Umno.

They can't even wait for at least until the Tanjung Piai by-election has been won.

For them, Umno is their property to be exploited for their self interest.

Umno people really need to know who these people are and reject them as their leader.

It's actually easy to identify these scumbags. They are the ones who still believe that they can offer money in exchange for positions in the party.

Umno people, if any of your leaders comes to you offering money in exchange for your support in the party, then you should know that leader is among those who are destroying your party.

Such leaders should not have a place in Umno anymore.

Also, when you read something which says bad things about one of your party leaders, just ignore it for now.

It's actually just one of those bullshits planted by those leaders who only care about themselves.

If they really care about the party, they wouldn't do that so publicly which in the end sows doubts on Umno recovery effort.

Umno people, be focused.

Help BN,  in particular MCA wins back Tanjung Piai first as it will lead to Putrajaya in the next general election.

Remember, Umno is now without power. Fight each other, for what?

Win first before you all want to talk about the stupid scheming and infighting.

To all Umno people, don't pay attention to the monkeys who are jockeying for power.

Sunday 3 November 2019

Tanjung Piai nomination day and MotoGP

I took these pictures in Tanjung Piai yesterday from Mat Hassan's Instagram (I follow only two politicians' Instagram - him and KJ).

They look good and confident.

Even former Johor MB Osman Sapian seems to be interested to join them....hahaha

Yea, it looks good down there in Tanjong Piai.

It doesn't matter, I think, how many proxy candidates Pakatan put to help their actual candidate.

If BN work hard and stay focused till polling day, I'm confident that they will win.

Oh, and this is a comment by a Pakatan supporter, who is a regular here of late, about the nomination day,

We are truly Malaysians - I am with you bro 13:57.

BN is so damn bloody synonym with "Borosmah Najib" and there goes too their "Unscrupulous Macai Najib Organization" (UMNO).


5 days ago Anwar said PKR fully backs Bersatu Karmaine Sardini as PH candidate for Tg Piai Parliamentary By Election.

Strange... all PKR Top Guns (incl Anwar himself) are not seen at the nomination of the said polling at Dewan Jubilee Intan Pontian this morning.

Najib, Zahid, Mat Hassan, Wee Kar Siong, LKS, Mat Sabu, Sallehudin Ayub, Muhyddin were present. Tun M was at Tg Piai yesterday & had to rush for ASEAN Meeting today at Bangkok.

Di manakah keikhlasan serta semangat setia-kawan PKR dalam Pakatan Harapan.....??

Ini dah macam lolongan-lolongan biol si Kejora, "Jho Low di mana..Jho Low di mana...??".

He he he
Regards from Tg Piai

Well, that's typical of Pakatan these days with the Dr Mahathir-Anwar power transition approaching its deadline.

Anyway, I can't be in Tanjung Piai yet. Can only be there next week as I still got things to do here.

Yesterday I was at the MotoGP in Sepang, hanging out at the Ducati lounge doing some PR works.

Shot this short video,

And this is Ducati rider  Danilo Petrucci speaking to everyone at the lounge before the qualifying session.

By the way, Philip Morris is the sponsor of Ducati's MotoGP lounge, thus that banner on top of Petrucci.

As for the race today, I don't really care for it too much as Marc Marquez had already won the championship.

I still hope though that Rossi can win today. After all, he's now 40 and the last rider from those days when I was really crazy about MotoGP.

Rossi when he was still with Ducati
Still, I won't be there today.

Driving north later this morning.

Well, I better get some sleep. It's now 3:05.