Thursday 27 February 2020

As according to Dr Mahathir's plan

So, Anwar and gang have finally shown us their last card yesterday.

Their talks of support for Dr Mahathir all these while were now known to be false.

Anwar ultimately wants the PM seat and that's all that he cares about.

DAP wants Anwar in that seat because they can control him.

Their supporters were already celebrating.

Their MPs even went to see the Agong on an open top bus as if they have won.

The theory is that they have the highest number of MPs at 92 while Dr Mahathir and the others are divided into smaller groups.

They believe they can get the 20 extra MPs needed to get to 112 with some suggesting of buying them over.

All these after BN and its allies pull out their support from Dr Mahathir because they don't want to be in the proposed unity government with DAP.

Well, my personal thought is this - all that have happened till now were as according to Dr Mahathir's plan.

Yup, I believe that Dr Mahathir planned this whole thing from A to Z.

When his party and Azmin gang pulled out of Pakatan, he told everyone that he was not involved and that's why he had to resign as PM.

So, everyone has to say that he didn't betray Pakatan, causing its collapse.

Then, within hours he got the Agong to put him back as interim PM.

He is now back holding power without those useless Pakatan ministers weighing him down.

Then he made known that he wanted to have a unity government and that gives the reason for BN and its gang to appear as rejecting him.

That move prompted Anwar and his gang to believe that Dr Mahathir now doesn't have enough support anymore.

They seized on it yesterday by telling the Agong and the world that they actually want Anwar in power and all their previous "we love you Tun"and "please come back Tun" messages were just bullshit.

They have also never wanted the proposed unity government and just want power for themselves.

Now, that basically means Dr Mahathir had never betrayed his words to his former Pakatan allies, including Anwar. It's them who betrayed him.

Dr Mahathir is now clean as a whistle and will enter the history book as the good guy.

The way I see it, he now has only two options - cut a deal with BN and its allies or dissolves parliament for fresh election. His road back to Pakatan was by design sealed off yesterday.

Either way, he still wins.

If BN and its allies join him, he will have more than enough number and people can't blame him for it as he was betrayed first by Anwar and the gang.

If not, and he dissolves Parliament for fresh election, he knows that BN and its allies will win.

He knows the Malays just can't wait to get their hands on DAP who is the real puppet master behind Anwar and the other Malays in their camp.

Also, they remember the thousands of Malays who lost their jobs over the past 21 months, Adib's case, the manipulation of the AG, the tearing down of Tabung Haji and other Malay Muslim institutions etc etc. And of course the DAP's arrogant face,

I even have a feeling that Dr Mahathir may independently campaign on the side of BN and its allies.

"Saya masih tak mau mereka yang korupt seperti Najib berkuasa, tapi saya sokong perjuangan untuk orang Melayu dan Islam," he may says.

After all that, he will then retires, still the hero of his people.

Well, let's see how it is going to be.

I have a feeling that we may know by tomorrow....well actually someone told me that last night :)

Till then, cheers.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Even better to let the rakyat decide

Things are actually getting even better as far as I'm concerned.

I fully support the decision by BN, Pas and their allies to reject the formation of a unity government with people of the currently defunct Pakatan Harapan, especially from the Anwar camp and DAP.

I also support their call  for a fresh election.

I'm not sure why Dr Mahathir proposed to have that unity government, but I suspect it's because of pressure from the people around him.

It's just too bad for him, actually. He almost managed to win back the support of many who turned against him for working with the likes of Anwar and DAP but as it is now, he may be consigned forever in history as the one who betrayed his people.

Well, never mind that, as tomorrow may brings new development.

After all, I actually think it's a good thing.

BN, Pas and their allies are not losing anything and in fact they may likely gain something invaluable from the whole episode which is an eye opener for the rakyat as to who these people on the other side really are.

Now the people will see the Pakatan gang as just a bunch who only care about their politics and gaining power instead of taking care of the country which is now suffering economically due to the uncertainty and their mismanagement for almost two years

Let's say, the new coalition government is really not happening. Pakatan gang are going to kiss up and make up to set up their government again, is it?

All the drama for just that?

Is that what the people want?

In and out of office as they please?

What? The same bunch are going to take another round of oath as ministers?

It's a joke, is it?

I wonder what the Yang di-Pertuan Agong thinks of that.

Does his royal highness willing to be part of such farce.

Now that will really put everything out in the open.

Whatever it is, BN, Pas and their allies can always go back to being the good opposition and bid their time.

They already won the moral high ground over all these and the people can see now that they had initially agreed to support Dr Mahathir not because some of their leaders were being prosecuted or they were crazy for power.

Otherwise they would have take up the unity government offer.

They are now the ones calling for a general election so that the nonsense could be resolved once and for all.

That's better because if BN, Pas and their allies win, they will owe nothing to anyone except the rakyat for trusting them over the other bunch who were proven to be liars and hypocrites since May 9 2018.

But it's still okay, if there's no election. They can just let the other side go on playing their stupid political game.

I'm quite sure the country will further suffer from the Pakatan's nonsense but that's the price we have to pay for putting them in power that day.

Still, it's not so bad, okay, as we can just be patient and wait for the time when the people punish them.

It may not even take too long for that to happen.

Tuesday 25 February 2020

True end of Pakatan Harapan

I was actually not sure whether to laugh or....laugh very loudly, as I look at the reactions of the Pakatan people who still believe that they have not yet lost and Dr Mahathir was still on their side.

Those images of Guan Eng, Mat Sabu and others begging and crying for Dr Mahathir to save them were hilarious.

Were they in denial or just plain stupid?

Did they really believe that Dr Mahathir has noting to do with the collapse of the Pakatan's government?

What's wrong with these people lah?

The handsome old man must be sniggering when he watched all those statements by Pakatan leaders calling for him to be reinstated as PM.

That''s despite just on Friday, during the Pakatan presidential council meeting, they were pressuring him to step down.

Well, Dr Mahathir didn't need them for all that.

He got the Agong to make him PM again just hours after resigning yesterday afternoon.

Never mind the interim part as that's just a technical thing.

The important thing is that DR MAHATHIR IS STILL IN CHARGE.

Now he can do whatever he chooses as he's no longer tied to his promises to Pakatan.

No more Anwar, Guan Eng, Kit Siang etc to bother him.

Just wait for who will be appointed to his interim premiership team. Surely Dr Mahathir can't run the country alone, even for the next few days.

And of course a new coalition government will be officially set up  at the start of the next parliament sitting next month.

The way I counted it, DAP and Anwar only have 92 MPs left which is definitely not enough.

Really, it's game over.

Oh, and this was the final blow yesterday,

Agong revokes appointments of entire Cabinet

Okay, if they still want to remain deluded, that's up to them.

I need to get up now and get ready for work.


Monday 24 February 2020

A new dawn for Malaysia

I just woke up and the sun is about to rise for the day as I'm writing this.

As most of you all know, this is a new dawn for Malaysia...after almost two years.

This is the last story I read last night before falling asleep,

Consensus dinner ends with 131 MPs all smiles

It's in The Star and written by Zakiah Koya, the little sister of MACC chief/ex-PKR politician Lateefa Koya.

I know Zakiah and her anti-establishment sentiment from many years ago.

I wondered how she felt as she wrote that story.

That's about it, Dr Mahathir with the help of Umno and Pas as well as support from others have check-mated Anwar, DAP and their cronies.

It's game over.

Why this happened?

I dare say I had answered that when I wrote this,


Well, can't really blame Dr Mahathir because I strongly believe that if Anwar is the one who have the number, he would have already tabled a no-confidence motion against the PM so that he can take over the whole show.

And once he's in power, Anwar will go after Dr Mahathir and his family, Umno and others whom he deemed to have wronged him in the past.

I have no doubt that will happen.

So, that's it, Dr Mahathir outgunned Anwar.

Plain and simple.

I actually wrote about Dr Mahathir's shooting prowess back then at the start of his fight with Najib,

Quick gun Mahathir

Heck, I never for one second believe that Dr Mahathir would ever let Anwar take over power in Putrajaya.

You can read that in my other previous posts.

Remember this from the late 1990s?

Yup, no way he's going to let Anwar be PM after that.

Well, it's done.

There will be follow-ups and fall-outs from all these, but those are for the coming days.

I will write more on the latest later.

For this moment, I need to get up and do the necessary and go on my routine morning brisk walk.

Need to stay fit for things are getting interesting to watch again now.

You all stay cool, okay.


Saturday 22 February 2020

Parasite - a Malaysian political movie review

I believe most of you all should know by now about Parasite, that Korean movie which won multiple major titles at the recent Academy Awards.

I watched it last night.

It's a good movie.

It was touted as a social critique movie but the way I see it, the story is a black comedy with very depressing ending.

Very much like the story of our Pakatan Harapan government, actually.


It started with a contrasting look at the rich and poor families and their struggles.Very idealistic and all.

Then it became more of a comedy as the poor tried to get better by whatever means necessary, including lies to get what they wanted. Much like what Pakatan did, right?

And then there was that brief sense of elation when they got what they wanted before things turned horribly wrong as it always does when we try to get what we want the wrong way.

Yup, exactly the same as our Pakatan story.

Lied all the way to victory and now the people realised the con.

Things are bad now after the jubilation of winning GE14 almost two years ago.

They are fighting among themselves and the government is in horrid shape.

Just yesterday, they let off a bunch of terrorist sympathizers because the LTTE fanboys are from their gang.

There are no doubt now about the selective prosecution being practiced by the AG's Chamber.

Before this, all their gang had their charges dropped too, including that Guan Eng's corruption case.

And as for you all the normal people out there, just look at this story today,

Lowest EPF dividend since 2008 — 5.45% for conventional, 5% for syariah

Guys, that's your simpanan hari tua anda under the Pakatan rule.

Well, I can go on and on about Pakatan as there were tonnes I could bitch about, but why should I bore you all with it.

As if you all don't know how fucked up it is already.

Back to the movie, my favourite is Park So-dam, who plays Kim Ki-jung or Jessica, the daughter of the poor family.

She's brilliant, especially in the scene where she went for the interview to be the art tutor for the son of the rich family. I love her in that scene.

The other casts were quite good too.

The story is a bit too fantastical to be truly believable but then again in this age of people getting hooked on superhero movies, I guess I have to accept the Parasite's plot as it is.

 Well, as I said above, Parasite is a good movie and I enjoyed watching it.

However, I don't think I want to watch it for a second time.

It's because the ending is so disturbing that it made me quite depressed.

Why should I want to get myself depressed for the second time over the same thing, right?

Again, it's very much the same as our Pakatan Harapan story - it started with ideals, then turned into a comedy and now it's just plain depressing.

Once is good enough, I think.

Tuesday 18 February 2020


A friend said I'm lazy these days as I don't write as regularly as I used to be.

Maybe he's right but I would like to believe that it's more because I'm bored of almost everything these days.

Not inspired, not motivated and not so easily impressed anymore.

Take politics for instance. What's so inspiring, motivating or impressive about it now?

It's so obvious and predictable, isn't it?

Pakatan all inspired, motivated or impressed by it?

Come on la, it's so screwed up, okay. There's no denying that. Just read the news everyday and anyone would know that it's true.

By right, at the rate it's going, Umno and the gang doesn't have to do much to win the next general election.

Of course, that's provided Anwar doesn't come to power and let DAP gets around to ban all of its enemies.

Yup, I'm quite sure DAP will do that once they have full power under Anwar's premiership. Very much like the communists who eliminate all their rivals once they come to power.

But then again, I'm also confident that Dr Mahathir will not hand over power to Anwar as he knows that would be a disaster for the country.

And he knows the people, especially Malays will curse him if that happens.

So, that's how it is with Malaysian politics.

Tiresome, isn't it?

The way I see it, we just have to bear with it till the next general election or a new coalition takes over the government. The sooner the better.

What else to write about it? Nothing much, actually.

It's boring.

Nowadays, I actually prefer to amuse myself with these rather than politics,

Yup, those are my darts. Soft tip. The flowery background is my bed sheet. I took the picture on my bed.

I enjoy playing darts with my friends these days. Much more enjoyable than just sitting around drinking tea with them and arguing about stupid politics.

Everyone needs some sort of escapism and that's mine.

Been playing for the past few months but still not very good at it. Hopefully, with more practice I can play better soon.

I'm not aiming to win tournaments and such but instead just trying to be able to beat my friends more than losing to them. Well, I'm not too ambitious :)

As for my writings, maybe if things become interesting again, I may write more regularly as I used to be.

See lah how.

Okay, I'm getting sleepy.

Hopefully I can immediately knock off right after this.

Cheers and good night.

Saturday 15 February 2020

Anwar, DAP will show Umno no mercy

Of late, I've been enjoying the power-transition drama for quite a bit.

It's so amusing to watch some people squirming over the possibility of a cooperation between Dr Mahathir and Umno.

There was Anwar making all sort of statements to convince people that everything is alright in Pakatan and he is indeed going to be the PM.

Then, there was Guan Eng getting all upset with anyone who mentioned the mere possibility of a Pakatan's collapse.

So many others are like that too.

That Pas-initiated vote of confidence motion for Dr Mahathir plan will really turn the table upside down for them.

On the Umno side, those who don't want to see a Mahathir-Umno tie-up were also being comical.

Okay, some were genuinely concerned about the possibility of Umno being conned by Dr Mahathir, but many (especially the very vocal ones) were upset purely because such a cooperation means they and their personal interests will be pushed aside within a rejuvenated Umno.

Yup, people like that Lokman Noor Adam guy will be irrelevant if there's no more Mahathir versus Umno fight.

Honestly, I see the whole thing as being quite funny.

I think Dr Mahathir also think it's funny. He had been teasing everyone when asked to comment on all the drama.

Now Anwar even said he's willing to wait till after the Apec meeting towards the end of the year to take over power, which is actually him buying time to avoid the Pas' confidence motion for Dr Mahathir scheduled for the start of parliament sitting next month.

For me, the game is simple - any side which actually try to table a motion of confidence or no-confidence would have the number.

In the Pas' case, if they really push the motion in parliament, that means its side has the number, which also means Dr Mahathir has the number in parliament to stay on as PM till at least end of his term.

My reading of the present scenario is that due to Pas' boldness, I believe Dr Mahathir really have the support of the majority of MPs from both sides.

He actually can set-up a new coalition government if push comes to shove. And of course, if that happens, Anwar along with his supporters, in particular DAP will be out of the government. That's why they were so upset about the whole thing.

Well, can't really blame Dr Mahathir because I strongly believe that if Anwar is the one who have the number, he would have already tabled a no-confidence motion against the PM so that he can take over the whole show.

And once he's in power, Anwar will go after Dr Mahathir and his family, Umno and others whom he deemed to have wronged him in the past.

I have no doubt that will happen.

Those Umno people who think that they can survive the next three years before GE15 without cooperating with Dr Mahathir should think again. If Dr Mahathir falls, they will fall along with him.

I highly doubt Umno can survive that three years if Anwar is in power. It will almost certain to be banned for all sort of things. Anwar's supporters, in particular DAP will see to it.

Really guys, DAP will show you all no mercy, once they have the full power courtesy of Anwar's rule.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Please don't make it difficult for Singaporeans

I'm making this appeal on behalf of my mother.

She forwarded to me this just now

and asked whether it's true.

I told her that I'm not sure, but if it's true, I think the authorities were over-reacting.

I don't think the coronavirus outbreak already warrants such a drastic action at this stage.

My mother sounded really worried.

She's scared that it may lead to a total ban on Singaporeans coming to Malaysia.

My mother is currently looking after my elderly and quite often sick grandparents.

Our relatives in Singapore regularly traveled here to visit them.

My aunts (my mother's sisters) are among them.

It's one of the little comforts of my grandparents whenever they came visiting.

My mother is worried that it's going to be difficult or even impossible for them to come over.

She said my grandparents would be very sad if that happens.

"Please tell them not to ban Singaporeans from coming to Malaysia," she pleaded.

I tried to comfort her the best that I  could but there's only so much that I could do.

Therefore, I'm appealing to those in position of power, if any, who may read this to consider my mother's appeal.

Furthermore, please also consider not to be too harsh on our Singaporean friends during these difficult times as they have been good to us, especially over the past few years when relations between our countries improved.

Bear in mind too that they are contributing a lot to our economy, especially via their FDIs here and the huge number of Singaporean tourists crossing the Teberau Straits daily.

And also the thousands of Malaysians' who cross the same straits to work in the republic.

Please think of what may happen to them, their jobs and families if we put too harsh restrictions on Singaporeans coming here.

Despite whatever the negative things some of us think of the Singaporeans, they are actually our closest brothers and well as neighbours.

Friday 7 February 2020

With Anifah on possible Mahathir-Umno cooperation

Much has been said about the possible cooperation between Dr Mahathir and Umno.

Some were very unhappy about it, while others were quite okay with the prospect of it happening.

I actually agree with the latter - better Dr Mahathir than Anwar, supported by especially DAP.

My view on the matter is actually the same as my favourite minister during Najib's premiership that is Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who feels that it's better to change the government as soon as possible if the current one is bad for the country.

But of course, as per Anifah's view, such a cooperation to form the new government must be made carefully and that the end result would be better for the people and country than the current Pakatan Harapan's messy administration.

Well, whatever it is, all indications were that things will just get worse if Anwar takes over the premiership from Dr Mahathir and I don't think we should continue to suffer for another three years till the end of this current term.

Don't know what else Anwar and his gang, especially DAP, will impose on us once they have full power in Putrajaya.

Yesterday, Anifah, who is a Sabahan issued a statement on the matter with the emphasis on his state which I'm publishing here in full.


Baru-baru ini terdapat desas-desus usaha pembentukan kerjasama parti politik baru yang dikatakan bakal melibatkan beberapa parti dalam Kerajaan dan beberapa parti dari pihak pembangkang.

Secara tidak langsung, sekiranya kerjasama tersebut benar-benar termeterai maka ianya boleh menamatkan gabungan Pakatan Harapan sekaligus menukar Kerajaan yang sedia ada. 

Tidak ada salahnya menyokong pembentukan kerjasama politik baru ini sekiranya kelebihan kepada rakyat untuk berbuat sedemian. 

Apa yang penting adalah para pemimpin politik harus menyedari amanah kekuasaan terletak pada prestasi mereka memperbaiki kualiti hidup rakyat.   

Sekiranya Kerajaan pada hari ini tidak mampu memberikan prestasi yang diharapkan oleh rakyat maka sewajarnya kerjasama baru dan Kerajaan baru yang lebih cekap dan berwibawa dibentuk dengan segera.   

Namun begitu kita tidak seharusnya membuat keputusan dengan terburu-buru dan terdapat beberapa faktor yang harus dipertimbangkan sebelum menyokong atau tidak pembentukan kerjasama politik baru ini.   

Setiap pemimpin seharusnya mendahulukan kemahuan rakyat terutama para pemimpin di Sabah.

Jangan sampai rakyat Sabah sekali lagi dipermainkan dengan janji-janji manis. 

Sebelum sokongan diberi, para pemimpin dari Sabah perlu mengambil kira dan hanya menyokong sekiranya perkara berikut dilaksanakan dengan serta merta:   · 

Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 dilaksanakan dengan sepenuhnya tanpa memberikan sebarang alasan lagi mahupun membentuk jawatankuasa-jawatankuasa lagi dengan alasan ingin mengkaji semula sedangkan kita telahpun membuat kajian bahkan cadangan telah diberi sehingga ke peringkat Kabinet bagi pelaksanaan Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 dengan serta merta. · 

Royalti Minyak diberikan segera kepada Sabah seperti yang telah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan.

Masalah Pendatang Tanpa Izin di Sabah diberikan tindakan serta jalan penyelesaian yang serius dan sewajarnya tanpa melengahkan masa lagi.   

Sekiranya semua perkara yang disebutkan dilaksanakan maka sudah tentu tidak ada sebab mengapa pembentukan kerjasama politik yang baru ini ditolak. 

Namun hanya jika perkara yang dinyatakan dilaksanakan. Jangan hanya janji manis diberi dan hanya mencari sokongan pemimpin-pemimpin dari Sabah bila perlu sahaja tetapi tidak melaksanakan apa yang dijanjikan. Jangan sampai pisang berbuah dua kali.

Dato’ Sri Anifah Haji Aman 6 Februari 2020

Dr Mahathir is right about the AirAsia case

I couldn't agree more with Dr Mahathir when I read this yesterday,

PM defends AirAsia, 

says “offset” is not bribery


He said it is normal to ask for an “offset” in business dealings provided the money is not taken for personal use.

Dr Mahathir said even the government would ask for an offset when making purchases.
“For instance, when we buy planes we will ask for an offset. Whether you consider an offset as bribery, it is up to you, ” he told the media after a session with Education Ministry staff here.
Dr Mahathir, who was asked to comment on the allegations against AirAsia also questioned why an offset should not be accepted when making a purchase on a high-priced item.
In business, an offset is when losses in one business are made up for by increases in another, or when payments due and owed are used to cancel each other in accounting.
I have from the start of this issue felt that AirAsia was not guilty and that's why I posted this,

Shooting down AirAsia, the Malaysian whacking culture

Seriously, I believe that many of those who joyfully jumped at the opportunity to accuse the budget airline of wrong doing that day were mostly its old enemies.

They simply whacked AirAsia as if it's already guilty.

I never like it when someone was judged  even before being given the right to defend himself/herself.

It always never ends well.

In this case, it's basically AirAsia being judged guilty because Airbus sad so and so to the UK authorities to get its neck off the chopping block.

AirAsia was never even contacted by the UK authorities to defend itself.

You can read about that here,

AirAsia was never approached 

by SFO over Airbus case

And they did try to explain what the facts of their case.


Their statement today noted that Caterham F1, the company alleged to have been sponsored improperly by Airbus, was at the relevant time a Formula 1 Racing team that had gone round the globe promoting amongst others AirAsia, AirAsia X and Airbus.
It added that throughout the period when the duo were shareholders in Caterham, the company made no profits and was eventually disposed of in 2014.
It stressed that Caterham was a company for branding exercise and not to make profits.
That's the "off set" thing there, I guess.

Anyway, I'm glad that Dr Mahathir said what needed to be be said about the case.

Politics aside, when he's right, I'm going to say that he's right.

Well, I hope AirAsia will continue to fly and its thousands of staff as well as others can continue to "cari makan".

The country needs Malaysian entities such as AirAsia to do well, especially in these troubled times.

Thursday 6 February 2020

Malaysia Baru's freedom of speech

Yesterday, there was this story,

Journalist charged over 'fear-inducing'

 coronavirus social media posts


Wan Noor Hayati faces a maximum two years' imprisonment, or a fine, or both, if convicted.

This story actually made international headlines, with some focusing on particularly the freedom of speech part.

So, what did this journalist actually posted on her Facebook page that they came down so hard on her?

Turned out that it was this,

Well, is that fear inducing?

Yup, going to prison for two years for writing that is indeed fear inducing.

Truly Malaysia Baru.

Personally, I think the journalist would have been okay if she didn't put that "LGE" bit in her post.

Well, guys, do be careful with what you write these days.This is Pakatan in power.

So much for freedom of speech and expression in Malaysia.

And they said BN was bad....sigh.

Well, there you have it.

I better not write too much. Don't feel like spending two years in jail.

Monday 3 February 2020

Shooting down AirAsia, the Malaysian whacking culture

Saw several tweets celebrating statements by Securities Commission and MACC that they will investigate AirAsia for alleged involvement in the Airbus probe, which has since been settled.

Typical of those Malaysians who made that tweets.

We do enjoy seeing anything good that actually ours getting in trouble, don't we?

Especially if we have personal grudge against the entity such as AirAsia or the people there.

We don't even really care whether the allegations were true or false.

Whack first....truth can come later.

Seronok whacking other people ni....good ego booster, yes?

Well, in response

AirAsia denies involvement as alleged in Airbus probe by the UK

But, do we care?


We just want to whack the budget airline because its successful and its Malaysian. Really.

Somehow, it irritate us to see something Malaysian being so successful.

If we can make it crash and close shop, the better, right?

What? Because AirAsia's boss Tony Fernandes is an irritating guy? Come on la, I'm no fan of Tony too, but what that has anything to do with Malaysia having the best budget airline in the world.

In fac,t I think AirAsia is just about the few remaining things that we Malaysians can still be proud of in this age of Malaysia Baru.

Seriously, its mostly bad nowadays, okay.

Malaysia Airlines? Well, I don't have to comment on the state of affairs of that national carrier, don't I?

But as I wrote above, we just can't stand someone like us or something like ours doing better. We are just itchy to see others' failure.

Malaysia's national news agency Bernama even have a story about AirAsia shares going down after the allegations against the airline. Hello, the market is bad all over la this morning, because of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak getting worse.

Never mind. I know, it's pointless trying to get people to correct themselves over these sort of things. They just enjoy whacking so much.

Just like during the run-up to the last general election.People want to believe the stories told to them so much because they enjoyed listening to those stories.

They don't want to believe the truth because there's no fun in it.

And of course those assigned to tell the truth were lousy at their work while those who told the lies did a great job.

Now that we know the truth, we simply have to bear with the lies and be patient until the next general election.

I hope it doesn't have to come to something like that in this AirAsia case.

If the airline does badly, thousands of its employees would be affected and the impact will be quite bad for the country's economy as a whole.

I don't think we want something like that to happen.

We may change back the government to BN if we don't like the current Pakatan one but I don't think we can easily replace AirAsia if it closes shop just because some people don't like it due to some old itchiness.